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- Content provider (Viacom) blocking the bottom 1:4 of the screen with a call to action. Satellite provider (DTV) blocking the top 1:4 of the screen, in an (unsuccessful) attempt to block provider’s call to action.

WAP Stickers

I get us into trouble/ I get us out of trouble tees - large / grey / i get us into trouble

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#blacklivesmatter - @the_jeek on Instagram

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- how do you do, fellow night owls

Youre Dumb Among Us Sticker

Practice Until You Cant Get it Wrong

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- Big chungus approves

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- Y’all better not be dissing Wii Party ™️

Fuck You Balloon Pack (Pack Of 3)

My Favorite Childhood Memory Is My Back Not Hurting. - (D#4VTVH66)

aint aint thata bitch bitch wtf pissed off

Posting this while in school lmao • • • Credits: operationtb_ • • • Follow @dioispowerbottom for more - @dioispowerbottom on Instagram

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- Can you spot the snake?

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- Blursed Audible ad

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- Claws

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- For all the not like other brides to-be

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- Bulletin board material for Week 4

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- Spittin fax

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- This a̶p̶p̶ ad is preinstalled on my Android tablet and I cant remove it.

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- One of our younger dish guys brought all the female staff a flower today for International Women’s Day.

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- Every time a mainstream media posts an article about Kanye

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- Blursed_Roblox

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- If I had this kind of mobility, Id be capable of pretty much anything

Gods Plan Checklist BSN, LVN, LPN, RN, MSN Nursing Graduation Chalkboard Sign Photo Prop - Any Nursing Degree DIGITAL FILE (Chalk-nursecheck) - 5x7

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- celebrity bling

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- Örder, klëεner of rooms and Θwner of Lôbsterž

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- Best way to treat a good boi.

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Nigikala Hasbullah Meme Pillow Case Home Decoration Cushion Cover 45x45cm 40x40cm 50x50cm Throw Pillow Cover Housses De Coussin 11-50x50cm

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- Heart text art


Adult Big Foot Costume

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- These incessant Lele Pons ads

The Power of Meditation

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- My cat has thumbs and he uses them to grab things.

Cute But Deadly - Mens

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- No I dont, Tonya

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- Anyone up for it?

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- Ouch...

oh but never were there truer words thats the truth aint that the truth truer words havent be spoken seventeen

🚨 pay attention 🚨 #blacklivesmatter #blackouttuesday - @kill_alters on Instagram

i dont care if it aint real booty clap twerking g perico

- Digital Hand Studies by Me

its not the point whatever oh well sure i guess

- blursed birth

stop right there hold on dont talk to me talk to the hand no

- Preach! 🙌

maya hart nature sabrina carpenter girl meets world maya

- American history

maya hart sabrina carpenter girl meets world maya amazed

- Bob Newbie was a respected theoretical physicist who had developed a reputation for claiming that universe is just a computer game like simulation.

dont start nothing wont be nothin mib men in black will smith

- [Request] If someone yells your name turn AirPods volume down to 10%!!

maya hart sabrina carpenter girl meets world

- I hate

it aint gonna work mazikeen lesley ann brandt lucifer useless

- newspaper ideas

its not the best john finch smite challenger circuit freshly forged vs belt strap not too good

- cursed_song

wutang aint nothing to fuck with whispering

- Whites can’t say the N-Word

dancing hands in the air what up slow dance bet

- You know what big feet means; big bean toes!

james franco the interview hate us

- Re upload because of her Twitter @ but this mad dad

i dont care about any of that teddi jo mellencamp real housewives of beverly hills i dont care whatever

- Such a big sacrifice

leon bridges bet aint worth the hand

- Its a problem...

leon bridges bet aint worth the hand

- The standard has been raised.

leon bridges better slow down bet aint worth the hand

- wtf happend to youtube?

leon bridges bet aint worth the hand

- Someone I have on snapchat posts stuff like this and it just kinda hurts to see

leon bridges kiss me before i go bet aint worth the hand

- Where is Mandick when you need him?

leon bridges bet aint worth the hand

- Someone gots to hold those titties up

leon bridges bet aint worth the hand

- Pretty Please Guys?? He Really Wants To Be On LWIAY

leon bridges bet aint worth the hand i cant commit

- My big sister was B.I.Gs sister

leon bridges bet aint worth the hand i keep tripping on words i dont wanna say

- Has to sport my Bred1 to comic con nyc!!!

- Using the thumbnail from a porno to get clicks

- hmmm

- Welp *unzips*

- the ol reliable

- hands

- Circlejerk subs, menwriting/drawing women, Redditmoment, its a weirdly common thing to see.

- Does youtube count? In response to how cool Mary Poppins special effects were..

- Facebook tag group insanity

- Queef Cop

- Me irl

- Why

- Black panther

- Elder Scrolls games

- Bug Bite Thing in the News

- quavo

- What could go wrong

- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) horny priests

- P R I Y A N K A

- I did not make this

- Young girl accidentally disintegrates her family while learning to code.

- It’s ok baby

- Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West. Made by me

- This poster for a nail salon

- Blursed_Black

- blursed_ girlfriend

- Just found a video of someone calling marzia a gold-digger and linking his Patreon in the describtion

- Spray and Pray

- @tselliott8 on Instagram

- I guess Im done reading this article because theres no way to exit the big ad. And they had a video playing in the top I couldnt get rid of...

- nobody asked but I dont care here it is anyway

- this japanese man

- Pickaxe Concept: Fists

- Fortnite bad Red dead 2 good (not as good as witcher 3 though am i right gamers 😎 😎 )

- Black lives have always mattered by noturjacky, Digital, 2020

- one amazing father

- Killer bullets

- screams of the inanimate

- comics

- me irl

- Thats a PC though?

- What our defence looks like to other teams

- Coming soon to Disney+: WakandaVision

- Beck on the passing of Stephen Hillenberg

- Dark Skin Beauty

- Not even 1 relevant result...

- My roomies new rescue kitteh has 6 toes on its front paws. This is known as a polydactyl cat.

- me_irl

- Reminds me of that 2005 Pentagon video talking about a vaccine to modify behavior among “religious fanatics.”

- New Slaves in chains

#Mase recalls one of the memorable lines from Kanyes single Devil in a New Dress and demands a public apology. 👀 Does Mase have a point? #kanyewest - @theblackteapot on Instagram

- Michael and Barbara Shetterly listen to their son, who overdosed Opiod, heart beating inside Basdon

- Man calls Omaha protester the n-word and shoots him twice in the neck. Police just released him on bail for murder charger faster than theyve released any of the protesters arrested for violating curfew.

- Oh god

- 2 bisexuals get engaged!!

- I wondered why my shoes didn’t fit

- F

- No one didnt say your life doesnt matter

- End police militarization now

- SJW or KKK?

- Why Did We All Forget This Gem?

October is upon us.... the first week will bring devilish surprises, so turn on your alerts, and stay tuned to claim yours first.⚡️ . . . Model @denise_tpinto Ace of Spades Ring @blacktonguesilver #jewelry #I #want #to #be #buried #in #shopyouplayyoupay - @youplay_youpayyy on Instagram

- He finally has her own show!

- When is enough truly ENOUGH?!

- Well... ummm...

- I got an ad for Childish Gambinos Feels like summer while watching Childish Gambinos Feels like Summer

- Why is his shirt wet?

- Opened Youtube and got this popup prompting me to choose one of the options

- Blursed babies

- The One Tough Where Vet Tech I Cry Q&A

- 2meirl4meirl

- To be religious

- credit to @pablo.rochat

- Tumblr travis scott

- Legit first thing I saw. Oof

- Blursed_panda

- then why even bother to tell me and get my hopes up?!

“I come from a lineage of broken male-female relationships, abuse of power, and mistrust,” she said. “Only when I saw that clearly was I able to resolve those conflicts in my own relationship. Connecting to the past and knowing our history makes us both bruised and beautiful.” We admire Beyoncé’s transparency in order to help others along in their journey. Happy #BeyDay Post by @fcvstyle #flygirlsunite #flygirls #westandtogether #beyonce - @flygirlsunite on Instagram

- Man legally carrying outside of restaurant stopped by police and told to put his gun on the ground, so he reaches towards his holster to get the gun and comply with their orders only to be shot dead for reaching for a weapon. Police hid body cam footage of incident for months.

- Aisle blockers films tik toks in the middle of the aisle 😑

- Pregnancy and what?

- Hard to swallow pills

- blursed BLM

- anti memes

- [Request] How to get this UI for all Spotify songs

- hmm

- Criminalising your own daughters sexuality seems pretty trashy to me.....

- UK Netflixs preview thumbnail spoils AS finale.

- Only true music fans get it

- Tag World Champion

- how about no

- Yes

- I wonder what its about?

- Every single one of them has at least one of these bags.

- Red pill or blue pill

The support I feel from my community is amazing. Please consider donating $5 or more to fund my project to completion. #tbt #producer #actorslife #blackboyjoy - @findingnormalshort on Instagram

- They know...

- 30 year old with baby toes

- Holy fuck. This is a book about teaching women to ruin men, take fathers from their children, take children from their fathers, strengthen a hateful ideology and provoke suicide

- Pet me women, or there will be consequences with your i pad.

- Models introducing a product at the 1989 Tokyo motor show. Their clothes were so striking and trendy!

- A Rather Brittish Title

- For when Slenderman is too controversial.

- We are going more and more in the direction of science fiction movies like Luke Skywalkers bionic hand in Star Wars - a fully controlled, fully natural, sensorised prosthesis, identical to the human hand.

- Stolen :P

- Relationship Status

- Works every time

- Angela Davis on reading Lenin with Black Panthers

- Finn are you ok? What did Disney did to you?

- Springtime 3D flowers! Pretty proud of these 3 Products in comments

- T1tles 4re s0 h4rd

- good for them!

- Blursed Scent name

- Prince Rogers Nelson

- PsBattle: Cat and Phone

- //Blaise Zabini//

- Theres a chap on CBeebies wearing a harmonica bandolier looking like Chewbacca

- Howd that get in there?

- My cat uses his thumbs to grab things

- Vday nails! Beetles gel 266 with pink and red Wenida chrome powders, and Pop Beauty Nail Glam in Pinky for the design

- Its a special Pokemon. It cannot be traded.

- Zion Williamson +3 Morale

- Video Library

- BTS: I never wouldve expected it from the same Dude in Season 1 / 2.👍

- A guy posted this on twitter

Now come the reviews ✂️📰✂️🧮 The current print edition of @cinemascopemag has an in depth and thoughtful essay. Thanks for taking the time James Lattimer ✌🏾 - @ephraimasili on Instagram

- Co-host Fashion Finder

- They have ankles?

- This sounds so cool.

- Ever see a rap career crash and burn?

- me🐸irl

- canthinkofatitle.png

- The countdown is on.

- Bloggers Board

- People be like that

- 1:34 unskipable ad

- Nice job teacher

- Starting to make labels for my homebrews, its a lot of fun to name your brews, heres my first label.

- It official JJs main channel is now done ...

- JJ in a SoundCloud add. Too bad it’s a shit app

- Being a bi switch = having too many options

- Black Beauty

- What do yall think

- My cat Dave has disproportionately YUGE paws

- Thanks Youtube, very helpful

- What you have done has made God very unhappy.

- Why?

- Heartfelt

- AyO GuYs Im nOt FaT alLoW iT

Out now Ya momma would be prada ya 💜 - @succubuslovee on Instagram

- Publix with the heat

- Well see creation come undone

- This article deserves a tony

- This is America

- 50 hands versus 60 hands

- This movie is an hour and sixty minutes long.

“Alex would read from a pre-written list of microaggressive statements I have had the luxury to endure throughout the majority of my life as it relates to pursuing relationships with nonBlack people. With each statement, I slap him. He will remain astute. Unflinching. He will continue on, and I will continue to enact my revenge and slap him. Its often I must endure this verbal abuse, although it has not been universally framed or regarded that way. The microaggressions are only ‘micro’ to those who do not have to experience them.” Slapping Piece (She Takes Her Revenge) by Kel Burchette, The Arts 20 (@kelburchette) A performance piece designed to display the violence that can be casually inflicted and endured by nonBlack partners in interracial relationships and the pursuit of such. To view Kels full work, as well as other Lang Seniors Work, visit (link 🔗 in bio). #LangCollege #NerdyLang #SeniorCapstone #LiberalArts #NewSchoolAlumni #LangAlumni #TheNewSchool [Image Description in comments] - @eugenelang on Instagram

- “Just let me knead on your lap!”

- Blursed Karaoke

- Speaks 日本語

- It’s quite disgusting

When your work reaches TOKYO, JAPAN!!! 🇯🇵 Gods Plan! #GoingGlobal 🗣🌎 #HolyGrail - @dangelolavelle on Instagram

- What equality looks like

- you don’t need a fancy suit to be a superhero :’)

- Youtuber sexualises boy going to her for a chiropractic session

- Absolute unit Maine Coon paw

- Why me....

- Metric system for life

- Body odor

- Going to be wearing a bandaid for a while, so I matched my mani to it

- After a while of not letting me paint my nails (bc it would seem too gay) my gf finally changed her mentality and did my nails for me! Black like my soul 💀 I was nervous about what my co workers would say, but i didn’t get any flak 😁

A PriorGold Picture for @fireboydml’s ‘Friday Feeling’ directed by @dir.k_ Out Now #PriorGoldPictures #Fireboy #FridayFeeling - @priorgoldpictures on Instagram

Cat Mama, I May Destroy You • what do you do when your song gets featured on a show that is pulling you apart and putting you back together? What do you do when a song you worked on during some of the most painful parts of your life suddenly is also the catalyst for so much good in your life? • I honestly don’t even know what to say, 2020 has been many things for me, but this? This right here? Fuck. It feels good. I produced this song MYSELF, mixed and mastered it MYSELF, it almost didn’t get put out, now look! It’s made it onto the soundtrack of a show that means so much to me right now • huge thank you to #MichaelaCoel and her team, music supervisor of #IMayDestroyYou Ciara Elwis • Catch the “Bornday Intro” from my BORNDAY EP on Episode 7 of #IMayDestroyYou playing softly as Terry and Kwame talk in the tub • my dreams are real, everyday. • I love you 💚 (special shoutout to @ladyjaylives for making the connection between us all) 💚 - @theriaboss on Instagram

- Uh no its spreading.

- All Things Black Panther

- hmmm

- Why would this be discriminating?

- why not enjoy a nice refreshing glass of olives?!

- I really need to buy a top coat... I did these two days ago and they’re already chipping! (one coat of Salon Perfect’s ”Salsa Dance”)

- #teamthick

Keep showing the love we appreciate it!!!! YouTube link in bio. @bag40challenge @dkonthebeat @the_crystalmarie @_goodfella1911 #fitness #fitnessguru #watchthis #funny #comedy #sketch #laugh #lolnetwork @therock @kevinhart4real #alldefdigital @comedycentral @bet @tylerperry @mtv #howto #transformation #motivation @worldstar #bag40challenge #eggplant #workout #quarantine #freakpodcast - @freak_podcast on Instagram

- Black Mickey

- Ćäñ ÿøû hęår thë fłįñg?

- Cultural appropriation at its best

- blursed_emoji

- This ATT ad from 1994 predicting the smartwatch

- Beautiful...

- Ruined a perfectly good handbag. Could have altered the word choice a bit.

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any worse... #blackpanther #kendricklamar - @kendrickquotes on Instagram

- let this man drown.

2 of our videos are trending on @youtube Nigeria. Thanks Guys 😁🙌🏾❤️❤️. #TwyseAndFamily - @twyse_116 on Instagram

- But I have the right to decide if my child dies from Measles or not!

More Life🌹More Love ❤️ - on Instagram

- Did it work?

Florian Hetz takes you inside the photographic moment. - @christopher_harrity on Instagram

- Koalas have hands and feet that look like this.

- Im fed up with the thumb memes

- This could help a lot with not shaking hands...

- Biggest Difference In Crypto World

- I recently watched Seán play god of war(I know I’m 2 years late) and was inspired to draw the real DAD and B O I, and while drawing I decided to throw in references to other stuff from Seán

- What the actual fuck is this

- Unopened and only $4.99. What a blast from the past! Gonna have to dust off the VCR to play the exclusive VHS tape.

- .. Some people just dont want to pay for expensive nails..

- Crea - Advertising

- This is off kilter

- She said Yes! (Follow up from a previous thread)

- Rachel Robinson emracing Chadwick Boseman at the premeire of 42: the Jackie Robinson story who plays her late husband in the film

- Blursed Wish

- sad to see a career up in flames

- yikes

- This Snapchat filter is just an ad.

- Cursed_moveitmoveit

- Chad Boseman

- I checked the commenters profile. They were serious.

- Literally just woke up from a dream where Donald Glover was feeding me peach slices covered in Whip Cream. Im sucking on ice cubes to cool down.

- Wednesday November 4th, 2020 The day that the tech emperors are revealed to be wearing no clothes

And another one! @variety Article link in Stories! #BadHairMovie - @ellelorraine on Instagram

- Blursed_valentine heart balloon

- Marcus Butler

- Bonk! Go to horny jail

- real meme lords dont need the caption

- Wholesome 100

- Step 1: Grow thumbs ~ Step 2: World domination. We all know whats next.

- Blursed_images

- Somebody agrees with BLM.

- Blursed handshake

- And the award for BEST post-credits scene of ALL TIME goes to....

- These bees are licking salt from my hand.

- I’ve had this for 19 years. RIP Kobe!

- Body Care Tips

- vintage nature photography

- This weekend at pax unplugged I bought spinning D20 spin rings to double as friend ship rings.

- High five! [OC]

- Decent sized iron

- Made my first pair of fingerless gloves on a sewing machine without my moms help yesterday

- Platinum speaks for the people

- Chadwick in his mind: I gotta do this shit again?

- That thumb looks very nice.

- Epic ad

- My mom learned about making cement hands from a crafts video. We need to save her.

- Same product. Same store. Same price. Different name.

- Would you work for a company that posted that?

- Imma just leave this right here

- The new Union boxes

- Fatherhood...

- Blursed_handholding

- We got engaged for New Years!

- My icy fingers claw your back...

- Two thumbs one hand. (X-Post from r/pics)

- How?

- I posted this a few weeks ago and alot of you guys told me I need to put a ring on that finger. Well I took your advice!