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Pete Townshend of The Who performs on stage at the Monterey Pop...

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- Blood and Bone

Psychedelic sixties

2020 avanti un altro paolo bonolis battaglia litigare

- Backings - Environment- Concept art

aesthetic street


sanditon british historical drama babington i will not allow it

- An Old Wreck.

9 février 2022

Singer Roger Daltrey of The Who performs on stage at the Monterey Pop...

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“Mountains are only a problem when they are bigger than you. You should develop yourself so much that you become bigger than the mountains you face.” Commission Work in Progress! Dm to order @mavaz_art 🌸🌸🌸🌸 #art #artistsoninstagram #artist #artwork #artoftheday #arts_helps #mountains #mountain #mountainart #pain #paintings #paint #painting🎨 #paintingoftheday #painter #canvaspainting #canvas #canvasart #canvaspainting🎨 #pakistanart #pakistaniart #pakistaniartist #pakistaniartists #watercolor #acrylicpainting #acrylic #artesanato #artistic #hope #motivation - @mavaz_art on Instagram

Monterey Chicken

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- Night City, CA. Year 2077


rustic accents pop out from contemporary casa mulata in oaxaca

warriors sweep hereditary stoney kay glittering stoney and kay

- Hotel Concepts


Marty Balin and Jorma Kaukonen of The Jefferson Airplane performing...

koichi mejibray

This ash was our people, our family, our friends and our homes. Our plans, our purpose, our one and only life. Fortitude runs in our blood but we are bleeding. Being Lebanese has never hurt this badly. For those who would like to help 🇱🇧 First Aid: @LebaneseRedCross Rescue Effort: @Impact.Lebanon Food Bank: @LebFoodBank Rehabilitation & Support: @ArcEnCiel.aec Photos by @LorenzoTug for @WashingtonPost #Beirut #Lebanon - @karmaelkhaliljewelry on Instagram


koichi mejibray

- C:S slope transitions IRL

Monterey Pop: Remembered, Celebrated But Never Duplicated

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- Storms clear Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, US giving way to a beautiful sunset. [2048 x 1152 px] [OC]

56 Funny Memes and Pics to Help Pass the Time

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- Cairo-egypt

David Crosby at the Monterey Pop Festival (1967).

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#Timelapse #Tehran #Iran 🇮🇷 Swipe left to see the second part. Music: @officialmohsennamjoo از روی پل حافظ که رد می‌شوی‌، روی پشت‌بام‌ خانه‌ها لباس‌هایی است که انگار با باد دوره ناصرالدین‌شاه خشک می‌شود، من این هم‌زمانی گذشته و آینده را دوست دارم. - @ben.barghabany on Instagram

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- Environment painting

A Complete Getaway Guide to Carmel and Monterey

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- Frost Giant Mountain

Monterey International Pop Festival


- The art in this book is amazing [the curse of brimstone #4]


TOP 6 Clubs de comedia en Monterrey para carcajearse como nunca

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- Climbing and Mountaineering

Monster High Profile OC

Home - Independent Music Reviews

steelbook beyond the boundary

#dc #dccomics #theflash - @flash_speedforce_dc on Instagram


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- I painted this after my trip to Red Rocks NP! Figured some Vegas climbers might dig it.

Icon Vintage🤎

Jill Gibson - Brian Jones Performing at Monterey Pop Festival Fine Art Print

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- The future!


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Monterey Pop Festival 1967 / The Audience

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Yesterday was a day to remember. I’ve always dreamt of standing on top of Romsdalshornet because it’s such a prominent mountain that one can not ignore. To top the experience I got to share it with a person that I really look up to and admire. @tomerikheimen thank you so much for the great evening . We reached the top as the sun was shining through trollveggen and it was totally inspiring. What a day. - @malachitempleton on Instagram

50th Anniversary: 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival: Performance-By-Performance

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- Climbing above one of the world’s smaller capital cities.


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- Acuarela lV

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- This cloud picture I took in 2013 looks like a young girl with a dress lying on the ground and playing with her puppy.

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- Balcony

black and white illusion pattern confusion circus artist

- Fairy Tale [2000x1007]

dj playing music creating music dj table dj turntable

- PsBattle: Couch paragliding

the stage stage lights edm festival stage light effects beyond wonderland

- I hope youre not afraid of heights!

laser lights laser lights display lighting effects wow wonderful

- Alpine ibex

dancing the night away music event attendees music festival goers cool

- Daughter tattoo

mask skull mask fans audience beyond wonderland

- Tegucigalpa

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Sharp looking appliance panels in this classic shaker style. - @batemanfinecabinetry on Instagram

flashes flashing lights music festival neon lights the stage

- Boyfriend sticking the dyno with a hazy Hong Kong skyline in the background (Moon Nights Snake, 6c, Beacon Hill)

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Hazy Himalayan Climbing Photo Credit: @ohmaijosh - @dalton_wolfinbarger on Instagram

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- The New Porsche 911 Unveiled with Original 1964 Reflection

hype intense head bang feeling the music neon led shades

- Office with a view...

xx neon colors the stage multi colored flashy

- LA

hair flip into the groove head banger multi colored dancing to the music

- Vladimir Putin watches over the 2018 Russian election (c. 2018)

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#fortnite #fortniteclips #gaming #memes #ps #fortnitememes #fortnitecommunity #fortnitebattleroyale #gamer #fortnitebr #xbox #k #fortniteclansrecruiting #meme #fortnitegameplay #dankmemes #twitch #follow #fortniteleaks #youtube #funny #pubg #fortnitemontage #fortnitenews #like #game #playstation #minecraft #pc #bhfyp - @springtownarmy on Instagram

hands up in the air throw your hands up jamming hard jump lively

- may ancient structures painting set

hype hyper enegetic jumping into it

- Colony - Asteroids

the crowd fun good times thrown up catch me

- Just a regular day at work ..

cat woman costume meow clawed artist

- Stefan Salvatore

show of stage effects animation visuals stage art haze

- Forest silhouette

xx dos equis incredible stage awesome wonderful theme

- Syd Mead

dancer performer on the stage entertainment music fest

- My bedroom view for the next 2 weeks, Biberacher Hütte, Austria [OC] 4160 x 2340

hands in the air dancing girls having fun music event edm

- American Scene - Landscapes

lit fire fire on the stage hot fire effects

- Alps...

docville lightning documentary film festival documentary ilovedocville

- Into the Wild - Alone in Mountains - [1920x1080]

costume artist circus themed performer beyond wonderland

- “Static” pastels, 20x30”

university education um uom university of malta

- At 62, my Pops is bummed he can no longer hike 20 minute miles in the mountains. I just keep reminding him that it’s awesome he’s still hiking and that I love spending time with him in the great outdoors

clown performer scary artist beyond wonderland

It’s always a supreme pleasure to spend time in the mountains with Ben and Diana. This weekend we climbed a mountain in North Cascades National Park that was mostly a glorious backpacking affair with a little bit of glacier travel and rock scrambling included to reach a spectacular summit bivy site. The descent involved more backpacking, much berry picking, and a lot of time in the pain cave. What a treat! - @_zakmills on Instagram

red monster ancient island pixel gaming scary

- I Am Legend was released in 2007 but takes place in 2012. Someone had the foresight to put this in the movie

the crowd jumping into the music feeling it jamming

- Acrylic poured landscapes

- Cliff-top hotels

- Centenario & The Wild West

- Inspirational

- Mount Alta, WA Backpacking. Caught the sunset just right.

- Paintings of mountains

- 7 Wonders of the World(new/old)

🕊️💫 𝙋𝙊𝙋 𝙎𝙈𝙊𝙆𝙀 🕊️💫 Visuals 👀 for @realpopsmoke 🌹✨ x @republicrecords 💽 album @shootforthestars 🌠 Go see on ➡️ YouTube 💯 - @toonboi on Instagram

- Pastor Maldonado

- 6 Horas de Austin 2015

- Homestay

- If you wake up early enough, you can see the Himalayas before the clouds roll in. Machapuchare, from my trip to Pokhara, Nepal.

- The Cypher Club [1920x1080]

- Volcano: Iceland

- Albert Handell

- Beautiful railway map of the Jungfrau region in Switzerland

#godzilla - @untaljoseluiscruz on Instagram

Proud of myself for stepping my game up! This 16x40 oil painting is my biggest yet and I think it has come together well. Not quite finished yet. I got big news to announce alongside this piece soon. - on Instagram

- Mom drawing

Prints *coming soon* - @n333k0 on Instagram

- Jamie McMurray

- The Futuro House bulit in USSR (The Karachay-Cherkess Republic) in 1970s, designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen

- China launched the worlds largest radio telescope last week, with the diameter of 0.5km or around 30 football fields

- Such a beautiful car....

- Los Santos 2077 by Mikhail Sharov

R1 - @christianjsweet on Instagram

This is the week! it’s time to tick that skydive off the top of your bucket list! ☀️🤘🏻✅ · · · · · #nzmustdo #purenewzealand #iloveskydiving #nztourism #newzealandguide #explorenz #skydivinggram #skydiving_everyday #travel #foxglacier #destinationnz #NewZealand #earthpix #skydiver #discover_newzealand #skydivingpics #travelnz #newzealand #franzjosefglacier #skydive #DoSomethingNewNZ #jointheteem #tandem #skydivingadventure #southislandnz #parachute #skydivegram #newzealandnatural #glaciercountry - @skydivefranz on Instagram

- Black Hole on Earth! [1920x1080]

- Centre commercial

- Besham Valley, Pakistan

Esta temporada de invierno en la Araucanía estuvo privilegiada, abundante nieve, frío y tiempo para ir y venir. Estoy realmente agradecido de poder escalar en estas increíbles condiciones y poder observar el enérgico paisaje que nos entregan sus cumbres. Junto a mi motivado compañero de aventuras @leobastidaz y @gsas.b, escalamos la cara oeste del macizo principal de la Sierra de Millalipen, la pared de 400mts de escalada mixta -bastante psicológica! Nos permitió progresar de forma segura y continua por una de las verticales del hermoso macizo. @volkanicaoutdoors @salewachileoficial @julbochile @mawidadventures @kombu_chacha @yerbamatecl @cerveza_lacustre #montañaslibres #montañaslimpias #millalipen #escaladamixta #araucania #laspeinetas #kurrarewe #andesaraucanos #wallmapu - @nicosalgadocallegari on Instagram

Photo by- @johansakr climber - @jumansayegh @beyond.climbing where we run climbing retreats in the Middle-East to promote climbing tourism in the region. This is in Tannourine El-Fawqa, Lebanon. - @climbinginspiration on Instagram

- Krash Canyons, Digital (MTG art)


- Chalet Zermatt Peak [640 × 428]

- digital landscape painting

- Traditional tattoo mountain

- Art

Mnweni 😍😍🏔 . . 📷: @daniel_claassen_ . . . #bivvyspot #mountains #mountainsforbreakfast #trailrunning #running #runningmotivation #nature #outdoors #drakensberg #outsideisfree - @kyleherring18 on Instagram

- Lauterbrunnen mountain village, Switzerland

- 6x6x6

- Tomé esta foto hace 8 años, tiene relevancia el día de hoy 😔

- Art

Artwork made for the alchemy rpg application! Really cool software bringing pen and paper role playing games to iOS :) - @leon.tukker on Instagram

- Sylvanas burns Teldrassil

- Slack Off

- Do Sony and Marvel share the rights to Fisk?

- Matter, Rocks, Water, Minerals, Landforms

- If this weekend does wind up being Matt Kenseths final race, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the memories

- Art & Photography

- Why did Darlington paint pit stalls on the back straightaway? Whos using those?

- Northern Landscape

- Water world confirmed.

- A long shot but does anyone know what comic this is from? I’m watching New Rockstars on YouTube and this panel comes up on screen but they don’t say what it’s from.

Photo by @bulwark_nature !! #sunset #nature_shooters #naturephotography #like4like #likeback #likeforlike #followforfollow #follow #follow4follow #followbackalways !! - on Instagram

- Concrete garden bench

- Rammed Earth

- Instagram aesthetic

- Album art I made into a wallpaper

- My newest work - Cyber City

- Voyager Golden Record

- Williams F1

Discover something new on Batuu in #StarWarsTales from the Galaxys Edge. Concept artwork by Russell Story. - @ilmxlab on Instagram

Friday + a view, we can’t complain! ⁣ ⁣•⁣ ⁣•⁣ ⁣•⁣ ⁣#EmbarcaderoCenter #ViewsfromEC #SanFrancisco⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣ - @embarcaderoctr on Instagram

- art (Australian + bushscape)

- Jeremy Renner

Been playing too much Ghost of Tsushima lately. Here’s a digital painting inspired by that! Used Procreate for this one! SWIPE TO SEE THE PROCESS ⬅️ . . . . . . . . . . . #digitalpainting #artwork #procreate #conceptart #digitaldrawing #draw #instaart #art #sketch #artist #realism #digitaldraw #artistsofinstagram #drawing #artistsoninstagram #surrealism #fanart #creative #illustration #painting #photoshop #artistoninstagram #huiontablet #manga #digitalart #instaartist #fantasy #anime #oc #digitalartist - @imad.n.awan on Instagram

- Happy 45th birthday Juan Pablo Montoya! He contested the championship in 2003 and could’ve won if it weren’t for some poor performances at the beginning.

🌙 - @szymonpietk on Instagram

- Taking a rest at the top of pitch 6 of Bunny Buckets Buttress yesterday, my first big multipitch adventure! (8 pitches, ~300m, 18). Blue Mountains, Australia.

- Another Simon Stalenhag

- Jules Bianchi in Ferrari F14T during the Silverstone in-season test. Photo was taken on July 9th 2014. Jules was the fastest driver that day. He replaced bruised Räikkönen who suffered 47G crash during the British GP. It has been speculated that Bianchi could replace Alonso for the 2015 season.

- Syd Mead drawing fo US Steel, 1969.

- Aboriginal Peoples

- Merry Christmas from McDonald Observatory

- F1 - 2013

- Canyon city by Tu bui.

- Did this a while ago, wonder if anyone would collaborate with me (in term of writing) to create a short Dota2 comic. It could be fun!

- Genetically engineered dinosaurs?

Pot of Gold is found at the end of the #rainbow and, until 10 June, in the #ChangeYourPerspective exhibition at the National Art Gallery of Namibia! #potofgold #rainbow #namibrandnaturereserve #overtherainbow #namibia #desert #mountains #sharemynamibia #photographicexhibition #photooftheday #shotoftheday #landscape #natgeotraveller - @paulgodard_soulphotography on Instagram

- Vinewood Nights, Hollywood Days

WORLD BUILDING In the months leading up to Last Place On Earths debut on HOME Mcrs website, Studio Morison and @danielchilds89 were working tirelessly to make the original vision become a (... Virtual 😉) reality. Heres a couple of quick run throughs of the Landscape progression, from the start of the process to what we now recognise as Last Place On Earth. Footage provided by @studio_morison Video 1: The Skeleton of Last Place On Earth... Showing the Future 20 Collective how limitless the boundaries of a virtual reality world can be... Video 2: Things are starting to fall into place! You will have noticed the human figurines scattered around the world. Ivan Morison did this to give perspective of scale and how large the sculptures would appear next to a human. Inside @jamesdesser s clay sculpture, experimental films by @melissasorrell_films flash up on the wall space- a modern take on cave paintings. Video 3: A closer look at the mountain crafted by James Desser, and the foam sculpture that inspired the Nexus Valley orb, created by @jahdayfordesign Video 4: An all encompassing view of Last Place On Earth! #future20 #future20collective #artists #LastPlaceOnEarth #virtualreality #landscape #lpoe #HOMEmcr #unrealengine #studiomorison #sculpture #climatechange #climatechangeart #clay #pottery #perspective #foam #film #experimentalfilm #caveart #orb #nexus #valley - @future20collective on Instagram

- Futuristic art [3440x1440]

- Dragon armor

- 3D Abstract 4k Wallpaper [3840 x 2160]

- Film & Music

- Lijiang River, Xingping, Guangxi, China (December, 2017)

- Waterfalls and sunshine

- Oil painting of Mordor on canvas by me

Nel silenzio dellalba ❤️ #mountain #mountainlovers #mountainlife #mountainphotography #panorama #sunrise #sunrisephotography #parconazionaledelgransassoemontidellalaga #gransasso #alba #panoramamozzafiato #abruzzo #abruzzolovers #abruzzo_in_foto #abruzzo - @mari7ann on Instagram

June, 2019 - FOXWARREN LOST ON YOU #cinematographer #cinematography #cameradept #filmmaking #setlife #music #musicvideo #lightingdesign #california #desert #ocean #directorofphotography DIRECTORS: @markklassen & @hopelittle CINEMATOGRAPHY + LIGHTING DESIGN: @markklassen ART DIRECTION: @hopelittle COLOUR: @ytcab - @markklassen on Instagram

- Mamoru Oshii

- Alien & Predator Universe

- Arizona Monsoon

- Fifty Shades of Grey

- Halo: Reach - MCC PC Enhanced 1920x1080

- Desert Art

- Sunset near St. Moritz, Switzerland by Arnd Wegmann [1100x619] [OS]

- The game looks absolutely phenomenal

new era . . . . . #collage #collageart #collageartwork #digitalart #digitalcollage #dreamingincollages #taxcollection #nature #landscape #mountainart #vintageart #purpleaesthetic #moon #lake #dreamy #trippyartofficial #visualartist #instagram #collage_expo #collage_guild #worldvisualcollective - @faul.chiller on Instagram

- Messed up panorama of Toronto from the CN tower

Dreams are a tough thing somethings... the idea easily leads to great expectations and can distort your perspective of what you can actually accomplish! I usually perform very well in high stakes environments and deal well with knowing you only got a few minutes to achieve your goal. But with handstands it’s a different thing... I feel like I crumble under the self pressure I create, by demanding myself to perform! The amount of training I have put into this „single skill“ is beyond anything I have ever done and it is easy to loose track of your actual level of performance and get lost in your expectations. What you can do with ideal settings and what you can do 1000m above the ground are two different things! I kind of expect myself to not care about height anymore, but the Highline at the Eiger Pilz showed me again what fear is. It I a physical reaction, something beyond mind control. Even thought I really wanted to handstand my arms kept on giving in. My body being afraid of the position looking straight down the north wall ... I felt like a total beginner trying to stand up for the first time, with your body betraying your mind by just not following your orders and trying to avoid exposure by all means! It’s frustrating, but it’s ultimately what Highlining is about! Even though my expectations got crushed I am actually happy I felt REAL FEAR again! Now I just have to overcome it and keep believing that I will be up on my arms - upside down - one day! thank you @tonic3000a for being there with me and for always helping me to see myself with different eyes :) #highline #slackline #handstand #grindelwald #eigernordwand #slacklinehandstand #vanlife #traveltheworld - @lukasirmler on Instagram

- Category VI 1920 × 1064

- ITAP from a plane

When @quentinclimbing proposed we delay our flight out of East Creek by two days so we could climb All Along The Watchtower I knew the answer had to be yes, but I knew it was going to hurt. All Along The Watchtower *** ED2 5.12- / 5.11 C2 (1-2 Biv) 30 - 34 Pitches (GUIDEBOOK) If anyone else had asked me, I would have listened to reason and said no. I was really fucking tired. We had flown in six days earlier and it had been pretty non-stop. The day after we arrived, Adam Campbell and I climbed Beckey Chouinard on the South Howser and that is a story of its own, but one Ill tell at a later date! After Becky C, we had a rest / reset day and got ready to shoot a short film piece & photos on Solitary Confinement - a long day of climbing, rigging and filming! Next day we packed up and got ready for a night on the Portaledges, where we would spend some time with Quentin on his project. Jugging, Hauling and barely sleeping on a ledge somehow felt like a rest day at this point. We spent the day up on the ledge, belaying Quentin G LR and shooting film and photos of his progress on the crux pitch. Adam and I headed down around 4:30, just in time to avoid an epic lightning storm, which Quentin endured on the portaledge strapped to the headwall of the minaret - that is also another wild tale, and Quentins to tell. So all in all, I was bagged, Minimal sleep, hands were frozen and thawed so many times all the skin had cracked and skin raw. Laughable amount of sleep....but again, I knew the answer had to be yes. With alarms set for 2:30AM - Quentin and I woke up and charged some breakfast, too much water and left camp a 3:30AM Nailing our daylight/route finding strategy, we did the raps and glacier approach in the last of the mornings light and started simul-climbing the lower headwall just as you wanted to turn off headlamps. The lower Headwall went quite fast, the only factor slowing us down being some rockfall from a party above (They started the day before), which changed our belay positions a little and shortened some simul blocks. @arcteryx - continued in comments - @johnpricephotography on Instagram

Prossimamente il video completo 🛸 - @phanapton371 on Instagram

- The advertising barrier where Anthoine Huberts memorial is has been removed

- Agtduisendmeterpieke (Eight thousander peaks)

- My graphic novel Bluefall just came out and was the #1 new release in scifi graphic novels! One website said the amount of thought that went into the world-building of Bluefall is staggering and I thought you guys would be as psyched as I am! Welcome to the virtual Universe of Circus.

- Concept Art by Sparth

- Bro Fist from God

Ready for your mission? Visit the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. to answer the call today! ... ... ... ... #MarvelAvengers #Avengers #AvengersStation #MarvelAvengersStation #Hulk #TonyStark #CaptainAmerica #IronMan #AntMan #BlackPanther #Thor #BlackWidow #TheWasp #AvengersMovies #MarvelMania #AvengersHeroes #SuperHero #SuperHeroes #AvengersStore #MarvelFan #MarvelComics #MarvelMovies #MarvelFans #StationAttraction #AgentInTraining #StanLee #marvel - @avengersstation on Instagram

Good morning friends. 🌄 _ #kelinarestaurant #pizboè #pizboealpinelounge #nofiltredneeded #goodmorning #from #thetop #mountains #marmoladaglacier #dolomiti #sunrise #2200m #corvarainbadia - @pizboealpinelounge on Instagram

- Art - Landscapes

- Futuristic

- City of Haven

Only 75 of these Viscera LPs remain. 😍 #hauntedshores 📸: @dlayphoto - @hauntedshoresofficial on Instagram

- benchtops melbourne

- [3840x2160] Cyberpunk City

- Red bull racing

- Dubai, the hollow city of artificiality

The Paramount Pictures logo on the day it was originally painted, 1985. - @70s.80s.era on Instagram

- @rooms_hotel_kazbegi on Instagram

“It was Dr. McCoy, with a fine sense of historical irony, who decided on a name for our captured Klingon vessel.” #StarTrek #IV #TheVoyageHome #Klingon #BirdOfPrey #HMSBounty - @startrekdaily on Instagram

- So I did some driving

- MAC Global Politics

CLICK LINK IN BIO and Pre-Save my new SINGLE “24hours” ft @itsqbenjamin Song and Video DROPS July 1st Take it the OFFICIAL TRAILER 🌊 #MOVIE . . . 🎥 @usomfilms @warrenciaga @vinceraquel . #townbusiness #NE #filmmaker #cinematography #director #uptownforever #morethanmusic #MOVIE #montreal #calgary #toronto #vancouver #newyorkcity #losangeles #24hours - @usomfilms on Instagram

- @luxpyramid on Instagram

- Alien proof

Wretched Illusions came out one year ago today! Huge thanks to @eone_heavy, @d_schmuck for producing, @dehuman1zer for mixing and mastering, and @nightjarillustration for the beautiful album art work. Biggest thanks to those of you that have purchased and/or streamed the record this past year, your love and support truly means the world to us ❤️ The second pressing is now available at the link in our bio, scoop one of the new variants today ✊🏾 - @creepingdeathtx on Instagram

Наконец-то готов проект Volkswagen Cyberpunk City + Breakdown, который создавался в рамках обучения от @isaevworkshop ⠀ Работа велась на протяжении более 4 месяцев. Невероятный приток новых знаний, вызовов и испытаний для нас! ⠀ Ответственной за пост обработку была @el.elisenina я же отвечал за цвет и монтаж. ⠀ Рад буду вашим отзывам 👋 - @bogdan.repnoy on Instagram

- Warm And Cool Colours In The Sky Mixed

- Mt. Fuji is visible from my workplace in Tokyo

- @quilipan on Instagram

Having distopian thoughts today.... - @camera_essentials on Instagram

- Concept Art - Environnements

from @omid_rajabi1830 - bill evans❤️❤️❤️ #billevans #jazzpianist #composer #legend #myfoolishheart - @billevansestate on Instagram

期待與大家快點可以再次見面,支持下去!💪💪 Hang in there! Look forward to seeing everyone soon! #正能量 #香港加油 - @sky100hk on Instagram

- Nightlife Momentum by Josef Bartoň

- Bus, Digital 2D, 4600x2300px

- San Andreas movie

- cheap electricity

- I find Mordor oddly beautiful.

- Albert Bierstadt

- Heart wave

- Ferrari Monza SP2 being produced in Ferrari’s Factory in April despite COVID-19. (not my picture)

- And the greatest of these...

Shanghai again and again 💥🎉 @Ontheroofs . ⠀ . ⠀ 📸 Dontt forget to check our page : Direct link in our bio 💯⠀ . ⠀ . ⠀ #Way2ill #Illgrammers #Urbex #Urbanexploration #Ontheroofs #Ontheroof #Rooftopping #Parkour #Freerunning #Shoot2kill #yngkillers #Citykillerz #Storror #Neverstopexploring #Urbanandstreet #Createcommune #Urbantone #picoftheday #bestoftheday #sky_high_architecture #Killyourcity #Shotzdelight #all2epic #streetmobs #milliondollarvisual #houseoftone #shanghailife #streets_vision #Shanghai - @rooftoppingofficial on Instagram

- Anime

- Moon Madness, Digital 2D, 2048*1080px

- sci-fi city 1 [1920x1080]

- Homeward Bound

- View from Da Yu Ling in the early morning.

In hard times like these we like to remember to this years Seiser Alm Legends World Cup back in January. Lean back, enjoy and #StayHome #StaySafe. 2020 LENGEDS @tess_coady / @ormerodkatie / @brookevoigt @vladkhadarin / @rukitobita / @hiroaki_kunitake @car0line_claire / @johanneekilli / @elena.gaskell @birk_ruud / @buhsch / @colby_stevenson @seiseralmlegends @alpedisiusi.seiseralm @dolomitisuperski @visitsouthtyrol @f_techsnowparks @prinoth_snowgroomers @zukunvt @freestylestories @forstbeer @fissnowboard @fisfreestyle - @snowpark_seiseralm on Instagram

Student Art: A lovely terrain and plateau study by Ian Chiou (@lizan_0103). 🤍 #quixel #megascans #unrealengine #gaea #studentart - @quixelofficial on Instagram

- Patagonia, Argentina

- fantasy

- Vera C. Rubin Observatory, Chile - currently under construction

- Captain America is actually a distorted helicopter. Did you know that?

- Juste beau

- Fire Coming out of the Monkeys Head.

- Some GTA stuff

- Nevada changed exit ramps & caused a continuous nightmare all day today. EVERYONE missed their exit..

- Shindekudasai- Rashedjrs, Digital painting, 3000x1400

- Anime

Incroci. #cyberpunk2077 - @bandainamcoit on Instagram

- Anybody else getting this?

- My white cheetah in gta. Crockett would be proud.

- Un-modded GTA 5 looks pretty damn good too.

- Sunset, mountain view [1920x1080]

- Sci Fi City

- Still one of my favourite scenes from Altered Carbon

- Comparison between heights of K2 and Burj Khalifa.

- Eva, Qosic, digital, 2019

- Valley of the Stars. [1920x1080] (5 other resolutions including mobile in comments)

- Your Daily Picture of Ireland Without Cork Having Ever Existed

- Old Port District

- Wildfire smoke WA and OR came into Canmore,Alberta today. Stay safe our Southern friends ❤️

- Doofenshmirtz tower looking buliding at Ponferrada, Spain

- Oil painting of Mordor by me

- [OC] Lands painted by an Artificial Intelligence

- A parallel between Halo Infinite and Halo Reach

- 6c with a good view

- Futuristic Layered City

- A stunning view over the Alps 🇪🇺

- Kevin Hill, paintings

- A beautiful way to end a day of grinding CEO work.

- Foster The People - Secret Hearts Club (Barnes & Noble Exclusive Pink Vinyl)

- Even though you can’t see it, you can tell there’s a mountain beyond the horizon because of the shadow it’s casting on the morning sky.

Here’s my homework assignment results for @terraform.studios new “Pre-Production for Film” tutorial. I really enjoyed watching @fmacmanus blue sky sketch process and I recommend this tutorial to anybody looking to learn some good photobashing techniques! . Follow me on Artstation! . . #conceptart #terraformstudios #sketch #artprocess #environmentart #environmentdesign #blueskysketch #filmart #gameart #keyframe #digitalart #photoshopart #photobashing #scifi #scifiart #fantasyart #artstation #artstationhq #hiremeFinnian - @daniel_dana_art on Instagram

- I’ve never pooped with a better view

- Floating island

Las esperanzas siempre están más allá de la oscura realidad. No te canses de seguirlas. -J.S. #Ancash #montañas #mountains #nature #naturaleza #nonfilter #Peru #igersancash #igersperu #respirarazulclarito #airepuro - @clau.santiago15 on Instagram

- Million Dollar Rooms

- Cityscape Glitch with a prism in Taipei, Taiwan

- Cyberpunk landscape from Remember Me

- GPS breadcrumbs I dropped on my recent climb of two 14,000-foot peaks in SW Colorado


- Birdbox in Norway (by Studio Livit) [1000x507]

- Molten sure has a nice view

- Table Mountain Cape Town

- 360° shot out the side of helicopter over Auckland (New Zealand)

- Happy 26th Birthday to Carlos Sainz!!!

- Abandoned Robots 01 - City

- Pierre Roy

📸G WAGON .SWIPE👉 All of those cars were once just a dream in somebodys head. . . . GAME: #nfspayback . . . #nfs #needforspeed #nfsheat #needforspeedheat #ps #forzahorizon #cars #nfspayback #drift #gta #e #gtr #jdm #nfsheatstudio #car #forza #needforspeedpayback #nissan #xbox #m #photography #nfsmostwanted #r #bmwm #stance #bmw #needforspeedcars #gaming #k #bhfyp - @sl_.pix._ on Instagram

Felt like using quarantine to learn some new skills, so I finally gave blender a crack. I used it to design, model and render these shots, with some small adjustments in photoshop. More to come! 👉 - @saltercreative on Instagram

- Sunset, digital, 1152x648px

- No mans sky, the most beautiful game

- Albert Bierstadt

- 🔥 Sunlight behind the mountains somewhere on the road in Ha Giang. Vietnam

- Background images

- Retro-Future vision of the Arizona Desert by John Berkey and Syd Mead. (x-post with r/ImaginaryLandscapes)

- Cyberpunk City

- City of the Future [2560x1440].

- ITAP of Khokana city Kathmandu.

- Lindo dia, Monterrey.

- New hobby of mine; add random photo filters to screenshots for surprisingly good results

- Last pic of me hanging around playing Assassins creed.

- The Cassini Superstation, heart of the Cronian Protectorate

- Zelda Breath Of The Wild

- The scale of Origins update. Im in the red circle.

- Hidden Kingdom, me, digital, 2018

- The next future world in my kingdom [1920x1080]

- Mega City by Houwai Leung

- Concept art for my first self-published graphic novel called “Bluefall”! It’s a scifi / neo-noir story set in a futuristic virtual world. [OC] artwork by Vincentius Matthew

- Kírix Freight Station, Luna. The largest freight port in the solar system.

- Amazing view in kitchen

- Blood Gulch - Jack McKelvie

- Marshall Jaguar Land Rover Military & Diplomatic Sales

- Andree Wallin

- Nice sunset picture i took while grinding CEO/MC sales

- Anyone else remember this gem? Would LOVE a remaster tbh

- [2048x1024] The citadel-Mass Effect

- Nasa Images

- With an retrowave/outrun inspired soundtrack backing Thor: Ragnarok, this is one of my favourite shots.

People were created to be loved, and things were created in order to use them. The world is in chaos because everything is the opposite.-Dalai Lama 🌏🌏🌏 I, on the other hand, was created for the beauty of nature. I was created by the erosion of red sandstone. Wind and water erosion give me my appearance🎀🎀🎀🎀 - @zhangye_landform on Instagram

- Wall hd

- Blade runner game

- Sc-Fi City [1920x1080]

- From a very low budget unknown movie The Lost Empire 1984.

- Roar Like a Lion! [1600x900]

- The end

1441 — Konrad J. Peter aka Hannibal Wasser Not only the paintings of romanticism are fictional. Any painting suggests a fictional situation. Be it landscapes, portraits or architectures. It starts with the consideration of the painter and ends with the consideration of the viewer. @hannibal_wasser Via Building on the Built. #dailydosearchitecture #dailydosecollages #dailydoseillustration #dailydosepaintings #dailydosegermany - @dailydosearchive on Instagram

Buffalo Valley. Oil on linen 18x24. I just hung this in our home. I sold what was on the wall and needed to hang up something in that spot and until it sells Ill enjoy looking at this painting every day. #buffalo #bison #fantasylandscape #elementalmagic #mtgartist - @aaronmiller on Instagram

- Storm over The Dolomites (photo u/jetclarke) [1920x1080]

- Retro Vapor-Wave Wallpaper [1920 x 1080]

- Night City from the Badlands