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- I created this quick mockup of a possible PS5 controller.

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- Doom Eternal Box Art

fatal frame iv

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juliet starling ^_- ☆

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Corpse Pokemon

dead or alive ♡!!

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- Book of Unwritten Tales


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Instagram @kfulw

toad toadette😍

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- Still one of the best Survival Horror games I ever played.

Marvels Spider-Man: Miles Morales Pfp


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- One of my controllers died, got myself a 500 MN edition DS4. 😁

Instagram @kfulw

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- A flyer from 1996, 21 years ago [Image]

raiden - metal gear rising revengeance

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Consoles 🎮 Which one was your first own console? 😁💙 #noprsample #brand . . Hello gamers and nerds, our first console was the Nintendo Entertainment System. But my first own console was the Playstation 2 and I spent a lot of time with it. 😍 I played many games like Metal Gear Soild 3, Grandia 2, Beyond Good and Evil. 😁 But I played GTA San Andreas the most. 😎💙 . . And yes, I know I am showing the PS2 case and play it on the PS4. You can download the PS2 version on your PS4. 😉 . . #gta #grandtheftauto #gtasanandreas #gta5 #gtav #grandtheftautosan #ps2 #ps4 #playstation4 #playstation #nerd #nerdy #games #gamer #gaming #game #collector #collection #xbox #xboxone #novostella #photoshop #nintendo #nintendoswitch #rockstargames #rockstar - @wowatopia on Instagram

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bennett ♡

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Wooly 😦

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- Just hit a 200 physical game milestone in my collection

ˏ⸉ˋ‿̩̩̽. ˚ nahida ˒♩˙

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- The rest of our Friends, Family, and others

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- NES classic

yae miko

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- Ive completely forgotten about this trilogy (and franchise) until now that the new event is coming. this feels more nostalgic than the AC event to me, considering that Im more of an AC fan

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- clean washer

leon kennedy🫀

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- Achievement Hunter

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- 8 pool

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- Had created this for a client in Hungary.

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- Anthony

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- Original Xbox

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- Best Mobile Games


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- Ps4

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- Casino level in Sonic the Hedgehog

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- I made a QOTSA Era Vulgaris themed controller for a Redditor two weeks ago!

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- psx

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Purple on purple 💜 #GalaxyGang⁠ ⁠ #KontrolFreek #FreekNation - @kontrolfreek on Instagram

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- Video Game Table

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- [OC] Dont really know why I even drew this but Im kinda proud :)

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- Best Switch Games For Kids

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- Controller

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- PS Plus, GwG, Prime Gaming, Stadia Pro

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- Game Boy Advance

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- Do you remember? Seems good to post this today.

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- This is the Titanfall type game I grew up with

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- Boy birthday themes

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- Bolo xbox

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- Just buy the games that youll actually play starter pack

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- NES classic

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#reddeadredemption2 #ps4 #gamers #rd2 #games - @diablo.cave on Instagram

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❄Thème spécial de la semaine❄ @louraccoon et ça super collection de manettes 😍 Et vous vous avez combien de manettes ? ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Le staff @_geekette14 @k4t3x_onlin3 @kyashitsune @ellzafrost @rubyforacowboy @kely4crofttmz @johanna_bcm ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ #frenchgamergirl #frenchgamer #gamersetup #gameuse #gamerofinstagram #gamingforlife #gamercommunity #geekinside #geekofinstagram #geekette #geekgirl #frenchgirl #parisienne #ambilight #bioshock #dualshock4 #berryblue #alpinegreen - @les_girls_du_gaming on Instagram

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- Here is a cheap Knockoff someone made to copy the the original Xbox Console.

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- Fable ❤️

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- Nintendo N64

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- Razor dune buggy

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- Ps4 controller

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- Xbox

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- Sunset Riders SNES

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- Baby baby baby oh

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- 3ds. Yes

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- Playstation 4

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We know all the details now. What are you getting? 🤔 Repost from @brgaming - @officialtryhards on Instagram

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ESPECIAL 2K . Tras poco más de 3 meses que inicié esta andadura en Instagram, tras 139 publicaciones (la de hoy es la 140) y tras conseguir superar la cifra de 2000 seguidores, solo puedo decir gracias, gracias y dos mil millones de gracias . Una comunidad genial, el lugar ideal para compartir contenido sobre videojuegos, y sobre todo, aprender cada día un poquito más de este apasionante mundo 😊😊😊 . Aprovecho este post especial, para mostrar quien está detrás de Triple Indie...Lo dicho, mil gracias por todo!!! Y como no podía ser de otra forma, aquí seguiremos al pie del cañón compartiendo inquietudes en esta maravillosa comunidad 😍😍😍 . . . Cuentas Top . @aliseul_games @barrygamer @cristiano_mad @elzelderocr @javigeek @maridia_games @marpokhar @my_games_rocks @onerosiyo @tradergamernc . . . TAGS . #instagamerspain #generaciongamer #nintendoswitch #nintendoswitchlite #nintendoswitchgames #nin10do #playstation4 #sonyplaystation #wiiu #wii #nintendo3ds #nintendods #gameboyadvance #gameboycolor #gameboy #psp #gamescollector #gamecollector #gamecollection #gamecollecting #retrogames #retrogamescollector #retrogamer #retrogamecollection #retrogamecollector #retrogamecollecting - @triple_indie on Instagram

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- Custom xbox one controller

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- Remember when game cube was a thing?

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- Art - Altoid Tins

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- DynaBlocks for the GameCube

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- game boy advance

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- Accessoires iPhone Gaming

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- This monstrosity speaks for itself

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- Banjo Kazooie!

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Happy Birthday 🥳 so many memories of games played on this system. Still own one to this day. #ps2 #playstation #sony #fortheplayers - @playstationfans80 on Instagram

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- Adventures

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- the one platform nobody expected

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- The Wii U is getting a new physical release in North America

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- Vikings Game

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- If this gets 3,000 GeraldoCoins Ill literally pre-order the Witcher 4

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Want to experience gaming in a completely new way!?! Event Cinemas Castle Hill has you covered... Including BOTTOMLESS POPCORN! Email for more info🍿🎮 #gaming #onthebigscreen #popcorn - @event_castlehill on Instagram

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- Contra games

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- Arcade Video Game Party

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- Who else misses this?

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- Buy playstation saudi arabia

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- Today’s blast to the past PS1 game is Streak hoverboard racing. It was a futuristic take of snow board racing. Another fun, under the radar racing game that I spent way to much time on when I was a kid.

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- Roblox generator

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- Game of the Day

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- Hobby Electronics Store

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- I hate the annual inevitable event, of being quoted extortionate random prices looking for car insurance in Ireland.

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- Finally finished my pixel controller series!

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- Android Game Controller

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- Virtual World Games

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- top online casinos

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- play roulette online and make money

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- only real teens remember this game

gamer insomnia video game

- Xbox Products

- Gift Ideas

- ATV Off Road Fury

- Wish Yukio Futatsugi made a new one of these instead of Crimson Dragon [Phantom Dust]

- Gadgets I love

Gta with a babe @christy_bell - @matthaskin99 on Instagram

- Super Nintendo : Jeux vidéo, consoles, accessoires

- April 2015 Video Game Releases

- Games

- @nintendoswitchusa on Instagram

- Who remembers Candy Stand mini golf

- Gaming PCs

- Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

- *Alien Predator* tattoos

- Light up hats

- For my money, this is still the best controller ever created.

- My favorite video game

- Games to Play

- Ps4 controller

- A timeless classic

- Toys R Us 1996 holiday flyer

- Videogiochi e Console

- Transparent colored game controllers.

- April 2015 Video Game Releases

- All In One Video Game Console

- Retro arcade games

- PlayStation 2

🇬🇧 What are you best memories on a Playstation? * Ive been playing on these devices for 23 years, and I can proudly say that I cant choose. Whether it is my Wednesday afternoons, playing Tomb Raider on the first playstation, or the hundreds, thousands of hours Ive sunk into the various Final Fantasy games, either PS1, PS2, or PSP, as well as more recent consoles, or what should I say about Gran Turismo that had me obsessed over sports cars... * The PS3 years, with all these awesome Assassins Creed games. Spending hours running across the roofs of medieval Italy, the deafening roar of planetary conflicts in Killzone, and the extreme leap forward Naughty dog gave us in this era, both in terms of graphics and story with the Uncharted and The Last of us franchises. * People also hated a lot on hand-held Playstations, especially the Vita, but damn was it a cool console with stellar graphics and a few great games like Gravity rush and Danganrompa! I still can hear Monokuma telling me that trespassers will be shit to death, and thats common sense. * And for the last 7 years, the PS4 has been the best gaming experience in my opinion. The Souls franchise, that I mostly experienced on this platform. New amazing IPs such as Horizon and Ghost of Tsushima, as well as some more well know, that went for a fresh start like God of a War or Resident Evil. Some of those game floored me. Im thinking about the masterpieces that are Persona 5 and Nier : Automata. * Its been a journey. And I feel blissed I got to spend so many moments living the best life a gamer can live. Now were onto a new generation, and I cannot wait to see what Sony and the developers in the Playstation studios have to offer... * My partners : @chibi_moon_x @toadely_nerdy @aaronmgaming @the_pancakess @oddmysticwolf @erinyeen @intothehaniverse * #Playstation #SonyPlaystation #ForGamers #PS1 #PS2 #PS3 #PSP #PSVITA #PS4 #PS5 #playstationgames #videogames #games #gamingmemories #retrogamingcommunity #finalfantasy7 #FinalFantasy9 #uncharted4 #uncharted1 #uncharted2 #nierautomata #Persona5 #godofwar2018 #thelastofus #HorizonZeroDawn #ps4controller - @cywolf.p1 on Instagram

- geek shit...

- Went to a Minecon event at my local Microsoft store over the weekend, this is the best $10 accessory Ive ever purchased.

- Pinball

- ps3 games

- Playstation Portable

- Steam Pc Games

- The evolution of Nintendos game controllers. [PIC]

- games

- Catherine Video Game

- A sequel would have tons of potential!


- Gex: Enter The Gecko

- witcher 3 wild hunt

- A little positivity in a world of uncertainty...

- Roller coaster tycoon 3 platinum. Anyone else grew up playing this game?

- Xbox

- When are we getting an HD Remaster of this gem?!

- ps3 games

Riff does something he did not even think possible! He is expanding his game and toy room and he could not be happier about it! Gabbo the giver comes over later on and gives Riff some gameroom welcoming gifts and HOLY MAZOOLA...these are some insane gifts! Join us for todays episode of TheNesPursuit Expansion Pak! . . . · · · · · #gameroom #nintendo #videogames #gaming #gamer #retrocollective #nes #retrogaming #gamergirl #mancave #gamerguy #games #gameroomdecor #gamestagram #game #retro #snes #gamers #sega #retrogamer #videogame #n64 #retrogames #nintendolife #nintendocollection #gameroomgoals #videogamecollection #gameroomtour - @pixelgamesquad on Instagram

- Game

¿Con ganas de que empiece la COMPETICIÓN en @topgamersacademy🔥🔥? El #TGACastingFinal fue un auténtico DUELO DE TITANES. ¿Quieres ver cómo fue? Descubre a los 21 gamers clasificados 🎮👉 ¡Link en bio! #PS4 #Videojuegos #TGA #TopGamersAcademy #DS4 #ParaVosotrosInstagamers #PlayStation #Gamer #GamerLife #InstaGaming - @playstationes on Instagram

- Who remembers Kung Fu Chaos? I loved this game


- iphone 7

- Gamer Gifts

- Doom 3

- For Gamers

- Akatsuki PS4 Controller Collection

- Console Games

- Gee I can’t wait for Animal Crossing: Latest in the Series!

- PS4 Video Games

- Buy playstation saudi arabia

- Controller


- DJ Marshmello

- I was the only kid in my class with a Sega Saturn but Kage made it all worth while.

PlayStation®Vita いつでもどこでもゲームをプレイ!遊びのテクノロジーを集めた携帯ゲーム機で楽しもう。 - @playstation_japan on Instagram

- Now THIS is a game that deserves a PS5 remake!

- PS4 Video Games

- ....

- Cool ps4 controllers

- When Wu-Tang had a video game where they fought each other

- Anyone else remember/have fond memories of this game?

- Dinosaur Games

- Singing Microphone

- Mmmeme

- mundo dos games

- Ex box 360

- N64

- anthony graham2966

- Affiches_Games

- Who played this game? One of my all time favorite games.

- Computer Games

- El diablo del consumo

- Everyone posts the same game we all played they want remade. Did anyone love this is as much as me?


- Xbox for sisi and deus

- In an earlier post I dreamed up an Hogwarts inspired PS5 Controller. Now I gave all the houses a go!

- Blursed_Carlos

- Aragami

- Games For Girls

- PSA - Choose The Right Xbox One Controller For Your Go

- Bundle Leaked for Cyperbuk 2077

- Buy playstation saudi arabia

- Alles Mögliche

- i love that they came out with a Ratchet and Clank collection but why did they leave this one out?! It was my favorite, personally

- cosplay accessories

- PlayStation 2

- Xbox one s

- They need to remake this game.

- Xbox one s

- Worked hard all year and I was able to get myself this game for Christmas! Anyone know if it’s any good? Also, Bethesda bad

- Baseball Games for PC

- Overwatch birthday

- Gaming Facts

- Skylanders spyro

- I saw something like this before, decided to make a high effort version of it

- Xbox one controller

- All Things Tech and Geeky

Custom Xbox Controller Concept for @vexx Had to make a concept for the legend himself! Congrats on the coloring book and other amazing things you’ve done this past year! Custom Controller for the legend @vexx love the vibe of the controller! Keep inspiring others with th content! Follow → @stocksgfx for daily posts over the remaining 101 days. . . . . #vexx #gawxart vexx #vexxplanet #vexxinspired #vexxart #gawxart #gawx #gawxinspired #gawxsquad #xboxcontroller #xbox #xboxseriesx #xboxcontrollers #controllergang #controllercustoms #custom #custommade #customcontroller #customdoodle #doodlesofinstagram #doodles #doodling #doodlesoftheworld - @stocksgfx on Instagram

- Free coupon codes

SOON 🤩 Who’s getting the last of us 2 on Friday? Eeeeeee _ #tlou2 #thelastofus2 #dualshock4 - @genelle_aimee on Instagram


- Cool Gadgets Technology

- Battlefield 1 PS4 And Xbox One

- Adventures

What we do... @SonicMovie x @Xbox Custom Sonic Xbox console giveaway. Go to Xbox Twitter for a chance to win. Sonic The Hedgehog is now available on Microsoft Movies & TV. #SonicXboxSweepstakes - @tripleclix on Instagram

- Mobile Legends MOD APK

- Stay out of school and eat garbage 👍

- PS2

- Leaked TES VI box art

- Xbox Products

@hashgramapp #hashgram #love #tweegram #photooftheday #me #instamood #cute #iphonesia #fashion #summer #tbt #igers #picoftheday #food #instadaily #instagramhub #beautiful #girl #iphoneonly #instagood #bestoftheday #jj #sky #picstitch #follow #webstagram #sun #nofilter #happy #banoosh - @customcontrollers234 on Instagram

- A bit of nostalgia

- I stole this haul from a gamEAstop and punched a feminist on my way out. She turned around and it was revealed she was actually Bethany Esda, Todd Howards sister. Now Im on the run from SJWs trying to get me to buy Fallout 76, please send help.

- Latest Video Games


Will EA ever announce the Mass Effect Remastered Collection? Or will I constantly be disappointed until the end of time? At this stage I believe the idea of a Mass Effect Remastered Collection is nothing but a massive troll on EAs part. They have systematically leaked box art, rumours, and details about this collection, just so they can get me excited time and time again BUT then they decide not to announce the game at all, just to make me a sad dude. Every time I see the gaming media report on the collection, I get so excited, especially with headlines like Mass Effect Remastered Collection Confirmed. Then I read the article, and its all heresay and rumours😭 I have the emotions. I need these in my life. But EA wont give them too me. Send halp. =========================================== #WhereIsTheMassEffect #IWantTheMassEffect #CanIHaveTheMassEffect #AussieGamer #GamersOfAus #GamersOfTheWorld #PlayStationAU #PlayStation #4ThePlayers #HowIPlayStation #PlayStation4 #PlayStationNation #GamingCommunity #ConsoleGaming #PlayStationGamer #PlayStationGaming #PS4 #PS3 #EA #EAGames #Bioware #MassEffect #MassEffectTrilogy #MassEffectRemastered #MassEffectCollection #PlayStation3 - @jamiex66 on Instagram

- 1 bitcoin in euro

- My game console

- Fortnite

- Used Video Games

- Xbox - Christmas 2001 (if you were lucky)

- My childhood summed up in one game

- New arcade games

- Boy bedroom

- Xbox accessories

- The only HD remake of a game I would ever want

- Resident evil video game

- For Gamers

- Geek Super

- most popular video games

- Call of Duty Mobile Free Download

- Evil Dead

- PS4 Video Games

- Action Games

- Star Wars Xbox

- Jedi vs Sith PS2 controllers when Star Wars III came out

- Dylans 8th bday

- Once Upon a Time

- Light up hats

- Xbox Games

- Best Sellers in Video Games

- The way the design doesn’t line up with the two centre buttons

- Battlefield Hardline

- Sims 3 games

- Xbox One Games

- Clash of Clans Base

- Videogiochi e Console

- Xbox one controller

- History of Video Games

- Best Games of all time

- New Video Games!

- Hey guys, my family recently died cause I killed them but I got the Mario 3D Collection to get that nostalgia moment, wish me luck guys

- baseball ring

- Xbox 1 Games and Consoles

- I can’t wait to get stoned and play this

The best girl - @arcitys9 @gunlessan - @battlebeavercustoms on Instagram

- What was your favorite game?

- Today’s game from my childhood is Tiny Tank. This game was one that my dad and I would play together, I don’t know why he enjoyed it but even after I switched to PS2 he took my Ps1 and this game to work to play during his lunch hour.

- TopShop online

- N64

- Artwork of Videogames and Illustration

- Boost credit score

- Nintendo handheld

- PlayStation

- TopShop online

- Zelda Ocarina Of Time

- Video game facts

- A geeks gamer loves

- Geek Gear

- TWISTED METAL! It’s time for a next gen remaster!

- Jak and Daxter

- À acheter

- Football strike


- Learn to Code

The global print industry is estimated to be eight times bigger than the video game industry and even rivals the auto industry! #print #printing #commercialprinting #printisnotdead - @spcprint on Instagram

- Star wars engagement

- The translucent Xbox 360 controllers

- Happy Birthday to the Best Fallout Game!

- Vie Pratique

- New Video Games!

- Turtle Cupcakes

- Playing the Twisted Metal games with friends

- PS2

- Zelda backpack

- Pokemon table

- Vintage Action Figures and Toys and Robots

- Cheap Internet Service Provider

- E3 2016

- Best Games 2020

- Ill see all of your BIG arcade games and present you with my mini Pac-Man! Had a mute button too!