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- Sir Chris has seen some shit

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diacord militari solder

- Me, sitting around with 300 pieces of candy and only two trick-or-treaters for the night.



- Oh Mickey Pence


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- *sees the French revolt against its government* Me:

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- Working in a kitchen, every time I hear someone make a down call on something I wonder if they understand the point.

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- Since minimal effort memes are in

I have NOTHING to say. I just wanna die peacefully

bear yessir

- Are you listening? What did I just say?


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- finally


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- cursed_elon



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- Jugando al for nai

aye sir!

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- If pyro’s dad gets out of jail... pyro will not upload EPIC content.

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- This is an ambush

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- Lol

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- Boom roasted

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- thank god its rising up

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- Everyone just wants to forget about it yet Dumb and Dumber have the audacity to submit it for the Emmy’s

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%E4%BA%86%E8%A7%A3 %E3%82%A4%E3%82%A7%E3%82%B9 %E3%82%B5%E3%83%BC %E6%95%AC%E7%A4%BC yes sir

- Hope he wins. For Democracy

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- Overwatch League Memes on the Rise!!

aye sir!

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- Librarian humor

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- Its just a bell

misa-death note

Integra - Hellsing

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- Ear loading at 50%

yes sir butters stotch south park butters very own episode s5e14

- Hes brutal as hell

Sir Daniel Fortesque

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- Eternity

yes sir south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me south park s25e5

- Battlefront2 devs discussing the Final uptade.

Sir Integra

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- Not original but what are you gonna do? Tell my mom? Plz dont im already grounded :(

4th of july salute yes sir soldier roger that

- “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” -Wayne Gretzky (-Michael Scott)


- In waters cold, and Kelly green

sir yes oorah

- How hot is this?

white man work office yes sir

- Toss a coin to youre witcher

yes sir salute minions

- Bonk

cute puppy dog happy smile

- Floor have room for 2? Maybe a gang?

roger that copy that yes sir yes maam ok

- Have a break!!

fullmetal alchemist yes sir riza hawkeye

- As You Wish

yes sir i can boogie baccara disco 70s

- woof irl

yes sir butters stotch south park tegridy farms halloween special s23e5

- Bruh, imagine consenting to your privacy being jacked. 100% could not be me

salute you got it okay back to you pointing

- Nooooooooo

menhera chan yes anime salute yes sir

- Neponline Born2party

sir yes sir

- My Sir collared me for the [f]irst time!

yes sir pink flower between yes sir in green bubble letters yup yeah yes

- Imperial credits wont cover the cost

yes sir keisha james foster boy youre right sir shy

- Blursed Walter


- My brother just said Whats so good about Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga and I literally cant even look at him

snoop dogg yes yes yes oh fo sho for sure nods

- Drinking! And Smoking!

infoterima recevieinfo acsonman acson acsonmalaysia

- I’m still irritated by this...

yes sir

- Please dont look .

yes sir aye aye you got it

- Gotta be epic

baccara yes sir i can boogie disco 70s music espana

- Le Chaddiest sport has arrived

stand up for the flag alan jackson back song stand up for your country respect the flag

- Based on true stories

yes sir

- 🦧

yes sir wendy testaburger season12ep09 breast cancer show ever south park

- good job soldier

yes sir i can boogie baccara disco discotheque


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- Doubeny!

salute captain america chris evans yes sir

- Game of thrones episodes

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- But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow; even darkness must pass.

104 good buddy yes sir

- Stalin is amused !

yessir aye aye you got it

- Funny games

captain obvious yes sir

- Mosaic is the best browser out there!

yes sir yes

- Ive been dying to try these out, any takers?

yes sir buzz

- Can we talk about this top knot pls

yes yes girl yes sir

- New to this sub, hope you like it 😛

yes snowangel hug

- Darth Maul. (Idea taken from my last shit post)

cat cute yes sir

- Me_irl

yes sir ella payne house of payne yes yup

- Sun bathing

cute happy boy smile man

- Frick, wrong subreddit. My bad

yessir yes sir byron coney

- Multiple orders are coming

yes sir yeti himalayeti

- In the State of Florida has asked us to disclose our sexual crimes to you, we were bad but now were good, and were moving into your neighborhood.

yes sir i can boogie baccara disco 70s 80s

- Punch vs Fire

bear white bear ready salute yes sir

- Back to the future

neon sign neon yes sir yes polite

- Think ahead

yessir yes sir

- We’re not in nice places

jim carrey yes sir you got it you rock yes boss

- Hmmmm. Fu..c.k

yes sir butters stotch south park butters very own episode s5e14

- Walmart is requiring that all shoppers wear masks starting Monday.

goodbye see you salute take care ti

- Always

yes sir south park s3e8 two guys naked in a hot tub aye sir

- Everyday

yes sir harley quinn

- After introducing some friends to reddit

tiger animal obey ok agree

- Thom no

yes sir dakota johnson

- i feel this on a spiritual level

yes order yes sir salute cute

- Bravo six going bark

fo sho yes yessir akechip5d fartcord

- Happy 48th Birthday, Ewan!

yes sir south park help my teenager hates me south park help my teenager hates me south park s25e5

- that format but i used my college friends as the format

yes sir salute

- It good kid

yes sir menhera chan cute

- I am the cat now

yes sir ana kendrick salute wink sir yes sir

- Gone those quarantine days 😉

rascal yes

- Very good!

yes sir salute school of rock ready let ggo

- le mixup has arrived

yes sir kenny sebastian yeah yes boss yup

- I had to google this template

sir yes sir yes sir

- All plugged up

dumpling food cute agree ok

- When your dog doesn’t fit in the doggie door you make a meme 🤷🏻‍♀️

emma stone principal detention brat yes sir

- ❤️ Upvote if you wish this was your dick in my mouth 🍆😋

tkthao219 bubududu

- Am I a joke to you?

milk and mocha

- white people do have culture

hamster_gur hamster pet petpet

- Uncles Horcrux

hyped happy yessirr yes sir lets go

- How I treat these posts.

energi energi nrg energy energi cute cute cat

- 200 000 memes are ready with a million more well on the way

yes sir ooh yeah ayee

- I love Democracy

kitty kitty cats

- Thank you man!

yes drill sergeant yes boss yes sir all right

- Blursed Vault-tec rep

battlebrew smolian salute yes sir

- I have had a vision and it said that if you don’t like this you have bad taste

toy story buzz lightyear yes sir aye aye captain yes captain

- Everyone on this sub is feeling it

tkthao219 tooji

- Facts and logic man is pretty kinky 😜😳😍🥰

jack black yes yes sir salute

- They wear the same clothes as well

- When you go to a tasting for your wedding reception and she keeps looking at the filet and sea bass as possible options.

- Rayquese leave please


- I packed this bowl [f]or two...

- [F]An elegant weapon for a more civilized age

- One of the hazards of ESL

- Watch those Wrist rockets!

- Damm trees are rich

- RIP Bearus,

- It do be like that

- Ew

- Took out ghaul, woke up the traveler...

- We are safe guys

- Peek-a-booty!

- DUDE........ 😳😯🤯

- True Indeed.

- humor

- I dont think the system works

- It is Known.

- Satan killed 10 people

- Kill him, kill him now.

- Nasty

- Does these boots make my ass look big?

- Why tho


- She is probably dead

- Daddy decided Im coming today, like it or not


- Every time

- Took a while

- Don’t miss. [F]

- A simp lord?

- May have tweaked a previous post

- Its fine, I dont mind.

- Please tell me you didn’t just do that

- I sent my boyfriend a video of my corgi dog and he paused it at the exact right moment

dressed as alfred pennyworth for Halloween but my humans are my superheroes everyday 🎃🧀🧀 #aw #imcute #iknow #happyhalloween! - @corgstagrams on Instagram

- (Reupload because of cropping problems AGAIN.) I really dont know

- Magical Sempai

- Vibed on the bed

- Im getting trained to beg

- Can confirm

- You are a bold one

- My kinky pvc boots

- I swear I have friends, they just live in Canada

- Somebody was a bad girl

- Just want to take a look at Walmart carpet

- Yep

- My dog every damn time


- When you’re talking movember with the teacher and this one keeps trying to bring up NNN so the entire class goes:

- Warys no cock

- Some rivalries never change

- I’m trying to tell myself not to..

- One day we will hit 100%

- Visited a friends house and used the bathroom...

- When a post won’t load so you go on to the next one

- That kid who asks for it ahh the negotiator

- 🤤🤤🤤 it’s sooo big ❤️

- Decided to jump in on the new meme template

- When the Sub is dying one day and come back the next day

- Mmm.. this is almost perfect~ I’d love to be strung up like this!

- Your mother was an Orc and your father smelt like Hobbit feet.

- Saving what we love


- Are you doing your part?

- Im a little (f)reaky bunny! 🐰🐰

- Belfast tied off.

- [19] accidentally bent over a bit far😈😳

- bro what the heck I thought I enchanted it😡😡

- My co-worker gave me a bunch of files on my hard drive, this was the first picture I found...

- Blackadder

- Me joining r/freefolk almost a month ago...

- It be your own people

- I dont get whats the big deal

- My cousins’ puppy, Dakota.

- Okay, that was foolish.

- [MEME] If theres one thing I learned from cardio

- Rip

- yes i wish that

- Nothing pleasant ever happens when I go to investigate a camp. Well, nothing pleasant for the person camping that is.....

- Experimenting with Rope

- It was a path to many abilities some would consider unnatural

- When you find out that during the Somme the German trenches were about one yard higher than the British.

- Musical Chairs

- Let him on my bed for the first time recently fair to say he enjoyed it

- cum

- I mean seriously

- Wanna make me go owo?

- Me and my smoking buddy

- woof irl

- Sad gorl

- One does not simply walk into the kitchen

- Hey, stop moving.

- April foo.......

- Your kneecaps are mine.

- Oh hold on, I forgot to roll for our friend here....

- title

- Not all who wander are lost. Some are pantry cooks who are running around getting stuff for the line on the fly.

- Getting the balance right.

- Got This Add Today...

- *cries in moral grey area*

- Like pie without the filling

- thought this jacket was cute 🌺

- Protestors have gathered outside USPS Postmaster General’s home amid voter suppression allegations today

- A programmer and Im asking my boss for a monitor

- I love the Angry look


- In response to this morning

- How are they the bad guys

- If only he had met Daenerys

- My queen

- Wrong mode, idiot

- No one can stop samwise the brave!

- Risky business but it stayed for a while hes so good with my bong 😂

- Bobby B

- Coming back to Freefolk after we asked for LOTR and instead got Witcher

- wishing someone would use these on me 😫

- Le substitute has arrived

- Le final battle has arrived

- Cheers!!

- Heres Dany

- May your spirit find a way to white shores

- Its my duty, sir!

- Come yank my chain?

- Me to sam next week

- I have made a non (word that the bot will remove my post for) meme

- furries will perish

- Gotta get him out of the room where it happens

- I hear whispers of darkness

- barry i think cause hes cool 😎😎😎

- henry

- Yo how you doing?

- He is as clumsy as he is stupid.

- Curious girl~

- Okay fellas, back from my ban, what happened, was there an event or something?

- For Honor!

- Midair

- Im not selling.

- Unlimited power

- Me_irl

- One can only try

- It was a terrible place

- Should I do locktober? 💖

- Playing rural is not fun at times

- How dare you

- The bells! THE BELLS!!

- How do you like a bit of transparency above pale boobs?

- Qui-Gon was kind of a hippie though

- A Level Results

- Its the cum for me 💖😍

- The Lion of Little Round Top

- Senate

- Taste the rainbow bitches!

- Pull my plug out and breed me

- Treat me as your slave.. Please!

- Nothing sexier then a heavily preggo getting ready for doggystyle 😍

- He has to kill it.

- On her knees

- Lewd Nezuko 💗 [adult] I hope people wont be so angry 🥺🥺 [self] by: Lizy Odoriko

- My dog wants my joint 🥺

- Yta 🚩🚩🚩🚩 so much this

- new training

- Anything Cute

- A fellow man of culture

- Palpatine in Episode 9

- It’s crusade time

- gotta love it

- Hecking stinky boi before his grooming appointment

- Im bad at titles.

- Ive got a bad feeling about this.

- anyone like regular boob pictures anymore? 🙃

- My surprise when I found out there was no “gag” [F]lair

- Guys i am doing D.A.R.E and weed is the devil 😱😱😱😱😱😱

- Anyone want a lap dance?x

- When your Tinder match asks if you are a Virgin

- Attack of the Thrones

- Me next Sunday

- It’s sad but it’s true

- Something is wrong

- *spicy boi

- [Self] 2b of Nier: Automata bound and blindfolded (as is canon) user @death_reaux

- Increíble.

- When Disney confirms a new season for the Clone Wars

- Blursed_Pewdie

- Start of a great suspension scene.

- Walter has an identity crisis


- Cant resist OWK

- Cum Slingshot

- W A L T E R

- A few of my favorites... (1111 of ????)

- stuck in the washiing machine

- [f] Wanna show me your master sword?💙

- Cumslut loves the attention

- Do I deserve head pats? 🥺💕

- this is the futrue liberals want

- Literature club is good time

- Look into my eyes when it happens.

- Putting Orochi on the fucking machine was a GENIUS decision. Sound on for those satisfying squishy noises!