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Nhan sắc ngày xưa của Triệu Lệ Dĩnh

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- 14th Dalai Lama

shen mengyao

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- Art

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- Photo of Japanese street minstrel, Gose 1870’s

trạm thông tin update xiaohongshu 27.9.22

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- China 1956 “We are grateful for the support of our peasant brothers to ensure our production “

Triệu Lộ Tư

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- 1. Image

𖥔 ˑ ִ𓎏 ݀۬◞ 𝐄𝐔𝐍𝐒𝐄𝐎 𝐈𝐂𝐎𝐍 ˖˙ 𓍼 ׅ ֹ Ꮺ ָ࣪ ۰ ꪀꩌꨭ𐐼ꭉɑꤦ͠ᝬɕ𝗵ׅιֹꪜꪳꨶǝׁ͢ ˖𖧧 ࣪ ˖ ࣪꒷

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- — Lee Sung Kyung

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- Aesthetic

The K-Drop: Photo

♡̶ 𝂅𝃞⋅ 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐘𝐢 𐫴 ˙˳

xuan yi wjsn cosmic girls

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- --------CHINA ------

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- art. Akiko Ijichi


clap applaud wu xuan yi

- Asían Beauty...

kep1er xiaojin | yujin and xiaoting

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- Splendid Politics

Zhao Lusi✨🫶

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- 20th Century China


yang chao yue wu xuan yi xuan yi

- Happy 10th Anniversary to Sulli!

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- kunming

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- Beautiful country Japan

wjsn cosmic girls kpop xuan yi heart

- Actor Model

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- The 7th century wooden village of Ikaho, Japan, photographed in 1880 [1280 × 996] [xpost from /r/HistoryPorn]


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- Actors & actresses

♡̶ 𝂅𝃞⋅ 𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐘𝐢 𐫴 ˙˳

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- 20th Century China

xuan yi wjsn cosmic girls

- chinese painting

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- Anime _ cổ trang China

xuanyi xuan yi wjsn cosmic

- Japanese History

Baby bottle pop come back soon for part 2

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- Asian girls

rocket girls101 meng meiqi wu xuanyi yang chaoyue duan aojuan

- Dae Jang Geum

xuanyi xuan yi wjsn cosmic

- Blackpink


- Mnet Asian Music Awards [MAMA]

xuan yi wjsn cosmic girls k pop

- @abdelltifouali_nyc on Instagram

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- Công chúa

xuanyi xuan yi wjsn cosmic

- Samurai bowman, photographer Baron Raimund von Stillfried.(circa 1860)

kpop wjsn cosmic girls xuan yi eunseo

- japanese woodworking tools

xuan yi wjsn k pop cosmic girls

- Agnolo Bronzino

kpop wjsn cosmic girls xuan yi cheng xiao

- chinese

xuan yi wjsn cosmic girls

- Arte Moderno

wjsn cosmic girls kpop xuan yi bona

- Javanese woman, c. 1885

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- Ancient dress

xuan yi wjsn k pop cosmic girls

- 90s, Vietnamese mother Nguyen Thi Thu was waiting for nine children to return, but they all sacrificed. *Please read my comment if you know any soldier who ever fought in Vietnam, thanks* [400x587]

xuanyi xuan yi wjsn cosmic

- indigo

dance excited happy betakkuma %E3%83%99%E3%82%BF%E3%83%83%E3%82%AF%E3%83%9E

- Asian Art

rocket girls101 meng meiqi wu xuanyi yang chaoyue duan aojuan

- Bách Hợp

smiling tetona jackson simone graham boomerang smile

- Cutie smiling after a job well done

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- Fifty-three Stations of the Tōkaidō by Hiroshige(東海道五十三次)

wota jkt48 akb48 idol japan

- I could wake up to her everyday

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. .AW MAIN VISUAL .Other cut . .#kolmebaby #kanon - @kolme_baby on Instagram

touhou rumia cheer wriggle wriggle nightbug

- Gfriend sowon yuju

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- Khmer Rose, Me, Digital/Pointillism, 2015

mugman fnf mugman fnf

- Yokohama samurai, photo taken by Felice Beato in 1854 [799 x 1000]

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- 15&

etdah warungkopi warkop warung kopi

- AILEE - The 5th Mini Album : Im (Concept Photos)

wu xuan yi heart love

- Yang Yang

tsu nami tsu nami music tsu nami bitbird tsu nami easy to love

- ITAP of a woman in traditional garb [MLM]

xuanyi wjsn cosmic girls

- Was told this would be appreciated here. My dapper great grandparents. Taiwan 1880s-1900s (year uncertain)


- High fashion, photography

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- Bushidō 武士道

shining nikki qin yi shining nikki qin yi

- Women in Physics

cute adorable wu xuan yi


young leosia young leosia young leosia jam

- Philippine women

xuan yi wjsn k pop cosmic girls

- Native Japanese Beauty

officialyimusic yi uwu


xuanyi cosmic girls wjsn

- Mongolian child in the late 1970s

- Classical Art


- Girl Film


- Inspiration

- @chai.77 on Instagram

- Sistar soyou

- in love with asia

- Japanese

- Winterset

- Cutie

- Ancient China

- Dancing like a Swan

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- Chinese-Wedding

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- Choses à acheter

- BlackPink - Rosé

- The worlds oldest person, Kane Tanaka, turns 117



- After dinner

- beautiful women of the world

- Graphic

- Armys Through The Ages

- (G)I-DLE

- japon

- Taeyeon jessica

- Art Illustrations

- indochine

- The oldest person in the world turns 117

- Feudal Japan

- BB

- 1920s | Lifestyle, Fashion, Design.....

- He Jia Ying

A wounded Syrian girl receives treatment at a make-shift hospital in Kafr Batna following bombardments on the Eastern Ghouta region on the outskirts of the capital Damascus on February 21, 2018. Photo: Ammar Suleiman @ammar.sulaiman.91 You can find this collage and my other selective collages in my FIRST BOOK: PARALLEL UNIVERSES OF CHILDREN which is on Pre-Order now. The official releasing date is November 20th, in honor of World Childrens Day. Thank you for pre-ordering my first book Parallel Universes of Children. Your support means a lot to me. As a thank you, I am going to sign the FIRST 1000 pre-ordered books. To pre-order my book the link is in my bio: ugurgallenkus.com We ship worldwide. Wherever you are in the World you can buy Ugurs book and we will ship it to you with a tracking number. Remember shipping starts on November 20th. Please be aware that this is a PRE ORDER. The book will be shipped after November 20th. If you have any questions please send an email to info@lifeispublishing.com #ParallelUniversesOfChildren📚 #ParallelUniversesWarPeace 📷 - @ugurgallen on Instagram

- Night snow at Kambara, Utagawa Hiroshige, Print, 1834.

- edo period

- Filipiniana

Cant wait for winter? Dont miss our exhibition Frosty Weather, Snowy Weather in Gallery 262, closing October 18! This show features snowy landscapes from across Mias collection, including this piece from a series by Wendy Red Star. Through her work, Wendy Red Star explores issues of authenticity and representation. In these pseudo-dioramas, using kitschy wallpaper, plastic animals and artificial plants, the artist poses wearing her traditional Apsáalooke (Crow) regalia, the same type of garments her ancestors wore. These photographs blur the line between stereotype and reality, from Native American as scenery to fabricated Hollywood sets, and from authenticity to Western fantasy. [Pictured: Wendy Red Star (United States, Apsáalooke (Crow), born 1981), Winter, from The Four Seasons series, 2012, Archival pigment print on museo silver rag. Bequest of Virginia Doneghy, by exchange, 2012.69.2, © 2012 Wendy Red Star @wendyredstar] - @artsmia on Instagram

- Chen uen

- Art - egzotyka

- Asian retro fashion

- Fan girl

- Art painting

- art

- An Iñupiat (Eskimo) woman, Alaska, circa 1907.

- gugu

- Vintage Portrait

- asian art

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- couple cổ trang

- Cuteness around the world

- Sessue Hayakawa, Heartthrob from Hollywoods Silent Era (1918)

- Acuarelas IX

- Drawling of a Girl ( Tell me what you think; Im bad at drawling people)

- Last princess of Korean Empire Princess Deokhye, circa 1934

- Chinese Traditional Costume

- All Things Asian

- Oda Nobuyoshi (600x819) Taken Some Time During the Meiji era (1860-1912)

- Japanese History


- Bikini




- Ancient China

- Japanese kids

- Asian girls

- Art (and things I wish I had thought of first)

- Cherokee indian art

- My great grandmother (right) and grandmother (child in middle) from Japan, early 1920s.

- Anastasia

- History of Badminton

- Ainu people

- History

- Finished this portrait drawing titled Exosmosis

- Mural from Waujeongsa Temple in South Korea

- arte

- Got milk for dessert?

- Ethiopian Foreign Minister Heruy Wolde visiting Japan (1931), [480 x 719]

- ASIA Paintings

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- Angelababy

- Love Forecast


- artasia

- OldBoy (colored pencil, 46x62cm)

- IU Fashion

- Sana

- My Japanese friend’s great great great grandfather, 1880s.

- My grandpa at 15 yr, 25 yr, 50 yr, and 100 yr (last week)!

- boshin war

- cute

- Irezumi Tattoos

- Choctaw Indian

- K-pop Biases

- bbies

- gugu

- Akira Kurosawa

- Three women from India, Japan, and Syria that completed their education as doctors in Philadelphia (1885)


- boshin war

- Amazing eyes

- Native Child

- Chinese Clothes

- Dinh

- China

- Robert Frederick Blum

- Japanese Festival

- korean image

- Chic Hairstyles

- Asian Beauty

- Historic Jewels and Gemstones

- @sz.z.y on Instagram

- Beautiful Girls & Boys & So Cute And Happy

- Chairman Mao goes to Anyuan [to lead a miners strike] by Liu Chunhua, 1968

- Cao Vĩ Quang

- princess weiyoung

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- Beautiful smile

- Chinese Hanfu 2

- Asian Culture

- empresses in the palace

- ITZY - Lia (Day!)

- DrawPortrait

- A Chinese Ghost Story I II III

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- Oda Nobuyoshi, civil right activist and dentist from Japan during the Meiji Era, photo taken in 1880 when he was 20 years old [750x1000] [colorized]

- Classification before

- Asian art

- Hậu cung Chân Hoàn truyện - Drama The legend of Zhen Huan

- Meiji

- Chinese Hanfu 2

- Chinese Mianfu

- aes//hae soo

- Art - egzotyka

- Alfredo Rodriguez

- Outdoor Bath

- 甄, Carter Adair, Digital, 2017

- Emily Carr

- Hubby took me out for dinner then over to my bfs place to be degraded. This is the result 🙈

- Maya 2565, SeungMo Park, Stainless steel mesh, 2017

- New balance

- asiangirls

- Wilde westen


- Great grand mother(Hatsuko) & great-great grandmother (Mizu) - aprox 1880s in Kyushu, Japan. Great grandmother immigrated to USA in early 1900s

- The Four

- Love. Elina Karimova.

- cute girls

- Japanese Clothing

- Asian Beauties

- Beautiful person

- i could use her face to study trigonometry

- Hanfu

- Park so dam

- Beauty ´s

- Colorized photo of a Female Samurai (Onna-Bugeisha) around 1800s

- Praying for the earthquake victims

- ❤️

- Beautiful Chinese Girl

- Baseball girls

- This is another hyperrealistic painting by Leng Jun

- Asie vintage

- Japanese Festival

- Asian Culture

- Ai Xuan

- Beauties of the Far East

- Fine Arts

- Beauty girl

- Art dolls

- Hair

- Art - Indien y Latino

- pimple

- Lee Yo Won

- Amazing And Special

- Art gallery 5

- Asian cuties

- Messy messy

- Anna May Wong

- Body

- Chinese Propaganda

- 1914-2018 ¿No aprendemos nada?

- Fabian Perez

- Alain Picard

- . art/sculpture/photography

- Saluki hounds, Zhu Zhanju, paint on paper, 1427

- Omixochitl, Soey Milk, Oils, 2012

- Images So Lovely

- Japon ancestral

- Beautiful

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- Traditional Chinese Clothing

- Chinese art

- Hi! School- Love On

- Chinese Traditional Costume

- Andrew Wyeth

- Portrets

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Repost @ouyoshi_atelier Girl in the Shawl 2(500×606mm)2012 ショールの少女2(12号) #painting #painter #oilpaint #oilpainter #oilpainting #oiloncanvas #portraitpainting #figurepainting #figurativepainting #artofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #japaneseart #japaneseartist #aomori #girlpainting #shawlpainting #childpainting #globalartnetwork #oilpaintingrepost #art #artist #artvsartist #ksa #uae #uk #q8 #bh #saihat #qatif #khobar - @oilpaintingartists on Instagram

Interior with vampire color pencil. 28 X 35 cm. #art #painting #colorpencil ( sadly destroyed by the picture framer ...) - @jeannipon on Instagram

- Etre un enfant ...

- A celebrity comfortable with posting photos unposed and natural, its refreshing to see.

- Dean Cornwell

- Ancient China

- Beautiful Chinese Arts

- A Grain of Rice

- Reading Benefits

- Chinese Angle

- AD (Opinion Ad) !

- Belle

- boshin war

- Asian

- The Northern Girl, Yang Feiyun, oil on canvas, 1987

- Children in art

- art: gallery 8

- The Crown Prince of Siam (Little Prince in The King and I) 1865 [Colorized] [900 x 717]

- chinese art

- A Japanese field nurse in 1905 during the Russo-Japanese War.

- Art

- Teresa Teng

- Chinese embroidery . . .

- Jo Eun Hee

- Very nice pose :)

- Asian culture

- Sunlight

- Japan 日本

- Geisha

- Children in art

- The Worst Witch

- Japan

- edo period

- Công chúa

Chen Yanning (b. 1945) “Timeless”  2007 #paintingsdaily - @paintings.daily on Instagram

- An extremely realistic painting by Leng Jun

- Bakü art

- Robert Frederick Blum