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You’re Not the Only Fraud

flora cash you love me i wish i knew im good enough for your love

- Anyone fit the criteria?

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- How to sell protest footage to Fox and CNN

Webtoon- School Bus Graveyard


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- The clitorus is not meant for self pleasure

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- African American History


love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence love answer problem human existence

- Should’ve fake fired him

Whatsapp+1720.248.8130 hit me up if interested

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- A nice guy encounter on my uni confession page. I thank him for the 7 karma.

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- Thank you to all Military service members on a article of Kobe Bryant dying.

Caída Del Espacio. Kade.

5 Common Long Distance Relationship Scams (And How To Protect Yourself)

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Down To Earth | WEBTOON

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- My national football association failed at this one on facebook, the bottom two pictures are supposed to say “home”

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- This guy asking AITA if he’s an asshole for refusing to spend time with his daughter because she looks like his dead wife. He makes excuses when she tries to make plans to see him, and he replies a complaint about his sleep schedule to every comment.


How relatable this is

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- Fuck Yelp

Down To Earth

Who’s Selling Credit Cards from Target?

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- Father loses his bond with his daughter.

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- “Naiyak na lang ako kasi nasaan ang humanity?”


Pinterest Cracks Down on Spam Accounts

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- Ive been thinking about politics all wrong.

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- Using Covid deaths as a way to get attention on Facebook.

Monkey D Luffy | gnrsamir

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- Lol anyone else getting these kinda alerts

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- Well, it’s easier then divorce, or murder... just sayin...


- Little Angels

Drake, Wayne, Nikki

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- This is from a non-satire “trendercore” blog.


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- They’ve done their research!

Monkey D Luffy | gnrsamir

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- I dont know


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- hmmmm...

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- WoW Classic only for the old school players

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- Oon caracter of his lyf...

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- All according to plan.

who are you


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- Yeah! Who cares, sweaty?!

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- No words just, wow.

local clerks hundreds of audits election officials have made it clear that michigans election

- This chick’s timeline is a gold mine.


- Philadelphians do not eat at these Philadelphia restaurants!

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Bhagat Singh left us but left as if the situation in the country looks like he will have to come again❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘🙏🙏🙏🙏inklab zindabad🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 - @saptgyani on Instagram

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- This guy votes

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- Is it really that hard to ask?

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- Alentines Ay

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- Shes back at it!

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- This is the type of guy that kisses and spoons passed out girls, then texts them in the morning saying they made a move on him. Yeah, real nice guy.

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- God dammit Showerthoughts

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- A clear difference in the companies

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- Lel so funny

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- St benedict prayer

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- Ahem. I think youre missing some key steps there buddy.

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- Anti-vaxxer meets fellow idiots whilst hiking, who loudly affirm and praise her ridiculous beliefs.

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- Yikes

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- Im so much smarter than my doctor

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- Letting someone infect other people to own the libs 😎

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- Body shaming is ok if your a woman. God forbid a man says he wouldnt be attracted to a fat girl.

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- Meet the Fockers irl

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- When you wanna go to the rave party but youre 11 years older than your bf

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- They’re even putting it in our bananas!! 😱😱

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- Trying her hardest to kill her kids.

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- Adda wise I hate to bath

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- The deadline is scarier than her costume.

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- Nothing to see.

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- She’s had three more kids with three different guys since this one and posts the same stuff about them.

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- Didnt happen, liar.

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- Type

todos se van cuando estas en cero interesados convenencieros malos amigos

- this man is an absolute legend

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- Meanwhile on fb crypto groups.

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- You know who you are and I hope youre ashamed of yourself.

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- Humanity, hanging from an iron cross

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- Men really hate it when women fight for their right to not be beaten and killed huh

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- Till next week...

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- imagine getting baitted into responding and showing just how much you choose to turn out certain things in your community.......

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- Friend started seeing someone new, a friend is upset

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- What an asshole

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- I dont like people stealing my sodas... So drink my pee.

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- alabama 101

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- Oh, the small town I grew up in.


- Imagine being this stupid

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- Third times the charm (it was firat ItWorks,then Pampered Chef and now Pure Romance)

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- It hurt itself in its confusion.

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- Worse the 9/11...

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- Gave a request to a r/memes mod. He gives this response. This is troubling

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- Master beam by modi ji. #parody

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- Sometimes parachutes malfunction, idk

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- This was on a post slamming Jenny McCarthy.

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- On a Buffalo Wild Wings ad

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- Outstanding move.

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- We forget the 4th choice: leaving

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- Found one of you out in the wilds of Facebook, fighting the good fight.

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- Whatever will he do next???

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- Google is fake news.

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- Hello,,, everyone

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- International Mens Day: Are Gender Funding Gaps Holding Men Back?

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- I.miss.ynu

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- Success

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- Slpt_how to reduce screen time

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- today was pink shirt day at my school

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- The struggle tho

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- Can’t wait

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You know what tha fuck going on 🤣🤣😭 - @daddyjimmy on Instagram

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- this is why font choice matters

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- Another disgusting attempt to use depression/suicide to try to sell oils.

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- please mom i already know about sex so its ok

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- Millenails

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So like the answer is no! A thousand times no! Our eldest zit-hating child, KILLA goes deeper than most of her peers—but she would NEVER stab 🥺 ⁣ KILLA ❤️s your skin. #zitsticka - @zitsticka on Instagram

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- LibLeft views on Donald Trump’s doll

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- Black

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- People see me as a wealth of knowledge + make another comment and youll be having to look at this subreddit from a different account ... This was a painful read.

fake fraud alexjones memes funny

- A leopard ate my sons face, and now Im going to let it eat my face too.

- I knew it was Greta all along!

- r/englishmumsfacebook “me too”

- Obviously a buy/sell page was the right place to post this...

- Oh no! Thats just horrible. Anyway...

- The penis is a weapon

- Antivaxxer thinks being in a different timezone means they are in the future

- Another gold mine

- A child should be grateful when a man shows interest in her....

- didnt expect anyone to like it

- If you praise someones weightloss how can you praise them later if/when they gain it back?

- Is there a r/imaboomerandthisisdeep?

- Ledger needs to do something about these users spamming adverts all over reddit, it’s putting me off even buying one.

- On Facebook, some guy gatekeeping hardwork, following the Rockstar 100 hour week debacle...

- Good Cause :)

- poor guys is getting cancelled over using an emoji

- Want a perfect man? You know where to look.

- Lewis reacts to Andretti’s comments

- Ok... This HAS to fit here, right?! She doesnt seem to get it.

- That time Paul Ryan got murdered over taxes

- San ba tayo lulugar, punyeta.

- Keanu Reeves, mega genius

- When your attempt to look cool backfires terribly

- Soup for the soul cause Im sick of you hoes

- Poop brain

- I don’t think that’s what his name was

- Ganito sila katanga. Cringe

- *sigh*

- Weird flex but okay

- So?

- Laughable

- Cival war !!

- I believe you are correct. Anyone who truly follows JESUS would never vote for the dems. NEVER! (This lady is a greeter at my church)

- Neckbeard Doing Neckbeard Things

- Holup (crosspost from r/memes)

- 100k will convince people to give up on their and their children rights as Danish citizens (theyre all poor Indians anyway)

- oh my god

- Good ol Ben

- The countrys leading infectious disease expert apparently doesnt have the credentials required to speak about the coronavirus.

- Major League Baseball chatting with fans about a Greatest Throws of the Decade compilation video

- Actually, I think you really can make this stuff up.

- HiGhEsT QuALiTy oF A mAdLaD

- This guy and his comments are full of insecurity lol

- Meanwhile on the comment section of a 13 year old girl’s page...

- Anti-vaxxer math!

- Leopard party member cant afford medical attention for his face but still votes leopard party.

- Never forget the Chuck E. Cheese Bitcoin scam.

- at this point theyre so predictable

- She ended this man’s whole career.

- Guy in the comments speaking the truth!

- SGAG Stealing (and faking) posts

- How can the average person afford to spend 120k when most of us flip burgers at McDonalds?

- Let’s not

- Blursed_username



- Let’s just forget the first amendment

- Fair enough

- ever heard of gEnEtIcs???

- Fourth amendment

- People who type like this.

- Person who illegally reuploads independent musicians music tries to pull a takes one to know one on me without realizing I personally know and work with both parties

- SG Reddits Flavour of the Month Topic

- If it works...

- 🅱️ate 🅱️rime 🤔🤔

- True hacker

- The video quality is better than those VHS tapes


- That moment when on a Fortnite IG post almost only bots and thots comment...

- I think I put my whole hand through my face with this one.

- Ok who’s spying on me?

- Alex Jones 2.0 right here

- People in the U.S. care more about politics than Europeans.

- Yes. Yes we are.

- But Bobby is Biracial... hes allowed...

- Need this confidence

- Facebook scammer. (Re-upload- usernames redacted)

- Im in bois 😎

- Those dang simps...

- Foolish as hell

- Well thats an interesting bio page

- I’m glad she was able to fix her hair after Monat damaged it.

- Loud speakers

- Advice

- @derekriggsart on Instagram

- Oh Japan, sweet japan

- Better hop off that train before its too late...

- Anyone want to buy an 8 Plus because I’m tired of trying to sell it.

- This election season be like

- What in the hell could this possibly be?!

- Now we’ve resorted to comparing Monat to Tiffany&Co. #leavemyhairalone

- Great going anti-vaxxers!

- Welcome to hellworld, where 15 year olds are leading neo-nazi gangs

- Ben Shapiro is payed 100% less than AOC for the same pictures

- BLM and White Nationalists are one in the same

- Re-upload with properly censored info etc.

- Male hun selling food stamps for doTerra gets caught.

- Or, I could just donate straight to said local agency? Theyd get more money that way...

- A+ Parent

“Vi abbiamo promesso che cercheremo di riempire il vuoto lasciato dalle clip e le chat, perciò ecco a voi una nostra versione della chat delle matte che ha scatenato il delirio” . . . . #skam #skamfrance #skamitalia #druck #skamaustin #skamespaña #skamnorway #dajesana #sanaallagui #lematte - @skamitalianonufficiale on Instagram

- *Autistic illegal immigrant*

- You just lost the game

- Civil Rights


- 🙃 the splendor of Facebook

- My pains is beg

- Say no more, its time to vote.

- Maybe because we have better diagnostic tools, and people get diagnosed with things BEFORE they die.

- I dont get how you can be in this much denial

- Why indeed.....

- ???

- Cursed dishes

- Step 1 of political humor: actually be funny

- Because adding the child to the MLM isnt predatory at all

- Fat phobia is like anti- blackness

This thing weak me 😂 - @phgirlsrock on Instagram

- And what happened when they didn’t listen?

- This hunbro is always trying to “recruit” me.

- affordable living

- On my local buy, sell, swap fb page.

- Plot twist, she is not even African american...

- Tax the NFL

- The Naked truth about Cardi B

- Duality of DDS

- Marking Territory

- Dont be this guy

- 1.6LPM people, beat this (possible new meme)

- Commented on a picture of an attractive Asian woman om Facebook

- A conversation between dads on Facebook

- Posting a trump tweet as if it was real and getting over 500 upvotes

- Okay, this is epic

- Makeup skin care

- Turns out homeopathic alternatives to vaccines are expensive, and don’t work! Who knew?

- I guess if you say its a FACT that makes it true?

- Idiot responds to a McDonald’s tweet

- Yakuza!

- Facebook telling me I have 21 unread messages to get me to install messenger.

So this Happened last night, my son @riverrat_sob.92 in the navy, he saved lives and equipment!!!! Navy strong🦾 - @angel_ta2 on Instagram

- Big oof

- And I thought people weren’t this stupid any more...

- He cant do that...

- Despite rock solid evidence, people are still defending Amber like people defended Sandusky

- Dude tried to bribe me

- Shaggy has competition

- This is the change i see after i go to the 🚽

- $50% true!!!

- I used to be quirky girl

- Well said !

- He loves all the BIG cats

- You ever think of BEARD? No you only think about BOOB!

- Attention: From this day forward we will be sacrificing all rapists to Wadjet, the Egyptian serpent goddess of fiery revenge.

Monggo sing duwe tips blonjo sedino 20ewu 😁 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ S:fb/Lowongan Kerja Temanggung⠀ @ndagel.crew ⠀ ⠀ #kabarsolo #kotasolo #Surakarta #exploresolo #Sragen #jelajahsolo #Karanganyar #agendasolo #Boyolali #Klaten #Sukoharjo #Wonogiri #jajansolo #kulinersolo - @berandasukoharjo on Instagram

- also, I read the article, it was just any normal anti-vaxxer sayings

- My former student posted this. Hes obese and a weaboo born out of a sheltered bubble. Classic Armchair Soldier.

- Apply Cold Water To Burned Area

- Woah.

- It’s so hard not to comment.

- If Only...

- P A I N T E D. W H O R E S.

- What does this have to do with climate change?

- how to start a fundamentalist cult in a few simple steps

- Anything

- Thanks, I hate fingernail fingers

- 2 for 1, same crazy family as always

Heres a MasterClass on how a professional athlete can use his voice and platform in a positive way to advocate for the most vulnerable among us. Its unifying, doesnt polarize fans or distract from the real issue, and shows a commitment to yielding actual results. This is a battle we should ALL be fighting for the sake of our own humanity. I can think of nothing more disgusting, evil, and inhumane than the buying, selling, assault, torture, drugging, rape, and murder of defenseless children...and if that makes you uncomfortable, then you can imagine how outrageous it is to know this $150 BILLION industry has already surpassed the illegal sale of guns and will soon surpass the illegal sale of drugs, making it the number one largest criminal enterprise in the world. 40 MILLION souls are enslaved and trafficked are every year; to put in perspective thats nearly twice the entire population of Australia. And if youre amazed at how quickly this crime has reached epidemic proportions, youll be even more amazed to consider the many high-profile, high-ranking individuals who are complicit in its growth. 😡 Thank you to our AG, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and all others whove stepped up to be a voice for all the victims whose voice has been forcible silenced! This is a true pledge and a promise to #savethechildren. #humantrafficking #lawenforcement #usmarshals #crimesagainsthumanity #taskforce #timtebow #reallifehero #masterclass #takeastand #notaknee #nfl #football #advocacy - @mdceleste on Instagram

- Im so pissed off with this sector right now. Big fucking morons. Yeah INC fuck you for voting plunderers like Bong! Fuck you for trying to bring this country down!

- Far too much information, and very odd choice in censoring.

- The brain(?) of a DDS is something else.

- Pharma CEO back at it again

- Only 16 deaths In Police Custody In the UK (1998-2009)? In Britain the IPPC defined In custody as only when someone has been formally arrested or detained under the Mental Health Act. Being found dead in a British police station, police van,or protest is not counted.

- Didnt get job :(

- Lunacy at its finest.

- Really had to do it to em 😔

- Or is it because that they’re straight they believe women are better looking then men?

- What does this have to do with South Park though?

- [Self] 50 Shades of Shit

- Yes, they exist, but they will sending you to hell when you wont show interest

- I just love how she share her experience

- Centrists be like

- Posting a video on facebook of your daughters finding your buttplug for likes

- If thats what you saw & read into, perhaps its a victim complex and not society

- Orust kommun har köpt strålningsreducerande mobilskal till sina anställda.

- Came across this gem in a pregnancy group on Facebook.

- I will never understand anti vaxxers. 🤦🏼‍♀️


- Fighting while pregnant

- Yes na Yes 👊

- Covering your baby in one of the most unhygienic objects known to man

- Got blasted by this and thought it fits here

- It feels like that sub really lost its way. Like, no, of course you shouldnt describe your female characters breasts unnecessarily, why are you defending it?

- Ah lads, he just wanted the day off!

- Amer - Politicians...

- Democrats, of course.

- Hilarious Darren...

- I got $20 on it - Harriet Tubman stamp is legal

- If you make less money you really make...more money?

- Woman asks Southwest Airlines Twitter whay to do about am annoying neighbor

- Todos comprando Roma

- blursed_monkey

- Still has 185 billion to spare

- @indianbedroomsweets on Instagram