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Somewhere - far from anywhere physical - swirling ideas and stories lay deep under the surface of thoughts. One day, diverse colors of feelings and fantastic places spilled over the edge of this abstract plateau through the open gates of Kaeporas mind. This magnificent creature forms those colors and lets them become concrete visions of scenes, which will happen in a certain world where our tale of sound is taking place. Presenting to you my new Kaeporas Vision EP on @alexandarsound You can find the link for listening and buying in my bio! #techno #music #deep #fantasy #nature #zelda #artwork #art #polygon #label #singapore #vision #fountain #dragonfly #homeland #lake #melt #snake #eyes - @_polygonia_ on Instagram

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#PS5 saldrá a 499€ y #PS5DigitalEdition a 399€ ¡Nos vemos el 19 de Noviembre en España! #PlayStation #Videojuegos #Gamer #GamerLife #InstaGaming #PlayStation5 #DualSense #PlayHasNoLimits #ParaVosotrosInstagamers #JugarNoTieneLímites - @playstationes on Instagram

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