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- This ad on the reddit home page


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- This entire shitstorm of a website

2/2 || save→follow



ᗢ﹕ Join Yume! ・ ꗃ


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- I thought it was about time the Office Updater got a new look.



sob tear

Procreate 5x OH MY! What feature are you most excited about? . Everything just got a lot more fun with the new adjustment filters like Glitch and Gradients Maps! Plus, the reference companion window is a game changer....Then there is the Palette Capture feature that creates custom colour palette’s right from your images… brilliant! . Is everyone else ditching all their plans today, hunching over their iPad and whispering “thanks @Procreate . . . . #procreate5x #procreate #digitalart #digitialartists #ipadart #ipadartists #digital #designer #graphicdesign #illustrator #illustration - @paperlike on Instagram


matt sturniolo

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•Interior Video für @roomershotels 🔥 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🎥 buche dein einzigartiges Video bei uns 📧 contact@woleckeressen.com ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #videography #photography #video #videographer #cinematography #filmmaking #videoproduction #filmmaker #film #videooftheday #videos #videoshoot #instagood #cinematic #cinematographer #videoedits #instavideo #woleckeressen #frankfurt #frankfurtammain #roomersfrankfurt #roomers #roomersbadenbaden #roomersmunich #roomershotel #hotellerie #frankfurthotels #hotelfrankfurt - @woleckeressen_studios on Instagram

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- the typical notifcation bullshit


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- Havent logged in to Skype for 2 months. Spam bots took over. Microsoft is such a big company and I believe if they wanted to, they would deal with this issue.



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- When IOS tries to autocorrect a word that was spelled correctly.



- Apollo 1.9 will be released TOMORROW! Sneak peak at the continued trend of thorough changelogs showing the *many* new additions. (Sorry my lens is a little blurry though.)

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- Should this also be in r/ofcoursethatsathing



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- When you empty your inbox in Google Inbox, you get this image. The sun rays are shaded. Think about that for a second.

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Amusing Discord Statuses That Perfectly Represent The Chaos Of The Platform

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- Smart Watch UI/UX Design

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- My attempt at an icon: neumorphism


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- [RELEASE] StatusViz - (Free) - A visualizer in your status bar - Now alpha testing on Notched devices


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- god I love her so much. I didnt say anything, but I was literally crying

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- Browser crypto-mining is generating over $250K

Banner ,, not mbm

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- Subscrib

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- Quotes board

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- admit it quotes

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- Moonlight



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- [Bug] Lately, the privacy screen hasn’t been summoning the Touch ID/PIN window. anyone else have this issue?

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- She called me Germie cuz I used a german voice (Im a voice actor), even after I told her to stop, and then called me a fucktard cuz I wouldnt drop spending time with my boyfriend, who I only get to see twice a year cuz of long distance.

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- Im going to turn off notifications for TikTok if I get more notifications like this.

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- Icon set & Iconfinder


- Digimon

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- Hey, 🅱️sauce.

discord sehan0130

- Hot

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- Points for slight originality

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- New profile pic with my OC.

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- Fujiwara Chika from Kaguya-sama: Love is War (48x48 using DotPict)

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- Is this a joke Youtube?


- Reading usernames is important

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- On who gets the final say. Please dont bug Jay or Ben about it. It doesnt seem like they can do anything rn.

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muchas gracias @spotifymx x poner ✨ santería ✨ en estas bellas playlists. me emociona poder estar ahí con gente y amigxs que admiro y quiero. qué ilusión gracias x escuchar y compartirla 💖❤️🔮 - @joaquinamertz on Instagram

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- Alinhamento

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- This website wont let you read an article unless you allow notifications to prove that you arent a robot. Each time you click block it redirects you to another of the same page.


- [macos] mariposa

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- FFS Yahoo,


- Blursed screenshot on a gif

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- Everglow’s “Adios” MV has reached 100M views, their first to do so

hydranoid bird dance dancing

- ApolloScript Icon - I wasnt happy with it when I posted it yesterday so I took it down and made some changes throughout today

ethereum eth bitcoin btc cryptocurrency discord

- Slut Trainer 6.01 is OUT

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- blursed- wait what even


- Programming HD Wallpaper [1920x1080]

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- 2meirl4meirl

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- Digital

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- [sowm] Qubes Os. Hypervisor rocks!

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- So Im the new head chef in this kitchen...



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- Anyone know of any vector icon sets of male/female faces that might match this style?


- login

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- Redesigned Ctrl+Alt+Delete menu

pinky discord

- cursed_message This list is incomplete. You can help by expanding it

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- Artwork


- C code


- Porte Design

pepe weird popcorn watching

- Adventure Time

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- words of wisdom from my friend


- Stuff to put on your profile, idk! —@_transdiaries_ on Instagram!

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- [OC] My player is writing his backstory off of this now

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- blursed_minecraftskin

pp discord

- Female anime hairstyles

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- Cats Wallpaper

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- character tips

kelly k3lly kellyfight u emotes animated

- Developer

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- Good old Discord

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- Havong

discord profile

- Blog

discord sehan0130

- How to paint digitally!

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- One of these is not like the other

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- Emoji board

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- Apollo after not being approved by Apple for 5 days straight


- Apps

discord logo discord

- Sunflower Logo

discord logo chat box

- First time ever trying to do pixel art, what do you think?

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- Bought a new pair of $130 earbuds, was met with this

discord logo

- owl.

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- Icon set & Iconfinder

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- Blursed Goofy Glasses

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- contact form

discord flowersonstringcute

- Tomorrow.

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- I remade the ROBLOX Studio icon to be like the Player icon!

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- [lightdm] Gradient animated lockscreen


- I created this account just to see if its not taked but its not.

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- [QUESTION] Does anyone know how to lower the notifications? I’ve tried using lower but it doesn’t seem to work.

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- Tight hug

among us pet

- Redcord


- AppStore

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- Output mismatch

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- Discord


- League of legends boards

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- Color


- 3D Software & Hardware

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- Deddit

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- Discord in 2021 be like

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- [bspwm] first rice

sprinto bot discord dance sprinting

- Reddit gives you a link for jobs at Reddit when you open the developer console.

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- D Apps

- App_inspiration

I’m sorry for the delay in posting any support for the movement. If I’m being honest, I’ve felt this platform has been pretty useless. My engagement has dwindled throughout the last year and I’ve found myself doubting my reach and impact. With that being said, if I can help in any way possible with this platform, I will. Get involved in your local protests, make a donation if you can, or simply use whatever platform YOU have to amplify the movement and voices of the unheard. The site in our bio has been changed to a link that will take you to various way you can help, from donations all the way to signing petitions which costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time. Thank you for participating. BLACK LIVES MATTER - @forpatriciarae on Instagram

- I am trying to create an Edison light bulb but when I try to get the filament to emit light nothing happens. Can someone explain to me what is happening.

- [openbox] fluent - neko - weeb.

- Last time I went on this site, one of the adds was of a sextape...I still wonder if 6 adds is enough.

- episode 5

- Hello, this is my first post! I make flat illustrations for a living and decided to make a Wumpus wallpaper for anyone who wants one. I hope you enjoy!

- This person who made a massive crappy is back... and Im actually regretting posting the first screenshot

- Your document is still 100% white when MS Word is in dark mode.

- Cursed_Checkup

- Ai tuts

- me_irl

- Aww Poor Flash

- Diabetic diet

- Shaking my head my head hurts

- What kind of design is this?


- flat ui

- Peak lesbian anxiety

- blursed discord

- Finally feel that I have achieved that clean look for Windows.

- Found on a piracy website. Did a little digging and found out the website is hosted in California so I have no clue why this is screwed up

- Pac Man

- I was messing around with graphics shaders and accidentally drew Eric Cartman.

- App / Home

- [dwm] 2spooky

- Cinematography / Photoshoot Lighting

- illusion

- Good night love you

- This 60 second unskippable ad on YouTube

- hair with no loserfruit

- [BSPWM] updated my minimal Void Linux rice !

- Any idea on how to make the Wolfs face look better? I feel like his nose is at a weird angle on his snout.

- Form

- Had to do a simple quiz for home ec and apparently these questions were wrong

- Discord emotes

- Should I REALLY undo null?

- Discord even on dark mode still has a light emote menu that blinds me

- Pixel Art Games

- Logos

- Image Processing

- the insult was how many years of pu**y hair from ur moms drain did it take to create that hair

album in the works 😈 - @isitbapop on Instagram

- Ole deactivates his twitter due to abuse, how long is this going to go on for

- hmmm

- icon menu

- he gives up halfway through words

- [OC] My discord CSS as an attempt to fix the discord white theme

- Characters

- Did not write successfully.

- c

- Site vitrine

- Wilson 2.0 Icon for Apollo (dedicated to my fellow heathens that enjoy white icons)

Man just told us how to make rice. (This was yesterday, save me.) - @mexumin_4.am on Instagram

- Here son! I made you a Row blocks account!

- The fact that Discord does this

- Why wont meme load????? 🤔


- [KDE Plasma] macOS? yes. Material Design? yep. An anime wallpaper? sure. Arch? btw

@nickmira_ on the first mel @barley.sc 🥂 on the second - @therealinfinityoz on Instagram

- Money trading

- drawings come to life

- These Discord bots

- Canning squash

- First time attempting retoplogy for a character I want to implement into a game, how can I improve?


- skin mine

- Today i found out i had a great great grandfather named boat. Real name according to my grandmother was boatalian

- The big good

- If its all zero, why is the line halfway up the graph? (Epic Games Launcher)

- I thought.... I thought we were going free to play....

- Im just trying to walk my dog jesus christ

- Weve hit a home run

- Windows 10 lowkey installing third-party apps without my agreement and advertising them using loud notifications

- Anon pays for his own meal

- [openbox] a crown of flowers

- I think Discord is having an off-day.

- hmmm

- [Openbox] Little Drops of Rain.. Whisper on The Pain..

- design

- ٩( ᐛ )( ᐖ )۶

- Correct Reality Glitch - what do you think?

- My step mom

- Well this is kinda... umm

- [openbox] iq

- Discord emotes

- Diseño Web Inspiración

- Deep discord


- Cursed_StreetFight

- These icons in Fortnite PC. Gah

- [Update] Cask 2 - Animated Table Scrolling

- Diy Father’s Day to hubby

- 5 Minute Character

- This is just the notifications icon I have no notifications

- Allow notifications to prove youre not a robot

- So i was playing The Sims 4 when i found this...

- Chewtoy oh my god

- Revisiting duolingo after completing Genki 1, I can see why people dont like it.

- This dev has a VSCode extension that seems to output values (904) in real time, anyone know where I can find something like that?

- Mods are asleep, upvode this image of usless python code, that does nothing

- orphan girl

- Amen.

- This is a blue dog head and you cannot convince me otherwise.

- i made this tired person. i want critisism

- Man... Why you gotta do my boi like that? :(

$end Porno @XadPerez ❌ @yorniell @eletudio 26.6.20 disponible en todas las plataformas una colaboración de #sdqdc @musicforexample #trap #SantoDomingo #barrioEPapelito #send #sendnude #sendporno #XadComunity - @xadperez on Instagram

- Apple or Microsoft?

- Hey guys, this must be a really stupid question but how can I create this color fill thing manually? I dont even know what that is so I cant look it up.


- A concept for a new Nitro perk: per-server avatars.

- Can I literally just watch anything relatively anime related, without getting one of these shitty yaoi ads? This was a commentary with a speedpaint in the background, jfc


- I actually did not know.

- do bots have strokes?

- Art

- Sunset on the lake (contax g1, sonnar 90mm, expired portra 800)

- Scammer refuses to say hi to reddit :(

- It later pretends to be reCAPTCHA

- Thomas Le Corre Portfolio

- what are some great easter eggs youve found/placed in sites?

- Heart beat ring

- video app

- Can anyone find a source for this

- Cursed discord

- nice

- Leonhard Complete! (Dark Souls Vanity Mod)

- It doesnt load if you press block.

- First time in history someone tried to get unwhooshed

- I think that there might be a slight bias in the jokes I’m getting...

- Little preview of what is coming soon

- The disrespect in fortnite br discord

- Guys I think she might like me back

- [Openbox] Androssi

- Chat

- [Openbox] Firstblood!

- After Effects

- The way my YouTube blurs sometimes, this can happen for up to 5 hours(restarting the app doesn’t help)

- Blursed anime battle

- grass

- What is this flag pin on Christopher Hitchens lapel? (During his debate with Tariq Ramadan on Oct. 05, 2010).

- Hello!

- You know it’s bad when this guy is there

- My grandmas WhatsApp status

- q-dormir

- Heather

- When people ruin the pattern of text chains

- *clicks off site*

- Hey, can I get some feedback? I’m new and want some tips on my new art.

- After 5 hours I managed to say PewDiePie 30,000 Times !

- Ah yes, classic discord profile picture

- [aqua] scorpio rising

- My first sculpting, like really first, firstest, like I’ve just came to this planet yesterday and there was a computer which has Blender installed in it on my landing zone, it’s that much first. There was this sculpt and then there was light, it is that much first. Hope you guys enjoy!

- Soft chapati recipe

- Wallpapers W_White

- 2meirl4meirl

- [XFCE] Flat and Clean Xub with Compiz

- [KDE] [Raspberry Pi 4] Using the Pi as a desktop for a few weeks. Pretty amazing experience so far.

- I have no words

- Greirat Complete! (Dark Souls Vanity Mod)

- Chat

- Anime hair

- I made a Wumpus in Photoshop! :)

- Discord emotes

- [i3] Ubuntu

- Canning squash

- Trying to search for an emoji on discord

- mk logo

- As a UI designer, this bothers me every time I open Photoshop.

- ᴬʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵖʳᵒᵘᵈˀ

- Since you guys liked my other Discord ish style art, have some more!

- [dwm] breezy

- Soft chapati recipe

- TF2 Comic #1 - A Kick in the Ass for Newbies

- Magic Hat

- Uhhhhhh, what?

- Lmao, I shouldnt be surprised. Also, I checked every one of these channels, and some of them have less than 5 random videos, or they have none at all. (Sorry if the drawings look like trash, lol, I just rushed them.)


- Friendly reminder that Discord used to look like this : )

- New Reddit Bean

- Na Thats 4K

- My chibi Homura from Madoka pixel fan art

- Fun fact: In the early versions of discord, Wumpus in Polish was called Wombat!

- [Meme] The Rod of DISCORD! Teleport by banning yourself and then creating an alternate account and then join in at a different, nearby location!

- This is why you should never do antimatter, kids.

- aerosmith has been known to cause stronks throughout the years

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- Blursed Blender Screenshot

- thanos car

- Yes, we get it, Calendar.

- the hero of the birthday server

- Redmis UI wants me to permanently use its default browser while opening links, but if I select more option, it removes the tick mark.

- Icon set & Iconfinder

- I made a discord theme using a post I saw earlier!

- Nice update…but why does the Perspective Grid tool still look like its from Windows 98?

- PinkFantasy members open official TikTok accounts

- [openbox] ⧼.⧼.⧼. ∂เร-קµђ-žэร .⧽.⧽.⧽

- 404 Page


- me irl