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shamemadgordon ramsayangrydisappointeddisgracefulshame on youyoure a disgracesaturday night live

𝐏𝐢𝐧 𝐅𝐫𝐨𝐦 | 倫敦🍓|

real housewives of dc real housewives housewives washington dc dc

- Blursed_parking

Frog stickman

real housewives of cheshire real housewives housewives cheshire rhoch

- SLPT: Pretend other people’s things are yours on the internet

oden execution one piece kozuki oden samurai

- At least you tried...

blokand dino sri lanka lajanathe what a disgrace to your family

- Seriously?

harry potter hp harry potter aesthetic potter aesthetic wizarding world

- @014f_ on Instagram

helluva boss helluva boss blitzo helluva boss blitz helluva boss fizz helluva boss fizzarolli

- Combi T1

disgrace yelling mad rage

- Mad gamer boi

lucius malfoy authur weasley what is the use of being a disgrace to the name wizard if they dont even pay you good for it death eater

- Buying a furbie is a cert death wish

tnyp6 tiffany pollard new york disgrace

- When youre Homer Simpson and find out about the droid attack on the Wookies.

debra messing grace adler will and grace disgrace youre a disgrace

- Omega stonks of DOOM

disgrace gordon ramsay fucking disgrace

- Forbidden croissant

shame go t game of thrones walk of shame shameful

- The Eagle Car | by Neill Blomkamp

shame box

- I plan to get 1,000 karma by the end of this year. Will it happen?

𝐨𝐮𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐤𝐬 𝐠𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐩𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐭

The 24 Weird People of Walmart That Are on Another Level - DrollFeed

drogba drogba disgrace disgrace

- Poor guys have never made it to finals.

𝙶𝚒𝚛 𝚊𝚙𝚙 𝚒𝚌𝚘𝚗𝚜

maleficent disgust hopeless disgrace

- Drag Race entering its fourth season in the year with most of the viewership stuck at home

Tokoyami Asexual Pride Profile Picture

desception disgrace

- hmmm

the sopranos phil leotardo disgrace youre fucking disgrace

- I have achieved godhood

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rahidimation flipaclip

- Just checking up on you

Jujubee just say I need attention

facepalm dismay disappointed stressed

- Energy

Pin★: @crypworld

mulan mushu dishonor on you eddie murphy shame on you


Image about photo in MESSY PFP. by ⁶⁶⁶ on We Heart It

the100 marcus youre a disgrace marcus kane

- Space Van done right.

jenna maroney congrats congratulations disgrace

- i was downloading lamar odom player dna and ive seen this model before but i cant name the player, i need help.

tim farron disgrace liberal refugee

- Dont follow too closely!

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bernie berniesanders tax taxes disgrace

- PsBattle: Fire Extinguisher Man

that damn shame nodding no no way

- Pestarzt

shame disappointed deception disgrace simba

- Quarantine endeavours

shame this is a disgrace

- Shuld i play?

nene kusanagi project sekai proseka wxs wonderlands x showtime

- NarutoKid2006 living the good Christian life

disgrace didier drogba chelsea fc angry mad

- Cursed_Train

scott woz scott the woz youre a fucking disgrace your a fucking disgrace

- Joke of the day.

that is disgraceful disappointed worried upset journalist

- When they ask you if you’re a top or bottom

its a disgrace adam beales adam b shame dishonor

- Jude Bellingham’s hero growing up👀

disgrace twd black bye huh

- Meanwhile in France (Brest - Bretagne)

gordon ramsay hells kitchen disgrace hate disappoint

- The Ferrari F40 GX Edition

operation147 the147 january6 january6th january6th insurrection

- The way my wife cut this cheesecake because she didnt want that big of a piece

dic disgrace

- blursed minion

liz truss disgrace disgraceful conservative

- hmmm

drogba didier mad a disgrace

- Hey all, Im full time in two weeks and currently deciding on a fridge. I dont understand enough about them to even narrow it down, and realise there are plenty of you on here who have tried/tested many options. What would you recommend? Cheers in advance!

dwight schrute the office smh shame angry

- Great way to start my Sunday!

ugh gross no dislike yuck

- Cursed Florida man

ugh donald trump head shake eye roll

- Anyone else feel like this?

glee sue sylvester youre a disgrace disgrace shame on you

- Even tho its Charles in disguise

bernie sanders president bernie sanders

- hmmm

spider man go to the shame corner shame shame on you shame corner

- Like an SUV, but faster... right?

lion king deception disgrace

- Adult humor

star wars yoda you are such a failure i look at you with disgrace

- F in the chat for Lazlo 😞

the lion king pumbaa oh the shame shame ashamed

- Whats the minimum charge this green bin can face for the murder of the three yellow bins?

disgraceful oscar isaac saturday night live what a disgrace this is embarrassing

- If we can’t, we won’t

2020 biden trump biden v trump cnn debate

- just go there and meet them

gordon ramsay you are a fucking disgrace disgrace pissed mad

- lemme get uhhhhhh

oh my gosh omg oh my god ohh shameful

Guess the video 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Follow @heartlymind and do share with your friends if you like it. THANK YOU!!! #memes😂 #sarcasticmemes #memesdank #indianmemes😂😂😂 #indianmemes09 - @heartlymind on Instagram

gordon ramsay master chef insult disgrace

- Burnt banana pancakes with speculaas herbs

- Yogurt top had a face on it.

- Du gamla du fria...

- h3h3 Ethan made from pieces of Pewdiepie

- Blursed mural. Hmmmmmm

- Ctrl+Shift+I

- Blursed_whoknows

- Be a lot cooler if you did.

- hol the fuck up

- Blursed Thomas the tank

- Whatever this truck was hauling, it looked like a giant orange dog

- My buddy works for Oskar Blues, this is what they stamped on the bottom of the cans going out yesterday

- Hell minion

- Ron Swanson, Disappointed, Upset, Mash Up

- Cool Gifts For Kids

- The shadow from my glass is a subtle reminder of what I’m drinking

- What about the wifi attack on YouTube?

- Anyone else have a soft spot for really small cookware?

- This garbage truck

- Converted bus

- PsBattle: this long nosed dog

- Shitty caravan mods?

- For just 10 caps a day, you can support a settlement that needs your help!

- Forbidden Brownie!

- My sister just opened one of my nephews glue sticks to find this inside... we didn’t even know glue went bad!

- Shitty steak

- me_irl

- Me💧irl

- Pinhead [Hellraiser]

- A meme that makes sense in r/facepalm

- [Faigen] Alex Caruso says that hes been off social media since the playoffs started, which he says has helped him focus more.

- K-kernal?

#lessliecomovaaserunabromaesto #equisde#arttradicional #tradicional#art - @yetz00 on Instagram

- Cursed_Beans

- 18 wheelers

- Publicidad para Joker en cine local de Monterrey

- Blursed conversation

- South Africa: Art

- They make their own lines

- Cursed_scream

- Unfunny meme I made

- The way this water filter wrench fits around this beer can, with bonus symmetry!

- Extendable ladder extender

- I had to drive next to this headache yesterday.

- Street Tattoo

- Blursed Corn

- spotted a mini garbage truck in my town today

- Bad Bugs!

- Cursed_Fleshlight

- Thomas went through some rough patches

- so shes a bit of a project

- Looks like as if the smoker is floating in the air

- Chicken man.

- Are you kidding me

- Diesel rat rod

- I love finding shit like this at work. 😂🤣 helps lighten the mood, always.

- Solar panels on a roof of building shorter than neighbors.

- some FFFUUUUUUUn with photoshop.

if you’re not on Twitter you don’t get to see the best memes like these gems💎- should we start a tscpodcast Twitter? - @tscpodcast on Instagram

- Nice

- Pedophile who runs a pedophile discord sent me a bunch of these. (I got his discord raided)

- This ceramic tissue dispenser

- My hot chocolate from pret...

ABOUT LOSING FOR SHARING (Ampparito [2020] [TS-Screener][Esp]”) I have been quite a long time looking for a piece that can’t be photographed either shared on social media or at least if you do so it will be something radically different. Due to this it is hard to show it through this mean, kind of a contradiction but I will try. The first video is recorded from the screen to avoid the compression ruining the effect, second picture is a normal photo updated (compressed), third one is a preview on a grid. This work is a preview of my upcoming show “Ampparito [2020] [TS-Screener][Esp]” in @lacausagaleria the first week of november. The main conceptual line is TS-screener quality, those films downloaded by P2P or torrent, filmed in the cinema with super low video/sound quality, a film of a film. In this weird times I find meaningful to create a show that will be different if you see it analogical or in a digital way to do so I will address among other topics 3D vs 2D, pictures of pictures of pictures, the fact of losing information in order to share, why is so fascinating to pick the Eiffel tower with your fingers or if a tall bulky hair guy is in front of you in the cinema is reasonable to affirm that you will see 70% of the film. This piece I am showing here is made to disorient cameras, is base on dazzle camouflage and moiré effect, used in ships in the IWW (pict 6) and in car prototypes (pict 7) nowadays. This house become special when you see it trough a phone or a screen from a picture or video without compression, that is why the piece disappear when you share it with someone by social media. That lost of information that makes possible to be sent also eliminate the magic of the piece (you can find the raw files on my BIO). You are able to see the effect when scroll or see it in a grid mode on your phone, something increasingly necessary due to the huge amount of information with have to deal with everyday. Sorry about this, stay tuned. Thanks to @irenelunaz for doing half of the piece 💅 #ampparito #show #moire #sharing #art #share #effieltower #artist #madrid #lacausa #arte #exposicion #dazzle - @ampparito on Instagram

- Describe this car in 3 words...

- Who the F prints like this?

- Banksy - Graffiti

- This was truly unfortunate

- When you open a beer and get another beer.

- Cursed_hornets nest

- My reddit karma

- These three lovely truckers, three wide, on a three lane road 🙃

- This traffic cone looks like the sorting hat

- Russian graffiti...

- Big Rigs

- lol

- Hmm yes so much energy

- Look at owl the trucks I give! (x-post from /r/funny)

- Veteran users to us lurkers

- Why tho?

- Nobody: God after coming back to his monitor

- Blursed_mematic

- behind a few hostsges

- Oh that morning coffee...

- Blursed_walter

- Van dressed as a Christmas pudding

- Shred atom

- Saw this just now

- •M°|ī|~^x^

- I perfer the name Shaquaker Oats

- Bell of I forgot jack can speak Korean

- Dillon Francis

- She loves nutela

- cursed_bopeep

- Blursed Propane

- Blursed morning coffee

- hmm

- hmmm

- Cant Make This Sh!t Up!

- Would you dare with this size?

- this is the best i could make hope you like it

- hmmm

- he ain’t lyin tho

- Smoking a bowl with a bread bowl!

- destruction 100

- Antique Coin Banks

- illusion 100

- My new build: electric/gas hybrid recirculating biab keggle. Upgraded from 32L crab cooker, the fryer cage fits perfectly so I dont need a false bottom :)

- hmmm

- Oh hell naw moment

- Bruh I need some KFC

- cursed_plastic_surgery

- Only Dutch people will understand.

- Poor goldfish


- Opened a coke a little too hard... (you can see the little tab in the can)

- Ok wtf

- Not quite sure what this company slogan means

- The cup weight has been removed

- Saw this on Facebook near me for sale.

- What does this even mean?!

- This coffee machine cover looks like Darth Vader.

- Bamboozled

- Customer brought butterscotch pudding for dessert, perfect timing as I was clocking out for lunch.

- Ive managed to dig down to the bottom of a jar of chocolate milk mix without collapsing the sides

- Tf2 comics

- Already went to the Gypsy market.

- Oh no. I did it again

- Cursed_bat

- Blursed_ Joe

- Amazon Prime

- Diy barbecue

- Wow. I cannot even.

- Christmas dinner for one

- Caps,eğlence

- My favorite burrito place has a unique way of labeling the ice dispenser.

- Cursed_Notthedroidyou’relookingfor

- hmmm

- Blursed Face swap

- Sure the gas station is perfect place to throw away your sex doll

- Excuse me what

Follow @milan_visualart (1st Post-it 4)👈🏻and @collage_habana_gallery 👈🏻 “Zona Sagrada” is about to start ⏳⌛️SAVE THE DATE March 1rd 🗓 #staytuned 🔌 #cubanart #cubanartist #contemporarycubanart #collagehabanagallery #collagehabana #milan #postit #sculpture #sculptor - @collage_habana_gallery on Instagram

- Novo formato? ib: u/princesagay

- This car being carried inside a car.

- Digital Painting

- Urinals in a local pub are kegs

- First time using canna butter to make eggs

- What a fiend

- Black pasta

- Lundstram expresses his excitement to return on social media!

- This mascot’s confounding turtleneck.

- Why?

- Poetry

- My dad spotted this in northern Alberta today

- Saw this on the road today... too much awesome for just one van

- this has to be the best shitty offbrand ive ever seen

- Ironic

- blursed muffinman

- A mural of Adam Goodes has been painted on the wall of a building on the corner of Foveaux St and Crown St in Surry Hills. Photo courtesy: Sydney Swans

- Every week...

- blursed_gorfball

- Am I wearing this chef hat correctly?

- Found hot and fresh on r/pornhubcomments.

- meirl

- Oh come on

- Hey r/trees, I think my friend might have finally reached a [10]... I just got Photoshop :) [8]

- Very relatable

- The internet at it’s finest

- The Truck Cab Camper Van

- Oh lord, they dont get it..

- hmmm

- Cursed_Punishment

- Fine advertising

- Hmm good question

- Check out this minty camper I saw swaying down the road. Beautiful.

- my man got shut down, F

- Angela

- Blursed_cool_ranch

- Coffee cans with a lip that keep you from getting the last bit of coffee

- MDa Cities: Lodz

- tittle...

- The time has come

- Saw this over on /r/funny/, I mean...cmon!

- a gay theatre nerd stereotype was made into a duck furry ( in tesponse to the new gyro gearloose design)

- This is my sleep paralysis demon.

- Cursed_Mug

- dont put your dick in this amazing machine built by bored engineers

- A hot rod UPS truck.

- Such a shame

- Rural sale groups are wild

- Cursed_Nipples

- Commercial Juicer

- KFC knows the right way

- Alright how much is in the bottle?

- 0 awards...?

- Super evil smile

- Forbidden slushie

- Do do do do, do do, DOO

- Such bullshit

- Van Gogh

- His final wish...he owned the tow company

- Addams Family Aesthetic

- Boats

- Finished my first last semester of college, copped a gram of loud, vaped it a bit and made it into an ugly mug cake that had me soaring [9.5]. I smoke daily and havent been that high in months.

- hmmm

- Cursed_incest

- guys I think this is fake and they are acting

- Cursed_Horse

- Tea bird Tea

- Interesting graffiti by the canal

- A reminder that this exists

- She has a point

- Barbecue

- hmmm

- Bird craft

- Saw this - cant even guess whats going on.

- Dislikable Me mask at a local Halloween store

- Blursed idenity crisis

- A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one (from r/pornhubcomments)

- Never forget...

- The weight will keep it from moving

- Best comment

- blursed donald

- Major f

- First 10 gallon batch, scared as s***

- God imma fucking idiot...whenever you have 20 lbs of sausage that last 2 oz isn’t worth it 🙄 (managed to get the tongs out but broke a pin on the housing to keep it in place)

- Cool idea

- Depresso

- Art deco

- hmmm

- It demands a sacrifice. MAKE AN OFFER.

- Cooking potatoes

- Gotta love when the boss burns your mirepoix

- Cursed_bücket

- Dan Aykroyd‘s vodka bottle reconstructed

- Itll be rolling into my shop if I can figure out what the heck it is.

- Get in my house

- Eyes on the prize, soldier.

- Oh yes 😳

- attack art !!

- Yeah...I could see an artistically-cultured and morally-sound individual hanging this on their wall. 😑 (Craigslist Find)

- For the Love of Art

- Found on a random sculpting page on Instagram

- A picture is worth a thousand words ...

- Idiots trying to siphon fuel find the wrong reservoir and end up sucking shit.

- “Minion”

- YouTube comments you did it again

- Cursed Donald

- hobbit house