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xerunox speech bubble

- the original head cheerleader

why is this my relationship with everyone eve

Funny guy

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- bones



inkling boy splatoon dance kevin

Currently on the plane home from our first US shoot. There were some serious curveballs but sometimes limitations are what makes you creative. Even though they event was cancelled last minute, we had a mad run with cajun chicken, White Castle and the usual vodka antics with the SIILI team. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Not all’s lost, but for now the scoreboard’s has a clear winner⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Coronavirus = 1, Arnold Sports Festival = 0 - on Instagram

21 Times Arthur Perfectly Described Your Life

Tom bailarín

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- Me when someone says I have to wait a year and a half for season 4

Funny memes 🤣


kalean anno mutationem

- Hurts every time

snoop dogg

yuh, ohkay

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- Thats what she said!!


Funny memes 🤣

shining nikki qin yi shining nikki qin yi

- Happy things

Hey I was invisible,cool 🤯


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hi I’m ON A BREAK from editing my edits keep flopping and I lost motivation :/ I’m still answering DMs tho :) - @ethereal.spark on Instagram



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- In Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018), Luis says the red filling of their snack represents his company’s financial struggle. Later in the film, when the company becomes successful, they eat snacks from a blue box, symbolizing their turnaround.


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Dance time

why is this my relationship with everyone eve

casey wong pogchamp asian chinese woah

- Alia ❤️❤️


Go Kermit ye ye

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- Girlfriend has some friends over for a pool-party...


Hey I was invisible,cool 🤯

justin omoregie rbs yeeees celebration


Crazy animal 😜


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Out of sandwich experience 👽🥪 @subway x @sparkandriot x @circleproductions Director: Nalle Sjoblad DP: Andre Pienaar ART TEAM 💛💚 Buyer: @mongtho Asst Buyer: @d.morris______ Graphics: Sebastian Harder Construction Coord: @phillycarvalho Props: Jamie Fleming Dressers: @swims_shady @mikeropinnis @logan_the_grape @day.yacht Jordan Smith, Todd Bolton, Marie K, Daniela Trivizon #productiondesign #setdesign #commercial - @alexisdebad on Instagram


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- Total Request Live with Carson Daly

Dang Daniel 🥶🥶🥶


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- Advertising is the wonder in Wonder Bread



shinobu kudo

- Amy farrah fowler



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- Notebook Wallpaper

learn colour eggs ❕🗣


teemo scout approved teemo ok league emote teemo emote

- Poetic justice

Go Kermit ye ye


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- ur mum suk suk the pizza

love of my life

love of my life


- Kenzie Reeves - Anal Prescription Pickup


learn colour eggs ❕🗣

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- This was deleted twice from reddit’s front page

Gon is being Sussyy


cute jorrparivar responsible ghodaa jorrparivar ghodaa celebration celebrating

- I hate my life and wish to die

yuh, ohkay

Gon is being Sussyy

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- MFW my mosista fundraising page is applauded as having a better MO than the 16 dudes doing it in my company. Muahaha

Memes | Meme faces | Meme pictures moods | Meme Twitter indo | boujee memes | Meme funny pics | cat

Woah shrek 😍

yy4l yin yang gang bneeboy

- My only thought during this scene

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- Bring back Story Time With Pewds so that he tells more stories of him beinng a dick in Tibia 7.6

onewfan yunho tvxq petpet

- Ive never seen a human being maintain such composure for so long

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- [Image]Cory Balrogs reaction after playing The Last of Us part 2 (GOW4 Director)

jade leech

- So i founf this random ad on YT...

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- High Risk Pregnancy

jempol emoji iphone

- Dr. Strange and Doctor Strange are in fact the same person. The word Dr. is actually an abbreviated for Doctor, and the name Strange is likely a last name. This is confirmed by the fact that both characters are played by Benefit Cucumberpatch. Marvel knew this and inserted it as an Easter Egg

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- Invest in consumerism

face weird goofy silly funny

- Classic Tuna

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- I’ll try anything once template

vtuber th3world x xi

- Ron Howard Narrator Voice-Over: Actually, he did.

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- American Sign Language/ Any Sign Language

vijay tv vijay television appu pappu reactions stickers

- It’s small lines like this that make me love the show so much.

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- Blursed unus annus

lo l funny lo l

- EMSK: If you’re asking friends to help you move, have everything packed and stacked and ready to be loaded before they show up. Pay them with food and drinks. You should be completely ready to go even if you hire company movers, because you pay more the longer it takes to get you moved.

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- Kevins Famous Ice Cream

pikachu pokemon funny lol haha

- This sub jumping from hating a certain player then loving them the next week

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- Daphne De Vito

meme face meme dauiabri3d meme dauiabri hacker

- Alyssa Edwards opinion on the Upvotes Color

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- Michael finally got to be what he wanted to be

meme dauiabri meme face

- Nat Wolff

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- AMD lately

tv reaction smile bts radio

- Falcon and The Winter Soldier is “Coming Soon”(in the newest Disney+ Coming Soon trailer)

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- Tom Hiddleston quotes

blablaismi animation text vintage

- Fran fine

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- Subtitles on the re-upload

tv reaction bts radio whatever

- Jacksfilms confirmed Epic Gamer™

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- Marvel / Hunger Games

delo govorit drawing text

- We all need to see the Gina-Scully-Hitchcock text chain where they exchange Game of Thrones theories.

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- Amy Jr.

vijay tv vijay television appu pappu reactions stickers

- Blursed_mixing

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- American horror story

persona persona4 adachi tohru adachi adachy

- OK Muchachos

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- Context this

tyunliker taehyun txt

- There are so many great scenes in this show, but this one is one of my favorites.

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- Ulysses Klaues new hand!

vijay tv vijay television appu pappu reactions stickers

- A blessing to the community

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Hoje tivemos o encerramento do Cineclube Fellini, Adjetivo. Durante quatro semanas, conduzidos com maestria pelo crítico Marcelo Janot @mjanot , viajamos pelo universo particular do cineasta italiano, conhecendo as fases que compõem sua carreira. Nesse último encontro, através dos filmes “Os Palhaços”, “Roma de Fellini”, “Ensaio de Orquestra” e “Entrevista” analisamos as técnicas utilizadas por Fellini para subverter a linguagem tradicional dos documentários. Importantes aprendizados desse encontro: // Ao misturar as fronteiras do documentário com a ficção, Fellini oferece antes de tudo uma mescla poética com a cara do diretor. // As mensagens políticas em seus filmes passam sobretudo pela observação do ser humano, em sua individualidade, mediada pelo elemento de sonho e fantasia. // A metalinguagem não se esgota em sua obra: tratada de maneira instigante, pode ter até 4 camadas de filmes dentro do filme, como vimos em “Entrevista”. Agradecemos à todos que embarcaram conosco nessa viagem cinematográfica! - @desenvolvimento.artistico on Instagram

tanzen dayot upamecano rb leipzig tanzen lassen f%C3%BChlen

- Frasier stuff

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- Film Scoring Resources

mystic messenger video game cute adorable sad

- Big brother❤️

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- friends

eggring ragnarok online ragnarok online mmorpg

- 100% accurate

viperissima trash gif reaction tv giulia de lellis gd l verissimo

- Jim’s Rubber Band Ball Progress

tyler joseph josh dun blurryface

- cursed_hotdog

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- Five years later... or is 5 months earlier?

shuzi tv shuzi ez swag

- Ta dai esse meme aqui fui eu que fiz num site por ai

viperissima temptation island trash gif reaction tv

- Brooklyn Nine-Nine

tv reaction bts wow radio

- Celebrity Movie Couples

viperissima gfvip gfvip4 trash gif reaction tv patrick ray pugliese

- Keep lab rats!

happy tv reaction party smile


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- I still like her, but it’s true

tv reaction party bts sticker

- Skynda dig, nu med detsamma!

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- Me when I say my honest opinion and start getting downvoted.

springy tv head touhou fumo touhou plush springy tv

- Its not because hes black, though, right? Its because hes dead, right? [S4E1]

viperissima gfvip gfvip4 trash gif reaction tv patrick ray pugliese

- 🚨 Two still wanted in connection to 7 train homicide with viral video at Elmhurst-90th st in Queens. Call 800-577-TIPS - it’s anonymous and you may be eligible for $

raf rafs rafs84 rafsdesign netflix

- Lol kinda ironic

viperissima gemma galgani uomini e donne trash gif reaction tv umberto

- MRW I disagree with my girlfriend.

ondel ondel in love tv theater house popcorn nonton yuk

- In the shower scene of StarshipTroopers (1997) everyone talks about why they joined the service. When its Buseys turn he says he wants a career. When he states his reasoning his head is framed in the shower handle to in way that looks like a noose. It is like he is giving himself a death sentence.

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- Let’s go gamers

bts tv radio reaction echt jetzt

- Not a main character but my favorite screen shot for non fans

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- Andy Bernard

napping sleepy face sleep briefly television tv series

- funny teacher quotes

temptation island trash gif reaction tv viperissima trash entertainment temptation island trash

- Harriet the spy

kat eyez tv

- Fast and Furious Memes

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- hmmm bit suspicious

no tv signal no source no input reaction shocked

- Found this ad while watching a video on YouTube and it linked to the official website.

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- Fred Willard on “Get Smart” 1968

watching tv cry sad tears emotional

- The Departed Clue Hunter

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- Elon Musk

watching tv happy laughing lol funny

- Jakes love for Amy is amazing

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- Prison Break 4

watching tv cute

- Animated Order of Magnitude-Paranormal and Persona

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- Protestors in Michigan trying to prove a point:

tv tv show watch tv tv series television

- Day 39 of making Community memes

viperissima game of games trash gif reaction tv

- Geeky Stuff - So many things, so little time


Happy Friday! I got restricted from posting on TikTok for a week. Not sure if it was my video making fun of the KKK or the one calling out Newt Gingrich’s anti-semitic dog whistle to Soros conspiracy nuts on Fox News a few nights ago. So since I can’t get my crack-I mean TikTok fix, I’m dropping a series of TikTok videos here that I’ve made over the past few weeks covering some RNC stuff and the shenanigans since. If this gives you a giggle please consider joining me on Patreon (link in BIO) for more Antics! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #trump2020 #kimberlyguilfoyle #ladyrona #coronavirushumor #pandemicorona #biden2020 #liberalmemes #dumptrump #militarymemes #bidenharris2020 #trumpliedpeopledied #wearamask😷 #wearamask #wearamaskplease #bouffon #politicalsatire #trumpjokes #kag #makeamericagreatagain🇺🇸 #womenfortrump #draintheswamp🇺🇸 #buildthewall🇺🇸 #libs #liberal #republicanssuck #trumpsucks #dumptrump2020 #uburoi #beagoodexample #keepamericagreat🇺🇸 - @anticinadrain on Instagram

Josito impaciente contando los pocos días que quedan para el estreno de la última temporada de La que se avecina. 29 de mayo en Prime Video. ¡Ahí nos vemos! #lqsa #lqsa12 #montepinar #josito #estreno @la_queseavecina - @dariopasojardiel on Instagram

- bigbangtheory.

- Big Yikes

- Pick. Throw.

- Americas Got Talent...

- The Middle TV Show

- Sent this to a special group in my gym.

- My Horn can Pierce the Sky!

- athletic outfits

- if you remove it pls tell me why

- Flashpoint

Go check out some of the quality tees by @threadheads • • • • • • • #memes #traviscott #mcdonalds #dankmemes #memes😂 #funnymemes #quentintarantino #spicymemes #originalcontent #explorepage #dailymemes - @spicy.weetbix on Instagram

- In Goosebumbs (2015), the real R.L. Stine makes an appearance. This is a reference to his full name, Real Life Stine.

- hmmm

- Good night Gunny

- Was watching Scrubs when I noticed a certain lawyer with large hands.

- Walter and Paige

- Never noticed the name of Lindsays exercise tape. ... And release.

- american wives

- Stephen Colberts watch face of choice: Astronomy

- Greys Anatomy

- Icarly and victorious!!!!

- Ah yes.

- New template for you guys

- *******jill duggar & derick Dillard******

- How I wouldve won the debate

- Im slipping, Im falling!

- I dont recall attacking your shit

- Well, kinda.

- Scrubs tv shows

- Probably my favorite Easter egg in Community. Major props to one of the greatest and smartest shows ever!

- X Factor Worldwide

- When you mourn for Uncle Ben but have a freudian slip after thinking about the wrestling manager

- 3 Firefly

- Heineken... the drink of champions.

- The Dota Effect

- Funny facts about life

- Daniel Craig is even hot taking a selfie, how is this possible?!?

- Gotta love the Ice cold side of Jan.. watching the dinner episode.

- When your friend coughs, hit em with the lysol

- When I give my cat dry food instead of wet food...

- Jokes videos

- 90s & early 2000s Music

- Modern family

- Cursed_Video

- Theyre destroying the whole town

- This scene alone proves that Holly would be a very good mom with Michael

- Big Brother

- Alguém já reparou que no filme Animal, de 2001 o protagonista possui a bandeira do Brasil em sua casa?

- My life

- In the first American Pie, Oz asks his date for a BJ by saying “Suck me, Beautiful.” But it didn’t work out as he had imagined. I also don’t recommend you to use this phrase.

- I found Hide pain Harold in a new coca cola ad in Hungary

- Something I just noticed was that Erin was with her mom at Dwight and Angelas wedding!

- And So It Begins.......

“Mika” is in BIG trouble! 😱Watch the new episode tomorrow night on OWN of “If Loving You Is Wrong” #iflovingyouiswrong #iflovingyouiswrongseries #iflovinguiswrong #tylerperry #tylerperrystudios #ozzieareu #mika #own #acting #kidactor #kidactress #oprah - @celineareu on Instagram

- Reddit nowadays

- Me showing off my skills during the quarantine

- Christine Caine sermon

- Im not sure what that means...

- To all the 3rd wheels today

- Michael Rosen saying he once went to the fridge meme template

- Why Learn Spanish?

- Played Legacy for the first time at GP DC. This pretty much sums up my experience.


- Shes the man

- MRW I realize I wore my slippers to work. Again.

- Monica and Chandler

- Please dont say that

We know you miss the dodgers (maybe?) so we thought we’d have Daikon Yoh of the Yomiuri Giants show you what’s new on our (Togo) shelves. Who needs an ice pack when you’ve got your own 𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙜 𝙨𝙖𝙧𝙨𝙖𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙡𝙡𝙖 🥤 😋 Swipe for our other N/A bevs - @littlefattyla on Instagram

- Glee Season 1

- MRW someone mentions deep state

- Andre the Giant’s hand around a normal bottle of beer

- Open Heart Surgery

- Did you know that Dwight actually grew beets at his desk?

- Day 11 of social distancing

- HIF when the lady Im seeing casually mentions she graduated high school in 1991...I was born in 1989.

Moo Point /Muu/🔉 (Noun) Like a cows opinion. It doesnt matter. Its moo. . . . . . @jenniferaniston @mattyperry4 @mleblanc @lisakudrow @courteneycoxofficial @_schwim_ . #friendsforever#friends#rachelgreen#chandlerbing#joeytribbiani#phoebebuffay#monicageller#rossgeller#centralperk#apartment19#apartment20#friendsfan#friendscast#friendsfandom - @friends__fandom_ on Instagram

the final season of Alexa & Katie is out on Netflix! This was such a sweet fun happy cast and crew - I was joyfully surprised by how welcoming and inviting everyone on set was, and thanks to shadowing fabulous director @jodyfm , the generosity of showrunner @heatherwordham and director @kelp1031 I was able to hang around this happy family set for several episodes. I am a huge supporter of this show!! Go check it out!! (and spot me in this episode throwing a curveball at katie & aiden. pictured here was serious genuine laughter with @barrettcarnahan210 , he’s a funny funny dude) - @hannahtaragan on Instagram

- King of Queens

- News anchor wearing an extremely short skirt behind the desk

- Blursed booty shaking llama toy

- hmmm

- Humor

- awesome

- Found a format, worth the investment?

- Celebrities in the Attic

- Seeing Baby Yoda close his crib because Mando has to kill a lot of people

- Foodie Videos To Watch

- Princess Padme - The Phantom Menace


- -Its European cut.

- Pyro off camera with gamer girl bath water

- I think the teleprompter had a seizure....

- Cmon baby.... Nobody is around to see i promise lol


- Close enough ig

- Guys!!!!! It’s Saturday.

- hmmm

- Any good news? 😂

- MRW I win a bottle of wine at the office holiday party but its a kind I dont like

- lab rats

Andrew Garfield’s SNL skit ft. Emma Stone, 2014. _ #andrewgarfield #emmastone #filmiverse #snl - @filmiverse on Instagram

- Alexander Gould

- Anyone know this vid

- This is one of my favorite one-liners

- I thought this was inappropriate... (Game of Thrones)(no spoilers)

- jacques a dit

- Tribal Chieftain interrupts courtship ritual to establish himself as the dominant male (c. 10,000 BCE)

- What is your spaghetti policy here?

- In Final Destination 2, we can see Corona and a guy in ICU using a respirator. Is this a premonition?

- My reaction getting the Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges for Christmas, dork dance and all. Ohh, it’s finally happening! WHOOOOOO!

- Ive never understood wtf Jeff is doing with his pizza in this episode

- Get back in there

- Sonny with a chance

- Dwight’s fashion was ahead of its time

- American Chopper and Woman yelling Template

- Am I the only one who sees a 3 foot tall man?

- A reporter in TV using transparent face mask while performing sign language so deaf people can read from her lips

- blursed skills

- whats up moms

- Same but different

- Netflix to all of us this morning

- Bring It On

- When I check both Uber and Lyft to see which ones cheaper.

- Big Bang Bazinga

- Absolutely love the attention to detail on this show

- As soon as Niall mentioned how Felix messed up ad revenue for all of us, this ad popped up for me.

- The office - serie

- AutoFap™

Part 23875 of the shit he says with a completely straight face 😐😂 . . . 💕Like 💬Comment ↗️Share ✨Follow @martiiinfreeman for more✨ . . . . . #martinfreeman #britishactor #actor #tvseries #cinema #movies #freemaniac #bilbobaggins #thehobbit #johnwatson #scherlock #johnlock #benedictcumberbatch #freebatch #lesternygaard #fargo #everettross #captainamericacivilwar #blackpanther #marvel #theoffice #cargo #ghoststories #starup #breeders - @martiiinfreeman on Instagram

- hmmm

- Family photos never turn out the way you want them...

- Nag-upgrade na ang kabit! 😆😆😆

- Childhood Shows

- Meme template! Feel free to use!

- Anton Yelchin vids

- Doctor Who

- Vox:Pyrocinical is definitely a Nazi and we definitely didnt get this picture out of its context

- Great job, man

- Mom, Dad, Sorry for waking you, but duty calls...

- lab rats

- I just wanted to watch an electroboom compilation... Now Im not sleeping tonight.

- My eczema came back and my face is now a peely, scaly mess. Dear winter:

- Zac Efron Reads A Mean Tweet

- Snapchat video

- Jack Griffin learning about the spaghetti policy at Whitlock High

- Jeanossauro rex

- Wedding Crashers

These images perfectly capture our relationship. #annieawards - @ryanridley on Instagram

- Dj & steve

- Piper Curda

- In honor of Columbus Day. Christopher Columbus lands on Hispanola (1492), Colorized

- Harry potter

- cursed_ramsay

- Ashley banks / outfits

And were #HappyatHolly 🏡 🍾 *I bought a house! - @dr_bochter on Instagram

- The phone in this Priceline commercial is upside down.

🔫💥 . . #sarahconnor #lindahamilton #t800 #arnoldschwarzenegger #johnconnor #edwardfurlong #t1000 #robertpatrick #kylereese #michaelbiehn #terminator #terminator2 #terminator3 #terminator4 #terminator6 #terminator2judgmentday #hastalavistababy #terminatordarkfate - @sarahx.xconnor on Instagram

- And they thought Erin was crazy for thinking they were filmed in their sleep!

- Probably one of the best Michael moments. He really was like a proud Dad.

Sending lots of prayers to Naya Rivera’s family and son! Hoping she is found soon, You and your family will always be in my prayers! It was so much fun getting to work with such a fun and amazing actress💕 - @missalexysalonzo on Instagram

- Nice blur, no idea who this could possibly be.

- Mrs. Kelly was an exercise instructor in Arrested Development

- Kens hair in Aquas Barbie Girl music video.

- Angel rebelde

- just minding my own business*

- Blursed_Wood


- hmmm

Duncan (Liam James) adalah seorang anak berusia 14 tahun. Sang ibu (Toni Collette) dan Trent (Steve Carell), kekasih ibunya mengajaknya untuk liburan ke sebuah tempat dekat dengan pantai. Pertemuan Duncan dengan salah satu manajer taman hiburan Water Wizz, Owen (Sam Rockwell), justru menjadi liburan yang tak akan pernah bisa dilupakan Duncan. Saksikan film The Way Way Back hanya di aplikasi Mola TV atau #molatvmovies - @molatv.movies on Instagram

Tonight on @nbcchicagomed, Ryan Reilly and I sing “A Little Fall of Rain”. Tune it at 8/7c for la magique. And yes, I tagged all the ⭐️s #chicagomed - @christinevremydstie on Instagram

- Party time! She deep throats in front of all the party people

- Dexter

- When you’re 40 and move from a legal state to a prohibition state and have to find a plug for the first time in 20 years.

- 10 Top Restaurants in Maryville

- Humor ;)

- Barney Stinson Quotes

- Chuck

- Creation of Lotus from Prime Time

Waiting is a sign of true love and patience. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Anyone can say I love you, but not everyone can wait and prove its true.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #therichmansdaughter #gmanetwork #jade #althea #jathea #jatheaforever #jathearastro #rihanramos #glaizadecastro #lovewins #loveislove #jathealoveteam #lgbtq #letlove #rainbow #pride #jatheaedit #jadeandalthea #lovethiscouple #iwillwait - @lgbtq_delhi on Instagram

- (Ika-6 na Utos) Paano i-bake ang mukha ng kabit 🤣🤣🤣

- Big Bang Theory

- 90s Teen

- Wow,

S12E20 PREVIEW - Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan Think Luann de Lesseps Is Making Dorinda Medleys Birthday About Her! - @rhony_obsessed on Instagram

- Friends

- Amores Verdaderos

- final moments of pokis happiness before she got the cockroach box

- Qualquer coincidência é mera semelhança,Perdão se já foi postado

- Hope Floats

- Everyones sipping water post-rounds, but Sados out there with the 2 liter Coca-Cola bottle, because cans werent enough.

- Cole Turner


- Big Brother

- Alt universe

- Greys anatomy izzie

- When youve just remembered its your cake day but its 11:59 pm

- Marvel Universe