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·˚ ༘ twitch.tv/aeosui ˊˎ

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- You are a worthless piece of shit Siri.

Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities


- Dreamweaver CC 2019

univexe merch mouse pc gamer pc gaming

- Asking the hard hitting questions today aren’t we

nxt ♡


- [lightdm] Gradient animated lockscreen

girl gif ღ

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- If its all zero, why is the line halfway up the graph? (Epic Games Launcher)

‹𝟹 𓏲࣪ 𖤐 ּ  ֗ ִ  ּ ۪  ⊹ 𓄹 ࣪ ۰ . ݁ ٬٬ ࣪ ᘏ⭑ 𓄵𝄒𓏲࣪ . ⩇⩇ 𝄒 𖥻 ִ ۫  ּ

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- im doing my part.


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- When lost Roddy Ricch fans stumble upon JOYRYDE...


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- Man I love these characters

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- Easy shader for Metal Flakes Laqueur (like Car Paint or something)

Cat Pfp GIF - Cat Pfp Nitro - Discover & Share GIFs

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- Possibly the new SteamUI design - from recent updated About page


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- Gatekeeping and offensive at same time.

˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ marin kitagawa

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- Dear Adobe, the brake caliper doesnt usually move while driving...


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- Anime- Yu-Gi-Oh!

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- Why though?

discord nitro

- f

Matching VALORANT pfps jett and sage (2/2)


- Thank You AVG...


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- Why does these videos pop up when you search kanye meme yt?


nitro drop

- [LXDE] Windows XP Luna silver

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- Good advice on how to win in a rigged game!

Join the 🌺TheHentaiCulture🌺 Discord Server!

hasher sticker

- After several attempts and like 41 screenshots I managed to do this

Fake Nitro Gift | Discord Games

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- Ah yes; The three operating systems Twitter, Steam and Windows

nft penguin penguini penguins smock

- Apollo 1.4.17 is now available with a dope new icon and some great bug fixes! Details on TestFlight, moderators, and more inside too! 🎉🎊

AoiOgata gifmode

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- [Request] Show App Titles as remaining screen time limits

greekgodx twitch discord nitro x qc ow

- Diy pokemon cards

discord discord nitro skill skill issue madness

- thanos car

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- I was trying to play a game, but it seems very confused.

adopted meme roblox felipe raid team

Oakaoakao kena fitnah - @rin27.12 on Instagram


- The previous minimum price of Community hats (120) seems to have been lowered to 60 Robux!

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- I made a divorce simulator

nitro discord

- Playing around with the new Windows terminal. Pretty customizable

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discord sehan0130

- thanks steam

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- Video game theme gradient. I challenge people to make one with a full color wheel.

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- Final Cut Pro

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- Are tourists hunting my cims for sport? Tourist tax income is directly related to my death rate...

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- Thanks

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Theme Line Berbagai Macam Cuma 5k Dapet Satu Yuk Diorder Yah *Mumer Loh Tapi Nggak Murahan*👌👌 - @stich.shop on Instagram

nitro party

- It do be like that (or so Im told)

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- sends files to the eternal dimensions of hell

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- Creating Your Family Archives

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- Blursed draw app

csgo500 pepe the frog frog 500


amgous troll

- How long have you been a part of the Steam Master Race?


- why flower why

discord nitro monke

- Green

nitro boost speed

- I have to say, I do love the Microsofts unique approach to symmetry.

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- *kids dont say hi in games this will happen*

among us twerk cursed funny as hell funny

- [OC] squareup - a homepage made with love

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- This wallpaper site

discord stickers wumpus

- mobile ui

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- I think Discord is having an off-day.

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- Windows re-installing edge after update

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- [XFCE] xfce running in Windows10

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- Ah shit, here we go again...

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- Chewtoy oh my god

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- CriticalError: Shutting Down

discord nitro

- So, when you stream to discord, it at least shows the window, but with steam, you can see EVERYTHING


- When Chrome starts to get all my webpage icons mixed up.

nitro rick roll

- Clip Studio Paint

wumpus discord stickers


nitro discord please officiale gnomed


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- aerosmith has been known to cause stronks throughout the years

yeah i have discord nitro yeah i have discord nitro

- no we dont skip school we are sick lmao


- [dwm] Plain & Simple

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Okok @allubys @alluwu I’m really glad that you’re one of the friends that I trust even tho we don’t really talk a lot.Im glad that you’re still here with me when I’m down.Im glad that you’ll buy a whole store of banana milk when I wanted some just so u can drink it all XDD.But seriously,Allu it’s been 6 months since we first had our conversation.ILYSM NO HOMO❤️ - @bobaniko on Instagram

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- God darn it Sony Vegas.

hypnotised nitro meme discord

- On who gets the final say. Please dont bug Jay or Ben about it. It doesnt seem like they can do anything rn.

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- ah yes my favirote childrens show big mouth

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- face topology

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¤ Perfect!¤ . ¤_____¤ Tags: ¤_____¤ #doodle #scribble #illust #manga #illustration #sketch #art #artist #artissues #relateable #relatable #artists #art🎨 #issues #artistproblem #artproblem #comedy #funny #lol #sad #lolol #rofl #haha #relatableartist - @relatable_artist on Instagram

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- [macOS, CDE, Plan9, Inferno] A few

vibing rainbow frog

- Im on to you toby!

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- Best hacking tools

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- I just wanted to add a project. Visual Studio says guess the label.

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- Login Design

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- Adobe

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- Computers

nitro discord

- I just recreated the speech generation from Animal Crossing in only 64 lines of code

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- That sassy bitch.

discord nitro op

- Wow, it’s official

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- Dreamweaver CC 2019

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- [XFCE4+GTK3] Voyager Linux

rick roll nitro

- r/mk in a nutshell

happy nitro nitro free nitro kiro kirodev

- [tty] Nicked the Sun font from Slackware

discord discord users discord nitro spider man

- Does this belong?

nitro nitropysics

- Discord even on dark mode still has a light emote menu that blinds me

discord discord nitro nitro emoji wwe

- Who knew spelling could be so hard?


- [dwm] Less Windows, More Linux!

nitro discord nitro gnomed discord

- me_irl

nitro discord logo pixelated

- Region locking on digital music distribution.

discord nitro discord nitro

Man just told us how to make rice. (This was yesterday, save me.) - @mexumin_4.am on Instagram

- Cursed discord

- Scratches on the SS model.

- Anime maid

- Hrm yes, as this is what you would do

- Discord is ALWAYS a good boy!

- [Plasma] There are plenty of macOS clones made on Plasma, but I think I got very close to the original.

- You guys know Umbrella Academy, right?

- Anime bebe

- So relatable am i right!

- r/assholedesign excpects you to know every post over the last 6 months to make sure your post is not a repost (or something that has very vaguely to do with an older post)

- Congrats on 0 million, Pewds

- snas has entered the chat

- nice

- Bagblings and new locker is coming YEEEEEAH

- A collection of interesting Roblox reviews


- This is why you should never do antimatter, kids.

- So this is the official twitter page of the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication.

- Heart beat ring

- I know its petty but when your (previously accessible) music in a playlist magically goes unplayable in your country because of georestrictions, its insulting and infuriating.

- Amen.

- Says ads are gone, has 6 in one video

- Discovering your gayness in a game of Among us

- This sub has ruined me.

- [Icon Concept] By popular demand, here is a Vaporwave inspired icon

- me_irl

- Hey everyone. If you are looking for something to do at home, I decided to move our 8th game-jam to April 3rd to give gamers on both sides something to do during this difficult time.

- Mods are asleep, upvode this image of usless python code, that does nothing

- Wait.. Thats Illegal.

- Blog

- Dice webtoon

- Discord is just something else

- Final version of the neumorphism inspired icon. Thanks for all the feedback!

- scale leviathan in comparison spear of Adun tool dimensión AutoCAD

- [KDE] Ice Climbers

- Android app icon

- Oh really, Final Cut? Then what do you call all these?

- Computer programming

Vezi fă? Ești populară până și pe yt Xd - @toxic_christiann_ on Instagram

- Discord in 2021 be like

- Data visualization

- Plask

- Markup horrors of the ad blocker wars

- ٩( ᐛ )( ᐖ )۶

- RIP A fallen legend

- [BSPWM] New setup

- This captcha that wont let you visit unless you enable notifications

- [openbox] 🎃🎃🎃

- Cartoon & Comics

- We shot a car into space, yet we still have to pay 99 cents to view our photos.

- This is a joke right?!?! RIGHT?!?!

- My first sculpting, like really first, firstest, like I’ve just came to this planet yesterday and there was a computer which has Blender installed in it on my landing zone, it’s that much first. There was this sculpt and then there was light, it is that much first. Hope you guys enjoy!

- RL Grime commented on one of my tracks, I cant believe this is real

- That got dark rather quickly

- Cinematography / Photoshoot Lighting

- I just Rick Rolled my entire server

- Me irl

- No U

- React Native

- me_irl

- Ive made an application which lets you split images into emotes

- Toying with the discord bot like

- For some reason, my city is importing massive amounts of mail. Is that intented or a bug?

- When youre tryna listen to some music while realizing youre lonely asf...

- [i3](First rice) Small screen and cold colors.

- [herbstluftwm] Splat

- [OSX] VS Code

BLNDR® HOLO MATERIAL RENDER ON TAG [04/07/2020] . @HANSON.METHOD - @hanson.method on Instagram

- My attempt at an icon: neumorphism

- [weechat] weechat config

- Data visualization

- Custom Status: Priority Switch concept. Felt this was missing from the Custom Statuss, the wording is bad but wasnt sure what to put.

- Good anime to watch

- Hello Steam...


- Ideal broadcast page layout (according to steam.tv)

- Over 100,000,000 Bitcoins have passed thru this address!

- Yeet!

- [OC] GitHub Moonlight (info in comments)

- unity ui

- While creating an arrow I duplicated the layer and flipped horizontal - and this creeping f***ing face was looking at me.

- [dwm] 2spooky

- [XFCE] kanna-san rice

- God Is Watching

I’m not saying you should but I’m saying you should join my discord server ❤️ link is in my bio(please my server is dead😭) - @svnshinexedits on Instagram

- Geek

- Digimon

- Pokemon Go Cheats

- When you take a break from web development to write a book and realise no-one will ever know if you use tables for layout

- [bspwm] first rice

- The laser beam ability from the infinity Gauntlet Mashup LTM was updated in today’s update...

- [OC] My discord CSS as an attempt to fix the discord white theme

- is this happening with anyone else? Ive been in contact with all these people and 10+ others. and everything is gone and it randomly types stuff Ive sent before.

- This is now my go-to response to Checkmark-Based Reviews

- 《Vocaloid Piko》

- Prepare yourself!!!

- It later pretends to be reCAPTCHA

- Yeah, no thanks.

- anime_irl

- Using an agender character as a profile pic while spreading white supremacy and homophobia. The irony

- quarantine is going well

- [NsCDE/FVWM] The perfect Ok Boomer UNIX desktop!


- I’m already pretty nostalgic for how confused/hyped everyone was that day when the game turned off

- Here son! I made you a Row blocks account!

- The big good

- Microsoft Store still dont trigger the Search Box when typing something on the Keyboard.

- Huayra

- Pretty generous with the free trial.

- Diabolik lovers

- I heard this has been happening to some other people too where the chat becomes invisible, is there a way to fix it?

- Blursed discord message

- Thanks, i hate pregnant sonic

- Blursed Discord

- I forgot I have the PCMR Chrome Plugin

- invoice form

- It seems like P5R free themes are being sent out now via email

- You can now select what you wanna stream (including your entire screen) - Canary 47890

- #SocialSmarter

- New unreads menu

- no matter how many times i click not interested you tube keeps recommending me these because my niece was watching them on my google account

- Came across this person saying he built this house in minecraft. Guy that doubted him was right.

- Dont tell me why because I know. But I found this quite amusing...

- 411 Locals Indeed

- Friendly reminder that Discord used to look like this : )

- Why do i even try

- me irl

- me and the bois durring online school

- Bois we did it!!!!

- We hit 150000 subs !!! (Take two cuz i cant flare properly)

- Detective Toast 10K Facebook Andy

- ayyy 3rd place

- Progressbar saw something so bad it turned the wrong way

- ah yes mud cart

- OneNotes last update made the icon smaller

- He Hates Royale High.. (this is some random dudes favorite list)

- Discord is a special place

- flipping hecc microsoft

- App_inspiration

- Kemono Friends

- When youre bored on Discord and dont know what to do.

- First time in history someone tried to get unwhooshed

- I cant read all the requirements, but I think Graphic Design Skills desperately needed is included in there

- How young and foolish we were back then.

- me irl

- The amount of times youtube shows me the same ad despite the fact that I keep flagging it. So much for ‘we’ll try not to show you that ad again.’

- [XFCE] Flat and Clean Xub with Compiz

- Very poor choice of words

- Guys I think she might like me back

- *chuckles* Im in danger

- Scammer refuses to say hi to reddit :(

- Meanwhile at Discord HQ, where their CDN has stopped working

- ah yes, bot count very good

- It doesnt load if you press block.

- Poetry

- Did not write successfully.

- This pops up and takes up my ENTIRE screen just to remind me to install updates.

- Blursed game

- This dev has a VSCode extension that seems to output values (904) in real time, anyone know where I can find something like that?

- Come on guys you can be better than this.

- Tomorrow.

- [ctwm] *notices your cursor*

- Ai tuts

- [openbox] fluent - neko - weeb.

- Is it just me, or did Sykkuno gain 200k more subs recently? Keep it going man!

- When youre playing Dungeons & Dragons online and you make a grammar mistake

- Chromes new Dark Mode Turns Discords Light Mode Black

- grass

- Well this is kinda... umm

- wow guys XD its the funny number xd xd xd xd

- Hey guys, this must be a really stupid question but how can I create this color fill thing manually? I dont even know what that is so I cant look it up.


- Upcoming summer anime 2020

- i con spel


- [KDE Plasma] macOS? yes. Material Design? yep. An anime wallpaper? sure. Arch? btw

- 05/02, discord knows how to limit!

- Lifetime NITRO? Im in

- PSA: To open Fortnite without opening the Epic Games Launcher, open it normally once then right click to pin it to the taskbar, and then use the taskbar shortcut to open it directly without the launcher

- Anon pays for his own meal

- These waveforms look like TIE fighters

- Desperately trying to keep a gc alive

- [KDE] XJ-9 Inspired post

- this is how it all started- this is pretty tame compared to the rest of the shit he sends

- anon is having doubts

- [Gnome] Throwback

- Last time I went on this site, one of the adds was of a sextape...I still wonder if 6 adds is enough.

- 2meirl4meirl

- I made a discord theme using a post I saw earlier!

- Drawing software

- q-dormir

- I figured out how to get small mode back! Just drag the motherf****er as far over to the right as possible!!

- anti-semitism lurking in r/NZ. lets keep this out of our sub as per rule 3-4.

- VALE went from almost no mentions to fully accepted by WSB, then the stock tanked

- TF2 Comic #1 - A Kick in the Ass for Newbies

- me irl

- Pfft... who needs 4 dedicated, active members when you have a raspberry pi?

- [Zombieland Saga] Happy Halloween!

- [4Dwm] IRIX on SGI Fuel (still use it daily)

- [OC] blurredfox v2.0 - firefox css theme

- Can I literally just watch anything relatively anime related, without getting one of these shitty yaoi ads? This was a commentary with a speedpaint in the background, jfc

- They changed the UI back!


- Mystic messenger emoji

- Its IMPOSSIBLE to get video editing clients these days.

- Cursed_StreetFight

- After 5 hours I managed to say PewDiePie 30,000 Times !

- [TDE] Partyin like its Nineteen-Ninety-Nine

- New status icons! Looks even better in colourblind mode