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Zendaya and deja

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- Vale do Anhangabaú: todas as fotos possíveis


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- Camilo Jose Vergara

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𝐏𝐢𝐧 𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐦 | 倫敦🦋.

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Airbnb : locations de vacances, cabanes, maisons de plage, logements et expériences uniques

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- Anne Frank

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Arlene Gottfrieds snapshots of New Yorks Puerto Rican community – in pictures


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- 911 /112 Cars & Trucks

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- Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

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Eastside - ᴡʜʏ ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴡᴇ

Eastside - ᴡʜʏ ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴡᴇ

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- Old vs New, East Berlin in 1985 (Photo P. Zimmermann) [1000x686]

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- Hooverville in Central Park, New York City, 1930. [500x372]

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The Big Snow of February 1916. This picture was taken looking north on Pacific Ave. in Bremerton. On Feb. 3rd it snowed 30 inches in 36 hours. It was the heaviest snowfall since weather records were first kept by the Navy Yard.⠀ ⠀ KCHS Archives, Ruth Campbell collection.⠀ #bremerton #kitsaphistorymuseum #kchs #kchsm #kitsapcounty #pugetsound #pnw - @kitsaphistorymuseum on Instagram

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- All things Japanese

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- Detroit, Michigan. A once proud American city reduced to ruin.

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The Great Storm made landfall on this day in 1900. It would mark the defining moment of #Galvestons History and its effects are still felt today. In collaboration with @RosenbergLibrarys Galveston & Texas History Center, #GalvestonHistory takes a tour through our shared archives of images to reflect on the 1900 Storm today at 2:30 p.m. at facebook.com/galvestonhistory. . The storm was the deadliest natural disaster in United States history and the fourth-deadliest Atlantic hurricane overall. Denise Alexander, GHF’s Chief of Museums and External Relations, features many rarely seen images of the devastation, rebuilding, and resilience of #GalvestonIsland in the days leading up to and after, the storm. . #RosenbergLibraryOnline #GalvestonandTexasHistoryCenter #RosenbergLibraryMuseum #MuseumfromHome #ArchivesCollection #Galveston #1900Storm #Hurricane #IsaacCline #TheGreatStorm - @galvestonhistory on Instagram

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💫THROW BACK 💫⁣ ⁣ Going back to 1939 when Cramonds Corner was where the salon currently resides ✔️ ⁣ The butchers location is now where Naomi Panizza creates all her Hair Extention magic 😉 ⁣ So much has changed ❤️ #ipreview via @preview.app - @leeprestonhair on Instagram

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- New York City after a blizzard in 1888, before the cables were put underground

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- Tamlyn Tomita in The Karate Kid Part II - 1986

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- Young Samurai posing in the garden, late 1800s (colorised)

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- 72nd Street NYC El station, 1936 [760 × 605]

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- Where Jack Kirby created most of the Marvel universe

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- Gypsies Have Created A Village Built Out Of Rubbish In Paris

WE CAN’T KEEP TURNING OUR BACKS ON RACISM IN AMERICA... “Progress needs a voice!! All must be willing to make a difference.” https://www.vox.com/identities/2020/5/31/21276084/tulsa-race-massacre-black-wall-street-protests-george-floyd #steelpulse #blacklivesmatter #endracism #consciousness #makeadifference #onelove #jahguide #change #georgefloyd - @steelpulseofficial on Instagram

- Authors, Books & Bookshelves

- devon aoki

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- @hayleyicius on Instagram

- Hiroshi Yoshida

- East St. Louis, Illinois, United States.

- ,Brooklyn Bridge,Manhattan Bridge,Queensboro Bridge & old buidings

- A female truck driver on Manali Leh highway (Last years photo) [OC][612x816]

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- The aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake of 1906 [700 x 521]

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- the bronx river in 1970s

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- Nightstand Perfection : Let the hate flow through you edition 😜

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- Church Street and The Esplanade, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1970 [1032x686]

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They say Cleanliness is next to Godliness . .come through and let us clean you up a lil....Clipper Idiots 117 republic ave 815 409 7264 - @thisisgwhizwahlclippers on Instagram

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オフショット❤️ 4万円〜ドレスをオーダーメイドします。 オーダーが決まらなくてもお気軽に採寸試着会をご参加していただけます。 プロフィールリンク→採寸試着会でご予約していただけます。 試着会ない日も特別枠を設置できます。是非ご相談ください。 Line:@mxg6628 - @minanodress on Instagram

- Dirty alley in downtown Rangoon.

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- Abandoned brickyard factory in my hometown. Has been abandoned since the 80s. Still has a lot of buildings standing with employee files and everything scattered throughout.

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Although what happened overnight set in motion the events of the following day, the greatest losses started in the early morning hours of June 1st. The gun battle that lasted throughout the night kept immediate threats to black Tulsa at bay but by daybreak the tables started to turn in the most disastrous way. Many Greenwood citizens either fled for safety or were defending their property until being outnumbered by the oncoming mob. Some escaped unharmed while others who peacefully surrendered were still shot. Police and National Guard began taking the remaining blacks into protective custody but in the process left Greenwood vulnerable to all out attack. As the white mob marched into Greenwood from all sides, their mission seemed clear: after looting the properties, they were to be set on fire. This was repeated until 40 blocks of Tulsa was reduced to rubble and ash. *These photographs were taken on June 1, 1921. I will be sharing more of these in an exhibit called “21 for ‘21” opening January 1, 2021 at @bws.gallery . The exhibition will showcase 21 composite images from the 1921 #tulsaracemassacre. More information coming soon. Stay up to date with the event page on FB. ALSO: The important thing to remember is that Greenwood did rebuild and the events of 1921 are less than 1% of the districts long history. I will be sharing more of the renaissance and the effects of Urban Renewal soon.  #tulsa #tulsahistory #greenwood #okhistory #tulsaphotographer #tulsaphotography #thisisoklahoma #photography #compositephotography #history #1921 #racemassacre #blackwallstreet - @tulsapast on Instagram

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- abandoned

- Adams

- Gfriend sowon yuju

- Dorchester massachusetts

- History of Badminton

- D U T C H, オランダの

- Cherry Creek Colorado

- Baltimore, MD

- Art Studio

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- ATC s and Inchies

- Black 80s fashion

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- Motion blur

- Navajo woman hand weaves Old Glory, 70s

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- 1900s

- The Splits

- novel planning: highway two


We survived our #blackhistory then, and by God’s Grace WE WILL SURVIVE COVID-19 in 2020🙏🏽🙌🏽 The Chicken Box opened its doors on Pine Street (now Roxboro) in 1957 under proprietorship of Claiborne Tapp, Jr. The business during its Pine Street location was challenged with what many other small black owned businesses faced - the need to relocate, inadequate funds, reestablishment in unfamiliar territories, and the need to shut down while rebuilding. Urban Renewal (“black removal”) wiped out many black businesses along Pine Street, Fayetteville, and Pettigrew along with surrounding, supporting residential neighborhoods. Regrettably the perceived goal of Urban Renewal failed many small black enterprises leaving them in a devastating plight. One of the few Pine Street enterprises to survive was The Chicken Box. In 1976, the Tapp family business relocated to its present location, 3019 Fayetteville Street, with the name being changed to The Chicken Hut. #durhamnc #community #familybusiness #legacy #communitylove #thelegacycontinues @durhamnc150 #abc11together #teach #supportingourcommunity #vote #swipeleft - @chickenhutdurham on Instagram

- A woman sits on ruins after typhoon Nepartak swept through Minqing county, Fujian province, China on July 10.

- Theres history beneath your feet everywhere.


- History

- the west is wild

- Hamilton, Ontario

- Cartoon drawing

- photography

- 2018 Victorian trip

Our family has gathered at this restaurant for 3 generations it’s now being put to rest. Christenings, birthdays, dates, weddings, our rehearsal dinner, funerals or for just honest food and drinks. Red sauce, keno, wood paneling, potato croquets, the type of place where when you ordered a espresso the bottle of anisette was set on the table. Maybe you’ve seen it in Scorsese’s “The Irishman”... red booths and framed oil paintings. beautifully frozen in time since 1936 when it first opened its doors selling pizza to my great grandparents. Carol Ceraldi said it, “a death in the family”. We want to extend sincere gratitude to the Colandrea family and to our customers that have supported us during this time of metamorphosis. Spread love...it’s the Brooklyn way. #newcorners #brooklyn #dykerheights #bayridge #southbrooklyn #family #saverestaurants - @ceraldicapecod on Instagram

- BoulevardOfBrokenDreams


- Brümäre

- Chinese

- Abandon & Haunted Hotels

- MP_Barber shop

- Eric Harland pro jazz drummer

- Art

- Uniform Dating

📷 @cindy_d1101 @minxin_dong Model qiqi Happy spring #model#qiqige - @qiqige_han on Instagram

- Bruce Davidson

- New York City Eats

- Abandoned mansions

- Abandoned Memories

- The Bronx, New York

- Tribal Tattoos - Women Only

- kids dreads

- The Back Room Beat

- Chicago, Illinois (1988)

- :)Jennings!

- japan room

- Faye wong

- Avon Lake

- South Bronx (1970s)

- Barns

- Fort Wayne, Indiana

- Dream Studio

- Country Music Stars....old & new

- Camden, New Jersey

- Blizzards of 78 & 2014/15

- Desperate Times

- Apartment Decorating for Men

- Camden - New Jersey (1991)

- Boston map

- Brewing Company

- the ruins of detroit

- Ms Honey || Matilda

- Towns in west virginia

- cursed_balcony

- Detroit, Michigan (2003)