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- Ancient Egyptian artifacts


Princess ameila

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- Amuletos


- African tribal makeup

Image about disney in πŸ’£πŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ by foxxy cleopatra on We Heart It

Clone High: Cleo

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- Bellydance Poses


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- 1500s Fashion Reference


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- Bone jewelry

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- Ancient Egyptian Art

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- Art - Ancient


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- Black art

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- Adornment Outre

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- Mythical

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- Aztec & Mayan Vibes

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- Beautiful

Kahlopatra 5 (2/2)

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- Ancient Egypt

πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ`~~✰ π‘–π‘π‘œπ‘› 𝐿𝐺𝐡𝑇+✰~~Β΄πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ β€’`_~π‘‡π‘œπ‘šπ‘šπ‘¦π‘–π‘›π‘›π‘–π‘‘

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- Antique

Kahlopatra 4 (1/2)

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- African Art Decor



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- History

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- Ancient Greek civilization


cleopatra | clone high

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- Ancient Nigerian

Miya panssexual icon

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- Ancient History & Artifacts


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- Beauty


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- Archaeology



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- Mi ❀️ Colombia

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- African masks

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- Africa - Crafts

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- Cousin

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Nefertiti - Perhaps the Egypts most beautiful queen πŸ’ŽπŸ‘ #Egyptologylogia_pharaoh - Nefertiti maybe is the daughter or niece of Ay and the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten, the Tuts stepmother. - Legend beauty of Nile 🌊 - She was the symbol of feminine beauty of the ancient world 🌐 and had to show her dancing for Aten πŸŒ„. Its the eternity and in the New Kingdom of Egypt, when Nefertiti lived, she had the biggest power as her husband - Pharaoh Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) πŸ‘₯ - But the mysteries of Nefertiti is farer than her beauty and her power. πŸ’ͺ Nefertiti and her husband worshiped Aten and made others Gods were out of Egyptians life so many people were angry, especially with who worshiped the Amen. πŸ™Œ She built the city called Amarna and lived with her husband in royal time, though their citizens were poor and needed helping. It can be the reason why when Egyptologists found her tomb, she had many incisions on her body. βœ‚οΈ Her death was a mystery and no one knew that. Maybe by others wives of Akhenaten but maybe by citizens who worshiped the Amen. But finally after Nefertitis death, Pharaoh Tut saved the situation and allowed Egyptian to worship others Gods ✨ He became famous but had many mysteries to find out too. - Nefertiti and Akhenaten were reprobated forever. πŸ‘‰ Posts for Vietnamese: By #Egyptologylogia πŸ’­ #Nefertiti #beauty #Nile #Amen #Aten #Akhenaten #Tut #feminine #luxury #royal #Thevalleyofkings #NewKingdom #Egypt #culture #myths #ancientworld #history #mystery #secret #legend #AdolfHitler #Berlin - @egyptologylogia on Instagram

lion dance asterix and cleopatra asterix et cleopatre

- Attic janiform red-figure aryballos (height: 11.3 cm), ca. 520–510 BC, Greece, Louvre [736x915]

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- Ancient Egypt

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- Egipto

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- from the movie scene

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- My rendition of Ice & Fire Queen

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- Lion King Theatre

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- Ancient Statuary

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- Ancient Egypt


- Tribal women

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- Ancient Jewelry

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- Disney Princess

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- Egyptian Dresses

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- Ancient Egypt

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- Arqueologia e HistΓ³ria

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- Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

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- Ancient History

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- 1300-1400 Coathardies

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- ArqueologΓ­a

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- Ancient Egypt

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- African Queens

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- Ancient Egypt

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- Anck-Su-Namun


- Ancient Art

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- Colombian Design

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- Icons of st George

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- Fake Phurba collection

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- Africa

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- Luxor temple

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- Egypt Museum

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- Blackamoors

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- Royal queen

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- 3D

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- The Home


- Ethnic fashion

cleo cleopatra

- Cats for Jane

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- Egypt

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- african art

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- Amazing

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- Headdress

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- Bascinet

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- African queen


- Aladdin & Jasmine


- Ancient Egypt

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- Greek White Ground Ware

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- Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

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- Ancient Civilizations

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- Outside fireplace

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- Rivera

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- Philippine Mythology

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- egypt queen

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- lets we forget

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- All things Egyptian

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- Ancient egypt art

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- Roman Goddess

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- African History

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- Goddess Bastet, Gayer-Anderson Cat. Late Period, ca. 664-332 BCE [1280x1920]

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- Ancient Pots

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- Arabian nights

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- Pyramid Code

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- Egypt

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- Afro-Asian & Pacific History

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- Egyptian Crafts

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- An Iranian battle-mask from the Safavid Dynasty (16th-18th century) [809x721]

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- Ancient 3D, Egyptian

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- Ausarian Religion


- accessories-Rus

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- ancient egypt

- Sridevi, 1985

- Ancient art

- Antiquities Design Styles

- Dios mio

- Ancient Egypt brass musical instruments and other.

- Collage Artwork Inspirations

- Costume ideas

- African Images

- Morgan Greer Tarot


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- Antique market

- Ancient Jewelry

- African beauty

- bracelet tattoos for women


- Egyptians just chilling back in 1323 BC

- Faded Glory

- ancient Egypt



- Ancient Egypt

- Accessories

- Ancient Jewelry

- Bob Mackie

- Beyonce Met Gala

- 2016

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- Egyptian Accessories

- Babylon

- Ancient Egyptian Architecture


- Ancient Egypt

- Ancient Ceramics

- Folkloric hairstyles


- African art

- Benin city

- Halloween ideas

- Beautiful

- Queen Nefertari

- Sacral Chakra

- One of two gilded wooden funerary masks belonging to the pharaoh Usermaatre Amenemope (ruled 1001 – 992 BCE), a pharaoh of the 21st Dynasty of Egypt [989 Γ— 960].

- Ancient Egypt


- Egyptian

- Tattoos of Girls

- Costumes - Arabia/India

- aunties

- Algerian fashion

- Animal Spirit Guides

- Bastet

- Nativeculture

.:Art by northchavis:. #powerfulart #blackart #blackwomen #painting #drawing #wallart #dopeart #pornart #artovereverything #artcomesfirst #streetart - @powerfulart on Instagram

- Art inspo


- Antiquities

- Black beauties

- Ancient Egypt

- Ancient Egyptian

- Asian Decor

- Egyptian art

All level one permanent collection galleries are open now, including Egyptian, African, Ancient & Medieval, Renaissance, and Islamic galleries. The highlights include this β€œTwelve-sided Ewer with Sphinxes and Humanheaded Inscriptions.” The Sphinxes appear in interlacing bands connected to inscriptions with human heads. Such animated script developed in northeast Iran during the 1100s and migrated westward. . What are you most excited to see on your next visit? Reserve your FREE tix: #WelcomeBackCMA - @clevelandmuseumofart on Instagram



- African Art

- adornment: headdress

- feminism

- Incan sun mask [257 x 355]

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- Black women art

- Art forms Sur


- Tutankhamun and Ankhsenamun as depicted on Tutankhamuns throne - Around 1325 BCE [1097x1409]

- art and sketches

- Crowns, hats and headdresses

- Ankh

- Ancient history

- Close-up of the Gayer-Anderson Cat. Dating to ~600 BC, made of bronze, with a silver plaque and gold jewelry. Possibly from Saqqara. [2592x3888][OC]

- Ethnic Jewelry

- Art At Its Finest

- ANCIENT EGYPT Inspired Art Projects

- Head shaped bell, unknown date pre-19th century South-Western Nigeria [750x1128]

- Amarna

- Ancient Mediterranean Art

- African art

- Apollo


- Lovely things

- Louvre

- 15th Century Fashion

- Art History

- African masks

- The golden death mask of 21st Dynasty Pharaoh, Psusennes I. 1001 BC [957 x 1276]

- African Art

- Egypt

- Valley of the Kings

- History costume

- African Kings & Queens

- Ancient Egypt

Princess Jasmin aka @naomigscott from @disneyaladdin βœ¨πŸ’› She’s my favorite #Disney Princess πŸ‘‘πŸ§žβ€β™‚οΈ I drew this on my iPad Pro using the @apple pencil and @procreate app. #naomiscott #princessjasmine #disney #waltdisney #aladdin #aladdin #disneyprincess #meikearts #illustration #characterdesign #fanart #movieart #procreate #procreateart #digitalart #digitalpainting #art #artist - @meikearts on Instagram

- Egyptian goddess costume

- Queen of the damned

- egypt queen

- The front page of the comic Im writing, drawn by John Barry Ballaran [Excerpt]


- Ancient Egypt

- Egypt

- Ancient Egypt

- Ashoka quod Fulcrum

- Aztec Warrior


- Ancient Gold Americas

- Ancient Egyptian Paintings

- Ancient Egypt

- lets we forget

- Amazing Nature

- Ancient egypt art

- Aztec and Inca designs

- Egyptian Fashion

- Assyrie - Irak, Syrie, Liban, Turquie et Iran.


- Top 10 Halloween Costumes

- Ancient Jewelry.

- Cats in ancient Egypt

- Ancient Egyptian Art

- Egypt

- Bast Goddess

- Egypt tattoo

- Civilization

- Celtic/Viking

- Bastet (deusa menor)

- Ancient Egypt

- Egyptian makeup

- fantasy art

- African Kings & Queens

- All things Egypt

- Clothes refashion


- (Ankh)

- African Art

- Etruscan gold pendant with a sharks tooth. 5th century BC


- African Beadwork

- Queen Nefertiti

- Archeology

- The Ancients

- Ancient Egypt

- Antique Jewellery

- Ancient Egyptian Fashion 3

- African Beauty


- Egyptian Eye Makeup

- Africa

- Egypt culture

- Cleopatra costume

- Ancient history ❀️❀️

- Aquamanile

- Caesar and Cleopatra

- Ancient Egyptian Art

- Bijoux

- Amazing Art

- Ancient costume and fashion

- my land

- starovΔ›kΓ½ egypt

- Antonio y cleopatra

- Ancient Civilizations

- Potnia Theron

- Ancient Egyptian Art & Architecture

- Cats in ancient Egypt

- Extraterrestrial


- Joseph in Egypt

- Art of all sorts

- lion king

- Ancient History

- Ancient Central America

- ancient egpt

- African Mural Art

- Aboriginal art

- Bossy Girl

- Gold Aztec bell pendant [310 x 388]

- Angels & Heavens

- Ancient Egyptian Art

- African American Jewelry

- Ancient Places, People & Artfacts

In Ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred. When a family pet cat died, the entire family would shave off their eyebrows and remain in mourning until they had grown back. - @historychannelinc on Instagram

- A Egyptian Mystery

- King Tutankhamun

- Esmeralda

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- Cleopatra pictures

- African Outfit

- bastet

- African art

- Bastet

- Egypt

- Ancient Egyptian Architecture