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- Candidate selection matters


nodding cute adorable

- For-profit healthcare is a crime against humanity.

Sam and Jack


- It really do be like that sometimes

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- If only


cutie cat well thumbs up cute kitty

- Epic delayed finals for Aqua so he could play.

im from Massachusetts and i see this everyday…

moron ft. luvwillow

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- me irl


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- me irl

| @xclusivejay. |

yup bill frazier bruh yeah yes

- Showing promise


yup ttthefineprinttt i agree yes yeah

- @republicanparty on Instagram



- If we can feed 56 billion land animals...

yup emmanuella markangeltv yes yeah

- Welcome to America

whatever sarcasm oh well pssh yeah okay

- Hes right you know.


yup spider man peter parker spidey and his amazing friends yes

- Unconstitutionality


previewd jay previewd

- It really do be like that sometimes...

this could be us


yup kenny mccormick south park s22e5 the scoots

- Neville Southall, national treasure and pure soul

Young todoroki

yes yup indeed

- Need to stay pawsitive

𝗠𝗬 𝗛𝗘𝗔𝗥𝗧 , imagines. - ignoring me - jayklickin.

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- general strike or bust


awkward laugh smile

- Oops

Hey! So srry for not posting!!💗✈️📌

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- Widny get ye much 😂

Sick cat vibing 😎

jim carrey not funny its not funny not amused haha fake laugh

- People are finally waking up...

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- This did not age well...


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- Caring friend

Meme duck

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- Bernie sees the tears of the American people the families who struggle every day to keep even a cent in their pocket because they are unable to buy their medicine so they ignore their health so they can pay rent.

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- Woof_irl

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Biden wins. - @oldmanebro on Instagram

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- factz

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- Scout VA’s thoughts on Rick May’s death

rhoa real housewives rhoatl real housewives of atlanta atlanta

- (she meant *staples*) but TRUTH

cute yes rabbit yas yeah

- We all felt that

yes yep yup

- But its not their kids. Duh.

i understand mhm yup yea yeah mhm uh uh yes yes yup mhm uh huh okay i

- This woman needs to be stopped

yup real housewives of beverly hills yes sure agree

- Lmao never change Ben

freakmeaning fre4k freak among us among us among

- Get off my lawn!

yelena florence pugh florence yelena black widow hawkeye

- Peter is in Belfast now

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- Couldnt be more convincing

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- Ignorance is bliss

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- 1 out of 3 is bad

yup the black mastadonte yes yeah agree

- They were terrible human beings

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- Right on

real housewives housewives bravo bravo tv real housewives out of context

- Salute to a draft dodger

yeah dude stan marsh south park clubhouses s2e12

- Finally some good fucking news.

yup chris hemsworth yes yeah agree


yup nick nocturnal yeah yes correct

- PatriotEagle420

you got that right you are right thats right absolutely right point

- Highest total Ive seen is $120 MILLION

dm4uz3 foekoe foekoe gaming the greenscreen room emoji

- Cyberpunk says trans-rights

yup kyle broflovski south park s2e8 summer sucks

- Went from “NO COLLUSION!” to “COLLUSION IS MY RIGHT AND DUTY” real quick

tears cute pig sob sad

- Yeah go Hong Kong! Workers rights! Socialism! Unions!

night in the woods mae borowski wow yes ya yup yea yeah totally i understand

- A classic tweet to never be forgotten

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- friendly reminder that people are dying because the rich cant stand being less rich

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- The pettiness is admirable

yup liam scott edwards ace trainer liam yes yeah

- Stable Genius

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- Maybe this is our punishment for watching all that reality tv

better call saul yup

- Buzzfeed Unsolved

nodding tom and jerry

- Gordon’s forehead is HOT!!!

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- October is Bette Midler Month

ed hyena lion king yes

- meirl


- I, one person-singular (solo)-, was not polled so it must be a fake poll

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- Best wall

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- me_irl

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- meirl

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- Monster Mash

jennifer anniston nod not bad okay good enough

- Parasite might actually be a better word

yeah stan marsh south park s6e3 asspen

- Did the GOP stop taking their meds? Or, maybe they defunded their own healthcare thinking it was ACA individual mandate?

yup fatima sistas s4e9 yes

- Woof woof.

yup yeah yes

- One of the weirdest job interviews

fo fosho yup

- ... Unless you are a minority, identify as LGBTQ, not a Christian, etc.

ami fat cat yes yup thats right

- What about 2019

thumbs up spongebob happy lol

- me_irl

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- Really loving my options for this November!

yeah yes yup i see understood

- Full of shit period

yup brianne howey bustle yes yeah

- Gun Control

mmhmm okay david schitts creek yes

- And it comes full circle.

yeah yeah yup wiz khalifa alright okay fine

- i want to believe...

king of the hill koth yep yup hank hill

- asshole trump

yup kyle broflovski south park s2e8 summer sucks

- Haha!!!!

yup dan forester chris pratt the tomorrow war yep

- How has serving (in the U.S. Army) impacted you?

yup yeah yes

- Milky-coloured fart shrub.

yup wiz khalifa weak song yeap yeah

- Heard you guys like Pikachu memes

yup towelie south park s10e5 e1005

- And do it well

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- This is the playbook; it’s gonna be a shit show.

yup yup yup nod ngangguk bener

- I’d buy those games

yup tiffany reid bustle yes yeah

- The myth debunked

dab happy dance yes yep

- Weve been blacklisted. 🚫 🇺🇸 🚫

yup eric cartman south park s5e1 scott tenorman must die

- Let’s compare them today Kayleigh

yup yeah yes

- Simpler times...

fawn cartoon nod agree yep

- Outlast the murderous bastards

cinnamoroll sanrio yup yes

- Nothing compares to getting roasted by plant people

yup kelsey peters younger uh huh yeah

- I died. He is the toughest son of a gun out there

yup yup in purple bubble letters with yellow exclamation point yeah yes for sure

- We are left to rot all in the name of “capitalism”, no thanks to Uncle Sam and his corporate wealthy buddies.

that part and you right yep boom llekeim

- Checkmate, Yanks!

yup tiffany reid bustle yes yeah

- Got removed in r/agedlikemilk

yup crypto

- cute QUOTES on politics

okay nod yup yes yeah

- She saves them all

shonuff yup iagree

- I found this today. Felt like this was the perfect place to share. We all need some healing

kanahei usagi pisuke yup yes

- You’re already working twice as hard to accomplish the same goals so just do it!

yup uhuh duh ryan reynolds

- SLPT: fake a seizure to get that insurance money and probably more

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- Facts.

yes yep absolutely oh yes

- Yes please

yup yes my melody sanrio

- There’s a first time for everything

the office pam beesly yup pam beesly yup yep

- Me_irl


- This is America

- The fact that on Twitter, the response is above the quoted tweet.

- It seems that Trump is trying to kill his base 🤔

- So sad..

- Is that the only reason he bought me a goat?

- How far can u get in there? Is the real question 👅F👅40👅

- the Wokest

- That last sentence...

- Best sit this one out, Mel

Do you remember them? #writingaboutwriting #writingadvice #writersblock #writerscommunity #amwriting #writerslife #writers #amediting #writingtip #writingtipsb #writingadvice #writingsprint #indieauthor #indiepub - @writingaboutwriting on Instagram

- Not a fucking chance 🤣

- Whiny thin-skinned jackass diaperload crybabies

- Fame is a curse

- Is there something else I can stop doing for men that will help my love handles

You know what tha fuck going on 🤣🤣😭 - @daddyjimmy on Instagram

We all paid more in taxes than Trump... but he may have paid more toward his useless wall than Mexico did! #750 #trumpstaxes - @lorenasgonzalez on Instagram

- Agree to Disagree

- 2meirl4meirl

And this is why Im not too hard on my kids cuz yeah... if they up at 3 am, who fuckin cares. If they are acting a fool, this is probably why. Give your kids a fucking break dude. - @twinliciouz on Instagram

- Daft old boot

- We don’t deserve dogs

- On top of terrorist threats, draft dodging and a bunch of other stuff

- Yes but only during

- That pose!

- From each according to their ability

- Who’s gonna look out for billionaires?

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- Thoughts and prayers to Chris Wallace too

- He went out knowing he has Covid. The poor secrets service guys!

- So many people tried to follow Chris Evans on Instagram that his account was put on hold.

- I feel dirty...

- Couldn’t imagine


- This also applies to texting.

- Unwholesomely wholesome, don’t be self conscious

- Just trying to uplift one another

- Fox news

- This right here tho

- DSouza pressing his face against the glass of the door to awareness

- Hell be back...

- Chicken rings sound atrocious.

- Feel the Bern.

- Annual PSA to the racist folks out there.

- Theyre a strange lot in the Kingdom

- Men 👏🏼 gotta 👏🏼 show 👏🏼 eachother 👏🏼 some 👏🏼 love

- He’s not wrong

- Same

- Smart women

- How can systemic racism exist when some black people are wealthy? 🤔

- Hmmm

- Redneck Jesus

- Yes there is a time and a place for masks!

- We need people like her

Happy Sunday 💗 Ready for my Boys to take down the Seahawks 38-35 🏈 Who y’all got winning today 😜 Hope your day is sweet 💙 - @texasthighs on Instagram

- Ben Sasse is basically a meme at this point

- Thank you! I was wondering if I watched a completely different Tiger King than literally everyone else.

- When life hands you lemons

- treat everyone with respect and care

- End period shaming.

- Better watch out

- Leopards ate his face.

- The coach That might take Zverev’s serve to the next level 😂

- What a handsome dog!

- Coming from twitter

- Goodnight

- I wonder how much Call of Duty sucks up

- “Yeah so im really into the office and i LOVE pizza”

Well my experience was a bit different from that - @coconut on Instagram

- He doesnt care , hes moving to Russia when hes booted out . Putin will give him a great job on a farm , shoveling shit since hes so good at it .

- A rock or something

- Shaggy P speaking 📠

- college

- Could it be that simple..

- and then there was this...

- Iran rn

- How else can this year be screwy?

- Ways to wake up

- Build THIS Wall!! Build THIS Wall!

- Thanks, I hate farts.

well that’s tea backup: @angryasian.feminist - @angryasianfeminist on Instagram

- Ready for a Dick!

- How it should be

- We cant have four more years of this.

- Please

I’m counting on you guys 🤣 . . 👉🏼 @hypeworldmedia 👈🏼 👉🏼 @hypeworldmedia 👈🏼 👉🏼 @hypeworldmedia 👈🏼 . . #halloween #halloweencostume #halloween2019 #halloween2019🎃 #halloween2k19 #worldstar #fuckjerry #ifunny #ifunnymemes #memes😂 #dankmemes #funnyquotes #lifeadvice #advicequotes - @hypeworldmedia on Instagram

- Benevolent billionaires

- avatar the last airbender funny

- @the_danielnardicio on Instagram

- Brexit Analogy

- Vegas councilman puts face mask wearing in perspective

- wonderful

- Does this qualify?

- A Halloween Love Story 👻

- No...too soon

- Kindness is not dead

- = EQUALITY = !

- They obviously know better.

- Buddies

- Imagine 💀💀

- As wholesome as it gets from the hood

- Casual day

- Shes turning into a Karen before our eyes

- It’s not just school, this is me everyday💀😂

- Oh, yes, he likes coke

- He isnt wrong though!!

- And this is supposed to be funny?

- Amen! 👏👏👏

- insanity at best

- 5’2andalmostahalf” 32DD

- me irl

- WH⭕️RE

- darienne shares her thoughts on the met gala.

- Im sure it wasnt his first time

- And he’d still be a Good Boy

- Comrade Charlie Kirk

- Better put a ring on it

- Destroying your community

- Don’t get too cocky

- You still there?

- me🦁irl

- Along with the KKK, they should be labeled a terrorist organization

- Was anyone else just made walk?

- Should this virus really be as dangerous as people are saying, capitalism will help it spread

- I missed all my zoom call lessons

- Absolute scenes in the office kitchen

- Tomi denounces media bias

- Give em hell, Dustin!

- I do not understand

- Happy burns night 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

- Democrats Add Anti-White Male Identity Politics legislation in the Economic Stimulus Bill

- Me_irl

- My life has gotten worse since he took office.

- priorities matter

- me_irl

- Europe & America

- No, not me ever ;)

- Comrade Carter

- Why is this legal?

- Start your year off right!

- It’s twitter but still

- Just two friends on a commute

- Millennials are killing the adulthood industry

- College

- See ya there!

- This new hoarders spin-off sounds great

- Ann Coulters Orifice

- not all bimbos have blonde hair

- Good deed of the day

- [Image] Rejection isn’t failure

- The pictures is fuckin extortionate

- It’s really hard to decide

- One person, one vote

- Ive got a feeling we can all relate to this somewhat...

- About to pop out (IRTR)

- A simple man

- When youre being peed on, look up for the source, not down.

- More like the bare minimum wage

- Unemployment isn’t too high, wages are too low.

- Pretty accurate :/

- Arkham asylum could do a lot better on therapy and rehab with a little more funding

- Out of office ain’t what it used to be

- I;m thinking about thos Beans

- “They don’t care if you die, they care if you sue”

- I’m pretty sure somebody’s already named all the different spiders Noah

- This quarantine period is going to breeze by for us I think...

- It’s the same

- This is the absolute truth

- capitalism runs on blood

- Mad Lass!

- Fake tanned oot ma nut.

- This is r/LeopardsAteMyFace material

- And during a pandemic

- Everyone losing is better than someone winning

- Live your truth

- Funny how nobody in their right mind would take the drug Trump recommended. Not even Trump himself.

- Put the cocaine back or leave it alone

- There’s always someone more ignorant than you.

- How come you can always find a trump tweet completely criticizing his own leadership

- If you’re ever feeling down, just remember that Trump was once forced to sit through the entirety of Django: Unchained

- Clumsy

- Education System

- Remember when Dignity, Sanity and President could all be used in the same sentence?

- Quick Tendies: Buy or Sell Energy

- Cult mentality

- Tim describes his nuanced political outlook

- Dang only a multibillionaire still...not good enough tbh

- Feelings being felt.

- Use there tactics against them

- Headaches

- Humping a Humpback Whale

- It only works if you’re a con artist!

- Follow the money to see the priorities.

- When the right calls you cruel and evil, you know you’re doing things the correct way

- Very amazing view of ass and pussy...so delicious

- Perfectly said

- Pretty nice...

- RBK owner speaks on the prize pool

- Apocalypse at home

- This rumor is SLANDER, change my mind