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Happy birthday, #CSUB! The university turns 50 this year and we can’t wait to celebrate this huge milestone with you over the next year. Stay tuned for updates on how to get involved. #CSUB50 #CSUBMemories #CSUBAlumni - @csubalumni on Instagram


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- Christmas Workout

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Snobby Aunt Regifts Box Of An Year Old Chocolates, Regrets It

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- Just look at the size of this lad

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I will draw a cartoon youtube avatar or profile picture for you

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Merry Christmas

This young 18 year old young man

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New coasters!!! 😂😂 #coasters #2020 #marble #lake - @lakeeffectmn on Instagram

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- @panjabiclub on Instagram

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A couple that had been happily married

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Shocker Hall bulletin boards! - @wichita_housing on Instagram

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- Year 3 Maths

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221014 Fansign “MAXIDENT”

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Birth Control Pill

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- reveal pregnancy to the dad

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13 Kick-Ass Places for a First Date in Atlanta, GA

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Keep Going, Honey... - Joke Book

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It was the mailmans last day

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Raiden Shogun

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34.700 lajků získala naše běžecká crew v roce 2018, děkujeme a přejeme spoustu naběhaných kilometrů v novém roce, roce 2019! 🏃‍♂️#runjinak - @runjinak on Instagram

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- Playstation 4 is the most sold console of the decade [Image]

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- Happiness

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- Sexism? You decide.

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- ABCS And 123S

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With all the big changes happening in the world, children may feel like they completely lost control of their lives. We can remind children, and ourselves of all the things we are in charge of, with this Things I CAN Control poster from @biglifejournal Please visit for more info! - @rockreachout on Instagram

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- 50th Day of School

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Yesterday it was two years since David, Doutzen, myself and the our incredibly dedicated team at #knotonmyplanet launched. It has been life changing and has pushed us to undiscovered parts of ourselves. So many friends met along the way all united in ending the slaughter of elephants for their Ivory. ❤️🐘❤️ - @trishgoff on Instagram

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- Decided to jump on ahehe...

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North & South Amateur medalist ✅ Top seed ✅ Match-play 🔜 - @clemsonwgolf on Instagram

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Keep colorful out there with Shwings - @shwings on Instagram

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- Healthy Habits for Kids

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We Can Change The World Together When We All Vote With DSM New York and Los Angeles. In 2016, the election was effectively decided by fewer than 80,000 people in three states. During the mid-term elections in 2018, even with the largest youth turnout for a midterm election in decades, two thirds of young people still did not vote. Ahead of this election, DSM has asked its community in the USA to join us in educating, raising awareness and creating a call to action around registering and making a plan to vote by designing a single item that reflects a voting message of their choosing. DSM has realized this project in partnership with When We All A Vote – a non-profit, nonpartisan organization on a mission to increase participation in every election – and Good Service NYC. 100% of profits will be donated back to When We All Vote for their work in this and forthcoming elections. Launching Saturday September 26th in-store and online. We have the power to impact the direction of this country by voting. We must get out and vote in November because every voice matters. Link in bio for more information. Art direction by Ronnie Cooke Newhouse/House and Holme (MASSIVE THANK YOU @ronnie.cooke.newhouse) @infinitearchives (Artwork by Adeshola Makinde) @adesholamakinde @ronnie.cooke.newhouse @doverstreetmarketnewyork @doverstreetmarketlosangeles @whenweallvote #DoverStreetMarketNewYork #DoverStreetMarketLosAngeles #WhenWeAllVoteWithDoverStreetMarket #WWAVDSM #Goodservicenyc #Wedogoodservice - on Instagram

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2 SEPTEMBRE 2015 📚 - @uglymely on Instagram

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- Frugal Living

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- Anti Bullying

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- Ms. Teacher

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Happy MLK Jr Day! - @weloverockhill on Instagram

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Whats missing from the list? 👇 📷 @hellosunshine - @toryburchfoundation on Instagram

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- Art

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- June 2019 Calendar

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Excited to be a part of @drakerelays once again! - @_ayemallett on Instagram

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Were looking for someone to join our team! Learn more here ▶️ - @lbschool on Instagram

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- Art Room Procedures

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- 2017 summer

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One thing that improved in this crazy year... I beat my cycling mileage vs. my all time high last year... with over three months to go! 😳🤓💪🏽 🚲 - @discobush on Instagram

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- Beginning of school

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- Education & Parenting Today

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- Yearbook superlatives

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- Dont Change

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- Beach life

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- Back to school superhero

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The Real Top 20 Party Schools of 2014: Tilt.LT/cparty3 - @tilt on Instagram

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- Around the World Prom Theme

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- Hillarys campaign team continues to come up with brilliant ways to make her already hideous logo even more hideous

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- 100th Day of School

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- Travel cot

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- Bball

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- 30th Birthday Ideas

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- Communications / Graffiti Wall Questions

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60 years but feeling younger. Nato general secretary, Jens Stoltenberg starts the celebration in his office in Brussels. #Nato #celebration#ballon #vg #vgfoto - @helgemikk on Instagram

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- Childhood

🍎❤️ To all the teachers out there, online or in-person, THANK YOU! We see you, we are thankful for you and we support you! I know you are all bada$$ and amazing, but be sure to give yourself a break too. You deserve it!! . . . #teachers #backtoschool #teaching2020 #supportyourteachers #parenting #newportmesamoms #thelocalmomsnetwork - @newportmesamoms on Instagram

- Gods Love

- Math Teacher Memes

- Paint bucket seats

Would home 🏡 price go up or down? ——————— Download 📲 ‘AgentSocial’ mobile app for real estate content with your branding. - @realtorposts on Instagram

- Celebrity Authors

Some members of the Green Team volunteering at Cyclovia Tucson! - @ellergreenteam on Instagram

Stendig x Exposed brickwork 👌 📷 @rchelove - @stendigcalendars on Instagram

First born. Curious mind. Avid asker of questions. Student and teacher. Partner in crime at local mommy/son dances. So proud to be your mom. #nationalsonsday2020 #nationalsonday - @charmainegregorymd on Instagram

#tbt Ahhhhhh... se essas fotos falassem.... contariam só histórias boas!! 😍💭 Somos gratos por tê-los conosco... Thank you for all our moments together!! 💕👏 Were missing you, guys... Não vemos a hora de marcarmos outro passeio rsrs 😉🙈 #FaçaMaisFaçaFisk #fiskipaussu - @fisk_ipaussu on Instagram

- August 2018 Calendar


- New month wishes

Have you ordered your #CopperBox yet? Today is the last day to receive our September selection. Visit our website to learn more & start your subscription. - @copperfieldsbooks on Instagram

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- Gay rights

- 2020,New Me

- 2020

- Edumacation for the girls

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- 2020

Friday vibes ✌️🌈 #AllTheFeels #rainbow #friyay - @recycledpapergreetings on Instagram

- August Calendar 2018

Ciao a tutte/i, a causa della sospensione di eventi pubblici in Emilia Romagna fino alla data del 3 aprile 2020, abbiamo dovuto rimandare l’evento #TattooExpoBologna dopo il periodo estivo. Vista l’entità della situazione, abbiamo dovuto ragionare con #Fico @eatalyworld che ha comunque un calendario molto attivo, purtroppo le UNICHE DATE DISPONIBILI sono il 18, 19 e 20 settembre 2020. Ci ritroviamo quindi COSTRETTI ad accettare quest’unica possibilità. Siamo rammaricati e molto dispiaciuti se questo evento sarà in concomitanza con altri. Come tutti gli anni l’organizzazione ha lavorato a questo evento per un anno intero e si è purtroppo trovata costretta ad accettare quest’unica soluzione. Stay tuned e seguiteci sui social e sul nostro sito ufficiale che trovate in descrizione anche per l’acquisto dei biglietti! Per qualsiasi info potete rivolgervi all’organizzazione di #TattoExpoBologna tramite #GRAZIE 🐲💜 - @tattoo_expo_bologna on Instagram

Happy birthday party girl @elliekemper 💘 - @josittenfeld on Instagram

- Activities that go with Books

- Me writing. Do you like it?

We will be closed today. Happy New Year! See you tomorrow! #valleybrewers #homebrew #homebrewing #homewinemaking #cheesemaking #solvang #newyearsday2020 - @valley.brewers on Instagram

- Bathroom Organization

Felíz día a todos nosotros 🤍 - @luchocontrael_leon on Instagram

- Happy Room

- Classroom decor

- 3rd Grade Classroom

- quotes about work

- First Grade Art

- This cake is 4 months old

I’m going to go for E; as in EVERY appointment for 2020 is TAKEN 🤭😱 I woke up to all my appointments GONE and I’m SHOOKETHHHH 🥳🥰 Next month is One Seven’s 2 year anniversary and I started out doing 1-2 days a week in my own business, escalating to full time and now booked nearly 4 months in advance. I can’t thank my clients enough for literally brightening up my life! 💕 Today while doing a touch up, she told me her sister and neighbour want to book in 🥰 I can’t begin to explain how great it is when someone sees your work and WANTS IN... and I am FOREVER grateful to go to work and meet amazing people, I almost feel like this career is a dream and I’m going to wake up any minute 🙈 IN SAYING THAT... S%#* happens haha and no doubt there will be reschedules, cancellations and where possible I will be opening as many more appointments as I can so please feel free to turn on notifications (instructions in highlights) if you’re wanting an appointment 🤸🏼‍♂️❤️ T&C’s: please reshedule your appointment if you’re sick, the health of my clients and my own is extremely important, I will always do my best to get you an appointment as soon as you’re well again 😁 Thank you to everyone that’s booked in and I can’t wait to meet you all!!! - @oneseven_cosmetic_tattooing on Instagram

- White Boards

- Sister Birthday Card

- Distributive Property

- alice in wonderland theme

LeBron is just silly 🤯 - @bluewirenba on Instagram

- Accesorios

- Precalculus

HICangs 2020 Terima kasih atas kehadirannya buat ngecangs bareng Rek! Cant wait to see you🤩 #HIUnair2020 - @hiunair20 on Instagram

- #27

- First 5

To help you get through the officially start of classes today, we reached out to three Arts profs — from the Social Justice Institute, the Chinese Language Program, and Philosophy — for their advice on what you can do to prepare for this semester and how you can succeed in learning online.⁠ ⁠ It’s going to be crucial to get out of your comfort zone and really engage in your online classes, so that you can get to actually know other people and your instructors.⁠ ⁠ Reach out if you are struggling to manage your time or struggling to make sense of the course and material. Remember that your instructor might not be in the classroom every week, but they are still there.⁠ ⁠ Take it easy on yourself! You’re already amazing for trying this totally new thing this year. Let’s try to be patient with ourselves, and remember we’re all in this together.⁠ ⁠ Read the full story through our link in bio. - @ubc_arts on Instagram

- 2019

- Science Curriculum

One gotta go 🏆 @kingjames - @brkicks on Instagram

- Charlie e Lola

MEET YOUR NEW YORK PACEMAKERS! Susan Avery, Founder and Co-Coach of the #NYPacemakers Born: 1960 From: New York City Education: Northwestern University, Hunter College Jobs: Journalist, High-School Teacher, College Counselor, Elf at Macy’s Santaland How is Susan like a Phoenix: I ruptured my Achilles tendon while dancing and never thought Id ever dance again. Then I returned to start my own senior dance team! Im inspired by: My daughter (aka The Chicklet, who designed the #NYPacemakers logo), Bruce Springsteen, anything with glitter Favorite food: My Moms chili con carne If I were a baseball player, my walk-up song would be: “Born To Run” by The Boss Photo credit: Larry Etri - @nypacemakers on Instagram

- moon calendar

- Homeschool Units- Black History

- Writing Prompt Pictures

- 2019 classroom

- 35 Birthday Party Ideas

- Fresh Ideas to Try

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- New Year, Great Year

- alphabets #2

- Anchor Charts

We are going to have some beautiful weather for the Bridge Run! So register before it is too late! Online registration will close this Wednesday at noon!!! So register now at (the relay race registration is already closed) #halfmarathonmedals #halfmarathonrelaytraining #halfmarathonrelay  #halfmarathonlook #5k #afterraceparty #brewsandrunners #eliterace #trainingwell #bridgerun #binghamton #runnersofinstagram #runnerscommunity #runnerslife #ilovetorun❤️ #traininginstyle #fridaymood #instarunners #trackspace #tracknation #runchat #fitness #letsrun #upstateny #tracknation #limitless #fitsnap #fitspiration #upstatenyrunners - @bingbridgerun on Instagram

- How long is 20 seconds? [OC]

- Classroom - morning routine

We did it!! Thank you to all the Hammersley Hammers who made this possible. Together the Hammersley Hammers ran/walked or cycled a combined total of 949.3km (just falling short of our 1000k target)....HUGE appreciation to: @charliesmithldn @simon_keenleyside @christopherwoods @rmrhomes #Miroslav Rakovan @graham_dolphin #markhamilton @ian_kelland @katiekelland @drkkhanna @simjagger @jademitchelljem @noelr71 @squli @drnicolajohnson @roderickharist #Sharron and Poppy Hinde @sites_of_horror_ Luke Jackson @samjacksonpainter #lewistaylor @theredrobin #Maarten De Vries #Nigel Hurst @jpstonard @benpaulsmith @andymclovell #Richard Harvey....You are all AMAZING!!!! #hammersleyhomes #hammersleyhammers #enduringmentalillness #HomeForLife - @marylinzellellis1 on Instagram

- Happy Valentines Day from my friends kid.

- birthday

- 2018 Nursery Trends

- Puzzles

- Teacher Certification

- Decade Party

I’m eager to see what kids (of all ages) do with this coloring book-ish! Post and tag #makeyourmarkbookgallery - @peterhreynolds on Instagram

- Board

💥7💥WKS! I’ll make SURE you Present YOUR🏆ABSOLUTE BEST🏆on stage!!! You can contact Angela at - @kennywallach on Instagram

- Middle School Hacks

- Baby Announcing Ideas

- Contact lens solution

- Gold Birthday Party

Today’s activity - ten little fingers , two hands & ten little toes 😍. . 👐🏻🦶- tracing her hands and toes are the best part in this . . 🖐🦶Counting with that is so much fun ... . . . #littlemunchkinsahana #tracinghandsandfeet . #littlemunchkinsahana #toddleractivities #toddlerlife #montessoriathome #whatwedoathome #toddlercrafts #toddleractivity #toddlerlife #montessoriactivity #montessori #learningthroughplay #learningisfun #montessoritoddler #earlylearner #littleone #funlearningathome #diyathome #californiababy #loveforcrafts #daughterandmother❤️ #motherhood #idowhatmakesmehappy #dontputkannuok #phonicsforkids #phonicsactivitybasedlearning - @chittal_balakrishnan on Instagram

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- Security camera

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Come by the Museum TOMORROW (September 10) from 4-6 PM to pick up a FREE Kids Art to Go Kit! 🎨 This week, young artists will create their own version of Andy Warhol’s famous multi-color silkscreens using paint and their hands! ⁣ Also, be sure to swing by our “The FMC and ME” exhibit which will be outdoors from 4-7 PM, as well as our Gift Shop which has all new items for fall! ⁣ #ocart #ockids #fullerton #fullertonmusuem #localart - @fullertonmuseum on Instagram

- Maths classroom displays

- Addition

- August 2018 Calendar

- First week of school ideas

CONTEST ALERT: Pink Shirt Day is right around the corner, and we want to hear what you would do to make the world a little kinder. Now until February 27 post your random acts of kindness “pledges” below (and tag a friend) for a chance to win a $500 GC for you and a $500 GC for the registered charity of your choice. For every pledge we receive, we will donate $1 to the @cknwkidsfund. Head to our website for complete contest details. #METMakeNice - @metropolisatmet on Instagram

What a fabulous group of women in wine! So excited to be part of @femmesduvin Harvest Seminars. ⁠ *⁠ Tickets available at ⁠ *⁠ Learn more about what Sustainability means to NZ and how the industry has committed to be net-carbon zero by 2050!!⁠ *⁠ OCT 5th - 11am PDT/ 2pm EDT⁠ *⁠ #nzine #womeninwine #nzwinewomen #carbonneutral #sustainable - @nzwinecanada on Instagram

- All about math!

- Astronomy

- Only 1000 days

- benefit

- first one to comment what this is from gets absolutely nothing

- Somehow I’ve been able to get my credit card debt from over 10 grand to just over 2 grand!!!!!! I couldn’t have done it without the advice I was given here. So close to being credit card debt free!!

- Art Journal

- August 2018 Calendar Template

- Baby style

- fete pascal

- Touch math

- Challenged

- All Red

- Running Quotes

- Speak English Fluently

- August Calendar 2019

- Teacher checklist

- Back to school gifts for kids

Thank you to @Aramark for your recent donation to 360ºkids. Your donation allows us to continue to operating our housing programs and provide food support to struggling youth and families in York Region. Donate today to our COVID-19 Urgent Needs Fund - @360kids_york on Instagram

- New Year 2020 Images & Wallpapers

- Being bored!

- Is there a more dangerous sight than Lebron and the Lakers in transition?

- Fitness

2019 General Election. - @votingcounts on Instagram

- books

- 2020

- a little more love

- @wsfssh on Instagram

- 4th grade art

- jonathan williams

- Spelling, Math, Counting, Sight Words, Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying...

- Sunday night

- Basics of Math

- Prom proposal

We’ve been getting a lot of questions on where the community fridges are in NYC, so here’s the full list:))🍉🍒🥝🍇🥒🍑 - @citykits on Instagram

- Art Classroom:Planning & Management Ideas

- Back to School

Hey, its April @electricarmchair! Today marks my 5th year of daily poetry! To celebrate, Ive created a new place to post your poetry, my prompts, and maybe a playlist here or there. To kick off the new page, Here are 24 Spectacular September #poetryprompts . When using a prompt, remember to tag #aprilspoetrypoints or send me your piece so Im sure to see it @electricpoetryparty or @electricarmchair (And feel free to message me with any questions related to the poetry challenges.) Ill be sharing some of the poets and their pieces with this months prompts in carousel posts, as well as illustrating a piece from each of the 3 winners next month. (You dont have to play to win to be featured in a carousel post but you do have to use at least one prompt in your piece) The Game: *Get the most points by using the prompts *Try one or more of the bonus challenges: ~ 1 point for every prompt used ~ 3 points if these words are not used: the - I - he - his - him - her - hers - she - they - them - we - and - but - its ~ 5 points for writing in Villanelle, Rondeau, or Pantoum poetry form **Swipe to see examples of the Poetry forms #villanelle #rondeau and #pantoum and the contest winners of #aprilsbingogame Have fun!! • #electricpoetryparty @electricarmchair #electricarmchair @haikuprajna #haikuprajna • @twisted.word.tango @earawicga @liyana_rj #illustratedpoetry #poetryisnotdead #poetry #poetrycontest #poetryisalive #poetrycommunity #poetrysociety #poetryprompts #poetrylovers #creativewriting #writersblock #writingblock #writing #writingcommunity #igpoetry #poetsofinstagram #illustration #traditionalart #sketchbook - @electricpoetryparty on Instagram

where do you put all of YOUR wanting? usually I like to hold it in my hands until it burns them. just for fun! - @cgcpoems on Instagram

- 2020

- Event Graphics

- Printable calendars

- Apples for Science, Math, and Art

- Kindergarten Substitute Plans

‪We are welcoming an increasing number of new volunteer writers daily. With just over 70,000 who’ve signed up to send #PostcardsToVoters, 2020 will be our busiest year ever!‬ ‪Check out a recent addition’s first creations and text JOIN to (484) 285-2229‬ ‪Write now!‬ - @tovoters on Instagram

Wednesdays are the perfect time to showcase our Digital Academy students learning! Well start with these Heart Maps from fourth graders in Ms. Bernards class. Heart maps show what you have saved in your heart, including people and things that are important to you, special memories and things that you like. Seeing what is inside students hearts makes us 😍! - @oakridgemagnet on Instagram

- Pi Day

- I commissioned a friend to make me a Stranger Things Paperscape, she came through!

- Classroom Organization

- Family Road Trips

- 4th grade journal writing

One more boys! Lets go get it! #GoNats #OnePursuit - @maxscherzer31 on Instagram

- #DIY CRAFTS bricolage renovar home

- Family - Summer fun!


- Funny pregnancy pics

Summer reminder: you can enjoy the fresh air, warm sunshine, & salty waves just as you are. No changes needed. ☀️🌊😎 - Note: the same applies for summer body, bikini body, & any other variation that implies bodies require seasonal changes #foodandfearless - @foodandfearless on Instagram

Front Porch Photo #covid_19 by @janettetepasimages Please support the Barrington Area Covid Response Fund and donate at Thank you Janette for the great photo and for supporting @barringtonareaunitedway #BarringtonFrontPorchPhotoProject #BACRF - @barringtonareaunitedway on Instagram

- Save environment posters

- Best Fraaand/Squad

- Campus Connections

Follow @cecd1nyc for updates - @whynotcaremore on Instagram

- Writing in a Journal

- August 2018 Calendar


- Puzzles

- Kindergarten Math Stations

- Hannahs 13th Birthday

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OUR OFFICIAL HAWTHORNE 2020 VOTER GUIDE IS OUT NOW! [ABOUT THE GUIDE] - Utilizing surveys, independent research, and one on one meetings with city officials, HAA was able to create a local voter guide rating each candidate as well as summarizing our stances on some of the propositions city, county, and statewide. [NAVIGATING THE GUIDE] - Pictured above is our “Visual/printable voter guide.” For a more in depth look at how we came up with the grades and why we are voting the way we are, please see our “Extensive/Online Voter Guide” - both of which can be found linked in our bio! *Spanish version coming soon [HOW TO SUPPORT] - Share Share Share!!! With the help of @streetwatchla HAA will also be printing these guides and canvassing throughout the city. If you would like a physical copy/copies for you, your family, and/or friends, please DM us! [REMEMBER] - Voting is the bare minimum so we want to encourage folks to organize and join any of the wonderful organizations making waves in the so- called “South Bay.” #voterguide #hawthorne #southbay #blacklivesmatter #abolition #organize - @hawthorneabolitionalliance on Instagram

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Monday gratefulness ❤️🙏📚 THANK YOU! - @books.of.tomorrow on Instagram

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On today’s playlist, @laura.vizcardo closes out September with her favorite songs of the month. “These are some songs that have accompanied me in my moments of empowerment, sadness, fun, loneliness and love,” writes Laura. “Dont you ever listen to a song and become obsessed with it?” Head to the link in our bio to give her picks a listen 💫 - @nearnessproject on Instagram

𝙸𝙽𝙺𝚃𝙾𝙱𝙴𝚁 𝙿𝚁𝙾𝙼𝙿𝚃𝚂 ✎ ℙ𝕣𝕠𝕞𝕡𝕥 ℂ𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕥𝕠𝕣 : @neevok 𝕌𝕤𝕖 𝕥𝕒𝕘𝕤: #neevoktober ⋅ 𝗙𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄 @Inktober_Prompts 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲 ✦🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸✦ #Inktober #inktober2019 #inktober2019 #inktoberprompts #inktoberprompt #inktober2k19 #inktoberart #inktober19 #inktoberchallenge #inktoberlist #inktoberpromptlist #inktoberspotlight #inktoberprompts2019 #inktoberworld #inktober2018 #inktober2k18 #inktober18 #inktoberdrawing #inktobersketch #inktobercontest #witchtober #witchtober2019 #witchtoberprompts #31witches - @inktober_prompts on Instagram

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