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yesyeahyepagreenodnoddingcorrectthats rightsure

right blue squiggly line below right in purple bubble letters i know right i agree correct

- Candidate selection matters


maybe yep

- For-profit healthcare is a crime against humanity.

Funny Tattoos: 80+ Best Design Ideas (2021 Updated)

yeah yes yup

- It really do be like that sometimes


nodding samus paulicelli 66samus yes yeah

- If only

yup liam scott edwards ace trainer liam yes yeah

- Epic delayed finals for Aqua so he could play.

drakeie wakeie


yup lmao agree yes nods

- me irl

CatNap is my crush, sorri

⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

yes great yup peace sign thrilled

- me irl

chief keef


- Showing promise



yup vendetta network logo sunset nature

- @republicanparty on Instagram

chief keef

ᘍ poutyjeongin ᘊ

yup calvin rodney sistas anthony dalton yes

- If we can feed 56 billion land animals...

yup nick nocturnal yeah yes correct

- Welcome to America

yup tiffany reid bustle yeah yes

- Hes right you know.

ppcocaine icon

yup spider man peter parker spidey and his amazing friends yes

- Unconstitutionality


yup yep yes yess girl

- It really do be like that sometimes...

jaydeschan _

yeah yule timoth%C3%A9e chalamet dont look up yes

- Neville Southall, national treasure and pure soul



- Need to stay pawsitive


i understand mhm yup yea yeah mhm uh uh yes yes yup mhm uh huh okay i

- general strike or bust

yup taco tacobell kid meme

- Oops

Funny cat yall

brown and cony kiss agree yes yes yes

- Widny get ye much 😂

yup tabitha foster quintessa swindell trinkets yep

- People are finally waking up...


yeah butters stotch south park s13e10 wtf

- This did not age well...


yup clancy the midnight gospel yes correct

- Caring friend

Carti x Rei

yup bfb da packman yeah nod agree

- Bernie sees the tears of the American people the families who struggle every day to keep even a cent in their pocket because they are unable to buy their medicine so they ignore their health so they can pay rent.

fawn cartoon nod agree yep

- Woof_irl

yup brianne howey bustle yes yeah

Biden wins. - @oldmanebro on Instagram

sassy nodding yeah yes yup

- factz

dab happy dance yes yep

- Scout VA’s thoughts on Rick May’s death

yup yeah yes thats right correct

- (she meant *staples*) but TRUTH

yup heather mcmahan yes yeah sure

- We all felt that

bh187 spongebob yep yeppers yep yep yep

- But its not their kids. Duh.

yeah yes yup

- This woman needs to be stopped

nodding saturday night live yep yup yes

- Lmao never change Ben

yup ttthefineprinttt i agree yes yeah

- Get off my lawn!

oh yes chow yun fat ok yup

- Peter is in Belfast now

kstr kochstrasse eyes eyebrow raise yes

- Couldnt be more convincing

yup yup omg yyo johndee

- Ignorance is bliss

yes yup great excited happy dance

- 1 out of 3 is bad

jim carrey not funny its not funny not amused haha fake laugh

- They were terrible human beings

uh huh uh huh in green wavy letters with squiggly yellow lines around yeah yup yes

- Right on

the office stanley nod yup

- Salute to a draft dodger

alicesticker nod smile happy nodding

- Finally some good fucking news.

that part and you right yep boom llekeim


yup towelie south park s10e5 e1005

- PatriotEagle420

yup john volanthen colin farrell thirteen lives uh huh

- Highest total Ive seen is $120 MILLION

mickey mouse yes yas yup nod

- Cyberpunk says trans-rights

zooey deschanel yup nod nodding yes

- Went from “NO COLLUSION!” to “COLLUSION IS MY RIGHT AND DUTY” real quick

better call saul yup

- Yeah go Hong Kong! Workers rights! Socialism! Unions!

yup heather mcmahan yes yeah sure

- A classic tweet to never be forgotten

yeppers yep pepe

- friendly reminder that people are dying because the rich cant stand being less rich

yeah yes yup i see understood

- The pettiness is admirable

agreed green exclamation lines around agreed in red bubble letters yup same i agree

- Stable Genius

yup tim gunn making the cut yes yeah

- Maybe this is our punishment for watching all that reality tv

yup yup yup nod ngangguk bener

- Buzzfeed Unsolved

jennifer anniston nod not bad okay good enough

- Gordon’s forehead is HOT!!!

exactly exactly in blue bubble letters with yellow background precisely bingo right on

- October is Bette Midler Month

dogs pup puppy yes yeah

- meirl


- I, one person-singular (solo)-, was not polled so it must be a fake poll

yup wiz khalifa weak song yeap yeah

- Best wall

yup kyle broflovski south park s2e8 summer sucks

- me_irl

yup melanie the family business yes yeah

- meirl

yup yeah yes

- Monster Mash

yup chopper skymed s1e1 yep

- Parasite might actually be a better word

yup yeah yes

- Did the GOP stop taking their meds? Or, maybe they defunded their own healthcare thinking it was ACA individual mandate?

yup the office yes yeah agree

- Woof woof.

poop cute emotion lovely yes

- One of the weirdest job interviews

yup kelsey peters younger uh huh yeah

- ... Unless you are a minority, identify as LGBTQ, not a Christian, etc.

kirby line sticker kirby %E6%98%9F%E3%81%AE%E3%82%AB%E3%83%BC%E3%83%93%E3%82%A3 %E3%82%AB%E3%83%BC%E3%83%93%E3%82%A3 kirby yep

- What about 2019

previewd jay previewd

- me_irl

ami fat cat yes yup thats right

- Really loving my options for this November!

nodding tom and jerry

- Full of shit period

exactly yup correct precisely yes

- Gun Control

dennis the menace yep

- And it comes full circle.

yes sir pink flower between yes sir in green bubble letters yup yeah yes

- i want to believe...

yup deveraux fbi most wanted yes thats right

- asshole trump

capoo jump up and down nod nodding

- Haha!!!!

yup jersey tayo mcclure the mighty mcclures yes agree

- How has serving (in the U.S. Army) impacted you?

cinnamoroll sanrio yup yes

- Milky-coloured fart shrub.

dr dis respect doctor strange yip yep yup

- Heard you guys like Pikachu memes

piggy yes nodding yup texting

- And do it well

sassy nodding yeah yes yup

- This is the playbook; it’s gonna be a shit show.

yup yeah yes

- I’d buy those games

yup crypto

- The myth debunked

nod yes yup agree emoji

- Weve been blacklisted. 🚫 🇺🇸 🚫

yep best friends did we

- Let’s compare them today Kayleigh

yeah thats right kyle broflovski south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me

- Simpler times...

yup uhuh duh ryan reynolds

- Outlast the murderous bastards

yup tiffany reid bustle yes yeah

- Nothing compares to getting roasted by plant people

yup kenan thompson saturday night live agree nod

- I died. He is the toughest son of a gun out there

ami fat cat thumbs up cool were good nice

- We are left to rot all in the name of “capitalism”, no thanks to Uncle Sam and his corporate wealthy buddies.

shonuff yup iagree

- Checkmate, Yanks!

yup yeah yes

- Got removed in r/agedlikemilk

uh huh yep nodding head

- cute QUOTES on politics

okay nod yup yes yeah

- She saves them all

reface usoffice

- I found this today. Felt like this was the perfect place to share. We all need some healing

yup yup in purple bubble letters with yellow exclamation point yeah yes for sure

- You’re already working twice as hard to accomplish the same goals so just do it!

yup fatima sistas s4e9 yes

- SLPT: fake a seizure to get that insurance money and probably more

kanahei usagi pisuke yup yes

- Facts.

j4c yup yes sure ok

- Yes please

yup yes my melody sanrio

- There’s a first time for everything

yep yup

- Me_irl


- This is America

- The fact that on Twitter, the response is above the quoted tweet.

- It seems that Trump is trying to kill his base 🤔

- So sad..

- Is that the only reason he bought me a goat?

- How far can u get in there? Is the real question 👅F👅40👅

- the Wokest

- That last sentence...

- Best sit this one out, Mel

Do you remember them? #writingaboutwriting #writingadvice #writersblock #writerscommunity #amwriting #writerslife #writers #amediting #writingtip #writingtipsb #writingadvice #writingsprint #indieauthor #indiepub - @writingaboutwriting on Instagram

- Not a fucking chance 🤣

- Whiny thin-skinned jackass diaperload crybabies

- Fame is a curse

- Is there something else I can stop doing for men that will help my love handles

You know what tha fuck going on 🤣🤣😭 - @daddyjimmy on Instagram

We all paid more in taxes than Trump... but he may have paid more toward his useless wall than Mexico did! #750 #trumpstaxes - @lorenasgonzalez on Instagram

- Agree to Disagree

- 2meirl4meirl

And this is why Im not too hard on my kids cuz yeah... if they up at 3 am, who fuckin cares. If they are acting a fool, this is probably why. Give your kids a fucking break dude. - @twinliciouz on Instagram

- Daft old boot

- We don’t deserve dogs

- On top of terrorist threats, draft dodging and a bunch of other stuff

- Yes but only during

- That pose!

- From each according to their ability

- Who’s gonna look out for billionaires?

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- Thoughts and prayers to Chris Wallace too

- He went out knowing he has Covid. The poor secrets service guys!

- So many people tried to follow Chris Evans on Instagram that his account was put on hold.

- I feel dirty...

- Couldn’t imagine


- This also applies to texting.

- Unwholesomely wholesome, don’t be self conscious

- Just trying to uplift one another

- Fox news

- This right here tho

- DSouza pressing his face against the glass of the door to awareness

- Hell be back...

- Chicken rings sound atrocious.

- Feel the Bern.

- Annual PSA to the racist folks out there.

- Theyre a strange lot in the Kingdom

- Men 👏🏼 gotta 👏🏼 show 👏🏼 eachother 👏🏼 some 👏🏼 love

- He’s not wrong

- Same

- Smart women

- How can systemic racism exist when some black people are wealthy? 🤔

- Hmmm

- Redneck Jesus

- Yes there is a time and a place for masks!

- We need people like her

Happy Sunday 💗 Ready for my Boys to take down the Seahawks 38-35 🏈 Who y’all got winning today 😜 Hope your day is sweet 💙 - @texasthighs on Instagram

- Ben Sasse is basically a meme at this point

- Thank you! I was wondering if I watched a completely different Tiger King than literally everyone else.

- When life hands you lemons

- treat everyone with respect and care

- End period shaming.

- Better watch out

- Leopards ate his face.

- The coach That might take Zverev’s serve to the next level 😂

- What a handsome dog!

- Coming from twitter

- Goodnight

- I wonder how much Call of Duty sucks up

- “Yeah so im really into the office and i LOVE pizza”

Well my experience was a bit different from that - @coconut on Instagram

- He doesnt care , hes moving to Russia when hes booted out . Putin will give him a great job on a farm , shoveling shit since hes so good at it .

- A rock or something

- Shaggy P speaking 📠

- college

- Could it be that simple..

- and then there was this...

- Iran rn

- How else can this year be screwy?

- Ways to wake up

- Build THIS Wall!! Build THIS Wall!

- Thanks, I hate farts.

well that’s tea backup: @angryasian.feminist - @angryasianfeminist on Instagram

- Ready for a Dick!

- How it should be

- We cant have four more years of this.

- Please

I’m counting on you guys 🤣 . . 👉🏼 @hypeworldmedia 👈🏼 👉🏼 @hypeworldmedia 👈🏼 👉🏼 @hypeworldmedia 👈🏼 . . #halloween #halloweencostume #halloween2019 #halloween2019🎃 #halloween2k19 #worldstar #fuckjerry #ifunny #ifunnymemes #memes😂 #dankmemes #funnyquotes #lifeadvice #advicequotes - @hypeworldmedia on Instagram

- Benevolent billionaires

- avatar the last airbender funny

- @the_danielnardicio on Instagram

- Brexit Analogy

- Vegas councilman puts face mask wearing in perspective

- wonderful

- Does this qualify?

- A Halloween Love Story 👻

- No...too soon

- Kindness is not dead

- = EQUALITY = !

- They obviously know better.

- Buddies

- Imagine 💀💀

- As wholesome as it gets from the hood

- Casual day

- Shes turning into a Karen before our eyes

- It’s not just school, this is me everyday💀😂

- Oh, yes, he likes coke

- He isnt wrong though!!

- And this is supposed to be funny?

- Amen! 👏👏👏

- insanity at best

- 5’2andalmostahalf” 32DD

- me irl

- WH⭕️RE

- darienne shares her thoughts on the met gala.

- Im sure it wasnt his first time

- And he’d still be a Good Boy

- Comrade Charlie Kirk

- Better put a ring on it

- Destroying your community

- Don’t get too cocky

- You still there?

- me🦁irl

- Along with the KKK, they should be labeled a terrorist organization

- Was anyone else just made walk?

- Should this virus really be as dangerous as people are saying, capitalism will help it spread

- I missed all my zoom call lessons

- Absolute scenes in the office kitchen

- Tomi denounces media bias

- Give em hell, Dustin!

- I do not understand

- Happy burns night 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

- Democrats Add Anti-White Male Identity Politics legislation in the Economic Stimulus Bill

- Me_irl

- My life has gotten worse since he took office.

- priorities matter

- me_irl

- Europe & America

- No, not me ever ;)

- Comrade Carter

- Why is this legal?

- Start your year off right!

- It’s twitter but still

- Just two friends on a commute

- Millennials are killing the adulthood industry

- College

- See ya there!

- This new hoarders spin-off sounds great

- Ann Coulters Orifice

- not all bimbos have blonde hair

- Good deed of the day

- [Image] Rejection isn’t failure

- The pictures is fuckin extortionate

- It’s really hard to decide

- One person, one vote

- Ive got a feeling we can all relate to this somewhat...

- About to pop out (IRTR)

- A simple man

- When youre being peed on, look up for the source, not down.

- More like the bare minimum wage

- Unemployment isn’t too high, wages are too low.

- Pretty accurate :/

- Arkham asylum could do a lot better on therapy and rehab with a little more funding

- Out of office ain’t what it used to be

- I;m thinking about thos Beans

- “They don’t care if you die, they care if you sue”

- I’m pretty sure somebody’s already named all the different spiders Noah

- This quarantine period is going to breeze by for us I think...

- It’s the same

- This is the absolute truth

- capitalism runs on blood

- Mad Lass!

- Fake tanned oot ma nut.

- This is r/LeopardsAteMyFace material

- And during a pandemic

- Everyone losing is better than someone winning

- Live your truth

- Funny how nobody in their right mind would take the drug Trump recommended. Not even Trump himself.

- Put the cocaine back or leave it alone

- There’s always someone more ignorant than you.

- How come you can always find a trump tweet completely criticizing his own leadership

- If you’re ever feeling down, just remember that Trump was once forced to sit through the entirety of Django: Unchained

- Clumsy

- Education System

- Remember when Dignity, Sanity and President could all be used in the same sentence?

- Quick Tendies: Buy or Sell Energy

- Cult mentality

- Tim describes his nuanced political outlook

- Dang only a multibillionaire still...not good enough tbh

- Feelings being felt.

- Use there tactics against them

- Headaches

- Humping a Humpback Whale

- It only works if you’re a con artist!

- Follow the money to see the priorities.

- When the right calls you cruel and evil, you know you’re doing things the correct way

- Very amazing view of ass and pussy...so delicious

- Perfectly said

- Pretty nice...

- RBK owner speaks on the prize pool

- Apocalypse at home

- This rumor is SLANDER, change my mind