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- Jimi Hendrix in an apartment he was subleasing from Ringo Starr 1966. He wrote The Wind Cries Mary here.


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- [SELF] Puny Banner! My Ragnarok Bruce Banner cosplay


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Happy Birthday to @liamlynch111 (director of The Pick of Destiny). You mother loving genius! - @tenaciousd on Instagram

honoka ✧*。fighto dayo~

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- Conjoined twins

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Join us this SATURDAY, AUGUST 8th at 5:00pm PDT for our Soirée “And now...Mozart!” Zoom link in bio (or email!!! - @musicaltraces on Instagram


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- Happy birthday Rebecca!

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how to end a video 101- it seems i ran out of water~ (watch me adore these pics✨) pls like my recent edit! thx #aidan #aidangallagher #aidanrgallagher #aidangallagherpics #revelations #netflix #explore #explorepage #exploremore #viral #picture #trending #aidansarmy #umbrellaacademy #tua - @bluphvs on Instagram

Utility Company Demands To Speak To Dead Home Owner, Daughter Obliges

Find Your Feline Match: The Best Cute Cat Pictures for Your Pinterest Collection

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- Blursed_Brutalmoose

17 Times Celebrities Have Been Accused Of Getting Intimately Involved With Their Costars

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🔟 YEARS.☀️⛺️🐅🎭📞 🎡 ⛪️💋👨🏻‍🎓🚗🌴 💶 📕🚗🌲📡 🕯 👩🏽‍⚖️📗🐈👯‍♀️💍👩🏽‍🎓⚖️🚗🌴📘🤵🏻👰🏽🎊🦖🦕⛩🍣🧞‍♂️🎢🎥 🐺 🛴🌬🏡💕♾ - @teddysteinkellner on Instagram

That’s suspicious that’s weird

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Felt great to back at it with my good friend @matthew.jost playing a bunch of new tunes. #busking #kidsrock @littlekidsrock #littlekidsrock #drumuniversity #drummersofinstagram #kidmusicians #drummer #guitarist #kidguitarist #schoolofrock #gretavanfleet @gretavanfleet #whenthecurtainfalls #greenday @billiejoearmstrong #greendayfans #gretavanfleetfans #gretavanfleetarmy #fatherofall - @ezdrumsnyc on Instagram

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My heart goes out to Riley’s family and friends - @aainem on Instagram

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- My parents in 1992

Deku Vigilante Pfp Sharpness

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The opening of this evening’s #JoshGatesTonight was the most time consuming dumb idea in Josh Gates history. For the 57 of you who got it, I love you all. @discovery - @gatesygram on Instagram

15+ Weird Sights Were Glad Someone Had Their Camera Handy For

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Przy nagrywkach i zdjęciach było równie duszno co teraz 🥵 Zadbajcie o odpowiednie chłodzenie i nawadnianie!🥤💦 #stayhydrated 📸 @piotrmatey #river #nature #water #jelsa #gretsch #fender #rhodes #studio - @jelsaband on Instagram

Mans Dog Runs Away, Returns With Some Unlikely Companions

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I love this time capsule! Time traveling with Fred is fun 🕯#elitehackers #whitegloves #smilingatNBC #tripsaroundthesun #tinyhistories *reposting from the one and only and brilliant @sordociego Fred describes it all better- but the original little screen grab was from 2009 when I was the music guest on SNL and that room was my dressing room. Fred was doing these after show interviews in a super fun analog way and I did one with him! Then 10 years later I was on @latenightseth where Fred is MD of the band and he told me that the room still exists. We ran there for a sneaky re-enactment. Being sneaky with Fred is funny cause everyone knows him. I think he took more pictures with people but eventually we got our chance and @shervinfoto took the 2019 shot! Hugs and holiday cheer and fun being sent to you all 🎶❄️🦄🎄 - @reginaspektor on Instagram


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After four long years of waiting and constant hold backs we finally got to see New Mutants. Ethan got to live his dream and I got to enjoy a great movie. Please give this movie a watch because I feel like no one is gonna give this movie a fair shake with it being delayed for years and with no one caring about these characters. 4/5 🙏 Bless this movie. #thenewmutants #newmutants #marvelsthenewmutants #newmutant2020 #marvel - @nightfall_cosplay on Instagram

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Tonight’s Special talk on “Do we really have free will?” by Bhagavat Ashraya Prabhu, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada. Yes we do have some free will which needs to be done within the limit else we face consequences. On the other hand we don’t have it, many situations are not under our control. Krishna has ultimate supreme free will. #gaurangakirtan #mantrameditation #yoga #spirituality #healing - @gaurangakirtan on Instagram

૮Ꮚ ´͈ ⁄⁄`͈꒱ა ♥︎̶ s᧑f𝘁 🐾

Weird Photos to AirDrop - Things To AirDrop People - Cursed Pictures - Funny AirDrop Photos

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After a quiet 2019 in terms of releases we are very pleased to have a few on the horizon for this year. First up we are thrilled to be working with Belfast psych rockers @junkdrawerband on their debut LP Ready for the House. After a number of singles last year, one of which won Best Single at the Northern Ireland Music Prize -first DIY act to scoop this award no less -the record will land on 22nd April on 12 vinyl and digital. - @artforblind on Instagram

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- I was Bernard the Elf in 9th grade...

Ghost (Character)

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- Bohemian Rhapsody contains numerous historical inaccuracies. One such example is despite releasing in 2018, the movie prominently features Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991.

30 Times People Saw The Creepily Weird Things At People’s Houses

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- [Main Spoilers] Hes too small for me

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- Hes a national treasure

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Until tonight I thought the stories of legendary @sandydiamondofficial we’re just folklore. One of the most respected managers in the game was at the video Shoot. We heard stories that he was involved in that would make a sailor blush. @sandydiamondofficial doesn’t get enough credit for all his contributions to the entertainment industry. He invented the guarantee, the toaster, and the back end deal. A true pioneer, and an all American bad ass, it was a pleasure. Thanks for stopping in. Sandy is the envy of all men and desire of all women. He’s the one the only @sandydiamondofficial . For more info go to #diamondsareforever #sandydiamond #1000yardstare #diamondforpreseident #payupsuckas #whitechocolate #bigperm #agirlsbestfriend - @chadbluemoon on Instagram

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TONIGHT: @captainfattys from 7-9pm! Come on out and support some local businesses. We know its hard but in times like these its important to be safe but to continue living! 📷 @stellarseance - @lastresortforever on Instagram

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- Alessia cara

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- @johniklas on Instagram

erik meijer flyeralarm flyeralarm digital erik meijer

Don’t do drugs. #10years - @tomahawktarnol on Instagram

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- This girl is surprisingly... Shagadelic...

erik meijer flyeralarm flyeralarm digital erik meijer

- Funny - Love to laugh... Nothing meant to offend... just things I find Humor in...

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- Buddha hippie reggae stoner ?

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- Daniel Radcliffe looking more like Harry Potter than he did when he was Harry Potter (x-post r/harrypotter)

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Caption this 💭 #1992 #freshfruit #thegoodmen #lunch - @chocolatepuma on Instagram

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A very Happy Birthday to the legend @pierrerobertwmmr today! His contribution to music is above and beyond. @933wmmr thanks for all you do. #livemusic #philly #americandj - @toddthemofo on Instagram

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- Interesting...

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...this is my fav photo of Jonas. Doesn’t get any better. 🏴‍☠️ - @thesessiononair on Instagram

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Never before seen photos from #TimCurrys studio portrait session in #NewYork City on July 20, #1980. (Photos by Ebet Roberts/Getty Images) Originally shared by - on Instagram

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Take it from Tom Kenny: Nerds vote... and so do pirates! It’s National Voter Registration Day, so if you’re not registered to vote, get off your poopdeck and register today! 🤓 Clickable link in bio! . #vote #nationalvoterregistrationday #tomkennyvotes #areyoureadykids #getoffyourpoopdeck #registertovote #nerdsvote #everybodyvote - @tomkennyandthehiseas on Instagram

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Social Distancing Fusion Style 😷😀 Lars Mullen spent the day recording with the legendary record producer Gil Norton, maintaining all social distancing rules, thanks to Fusion gig bags. - @fusion_bags on Instagram

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- Daniel and me in our holographic-eye glasses, 1988. All these years later and we both still do art for a living.

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- Brad Bell

love happy funny cute space

- Avatar

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- Bam Bam Brown

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- PsBattle: Someone dressed as Kuzco.

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- $8 haul from the local GW... Stay Classy

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Going through old hard drives. Proof that I have always been an idiot. Just not always a bald idiot. - @rodhassler on Instagram

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I guess dreams really do come, while at work at @armstronggarden , I met 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗺𝗮𝗻, 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗺𝘆𝘁𝗵, 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗹𝗲𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗱 @billnye the science guy 🚀 🌎 ♻️!!! I don’t really remember much because I kinda blacked out from excitement, but from what I do remember is that he was very humble and genuinely interested in speaking with me. ⠀ ⠀ This was especially an important moment for 𝗦𝗨𝗦𝗧𝗔𝗜𝗡𝗔𝗕𝗟𝗘 𝗦𝗛𝗔𝗡𝗘 because 𝙸 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚗𝚎𝚡𝚝 𝙱𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝙽𝚢𝚎 🚀 ♻️ 🌱 My plan is to create videos geared towards school classrooms, at about 10-15 minutes each, that teach about sustainability in funny & informative, naturally, I slid Bill Nye my Youtube channel and he’s going to watch my videos😍😭😭 ⠀ ⠀ Big things coming soon!!Ahhh!Sjdbhes!!!hdhdk!!!9/!:&;!!!! #lucky #billnye #sustainableshane #sustainability #school #environment #environmentalawareness #ecofriendly #ecoliving #climatechangeawareness #climatechangeactivist #motherearth #saveourplanet#zeroemissions #trees #leonardodicaprio #losangelesblogger#sandiegoblogger - @sustainable.shane on Instagram

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- I just want to say all the up and down my journey was 100% worth it. I lost 125 pound at 40 years old.

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- Beardology

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- Costume Research

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- The heavy wind completely destroyed my hair in this picture, but how are the clothes?

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- PsBattle: Weird Al and Neil Degrasse Tyson

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Back to filming with these beautiful ladies. #greenscren #sketchcomedy #comedy #actors #filming #gh4 #bmpcc4k - @vadimbrunell on Instagram

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Hello! Sarchasm just announced our new LP, which you can get through Asian Man Records! We recorded this just a month ago, and are so stoked to share the first single today. Link in my bio for all the goodness, I’m super happy with how this came out and hopefully you’ll love it too! - @lavasocks on Instagram

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- Life isn’t divided into genres. - Alan Moore [650*390]

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- AC/DCs Bonn Scott and Scottish groupies - 1979

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Tuesday in the Park with Patrick and Myrtle (not pictured here) #🌳#💚 - @paulatbmg on Instagram

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another big ol “wiseacre” outtake from @jtrav. you can find the record on @bandcamp and everywhere else. the al gore rhythm on @spotify. you can put a hollowed log up to your ear and the whole album will play front to back. a holograph of this photo will appear and I will whisper “pee pee poo poo”. love you all. thanks for continuing to listen and support. don’t worry. the silliness will return someday. - @strangeamerica on Instagram

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- Eric Stewart


- @darknetflix on Instagram

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If youre bored and youre too impatient for our new single😉, listen to our band playlist Quarantined with Color of Nothing ! 10 personal favs from each member of the band ! Follow on our IG story or through our Spotify profile ! Love ya, keep staying safe ! ❤️❤️✌️✌️🤘🤘❤️❤️ #music #musician #colorofnothing #newmusic #single #fender #stratocaster #telecaster #gibson #spotifyplaylist #roland #playlist #mxr #bosspedals #guitar #marcobass #pbass #jazzbass #markbass #bass #zildjian #yamaha #meinl #vicfirth #dw #drums #cool #funny #lit #dope - @colorofnothing on Instagram

begr%C3%BC%C3%9Fung k%C3%BCste norden norddeutschland m%C3%B6ven

Heres a #throwback to our 80s / #Eurovision / no farkin idea what we look like but theres #cake inspired Photoshoot to celebrate the release of our 7th album Colours in the Sun. 🌈🤩 If we were to do a cover of a song from the 80s, what song could you hear us performing? Photos by @darkspiritphotography #voyagerau #progmetal #synthprog #keytar #coloursinthesun #80s #newwave #beerybois - @voyagerau on Instagram

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Hope you have a Marvelous Halloween! - @hannahelong on Instagram

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- 19, my skin got better since last time I posted, I exclusively drink from slime rancher mugs now, tear me down

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Today I am beyond thrilled to have signed to @pmrrecords as Executive Producer for @daniel_briskin We met in early 2019 and I was immediately blown away by his unbelievable voice and talent. Since then we have been on an incredible voyage of creativity together that has had us cross paths with some amazing people on the way This is just the beginning of the journey for this young man with a beautifully bright future ahead of him and I’m honoured and grateful to be a part of it Music to follow in the near future #DanielBriskin #PMRRecords #ExecutiveProducer - @jamieojreynolds on Instagram

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Did you know we did our first show together 45 years ago today? . . . #minnesotarenaissancefestival #magic #juggling #renaissancefestival #renaissancefaire #anniversary - @pennandtellerlive on Instagram

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In the spirit of Leo season/ Leonine excess, here are way too many pictures of my 🦁 sweetie — HBD @akgmusic ❤️ - @emilyskillings on Instagram

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21 years young w the homies at a barnes & noble - @theeetone on Instagram

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- I got to work and my manager said Go see what Austin and Dautis are wearing next door. Unplanned group costume. How did we do, Reddit?

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Wir haben für euch wieder eine neue Folge der German Lesson parat - heute besonders lustig! 🤣 versucht mit seinem Gitarristen Seth typisch deutsche Wörter zu erraten und auszusprechen. Mit einem Whiskeyglas 🥃 gewappnet geben die Zwei ihr Bestes, der Ansammlung an Konsonanten und Vokalen Herr zu werden. Wer wissen will, was jeder Mensch hat, der keine Country Musik mag und vor allem wie es sich anhört, wenn es ein Amerikaner versucht auszusprechen, sollte sich das Video nicht entgehen lassen ☝️ Den Link zu unserem Youtube Kanal findet ihr in der Bio! - @c2cfestivalgsa on Instagram

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- Heard we were posting pics of ourselves with Weird Al. Well here’s one that looks like my left arm is missing.

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- vocês já viram MasterJEANf?

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In the midst of everything going on i didn’t realize this dropped! Dir: @andymadeleine_ for @miilkiina Colorist: Me Check out the link in bio. - @brownraddad on Instagram

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Finn at The Addams Family premiere #pugsleyaddams - @rhondaspiesstylist on Instagram

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Este jueves toca Paul con entradas agotadas en @magnoliosala . Estén atentxs por próximas fechas de @cosmovvisiones - on Instagram

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Unterwegs mit @g.krabbenhoft 💗#ontheroadagain #train #work #love #liebe #berlin #wolfsburg #happy - @marta_pr_ on Instagram

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💡 - @kajtek on Instagram

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Thank you so much for the heartfelt and emotional reception from @assassinscreed_us fans around the world. #assassinscreed #assassinscreedvalhalla @assassins_uk @assassinscreedfr @assassinscreedgame_it @assassinscreed_gsa - @kyd.jesper on Instagram

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It was a total success!! Thank you @kc_fashionweek for an awesome experience! Cant wait to participate again 💖💖 - @olivemartinidesigns on Instagram

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🤵🏼🪕 - @thomas_smyth on Instagram

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These pics came up in my memories 😭❤️ @readyby21mentoring #allgrownup - @kyrastonington on Instagram

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Novmichi Tosa and his nonsense machines in first concert since 2007. #breath #nobumichitosa #homosapiensihearyou #otomatone - @rachperr on Instagram

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Drinks coffee, feels fancy - @dianecoffeeofficial on Instagram

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Could it be? Student Health making an Instagram post? ✨Yes. ✨ Current, our second EP will be out SOON! I can’t exactly say when, but if you stay with us long enough you’ll find out ❤️ stay safe homies 📸: @mollystallsmith - on Instagram

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This year July 4th is looking and feeling a bit different. Celebrate queerness, POC, immigrants, women, and fight for equality, justice, and peace. ————————————————————————-NEW WORK with @babyyors wearing a killer blue suit by @anthonythomasgalante, styled by @skirtsuit , hair @iamalelu and thanks @limbo.luck for the disco ball ❤️ - @haleyvaracallophotography on Instagram

freakmeaning fre4k freak among us among us among

- [Self] Sweeney Todd

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- Bible

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- Richard Ayoade anyone?

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- [WDYWT] I’m blue

mom powerful stephen

⚡️Peinga Rayo con discográfica 💿@lacupulamusic y productor🎚@carlosannoficial anoche en la expo #lamovida celebrando que terminamos las mezclas y el mastering del #putodisco. 😃 . Y como mastering rima con catering, ahí que fuimos. ⚡️⚡️⚡️🍤⚡️⚡️⚡️ . . #cateringhepburn #lamovidamadrileña #expo #barcelona #musica #mastering #catering #mcnamara #peingarayo #putodisco - @peinga_rayo_y_las_aeromozas on Instagram

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A to kto? Krystian Wieczyński jako pan Kleks! 😍 Szaleństwo i fantazja, czyli to co lubimy najbardziej 🙈 Już za tydzień - 3 i 4 października premierujemy AKADEMIĄ PANA KLEKSA 🎭🎓🎼 to co? Bilety już kupione? . . #teatr #teatrminiatura #akademiapanakleksa #janbrzechwa #janbrzechwadzieciom #lektura #premiera #igerspoland #igersgdansk #szaleństwo #kolory #radość #entuzjazm - @teatrminiatura on Instagram

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From thick to thicc - @aaronwpatrick on Instagram

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- Give me the Harpo Marx

hiphop red boy character cap

- Happy Mothers Day to April’s Mom!

weird al yankovic turn on suave mustache

We are thrilled beyond reason to announce our only gig for possibly the next 8 years at @blaaoslo on the 13th of August. All money going directly to unemployable musicians. Extremely limited tickets available from the venue. Hail Satan. #dashthehenge #dashestodashes - @fat_white_family on Instagram

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REPORTAGE 🎬 La vie au travail des purple poulpies, officiellement artistes associés au @pluspetitcirquedumonde 💪🔥💓 - @irvin_anneix on Instagram

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- In Wayne’s World 2 [1993] two young SNL writers played nerdy Aerosmith fans near the beginning of the movie. The two are now award-winning comedy legends: Robert Smigel and Bob Odenkirk.

pepega pepe pepe dancing pepega dancing

Still buzzing from our incredible show this past Friday w/ @chazzybelt and @hughfuchsen. Let’s make it a repeat in a couple weeks at our upcoming show w/ @mega.dose and @eedanner! We still have a limited supply of hot new tshirts available - grab one at Belltown Yacht Club on the 13th!! Also, if your state votes tomorrow as part of Super Tuesday, I can’t stress enough how important it is that you #VoteBernie!!!!!!!!! - @versing_theband on Instagram

weird al say what

- im here in Kuwait, meet cast of our game ! THEY ARE AMAZING! Roger was so happy!

uhh weird glitch

Great time seeing the boys @surfacesmusic - @feedmezach on Instagram

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- My dad (on the right) in the early 80s with his bowling team

Single incoming tomorrow! Pre-save yours now! Link in yo-yo! - @brigt___ on Instagram

- face swap fails

Happy Birthday to my Virgo King! @therealjohncourage 🧑‍🦰 Years ago in the Pacific Northwest this sweet fireball was born into the world and we are all lucky for it! I picked this photo of John because this is him in his element, doing what he loves, what he works hard for and what he was born to do. If you have ever had John backing you up on stage you know he’s got you- he will bring you into his tonal universe and sonically take your songs some place far away. Everyday for the last 8 years this man brings me coffee in bed before going to practice guitar. He is a solid man. Help me shower him with some birthday love today 💕 John- You are such a wonderful husband and human who is always striving to be better and do better. IDK what I would do without you- and I am grateful you are in this life with me! Thank you for always growing with me and loving me through this wild road through life. We quarantine well together ❤️ ILY forever 💋Schlee 📷: @pavligerp - @schlee_official on Instagram

- To celebrate my Reddit birthday, Id love to share a photo of me with one of my heroes from a few years ago.

nothing like making noise w ppl u enjoise - @prestoncanavan on Instagram

- clean

- ITAP of guy offering some advice. @ramjetcreations

- Tim burton & Johnny Depp

- Man Man

The rumors we started are true! Today were welcoming Toronto-based rockers @kiwijr to the Sub Pop Family. Check out darkly comic new track + video Undecided Voters and meet the band at Kiwi Jr. had this to offer on the single: “We all know UNDECIDED VOTERS: democracy’s driftwood, the third planks in the flotsam that purple the pie chart, always on sight and never a part of the scene. Placing imminent demise neatly to one side, KIWI JR. concentrate on the real Issues: the terrible alliance between King Crab and the timezones; 3D printing causing mass sculptor redundancies; and the playlist at the Duane Reade. After all, who is it we’re really voting for: Spartacus or the dead?” . . #KiwiJr #UndecidedVoters #KiwiClub #KiwiClubRecords #SubPop - @subpop on Instagram

Its here! Download at #newalbum #folkrockmusic #indiemusic - @gatheringtimetrio on Instagram

- Buddy Holly played his last concert at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, in 1959. The light plane crashed near the Iowa-Minnesota border, killing Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson,a.k.a.The Big Bopper. Waylon Jennings. , playing bass here, traded seats with Holly, and lived.

- Paisley Scotland

What better way to spend #HobbitDay then a deep dive into our archives? Spotted: Baby-faced cast & crew with some of our earliest Middle-earth collectibles 🥰 🧝‍♀️ @boydbilly & sculptor Mike Asquith; 🧝 @dom_monaghan_ & sculptor Sacha Lees; 🧝‍♂️ @seanastin & sculptor/designer Warren Mahy; 🧙‍♂️ From left: Sculptor/designer Shaun Bolten, designer Daniel frosted-tips Falconer, Sean Astin, Elijah Wood & Warren Mahy. Cheers to every #Baggins, #Brandybuck, #Gamgee & #Took the world over 🍺#wetaworkshop #hobbit #throwback - @wetaworkshop on Instagram

- Music ☮

- Allerlei (Sundry)

- Someone needs to tell Aunt Nastya to retake her mail order bride photo

FBF - @keithhenry on Instagram

- Curly Boy Hours

- Film captures curls nicely

... Oh yea, PHOTOBOOTH PHOTOS ARE UP! *batch 1of2 tag yofineself #everybodysweats - @thegoodcleanfun on Instagram

🌱🌬 I will ground with my feet among the weeds 🌿 - @hollytheriot on Instagram

Ayúdanos a compartir , esto se ha alargado mucho . - @junta_de_vecinos_5_pinos_ on Instagram

- OK so here is a theory, Judah is Hozier

- Hidden Valley Ranch: Turning teenagers into terrorists since 2013

- This picture I took of my 6ft 7in nephew with my 4ft 11in mum reminded me of something

Bass cowboy Photo by @opebius - @tobacco_pastorius on Instagram

Sono particolarmente felice ed orgoglioso di far parte di questo incredibile disco dedicato a Marc Bolan & T.Rex “AngelHeaded Hipster”. Io suono lorgano Hammond in Bang A Gong (Get It On) cantata da David Johansen celebre cantante dei mitici New York Dolls. In questo doppio vinile tributo suonano U2, Elton John, Nick Cave, Joan Jett, Julian Lennon, Marc Almond, Peaches e altri. Prodotto da uno dei più grandi: Hal Willner, uno dei più talentuosi colossi della musica dei nostri tempi, purtroppo ha lasciato questo mondo lo scorso aprile. Il disco è stato mixato da Marc Urselli grande sound engineer attivo a New York, il quale mi contattò perché non trovavano lorganista adatto per questo brano, ho registrato il mio organo ed è piaciuto ad Hal Willner di conseguenza la mia parte è stata scelta. Assieme a me musicisti deccellenza come Marc Ribot alle chitarre, Paula Henderson al sax baritono, Tony Scherr al basso. Il disco lo consiglio a tutti è molto bello, toccante, con musicisti eccezionali e prodotto con grande maestria. Marc Bolan vive con noi! #AngelheadedHipster #MarcBolan #trex #HalWillner #DavidJohansen #BangAGong #EnriZavalloni #Enri #organ #Hammond #credits #records #vinyl #MarcUrselli #U2 #EltonJohn #NickCave #MarcAlmond #Peaches #NewYorkDolls #EnricoZavalloni #MarcRibot - @enrizavalloni on Instagram

Thank you to everyone who supports us and what we do! We couldnt do it without you! - @sagesentertainment on Instagram

This year on Halloween I found a bob Ross XD - @cosplayofmarvel on Instagram

Somos cables en el mar Somos plastico en la arena Somos cobre en la moneda Somos oro en la iglesia Canta una bella canción Desnuda hasta que salga el sol Senderos en mi corazón Perdido siempre estoy mejor Somos dueños del azar Al truncarse la ruleta Somos libres al amar Somos fuego en la arboleda Canta una bella canción Desnuda hasta que salga el sol Senderos en mi corazón Perdido siempre estoy mejor - @cruzhunkeler on Instagram

Directors @sorensroom & @blackksocks EP @kir.m_ Producer @thewarthog DOP @pieter_filmstills Grade @alexgregorycolour @millchannel 1st Ad @chris_malin Production designer @bobbiecousins Assistant Art Dir Declan Price PM @hugoholford Coordinator @teagueistrying Gaffer @milocosemans Rigging Gaffer @helio.ribeiro Sparks Craig Cambell / Joseph Herridge-Nowell / Jake Buckley / Sebastian Nowell / Leroy Tulloch Lighting Desk Operator Kester McClure Focus Puller @pjheron Loader @joshtilley_ Camera Trainee @rich.parsons94 Key Grip Emmet Cahil Cart Crane Tech Charlie Townsend Head Op Agnieszka Szeliga Camera Kit from @onestopfilms @kodak_shootfilm  - @pieter_filmstills on Instagram

venderé este saco pero antes me tomé unas fotos como ceo del indie rock - @kittycatheads on Instagram

Buenos días. Recordamos a Marc Bolan el dia de su nacimiento en 1947, fue un músico y cantante británico y una de las figuras más populares del glam rock durante la década de 1970. Fue el líder del grupo Tyrannosaurus Rex, nombre posteriormente acortado a T. Rex. El sobrenombre de Bolan es una contraccion del nombre de su admirado Bob Dylan. #GPS10 llevamos #DiezAñosGirando y #NosVemosEnLasSalas - @girandoporsalas on Instagram

Esse #tbt aquece o coraçaum - @odantas on Instagram

- Love this soulful doofus & his music: Mayer Hawthorne.

If one thing became clear last night during the presidential debate it is : VOTE. @whenweallvote @doverstreetmarketnewyork @doverstreetmarketlosangeles - @ari_marcopoulos_official on Instagram

- Link Neal (Rhett and Link)

- New Beck 7 out on third man records 5/29

- hmmm

- Gimme dat chia pet look

butterfly boi - @lawrencepruitt on Instagram

What a fun day letting loose for the Glorious Machine music video! Premiers this Friday! @davidleedrums @izzy_issant @kornov @goldenrobotrecords @crusaderrcds #Shotgunmistress, #crusaderrecords, #goldenrobotrecords, #indiemusic, #madeinaustralia, #music, #musiclovers, - @izzy_issant on Instagram

More Paul, Les Paul-Mastering sessions don’t require them but it is more fun. @rocket_stahr #audiomastering #masteringengineer #studiolife #masteringstudio - @joelambertmastering on Instagram

- Beautiful Music

SHOOT TO MARRY wins the Audience Award at Slamdance! #ShootToMarry #slamdance2020 #slamdance - @stevemarkle on Instagram

- Friendus, middle school prom extraordinaire

- I was in the closet for 25 years. Today My boyfriend asked me to marry him and i said yes

- Great Comedy

Bom feriado a todos! @thewebbrazil @marillionofficial Rio 2014 - @thewebbrazil on Instagram

- recently out as queer/asexual and life is good

- For not knowing what Im doing it turns out OK, but Im sure things could be improved. Any tips?

François, art student . . . @atelier_francois_brunet @wadmag . . . #interiordecor #parisianstyle #parisien #portrait #redhair #surfer #surfing #6x6 #hasselblad500cm #hossegor #baudouinphotography - on Instagram

- 34 and have always had a buzz cut until I decided to not cut it at all. Who knew Id have such curly locks?

stream @swimfanban’s new single ‘Come Over’ on Spotify and all other streaming other streaming platforms 😏😏😏 - @josehnandezmusic on Instagram


No episódio dessa semana do Tá Pago participei de um esquete com o @guisantana e foi muito divertido! O vídeo tá lá no YouTube da @tntbr! - @cintragui on Instagram

Its #flashbackfriday and that means some classic soul music, Clean air, and the start of the weekend are all causes for celebration. We are just 46 days from the election! Now lets all vote so we can get this orange, mr. potato head looking 🙄Guy (yes you know who Im talking about!) out of the oval office once and for good! Remember your vote matters and visit @stephenathome official website for easy-to-follow links and current voting information for every state. . #vote #vote2020 #voteouttrump #letsmakeithappen #wilsonpickett #cleanair #singing #saxophone #music #soul #learningeveryday #berkleeanywhere #sfbayarea #stephencolbert #votingmatters #dotherightthing #voteforchange - @solomonalber on Instagram

- Elvis Costello

JARIG! 78 & still going strong🥳 #birthday #birthdayboy #flashback #happy #party #studiojandesbouvrie - @jandesbouvrie on Instagram

- Steg Cosplay

Hats off! Heres a picture of Marc from the archives sporting a black top hat, complete with flower decoration. 📷 Gloria Stavers / copyright Danny Fields - @t.rexbolanofficial on Instagram


- My cousin rocking his first Walkman (mid 90s)

- Mike Bailey

A noite especial, realizada pela, seguiu com um bate papo com @dingobells, na plataforma Zoom. Aglomerados virtualmente, a banda trocou uma ideia com Eduardo Panozzo, que mediu a conversa. Os fãs acompanharam de pertinho e participaram da troca, comentando e, também, enviando perguntas. Diogo Brochmann, Fabricio Gambogi, Felipe Kautz, Rodrigo Fischmann falaram sobre a experiência de se assistir ao vivo, sobre o novo EP, além de muito papo de música! Que coisa linda! #SOM #SistemaOperacionalDaMusica #CasaLink #DingoBells #Lançamento #EPacústico - on Instagram

thinking about last weekend 💥🌻 📸: @beerzmom - @benjamac on Instagram

- Nardwuar Interviews

Our family Halloween Polaroid, bringing a bit of Hawkins to SF. Hope everyone had a great night!#scoopsahoy #strangerthingstv#wherestherestofourscooptroop#dustybun - @saltdreamer on Instagram

Texas boy, Texas bandana. 📸 @tedescopictures - @lastbandoleros on Instagram

- Young Robert Plant vs Isaac Newton

- [self] Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls

This morning, our pals @billkingpiano and @heatherbambrick are treating us to a duo set LIVE from the JAZZ.FM91 studios as our fall fundraising campaign continues. 🍂 Tune in or watch on Facebook Live at 11 a.m. ET. Show your support ➡️ #jazz #livemusic #livejazz #concert #livestream #fundraising - @jazzfm91 on Instagram

Kind of looks like we are a 1970s progressive rock band . Good food and music ar Salt Gastropub, shopping at the Hopatcong Marketplace and Scranberry Coop Vintage Store. Thank you Robert S Willard and KJ Hopkins for hanging out. #supportlocalbusinesses #shoplocal - @genoveva_rossi on Instagram

- Miami Vice was big at the time.

First haircut Ive had in 1 year, 9 months, and 14 days. Thanks a bunch to @hair_by_debois for making my hair look like it actually has purpose, and thanks to @lexykary for introducing me to him - @saxy_shane on Instagram

⚠️ Hey guys!! Thank you for rocking with me this far! ✊🏼 I am excited to be announcing my new single “Wife” that will be dropping on 9/1/20. 💍 (You can find the pre save link in my bio!) I am going to be dropping a bunch of new music so make sure you turn on post notifications and stay tuned for more announcements! 💕🙏🏽 📸- @nicholettemilhoan - @luccamelody on Instagram

- _Sort

Alice in Brooklyn . 📸 @gigihalbreich 🌐 @lucky13saloon - @sureistim on Instagram

- made a wifi-controlled LED matrix! people could tweet images to the display.

- I had a good time at Bongo Joe Records in Geneva, would love to go back!

27 years Married. Yay Us! #LIZandDOUG - @lizcaplan on Instagram

ello mate - @conangray_ on Instagram

- Eugene Hutz

Goeiemorgen! Hoog bezoek van de lange man met het peperkoeken hart al wordt er toch ook iets min of meer afgebroken. Overal online en t snelste via link in bio @gunterlamoot - @welcometotheaa on Instagram

Registro do meu último #livestreaming em que fui aprovado pelo edital #vivacultura2020 - iniciativa da Prefeitura Municipal de Santa Maria. O projeto Country Boy segue o baile e em breve vou dar mais informações sobre a próxima apresentação! 📸 @luccassanta #country #countrymusic #cosmiccountry #countryboy #musicianlife #stayathome - @cascassanta on Instagram

- YouTube Happy

That time we shared a stage with these absolute LEGENDSSSSSSS. This was a benefit for Helen Crimmins at @largolosangeles in 2018. Best of times. 😍 Happy Monday y’all! 💛 #ericidle #bobcatgoldthwait #weirdal #tomkenny #tomkennyandthehiseas - @tomkennyandthehiseas on Instagram

Happy birthday to this amazing guy 😊🎉❤️ (I’ve already said too many sappy things this year, so I’m keeping this post short 😂) . . . #life #family #happy #birthday #la #city #adventure #guy #bro #love #friends #best #explore #out #cinemaphotography #man #cool #friendship #movie #memories #blessed #thankful #celebrate #party #friday #work #week #bday - @bbcoin on Instagram

Happy birthday, Doug. I miss you. Rest easy, friend. #flyhigh #andtheywereroomates #swap #2015 - @ben_jammin1818 on Instagram

- I feel dumb that i never caught this..

- School of rock broadway

RIP Sally Banes. So sad to hear about the death of brilliant dance writer/historian Sally Banes. (Obit in NYT) She published the first ever story about B-boying in 1981 in the Village Voice, introducing the dance to the world. Here she is in 1982 dancing with Tony Silver who co-produced the film Style Wars. Their contributions to the history of hip hop will not be forgotten. #sallybanes #tonysilver #stylewars @henrychalfant - @marthacoopergram on Instagram

- Couple halloween costumes

- This is my first ever reddit posit, may the Stardew Valley folks find it well

I was gonna post some highlists of my 2019 but then I realised this deserved its own post! A couple of months ago I got to meet the utter kind and interesting man who is @brianmayforreal and the incredibly lovely Anita Dobson. I got to play in front of them and we had a long chat about life, music, food, guitar, physics, vegan shoes, and so many other things. What a joy! ▫️ ▫️ Stavo per postare i momenti migliori del mio 2019 ma poi ho realizzato che questo meritasse un post a sè! Alcuni mesi fa ho conosciuto Brian May e la moglie Anita Dobson, persone carinissime, gentilissime e stra interessanti. Ho suonato davanti a loro e dopo ci siamo fatti una lunghissima chiacchierata parlando di musica, vita, cibo, chitarre, fisica, scarpe vegane e mille altre cose. Che giornata splendida!! ▫️ ▫️ #brianmay #queen #anitadobson #guitar #highlights #lucafaraone #londonmusicscene #london #music #legend #guitarlegend #queenband - @lucafaraone on Instagram

- Holy shit! When did Horatio Sanz lose all that weight!??

all love - @rgb___cmyk on Instagram

- @zacharias.u8 on Instagram

Were happy to confirm that @kyd.jesper and @minimoogs are the composers for #AssassinsCreedValhalla, and we’re also working with @einar_selvik who is writing the game’s original songs. - @assassinscreed_us on Instagram

- 22. geologist with nothing better to do atm

- Okay, I am a believer! Only 2 Days of CG(Man) and WOW!

Hi mom! Ainsley and I are making records. - @jayfrigoletto on Instagram

- Learn to Code

Gracias al Instituto superior del Profesorado Tecnológico por permitir a esta señora se parte de su día del estudiante. Iris y yo se lo agradecemos. 🍾👋👏 - @gabrielmarasini on Instagram

- Books, Movies, TV Shows, & Music I Like

- Funny Engagement Photos

- Am I wrong? Youre not wrong Walter. Youre just an asshole.

- Magic shop

It’s 11:11 and here’s your #throwbackthursday I used to dress like a 1970s nerd going to prom and throw glitter around Hollywood with my wild ass band Sexual Harassment. We definitely made a scene and left a mess. I sure do miss stuff... - @nikkimisery on Instagram

Fixin to cast some jazzy spells next week! 4.29 Viva L’American Death Ray in support of @mdou_moctar at @santosbarnola 4.30 Weather Warlock forecasting with the mighty @acidmotherstempleofficial at @gasa_gasa 🤗 📷: @caitlynridenour - @realkuny on Instagram

🔸All The Tricks In The Book 🔹New rekkid 🔸1 month - @gabriel_delicious on Instagram

Thank you Chicago!! It’s been Amazing!!! Can’t wait to come back!!! #chicago #travel #usa #hairdresser #thehairoz #2020 #fall #autumn #goodvibes #instagram #ınstagood - @thehairoz on Instagram

Всем спасибо! - @mishpolit on Instagram

- PsBattle: This picture of Chris Ray Gun

Almuerzo con la querida Elide que tanto nos ayudo cuando estos pibes eran chiquitos - @betohorstok on Instagram

En estos tiempos tan difíciles como ha sido este 2020 para todos nosotros en este planeta Tierra, en lo personal tuve una gran pérdida de un ser tan querido que me ha marcado mi vida, pero ante lo adverso, es cierto que lo que no te mata, más fuerte te hace; gracias a cada uno de ustedes por sus muestras de apoyo tan sincero, su amor tan lindo con sus mensajes y siempre tendré el tiempo para ti para agradecerte y también decirte que estamos vivos, que es un milagro estar aquí vivos , que disfrutemos cada instante como lo intento hacer yo día a día y es solo por hoy. Que siga la magia 111 ———————————————————————- #soloxhoy #diaadia #amor #vida #gracias #actor #oswaldozarate #magia #magia111 #animo #live #acting #set #salud #agradecimiento - @soyoswaldozarate on Instagram

- Buster, Maeby and George Michael, Season 5

- Rory Gallagher

- Isolation commute

- My dad circa 1977 and present.

What’s really scary is how we’re not a boyband yet 🎃 - @artem_maximovich_denisov on Instagram

Shred it brah🤘#shredit - @alaxevens on Instagram

Azért ez megint jó mulatság volt... - @palutcaifiukzenekar on Instagram

- Dream Wedding

how does it feel to realize you have no defense against this whatsoever - @danielstrauss on Instagram

Sometimes I wish I could get into a time machine...for now I’ll just dress the part!✌🏻☮️ Feeling retrospective today. @echobatsofficial ‘Save Me From Loving You’ is killing it in Australia and England and about to hit Canadian radio. If you hear it please request it! Thank you to @merciarecords for all the support on this special song! @joelhoekstra13 @bassmonsterr @mattstarrmusic @ericlevymusic @mikekhitz @benjaminstaxx @merciarecords Virtual photo by @akennedyphotographer Styled by @officialarielle 🌻🐝 #adamkennedyvirtualphotoproject #tonyharnell #vintagestyle #retroaesthetic #savemefromlovingyou #echobatsofficial #rock #gratitude #soberlife #singer #rock - @tonyharnell on Instagram

- @true_batch_off on Instagram

- [Mod Post] Testing the direct image uploading functionality for this subreddit. Feel free to ignore.

Hordes! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to our set during the @wackenworldwide x @magentamusik360 stream on the weekend 🤘 . #wackenworldwide #wwwacken #kreator #dabei #magentamusik360 #wacken #wackenopenair #concerts #festivals #livemusic #stayhome #bleibtgesund #wirbleibenzuhause - @kreatorofficial on Instagram

#friends #bussiness #challenge #topper 😀 - @happy_rostekop on Instagram

What a story, Mark. - @aaron_not_arron on Instagram

Um ano q eu e o @brucekosplay fizemos cosplay da melhor dupla dinâmica de todas: Homem-Sereia e Mexilhãozinho! . One year that me and @brucekosplay cosplayed the best dynamic duo of all: Mermaid Man and Barnicle Boy! . #spongebob #mermaidman #barnicleboy #cosplay #cosplayduo #nickelodeon - @dancard_cosplay_arts on Instagram

@finnwolfhardofficial also strange - @frankfrankowski on Instagram

Will Brahm in Costa Mesa. Really digging Will’s new podcast with New West Guitar Group: @highactionpodcast. @willbrahm @newwestguitargroup - @b.e.bixby on Instagram

- @benjaminkesterjones on Instagram

Shhhh, please don’t tell anyone that we’re recording a TOP SECRET and SUPER CLASSIFIED somethin’ somethin’ that’s gonna break your heart. 🤫💔🤷🏻‍♂️ #patience #governmentdeniesknowledge - @alexandervonmehren on Instagram

SCRAM! - @lilbabyhaydee on Instagram

- George Salazar

- Everyone on this show is adorable.

- Girlfriend surprised me with a knit tie for Christmas, I surprised her by wearing it last night!

- Pyro when he realizes the 250K celebration vid meme will never die

- [Self] Overhaul & Mirio

- Drew Monson

- Doc brown costume

Come visit us to see @benmarcumart’s pieces! Open from 11-5. . . . . . #mulberryandlime #shoplocal #sharethelex #lexunite #lexsticktogether #supportlocal #shopsmall #smallbussinessshoutout #lexingtonkentucky #lexingtonky #kentuckyproud #togetherkentucky #kentuckystrong #teamkentucky #togetherky #lexky #859together #kyforky #galleryhop #galleryhopping #art #artist #localartist #localart #lexarts - @mulberryandlime on Instagram

- Chris Cornell & Soundgarden

which quarantine talons r u? - @iamtalons on Instagram

It’s been 25 years since Selena left us. My Full Quote: “At 4 years old I had all of Selena’s albums and listened to them daily. I remember her death as the first time I ever mourned a loved ones death. It was traumatic. I couldn’t listen to her music anymore. At 7 Selena became the first movie I watched in a movie theater. And now at 29, Netflix’s ‘Selena: The Series’ is my first big project as an actor. The influence Selena’s had in my life is massive. Selena planted the seed that made me pursue singing and acting. Though Selena never had kids of her own, I know in my heart, that she helped raise and inspire so many people like me, as any good mom would. We love you Selena. I will never be able to express how much you mean to me in words. Rest in heaven.” #selena25 #selenaquintanilla #hunterreesepena - @hunterreesepena on Instagram

FeB 7 ✨live at non plus ultra✨ w/ dj DOug Pound, Gabe Gundacker, Johnny pemberton, Kyle mizono, Anna seregina, & a SPECIAL GUEST ☮️ a night of comedy and music hosted by james from Red Bull. Flyer by @jerryrogers2012 . . . the kosmo 10 piece ensemble is made up of the huge hearts @0graciehorse0 @bambinahahaha @jjjjjjjjjesse @justineheaven @whatmilesdrawsandalsoseestoo @bilcam @tiesenga #benvarian @buckywhitman . FREAKS UNITE ❤️ - @jonnykosmo on Instagram

- @slawdaddybill on Instagram

- Quotes

- Blursed Couple

🤝 Amigos de añares, colegas de tablas y cada uno con una historia por contar. Pero si vamos para el mismo Norte, porque no ir juntos?⁣ Ese fue nuestro lema para emprender este viaje de convivencia musical⁣. 🔥 Después de muchos meses de minucioso y apasionado trabajo hoy les queremos compartir la tapa de nuestro nuevo Single ya que en unas horas nomas, despues de las 00hs llega el fin del secreto. La segunda parte de esta historia:⁣ ⁣ Luz,camara y Accion.⁣ ⁣ Brian y Camilo⁣ 🦁----🐥⁣ ⁣ 📸: @anitaquer - @brianagustinfigueroa on Instagram

- 16 or 36?

- Any love for the boys from Workaholics?

- [WDYWT] Making pasta. Who wants some?

- The year was 2003, I left the house like this on a regular basis.

- [WDYWT] feeling a little vintage today

Sherwood Hills Ward Talent/No Talent Night - @markdogletree on Instagram

- [Self] The Wild Thornberrys

- Life after Tennis. Andy Murray, as an Artisan Baker

All Like Whatever | Watsky - @jacksonhadams on Instagram

- Sammy Hager

Vote 4 Pedro 👨🏻#gosh #halloween - @ricardopozo20 on Instagram

- I am Jacks Halloween costume. (Fight Club)

- my sisters and I in high school. it wasn’t even Halloween.

What should our next EP be named now taking suggestions below: - @bparruda_andthebigpicture on Instagram

Ahead of tonight’s grand opening, I’m pleased to formally announce I’ve taken the position of Gallery Director at ReEnvision Art Gallery. I’ll be personally curating all exhibitions and events as well as managing our artist relationships, inventory, and sales performance. With every inch utilized of the 2,800 sq ft gallery space from rolling walls, full bar and lounge, and viewing room, it’s definitely worth a visit next time you’re around Doral! . . #ArtDealer #ArtLife #ArtGallery #FineArt #Doral #Miami #Director #ArtExhibition #Art #Artist #ArtCollector #ContemporaryArt #StreetArt #PopArt #Invest #BuyArt - @vic.llaguno on Instagram

I’ve been struggling to put words to this. It’s so completely, awfully surreal. Lewis was indescribably wonderful. He was a home full of warmth. He loved indiscriminately. The sheer compassion he had for those around him was incomparable. He fought for his friends; to keep us safe and loved. In some of my darkest moments over the last few years, Lewis fought tooth and nail to make me see what he could see in me. Most importantly, he was so unapologetically himself. For as long as we’d known each other, he carried himself with such a beautiful sense of certainty. There was a love that emanated from him — as well as joy and respect. He was, and always will be, good. He could also be terribly and hilariously crude. And so incredibly gay. Lewis, I was always so in love and in awe of you as a person. My heart breaks for all of your beautiful friends and family who have to survive in a world without you. I know the students who were so lucky to have you as their tutor will always remember you. Your legacy of love and warmth will stay with us all. You didn’t deserve this. Saying goodbye to you is about as hard as it fucking gets. Please know that we will all strive to live life as you did: lovingly, kindly, enthusiastically and incredibly queerly. Love always, my peach 🍑 - @georgejohnston on Instagram

Just a reminder... #fucktrump #vote ✊🏾 Photo @victoriaholtphoto - @wildpowwers on Instagram

Good bye Mr Peanut. I hope all of you with peanut allergies are happy #ripmrpeanut - @tobias_nichols on Instagram

- Fantastic Beasts ... (2016 - David Yates)

- This year I was the guy who influenced me to start a career in IT, believe it or not.

- Fully insulated Eddie Bauer trench coat for $24. It’s incredibly warm and comfortable. Doesn’t look half bad either!

MCM is @wescorwin ! Wes produces festivals, videos, sketches, and Podcasts like Frazier on Frasier! With a love of animation, his girlfriend, and performing with Ralph Barbosa in The Humble Kings; Wes has opened for Aparna Nacherla, Kurt Braunohler, and Keith Alberstadt! Wes has also been a cast director for Austin’s Rocky Horror troupe. Don’t forget Wes conqured Wayne’s World on the Nintendo Entertainment System. This Monday is for you Wes! #planocomedyfest #celebratewes #frazieronfrasier #follow #MCM - @planocomedyfest on Instagram

- My groups game of DnD has gone to a new level, We cosplayed to celebrate our new campaign.

Be at my next show or miss out on alllll thissssss. 💁‍♂️ // Vogue Mark Music - @tallmarkmusic on Instagram

Sorry this account has been so empty during the pandemic. It’s because we aren’t in studio or at events! That’s where I get good stuff to share. Here’s what our new behind the scenes looks like. ❤️ 💀 ❤️ - @realsvengoolie on Instagram

- Last day of high school pic for the boys

snice to play keyboard for a few cats and to be snapped by @sambrumby_ - @freddycrabs on Instagram

- Norman Rockwell called his version “Freedom from Want”. My niece can call this “First Pic Taken with Apple Watch”.

- LP (Laura Pergolizzi)

- [self] I’m going as Frank N Furter for Halloween this year.

- My costume last night

🎉 Happy Birthday, @kylemooney! 🎉 - @nbcsnl on Instagram

- Transgender Before and after!

9 years ago today I was fired and thought I’d never work again. Truly. When they restaged my work without credit, my agent suggested we not make a fuss. That level of fired. Nothing in our business is certain or forever, truly the plus side, that includes the dark times. The events of 9 years ago feel impossible now. But it happens, time always marches forward. Change is the constant. Better times can be ahead and often are - if we dedicate ourselves to personal growth. Whatever happens next for us all, we’ll get thru it, and post something equally vague and slightly inspirational in 9 years. - @seanddaniels on Instagram

- Frank Zappa and Dee Snider after testifying at a Senate hearing on music censorship in September, 1985

Empty Bottle Pictures presents “Land and Water Revisited” livestream premiere night! Talking to 500 empty seats and a couple of cameras was certainly not how we pictured it, but it still felt incredible to have the opportunity to show our work. If you’d like to see the documentary, the livestream video will be available until Wednesday via the link in my bio. The film starts at 33 minutes into the stream. Thanks to everyone who attended and all the people who helped make this film happen. Extra shouts to @diegodum for their immense contribution to the project, both with translation and building community relations. All photos in this post by the illustrious @joehermitt. • • • #documentary #premiere #anthropology #teotihuacan #independentfilm #emptybottlepictures #virtualevent #statetheatre #pennstate - @ejhermitt on Instagram

- Lets get weird! Look who I just met!

- [Self] Better pic nycc It Crowd! Maurice Moss ftw!

- Foil Arms and Hog, the 3-piece Irish sketch comedy group. Hilarious and adorable.

- This was the teenage American boy killed in the raid.

- This man is an absolute delight. So warm and kind to everyone in line and created a special moment for each. I was so delighted I couldn’t match his cool, in-character face.

- [SELF] My Sirius Black cosplays

- Blake Anderson. I love a goofy guy with a handsome smile.

- My friend was Maurice Moss for Halloween. The resemblance was uncanny!

Throwback Wednesday. Brian is an awesome dude! Guess what he likes apart from music? 3D cameras and images. He even published a book on 3D! See you my friend and keep well! 📸📸 #staycreative #peace #whyIloveolympus #homewitholympus #breakfreewitholympus #jimmycheng #jimmychengphotography #olympusuk #olympusvisionary #olympusambassador #photography #familyphotography #photographerslife #travelphotography #travelblogger #youtuber #getolympus #breakfreewitholympus #microfourthirds #m43 #olympusambassador #olympusvisionary #vlogger #Queens #brianmay - @jimmychengphotography on Instagram

- Weird Al Yankovic and his daughter, Nina