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Krysten Ritter

im so sorry forgive me im sorry sorry my bad

- Aries quotes love


اففَـتار سينمائـِي 💟🆒❕.

im sorry nancy hallsen the oval i apologize its my fault

- Speaks for itself


sorry im so glittery

- Funny Political Memes

A girls dream

Sailor Captain Matching Icons

im sorry to hear that av my apologies i feel sorry for that xset

That amazing feeling you get after putting in your two weeks at one job because your new job offered you full-time. Moving on up! - @ckleinsasser89 on Instagram

yumeko jabami icon

krysten ritter icon

excuses so sorry sorry apology excuse

My gym needs this sign - @mfedwards89 on Instagram

Mile Phakphum

oh sorry butters stotch eric cartman south park s16e2

- Possibly the stupidest tattoo ever

The name is, Damaged. Brain Damaged.


sorry apologies i apologize pardon me forgive me

- Me_irl

❝ 𝕄𝕒𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕡𝕗𝕡 ❞

suju super junior kpop sorry sorry sorry



im sorry butters stotch south park tegridy farms halloween special s23e5

- Videos cant be printed...

megan pfp (3)

star wars clone trooper im sorry sir its time for you to leave revenge of the sith

- Suzi Perry


monster cute sorry apologize sad


New era ✨


im sorry im sorry randy marsh south park s22e1 dead kids

- B&A

akirambow smile person cute sorry apology

- Skalp - Featured

its not mine (2)

im so so sorry theo you s3e10 apologize

- Modern Family Funny.



sorry %E3%83%99%E3%82%BF%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF%E3%83%9E betakkuma baby betakkuma %E3%81%94%E3%82%81%E3%82%93

- Teaching and Learning quotes


- Guillain Barre Syndrome

kritter 🍜

we are very sorry arnold schwarzenegger south park s14e9 its a jersey thing

- Prerequisites Courses for Nursing School Online

krysten ritter jane margolis breaking bad

Rui Kamishiro|Cloudy stuff//Card

sorry not sorry sorry below deck bravo tv kate

- My sister is going back to school to be a doctor. She might be the first one with incredible handwriting.



im sorry apologize apology sorry regret

Watch out! - @ctwrestle1 on Instagram

Oh my God the nipple piercing Is driving me insane

im terribly sorry my boy heimerdinger arcane im sorry apologies

- Train Girl

Blue profile — 💤

girl cute sorry apologize sad

Happy gotchya day Udo! Two years ago @erin_larson_ and I drove back from Cleveland to Chicago and made a little pit stop to pick you up. I’ll never forget seeing you for the first time. Such a small fluffy bundle of joy! It was definitely love at first bark 👩🏼🐶🧔🏻❤️ #gotchyaday #mansbestfriend #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #australianlabradoodle - @maverbook on Instagram


patterrz late on time

- “Oh Donna, you would never guess what I won the other day!”

character maker

okay im sorry south park buddah box s22ep8 im really sorry

- R is equals to L or sort of

i needa stop apologizing when it ain’t my fault

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- Babies

there’s another account that has the whole episode leaked & hasn’t been taken down yet, what.

rascal the raccoon im sorry forgive me crying sad

- Man Candy!!

i am sorry hamster apologies

- @lee_wren on Instagram

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- My favorite Halloween costume.

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- Supernatural Comic Con

boba bubble tea drink food

- Digital Citizenship Class

inxs michael hutchence im sorry sorry sorry not sorry

- I love my shih-tzu

im sorry sharon marsh south park clubhouses s2e12

#Skillet #JohnCooper #AlexCooper #CzechFan - @skilletfan465 on Instagram

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- Young Entrepreneurs

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- hot bulge men

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- Always Praying!

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- Twinmom.com Content

sorry im really sorry apologies my fault

Governor Abbott just said he would need to see the positivity rate go below 10% for bars to reopen. Its 25%. It was 14% two weeks ago. Movie theaters open wednesday, Texas Renaissance Festival wont require masks, and there is a push to send kids back to school. So basically, were going to be to go until there is a different Governor. Also, our chiller broke and is $10k to fix and the city changed our water account from commercial to industrial which just means it costs 5 times more. Please buy our togo beers as its our only source of revenue currently. Preorder for walk-in togo and contactless togo at www.brashbrewing.com - @brashbrewing on Instagram

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- White Tree Blog Team makes

im right sorry apology tiktok whats an apology

- Not photoshopped

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- study tips!

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- Saint Laurent

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- Feminist Men

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Last week, the Visit Savannah sales and marketing staff hosted Georgia’s new Deputy Commissioner of Tourism for @exploregeorgia, Mark Jaronski. He enjoyed dinner with a variety of local tourism leaders, including Mayor Van Johnson and had breakfast with members of Visit Savannah Board of Directors before speaking at the Tourism Leadership Council luncheon. - @savchamber on Instagram

yellow cat tomato costume friends soory i%27m sorry

Vandaag een leuke “papadag” gehad met mijn 2 meiden 👧🏼👧🏼🥰Wat worden ze groot! Ik geniet van elke seconde als we samen iets leuks doen. Ze worden zelfstandiger en mondiger en ja soms moet ik even denken om wat te antwoorden 🤗 Ja mondig ze hebben het van geen vreemden 😅#leuven #leuvenexploration #instagood #instadaily #seemyleuven #visitleuven #instatravel #bestpic #bestoftheday #picoftheday #seemycity #travel #travelgram #travelling #streetphotography #streetphotographyinternational #colorful #color #hetleuvenaarke #streetphotographyworldwide #seemycity @leuven @vlaamsbrabant @vlaanderenvakantieland @uitinvlaanderen @turismoflandesybruselas @turismofiandre @uitinleuven @kuleuven - @het_leuvenaarke on Instagram

well im sorry apology im sorry apologizing doris roberts

- Becky Lynch

regret apologise sorry i%27m sorry yellow cat

- Bran greenfield aesthetic

can i apologize for the apology apology apologize sorry excuse me

- Today is my 3-Year Wedding Anniversary! ❤️

rabbit positive sorry regret i am so sorry

- Conservation / Environment

im sorry im so sorry

- Childrens Health and Safety

bt21 im sorry tata apologize guilty

- College Basketball

no apologies not sorry sorry not sorry sorry unapologetic

- Just another photo of me with a tree, looking very comfortable

cute cat animal sorry fault

- [Legit] The 16th Precedent

sorry stitch sad im sorry

- Awesomeness

im really sorry sir tom south park s11e11 imaginationland episode ii

- Wireless LAN

sorry i am sorry flowers

- Math

im sorry summer house apologizing its my fault sorry

- Grooms Room

fab fabulous sorry for being so fabulous sorry not sorry not sorry

Tonight (Tuesday, Sept 15) at 7:30 central, Tom Gable from @voyageurswolfproject will talk to us about the secret lives of wolves in the Northwoods. Details at mnrovers.org - @mnrovers on Instagram

person man sorry sad apologize

- Pet Shipping

kelsey peters hilary duff younger tv land im so sorry

Thank u @rajuxz21 Aman Chaudhary bhai for this amazing concept we will definitely follow this in our event and whole credit goes to you - @ayodhyatalenthunt on Instagram

sorry texting sorry text apology hello kitty sad

- Funny Kids Stories

sorry im sorry im really sorry so sorry im so sorry

Back at Bexley Public Schools talking to elementary school teachers about the critical importance of teaching about race and racism to students. It’s never too early to teach children #HardHistory. - @profjeffries on Instagram

sorry kiddo daddie dan the harper house sorry about that im sorry son

- Game of Thrones Stars in Real Life

im so sorry per fredrik asly pellek pellekofficial im sorry

- All things Seals TV show

goat cute animal brother baby

We’re super excited to announce the newest member to the Bespoke Team! Welcome to the team @mtl_fab. The speed shop is shaping up perfectly and fabrication was just taken to another level! 🏁😃 . . . . . #bespoke #bespokemotors #bespoketeam #annoucement #welcome #employee #expanding #excited #picoftheday #instadaily - @bespoke_motors_stl on Instagram

aymen saleem beautiful sorry arslan naseer aylan

We were supposed to attend 5 weddings next month but now were attending 0 so throwback to the last one we went to, where I got cursed by a wretched ghoul - @traviswanteat on Instagram

the party marshmallows im sorry sad i apologize sorry sign

- Making a budget

im sorry i love you i really do hurt want

- Baby Otter

im sorry for that real housewives of salt lake city i apologize for this im sorry its my fault

- stockings for the homeless

sorry if i upset you stitch sad sorry

- hmmm

brown cony brown and cony cony and brown line

- Aaron, cmon. We have to go.

sorry not sorry im sorry apology

- Dogs

potboy potboygroceries sorry apologies

- What if I cant find myself to take one?

agnes sorry apologizing despicable me

LEVEL 2 #początekrokuszkolnego #fatherandson #♥️ - @panama_pogo on Instagram

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- American Spring

im so sorry so sorry im sorry i am so sorry so so sorry

- Couples mixed

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Make sure to tune-in to the @acmawards this WEDNESDAY 8/7c live on @cbstv #ACMawards ✨ - @samalexradio on Instagram

basil omori crying sorry im sorry

Hi, everyone. This is Emily, Becky and Jim’s daughter. Doing another take-over this year for Jim’s birthday 🎈🎉 I just wanted to wish him a happy birthday, and ask for you all to flood the comments and the Lakota Facebook page with birthday wishes. I said this last year, but there’s really no better way to put it: he deserves all of the recognition and well wishes in the world for everything he does! He is an unbelievably hardworking business owner who never, ever stops. He’s the most caring and protective dad to all of his animals (and me!), a loving husband to my mom, and a truly all-around good guy. We’re all so lucky to have him, and the preserve just wouldn’t be what it is today without him. Thank you for everything you do, Jim. We love you! - @lakotawolfpreserve on Instagram

sorry my bad apologize

- Events

im sorry babe sorry apology

- hmmm

geraldthe jurassic giant dinosaur sorry sad crying

- [FO] Gramps cardigan - finally!

snoopy so sorry sad crying

- I have several questions

sorry so

- Gardening Friends

bae control nakuul mehta sorry apologizing

- Let’s help him

im sorry purple hand holding red flowers next to im sorry in pink bubble letters forgive me my bad flowers

- This bought a tear to my eye.

joey tribbiani im sorry air quote friends

Looking forward to supporting screen creators here too! - @dnfconsulting on Instagram

im sorry smiley guy joypixels sorry forgive me

- Blursed Lebanese doctor

bear sorry fixing a broken heart love heart

- Disney Channel taught me how to layer my clothes.

im sorry my apologies apologizing my bad sorry

- Giant bean bags

im sorry mewdi puuung forgiveness i love you

- As a photographer, I’m always the one behind the camera capturing memories - and never in photos myself. My wife took over and shot this picture of my daughter and I in a kindergarten grad shoot. This is usually my expression behind the camera. Watching my girls grow is pure happiness for me.

sorry would go a long way tori kelly sorry would go a long way song apologizing would make it all better saying sorry would make it all fine

- Kevin Reynolds

sorry for caps sorry for caps apology

- This weekend is looking pretty good.

im very sorry principal victoria south park s13e10 wtf

- Corporate headshots

sorry sorry not sorry apologize apology apologizing

- Blursed achieving your dreams

dont apologize eric cartman south park s10e2 smug alert

- Classroom Organization

im sorry i apologize so sad sad very sad

- Still not entirely sure why I thought this photo was a good idea..

im sorry tyler oakley apologize my bad apologies

- When you meet someone and have already decided that you aren’t going to like them.

im sorry sorry apologizing marki plier

- My friend doesnt seem to think hes attractive. Anyone else have an opinion on that?

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- Do you think the same as me?

sorry stitch apologizing feeling sorry

- O Canada

cute penguin sorry i am sorry forgive me

- 1st day of school gifts

im sorry bow puppy eyes apologize

- Chris Higgins - NHL player - Vancouver Canucks

- And look at her dress!

- Sebastian Stan just stands there and I become a puddle

- Basloe Library

- Well, so this was his response then....

- My aunt made a new friend

- Watts

To my best friend. Happy Anniversary. 😘 - @michaelklizs on Instagram

Great Visual Storytelling/Storyboarding program at West High this morning! - @artspartnerswichita on Instagram

- Low back pain relief

- Blursed Cover

- Kim Dotcom

- Catholic Childrens Ministry/Religious Ed.

- Im on cloud 9 right now! Officially a private helicopter pilot! Thought Id share this with r/aviation as well!! (xpost from r/helicopters)

- A Guardians Friendship

- Because of Recovery...

- Dyslexia Stories

- Blissful Domestication

- Makers Mark

- He just needed a little support from his best Bro

Six years ago today. Still my favorite person to sit and eat with. Still my favorite person to do everything with. Happy anniversary, @kevinlearytattoo I love you💕 - @stephaniemarlow on Instagram

Mi gorda!! Nuestro último verano en Ercilla 😔 - @campitos_matu on Instagram

- Announcement Ideas

- Eleri Mai Harris- Cartoonist Extraordinaire

- Joe Minoso

- Dorm and Apartment Ideas

- Avengers

- well he aint wrong

TYPE “#MentalHealthMatters“ ✍🏼 if you think the world needs more Mental Health education and awareness. 📚 AND IF you’re with me, SHARE this to your page, ADD this video to your story and be sure to TAG me in it so I can show you love! ♥️🎙 . . . . This experience in Philadelphia was amazing. I wanted to give you guys a inside look of what my seminar looks like. My seminar is more than just a speaking engagement! It is a raw and in-depth entire day experience. Im out here turning my pain into passion and my passion into purpose Because “If not me, Then Who?”. ✊🏼💯🎙 #RODNEYLAVOIEJR . . . . #SILENCEKILLS #MENTALHEALTH #MENTALHEALTHAWARENESS #PHILADELPHIA #CHESTERCOUNTYPA #CHESTER #EXPLORE #VIRAL #EXPLOREPAGE #GODSPLAN #DEPRESSION #ANXIETY #PTSD #STOPBULLYING #PANICTTACKS #ADDICTION #SELFCARE #SELFLOVE #RECOVERY #HEALTHYLIFESTYLE #FITNESSMOTIVATION #KOBEBRYANT #MAMBAMENTALITY #JUSTINBIEBER #CHANGES #FORTHECULTURE #MOTIVATION #MOTIVATIONALQUOTES - @rodneylavoiejr on Instagram

- My son decided to make my daughter an apology card.

- Lead Management

- Karate games

- hair on cape

- Foldables

- Handmade Halloween Costumes

- Comprehension Strategy

- Celebrate Life, Save A Life!

- This is why we need science in school. (response to Nye vs. Ham debate)

- Two torsos are better than one

- English Lesson Plans

I finished my book! I’m so proud to give voice to my journey. I’m passionate about my message. I’m passionate about ending the shame that many new struggling mothers feel the way I did. Link for book in bio. ##postpartumdepression #postpartumanxiety #postpartumsupport #youarenotalone #postpartum - @postpartumhappiness on Instagram

When @theleegreenwood and I locked hands, no fewer than 10,000 bald eagles were born. . . . . . . . . . . . . #america #freedom #legend #throwbackthursday #godblesstheusa #baldeagles #tuxedo #tbt #throwback @leegreenwoodusa - @christoph1776 on Instagram

- Down Syndrome

- puppy play

- This enormous dog

- Congratulations greetings

Have you ever been on strike alone? Even in March, when I was the only student to skip at state high for the first global climate strike, there was an adult there with me. - I was alone for the first time today, outside the Thomas building. Nobody even gave me a second look. But that is how movements start. And I am so grateful to Isabel for taking the lead on this one. - Im thrilled to be a part of the beginning of the Strike for Girls Rights. On this #WonderWomanWednesday, we are few and far between, but I feel my sisters around the world with me. Gender equity intersects with the fight for climate justice, racial justice, immigrant rights, and so many other movements. - Girls across the globe are lacking access to education, safety, and other basic human rights, and we need to make some noise about it. I invite ALL of you to the global #GirlsRightsStrike every Wednesday. - This can look different for everyone, and can consist of actions from rallies to supporting your @genzgirlgang to starting conversations to donating to orgs like @malalafund, @girlsinc, and @periodmovement. If everyone does what they can to stand up for girls, the world will be a better place. - @abbiee.l on Instagram

- classic soaps

- 1 Year Birthday Party

- 7? 17? 37? 47? What is this?!? Found on an old roast me

- Bo Burnham

- My friend face swapped with his newborn...disturbing...

- Goldberg Return Jacket

- JC Food

- 1st Anniversary Gifts

- The picture we all were hoping to see, happy we get it only two days after the accident. I think we should all give a HUGE thanks to Nascar for building safe cars and DIS fire rescue along with the AMR safety team because there’s been way too many negative comments lately. Photo credit RFR.

To everyone out there celebrating #emmys tonight have a blast. (I didn’t manage to keep that pillow but it was a fine time in LA) - @oneoldog on Instagram

- hmmm

- Access group

To all of Louie Moore’s friends and family. We have started this Instagram page to follow Daddy’s journey in the light of our fundraising campaign. The link is in our bio. Please consider supporting and sharing the campaign link to improve Louie’s final time with us. #loveforlouie - @havemoorefun on Instagram

- Funniest moments

- [FOUND] Best Lorraine McFly from Back to the Future Ive ever seen. Bonus: with Lea Thompson

Langley Fastball Association held an open house try-it session to allow children of all ages to enjoy the game of softball for the first time. . . . . . #softballbc #softball #fastpitch #langley - @langleyadvance on Instagram

- Global Education Outreach

- Happy 40th Birthday to Joel McHale!

- Lauren Harris

- 60-Second Smart Home Tips #tymtips

- Sister Halloween Costumes

- Birth Photography

- Conor McGregor style

- Tom Hardy, holding a puppy, taking donations for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. (X-post r/ladybonersgonecuddly)

- Bible study

- Amy and her nieces Katie and georgie

- Miracles

- Just a day out at the ball game...

- Thats a cool team name!

- My cousin and I’s homemade Team Jacob shirts we wore to the Twilight movie premier. I’m on the right.

As an American living in London, I find that the most consequential and comprehensive difference in day-to-day life is the existence of The National Health Service. Never have I been more grateful to and awestruck by the institution of the NHS and all of its staff than I am now, during this time of crisis. Furthermore, I am absolutely astonished by the overwhelming number of volunteers who have put themselves forward to help the NHS shoulder the immense burden they’re under. Over half a million people have volunteered since Tuesday to help the NHS. Including over ten thousand former NHS employees & medics, who are returning to lend their services and put themselves in harm’s way, as well as tens of thousands of final year medical students who are being called up early to join in the effort. Thank you to the NHS, and to all of it’s incredible staff and employees. Thank you to all of the volunteers. And thank you to all of the other essential workers out there, who continue to put themselves in harm’s way, day after day. #MakeItBlue #LightItBlue #NHS - @benschnetzer on Instagram

Sì, ma... niente di serio! - @lorenzo_fava on Instagram

It’s only been five years since the Obergefell ruling ushered in marriage equality for everyone in the US. That’s still so recent that when @david.atlanta.hair and I got married we had to do it in another state—it wasn’t legal in Georgia, where we live and work (and pay taxes). I remember how perfect it felt coming at the end of Pride month and how much the whole community celebrated. We felt invincible. It feels like the country’s regressed so much since then, which is why we can never get complacent and never stop fighting. And we gotta vote these motherfuckers out in November, too. - @squaresofaaron on Instagram

- hmmm

- Classroom community

- Shiny tech

Posso com isso???? Olha o naipe do cidadão!!!!! É muito amor - @marcelovschutz on Instagram

- A place to lay my head.

- A college student had to bring his baby to class. This professor held the girl during lecture so the student could take good notes.

- Request to change the sidebar picture during this international break

- Teachers brilliant response to a students nasty letter

- Bible


- Chunk today

- Inspirational

Hoy cumplí un sueño..... Lcdo. Manuel Ramírez Hernández #puertorico #isladelencanto #lawschool #lawyer - @manuel_musicpr on Instagram

Which picture do you think captures the best emotions? Which pictures do you like the best? . . . @johnlcooper #music #sethmorrison #song #songs #koreycooper #envywearlody #hiphop #rnb #pop #love #rap #dubstep #christianmusic #beat #beats #jam #myjam #party #partymusic #newsong #lovethissong #remix #favoritesong #bestsong #photooftheday #listentothis #goodmusic #johncooper #jenledger #skilletmusic @skilletmusic - @skilletpage on Instagram

- In the 1st grade, my son is.

- Change the World

- 113th Congress takes its place in the Capitol

- She is 7 years old today! I am so happy to have her in my life

It is important for young people to have heroes like themselves. Black Panther was more than a character, he showed our Club members there are no limits when you are strong, wise, and authentically yourself.⠀ ⠀ We are deeply saddened by the passing of Chadwick Boseman and our thoughts are with his family. Rest in peace. - @bgcmidtn on Instagram

- and they live in the pages

- Creepy

- How Cancer Ruined My Life, an unfinished note by a child with terminal brain cancer

- Microcephaly

- In the News

#Repost #JedMercurio A great first week of filming #LineofDuty Series 6 ⁦ @BBCOne ⁩ ⁦ World Production ⁩ with ⁦@mrmartincompston @vicky.mcclure ⁩Adrian Dunbar. Here’s a publicity shot that’s been approved 100% spoiler free by ⁦⁦BBC Press - @bbc.iplayer on Instagram

- Preschool Lesson Plans

- I learned that humiliation was part of a femdom relationship, too. So I started humiliating my submissive with CFNM sex

- Adult & Teen Autism, ADHD

- Biker leather

- #NST13

- Etsy Ideas: Feminism

Z ogromną przyjemnością informujemy, że Michał Milka, jeden z podopiecznych naszej Fundacji, od 12 listopada 2019 roku zaczął pracę na etacie w Urzędzie Miejskim w Gdańsku, w Wydziale Spraw Obywatelskich w Referacie Ewidencji Działalności Gospodarczej. Michał jest pierwszą osobą z niepełnosprawnością intelektualną w historii UM, która podpisała umowę o pracę. Jesteśmy bardzo szczęśliwi, że kolejna osoba z zespołem Downa tworzy historię Fundacji Ja Też, historię UM w Gdańsku a przede wszystkim daje przykład i mamy nadzieję otwiera drogę do kolejnych podobnych inicjatyw w Polsce, łamania stereotypów i zmiany świadomości społeczeństwa dot. zespołu Downa. Dziękujemy naszemu Ambasadorowi Z-cy Prezydenta ds. edukacji i usług społecznych, Panu Piotrowi Kowalczuk, Pani Sekretarz Danucie Janczarek oraz wszystkim pracownikom gdańskiego Urzędu, którzy tak ciepło przywitali Michała i dali mu szansę rozwoju. - @fundacja_jatez on Instagram

- Give me that yin yang

- Just stopping by to say hi. Hope everyone has a good weekend

- There are times in life when I try to act cool, then there are the times when Im cuddling two bunnies and struggle to contain my pure joy.

- Employee Appreciation Day 2015

- Joe Minoso

Hensink Familia Van Raamsdonk - @douglasbarbosa_handler on Instagram

- URGENTE : Novo Ministro Da Saude!!

- Bussiness brokers

- Future husband(s)

- Impractical Jokers Q

7 years ago. Still detailing! Still loving the company I work for and still hustling. #MonticelloMotorClubDetail #tesla #MonticelloMotorClub #hustling #autodetailer #racetrack - @gordonselitedetailing on Instagram

- #MyYatesJewelry

- @menswarehousemw on Instagram

- Refugee stories

Forgot to post my #tbt yesterday, so I thought I would post today! Me and my legendary pit bull Brutis who made it to the ripe old age of 17. #RIP #MansBestFriend #GettingOld - @scoreg on Instagram

- British Royals

- Prison Break 4

- Female Heroines

News Release: World Center for Birds of Prey opens its wings to take in California Condors evacuated from Oregon Zoo’s breeding facility Read the story: http://ow.ly/8oTl50Bp7k9 Photo: Peregrine Fund California Condor propagation experts, Leah Medley, Heather Springsteed, and Carolina Granthon examine a young condor that arrived to the World Center for Birds of Prey after being evacuated from the Oregon Zoos condor breeding facility on Friday, September 11, 2020. - @peregrinefund on Instagram

- Brian Sims, girls. You cant have him!

- My co-workers kid has big aspirations for when he grows up.

- Why a capacitor blocks DC?

Phew 😅 What a journey my friend @dc_mma. A journey that, like all things in life, is coming to an end tonight. A beautiful journey that I will always take pride to tell I was part of. You made history inside and outside of the octagon. You gave everything inside and outside of the octagon. And I am so lucky to have witnessed it all by your side. It’s a wrap for this chapter tonight but I definitely will see you around. There’s so much more out there for you, go get it and be the best as you know how to. Keep inspiring people, keep showing people what dedication and hard work looks like. Show them that it is worth it and it pays off. Show them it’s necessary even if you’re highly talented and gifted. You cannot skip the grind. 🥊 Let’s get that belt tonight DC. - @leandrovbteam on Instagram

- Darya Selyukova

- hmmm

- Careers in Nursing

Начинать всегда трудно. Боязно сделать первый шаг и попытаться не испугаться сделать второй. По сантиметрику двигаться вперёд, пока, наконец, не почувствуешь твёрдую землю под ногами. В жизни каждого человека так происходит не один раз. Ровно 5 лет назад мы сделали с тобой самую большую вечеринку нашей жизни. Большую не по количеству людей, а по количеству воздуха в лёгких, которого хотелось набрать на жизнь вперёд. Поток частиц подхватил нас, понёс дальше, навстречу неизведанному, придавая сил бежать дальше с ранцами в руках, словно мы снова в школе. Я помню тебя в десятках точек земного шара, в горестях и радостях, в минуты отчаяния и торжества. Мы не даём друг другу упасть, а иногда и крепко придерживаем друг друга на земле, охраняя каждого от ложных искушений. И даже самой темной ночью, пытаясь нащупать свет, я просыпаюсь и всегда ищу тебя рядом. ❤️ - @intelligence_service on Instagram

I know what I want for Xmas..this giant sloth - @connmanz on Instagram

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- [Film/TV] .....Im not apologizing.

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- Could reprise his role as AJ Soprano even though he’s 35.

- Aaron Paul...need I say more?

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Meet Mike. He’s so crazy smart it’s crazy. Our websites are amazing because of this guy right here, who somehow makes all of our complex designs and advanced functionality, just….work. Yah, he’s a developer, but more than that, he’s a team member who cares and who is always there to help. We couldn’t be more proud to have him and his magic coding skills on our side. And wait. If he has magic code skills does that make him Magic Mike? 🤔🕺 - @wearestudiothink on Instagram

- 64 Comedian Steve Hofstetter.

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- My boy Smudge at 11 weeks

10 months is a really long time but honestly it feels like it just happened yesterday, i wish I could wake up from this terrible dream and be able to hang out with this dude one more time. I know I will see him again some day. But until then keep watching over me bro 🙏🙏 @the_real_tab - @mynameistweis on Instagram

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On this day in 2012, Emily received her first infusion of the CAR T-cells that saved her life. It is a moment in history that changed both our family and the way researchers approach cancer treatment. Today, 8 years later, we are blessed to still be Emily’s parents and have her healthy and thriving as a freshman in high school. She is currently enjoying some quiet time at home staying away from germs. As always...#WeBelieve! 🌟 - @ewhiteheadfdn on Instagram

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Happy Birthday to Christophers girlfriend, Pratibha! Excellent choice in flowers, I must say! #menwithflowers #happybirthday - @men_with_flowers on Instagram

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- Heartwarming photo: Martin Richard--an 8-year-old boy killed in an explosion yesterday--holds up a sign that reads No more hurting people; peace after the Newtown massacre.

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- The insanity plea cut, modeled by convicted murderer Jeremy Christian

- This is Hatty. Last month, she was sworn into Illinois states attorneys office to provide support for sexual assault victims.

- Met Maid Marian on my IRL day of cake!

Its always a good idea to relax and tune in with yourself, and others! Thats what we focus on at CCRM Boston. Last month @alisonzimon_md and I hosted Mind, Body and Soul: Yoga, Arts Expressive Therapy and Fertility Support at CCRM Boston with @fertilebody and @ladybug_art 🧡 what a great night! #CCRM #ccrmboston #ccrmfertility #IVF #fertility #fertilityjourney #yoga #arttherapy - @dr.styer_ccrm on Instagram

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- They met on World of Warcraft on January 29th, 2010 and instantly became friends. Today they just got married.

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