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netflixnot the samesame teamdifferentsame sidesameare you with meare you on my sidewere not the same


were usually on the same page sunny leone daniel weber pinkvilla same opinion

And all of this was your fault - @gravity_grace on Instagram

Noah Sebastian

Naughty Neurals Ai Art From Facebook! Not Real Person/Image!

same boat all in the same boat pity felt pity in the same boat

Zsa Zsa Lamor - @dannycalander on Instagram

but were not the same were not the same singing singer recording

- Pin Up Retro

felix pics ❁ on Twitter

were all orbiting the center of the galaxy same sun same solar system neil degrasse tyson

- Love this colorization of a 1964 picture. What do you think? Thanks u/goosegoolies3

★ hwαng


gob same the same arrested development will arnett

- Changing a little history in my Dieselpunk comic book series BROKEN GARGOYLES with artist Stan Yak! It’s been an enlightening experience researching the 1920-30’s era of America.


not the same different different people we are not the same

- my moms hair amazes me and i’m often not thankful enough for the curls she’s passed down to me. she is so beautiful 💗


PHAT by Definition: Archive

its like mystery when you beside me p frozen mystery song terasa seperti sebuah misteri saat kamu berada disampingku terasa berbeda saat kamu ada disampingku

- Ill make my own sandwich

Casual Anime Vibes: Relaxed and Stylish

sexxy red or young thug

klaroline were the same

- Real jawbone vs. facetuned

Drawing tutorial | anime tutorial | manga art | beautiful anime boy face | face drawing | sketch

First 10 guys on your fy page trend

same page on the same page relationship agree

- Oh no.... what are you doing?


Side profile🥴😮‍💨

theyre all the same damon dominique similar no difference equal

- Vilnius in 1940 vs Vilnius in 2020

we both did mandy patinkin saul berenson homeland were the same

- Guys, in 50 years teacher became blondies without glasses. This says a lot about our society....

Kiss me, pretty girl 🎀

were not the same not the same different not alike were different

If 2020 was a photo.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #PhilippePetit’s high-wire walk between the #TwinTowers of #NewYork’s #WorldTradeCenter, #1974. - @marcoatorres on Instagram

Hiro Hamada

Side profile

are the same no different exactly the same no difference just the same

Denver Diary: Pikes Peak ———————————————————————— A son and his father were walking on the mountains. Suddenly, his son falls, hurts himself and screams. To his surprise, he hears the voice repeating, somewhere in the mountain. Curious, he yells: ‘‘Who are you? He receives the answer: “Who are you? And then he screams to the mountain: “I admire you! The voice answers: “I admire you! Angered at the response, he screams: “Coward! He receives the answer: “Coward! He looks to his father and asks: “What’s going on? The father smiles and says: “My son, pay attention. Again the man screams: “You are a champion! The voice answers: “You are a champion! The boy is surprised, but does not understand. Then the father explains: “People call this ECHO. But really this is LIFE. It gives you back everything you say or do. Our life is simply a reflection of our actions. If you want more love in the world, create more love in your heart. If you want more competence in your team, improve your competence. This relationship applies to everything, in all aspects of life. Life will give you back everything you have given to it. Your life is not a coincidence. It’s a reflection of you! —————————————————————— #mountains #mountainbike #mountaineering #mountaintop #denver #denvercolorado #pikespeak #denversbest #colorado #nature #naturephotography #instavideo #travel #traveller #travelling #travelogue #amazingplaces #breathtakingviews #mountaincalling #travelsumclicks #stanleyparkvancouver #love #solotravel #natgeo #ip_society #tripadvisor #viator #drive #topoftheworld #snow - @travelsumclicks on Instagram

glad were all on the same page max greenfield maximillian banks mr peanutbutter paul f tompkins

It takes a MASSIVE TEAM.... TRANNY BEAR AND HUMAN AIRBRUSH DEJA SMITH..... - @suggapiekoko on Instagram



nothings been the same as it was before alec wigdahl not the same changes different

- What a man

Demon Baseball

we all had the same impression we all had the same idea we were on the same page on the same wave length the same feeling

- Nästan samma...

felix icon

not the same rude new girl we are not the same insulted

- I think we all know the after. So here a before.

♡ roblox avatar art

not the same we are not the same not the same as we were different winter

- Thankful for these guys who made the games we know and love possible!

( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°)

She’s so fine

were not the same samantha white logan browning dear white people not the same

- In 1998, he helped save her after a devastating fire. In 2016, he watched her graduate from college.



were on the same page same me too same team great minds think alike

- Definitely botched. What kind of doctor does this to a clearly unstable person?

Born with the lightskin stare

Hasan Ali

so were all on the same page ice t odafin tutuola law and order special victims unit we all on the same boat

- Alaska


were all on the same page barraccudda smite same position we are on this together

- Les relations franco-allemandes au fil des siècles

were from the same world grew up together from the same place we go way back family

- @monkeybarcanberra on Instagram

bombastic side eye bingo 👀

@ ❛ minhobomb ❜ ✩🦴

were in the same server we are playing together we got into the same server were in alex

- [Terror in Resonance] Some love for this anime


now were on the same page joe dirt david spade joe dirt2 beautiful loser

- Blursed PlayStation

were on the same team comrade teammate ally same team

- Can you spot the difference(s)? Insta vs Getty

same to same sachin saxena %E0%A4%9C%E0%A5%81%E0%A4%A1%E0%A4%BC%E0%A4%B5%E0%A4%BE %E0%A4%AC%E0%A4%BF%E0%A4%B2%E0%A4%95%E0%A5%81%E0%A4%B2%E0%A4%B5%E0%A4%B9%E0%A5%80 %E0%A4%9C%E0%A4%BC%E0%A5%80%E0%A4%B0%E0%A4%95%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%B8%E0%A4%BE

- What it feels like sometimes

glare dog mad animal husky

- belly fat burning exercises

are you with me bill murray saturday night live snl do you understand

- Feel like posting Khloe is cheating, but the head don’t even match the body

greys anatomy arizona robbins you with me are you with me are you on my side

- Karlheinz Weinberger, Swiss Rebels, 1950-60. More info in comments

are you with me richie forever rich are you on my side are we on the same page

- Instagram post vs YouTube video

barbara kean dark side gotham

- Amazing!

ares god of war xwp xena warrior princess kevin tod smith

- Dystopian Future

same relate gaming

- Cardi B

how are we on the same side of this curious confused chelsea peretti gina linetti

Talk about a glow up 💁🏻‍♀️🤣 From little baby Freshman in college having our second long distance relationship reunion to real life adults at their first friend group wedding! 🥰 The road in between hasn’t been linear or by the book. It hasn’t been all sunshine and roses. But what I can tell you is this... No matter where we are, no matter where I am, this guy is my rock. He is my biggest supporter, my number one fan, my confidant, and my best friend. 💕 When I’m down, he picks me up. When I have doubts, he reminds me I’m a badass. When I am kicking ass, he’s first to notice. We have grown through many phases of life together already and there is no one else I’d rather do it with. I am grateful that we get to transform together. 💕 PS. If you’re still reading, take a peak at the Ugg slippers I used to wear around Washington, D.C. during college 🤣🤣 - @runkneecolerun on Instagram

theyre actually on the same side kendall gray same side same page same team

- The Danish summer. Pictures of a garden in Denmark taken a few hours apart.

im on your side im here i support you im on your team were on the same side

- If he dies, he dies...

arrow olicity oliver queen felicity smoak i thought we were on the same side

- Bravery

were supposed to be all on the same side squirrelly squirrel south park s11e11 season11ep11imaginationland episode ii

- [IG] Seduction at its best, she posted this !

we are all on the same side here thc president miles standish south park s15e13

- Back when they were young

me and you on the same page jadakiss by my side song were on the same page we understand each other

- Just a reminder that those influencers don’t always even look like themselves

john proudstar thunderbird remember same side

Strolling through Greenville is like walking back in time. You wont see chain stores, or chain restaurants, or chain anything for that matter; most businesses in Greenville are locally owned. Few towns in California have the personality of Greenville. Aside from the well kept storefronts and building architecture ranging from the 1860s to the 1940s, Greenvilles rural setting alongside the Union Pacific railroad is what makes this town of 1,100 residents so endearing. Located in the northwest corner of the Indian Valley along California Highway 89, surrounded by towering timbered peaks on the northernmost fringe of the Sierra Nevada Range, Greenville is only nine miles from Lake Almanor and the start of the southern Cascade Range, home to Lassen National Park. Greenville was born in the 1860s amidst a quest for gold, but like many other Sierra Nevada frontier towns, as mining played out, logging and ranching grew, and to this day there are still ranches in the Indian Valley, some of which are generational dating back more than 100 years. Logging was prominent in Greenville, especially during World War II, when the appetite for lumber was insatiable. The influx of new residents to California in the 1950s escalated the demand. As a result, lumber and sawmills in Greenville operated around the clock, causing skies choked with smoke from the burning of scrap lumber. However, the economic future of places like Greenville depend greatly on tourism and recreation. Fortunately for local residents, Greenville and the Indian Valley area have no shortage of remote mountain beauty to share with visitors, and as a bonus, very few crowds. For more information of Greenville and Connected Communities, visit the link in our bio. #sierratrails #greenvilleca - @sierratrails on Instagram

we both want the same thing jordan johnson hinds jamie upload tv were on the same thing

- Me_irl

were on the same side renee elise goldsberry quellcrist falconer altered carbon were together

- Anna nicole

were all on the same side were on the same team were in it together were on the same side were fighting for the same thing

Is that them @theinspiredunemployed blokes or nah? - @victorbravosgang on Instagram

were all on the same side same side were partners team working together

- Change in Leeds, UK skyline in just 2 years.

days of our lives dool gabi hernandez dimera camila banus its kinda like were on the same side

Words to live by! - @ecommerce_mentor on Instagram

carisibot sonny carisi same side svu

- 2019 lookin real good right now

were on the same team now ralph macchio daniel larusso cobra kai were on the same side

#bmwclubBlackSea #bmwclubkubannvrsk #bmwclubkuban #bmwclub #bmw #Анапа #Геленджик  #Новороссийск #Novorossiysk #Севастополь #крым #ялта #novoross #novorossiysk #краснодаскийкрай #Краснодар #Крымск #Абинск #темрюк #сочи #туапсе #лазаревское #витязево#ставрополь #москва #автоклуб #авто #девушки - @bmwclubblacksea on Instagram

same moving

- Titanic funny

were on the same side emily cooper lily collins emily in paris im on your side

❤1953-2020❤ 💗SECTOR 17💗 Repost: @chdnews.in @mychandigarh 👉 Double tap for this lovely post ❤️ 🚨NOTE :- ➡Must check our stories for every updates about Chandigarh. @chdlife ➡FOLLOW Once You will Be ADDICTED💕😍👍 ➡keep SHARE & SUPPORT ur page. 😊 Hashtag 👇 #chandigarh #traffic #police #sector17 #chandigarhtrafficpolice #challan #city #wearamask #wearhelmet #precautions #beautiful #greenery #greenbelts #youth #youthchandigarh #lifestyle #chdlife - @chdlife on Instagram

- The power that exudes from this picture of Jimbo and the Frock Destroyers

• • • #theofficemoments #rainnwilson #theofficeusa #theofficeshow #theofficeedit #theofficeedits #lmao #theofficememe #theofficememes #stevecarrell #michaelscott #theofficefunny #theofficeus #funny #creedbratton #funny #meme #memesdaily #memes #funnymemes #bestmemes #stanleyhudson #dundermifflin #scrantonpa #memepage #lol #jimhalpert #johnkrasinski #pambeesley #dankmemes #followme - @theofficeshow___ on Instagram

- UK milf nude mirror pics

- I’m not ugly, just poor

- My 5-year-old got a twenty dollar bill for his birthday. We wrote a thank you note for it and he told me to write, “Thank you for the green ticket with Green Goblin on it.” I didn’t know what he meant at first, but then I got to thinking...

- hmmm

- I have achieved greatness...

- nicki monaj quotes

- Roxxy’s daughter is gorgeous! Show them some love ❤️❤️

A little 24hour photo study of fatherhood for @calvinklein. These pictures were taken last Sunday in my family’s little madhouse. My “DAD-liness” comes from seeing the best dad in the world @assadghorayeb do it so well as well as my gorgeous girls Valentina and Siddy - who have brought happiness to my world that I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams. And ofcourse the greatest mum and wife in the galaxy @modelappetite (image 3&4 what a hot booty ..... sexxxyyyyyymummmmmaaaaaa). #mycalvins #sponsorship #thanksdavidroennfeldt - @georgesantoni on Instagram

Illustration: @max_kersting Schon die neue brand eins mit dem Schwerpunkt Neuer Generationenvertrag gelesen? 👌 Jung und Alt. Seit Aristoteles ein Thema, über das sich lebhaft diskutieren lässt – und vor allem eines, das zur Konfliktbeschwörung taugt. Dabei – und das ist ein durchaus begründeter Verdacht – scheint es vor allem für die mittleren Jahrgänge ein Streitthema zu sein. Großeltern und Enkel dagegen verbünden sich gern, wie auf den Demonstrationen für mehr Klimaschutz, gegen Rechts oder gegen Corona-Leugner immer wieder zu beobachten ist. Jung und Alt haben auch viel gemeinsam: Sie werden gern verkannt, nicht ganz für voll genommen, mit Vorurteilen ausgegrenzt oder gegeneinander in Stellung gebracht. Dass sie dennoch gerade in Krisenzeiten immer wieder zueinander finden, spricht dafür, dass der Generationenkonflikt vor allem eine schlagzeilenträchtige Fiktion ist. Mehr zu Ausgabe in unserer Story 🔝 - @brand_eins on Instagram

- This is Modena’s 10 year challenge. Cars are not allowed anymore in the town historic center!

- @rvcjadult on Instagram

😫😍 @propercosmetic - @propercosmetic on Instagram

Follow our page @Mammookkanz #mammookka #mammootty #the_face_of_indian_cinema #mammookkanz #mohanlal #lalettan #mammooka_fans #mammookka_fans_kerala #mammookka_fans_tamilnadu #mammookka_fans_hyderabad #mammookka_ysr #mammookka_acting_king #maduraraja #mamangam #shylock - @mammookkanz on Instagram

Expatriate is 7 years old today. I’ll be playing Expat sounds live on Twitch this evening from 5pm onwards. Come celebrate! Link in bio. - @expatriatepdx on Instagram

- No comments

- UPDATE! I had no idea there was more of this woman. I have to give her props, she owns her look.

- Going to The Party Like

- Money can also buy you youth

. I am not a sex object!!! BUT I AM PROUD of my body, cause I worked hard for it! . Ich möchte euch zeigen, dass alles möglich ist, um euch zu motivieren! . Mutter zu sein bedeutet nicht, sich selbst komplett aufgeben zu müssen. 👩‍👦‍👦 ich war stolz auf meinen Riesenbauch, genauso bin ich stolz auf meinen hart erarbeiteten flachen Bauch. Selbst ein Bauchdeckenriss hat mich nicht aufgehalten! Wenn du etwas erreichen willst, wirst du es schaffen! Du musst es nur wirklich wollen! GLAUB AN DICH!!!! 💪🏻 . . . . . . #rolemodel #afterhavingkids #afterpregnancy #fitness #inspiration #goals #fitnessgear #workingmom #workoutbuddy #fitnesstrainer #outdoortraining #beactive #behappy #fitmom #fitmoms #singlemom #fitnessbabes #fitnessgirl #fitnessgoals #fitnessmotivation #bodyworkout #workout #shoutout #shoutouts #followforfollow #followme #fitmomsinvienna #gymlife #fitlife #fitnesslifestyle - @fitmomsinvienna on Instagram

- Before the city

- Blonde bimbo

- 30 years difference in Lower Manhattan

- Selfies vs group photo

- Mental Retardation

- Real Housewives of Dallas star, Kameron Westcott, before and after nose job.

- 2016 to 2019

- Wayne and Sal, the first gay couple to welcome a child. Here they are 26 years later ❤❤

- Hmmmmm

- Profit before everything else

- Linda Thompson

It’s close to midnight - @manolohurricane on Instagram

- Ive already botched this year

- USSR censorship example: picture was altered again and again after each person fell out of favor with the regime of Stalin, 1926 [1412x1600]

- We are facing hard times my bruddas

- Sick people

- The iconic scalping of Michelle Visage, 1987 (colourised)

- Jackie Stallone before & after. She has openly admitted she’s botched & that she regrets her plastic surgeries

- Now thats a epic oof

- The first rule of 2017 is to not talk about 2016.

- Original photo reference to the Dick & Jane books. All good artist use photos for reference, so don’t feel like you’re “cheating” by using a photo to draw.

He do be looking cute tho 🥺 #ukgay #gayuk #uktwink #gayboyuk #twinkuk #ukgayboy #lgbtuk #uklgbt #gay #sugardaddy #gaymeme #gaymemes - @ukgays on Instagram

- I did the joke. But they do be like that

- The town of Nogales is split down the middle by the US/Mexico border. Mexico is on the left, and the US is on the right. In 1898 you could cross anywhere. Now there is a 15 foot high wall and border patrol agents every 50 yards. [1437×1580]

Spent the last couple of weeks organizing old hard drives and looking through old scans of film from projects that were shelved 2014-2017 for whatever reason. When @benmullen tagged me in the #sickshares series that @laurensick started, I decided to cut together a few snippets of these 16mm scans. This quarantine has been a period of reflection for many of us, what better way than to look back on old work? I’ve loved what other people have been posting, and would love to see what these folks have up their sleeve @jake_carl_magee_ @izzy_cohan @pitch__please @franklinspov @nba_2k_face_scan @dougdurant @noeljohnhoward - @kennysule on Instagram

- F for the first fallen brother

- Well well well... photo vs. video

- My sister sent this old picture of me yesterday...now I know why it was so hard for me to make friends as a child.

Planos do #BDSP ! ( 📸 @joseafonso_photoart e @fbortoloto ) - @rodrigobocardi on Instagram

- Thanks for the millet, mom. I guess its ok that I had one since it was 1993.

- Two days ago, I posted a picture of Neil Bonnett’s 1993 Talladega flip taken by a fan. Same year, same track, different race, and different driver. A fan captured this image of Rusty Wallace tumbling past the start/finish line at Talladega in 1993. (the-fastlane.co.uk)

- Thats hilarious

- “Angles and posing”

- A man balances on a piece of wood off the edge of a skyscraper, United States, 1939 [1525 × 1662]

- Best lyrics ever uttered on the show

- Bomb Games

- C̶u̶r̶s̶e̶d̶ Rare photo of Katy Perry and Janet Jackson at the VMAS (2009)

- Things have changed (2003 → 2015) [OC]

- I hate titles

- mens mad fashion.

- banana recipes

- *Sigh* it was going to be my year, ok?:(

- Some of these queens are not like the others.... Agree or disagree?

- Arnhem

- Successful (transsexual) singer from my country. First picture is from 1980’s.

- RuPaul and Ellen Degenres at pride in the 90s

- Badass Amazing People


- Wannabe Barbie

- News

- Meirl

Pictures (C) & courtesy of @riocinemaarchive Do you remember Hackney in the 1980s? Would you like to share your memories with Hackney Museum and the Rio Cinema Archive? Reminisce at one of our community sharing events: Friday 13th March, 1-3pm, at Hackney Archives Thursday 19th March, 5-7pm, at Hackney Museum Light refreshments will be provided. RSVP using Eventbrite links in bio. Email museumbookings@hackney.gov.uk. - @hackneymuseum on Instagram

- Imma borrow your portal gun rick !!!

- In celebration of UNHhhh coming back, my favorite picture of these two beautiful creatures

In a world filled with Haters — be a Marilyn ✌🏼 As entrepreneurs, we get used to hearing the word “No” a lot. Does that stop us? Never. We understand that stopping is never the answer. You’ve only ‘failed’ when you give up. SO DON’T. As crazy as this year has been, use it to hustle. Prove every single person wrong who told you that you can’t. That you’re not enough. That it’s too hard. Prove them wrong.✌🏼 Every day is an opportunity to push ahead and get one step closer to your dream. Don’t waste it listening to the haters who are just angry you’re doing what they can’t. Listen to people who have come before you and succeeded. Read, Listen and Apply It.📚 You go, Girl.⭐️ #lashartist #lashartistyeg #femalebusiness #womenwhowork #entrepreneur #yegbusiness #yegbossbabes #lashlineacademy #shareyourart #edmontonlashes #yegbeauty #lashesyeg #beautybiz #lashextensions - @mrskapler on Instagram

- Oh dear 🤣🤣🤣 (found on boomer Facebook)

- She use to be so pretty

- Tb to an episode of Broad City featuring Jan and Brita! (And also Alan Cumming)

Dont blink ❤️ #theygrowupsofast😭 - @mariamoreira93 on Instagram

- oooookay

- For anyone whose ever been through Stillwater, OK, this is all too relatable.

- Architecture: France

- This Han Solo Keychain

- Mermaid Hair by Monat

- Khloe- all these were taken at the same event

- Lol JK

2 years alcohol free 🙏🏻⠀ ⠀ In the end I couldn’t go 24 hours with out booze so to be 24 months feels incredible 🙌🏻⠀ ⠀ If I can do it anybody can!⠀ ⠀ I can now do what I’ve always wanted to do and become the person that I always wanted to be.⠀ ⠀ It’s been a crazy journey but one that I wouldn’t change a second of.⠀ ⠀ Have a great day everyone and enjoy whatever you are doing.⠀ ⠀ @mentality.theofficial⠀ ⠀ ----------------------------------⠀ Need help identifying triggers, dealing with emotions, managing cravings, improving your relationships, and putting your life back together? Check out the SoberBuddy mobile app by clicking the link in our bio today. Your virtual recovery coach! - @sobermotivation on Instagram

- Parking dues for a friend of mine: his job pays for his downtown parking and he got a new pass two and a half years ago. Kept the old pass to see how much debt he could accrue!

- Neil Diamond

- documentary


- I walked my mom down the aisle at her wedding 21 years ago, then at my own wedding last week.

I wanna be this rich. - @__petrolhead____ on Instagram

- Ig vs screenshot

- It was never a phase.

- AA

LEGS LEGS LEGS 💥. . [All Stars 4 - Ep. 6, 3, 9] . . . #rupaul #rupaulcharles #queenofdrag #dragrace #rupaulsdragrace #rpdr #drag #instadrag #dragqueen #queenofdrags #dragqueens #allstars5 #allstars6 #rpdr13 #rpdrseason13 #rpdrseason12 #rpdrseason12 #canadasdragrace #dragraceuk #allstars #rupaulsdragraceallstars #dragfashion #dragmakeup #dragqueensofinstagram #dragshow #dragraceholland #rpdrmemes #dragqueenmakeup #dragracememes #allstars4 - @rupaul_daily on Instagram

- Whew, I made it! If I can do it, so can you. Never give up! A new life is tight around the corner.


- How bad it was.

- James Mcavoy- I couldn’t decide on one picture or character, so thought this would suffice.

- I got a fright when I saw him on my time line

- Instagram model hired for the runway

- This girl has undergone several plastic surgeries to look exactly like Barbie

- These idiots still believe that ice is not melting

- Infertility Blogs

- Me irl

- going to HELL

The same cold stare - just slightly bigger bags under the eyes... #bowlcut - @mogan_ism on Instagram

- Sleep Good Technology Bad

- me_irl

- Paid for by Bert Gang

- Bill Nye memes continues steady rise. Remains safe investment.

- I think I found the inspiration for P Train of the Jersey News

- @bgn.ke.chutiyape on Instagram

- All this time...

- [Fluff] Something tells me that the next Royal Baby is going to be one curly-haired kid!

- Nina Bonina Brown serving you male and female Rupaul

84yrs ago in San Francisco, California. I have had this 1936 photograph of the Golden Gate Bridge in my house for a decade plus. So last week I decided to take a flight #unitedairlines out to the beautiful Bay Area and try to find the spot where this image was captured, back in 1936. (unfortunately I did not bring this reference image with me) So I did not successfully find the EXACT spot nor use the exact focal lengths and exposures as this was just a first attempt/scouting trip. But I know I’m close and my next trip I think I know EXACTLY where to go and will have all the specs dialed in if the tides align. Annnnnd then I grabbed some grub and walked the SF Botanical gardens at Golden gate park for a few hours before flying back. Adventures abound in time and spaces. - @djcorderophotography on Instagram

- Someone posted this girl, but I wanted to show the before. She uses tanning injections to blackfish.

I always feel GREAT after a ZUMBA class 💅🏽 - @thebiancadelrio on Instagram

- For all the Dickpigs out there

- Rupaul’s Delusion Race ft. Jinkx

- Facts

- The Bogdanoff Twins. Masters of plastic surgery

- Little Boy shadow.

Tis time👻🎃💀 - @leaveit2bster on Instagram

Theres something about using our planner that has us continuously setting new goals and intentions ✔️ But how can we keep this enthusiasm alive during times of uncertainty and discomfort? As we enter the final quarter of the year, the secret may lie in embracing that feeling of excitement that comes from trying something new, creating goals, and checking off your to-do lists.⁠ ⁠ Comment below one thing you want to accomplish in the new year!! #stil #2021 #2021planner #motivation - @stilclassics on Instagram

Congratulations to the 2018 F1 World Champion @lewishamilton for his fifth title 🏆🏁! Do you know that the first time he drove a kart was 30 years ago at @ibizakarting ?! He mentioned that fact in his autobiography book. We inspire world champions since 1988! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ¡Enhorabona al campeón del mundo 2018 de F1 @lewishamilton por su quinto título🏆🏁! ¡¿Sabias que la primera vez que pilotó un kart fue hace 30 años en @ibizakarting ?! Él menciono este hecho en su libro autobiográfico Inspirando campeones del mundo desde 1988! . . . #ibiza #karting #speed #competition #summer #friends #holidays #poleposition #adrenaline #fun #race #circuit #rotax #tonykart #birelart #sodikart #like4like #gokarts #racing #compete #spain #lewishamilton #fernandoalonso #follow4follow #life #instagood #honda #party #island #challenge - @ibizakarting on Instagram

Wonderfully familiar repeat adventures are simply the best... another day with @paintedbyspencer❣️❣️❣️ . . . Lashes: “Sydney” by @lillylashes X Eyes: Obsessions Eyeshadow Palettes by @hudabeauty X Glow: “So Hollywood” Loose Hoghlighter by @anastasiabeverlyhills . . #funday #glamsession #hudabeauty #anastasiabeverlyhills #lillylashes #paintedbyspencer #nextmodels - @colleen_heidemann on Instagram

- Becky G

- Last nail in her coffin

- Vänta på bussen som en svensk

- Photos she uses to meet men online vs IRL

- Pandora Boxx serving Madonna. Venus is shaking!

Anna Nicole Smith and her son, Daniel, 1994. - @picshistorical on Instagram

- 10 year challenge

- The other is a pap photo so it’s a bit fuzzy

- I hate the modern glass buildings

- Tramores Walking Dead

- Skopje 1970s vs 2010s

- Lauren Goodger UK reality “star” last two are most recent photos.

- Some old photos I thought you might like - I miss this London already and I wasn’t even born in the 60’s 70’ 80’s or 90’s..

- Gimme that thinning hair in a rainstorm look

- My grandpa & my son with their daddies, 82 years apart

- Someone in this sub commented that I look like Im cosplaying Margaret Atwood. I think I have a new hobby!

No truer words can be said by a trainer to a client than to TRUST THE PROCESS. A real trainer knows the struggle of embarking on a fitness journey and the results that will definitely transpire and transform. @monsieurmccarthy started at 195lbs and wasnt happy with himself. I brought him down to 165lbs, then did a lean bulk where he maintained his abs. The past month has been recomposition phase.Micheals up 14 lbs to 180lbs and is lifting his heaviest weight to date. Strength✔️ confidence✔️fatloss✔️ abs ✔️muscle building ✔️. We are winning on ALL counts Always remember, TRUST THE PROCESS!! Have you worked out today? LETS GO!! #proudcoach ❤️❤️❤️ #jointhefitmovementtoday It may just change your life. #mtltrainer #bootybydesign #fitmemwomen #tristyourcoach #unisextrainer #Workout #Workouts #Workoutmotivation #Physique #Ripped #Gainz #Gains #Gymaddict  #Workoutvideos #Workhardplayhard #NoPainNoGain #GetStrong - @bootybydesign on Instagram

- Fun Fact: Monét only lipsynced when she wore big hair like Ru wanted

- Times they are a changin

- My dad and his best friend 39 years apart, took this a couple years ago but decided to post it now

- HAPPY NINE-NINE! from my trip to NYC last year

- Its all coming together

Escuela normal de Preceptoras: Ubicada en una porción del Cerro Gavilán, en calle Heras entre Caupolicán y Rengo. Era un establecimiento educacional fundado con el objetivo de de formar profesoras para la enseñanza primaria, bajo el modelo de educación francés. Las alumnas fueron principalmente mujeres de escasos recursos y con poca formación, otorgando así, la posibilidad de adquirir una remuneración estable y una formación ilustrada. El terremoto de 1939 dañó considerablemente el edificio, mientras que el terremoto de 1960 lo derribó completamente. Tras la demolición del edificio, se mantuvo vestigios de la escalera señorial. #chile #concepcionchile🇨🇱 #conce #VIIIregion #arquitectura #historia #patrimonio #photography #instaconcepcion - @storian.engan on Instagram

- During Christmas on 1962, a huge snowfall occurred in Barcelona: people could ski across the Ramblas and other famous sites around the city.

- The Grand Hôtel in Stockholm has its ornamental facade restored after it was stripped in the mid-20th century

Inspiration/ Execution #MADONNA - @doverhairmakeup on Instagram

- Cεlεвѕ

- Before and after

- @christiankyork09 on Instagram

- Metal Princess

I always show the ‘fat ➡️ fit’ photos but actually I was probably at my most unhealthiest in this picture. At the time I still thought I was fat and needed to lose more weight, I was barely eating, I’d binge because I was so hungry, then I’d vomit because of the guilt. I’d fill up on water before a meal, every morning I’d nearly faint if I got up too soon. Looking at that photo now I look pale and tired with sunken dark eyes, not happy and full of life. I’ve learnt so much about myself over the last few years but the biggest lesson I’m learning is that it has never been about the weight and has always been about the relationship with myself. I was so fed up of that yo yo lifestyle and the thing that got me out of it wasn’t dieting, it was finding a passion. I’m still learning and still working on the relationship with myself but rather than putting all of my energy into being less I’m putting a hell of a lot of energy into being more! I’m so thankful that I’m so far away from that unhealthy mindset. #powerlifting #passion #followyourbliss #findwhatmakesyoutick #findyourpeople #transformation #healthymind #healthybody #itwasneverabouttheweight #myrelationship #mindbodysoul #useyourtimewisely #youareimportant - @nix_powerlifts on Instagram

- Shangai after 20 years

Melbourne skyline looking north-east over the Yarra River. The clocktower, domes and spires of the 1947 skyline remain intact, but now are dwarfed by more modern buildings. Note the recently completed 80 Collins Street South Tower, continuing the trend of really boring building names. #yarra #yarrariver #skyline #melbourneskyline #oldvsnew #newvsold #melbourne #victoria #australia #melbourneiloveyou #oldmelbourne #cityofmelbourne #melbmoment #seeaustralia #australiagram #ig_australia #comparison #melbournetourism #nowandthen #thenandnow #change #changes #changed #pasttopresent #pastandpresent #visitmelbourne #melbournehistory - @melbournenowthen on Instagram

- The Grady twins(played by Louise and Lisa Burns, circa 1980) in The Shining. After playing creepy 11-year-old twins, the Burns sisters initially hoped to act but were too memorable as dead kids. Now 49 and both residing in London, England, Lisa is a lawyer and Louise is a published scientist.

Hoy celebramos al arquitecto Osvaldo Cáceres González que cumple 94 años de vida y cuyo trabajo fue significativo para el desarrollo arquitectónico de Concepción durante las primeras décadas de la segunda mitad del siglo XX y que sigue activo con proyectos prestos a ser finalizados. Su carrera de 7 décadas, ha estado marcada tanto por el desarrollo proyectual como también por la investigación, documentación y divulgación de la historia arquitectónica nacional, destacando entre sus muchos libros y publicaciones La Arquitectura de Chile Independiente, escrito durante su presidio en el Estadio Regional luego del Golpe de Estado de 1973. Obras como el edificio FIUC, el Mercado de Lorenzo Arenas, la Parroquia Universitaria, el edificio Meyer, la Escuela Alsacia, el desaparecido Colegio Madres Domínicas, el edificio central de ASMAR o el Cine Lido son parte de su extenso catálogo edificado. Junto a Alejandro Rodríguez, Roberto Goycoolea, Eduardo Meissner, Pedro Tagle, Víctor Lobos, Augusto Iglesias y Alejandro Durán formó parte del grupo de arquitectos que fundó la Escuela de Arquitectura de la Universidad Técnica de Concepción en 1969, (actual Universidad del Bío Bío). En paralelo, Cáceres trabajó en diversas áreas, desde el urbanismo a la gestión de proyectos, pasando por el diseño interior y el diseño escenográfico, realizando también trabajos asociados a las artes visuales. Entre 1970 y 1973 fue Director Regional de la CORMU, gestionando obras y remodelaciones en gran parte de lo que hoy son las regiones de Ñuble y Bío Bío destacándose las poblaciones Schleyer en Chillán, Ñancahuazú en Penco, Remodelación Baldomero Lillo en Lota, el seccional Hermanos Peredo en Hualpén (actual LAN B, C) o las remodelaciones Eleuterio Ramírez, 21 de Mayo o Pedro del Río Zañartu en Concepción. Desde mediados de la década de 1970 reside en Los Ángeles y allí inició una nueva etapa, trabajando junto al arquitecto Ronald Ramm y además desarrollando nuevas investigaciones. Hoy, se encuentra a punto de finalizar obras como el Mercado de Santa Bárbara.  ¡¡Felices 94 Osvaldo!! - @historiaarquitectonicaccp on Instagram

- Category Is: Frontrunners going home

Oh how the times have changed....anyone catch the messaging from last nights commercial and Super Bowl Halftime Show regarding the Green Beret turned Texas Long Horn Snapper started playing as a Freshman at 28 years old and two women, Shakira, 43 & JLo, 50 performing, dancing and looking the way they do? Last decade may have been for the 20 somethings, but move over kids, the new 20 looks like 40 plus. Never give up on your dreams, it may take you 20 years to get to where you want to be, but keep going! . . . . . . #jlo #greenberet #texaslonghorn #snapper #shakira #goldengirls #superbowlhalftime #sbliv #chiefs #kansascity #40plus #nevergiveup - @tpkick on Instagram

- Happy Birthday to Farrah Moan 💋 TB to her entrance look that sparked controversy.

. . . #backtothepast #generationx #genx #the80s #the90s #80snostalgia #90snostalgia #80skid - @backtothepast_ on Instagram

At least maybe it’ll be warmer this year. ________________________________________________ Tag or send in your festival pics! ________________________________________________ #decadence #audiotistic#lan2019#lostlands#countdowndnye#insomniacevents#edm#bassmusic#edc#electricdaisycarnival#insomniac#nightclub#electriczoo#lostlandsfestival#edclasvegas#handsomeravers#edcorlando#bassrushmassive#housemusic#lightsallnight#dubstep#edcmexico#ultramusicfestival#dreamstate - @handsome_ravers on Instagram

@joicoeurope @marcantonimasterclass #modellife @esmewilson Stunning Esme Transformation Beautiful Twiggy inspired look - @marc_antoni_joico on Instagram

- @mini_diobrando on Instagram

- Junior from the block

- In The Dark Knight (2008) Wayne Tower is located in a new building due to the monorail disaster in Batman Begins (2005). This new location is located directly next to the original Wayne Tower, and shown as such in Batman Begins.

- Danny La Rue

- Jack Johnson in Paris early 1900s Colorized

- @todayearsold on Instagram

- One injection from going too far

“I’m more comfortable on roller skates than I am on feet.” - @bethennyfrankel - @twojudgeygirls on Instagram

- I was inspired by someone else’s pic of their baby curls so here’s me at about 2 years old and also one of me now ☺️

Astoria: Ditmars Blvd Station & 31st Street Construction, October 2nd, 1913 - @theghostofqueenspast on Instagram

- She’s at it again!


Zoom responsibly! 🍺🍺🍺🤣🤣🤣 post courtesy of @chicago.craft.beers - @beerlifeofficial on Instagram

- What she posts on Instagram vs how she really looks on tv

- Something to add to my bucket list

- Left picture is what she posted to her instagram stating it was from 14 years ago. Right pictures show what she really looked like.

Some things never change 🥰 @justinbieber #holy - @universalmusicbelgium on Instagram

- This street has pretty much stayed the same for over 200 years

- Honorable mention to Jocelyn Wildenstein

- Same energy, same movie, different century.

- Since I’ve just seen her posted here, I decided to make a before and after of her. Even after extensive surgeries, she still seems addicted to photoshop

- Not nice

‪Happy 18th anniversary to my wife and biggest pain in the ass ever to walk this earth 🤣 but she is my pain in the ass and I love her dearly ❤️❤️ best mates since 1986 #anniversary = #dayoff #familytime ‬❤️❤️❤️❤️ - @bellagioglobal on Instagram

- View of Zagreb, Croatia from my window in 1967 and 2020

- Girl i went to high school with. She’s 21 now

- “Waisting” away

- Picture taken before and after destruction of Berlin Wall

- That nose, does it twist at the bottom? Or just me?

- Angel

- Do you think this is her final form yet? Shes 24

- Two guys chillin in a bathtub

#livetalk #tasting #louisXIII with the great @ludacris @kamal @hauteliving #drop by #drop #silenceofthelambs - @luduplessis on Instagram

- Can we get these three for season 2? Assuming S2 will be the season of MW2 maps like S1 was with COD4 maps.

- My character being intelligent doesnt make me intelligent.

Tudo tem seu tempo. Antes e depois dessa maravilhosa😍 @dayanerochac _ _ Mandem seus antes e depois da transição pra ir pro feed🥰 Parcerias: @cacheadaraaiz @negra_gringa_ #cachos #cacheadas #crespo #beleza #voltandoaoscachos #crespa #cacheado #transiçãocapilar #cachosbrazil #inspiration #cachinhosdopoder #empoderamento #blackpower #cachosbra #cacheadasdoInstagram #cachosbr #todecacho #challenge #afro #cachospoderosos #cachos😍 #cachosestilosos #cachosperfeitos #negra #afropuff #meuscachos  #intimasdaray #cachosmuitoamorenvolvido #charmedasmolinhas - @charmedasmolinhas on Instagram

#TBT Before WAP there was senior prom💦😂 . . #yesitsme #wap #cardib #megantheestallion #throwback #throwbackthursday - @shibarussell on Instagram

- She was so cute before! Her insta is filled with the most horrifying pics. Her face. Her poor, poor face.

. . . #backtothepast #generationx #genx #the80s #80skids #80snostalgia - @backtothepast_ on Instagram

- The power of FaceTune

- Selfie vs tagged photo

- Philadelphia recreation real life vs game

- My favorite Photoshop addict. Its like she doesnt realize people see her on TV & in paparazzi photos

- I thought this could be interesting to post here: Fitness Expert Photoshopped Herself to Show Different body Standards Througout History

- Sitting pretty

- I saw this on a friends FB post. Obviously not my photo, but cool none-the-less.

- TIL we have a building bigger then the Vatican.

- I saw a post earlier of an 83-year-old woman. More specifically, she’s a Thai socialite known for her extravagant wealth and antique collections. On the left is a photo of her in her 40’s.

- Then and now pictures

Lost a dear friend today, to this fucking virus. Love you Chef and thinking of all the people lives you have touched but most importantly your family. Raising a glass full of single malt in your honor with one poured out for you. @floydcardoz #tabla4ever - @kevinpricher on Instagram

- Canary Wharf, London. 1990-2019

I made one - @jasonharriscomedy on Instagram

- Street view is current, but the aerial photos are years out of date

- The waistline, the hair, the lips, the chin, everything gets edited

- Reality show vs her instagram

- We need to find who did it

- Something different

- Blursed_judy

I found some pictures from when I was living in Florida I used to get my life Taking selfies 🤪 - @xosonique on Instagram

- KZB whyyyyy, shes so pretty in the left!

Now these are some GOALS 😍🤪🤩 . As if I couldn’t love Betty White even more... 🤯 . . @bettymwhite #betty #bettywhite #goals #lifegoals #lifegoals💯 #lifegoals❤️ #howtolive #agingwell #mindblown #classy #classic #classicbeauty #vintage #pinup #pinupgirl #pinupstyle #vintagestyle #rjbinjectables #bettywhiterocks Posted @withregram • @goth_sweet_hell 🖤🌖🌕🌔🖤 Via @goth_viral . - @robynbeautyrn on Instagram

- Before and after

- Facetune vs tagged. The same day or one day a part (and yes shes wearing makeup in the tagged one too)

- The permanent scars of WW2 in Koln, Germany

- Inspiration

- trl/music.

- Construction is well underway around Battersea in London which will rival both the skylines of Canary Wharf and the City of London

Kronenburgersingel, Nijmegen the Netherlands. 22-02-1944 / 22-02-2020. As Nijmegen became the target of opportunity massive amounts of damage was buildings and structures throughout the inner city. Follow me @worldwarnowthen for more daily pictures! #wwii #wwiihistory #history #historyfacts #historybuff #ww2 #worldwar2 #worldwar2history #ww2buildings #ww2history #ww2daily #ww2dailyhistory #ww2photos #ww2pictures #ww2photography #bombardementnijmegen #herdenking #memorial #ww2memorial #ww2nowandthen #nowandthen #thenandnow #nijmegen #nijmegencentrum - @worldwarnowthen on Instagram

- I was watching Kim of Queens and decided to look where some of the girls were now. Her lips then (12) vs now (18). Makes me so sad

- Had to make an extra stop when I was in NYC. Welcome back Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

- Been through some big changes. Happy now.

- I can’t even

Hey you! When we saw you for the first time, We felt an unexplainable pleasant feeling which warmed our heart, We liked you a lot, We loved you and continue to love till the end, People worked inside felt proud , You became part of our lives, You made it colorful, You made the city even more beautiful , Your presence made so vibrant on the American soil, You made the perfect skyline, You are captured in every photograph of us, You made us to admire you by looking up with tall,iconic,magnificent and strong structure, You walked along with us, You chilled along with us, You have witnessed all our emotions, But why..... You left us in the middle of our life... . . . . Its been 19 years since the 9/11 attacks. 9/11 is the single deadliest terrorist attack in human history and the single deadliest incident for firefighters and law enforcement officers in the history of the United States, with 343 and 72 killed, respectively. On this day we remember to those we fought for our nation and to those we have lost on that tragic day . Let we unite at this moment to pay respects and pray for the victims and their families who lost their loved ones. Let the almighty give the strength to overcome the pain of their loss even after 19 years. Never Forget ❤🇺🇸 Picture Credits: David Monderer #worldtradecenter#twintowers #northtower#southtower#wtc#wtc1#wtc2#ny#nyc#manhattan#lowermanhattan#911#neverforget#rip#missit#america#americanglory#like4likes#newyorkcity #oldnewyork#newyorker - @wtc_memories on Instagram

In the middle between Spring and Broadway 1957/2018... Do you ever wonder what was before near your residence/work area? 🤨 . . #mycity #dtla #downtownla #downtownlosangeles #ourcity #la #losangeles #cityofangels #ilovela #socal #losangelescity #historicla #lahistory #historicdtla #treasuresofla #lastreets #streetsofla #instagood #vintagephotos #seedtla #oldDTLA #oldLosAngeles #oldiebutgoodie - @historicdtla on Instagram

- Beautiful places

- Its sad that some people cant love their self

- Ill get back to you in four years...

- Köningsberg (kaliningrad) was once one of the most important cities in the prussian empire and one of the most beautiful cities in the world but during WW2 the soviets bombed the city and left everything in ruble. The soviets rebuilt nothing and little to nothing is left of the old Köningsberg.