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Niles and Daphne

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- James and Oliver Phelps

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- Myself, my brother, and my best bud at a sleepover circa 2008. The cringe is unreal

fallout76 greeting salute

- End of Life Doula

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- bad neighbours

simon ghost riley


- Actually a legit tweet!


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- Blanket

𝑃,𝑓𝑝 𝑏𝑦; 𝑌𝑖𝑛,𝑌𝑎𝑛𝑔▁⌇

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- soap shows

Zayn Malik Photostream

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It’s been a bit of a milestone week for me. Thank you to everyone who has been streaming and interacting with ‘It’s Alright/It’s Cool’ If you haven’t heard it yet give it a geeze. - @huckhastings on Instagram

Cod Chost GIF - Cod Chost Brutal - Discover & Share GIFs

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Our monthly quiz is coming up on the 29th and the theme is Back to School! Catch it on Facebook or YouTube 8-9pm. Weve got a fancy dress competition with a bundle of games up for grabs for the winner! Share your Back to School themed entry on Twitter or Instagram with #BigPotatoB2S and tag us before the 29th! The winner and the runners up will be revealed live during the quiz. 🥔 #bigpotatogames #quiz #boardgames #tabletop #crayola - @bigpotatogames on Instagram

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- Blind man explains the positive things about being blind


donkey kong country chest pounding gorilla donkey kong ape

- This is what art activist do in Russia. Chucking live stray cats at McDonalds employees.

the office icon

space bob flip

- Michael Fox

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- cartoons i watched growing up

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- Patrick Stump Tweets

Jack the Ripper Blood Background Art Print

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- Digbeth

s. rintarou | gaming friends - *nod* *nod*

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- Adam 2019


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- Gary Neville - True Red.

𝘽𝙚𝙧𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙢 𝙞𝙘𝙤𝙣


- funny

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- t h i s k i d i s a w e s o m e

Scarle Yonaguni



- Whoever is running the CP2077 Twitter account... I HATE U... But I LOVE U too lmao

Double Date | ClaiKim Sim on Patreon

Watch Parks and Recreation Streaming | Peacock

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- Absolute madlad


- OwO what’s this??

The Madelyn Earrings

The Madelyn Earrings

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- [Update 2] There is a Fursuiter that happens to to be an inventor offering him FREAKIN PAWS!!!


- The dynamic duo

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- Daniel portman


- Blursed_typo

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- I did not know there was that many types of Spam

mpo online

- Brie Larson

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- Steve Blum

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- I think its safe to say that Macaulay Culkin has reached ladyboner-dom

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- Broadway - Film

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- Twenty Pilots

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- Adam Driver minus everything good

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- Bullying Prevention

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- Pro*Stars cereal.

animator hands draw

- Clue Games

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- 😂

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- KSP2 Multiplayer *RECONFIRMED*

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- Microtransactions good. EA bad.

pisilinux gnu linux pisi pc


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- Mark Hamill on El Camino

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- The true nostalgia

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- me_irl

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- Doctor Who!!

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- I got promoted, so now...

happy dance yeah tgif dancing gif

- [FB] You (and your beard) can both go to hell!

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- Phelps twins

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- Detroit rock city

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- ellen

cheeseball nerds league of legends league of legends player nerd

- Wholesome H3H3

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- Glee

s7 stealth7 stealth7e sports rocket league

- My brain turned to mush after that

klona door to phantomile klonoa psx 2d platformer ps1

- boy bands

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- Alvin and the Chipmunks

chainblade ratchet and clank ratchet going commando clank

- Smash mouth to the defense, being all-star


- Banda bring me the horizon e resto

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- PUP to be featured in upcoming game Dream Daddy: a Dad Dating Simulator

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- Video: Interviews, Lectures, and More

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- Name That Movie

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- Frozen on Broadway

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- These two cuties. HBD Ethan!

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- Sverige - Mexiko

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- Harry Potter Cast

oscarromero los numero1 remaxmillenium millenium

- When a famous director defends Michael Bay

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Band meeting today and we had a difficult decision to make. As many of you know we have loved playing in AWAZE with all our hearts from day one but sometimes it’s just hard to make things work with all the different schedules and things going on in our separate lives. That’s why we had to sadly make the decision to call it a day. It was fun while it lasted, but AWAZE is no more. JUST KIDDING hahaha nOoOoOoooOO fucking way man 😂😂 The decision we made was this: This is a new dawn for us. Starting today we’re gonna work harder, write more and better songs, double down on dedication, carefully plan our releases for the coming year and do all it takes to take this shit to the NEXT LEVEL. Most importantly put in the work that is needed to truly express our hearts through riffs & beats & melodies. The journey starts here, the only question now is ARE YOU WITH US? Love and respect //AWAZE - @awazemusic on Instagram

classic ricky berwick perfect awesome i love it

#ЯТЫБЕЛАРУСЬ 🔸 Почему я уехал из страны? Начиная с 13 лет я уже думал о том как сбежать из Беларуси...ещё будучи совсем ребёнком я тяжело переживал принуждение мыслить в строго идеологической плоскости. Моя борьба началась в школе с отказа вступать в ряды брсм- местных пионеров. Первый автозак у меня случился в 17... помню как стоял в кабинете у декана, который называл меня отморозком и дебилом, за то что я пропустил пары и пошёл на свою первую площадь... помню ложь по ТВ, помню мерзкие лица ублюдков из ОМОНа , которые год за годом избивали людей выходивших отстоять свои базовые права. 🔸 Что должно измениться чтобы я захотел вернуться? Я уехал от этого в 2012 в начале в Москву, затем в Штаты... я не знаю когда психологически буду готов вернуться домой, в страну где я никогда не чувствовал себя в безопасности. Но я знаю что это произойдёт только после того, как виновные в издевательствах над своим народом окажутся перед честным судом, а весь репрессивный аппарат пройдёт процесс люстрации. 🔸Передаю челлендж @sasz0k @leila_ismailli @makaronczek @alexsobal @takniania @zoyaskya @dimisuetin @obeloglazov @nikita.manayenkov @dzmitrylishyk @bellafox0305 @king_of_dream_21 @marinadreyy @alexander.belski.56 @mickevich_a #жывебеларусь #выборы2020 #Беларусь #немойпрезидент #психо3% - @topdexter on Instagram

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- 1d

metroid samus smash meme cello

- Blue Pewdiepie

donkey kong country donkey kong rope gaming brit tgb

- Asking the real questions.

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Congratulations Tommy @thomasjhilfiger and @lewishamilton on an epic show! @tommyhilfiger - @andyhilfiger on Instagram

devil_may_cry_4 dmc4 character action game rose dante

- Isaac Hempstead Wright

people online show chat

Neil, Paul, Tim and Nick, as pictured in Musician magazine, July 1991. Photo by Philip Le Masurier. ~ Team CH. - @crowdedhousehq on Instagram

sonic heroes game over that gaming brit show tgbs lol

- david hewlett

paintballer tds tower defense simulator big

I didnt take a single photo on the set of The Kissing Booth 2 (what a fail) so here is a dodgy screenshot from the trailer. Its out today if you want to give it a watch on @netflix. Congrats to the cast and crew. I hope you enjoy! #kissingbooth2 - @byronlangley on Instagram

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- Mock The Week

cooler master td500 pc computer rgb

- me irl

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In case you didn’t quite catch the sweater...#holidate #tiffanypaulsen #christmassweater #netflixmovies #meeghanholaway @cohesiveentertainmentgroup - @meeghanbess on Instagram

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- A todo o nada

donkey kong country diddy kong donkey kong swimming level rare

- Nickelodeon the thundermans

gta gta turk gta multi grand theft auto rockstar games

- NKOTB Merry Merry Christmas Album!

sonic the hedgehog trap spikes sega mega drive

- Scenes from Johnny Logans big birthday bash, Leisureplex Stillorgan May 2019 (happier times, pre-Dickie Rock feud)

fallen gaming

- Musicals & Broadway

charlie cade the gaming brit show gaming brit tgb tgbs

- Game of Thrones

darklord gaming darklord dark

- Archaeologist discovering 2000 year old ceremonial mask at the base of Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacán, Mexico (2018)

gaming brit jak_2 renegade jak and daxter jak

- Backstreet Boys Part 13

ertd ertd4

- 90s nostalgia

playstation_2 ratchet and clank going commando ps2 ratchet

- NOS journalist komt erachter dat hij wordt afgeluisterd

rp role play gaming conexao rj

- 1D 3

travis strikes again no more heroes suda51 grasshopper manufacture hack n slash

- Nice cock

run j drun jdwitherspoon jmans jtm44 jeremymansford

- Every other person in the room looks disappointed, especially the man in the back with his head in his hand

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- Funny videos

omertous roleplay

- __ london spy

gaming brit sonic mania tgbs tgb the gaming brit show

HEUTE Vernissage „Painted Love“ ab 19 Uhr im OBER FETT, Große Elbstr. 86, Hamburg (direkt neben Hafenklang). #HamburgArt #coolart #vernissage #popart #HHKunst - @thosssilke on Instagram

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- Hodiernus

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- 11 years since the Community pilot aired!

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BronxNet is saddened by the loss of one of our own, Jeremy Hutchins. Jeremy joined the BronxNet family as a high school intern during his high school sophomore year. He quickly became a skilled videographer and producer and created inspiring sports, public affairs and youth programs and segments. Many BronxNet interns and staff were able to develop outstanding production skills and thrive under Jeremys guidance. He was always willing to share his knowledge and insight. The BronxNet family will be forever thankful to have known Jeremy. Learn more about Jeremy Hutchins here: - @bronxnettv on Instagram

gaming brit ratchet and clank ps2 ratchet clank


darklord gaming darklord

- Catfish tv show

overblood_2 overblood gaming brit tgbs tgb

- Fount this old tweet by Artosis.

- Gravity Falls

- Cute

- Scream MTV

- YouTube video about Cameron Boyce and his funeral with a giveaway for commenting R.I.P

- First World Problems

Cam was so much more than a talented actor and dancer. So much more than a Disney Star. Universally loved by everyone who got a chance to know him. Genuine. Funny. Down to earth. He made all our lives just a little bit brighter. Rest In Peace Buddy. - @realdukeofearles on Instagram

- We dont deserve Daniel Radcliffe

- Notch is a Steve supporter

- Le the Walters has arrived

- Shane Dawson

- Yung Calculator destroys The Fortnite Guy

Noche de tertulia con @jorgemarronmartin, @elmonaguillo y @ernestosevillaoficial 😂 #tertulia #risas #debate #alegria #chistes #anecdotas #elmonaguillo #marron #ernestosevilla #WoodyAllenEH - @elhormiguero on Instagram

- melissa & joey

- Just browse Reddit like a normal person, man

- Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no

- Feminism

- Mock The Week

dangergames sǝɯɐƃɹǝƃuɐp . . . . . . @thomasnkuc @madisynshipman @creecicchino @benjifloresjr @jacenorman - @nikelodeon2020 on Instagram

- Fred Armisen

- Big Bang Theory

- Reason why Renoir apus still use vega instead rdna.

- Yvies got her priorities straight 👌

- Aidy Bryant

- a god amongst mortals 🔥

- När mamma kom in och sa att maten var klar.

- LAV and Apply on Twitter.

Very epic JackSucksAtLife youtooz available to preorder on September 25th ▶️ Comment ‘sexy’ & follow @youtooz for a chance to win one! ❤️ I’ll pick a winner next week. - @jackmasseywelsh on Instagram

- N0tail shuts down Lils ranting

- After the recent insane performance of Mongraals trio, benjy is planning to land stark industries after the fncs warmup...

- Interesting question to ask in a retweet on a papaya lunch

- Tom Fletcher

- Chad Michael Murray

- Big Bang theory

- Butch from The Little Rascals and Matilda trolling Dane Cook.

- Big Time Rush


- Santa Clause


- Noah these are the type of men to rape people

- Still the best run at #1 on Total Request Live

- Gravity falls

- Dana Roasting a “fan”

- 5 seconds of summer

- Funny

- Here Felix, this is why pugs sleep so much, I hope I helped

Finally,Its the Doctor. ⏩You can order The Doctor shirt from the link in my Description. - @drwho_fandoms on Instagram

Those were the days ... @antanddec - @catdeeley on Instagram

- This is how you cosplay Stan Lee

- Costumes for Every Occasion

- shane harte

- 90’s and upwards/My Kids memories

- I needed to post this. Even if im late.

- Gotta meme fast!!!

- Accounting Humor

- The interaction between Ethan and Post makes me smile.

Who else loves this controller? . . . Check out! @feelimara #gamecollecting #handheldgaming #gamingnerd #gamingfolk #gamecollection #gamecollector #videogamecollection #gamingcommunity #gamingislife #gaminglife #ps4pro #playinggames #videogameaddict #pcgaming #gamerguy #gameroom #gameplay #gamestagram #gamingmemes #controller #controllerskins #controllers #modernwarfare #warzone #fortnite #overwatch # dota #gamergirl #minecraft #esports - @itspsgamers on Instagram

- Duck you

- GUYS this is Epic

Merry Christmas everyone - @thomasreimann on Instagram

- New Politics

- The people who mean the most

- Tahmoh Penikett

- Feels bad man

- Dan Smith

- So, the tranny from always sunny was in joe dirt. We all know that, but I didnt know that she had a twin sister in real life, and that her twin sister was in a short run sitcom called that 80s show. Which she was in with Glenn Howerton, aka dennis.

- Good Mythical Morning

- Disney Magic

- Detlef on Twitter

Die Vorfreude steigt! #adventstrackday #schoolofracing #loopinglouie #hockenheimring #charity #charityevent #happy #tombola #auflosgehtslos - @german_autobahn on Instagram


- Well thats fair

- Stars Hockey

- Thanks, Barry

- This man is an absolute delight. So warm and kind to everyone in line and created a special moment for each. I was so delighted I couldn’t match his cool, in-character face.

- Best 80s Movies

- Drarry

- books

- Hank Green

- Take That

- Big Nerd 90’s Quiz tonight on YouTube, 8pm @

- We found the hero Night City deserves!

- Why make an article???¿¿¿

- Vintage Hair Lounge at Goodwood Revival

- Dean With A Gun

- [OC] Nine-Nine!

Nuestra bella niña traviesa pecosa pero súper inteligente en la Egoteca de su mami linda Tony. #LaChili Ecuador te ama siempre @lachilindrina_oficial @lachilindrina_oficial Gracias por tantas risas 😂 ❤️🥰😘🇪🇨 - @lachilindrinaecuador on Instagram

- Today is the only day you can post this

- lauren loves me

- Hollywood begins producing films (1910)

- Drake and Josh

- bates motel cast

Then this happened. #terreneuvesupply #godloveyercottonsocksmrcrowe - @terreneuve on Instagram

- Vitalik Vs. Justin

- Unleash my ULTIMATUM 😤😤😤

- Funny

- Big Bang Theory

I finally found the full photo lol - • - Ignore tags - #timtom #theodd1sout #jaidenanimations #somethingelseyt - @random_yt_animators_fanpage on Instagram

- me irl

- William & Harry

- Barenaked Ladies!!

- Jonathan frakes

- An obviously equal experience.

- Now IM emotionally compromised.

- Smosh games

- Was listening when I noticed the shoes on the guy in front wearing what look like Dunk SB Lows- what CW are they?

- More Supernatural...

- Avri

- Must See TV


- Mark Pellegrino

- Parker Lewis Cant Lose

Depuis quelques semaines j’ai publié sur ma page youtube des enquêtes de fond qui ont fait résonner le Québec. Pour tout ceux qui veulent savoir d’où vient le fameux GIF du caméraman qui se fait swingner par une grue, pourquoi Sylvain Michaud a un C rouge sur sa pancarte ou comment une photo de la Princess Diana en salopette s’est ramassée sur des cartes téléphoniques chinoises. Link in bio comme y disent. - @william_fradette on Instagram

- Tyler and Josh

- I recently posted the trailer for my first feature, 15 North. Heres us at the SENE film festival this past weekend after we won BEST FEATURE! (Im the blonde guy).

- Reminder that we need to keep track of this mans location, it has hinted at things before


- What!?!? Their is a WOMEN wearing MARIO CLOTHING!!! SJW CRINGE

- Chivalry is dead

- Online Friends

- no view count = not going to watch

- Uhh...what?

- Arrow

- Fantasias

- Honeycomb Blocks Are Coming!

- John Oliver

- LOTR Cast

- Best youtubers

- Watching LoveLine with the volume set on low as a 14yr old. Even then I thought Dr. Drew was hot.


- walton family

- I had the pleasure of hosting the brilliant Grant Sanderson of 3blue1brown in Oxford this past week and I just have to say what an absolute pleasure it has been. Grant went above and beyond, answering every students question, posing for selfies, and even making several videos with me today. Legend.

- Harry Potter ❤

- austin &ally

- Me irl

- Yes, government-funded programs which address basic human needs are welfare programs. Even programs that address health and early childhood development needs are welfare programs.

- Glen Humplik from “The Tom Green Show”

- Rascal Flatts

- skins [Generation 1]

- Country House (blur)

- Samsung totally gets what me and my fam squad are all about 🔥

- This man is beautiful. An honest to God legend. An icon.

- Kyle Gallner


- Seth Rogen gets it right.

- Drake and Josh Merry Christmas Photos

- Cursed_tweet reply

- Supernatural interview

- F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

- 80s,90s

- Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran bff

- Henry danger

- Harry Potter part 2

- Austin and ally

Do you know there is an unaired pilot with an almost entirely different cast?😯 I cannot imagine the show having a different cast tbh - - - #bigbangtheory #thebigbangtheory - @thebigbangtheory__ on Instagram


- Crispin freeman

- Blursed Couple

- [SPOILERS] GRRM and some of the young cast from 2009.

- Its for our own good I guess...

- Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

- actors


- Great casting from these three handsome devils!

- dan and phil

- Viggo Mortensen holding a LOTR lego set

- 17 again

- Big Bang Theory

- Big Bang

- Europe stuff

DENVER COMIC CON WEEKEND! If your map has a big circle around Denver, Colorado, then you are headed in the right direction! Denver Comic Con is in full gear and #MOAs @StevenTSeagleMOA is back in his home state! Find the him at BOOTH F22 (between F and G) all weekend packing books and signing all your stuff as well! Panels for the weekend listed below: Kids Create Comics! A Creative Workshop with Man of Action Entertainments Steven T. Seagle Saturday June 1, 2019 11:00 am to 11:25 am Get Naked with Steven T. Seagle Saturday June 1, 2019 12:30 pm to 1:20 pm Understanding Animation Sunday June 2, 2019 1:00 pm to 1:50 pm See ya here! - @manofactionent on Instagram

- Entertainment

- COVID-19 pandemic as an RPG

- Extra Extra!

- Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

- Caption this

- Martin Freeman

- Thanks Tastosis & DayJWheat!

- Drake und Josh

- Hope this counts as a wholesome meme!

- Self-Reflection

- Comics

- British

- This sword in Destructoid studio is not painted grey and makes me feel like its stuck in my brain.

- Michael is not happy with Blaine

- Bon Bon FNAF

When that seventh friend turns up to the party - @antanddec on Instagram

- amazingphil

- The 100 cast

- I thought you said you were brining Oreos

- Jeremy Shada

- Drum Heads

Just picked up #RWBY vol 4 today! 😆❄️ Great start to the weekend. #TGIF - @kara4tx on Instagram

- Met The Gaming Grandma, shes a fan of my game and Im a fan of her everything :)

- me_irl

- me irl

- Happy 59th birthday Michael J Fox - Pictured here with Huey Lewis on the set of Back To The Future.

- Everyone on this show is adorable.

- Adam Levine

- Stranger things actors

- Bigger on the inside