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- A Contemporany House

The Office: Cast Snapshots Photo: 609516 -

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Our Deakin University Building KA Infill Refurbishment - Waurn Ponds Campus project has reached Practical Completion! In late November 2018 we were engaged by @deakinuniversity to deliver the $28m main works at their Waurn Ponds Campus. This logistically challenging project was completed over two stages. Stage 1 involved the construction of a new three level infill to the existing quadrangle while the facility remained fully operational. Stage 2 involved demolishing the existing interiors followed by the full refurbishment of the 4500m2 Level 5 floor plate. The infill extension has enabled establishment of additional accommodation to suit the updated needs and expanding requirements of the staff and students @h2oarchitects - @kaneconstructions on Instagram

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- Bureau - Office - Workspace

ConceptsByNoor | Etsy

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- Home office table

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Choose your 𝘽𝘼𝙎𝙀 membership! 📥 Small, medium or large areas, fully equipped and own lockable and secured space. Focus on clients with demanding privacy and security requirements. 𝘽𝘼𝙎𝙀 is not mere offices and meeting rooms, but a place for workshops, conferences and other social events as well. You can choose from various type of membership. We are providing: - Offices - Hot desk/fixed desk - Meeting or training rooms - Event space Which type of our membership you would like to choose? 🤔 - @base4work on Instagram

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Harry Potter • One Shots

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The Office Photo: Dwight as Meredith

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September is Library Card Sign Up Month and a few lucky people are now new library cardholders at the Murphy Branch Library- which gives you access to the resources of our entire system. To get started visit, - @hmcplalabama on Instagram

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An article in today’s @greenvillenews gives a snapshot into how online classes look, campus is preparing for students returning in person Sept 21. Nutrition faculty, Dr Bridgit Corbett shown here teaching her lecture in Poole Agricultural Center. - @clemsoncafls on Instagram

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E o Office pode ir parar na varanda? É claro que sim!!!! Com apenas 2 pequenas observações: a primeira é que o ambiente seja envidraçado, para permitir o uso a qualquer momento e proteger os papéis e equipamentos; e a segunda é que tenha persianas - de preferência blackout - para reduzir os reflexos na tela do computador. 🤓🤓 Corre lá no Stories e dê uma olhada na nossa seleção se Home Offices que foram parar na varanda para se inspirar! . . . @casadevalentina - @casa.pensada on Instagram


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- Bedroom

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In cooperation with NTT, we supply CISCO technology to our MICROOFFICE 🧐 Get this high-tech MICROOFFICE into your office 👍 More info ➡️ #silentlab #acousticthatworks #microoffice #sophisticatedelegance #acoustic #silence #silent #ntt #avtechnology #cisco #office #officedesign #design #work #worklife #officebooth #phonebooth - @silentlab_cz on Instagram

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- Petronas

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- Call Center Cubicles

The Office-Dwight Schrute

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A fully fabricated steel desk. Thick steel top plate with steel banded edged. Cut, rolled, and welded steel legs. Remote workers know the environment matters, we know design drives productivity. Visit to and check out our store! • • • • • • #scathainmade #custommade #custom #customdesign #customdesigns #customdesk #design #interiordesign #officedecor #officedesign #luxury #luxuryhomes #luxurydesk #luxurydesks #remotework #remoteworking #residentialdesign - @scathainllc on Instagram

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When you’re working and your son sends you the song HE selected for your own mother/son dance for his wedding in 2 weeks. Absolutely beside myself with how beautiful it is and how touched I am that he selected this particular song. 😭❤️ ❤️❤️ #perfect #mothersondance #meaningfulsongs #fallwedding - @planitwithme on Instagram

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- White Office Desks

Image about meme in tv & movies by • 𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐟𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 •

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- reception counter

Stop the Subway and Get Me Out of Here! Crazy Things Riders...

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How do you think office fitouts will change moving forward? Its been a topic of much discussion here. We still love this one incorporating DesignerPly and greenery to create a natural and welcoming feel.⁠ ⁠ So what do you think - is it all Clear Acrylic guards and extra long desks in our office future?⁠ ⁠ Product: DesignerPly⁠ Design: @hassell_studio ⁣⁣⁠ 📸 @christopherfrederickjones⁠ ⁠ #designerply #birch #officedesign #officelayout #officearchitecture #officefitout #interiordesign #joinery #modernfitout #interiors - @forest1au on Instagram

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- Education Environments

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- Office Space, but Chic

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- Bedroom Ideas

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Prison Mike Costume - The Office

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- Bedroom Vanity-Desk

An Artist Animated The Office Characters And Theyre All Truly Amazing

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- Minimalist Desk

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Wanna know a secret? Those two windows are the perfect spot for spying. I see all the dogs being walked, the skateboards, scooters and bikes racing by and all the girlfriends gabbing underneath their masks. All whilst I merrily work on my projects.... - @megmcsherryinteriors on Instagram

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- Girl boss illustration

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- Inspirationary Weekly

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- Craft Room

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- Carpet

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What does your home office look like? This was another efficient use of space in our recent basement renovation. With the pantry under the stairs, the desk fit nicely into the return. I love using space effectively and I feel like we really nailed it here. What do you think? Would you enjoy this workspace? ▪️▪️▪️ Photographer: @detoured___ Designer: @reimagine_home ▪️▪️▪️ #reimaginehome #homerenovation #homereno #homedecor #homedecorideas #renovatedhome #reno #remodelingideas #deskideas #homeoffice #homeofficeideas #spacesaving #spacesavingideas #homeofficedecor #homeofficedesign #stairwaytoheaven #renoideas #houseupdate #homeupdates - @reimagine_home on Instagram

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- Concept Gadgets

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- 1 office table

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- Dream home

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- at work

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📷- @ultralinx #minimalsetups - @minimalsetups on Instagram

this is a scam rudy ayoub this is fraud its a rip off

- Business/Print Design & Packaging

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Today’s @hustlinganywhere: ⁣⁣⁣ @vigokrumins⁣ #hustlinganywhere⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ .⁣⁣⁣⁣ .⁣⁣⁣⁣ .⁣⁣⁣⁣ .⁣⁣⁣⁣ .⁣⁣⁣⁣ #deskspace #apple #workstations #minimalsetups #munich #officeenvy #onmydesk #cleanthetics #whatsonmydesk #javascript #deskinspiration #uidesigner #inspohome #desk #creativework #deskgoals #office #workhardanywhere #cleanminimalism #Munich #whiteaddict #marble #codinglife #geeklife #react - @hustlinganywhere on Instagram

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- 93 Million Miles

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- Desk

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- Chair Mats

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- Creative Office Space

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- library-office

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- Contemporary Office

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- Dorm Rooms

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- Office Cleaning

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Employee takeover by @marissababeyyy - - - Post 4/9 Her advice: Since we’ve spent the last 5 months at home, take the time to refresh and decorate your space.  We spend 40+ hours a week at our desks, personalize it by putting up some art you love, or photos of loved ones.  Make sure to wipe down those coffee stains and pick up your snack wrappers at the end of each day. #stayathome #workfromhome #workfromhometips #homedecor #homedesign #interiordesign #workfromhomedesk - @innoceanusa on Instagram

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Introducing @MSFTGarage India, home to the developers of #Microsoft #Kaizala, SMS Organizer, and Favorites Lock Screen. Cant wait to see what you make next. (📸: Microsoft India) #garageindia #microsoftlife @microsoftlife @microsoft #makerspace #microsoftindia #hyderabad - @msftgarage on Instagram

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- Councils

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- design color

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- Working space Design

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Before & After (at work)! So excited for #secretcinema #JamesBond with @philbaxter & @lcottrell3. My alias is Jemini Buckingham! Love it!! ❤️🤵🏼👩🏼🔫0️⃣0️⃣7️⃣ - @tashapercybaxter on Instagram

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- Just cleaned my home office desk - Oslo, Norway

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- condo

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- OPEN Spaces

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- Bureau

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- What is this human nonsense you are writing?

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- ceo

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- Arbeitszimmer

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- Office D

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- Meeting Venue

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- Office Space Ideas

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The coolest looking home office ft. our favorite leather essentials!🔥 Photo by @mattsteindl - @welshmtn on Instagram

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- pc table

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- Office desks

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- Design Studio

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- E S T O N

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- + Green

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- Office Ideas

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- West Caldwell


Happy #WorkspaceWednesday EOP family!💚 Today, we have EOP student and student assistant Pam who shows us where she works and does class work from home! 💻 Her tip for us? “Keep what you need close by and at your fingertips to help alleviate the many stressors that can arise from home, school, and work life merging- while contributing to being safe!” Thanks Pam for sharing!🤩 Want to be a part of #WorkspaceWednesday? Send us a picture of where you work/go to school from home with a tip about succeeding in your work space!💚 - @sacstate_eop on Instagram

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We are glad to share that our esteemed Guest Mr Nehsan had enjoyed his 14 day stay with us here at Impiana KLCC Hotel! We look forward to welcoming you again soon on your next one and all the best on your future endeavours. #impianaklcc #impiana #kualalumpur #staysafe #klcc #longstay #nehsangroup - @impiana_klcc_hotel on Instagram

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Sunday planning vibes with @passionplanner and @cgdlondon What do you like to put in your planners? I use it a lot for my work schedule as it changes a lot, but I’m thinking I need to make it a little mini journal as well! Tag your #planneraddict friend! Just in case they forgot to plan next week 😎 #pashfam #passionplanner #studygram #plannercommunity #plannersunday #studyblr #workspace #sundayplanday #womenwhowork #womeninmedicine #myoffice #officespace #motivatingworkspace #cgdlondon (the CGD London planner and the MDF instruments #stethoscope was a PR product, not paid AD) - @diaryofdrkristin on Instagram

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- Parisian Lifestyle

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“Some days, she has absolutely no idea how she’ll do it. But every single day, it gets done.” -unknown Do something today that contributes to your unapologetic success. #blacksouthernbellecollective #workingwomenwednesday #advicefortheday #ladiesatwork #blacksouthernbelle #workhard #nevergiveup #bsb - @blacksouthernbellecollective on Instagram

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An office project by @bnpinteriors #interiordesign #interiordesigner #office #corporate #officedesign #officeinterior #openoffice #meetingroom #meetingtable #curvedglass #ceilingdesign #designdetails #designdecore #designinspiration #mumbai #modernofficedesign #instaoffice #curvedpartition #library #loveforinteriordesign #lighting #lightingdesign #photography #prashantbhat #prashantbhatphotography #interiordesignphotography #interiorphotographyindia - @prashant_bhat_photography on Instagram

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- UPDATE: Finally found the perfect chair for my desk! George Nelson for Herman Miller Swag Leg Chair!

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- Boardrooms

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- Office Furniture Inspiration

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- collapsible desk

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- Beautiful Rooms & Cosy Nooks

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- News Australia Today Report

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- Estudio

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- girl scout silver award

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The mushroom kingdom! - @hirezstudios on Instagram

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- Book shelf

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- Home office for two - Los Angeles, CA

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- Booth Seats

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Recently completed DET regional office #swipeleft @moon.pool @baresque @shawaustralia @duluxaus @cafecultureinsitu @criterion_industries @harris_hmc @newageveneers @stylecraftfurniture @schiavellogroup @classicceramics #laminex #australianarchitecture #officespace #officedesign #interiordesign #jamesrichardsonfurniture #australiadesign #jmaarchitects @atworkfabricsaus @instyle_au @kvadrattextiles @maharamstudio - @jmaarchitects on Instagram

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I like to think that this is exactly what happened while Eddie Boy was driving Bella home after that. Emmett is a himbo and we love him for it. Credit to original creator. #twilight #twilightsaga #twihard #twilightmemes #twilightrenaissance #newmoon #emmettcullen #jasperhale #bellaswan #bellacullen #edwardcullen - @that.rancid.chicken on Instagram

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- Councils

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- Collaborative Office Space

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- office

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- Masculine home offices

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- ceiling design

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- Estudio

the office


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- Office Furniture

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- Cubicle design

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- Office Furniture

- 800 Flowers

- Co-Working Space

- Modular Shelving

- Home Office Space

- Commercial Design

Slide ➡️ . A paginação nos lockers e no piso cria a unidade para o espaço. . . . #pitaarquitetura #pitaarq #pita #gptw2020 #gptwarquitetura - @pitaarq on Instagram

- Office with 2 desks

- Cube world

- [meme] kinda true

- Office - Home

- Brody

Envision your space. The possibilities are endless @risedevelopment #coworking #workfromhere #officedesign - @industriousarizona on Instagram

- Enclosed Office Room

- Cubicles/Shared Office Spaces

- Office Inspo

Today’s #OutfitOfTheDay is brought to you by Creamsicle 🍊😛 Yummmmmm (my dreamy expression is brought to you by the Depanneur where I will buy a creamsicle to celebrate this last gorgeous day of summer!) . . .👕: Twik @maisonsimons .👗: Icône @maisonsimons .👠: Jessica @sears_canada (oh how I miss thou!) . 👓: @bonlook . 💍(bracelet): @theofficialpandora . 💄: Vegas Volt @maccosmeticscanada . . #ootd #ootdmtl #ootdfash #montreal #fashion #lookdujour #weathergirl #television #fashiondiaries #morningshow #style #goodmorningsstarthere #globalmontreal #instastyle #lovewhatyoudo #ilovemyjob #summer #summerlook #endofsummer #lookbook #montrealstyle #whatiwore #styleoftheday #orange #outfit #ammtl #globalnews #media #cremesicle - @kimsulli on Instagram

- Teacher Outfits

Have you joined our Facebook Group yet? Starting in October, we will be more active with behind the scenes, sneakpeeks, flash sales, giveaways and more! We are also planning to work on some fun videos to share with you guys so make sure you join our Facebook Group! 🥰⠀ ⠀ Make sure to join today, we are having a FLASH SALE tomorrow! 🤫 - @poiandhun on Instagram

- Bureau industriel

- Enclosed Office Room

- Bureau ikea

- Arquitectura OFICINA

Criar é partir da essência e transformá-la em algo original, útil e que encante. Por isso, criamos a Coleção Essência, onde reunimos Painéis como Arenito, Hong Kong e Maranta para você explorar todas as possibilidades em novos desenhos e transformar seus projetos. Inspire-se com essa coleção cheia de personalidade! #duratex #colecaoessencia #arenito #hongkong #maranta - @duratex_pisosepaineis on Instagram

Peel and stick wallpaper is one of my favorite things! Not only is it incredibly easy to install, but it can totally transform a space without damaging the walls. It’s perfect for rentals, military housing or even just spaces you may want to change up! I found this pattern for just $12 a roll on Amazon. We don’t have an office with a door in this house, just this built in desk in the hallway, so I really wanted to make it feel like it’s own space. I love this paint-free solution. The hardest part was picking a pattern! Added bonus: my kids can’t reach this part of the wall so there is no way they could damage it! 🤩 - @inachristianhome on Instagram

Today’s productive morning brought to you by @cliocoffee 🙌🏼 // hands down my favorite part of the day 😍🤓 #cliocoffee #partner - @theretropenguin on Instagram

- kontor

- Autumn Leaves

- Design Spaces

- Desk Ideas

- Kimball Office

- Scrum Mate Illustrations mooboard

- Multi-Family

And thats a wrap. Teknion Optos/Altos. Kobre and Kim NY - @office_interiors on Instagram

- Kima Office Furniture Customer Reviews


- Home Office

It’s great being back in the office! . With safety measures in place, almost all of our staff have returned to the office to rediscover the advantages of collaborating, together, as a team. Safety bags, cleaning stations with masks, gloves and sanitiser, and allocated seating to spread employees at a safe distance are some of the measures that we’ve taken to bring our staff together safely and help them to continue inspiring each other. . #plparchitecture #backattheoffice #safetyfirst #socialdistancing #staysafe - @plparchitecture on Instagram

- Freedom Trail

- An Office to ❤️!

- @antoniocreate on Instagram

Today’s @workhardanywhere : @thomreads #workhardanywhere . . . #studyblr #workspace #studygram #coffeeaddict #coffee #remoteoffice #freelance #officeoftheday #studying #onthetable #todaysoffice #workfromanywhere #freelancers #coffeeshots #digitalnomad #workandtravel #appleandcoffee #coffice #freelancelife #coffeeshopvibes #coffeeshops #coffeeshop #coffeeshopcorners #apple #coworking #coworkingspace #library #remotework #locationindependent - @workhardanywhere on Instagram

- House Decor for Us

@telconet_latam entregando la oportunidad de un mejor futuro para las niñas, donando el servicio de internet para el laboratorio de Computación! Gracias por ser parte de este sueño! #quieroestudiar #charity #nonprofit #ayudasocial #guayaquil - on Instagram

End of service 24th September 2020 #thefrenchlaundry #frenchlaundry #tfl #thomaskeller #threemichelinstars #3michelinstars #worlds50best #michelinguide #michelinstarrestaurant #napa #napavalley #yountville #california #finedining #tastingmenu #foodie #foodiesofinstagram #galavantinggastronome - @galavantinggastronome on Instagram

- Merck Serono Interiors


- Architecture Sphere

- Friant

Offices are our jam! We love working with you and your unique brand to create your dream office environment! @counterpoint_architecture @interface @laal_official @krostfurniture . . . . . #ethosinteriors #townsville #townsvillebusiness #queenslanddesigner #ethosinteriors #interiordesign #townsvillebusiness #townsvillesmallbusiness #shoplocaltownsville #supportlocaltownsville #commercialrealestate #commercialphotography #commercialinteriors #officeinspo #officeinteriors #breakoutspace #kitchendesign #commercialpremises #cairnsbusiness #mackaybusiness #rockhamptonbusiness #brisbanebusiness #brisbaneoffice - @ethosinteriors on Instagram

For lovely local long-stays and work-aways, we are here for you. Link in bio for bookings. - @aturahotels on Instagram

- House interior

- Estudio

- Artists & Their Studios

- Office counter design

- HOME 合

- Office floor plan

✅ I treat each client individually and this is not an empty phrase. Visual identification is like tailoring. ✅ Yes, you can buy clothes in a chain store, nothing wrong with that. But if one decides on an individual project, he/she is treated individually. That is why I do not have a price list on my website: each project is different and if I dont know the details, I can only give a frame price. Feel free to ask me questions (📩 or DM), lets cooperate and find the appropriate visual setting for your outstanding brand. ❤️ * * ✅ Każdego klienta traktuję indywidualnie i nie jest to pusty frazes. Identyfikacja wizualna to jak szycie na miarę. ✅ Owszem, można kupić ciuch w sieciówce, nic w tym złego. Ale jeżeli ktoś decyduje się na indywidualny projekt to traktowany jest indywidualnie. Dlatego nie mam cennika na stronie: każdy projekt jest inny i na pytanie o cenę mogę odpowiedzieć tylko ramowo, jeżeli nie znam szczegółów. Jeżeli masz pytania, koniecznie napisz (📩 lub wiadomość bezpośrednia), zapraszam do współpracy - znajdziemy dla Twojej wyjątkowej marki odpowiednią oprawę wizualną. ❤️ * * #girlbossmoment #womeninspiringwomen #studiopowidoki #smallbiz #mycreativebiz #creativeentrepeneur #bosslady #womeninbusiness #visualidentitydesign #branding #brandstylist #womenentrepeneurs #madebymoyo #freelancerka #freelancedesigner #studiokreatywne #kobietawbiznesieonline #czwartek #dzieńdobry #porannakawa #twojamarkaonline #twojamarkawsieci #twojamarkaosobista #graficzka #rozwój #rozwojosobisty #girlbosspl #biznesonline #markaonline #wizerunek - @studiopowidoki on Instagram

- interior

- Open Office Ideas

Lets Work Baby! ❤️😂😱 • Vamos trabalhar para aumentar a renda familiar! ❤️😂😱 - @happy_golden on Instagram

- Glass Office Desk

About last week in Monaco, MY Majesty 140 #interiors #interiordesign #yachting #monacoyachtshow #majestyyachts #gulfcraftinc #cristianogattodesign #luxurylifestyle #details - @cristianogattodesign on Instagram

- #Campus

- Office Screens

- Boys bedroom colors

- home office

- Computer Lab Layout Ideas

Vi fulgte strømmingen fra @kulturradet s sommerkonferanse Kultur å leve av. Straks tar vi fatt på MENON-rapporten Koronakrisen og kultursektoren, endringer i aktivitet i mars og april 2020. 🤓 - @museumsforbundet on Instagram

- Elfa Office Shelving Solutions

Celebrated two years with @capitolcmg over the weekend! My dad took this photo last year when he came by the office. While my office is looking quite a bit different these days (desk has been replaced with kitchen table, and jeans with leggings) - I am so grateful to have some of the best coworkers and friends in the business who can still make everyday a joy. Grateful for my people! - @hannahreims on Instagram

- Home Office

- Amazing rooms

We all need a quiet moment of solitude. It’s been two weeks of social distancing and quarantining. But that’s isolation, not solitude. Solitude is a glass of wine, your favorite chair and a room where no one (read: children) can disturb you. The world is different now. We each need to find ourselves again. #wfh #covıd19 #remotework - @getootbox on Instagram

- Meeting Spaces

The new anthracite version of the iconic Loop Table by Barber & Osgerby, the best companion of your work days.⁣ Discover more in the link in bio. - @cappelliniofficial on Instagram

Before Travis became ‘serious’, we had another venture @projectanon_, which is taking a bit of a backseat right now. It was doing well and took most of our spare time outside of our day jobs in consulting and architecture & design. What was once the anon. wall, with heaps of notes around how to create distinctive classical music experiences, has now scooted over to make space for the Travis wall. We printed out the Travis logo and stuck that on the wall high up, something to help keep ourselves motivated and remind ourselves of what we are trying to build and reach. Why we don’t use the whiteboard though really baffles me 🤔 #postitnotes • • • • • #travel #travelplanning #planningpains #millennialtravel #travelbetter #startup #startupblog #startuplife #travelblogger #traveltheworld #travelgram #travelling #planningaddict #planning #travelplanner #travelplan #planninglife #travelagentlife #travelconcierge #travelpacking #travelawesome #designthinking #designprocess #travelguides #melbournetravel #melbourne #travelmelbourne #melbournecafes #melbournetodo - @startupwithtravis on Instagram

‪Thanks to the @ottawabusinessjournal for the Best Offices Ottawa profile for our work on the Canada Green Building Council LEED building in the #bywardmarket #ottawa. Check out the link ‬in bio for more. • • • • #greenbuilding #greenbuildingcouncil #murraystreet #leedbuilding #yow #myottawa #ottawaarchitecture #ottawaengineering #canadaarchitecture #canadianengineering #greendesign #design #architecture #architecturephotography #architecturelovers #archi_unlimited - @ideaincdesign on Instagram

- Cafe Seating

- KI Lounge

Mestre e Doutoranda no mesmo dia...são tantas emoções nesse PPGAN🤣Hj só tenho a agradecer!!🙏🏼🥰🙌🏼 - @layonne_carvalho on Instagram

- Corona Virus Modern Work Areas

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- where did the mini chair come from in the quad desk episode

- smart office

By: @edwardtanujayaa . . . Follow 👉 @boy__tech 👈 for more! . . . . #apple #iPhone11pro #applewatch #ipad #ipadpro #applepencil #case #iphonex #iphonexsmax #iphonexs #midnightgreen #minimal #applepencil #minimalsetups #deskstyling #iphone11promax #mac #macbook #brown #trending #tech #technology #addicted #black #darkwood #dark #wood #🖤 . - @boy__tech on Instagram

- ** office space **

Abby, with our program director Mary Ann, #twinning 👯‍♀️ #gingham on the first day of her @pulsepittsburgh assignment with #steeltownpgh 🖤🤍 #socialdistancing #greatminds #womeninfilmmaking - @steeltownpgh on Instagram

Quel avenir pour notre environnement de travail ? Les sujets de développement durable et le contexte sanitaire actuel sont au cœur des préoccupations. Tarkett et le @studiobriandberthereau sassocient pour réfléchir ensemble à ces thèmes autour de leur nouvelle exposition Eco. work à lAtelier Tarkett. - @tarkettfrance on Instagram

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Steelcase Series 1 has been declared Best Overall Office Chair of 2020 by @gearpatrol. With an affordable combination of looks, comfort and ergo-friendly features, whats not to love? We have to agree with them — you really should just get this chair. Link ➡️ bio to learn more.⁠ ⁠ #bestofficechair #series1 #officechair #ergonomic #remotework #workfromhome #workingfromhome #design #steelcase - @steelcase on Instagram

- Full Eclipse

Un aiuto in più non fa male#welshcorgi#idromarketlavenosrl #lavorare#nonmollaremai#mascotte - @idromarket_laveno_srl on Instagram

- Controsoffitto

- @dunder_mifflin_meme on Instagram

- CORPORATE - Dark tones

- open space Office

- Bàn văn phòng

- NBF Signature Series

Quem aí sabia que os pisos vinílicos são produzidos com PVC? 😲 Alta tecnologia, né? E com uma espessura média de 2 a 5 milímetros, os vinílicos também possuem um bom desempenho térmico e reduzem a reverberação e a propagação do som. E o melhor: você ainda reside em um ambiente livre de traças e cupins! E aproveite que até o dia 24 estamos com instalação grátis! #vinílico #pisovinílico #vinílicos #piso #obra #reforma #instalaçãovinílico #tarkettbrasil #elevato #elevatoacabamentos - @elevatoacabamentos on Instagram



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Reinventa y renueva tu espacio de trabajo en casa. Te ayudamos con el diseño y la elección del mobiliario adaptando el espacio a tus necesidades. Logra una mejor productividad con un espacio flexible y cómodo. Para mayor información escríbenos. #woodberry #furniture #interiordesign #homeoffice #home #homedecor #deco #minimalism #minimalist #modern #trendy #design #atemporal #sophisticated #elegant #neutralstyle #rendering #modeling #hunterdouglas #duette #productivity #comfy #homeofficedecor #ottawachair #boconcept #tiptablelamp #muutolighting - @woodberry.peru on Instagram


- Newark Office Space for Lease

- Conference Room Interior

- Closet Workspace

- bookshelf styling

- Carpet

- OPEN Spaces

- Familly command center and Boards

Our (H) Metal Table and Benches in Reclaimed Chestnut looking sharp at @vprnet headquarters. #vermontfarmtableliving #builttogather #madeinvermont #vermontbyvermonters - @vermontfarmtable on Instagram

- Central Bank

Welp, after 6 months, (or 6 years, idk what time is anymore), of working remotely, I FINALLY got an ergonomic office chair. This beauty is from @flexispot_sitstandmove and I highly recommend! * Queue happy tears *. Now all I need is my 3rd cup of coffee and Ill be ready to be productive... ⁣ ⁣ Check out # neutraldecorstyles for more neutral home inspiration on your feed ✨Congratulations to this week’s tour cohost @designbecomeshim! His home is stunning and incredibly styled! If you have a neutral home and want to share your space while meeting amazing friends, DM me for details! - @homeunderthepines on Instagram

- Ewing Cole

- Artist Studios

- Classroom Design

Desk-piration ✨ Is that a word? Well it is now! This desk has definitely inspired me. The marble pattern is beautiful. 😍✨#blacksouthernbellecollective #pinterestrepost #deskpiration #beautifuldesk #organizeddesktop #blacksouthernbelle#womenatwork #workhard #ilovethis #workingwomen #bsb • • Pinterest credit: - @blacksouthernbellecollective on Instagram

In honor of #nationallibraryweek here’s a picture of what people think I do all day, which is funny because I’ve literally never gotten to read a book at work 🤓 Most of what I do every day involves talking to people and helping others, whether it’s through connecting them with resources, helping them find information or creating an open and engaging community space. #lovelibraries #librarylife #librarian #canwereopenplease - @k10kristen_ on Instagram

- Chore charts

- Basement Reno

- Gold River

- Home Studio Designs

- dream craft room

Ready to move 💼 - @isphamm on Instagram

I had so much fun building this. A few months ago I was terrified to build Rainie’s closet built-in, and now I can’t even wait until I can use my saw again. Which will hopefully be VERY SOON 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 - @cassmakeshome on Instagram


- Desks


- Our Showroom

- Mad Men Interior design

A small and handy pinboard, your own personal display #lintex #pinboard - @lintex_ab on Instagram

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- My “home office” in the corner of living room in Boston [1440 x 1795]

- Home Offices, Workstations & Workspaces

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- kabineti

- Herman Miller Locale

- -TMP

- Arch: Aflalo/Gasperini Arquitetos

- Height Adjustable

Product launch! Jima is a sleek, expressive chair that fits seamlessly into different worlds – home or office. for more! Offered through a partnership with @Artifort_furniture . . . . . #StudioTK #Jima #workspaces #styleinspiration #furnituredesign #interiordesign #productlaunch #flexibleworkspace #socialspace #lounge #moderninteriors #Teknion #spaceplanning #coffeetable #office #designinspiration #officeinspo #workplaceculture #naturallight #officefurniture - @studiotksocial on Instagram

- Study Space

- A Decade of Staks

A little JPE #ThrowbackThursday This past weekend marked ✋ YEARS since Ben and Laura, our co-founders, moved Jonas Paul Eyewear out of the basement of their home and into JPE’s first leased space! To say weve come a long way since those couple of desks is an understatement 😉 We are always so humbly grateful to you, our customers and tribe, for walking with us in this journey and helping us get to where we are today! Swipe to see our celebration earlier this week 🎉 - @jonaspauleyewear on Instagram

- Interior design colleges

Achei essa foto perdida no rolo da câmera de quando tinha um estagiário fotógrafo (@mateuslsc sa u da de) a disposição e me perguntei o motivo de não ter vindo parar nesse compilado de momentos que é o inxtagram onde quem vê close não vê corre 😂. O rostinho é de cansada mas transparece a alma feliz de quem se desafia a ir, um cadim mais longe, a cada dia 🤟🏻 #comex 💛 - @isadoralfortunato on Instagram

Cette imprimante à haute autonomie répond aux exigences les plus élevées de votre société ! Grâce à ses reservoirs dencre, vous pouvez imprimer jusquà 84 000 pages sans remplacer de cartouches ! 🔴🟠🟡🟢🔵 REFERENCE : WF-878RDT - @epsonfrance on Instagram

- Beach honeymoon destinations

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- E V

Most days, I walk through these doors absentmindedly. But for some reason this week, I am extra thankful for these four walls. I’ve done the nine to five. At a desk, in an office, at a secular company – miserable, discouraged, and purposeless. I got the full ride, I earned the two B.S. degrees, I was on my way to med school. But at the end of each day, the only thing that mattered was, “Am I in God’s will?” Don’t let this world (or your small, personal world!) pressure you into feeling unsuccessful because there are not 26 letters following your name and six digits following a dollar sign. The most successful person in the world is a child of God in the center of His will. It doesn’t matter what comes my way, how hard Satan fights, or how bad a week can get (and trust me, there are some doozies!), there is peace + new mercies every morning in His will. #FollowChrist (And if there’s someone in your life who gave up their path to success for Christ, encourage them. I promise they don’t need your reminder of how much money they could be making or their degrees collecting dust. Satan’s already got it covered. 🙃) - @headerrrkatelyn on Instagram

• 📦 Everything you own in a box to the laughed 🍻 PGY-3 Muske-cheers to our 20/21 Junior Chiefs! They got @sushrita ‘s back and that would be enoughhhhh 🎵 • Arpita Joshi, Aaron-Ross Jimenez, Kavitha Vijayasekar - @elmhurstmedicine on Instagram

- Open Plan Office Space

This is Mel, our Operations Coordinator. Mel started her journey with Roundabout as a volunteer, but in October last year got the job as our one and only casual staff member, and we are so darn lucky to have her! Mel bring so much energy to Roundabout! She is a ‘doer’ who just gets things done! You’ll often see her shifting pieces of furniture around the place to make our premises an even better place for our volunteers to work. She gives a lot more than the hours she’s paid for. She can often be seen lugging bags of clothing home to make up packs (with the help of her two girls) from her lounge room. She is also the one you speak to when you contact us via social media! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do, Mel! 💕 - @roundaboutcanberra on Instagram


- architecture

- Teacher of the year award goes too... :D (IRTR)

“Now, I’m gonna get a little awkward here, but we regularly tell our employees that we love them,” says Ryan Sanders, co-founder of @bamboohr in Lindon. “We’re in awe of them. We genuinely care about their struggles and their wins. Our appreciation for our team is at the core of everything we do.” 🐼💙🐼 @bamboohr is @uvbizq’s COMPANY OF THE YEAR for this year’s Q Awards. Read all about @bamboohr — as well as new CEO @bradrencher — in our spring issue. 🙌🙌 #utahvalleybusinessq #uvbizq #utahvalleybusiness #utahbusiness #entrepreneur #entrepreneurmindset #utahisrad #utahcompany #humanresources - @uvbizq on Instagram

Congrats on making it through the first week of school for all the families here in Manitoba! 😅 Lots of emotions and feelings over the last few days but we are thrilled to have all of the kiddos back to school and our days starting to have a bit more of a regular pace. We are hoping everyone stays safe and remembers to go day by day— let’s cherish these kid free days while we have them! 😆 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ PS That chair 🖤⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Design: @ivyrowdesign⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo: @mockingbirdphoto - @ivyrowdesign on Instagram


- Home Office

- Book shelf

As we all think about our return to the workplace when the time is right, Knoll has published ‘Considerations for Returning to a Healthy Workplace’. If you missed Tara Whittington’s virtual coffee talk on this topic yesterday please reach out to for a link to the recorded version. 📸@kimberphotog @design360inc . . . #knoll #knollstudio #knollstudio #modernalways #midcenturymodern #authentic #iconic #design #architecture #interiordesign #knollCanada - @knollinc_canada on Instagram

This new setup is catching waves 🌊 . . . . #homedecor #desksetup #deskdecor #desksituation #deskgoals #officedesign #officeinspiration #setupinspiration #minimalsetups #workspace #workspacegoals #deskinspo #workfromhome #minimalism #whatsonmydesk #technology #designyourworkspace #desktour #deskenvy #designinspo #desktops - @justinschwartfigure on Instagram

- “Home office” Nashville TN

- Chairs and Tables by KI

Get your wedding (and family) photos off your devices and onto your walls. Your grandchildren will thank you. #print #weddingphotography #paweddingphotographer - @addisongeorgephotography on Instagram

Our Greenpoint Benching has a pared-back look that works in traditional office spaces and open floor plans alike // 👉 #westelmWork // @westelm + @steelcase - @westelmwork on Instagram

- A Decade of Staks

- Collaborative Workspace

- Casework Design

- Design by Simon Legald

- Catherine of Cambridge

NEW! Tuesday, May 19th at 9 am: Free live webinar: Re-Occupancy Readiness: Best practices for reopening your workplace, Presented by Cushman & Wakefield. Click below for more details and to register. - @abcgreaterbaltimore on Instagram

- A place to work

Running a business is hard enough. Give your team the tools and space they need to succeed—and save money and energy along the way. With premium services and innovative products, we’ve redefined what it means to be a flexible office. - @convene on Instagram

- Collaborative Workspace


- KI Lounge

On top! CLIENT: Directafin DESIGN: Jacopo Rizzi LOCATION: Roma CATEGORY: Office YEAR: 2019 SLALOM PRODUCT: ECOrange Baffle #acousticbaffles #acousticsinoffice #interior #soundabsorption #soundabsorbingpanels - @slalom.acoustic on Instagram

- I went away on vacation and came back this at work.

- Used Cubicles

- Classroom Organization

Colour is a powerful tool that can influence the way we feel and behave. The use of sunny and bright hues in this workspace would lift anyone’s mood! #modulyss #carpettiles #flooring #floorcovering #firstcollection #millenniumnxtgen #interiordesign #officedesign #officesolutions #officeinspiration #officeinspo #workspace #workplace #workplacedesign #workplacetrends #hospitality #hospitalitydesign - @modulyss_official on Instagram

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- A few months back I posted about being suicidal & how my friends helped me get in a right state of mind, happy to report I’ve found my dream job & are doing better than ever!(: So glad I’m still here.

Stroll out of your workout and freshen up with a hot shower.⁠ -⁠ Even with locker availability adjusted to maintain physical distancing, theres plenty of storage so you can go from work to workout and back to work with ease.⁠ -⁠ More information about our club guidelines is linked in our bio. - @bankershallclub on Instagram

- Cubicle makeover

- Andrew Bernard