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Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of lifes problems In movie Inside out Sadness inside Rileys brain says this. It had an profound impact on me because it makes so much sense. Who keeps us grounded when we spend so much time being in joyous state? Its our sadness. Without sadness, we will never understand the true meaning of being happy. Sadness is important for mental health yet we run away from it. I wrote this piece to embrace the sadness inside me. Its an homage to my sadness whove kept me company for years when happiness was eluding me. #poetry #poetrycommunity #poems #poet #poets #poem #writing #writingcommunity #poetsofig #spilledink #bymepoetry #creativewriting #poetryisnotdead #writersofig #poetryofig #writer #writerslife #wordporn #bleedingsoulpoetry #poetryislife #poetryactivities #number1849 #poetrylovers #poetess #poetslife #poemsofinstagram #poetryporn #poetsofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #writersofinstagram - @number1849 on Instagram


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Unthinkable by @darencolbert #youngblackpoets - @youngblackpoets on Instagram

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- Maybe its the beer talking Marge but you got a butt that wont quit. They got those big chewy pretzels here merJanthfgrr five dollars??!!!? Get outta here.

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A message from Spoon about being on lockdown. 🌿 - @spoonjackson on Instagram

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i wrote this with the prompt slow motion and, true to form, took several days to actually post it - @breannawrites on Instagram

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deep wellness // let that sink in on a soul level. 🕊 ⠀ ⠀ #ketotarian x #InflammationSpectrum ⠀ ⠀ wisdom via @alex_elle ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #selfcare #selfcarehacks #selfcareaccount #selfcareisforeveryone #selfcareideas #selfcarethreads #selfcaresundays #selfcarequotes #selflove #wellness - @drwillcole on Instagram

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☄☄ . . . Art: Unknown #poem #love #poet #writer #poetsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #writing #art #words #poems #quotes #poetrycommunity #wordporn #quote #poetsofig #life #music #writersofig #spilledink #poetryisnotdead #spokenword #prose #instapoet #inspiration #artist #writerscommunity #instagood #creativewriting #poets #writersofig - @kidd_tunee on Instagram

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Word ..We’ve all been there .. and no matter how old you get .. Mean girls are mean girls 😂 @lessonslearnedinlifeinc - @siandukemua on Instagram

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an old poem I found in the notes of my phone. I still havent been able to write anything new though I have lots of thoughts and words floating around in my mind. - @enpoems on Instagram

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❤️😚 - @coupleqoutes101 on Instagram

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DREAMING ✨ - @banjofreeman on Instagram

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Okkkk inspired by prompt 12 by #amykayaugustprompts and I put it on my story that derren browns 20th anniversary special made me feel a whole lot of things. This might be some insight, might not. Ill definitely be more self aware next year - @transwritings on Instagram

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The real you, the raw you. That’s it. . . . . . #thegoodquote #powerofpositivity #explore #millionariementor #houseofleaders #motivationquotes #quotesaboutlife #quotestags #quotestagram #positivequotes #quotesdaily #quotesforlife #quotesgram #quotestoliveby #wordsoftheday #wordsofwisdom #quotesandsayings #typewritervoice #businessquotes #entrepreneurquotes #enterperneurship #successtip #successquotes #inspirationalquotes - @fuckthisandthatt on Instagram

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🌙.Feeling grateful from the bottom of my soul for the unconditional Love & Support gifted from Friends, Family & spiritual Connections. 🌙.Every single one of you supply a Positive change that drives me & injects a warming sense of hope through my veins. ☀️.We have a inherent responsibility to manifest positivity & change for the world around us. Keep being yourselves & don’t be Afraid to take chances and open your soul, after all it’s the unique imperfections in us all that make this world Beautiful. . . . . . . . . #manifest #positive #action #life #higherconsciousness #family #friends #photooftheday #create #change #instagood #inspire #desire #light #love #universal - @thyme_crisis on Instagram

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- My “happily ever after” would be Frankenstein wearing a Dracula costume

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I wasnt .... . @just_a_writer148 Follow @just_a_writer148 . . . Like ❤️ Comment ✍️ Follow @just_a_writer148 . . .LIKE ❤️ COMMENT ✍️ FOLLOW @just_a_writer148 . . .#shayari #shayariquotes #shayarilove #quotes #orignalquote #heartbrokenquotes #sadquotespage #sadshayari #hindishayari #writersofinstagram #instagood #writerscommunity #wordsofwisdom #poetry #hindipoetry #englishpoetry #hindiquotes #poetrycommunity #poetryofinstagram #instadaily #postoftheday #feelfreetoshare #hindienglish #instawriters #shayara #poetrylove #fake #mohabat #sadexperience #just_a_writer148 - @just_a_writer148 on Instagram

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It wasnt love, but it felt everything like it. -@mariamjpoetry . . . . . Tags: @artofpoets @poets @worldofpoets @realisticstories @artisticwriters @globalagepoetry @herheartpoetry @omypoetry - @mariamjpoetry on Instagram

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I have this theory & I swear by it ...⁣ ⁣ Sometimes the devil try’s to distract you from your goals.⁣ 😈 ⁣ Have you ever had a moment where you have an opportunity presented to you that is not aligned with what you want ... but sounds juicy? Maybe the pay is good? Or it’s a secure offer?? Something that tempts you to take your eyes off the prize and focus on something else? ⁣ ⁣ This is the universe simply checking to see if you really want what you say you do ... or if you can be easily distracted. ⁣ ⁣ When this happens you have to say no. Just simply say “Not Today Satan” and get back to work. ⁣🙅🏼‍♀️ ⁣ If you keep focusing on what you want ... you will achieve everything you have ever dreamed of. Don’t ever let that devil lure you in. ⁣ ⁣ Your dreams are worth working for. ⁣💕👯‍♀️ - @socialsandstilettos on Instagram

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•Scenario 42• // I love you // The sound of her sobs and hitches bumped with the four walls of her room, creating a vividly heart shattering scene. Her cheeks, badly, wanted to get dry with her flowing salty tears but a layer of another tear falling from her eyes wouldnt give the chance for them to dry. The yelling of her boyfriend rang again and again in her mind, knocking the glass walls of her sanity down. This wasnt new to her, the fights. Her boyfriend and Ray, as his girlfriend, knew that they, both, were wrong at some point of the argument, equally. Yet, none of them had the audacity to move forth first to apologise. Well, at least, she didnt. Half the day had passed away, with her boyfriend long gone from the house to God knows where and with Ray doing chores around the house, half hearted. The moment she had enough of her mind reminding her, her fault, she broke down, badly. In the midst of all this sobbing, she didnt hear the door to her room, unlocking and her lover walking in until he sat down in front of her and the bed sank down. Love, I am sorry. Please, dont cry he whispered, when Ray looked up at him. That was all before Ray clinged onto him and cried her heart out. I love you so much! she exclaimed. I love you, more. I promise, I promise we will overcome these arguments, together because I cant live without you. He comforted to which Ray, immediately, nodded. We will. she promised back For they both said to each other in their hearts I love you . . . ©@through_scenarios 🔊 Awake by Seok Jin from @bts.bighitofficial (Piano cover by DooPiano on YouTube) Requested by @wordsscotch . . . [ Tags ] #Iloveyou #romantic #romance #sad #happy #couples #couple #love #promises #promise #arguments #fight #quarrels #overcome #lovers #scenarios #scenario #requested #writer #write #reader #read - @through_scenarios on Instagram

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#created by ahlam - @k_i_r_a_n_a_p_p_u_z_z_4_7 on Instagram

Bcoz you are the moment that I celebrate ❣️ . . follow for more @thecreatedworld ____________________________________ .LIKE SHARE TAG ❤️ . . Written by Snow🖤 @thecreatedworld Use Tag #thecreatedworld #my_pixeltezz . . ____________________________________ #yourquotes #quotesoftheday #scrawledstories #nightstories #thewashroomstories #scribbledstories #quotestoliveby #writersofinstagram #poetsofinstagram #poetryisnotdead #tumblrquotes #spilledthoughts #poetrylovers #creativeminds #scratchedstory #bymepoetry #writersnetwork #theuncommonbox #recoverysayings #thewritingspook #longdistancerelationships #poetsofindia #aestheticquotes #wordsmith #terriblytinytales #poetsociety #omypoetry #illogicalpoemworld @awriterssoulblog @alcoholic.quotes @alfaaz_kuch_unkahe_ @official__shayri_12 @poetrypleasure20 @ahsaas_1960 @amysticpoet @_storytellerpanda_ @_a_beginner_of_life @_abhishek7582_ @abhiralwrites @z_writer123 @_the.lit.bug @the_story_of_pen @magical_poets @poetryaffair5 @unleashwords @_.emotions_in_poetry.___ @jigsawminds @shubhamrajput4824 @cuddle_with_word @girl_next_door81 @ll._witcher_.ll @_insane.writer._ @heartlymusings @my_words_246 @analyticpoet @thecreativeworld_7 @cravings__paradise - @thecreatedworld on Instagram

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LOVE ❤ SWIPE LEFT 👉 TO ENJOY 😊 - @morning_star_ar on Instagram

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- Am i gonna fall for my straight friend update,i confessed my love and that was how it ended, i’m so happy y’all❤️

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