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- Disposable Gloves


♡⸽ 𝐂𝐡𝐢𝐳𝐮𝐫𝐮 𝐌𝐢𝐳𝐮𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚 𝐢𝐜𝐨𝐧

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B E L L E Z A 🐚 @ortigademar #SentirJaén #Jaén #Bagá #restaurant #food #foodporn #happiness #Spain #MichelinStar - @bagajaen on Instagram


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BRIGHT AND GUILTY LOVES YOU - @bright.and.guilty on Instagram

Fuck bitches, get money!

Tissues (@flavoredtissues) / Twitter

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#MacroMonday 🙌 You may be mistaken for thinking that this incredibly ornate organism is a coral. It is actually a completely different marine animal called a Bryozoan. Bryozoa are invertebrate animals that live in colonies on reefs all over the world. They have a delicate skeletons of calcium carbonate and feed on phytoplankton and other bacteria. #BiodiversityMonth #QMNetwork 📷 Queensland Museum - @qldmuseum on Instagram

Suzune Miyama


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- Wild At Heart

Purpose in Life Impedes Impulsivity

cowboy duel game on head turn ready duel

Painted embroidered silk by @katarinariesing #knitspiration - @aislingcamps on Instagram

Rabbit with sunflowers

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- Summer Tunes

40+ Funny Working From Home Memes (WFH) | Man of Many

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- My peeled skin has holes where my hair poked through

Ketnipz Wallpaper

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- A due colori

cute dpz /beautiful dp / beautiful girls dp / stylish dpz

Neon 🤍 Fade

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- The effect the sun had on a folder I left in my backseat all summer

Easy Health Options® :: Demystifying diagnostics: Blood tests and what they mean

tissues are very important mohena kumari singh pinkvilla %E0%A4%8A%E0%A4%A4%E0%A4%95%E0%A4%AE%E0%A4%B9%E0%A4%A4%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%B5%E0%A4%AA%E0%A5%82%E0%A4%B0%E0%A5%8D%E0%A4%A3%E0%A4%B9%E0%A5%88%E0%A4%82 you need tissues

- Bella

Grape Seed Extract: Versatile and Valued Antioxidant

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- Mr. Pleater Board 1/2(16W x 3L)


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- house jacket

Straight Profile

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- Fight the Flu! Cold and Flu Tips

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- Badass wallpaper iphone

Apple 🍎

Arlecchino with glasses

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- Amanda Nisbet

Premium Vector | Trolley full of toilet tissue paper roll icon illustration.

Bill Hader crossing hands is my religion

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- All the blood vessels in your head

Toxic Relationship Habits Most People Think Are Normal

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- Art visionnaire

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- Analgesic, Fever

24 Heartbreaking TV Moments That Made You Cry Your Eyes Out

Furoku, Zenin, Omake and Promos

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- John Smith’s found art piece: ‘Dad’s Stick’ Smith’s perfectionist DIY father painted every room in their house over many years. He always stirred the paint with the same stick. The cut off the end reveals the whole history, multi-colored rings of a life-tree, beautiful and strange. [1391x1080]

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- so this is what shitty toilet paper is...

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- Aboriginal Art


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🍍🍍🍍 - @ju4nch1gr4m_8 on Instagram

Golden® SoFlat Matte Acrylic Paint, 2 oz in Fluorescent Green | Michaels®

Fuck bitches, get money!

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- American Casual Outfits

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- This is paper.

%E3%82%AB%E3%82%A8%E3%83%AB%E7%8E%8B%E5%AD%90 %E3%83%86%E3%82%A3%E3%83%83%E3%82%B7%E3%83%A5 %E6%B3%A3%E3%81%8F %E6%84%9F%E5%8B%95 crying

- Womens Fashion

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- This fucking image.

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- Fiber Art

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- Plant cell images

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- Cyanotype

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- Z:IN Wallcovering SilkNB

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- Aboriginal Art

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- art

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- Alcohol Ink Art

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- Fabric textured / sculpting

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- Art - Sculpture

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#MORNING - @toarikidexter on Instagram

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- Art

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- Hunter Douglas Blinds

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The album art for Dreaming Of (dropping tonight at midnight) by @wearecoastalclub was a dream to work on ✨ @alexwallbaum and I struggled a bit to put this together during quarantine but we’re v happy with how it turned out. - @evantsheehan on Instagram

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- Indie Music

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- Craft: Cameo

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- Bakterien und Viren

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Nebula 3D render created by me. Mystery box coming soon🎱. . . - @radii.exe on Instagram

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- Craft Leather

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- Anatomical Lungs, Me, water-based clay and oakwood, 2019

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- All Things Pink

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- Do you see it!?

tissue pull game challenge competitive serious

- I 3D printed the place Im going on a feild trip with my university next week. :D

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- A Negative blood type

a box of tissue pull out tissue otakus adventure online gamer retro gaijin

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- I see your college toilet paper, and raise you my work toilet paper.

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- Design

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- cough syrup

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- colore rosa

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- The bubbles in the bubble wrap my stuff came in are heart shaped

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Join us for our first event celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, with a Virtual Bomba Class featuring none other than Beatriz Flores from El Batey. Join us on Friday, September 18th at 5:00 PM via Zoom for a free bomba class! This event will be the first of many events celebrating the Hispanic/Latin culture and community, throughout Hispanic Heritage Month! - @themochacenter on Instagram

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🍄How is mycelium “programmable”? 🗣Followed by another question 🍄Why do fungi grow Turing Patterns? ### #emergence #voronoi #reactiondiffusion #growth #dynamics #lsystem #penrosetiling #hilbertcurve #turingpatterns #cantorset #quasicrystal #liquidcrystal #fractal #fungi #organic #programming #mycelium #happymonday - @mycoworks on Instagram

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- Fifty Shades of Grey

tissue roll

- The toilet paper in this porta potty.

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- Magic Eye posters


- Gastrointestinal System

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- the toilet paper at my school makes it nearly impossible.

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#agnesmartin #katherinesehr - @katie_sehr on Instagram

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- (EN) Flannel & Knit Fabrics

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- CNA, Nursing, & Medical stuff. Etc.

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- Abnormal cells

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- Origami flapping bird

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- Artwerk

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In collaboration with the team at @futuredeluxe we’ve been working to flex Yes to naturally integrate into the Australian landscape. This work will be used to create a richer experience in Optus environments. #branding #render #artdirection #logo #graphicdesign #australia #design - @_reagency on Instagram

bog roll tissue

- Middlesex textiles

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- Fleece Fabric

stay strong tissue you got this love martina martian

- I think about doing this whenever I fudge up my lipstick

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- With some mesh from a fruit bag, an old Christmas ribbon and a lot of inspiration from r/roznw18 and their mum, I now have a way to hang my travel soaps to dry when Im out camping!

say what you mean tissue google

Swine, 2004. In honor and gratitude to @greenpapayaartprojects whose gallery space was razed by fire a couple weeks ago. Swipe for a couple surprises. This was 2004. Looking back you see things twice: I remember so many versions of that year. Or maybe I’ve just had too many damned lives. As Manny Chavez narrates it (see last slide), I had sewn a duck and padded a panel with foam and fabric and submitted it to some art competition. The work was embroidered with the words Martyr A la Carte, and it was sent back to me because they said it was a painting competition and this was no painting! So for Green Papaya I cobbled more soft sculpture: an apron encrusted in wax, petals dipped in red, a cleaver on a chopping block on kitchen vinyl. I painted a dead pig and hung a neon sign, She would kill for it. I remember 2004 as a year when artists, musicians and filmmakers still regularly congregated in old QC haunts, including GP. I remember most artists like me sidelined in production design and Poks and Jun did sets while I was assigned to do costume or food styling. I had sewn a few costumes for performing artists like Donna Miranda, even the PBT under Enrico Labayen. I owned a wonky sewing machine from the Port Area Japanese surplus and could barely get it to work. A year later, I would learn how to sew properly at a pattern-making workshop and would eventually start a short-lived clothing business. Swine was a collision of many things that characterized my life then: an Elvis Costello song, Peter Greenaway, a love for Louise Bourgeois’ works, youth and good ol’ rock and roll. I think film’s influence left me with an urge to color theme all my shows, and Swine was migraine red. Sorry. That’s a long flashback Friday! Here’s to champions like Green Papaya, may you have nine more lives. - @_patteu on Instagram

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- Batik & Dyes

crying tissue tears sobbing river of tears

- Bathroom Floor

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- home decor

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Purchase $75 worth of Stimulite Lifestyle products and receive a free SpaCell in the color of your choice. This is the perfect time to invest in the Stimlite Yoga or Wellness Mat for yourself and the Sport Insoles for your favorite training buddy. Shop our store at www.supracor.com #supracor #skincare #wellnessinnovation #beauty #skincareroutine #stimulite - @supracor_official on Instagram

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- blood infection

cony and brown crying sad tissue wipe face

- My co-workers ulcerous dog puked him up a bloody valentine the other day.

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- costura

stay strong tissue paper

- Beauty Tips

stop crying wipe tears love cute tissue

- Mr. Pleater Board 1/2(16W x 3L)

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- Binding The Quilt

want need this tissues sad

- Christian Faur

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- Sewing online

giving tissue paper box crymore

- Art Inspiration

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- I’m paying $14,000/yr for this.

cristiano oliveira sad triste tissue wipe

- Oh Grow Up, Me, Digital, 2019


- Photo facial

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- Spirals in Nature

little daddy crying tissue kleenex

- Colors

stay strong dont cry tissue box tissue paper heart

NEWS: An aggressive form of childhood cancer called #neuroblastoma could be treatable with two cancer drugs for colon cancer and ovarian cancer, according to new ICR research. A team led by Professor Louis Chesler at the ICR has shown that the cancer drugs olparib and irinotecan can treat neuroblastoma with mutations to the gene ATRX, which is associated with a chemotherapy-resistant form of the disease that is often fatal in children. The drug combination targets DNA repair mechanisms in the cells, causing damage to their DNA that pushes the cancer cells beyond repair. Irinotecan and olaparib are already being used to treat cancer in adult patients, so the combination could be rapidly rolled out to treat children if clinical trials are successful. 📰 Find links to all our latest news via our Linktr.ee/ICR_London (link in bio). 📸 Neuroblastoma rosettes by Dr Maria Tsokos, @nationalcancerinstitute #CCAM #ChildhoodCancer #ChildhoodCancerResearch #cancer #CancerTreatment #research #FundResearch - @icr_london on Instagram

bath tissue tissue paper roll %ED%9C%B4%EC%A7%80%EB%A1%A4 %EB%A1%A4%ED%9C%B4%EC%A7%80

- Do not zoom

when harry met sally tissue

- ideal2

stay strong dont cry tissue box tissue paper heart

- polygel nails

crying tissue

- 1950s Art Moderne master bedroom

- Microbiology

friday the 13th - @vincenzmur on Instagram

- BodyTite - FaceTite

- Examples of innovation

- Art

- Charles Helleu

- Biomimicry examples

- Africa 4

- 30 Days of Creativity June 2012

- fabric designers I admire

- Every new roll ever.

Tá liberado escolher sua cor ou estampa preferida pra sair por por aí gostosíssima. 🧡✨👌 - @amossstrada on Instagram


- art to hang



- Crystal Fabric

- rehab for head neck and shoulders

- Greg Dunn

- #blindsdotcomlife

Here it is! A pattern made with waste garlic skins😀😊 . . . . P.s: I had so much fun making this that I ignored other important works today😂😅 . . . . . #printmaking #createfromhome #waste #madewithwaste #print #garlic #garlicskin #sustainability #creative #graphicdesign #graphic #patterndesign #patternbank #patterns #organicpatterns #illustration #printdesign #fractal #natural #bestoutofwaste #foodwaste #creativity #textiles #textilepattern - @apurvasrihari on Instagram

- Artful Design

- Document iconographique

- apple wallpapers | iOS

Does using a collagen membrane impact the quality of regenerated bone? Yes. 💡Find out why and how on our blog. ▶️Link in bio! #regenerationexpert #collagenmembrane #regenerativedentistry #dentalworld #dentistry #dentalsurgery #implantology #geistlich #biomaterials - @geistlichpharma on Instagram

- special effects

- Not a gif [pic]

- Auburn Tailgating

- patras

- art-paper

- Art ideas 6

- Felt DIY Craft

- Background Images & Wallpapers.

Open 11-5 today! See these delicate porcelain vessels by Judy Olmstead in person or online. - @galleryboom on Instagram

- Crystal Decor

- Flowers!


- Paint Techniques - Wall & Furniture

- Pepper in Paper Towel

- Changing Colors & Patterns✿

- Paintable Wallpaper

- Paper Mesh

Illuminate: Āroka Artist Spotlight #34 Polly Verity At first glance, you may question the probability of you seeing faces in inanimate objects. But these are indeed minimalist sculptures that have morphed into solitary faces and kissing figures through some carefully maneuvered series of bends and twists, constructed with using only single sheets of water-colour paper. This does not by any means make the art form remotely undemanding. The artist is required to work against the clock - a sheet of dampened paper timely drying while the folds and curves are formed and accentuated in the given timeframe. Somewhere inside this extravagantly swarming world of art, Polly Verity has found a corner and made it her own. Her work skillfully distinguishes itself using just the bare minimum of artist paraphernalia. #Illuminate #PollyVerity #PaperSculpting #ArokaArtistSpotlight - @arokaofficial on Instagram

- ADs

- Orange Twist


- Collections

At @theherbalblend we believe beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. Hence, we strive at procuring the finest ingredients for our products. ☘️🌿🌺🌻 DM for details. #ingredients #skincare #theherbalblend #green #ingredientsmatter #ingredientstory #natural #herbal #diy #homeremedies #detox #skindeep #nature #beautybloggersindia #beautyblogger #mumbaiblogger #mumbai_igers #mumbaibloggers #styleblogger #handmade #handmadewithlove #curated #skinessentials - @theherbalblend on Instagram


- Display

- Cake tips

Aqueous #aqueous #liquidphotography #markmawsonphotography #advertisingphotography #creative #wfh #aqueousphotography #hasselblad #phaseonephoto #elinchrom_ltd #blueandorange #liquidclouds - @markmawson on Instagram

- Artistic Inspirational Fabrics

- Kenya Hara

- Lemon Top

- Knee Surgery

- How to clean bbq


- abstract art

- Timorous Beasties

- A n t h r o p o l o g i e

- “Ultra STRONG”

- Purple Wall Decor

- Jan Schoonhoven

- Anatomy art

- ALLURE Me with your HACKS,or info on anything to do with BEAUTY FACE HAIR NAILS SKIN.


Researchers at @nyugrossman have found a new approach in treating osteoarthritis by injecting a natural “energy” molecule, prompting regrowth of almost half of the cartilage lost with aging in knees. #osteoarthritis #research #med #medschool #medicalschool - @nyugrossman on Instagram

- Fruite

- @maximebny on Instagram

I haven’t been posting much lately, but am so thankful for family and friends all over as we all hunker down in strange times. I am especially grateful to be able to pour time into the studio this summer and finally want to share what I’ve been up to. This is a rendering of a porcelain tile and mirror piece for the new @hodgestaylorgallery space in Charlotte, NC. The final version will be comprised of 248 porcelain tiles which mount onto a laser cut acrylic mirror. The design is a play on the typical washroom vanity, with only small sections of the mirror exposed. I continue to revisit this crumpled paper surface which embodies for me a sense of imperfection, fleeting moments and discarded ideas. This brief moment of crumpling paper then goes through a range of mold-making, casting and finishing processes before the tiles finally get fired. Process pics and images of the final design coming up! Many thanks to @chaunceycarter8 and @zainab.e.art for all your expertise in the studio and to Lauren @hodgestaylorgallery for the opportunity to try something new! #antivanity #mirrors #porcelain #tiles #3dmodeling #rhino3d #keyshot - @thom.schmidt on Instagram

From now on i have the honor to call myself as a resident of @schimmer_records also snippets of my upcoming release is now avalible on soundcloud! Release day is 8 August. Thank you @egotot.666 and @elda.maurice and the rest of the crew for this to happen! Super!! 🙏🏼 - @franzk_jager on Instagram

- Amanda Nisbet

- Abnormal hair growth on my hand

- Leah Goren

- Blood Type

Some injuries need to be addressed by a specialist / therapist who in some cases may tell you to stop training initially. In these cases, you must listen because antagonising injuries only creates worse problems down the line! However, for those niggles which arent completely prohibitive, there are ways in which can target muscle fibre activation within this area without causing excessive strain, and in some cases incase and aid the recovery process. One of the best ways to do this is using high rep training! Why? When performing higher rep training correctly youre able to apply a lot of effective muscle tissue stimulation on that target muscle whilst using less weight to achieve that. As a result, the connective tissues within the area are less likely to become inflamed. Generally speaking, it is the lower rep, heavy training which can lead to more aggravation within a joint if there is pre-existing inflammation taking place. Dealing with joint issues as a competitive bodybuilder decades ago led me to experiment with high rep training, eventually leading me to devise the Y3T protocol as you know it today! Not only can it lead to less stress on the within joint areas, it forces much more blood into the the origin area. This is key to recovery for any tissue which is inflamed because of the extra nutrients being transported into the area - prompting faster recovery and aiding muscle tissue repair. Be intelligent with your training style and incorporate multi micro cycle rep ranges to aid recovery and force down injuries. - @y3tworld on Instagram


- Beautiful

- Thats the design of the napkin

- Drawing Board

- De silva

- Ann Jackson

- This toilet paper is so thin I can see my hand through it. Basically gotta use the entire roll to avoid ripping through

- DIY Paint Tips & Tricks

- First Day Activities

- What do you see? Yoga towel Rorschach Test

- Woods

- Disposable Gloves

Vanaf vandaag is de nieuwe museale opstelling ‘Corona gaat viral’ te bewonderen in Micropia. Met deze opstelling wil Micropia de huidige coronapandemie van achtergrondinformatie voorzien. Was het de vleermuis, het schubdier of de mens? Naast de bestaande opstellingen in Micropia met virusmodellen van hiv, ebola en het pokkenvirus is nu ook het coronavirus te zien. De nieuwe opstelling is een combinatie van een opgezet schubdier en een 3D-geprint natuurgetrouw model van het coronavirus. Dit model is gemaakt van kunststof. In werkelijkheid is het virus ongeveer 125 nanometer in doorsnede. Het virus is te herkennen aan de knuppelvormige stekels op het membraan waardoor het de naam ‘corona’ - Latijn voor ‘kroon’ - heeft gekregen. #corona #viral #micropia #amsterdam #virus #pandemie - @micropia_amsterdam on Instagram

- @pinter.art.794 on Instagram

- Cellular

- Alcohol Ink Art

Incredible piece by artist Vanessa through @art.ark #ausindigenousfashion #visualart #aboriginalart #firstnations #artwork #indigenousx #storytelling #curatedinsta - @ausindigenousfashion on Instagram

- 3D Render

- Ceramic Wall Installations

- scrapbook

- fabric manipulation

- Repetition Art

- childrenGarden

- Sauerkraut and Fermented

- Chainsaw Case

Beautiful disaster. Life casts of human form, every cast is different and Im dead good at smashing them 😂🤣 Using @makeupforever body paints @pscomposites alginate, crystacal . . . #bodypaint #lifecast #uglymakeuprevolution #bodypaint #freethenipple #bodycasting #airbrush #airbrushmakeup - @sophiedavina on Instagram

Postcard from @pornhub #postcard #woman #art ———————————————¬ #digitalart #picame #popmyeyes #instagramartist #visualart #vsco @creativedebuts @konbini @culturainquieta @rexindustries @culturacolectiva @createmagazine @picame.art @arts.tv @watts.on @love.watts @jessicavwalsh @plastik @itisartime - @domenicoroberto.jpg on Instagram

- @hiromitango on Instagram

- c. a

- This is just sad...

- plastic bag storage

- Drape

- Put your nose in the middle and slowly pull away

- Blood

- Accessorize your home...

- ITAP of white gold

- Amanda Nisbet

- Baby Blankets

- Fun Stuff

- How do I fix these random holes in Cura? Using Ender 3

- Forbidden Frosted Mini Wheats

- Craft Ideas

- I heard you liked thin toilet paper

- 2019 Pino PINELLI. Monocromo (1973-1976)

- Cold Blue, Luke Mitchell (Me), Digital, 2019

- foam Studio

- Creating a Healthy Kitchen

- :-||||||||||)

- A good yarn

- AS/A2 Photography

- Rorschach Test with Marijuana Concentrates

- hmmm

Esc Mix Boca De Sapo Natural c/ Ping Bege. #arte #objetosdecorativos #sustentabilidade #decoraçãosustentavel - @yanacoelhoobjetos on Instagram

- Copper mesh wallpaper I made [2560x1440]

- Collaborative Cincinnati Creative Inspiration | Tuesdays Together Rising Tide Society

- macro pictures

- crafts

- My custom bulbasaur zoom background

- Red artwork

- Best Baby Wipe Warmers

- 70’s style

- Printable *Frames*

- 3D - CLOTH

- Hexagon Craze

- Art Inspiration

- latex gloves

- Fabrics & Fabric Manipulation

- Endpaper Cover Binding

- Amanda Nisbet

- [PIC] My Table Tennis Paddle Up Close

- Ancient Writing

- Mr. Pleater Board 1(17W x 3L)

- The way that my family takes paper towels

Details of censored truth : I only see a flower 🌸 #freethebody #bodypositive #acceptance #beauty - @alexandravonfuerst on Instagram

- Abstract

- course offering

Born on this day in 1891, Alma Thomas frequently talked about ​“watching the leaves and flowers tossing in the wind as though they were singing and dancing.” On the #FirstDayOfFall, her painting, “Autumn Leaves Fluttering in the Breeze,” is also a fitting tribute to the changing of the seasons. 🍂🍃🍁🍃🍂⁣ ⁣ Alma Thomas, “Autumn Leaves Fluttering in the Breeze,” 1973, acrylic on canvas⁣ ⁣ #atSAAM #SmithsonianAmericanArtMuseum #Smithsonian #SmithsonianMuseum #AlmaThomas #AmericanArtist #WomenArtist #Autumn #AutumnLeaves #AbstractArt #Abstraction #Painting #ArtMuseum #OnThisDay #HBD #HappyBirthday #Artist #WashingtonDC #AutumnEquinox #AutumnLeaves - @americanart on Instagram


- Clogged Arteries

- Stay safe everyone


- ITAP of a Taco Bell bag.

- Batik-Tapeten

- Leather & Suede

- Conserve

- scrapbooking pas à page

- Alma Thomas for Kids

- 5 min crafts

- Gift Wrap Crinkle and Filler Paper

🤭Aquele freio que a gente adora fotografar, mas que dá um trabalho ..... . #odontologia #odonto #dentalphotography #dentalphoto #dentalphotos #fotografiaodontologica #fotografiaodontológica #dentistry #picoftheday #dentalphotographgroup #fotografíaodontológica - @profbravo on Instagram

🍑 . . . . . . . . . #TheArtist #theartistmag #magazine #artist #artists #art #artistsofcolorado #colorado #denver #coloradoart #coloradoartists #denverart #denverartists #photography #design #fashion #music #literature #poem #books #painting #drawing #artistic #film - @theartist_mag on Instagram

- aluminum pans

- Acupuncture& body charts

- Flat Shoes - MESH - V model

- Art

- Peep on that stripe alignment! Practicing my sewing skills by making more comfortable masks.

- Inspiration

- @kingriones on Instagram


- Icing colors

- Fresh Modern Sewing

- The elephant end of a roll of paper towels

BTS Contemplation pt 2: 1. Case closed 2. Dillon moonlighting as PI 3. Megan and Dillon working their magic 4. The best spy location 5. Shooting the drive by scene from PI perspective 6. Shooting the drive by scene from my perspective Stills photography by @megancullenphoto BTS images by @cediejanson Link in bio/story ❤️ - @iamkucka on Instagram

- How to prevent riots after sporting events. Hand out sheets of these near the exits.

- Draw a hexagon

- @kando.sogow on Instagram

- Folded stuff


Constructs No. 3 pigment print, Hahnemuhle paper | 36” x 48” | 2020 - @morgansladestudio on Instagram

- Yall ever get to feeling like youre the only one who does shit *before* its too late? I sure do sometimes...

- wood under electron microscope.

- Respiratory Arrest, Digital, 1820x1212 px

- Aromatherapy oils

- Science

- Leaky Gut

another perfect wallpaper - @laceymicallef on Instagram

Check out the dye penetration on these pink colored veneers!⠀ ⠀ The color is infused right through so that when you sand it, the color does not disappear.⠀ ⠀ .⠀ #roarockit #sundayshowcase #roarockitrainbow #colouredveneer #coloredveneer #create #make #woodart #colourful #colorful #pink #coloredwood #colouredwood #canadianmaple #mapleveneer - @roarockit on Instagram

- PsBattle: a cats tongue under a microscope.

100% - @yeezymic on Instagram

- Brick Pattern Mosaic Tiles

recreated and 3D printed these baby wipes as seen at the cruising area of Zappeion Gardens in Athens earlier this summer - @theoislost on Instagram

#maravilhasdaterraoportunidadedenegócios #maravilhasdaterra #chas #emagrecimento #percapeso #organico #natural #saudavel - @manipulados.combr on Instagram

- Tissue after removing lipsticks