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Meme duck

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- Couldn’t be more true

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She speaks facts asf

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- What you waiting for, go get them caps!



- I 🅱️ Staying Winning


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- The night is long...and full of desperation

43 Of The Funniest Examples Of Awful Taste But Great Execution (New Pics)


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You: picture of your kids on deck, ready to show any passers by at the drop of a hat Me: moist and runny inkjet print of this painting on deck which I introduce as Exhibit A (against the wishes of my public defender) at my hearing for misdemeanor disorderly conduct which I keep referring to as “the trial of the century” (also against the wishes of my public defender) - @jaysonmusson on Instagram

Baba funny voice😅🤣

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Sometimes being a doggo is a hard job. Its hard deciding if you want to be up or down, so you just settle for both! . . 15% off @pawsandplaypetshop - LEOSROAR 15% off @mrscopycat - LEOLION15 10% off @gstopybowtie - TEAMGSY $5 off @infinitypetproducts - COOKIEMONSTER . . . . #buzzfeedanimals #adoptdontshop #excellent_dog #dogsofinstaworld #animalsco #animaladdicts #cutepetclub #meowvswoof #mydogiscutest #ilovemydog #dogsofinstagram #excellent_puppies #ruffpost #aplacetolovedogs #puppytrip #thedodo #dogs_of_world #topdogphoto #puppiesforall #kotarostrong #worldofcutepets #dogs #puppies #love #myhtcatalog #dogsandpals #cute - @leo_the_2nd_chance_lion on Instagram



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- Haha funny number 24 rip juice

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Do what makes you happy 💯

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- After seeing that the male birth control pill is almost here this is all I can think about

𝖘𝖜𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖜𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖗 3

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- Meaningless for 364 days

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- Holup

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- Its not the best picture, but hes my world

Gavin Magnus TV Shows

Take a step back and look at you 🍄

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- My dad sends the cutest emails

Take care of yourself ✌️

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- Saw on Facebook. Enjoy.

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- A bit too rare for me but I’ll take it

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- hysterically funny

Edited Yes twitter profile pic to a few different colours if you guys wanted any for your profiles


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- He pulled the pillow on her

catboy jerma as lucifer by alk0n0st on ig

#anime ⚡

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- He truly did nothing wrong

𝘪𝘤𝘰𝘯 · 𓆟

Advice from Nicki Minaj .

good night

- Unfortunately based on a true story.

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you are the reason ❤️

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- It do be like that sometimes

follow me

Why did this hit so hard😭

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- If u know u know

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The look we all have after the debates. #wtfwasthat Got a #mostunflatteringdogpic to beat Cody? Betcha dont! Prove me wrong... hashtag yours with the special #DOGDERPOFTHEDAYTHROWDOWN Best (worst) pics get storied! Aaaaand GO. Thanks to @taylerornichole for the great shot 🤣 - on Instagram



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- They actually did it

Wallpaper 💜🖤💜 | Pretty wallpapers tumblr, Purple wallpaper iphone, Pretty wallpapers

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- I did boo boo

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- Damn Americans...

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- Clapping intensifies

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Happy birthday lola love, 1 today! - @ryanmcnair on Instagram

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- Ah the good old days where you stared at a wall while you shat

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- Classy Chassis

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3 videos of couch time with @sarahrebecca__r - @gsd_puppies_ on Instagram

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- No it can’t be

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Follow👉 @universe.guidance Drop a 💚 if this resonates - @universe.guidance on Instagram

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- COD WWII for $25 & unopened Pandemic for $4.

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- Posted by my friend. Worst part is that she would totally pick a sports car but she has to try and be country.

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Great art made by S.Murali from Andhra Pradesh #sonusood #sonusood_thegreat #likes #likeforlikes #love #followforfollowback #instagood #instagram #followme #photooftheday #l #instalike #bhfyp #photography #likeforfollow #instadaily #likeforlike #followers #me #beautiful #picoftheday #f #myself #followback #smile #fashion #followforfollow #comment #likesforlikes #bhfyp😋😋😎😎😎😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😉😊😋😎🌵💒📊💉🚸🔚➗✖️🛌🍍🍃🍃🍃🎋🎋🌾🌾🍄🍄🍄🌾🌾🎋🍃🍃🌵🌵🌳☘☘☘☘🌿🌿🌳🌵🎄🌲🌲🍂🍂🍂🌸💐💐🌹🌹🌷🌻🌺🥀🥀🥀🌻🍁🌹🌹💐💐🌼🍃🌾🍄🍄🎋🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🌼🌼🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🌼🌸🌸🌸💐🌼🍃🍃🌲🍂🎄🌵🌳🌿☘☘☘🌿🌳🎋🌻🌻🌹🌹🌹🤘🔦🥀🎋🍃🌴🌴🌱🎍😊😊🌱🌴🌳🌿☘☘☘ @sonu_sood @yogeshfitness @eshaansoood @sonusood_.thegreat @sonu_sood - @sonusood_.thegreat on Instagram

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- ata boy

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- Hope she gets home safely

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Paw Curl! ************************************************************#grams #puppy #labradorretriever #labradoroftheday #labradorlover #labpuppy #labradorsofinstagram #labsofinsta #dailybarker #labradorworld #yellowlab #cute #dogsofinstagram #dogsofinsta # talesofalab #laboftheday #officalbuddybandana #labradorofficial #cutepuppy #instapuppy #dogstagram #labs_of_insta #yellowlaboftheday #pupbox #chewy #buzzfeedanimals #labrador_class - @dozerpups4349 on Instagram

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- Bahahahahahah!

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- Birthday scritches and nap after a long morning at the park and a pup cup.

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- funny

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- An interesting title

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- Masked menace returns!

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- natural good city bad

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- Meth gators

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- Person if the year, huh?

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Plus avocado toast is pretty good 🤷🏻‍♀️ - @draggingfeeties on Instagram

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- We call this road kill corgi

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- Seriously????

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- Walking dead XXX

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- the good ol days


- Clearly we need a bigger couch.

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Like and share - @sid.meme26 on Instagram

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- that be how it be

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- The World Lacks People Like Him

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- It’s A Boy

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- whitenberg

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- me_irl

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- Give me everything

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- Show them no mercy!

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- I dont feel like laughing anymore

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- I also want one

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- So proud of him

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- Poor godzilla

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- Literally looking for any excuse to get young black kids into the slave camps. Think slavery was abolished? Think again.

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What do you like to do to have fun in summer w/ your dog? #TuesWToby - @ctgazette on Instagram

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- The longer the movie the longer he did nothing wrong

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- That’ll show him

squishiverse squishies squishie squishiland slimes

- Ok imma head to japan

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This brilliantly illustrates our ideal and preferred social distancing scenarios! 😎 ⛰🌲🐾🐻 We 💚💚💚 this post from @creativeactionnetwork‼️‼️ - @mrsgreensworld on Instagram

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- Gotta save the environment

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Ouch.. #dsport #dsportmag #dsportmagazine #subaru #carmeme #carmemes - @dsport on Instagram

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- This craze is getting really annoying

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- How to send a sexy deck pic

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- Polaroids

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- comical and inspirational

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I snuck in the sheets and let one go... #frenchbullys #smellybull #guiltybull - @lukalec on Instagram

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- *Visible disappointment*

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- They’re tripping

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- @cmumom56 on Instagram

excelente burns

- [COD] *urge to vibe check intensifies*

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- Blursed Gibby

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- What’s weeds?

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That guy is fucked... - @flynn__murica on Instagram

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- Careful, he’s a hero

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- animals

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- FLORIDA MAYOR, Florida Mans final form.

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- Me🐕irl

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- got my horses in the back 😎

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- He has unlocked new power

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- Elon musk did it 1 million trees now its pewds turn

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- I do not wish to be horny anymore; I just want to be happy

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- Dating Memes

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- how DARE she say that to little Timmy

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12 years of divine friendship, love you Beau. See you on the other side. - @jeremy.downs on Instagram

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- He is a good among us

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- Apple products these days...

- This type of gatekeeping

- I need help deciding on purchasing a van to begin building my dream cruiser.

- @gaynewyork on Instagram

- Fresh Build + Comfortable?

- Skip this hole?

- Im not that flexible

- *New Format* Invest📈 Guaranteed Profit!

- We miss pew news

- Chevy Girl

- Even the editing is so bad.

- Blursed tent

- ‘Murca

- Artificial Grass Liquidators

In Aaron Robinsons dodge ambulance, in traffic to the circuit. Fumes... So... Strong... - @danneilwsj on Instagram

- Thank you

- Meet the meat

- automotive

- Relaxing doggo

Dad never lets me get on the couch so naturally, here I am, on the couch.😆 #louiethegreatestdane #couch #potato #bad #dog #but #the #best #dog #dad #came #back #too #early - @louiethegreatestdane on Instagram

- Hey, its me.....

- Yall need stop being crybabies 🤦

- Blursed_branding

- Saddly the meme was harder to make

- ah yes

- house wolf and f o r e s t b o i

- I’m leaving r/memes

- Hilarious quotes

- Straight from the front page.

- absolute madman

BIDÚ Morreu por volta da 1h55min desta segunda-feira, dia 28, aos 13 anos, o Bidú, o cão inteligente do mecânico Ernesto Schwert, de Restinga Sêca. Juntamente de Diana e Fritzz, Bidú participou de diversos comerciais para empresas de todo o país, além de participar de vários programas de televisão como da Sabrina Sato, Gugu e Faustão. Auxiliando o Seu Ernesto nas lidas diárias da oficina com a busca de ferramentas, peças, ligando o compressor, atendendo as ligações telefônicas, entre outras ações, Bidú possuía outras destrezas como rezar, realizar cálculos, apresentações em eventos e muito mais. No lado social, o cão contribuiu com a Associação de Pais e Amigos dos Excepcionais (Apae) de Restinga Sêca, onde destinava o dinheiro das doações das visitas na oficina para a entidade, além de ser presença marcante nos jantares beneficentes da Apae. Rádio Integração FM 98.5 - @radio_integracao on Instagram

- no only the british, Id say

- @scorn100 on Instagram

From cookies to pets, weve never been good at having just one. ❤️❤️ . . . . . #smileydog #samoyedpuppy #samoyed #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #sofluffy - @samson_the_samoyed_ on Instagram

- Speeeeeeed

- High IQ needed

- Food Wars

- stupid

- Army Jokes

- This is my aunts Labrador, Bubba, hes ... everything youd expect from a labrador named Bubba

- @jalea on Instagram

- My girl


- Ford Excursion

- Yikes

Adventure called and we answered. Also, I washed the Outback of course it’s time to hit some dusty dirt roads. - @wncoutback on Instagram

- Only hypotheticallly

Another point for the EV ⚡️— #EV #ElectricVehicle #ElectricVehicles #ElectricCar #ElectricCars #elektromobilität #emobilität #ZeroEmission #SustainableEnergy #EmobilityRevolution #Electromobility #EVNerds #EVLife #DriveElectric #FullElectric - @electroheads101 on Instagram

- im serious guys 😡

We opened the #SundayBusinessPost to see a wonderful article focused on the amazing wines to be found in the Lebanon 🇱🇧 . A reminder that all profits from the sale of Ksara wines for the rest of 2020 will be donated to the Lebanese Redcross . Thanks @julie.wardwaterford for recommending our @chateauksara #Merwah & #ReserveDuCouvent . Julie recommends you try out #ChateauKsaraMerwah if you searching for a delicious citrus loaded white with lots of texture. We think if you love Bordeaux Blanc or Albariño you will love it. From 60yr+ vines, grown organically at 1600m altitude. A wine really worth discovering. . Julie also recommends our #KsaraReserveDuCouvent a blend of #Shiraz #CabernetFranc #CabernetSauvignon a delightful wine with oodles of dark berry fruits. If you love Bordeaux or Rhône valley wines this will surely make you happy... . #Mackenway #PlaceOverProcess #MackenwayWines #DiscoverGreatWine - @mackenwaywines on Instagram

- Mfw when

This is my sister Adelaide, she sleep protects her rawhide bones....she’s weird! - @brumbydog on Instagram

- Funny

- We will never see SpongeBob again.

- Its high noon

🥱😴 - @macmousebsm on Instagram

- Im much better at imagining my next round than I am at actually playing it....

- George bush declares war on Iraq (20 March 2003)

- Japanese girl ready to be FUCKED

Today my dude went to heaven - @couch_ssurfer on Instagram

阿根廷加油💪 - @fengchangwang on Instagram

- @jaydles_14 on Instagram

- The Wise and Wiser—Jim Carrey

- Simply put, hes my best friend.

- Me fly doggo. Doin heckin gud fresh.

- So my mates dog is on her period...

- Pet me, mortal!

- It’s a critical hit

When you cut down a tree in Italy! 😜🇮🇹😍 - @forzaitaliamelb on Instagram


- Nissan hardbody

Everyone seen the #SHC boys new IG account? #stabbincabin #clutchtits @virgilbullard530 @jwwood478 @nickmulcarealaska 🤙🏻🤙🏻 - @aksnowshredders on Instagram

- I improved it!

- Save the World

Smart AF😭😂 - @bigbaddiesels on Instagram

- Adequate understandable meme to make up for the garbage meme last time

Couches are for dogs. Period. 😬 #livingourbestlife - @lauratacke on Instagram

- Sheer will.

- me irl

- This subs mascot

- woof_irl

- Whos had this ticket come through?


🐶😈 . . 📷: Unknown . . #lovedogs #doggo #dogmeme #dogmemes #doggomeme #dog #dogsofinstagram #pet #petsofinstagram #petstagram #doglover #puppies #puppiesofinstagram #adoptdontshop #dogstagram #dogs #dogsdaily #dogsdayout #dogmemes #doggomemes #memesdailyish - on Instagram

I’m excited to announce that I’m currently featured as Today’s Creator on the Rise on YouTube’s trending page! I can’t thank you all enough for watching, commenting, and subscribing, and I truly do appreciate each and every one of you. The last couple of months have been exciting seeing this channel grow as much as it has, but it’s even more exciting to see how many people I’ve been able to help out along the way! Thanks again to everyone who watches and supports! This is only the beginning! - @theregularchef on Instagram

- 2020 here we come..

- Was live too

Shang Chi and the Legend of the Summer Blockbuster - @simuliu on Instagram

- I think I know why...

- Oh Stan....😂

Producing is exhausting work! Good thing there are a lot of stretchers lying about. * * * #producer #producing #director #casting #behindthescenes #movie #moviemaking #filmphotography #film #filmmaking #american #usa #resting #afterwork - @jtmadicus on Instagram

- A Shitty Realization (fixed)

- This counts... Right?

- Failing coyote since 1950

How do you like your steak? 🥩 Tomorrow night is steak night. Grab a thick juicy steak cooked your way and top it off with a selection of delicious sauces. All for just $18! #paradehotelbunbury #paradehotelonthewater #goodtimesbythewater #steakdinner #steak #howdoyoulikeyoursteakcooked #bunbury #bunburypubs #bunburyhotels #eatinginbunbury #dininginbunbury #bunburyrestaurants - @parade_hotel on Instagram

- Apparently I sleep rather strangely

- Close enough ?

💚🖤Mercedes Monday! 🖤💚 . . . . . . . . . . . . #mercedesmonday #mercedesbenz #mercedesmondays #thelostworld #jurassic #jurassicpark #jurassicworld #lostworld - @jurassicedition on Instagram

- Every time you buy a new PC

- I am the best doctor

- Thats the wrong guy kid, (PS:- No offense to any teen , just a joke )

- Mouthwatering booty 🤤

- He has seen too much...

- dora memes

- Mean Surray dodging questions

- iM pLaYiNg MiNeCrAfT!!!

Send in your trucks for a feature! #s10agram #chevy #chevys10 #lows10 #custom #built #s10 #customs10 #chevrolets10 #chevrolet #chevroletperformance #gmc #s15 #gmcs15 #generalmotors #2wdtrucks #2wd #rwd - @s10agram on Instagram

Breaking Out The Big Guns! Trailer Dropping today for HARD KILL. Most action packed film I’ve done before! Get ready! #film #action #actor - @matteskandari on Instagram

- *wow this new $59.99 DLC is awesome with the new trees*

- Chefs just gonna leave this here

- Cursed_cocaine

- F in the chat for our fallen comrade

- Save humanity! Invest to secure enough cheese to cover future generations

- Man gets shot while walking his dog

- I think he enjoys being an invalid.

- Now its a war!!

- My baby boy on his second birthday.

- Shes 12, and shes been folding her arms like a lady her whole life.

This is rough. Last night, our sweet boy Roscoe passed away. Since high school he’s been my best buddy, and over these past 14 years has had such a positive impact on so many people’s lives, he was truly a legend. Thank you for always wanting pets, saving Molly from imminent danger at least 3 times, being so brave yet so afraid of thunder, being patient with Reggie, and always being the life of the party. I’m sorry I couldn’t say goodbye, you’ll be missed and remembered forever ♥️ - @brewitt1 on Instagram

- Naughty Leatherface!

- Everything about Most Extreme Elimination Challenge

- woof_irl

- doggo is innocent !!!!!

- today i vacuumed, and when i was done ... group pic!

- Pudge is so done with the vets office.

- I hope this fits here.

- Old dodge trucks

- Funny Vegan Quotes

- im hungary ...

Here’s a little #funnyfriday for ya ;) whose riding shotgun?!?!? thanks @thehuntingfam for the cool pic! #dusupply #houndsmanhumor #hounddoghumor #stillhunting #huntingseason2020 - @dusupply on Instagram

- laughing is my kind of work out!

- hmmm

- Friday the 13th poster

My good watch doggy! Not sure what he’s watching... But I feel safe!🥰 #handsomeboy #furbaby #bigbaby #greatpyrenees #puppylove #goodboy #unconditionallove❤️ #animallover #myprotector - @sandyjkc on Instagram

- Youre all gonna be sore-y now!

- Carsumi

- is it time to wake up yet?

- How many pairs of red shoes do y’all have?

- German Wi-Fi

- Its a finisher car!!

- He gets spooked when it rains and only feels safe in my lap

- So beat it, just beat it

🐶To be featured👉 From: @greatdaneloverz 📸 By: @greatdane_are_awesome Tag your friends below 👇 DM us for credit if you are owner. Credit: @happygreatdane Follow us for more awesome Great Dane videos and pictures 💛😍😎💕😃 #greatdane #greatdanesofinstagram #danesofinstagram #greatdanesunleashed #greatdanepuppy #greatdanes #dane #dänemark #greatdanemoments #greatdanesunlimited #greatdanelove #greatdanephotography #greatdanesofig #repostmydane #greatdaneproblems #danesunlimited #greatdanenation #greatdanelife #danes #greatdane_feature #greatdanelovers #greatdanecentral #greatdanemix #greatdanesrock #bluegreatdane #danelife #greatdanefans #greatdanepuppies #greatdanelover #danesofig - @greatdaneworld101 on Instagram

- Meirl

- That’s not how Golf works!

- My 8 year old boxer watching herself on DVD as a pup.

- Why I love Bears...

- Karelian Bear Dogs have been hired to deter bears from approaching firefighters battling a fire in Alaska.

- Smiling, 1970s

- Stay out of the witchs forest

Sometimes I wish I was my dog...cant wait to have a slack day on my sofa... #dog #labrador #grey #black #scandinavian #swedish #concrete #mural #wallpaper #texture - @wallpaper_decor on Instagram

- ...proceeds to top it 20 yards

Move in day for our youngest child today. How do we feel? Excited for him, and honestly my eyes kept getting salty all day🧂 So proud of each of our children, but are any of us truly ready empty nests? 🦅 🦅 Please give me some words of wisdom and fun ideas for solo adventures with Hubby 🥰 #emptynesting #calpolyslo #mama #beautifulboy #mybaby - @jubilant.julie on Instagram

This is my dog gunner - @jtwommack on Instagram

- At least my local news paper and a resident have a sense of humor

- I dig it

- Comedy

Who else feels like this? 🙋🏻‍♂️ #trust #trustissues #list #shortlist #truck #trucknation #trucks #trucksdaily #trucksofinstagram #lmc #lmctruck #lmctrucklife #lmctruckparts - @lmctruck on Instagram

- The relationship between OSRS and RS3

- The supper pupper is hurr

- @cayantower on Instagram

- Me in real life! 🤤

Well the time has come. The last 16 years have been the most Best time of my life because of you. You’ve been my very best friend every step of the way. Duke you were the Terminator! I’m sure that Doggy Heaven is full of endless swimming pools,tennis balls,steaks,Popeyes, and Ice Cream stuffed Snowballs 😂 You’re now getting to run wild and free with all your old pals you’ve outlasted throughout all these years. When you tore your ACL and had that TPLO surgery it changed my life. I’ve met so many wonderful people because of you, that will be my friends/family forever. You were the best older brother that Sailor Jerry could have ever dreamed of having. You have taught him so much and he’s an amazing companion as well. He will continue to carry your torch going forward. It won’t be the same without you. I love you SO MUCH!!! Rest In Peace Duke ❤️🙏😇#Duke #DukieBear 🐶🐻 - @jefferycheramie on Instagram

- Back down ass up

- Snake train to sex town.

In the coming weeks, I will be hosting and teaching classes in basic firearms safety, function and handling as well as Hawaii self defense laws. This will be a classroom training with no live fire. The purpose is to provide community education on the safe use of handguns and rifles for defensive purposes.. - @martial_arts_maui on Instagram

Three years since we lost Chris Avis. We think of him and miss him everyday. #cavistapesforever #chrisavisforever - @6131records on Instagram

We need the fact checker on this one Instagram tks 📷 - @groupchat_golf_memes - @golf_gods on Instagram

- Hey, Billy the cat! Meet spike. He sits like this and stares at me all day. Weirdos.

- Everybody liked that

🐾Este calor me tiene muerto...🐾 #jackrussell #stewiethecutie #Stewiedelamor - @stewieelperro on Instagram

Check out Hank and Teals new chew toys! Venison antlers make time fly during the quarantine. We have some of the best prices out there for antler chews, check out our online store or contact me directly and we will get them to you. Thank you so much @susiemgreen for the picture and video. • • • #hubertusdogs #antlers #venison #healthylifestyle #healthydogtreats #houston #quarantine #sustainableliving #sustainablefarming #smallbusiness #texas #austin - @hubertuswildgame on Instagram

- Thick girls are in, but who here prefers my wife’s petite asian ass?

- My roommates dog takes naps in funny positions.

Four nights of chili coming right up with some nice Wyoming grass fed beef #dadlife #mealprepideas #itswhatsfordinner - @philwhitebooks on Instagram

- From the “How to fight a dog” Wikihow

Comfy?? - @jenjupiter on Instagram

- Disconnect Time

- Sandwiched and cozy

- Tried to wake him with a treat, he decided to keep sleeping.

Love you buddy. You were the bestest boy. I’ll see you again some day. - @tylerthedestroyeratx on Instagram

Duke in 2012 - @daisydukethegoldens on Instagram

Dog Day. . I chose the couch she’s allowed on for recovery for an important, dopamine-inducing, cuddly reason! Every day is Maddie day, really. . . #nationaldogday #internationaldogday #dogdaysofsummer #maddiethedog #recovery #aclround2 #napsonnapsonnaps #daydreaming - @karathrowsjav on Instagram

Good morning! Baarrrkkkk! - @dexter_the_dogg on Instagram

- yeet

- My dog sleeps like this all the time.

Be good to people for no reason. 🥰 I say good boy, mommy say naughty. Im helping with the dishes AND doing a #wontlookwednesday . I dont know what the problem is here. What do my friends think? 🥰 Happy Hump day friends, the weekend is in sight. 🥰 Say hi to my besties: @allaboutseamus @baily.golden @bingacountrypup @club_de_choco @eleanormavisshanks @flynn_theretriever @gordon_the_super_dog @hendrix_therockstarlab @marvin_lovegolden @murphster_pup @prajnabikshu @rileythegoldenlabrador @yogi_theyellowlab_ @lexi_the_hufflepup @bel_summers @cruisingwithcooper @p_a_r_k_e_r_pup @bella_abbey_stonehenge @samson_and_grizzi @jaxthegoldenpupper @life_of_baileygirl_the_lab ❤ #Fallpawscome #k9palsberryred #Nintendogz908 #Springermarmoset #TLSHowYouDoinSquad #wifiboFallseason #luvablelabsofinsta #labsofinstagram #labrador_pictures #labrador_feature #laboftheday #labrador_xx #yellowlaboftheday #labrador_class #tailsofalab #mydogiscutest #bullystrongcrew #luvablelabs #smilingdog #labrador_lovers #thelablove_feature #dog_features #ziggysmallzlabrador #labs_of_insta #sillylab - @ziggy_smallz_labrador on Instagram

- Nope, just nope

Abbey road Aka my baby love - @misschanandlerbong on Instagram

Tired of trimming these! Be gone! - @carkmane on Instagram

These Are The Funniest Creatures on Earth! Follow👉 @speed_and_.power_ Follow👉 @speed_and_.power_ Follow👉 @speed_and_.power_ - @speed_and_.power_ on Instagram

Meu melhor amigo... brilhe no céu e olhe por nós! Nos encontramos em breve. Te amo 🖤 13 anos de puro amor e cumplicidade ✨✨ - @arthur_villas on Instagram

- Out looking for a bar at 1 am, 2 stray puppies followed us the whole way. They now have vet apts. and safe homes

U wot #labrador #woof #sparky #pet #cute #retriever #golden - @sparkythewoof on Instagram

- He knows what he’s about.

Plaisirs coupable #zootherapy #mlapin - @mme_karl on Instagram

Stitch observador - @necassol on Instagram

- Lets make a deal: I give you my paw, you give me sausage. Deal? DEAL?

- The Onion calling out fat logic

Tails is missing her daddy. - @mollybarr29 on Instagram

- My cat never gets to sleep in her bed.