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vnc ⟴ noé.

𝐬𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐜𝐠𝐠𝐮𝐤𝐬 | give credits★!

l3india girl cute happy smile

- Arch drawings

vnc ⟴ johann.

Johann || icons


- arquitectura

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Noé Archiviste. Vanitas

ray speak magic

- Confidential Client

vnc ⟴ florifel.

the case study of vanitas vanitas no carte jeanne vanitas

- futuristic look

vnc ⟴ olivier.

な | vanitas & noé ꜝꜞ

the binding of isaac

- Atomic bomb explosion at the Nevada Proving Grounds, revealing the incredible anatomy of the first microseconds of an atomic explosion; this ominous fireball was documented in a 1/100,000,000-of-a-second exposure, taken from seven miles away with a lens ten feet long. Circa 1952 [577 x 729][OS]

vnc ⟴ johann.

vnc ⟴ roland.

dominique de sade jeanne the hellfire witch vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas

- Villa Tugendhat

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deltarune susie

- Hello wood

vnc ⟴ vanitas.

✦ matching vanitas no carte icons

vanitas noe archiviste vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas

- Big Data Visualization

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assalamu alaikum

Men’s Cutting Coarse with @mayra.e.rdz and @b_bain #clippers #advanced #education #toniandguy #toniguyusa - @austinfinley on Instagram



aurelius467385 the case study of vanitas vanitas i didnt understand

- how to practice

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low quality noé meme

anito legends anito siyokoy

- Atrium Tower

vnc ⟴ johann.

vnc ⟴ noé.

chloe d apchier chloe vanitas vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas witch of the silver forest

- Technical Illustration

vnc ⟴ johann.

vanitas icon

suyanne shanacy ny paulada kanekury

- Cross Cultural Communication

vnc ⟴ johann.

vanitas mcdonalds icon vanitas no carte

noe noe archiviste vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas vanitas

- Richard Neutra

vnc ⟴ ruthven.

vnc ⟴ roland.

moc binhminh bongcoi kaka filter hi hihi

- Cornelia Parker

vnc ⟴ luca.

vnc ⟴ olivier.

vanitas no carte chloe dapchier the case study of vanitas vampire anime

- concept board architecture.

vnc ⟴ johann.

𝙳𝚘𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚒𝚚𝚞𝚎 𝚍𝚎 𝚂𝚊𝚍𝚎

deltarune jevil lancer ralsei susie

- Controsoffitto

vnc ⟴ dante.

vnc ⟴ noé

vanitas jeanne the hellfire witch cute blush

- Heathrow Airport

vnc ⟴ luca.

l3india girl cute happy smile

- Architecture

❏┊ɴᴏᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴠᴀɴɪᴛᴀs┊´˗

❏┊ɴᴏᴇ́ ᴀɴᴅ ᴠᴀɴɪᴛᴀs┊´˗

vanitas no%C3%A9 the case study of vanitas vanitas no carte les m%C3%A9moires de vanitas

- brick usage

vnc ⟴ johann.

vnc ⟴ vanitas.

mobile legends bang bang mlbb ml moba

Isometric city illustration for #ohhdeerboxcomp ☁️🤍 . . . . . • • • • • #graphicdesign #digitalart #illustrator #graphic #digital #sketch #photoshop #competition #creative #graphics #draw #digitalpainting #instaart #doodle #graphicdesigner #logo #painting #artoftheday #typography #digitalartist #sketchbook #instaartist #contest #branding #vector #ohhdeer #ohhdeercompetition - @leramatsumura on Instagram

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vnc ⟴ vanitas

vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas vanitas jeanne hellfire witch jeanne my beloved

- Getting Into Medical School

vnc ⟴ johann.

vnc ⟴ vanitas.

hideri kanzaki kanzaki hideri blend s anime

- The rest is silence.

vnc ⟴ roland.

❏┊ɴᴏᴇ ᴀɴᴅ ᴠᴀɴɪᴛᴀs┊´˗

vanitas no karte carte

- The Evolution of Video Game Controllers

vnc ⟴ roland.

vnc ⟴ vanitas

edoura shocked mobile legends bang bang mlbb

- Object

aurelius467385 case study of vanitas jeanne flustered

- See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

angry om nelle om nom and cut the rope upset mad

- #seriously

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- Arne Jacobsen

tvboy vandal vandalism graffiti urban

- Object drawing

vanitas vanitas no carte case study of vanitas

I fall to pieces when I‘m with you - @pauliboyx on Instagram

talking speaking talk speak laughing

- [ buckminster fuller ]

vanitas noe archiviste vanitas no carte anime anime run

- Beautiful Drawings

talking speaking talk speak skeleton

- copic art

noe noe archiviste vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas

- High School Educational Resources

omori omori tenor pale machine server omori silky omori jax

- Business - Dashboard

vanitas no carte vanitas the case study of vanitas anime confused face anime boy confused


basil omori

- gender differences. Pencil. A2. 2018

the case study of vanitas vanitas no carte vanitas no%C3%A9 les m%C3%A9moires de vanitas

- Architects



aurelius467385 case study of vanitas jeanne removing clothes

Another lockdown for 6 weeks after tonight. Stay safe & well everyone 📸 @princesscreepo #covid19lockdown #melbournelockdown2020 #lockdowninstudio #workinglate #covid19melbourne #kcastudio #cubbyoffice #staywellandhealthy #arch_freaks - @krisna_cheung_studio on Instagram

periksaid merdeka bendera indonesia

- Neville Brody

vanitas no carte les m%C3%A9moires de vanitas the case study of vanitas no%C3%A9archiviste

- Her

mobile legends bang bang mlbb ml moba

- Guillaume Bresson

vanitas no carte dominique de sade the case study of vanitas vanitas atention

- Politics looks more evil than usual at Boston City Hall.

smash legends kurenai

#MastroberardinoSentieridiVIte - @nemafx_digital on Instagram

vanitas case study of vanitas

- Kisho Kurokawa

starlight mayhem

- A

noe archiviste

- Istanbul market

mobile legends bang bang mlbb ml moba

- I draw my hand with plain old graphite pencils.

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- The set of Star Trek TNG always felt cozy to me. Especially Ten Forward.

anito anito legends sarangay

- Peter Gould annotated script page from final scene of Wexler v. Goodman

aurelius467385 the case study of vanitas chloe d apchier slay

- Bar counters

spamton deltarune chapter2

- Artwork

vanitas noe archiviste almost dance vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas

- annual reports

call me jazz jazz drawing tab draw art

- BiblioDeBuT

vanitas no carte vanitas and jeanne the case study of vanitas stfu anime

- Architectural Drawings

babena kadena

- procedural rust material

vanitas no carte

- Atoms

blend s

We cant wait to welcome you into the new space!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ To celebrate the reopening well be running a whole lot of giveaways, events and workshops.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Stay tuned 😍 - @teaandtonicmatakana on Instagram

noe noe archiviste vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas vanitas

- Architecture - Sketches

blend s confused

- Wilson Associates

noe archiviste vanitas kick vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas

- Culinary arts schools


- I did this drawing of 1,924 tiny faces with a pen. Ive been told it looks like a sheet of acid.

vanitas no carte vanitas case study of vanitas

- AP Studio Art / Portfolio

blend s bruh

- ARC: Presentaions

vanitas no carte the study case of vanitas noe vanitas astropoopoo

- Collage

anito legends tikbalang

- The Worm Logic, David Welker, graphite on paper, 2019

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- My rendering of the first screen of Myst island, drawn during my computer science classes.

hideri kanzaki hideri cute chibi blend s

- infographic

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- Phylogenetic Tree of my worlds sentient species (More details in comments.)

serenity hassan of the serenity hassan happy jumping

Let’s remember Lilly Reich as one of the most influential masters of the Bauhaus movement. She has accomplished many great architecture, interior, and product design projects herself and also in collaboration with van der Rohe, and was overshadowed by his name. She is a great inspiration for our works. #lillyreich #miesvanderrohe #bauhaus #bauhaus100 #werkbund #barcelonachair #bauhauschair #paleworks #productdesign #interiordesign - @paleworks on Instagram

noe vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas noe archiviste

- Drapery drawing

mysticmessenger saeran saeranchoi ray raychoi

- writing corner


- InvisibleShield


- Bubble. Adjacency matrix

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- arch drawings

mobile legends bang bang mlbb ml moba

- A p p l e

shocked noe vanitas no carte

- Architects

tsukasa tenma wonderlands x showtime wxs project sekai

Cu ocazia concursului @novaopensfc vom expune primele idei pentru extinderea skateparkului din Baia Mare. Va asteptam Sambata, 5.10.19 in skate park. - @tulfuts on Instagram

vanitas no carte vanitas no carte mikhail vanitas no carte misha misha mikhail


saki tenma tenma saki project sekai

Coverafbeelding brochure “Leefbuurten”, in opdracht van Team Vlaams Bouwmeester en Fietsberaad - @ellenverbiest on Instagram

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- Anatomy Studies

vr chat vrchat twitch sean_vr

- Urban concept

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- Butcher

komi disturbed

Cuando hablamos de resina ECOCRYL laminada con velo de superficie, no podemos dejar de hacer referencia a esta obra de @leandro.sivori Amores libres - Amores presos 😍 Es un corazón hueco laminado en resina Ecocryl y velo de superficie y calado luego. Así, como les contamos que se puede utilizar para distintas aplicaciones, Ecocryl es un mar infinito de creaciones. Gracias por compartirnos esta hermosa obra!! #ecocryl #novarchem #tecnarte #distraltec #resina #resinaalagua #jesmonite #resinaceramica #resinanotoxica #heart #corazon #sivori #art #scultpure #loch #herz #wasserharz #arte #artecomtemporaneo #escultura - @novarchemsa on Instagram

vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas dominique de sade noe archiviste

- Still life sketch

mousecord mouse twitter twitter mouse big the cat

- 1970s Interiors

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- Luxury Interior Design

rowdy rex

- @liuweistudio on Instagram

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- arch - home - room - space

capoo hhhh

- Delicate Torture, Me, Pen & Pencil, 2019

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- 1940s

vanitas vanitas no carte

- Moving Changing Identity

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas bpd

𝔴𝔢 𝔟𝔬𝔴 𝔱𝔬 𝔫𝔬 𝔪𝔞𝔰𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔰 are Thom Nguyen and Dylan Fujioka - drums/percussion, Patrick Shiroishi - saxophone/suona, Tashi - guitar. Debut release up on @sigerecords bandcamp as a part of the benefit drive towards the uprising. Art by @thom_nguyen__ Mastered by @plotkinworks Thank you @faithcoloccia , @aaronbturner & @sigerecords Proceeds from september sales for this and other select SIGE releases will be donated to: National Bail Fund Network The Federation Of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund Pueblo Action Alliance Loveland Therapy Fund for Black Girls and Women - @tashiiidorjiii on Instagram

chara vs dust sans

- Skull Study;Medium-White Colored Pencil on Black Construction Paper

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- Common names

vanitas vanitas no carte

- flowchart

noe vanitas no carte the case study of vanitas noe archiviste lord ruthven

- Presentation Pictures

vanitas vanitas no carte

- Visitors, Me, Scribble, 2020

vnc vanitas vanitas no carte case study vanitas anime

- Lemon2

JUST A REMINDER: Our Music is the Best Energy Drink ever made. A cup of Nina Simone no sugar needed, a glass of Frankie Beverly, a bottle Ella Fitzgerald, a shot glass of Coltrane. WHAT!!!. So you pick the medicine (what my Uncle used to call it) that suits YOUR taste and gets YOU Started. - Arthur Wright Whats Your Drink? GETITWRIGHT.COM #keepthemusicplaying #jazzrecordartcollective #fultonstreetartcollective #jazzinstituteofchicago #hydeparkjazzsociety #hydeparkjazzfestival #hpjf #jazzinchicago #jazz #onedivisionart #logancenterforthearts #RevaAndDavidLoganCenterForTheArts - @arthurwrightart on Instagram

- finland school


- Brenchwood in our head

- The United Nations Charter being signed on June 26, 1945 in San Francisco, California [850x477]

- common core math

- ***Artist Redmer Hoekstra***

- oblique drawing

- The Beginning

- diagram

- BG Design

- interactive art

- Architects & their chairs

- Graphic Designs

- Compnay

ONE - YEAR - AGO A quick “research” trip to Paris, where the client ‘accidentally’ calls you ‘Jared’ all day long. The most difficult staircase design we have ever done. A sexy wall that wasn’t really that sexy but had a lot going for it. A sink that looked like a slab of butter. And a wonderfully collaborative and passionate client with fantastic wine. Oh, and Negronis to die for. #london #london #londoninteriors #beautifulinteriors #londondining #decorinspiration #interiorinspiration #interiorstyling #interiordesignideas #moderninteriors #homedecor #interiordesign #brixton #thelaundrybrixton #thelaundry #bistro #alldaydining #winebar - @3stories_design on Instagram

- Best Latest resume

- Airport Building

- diagram

- Jambi. Ink on A4 Bristol Board

山口市 雪舟生誕600周年関連記念事業 今年は室町時代の画僧・雪舟(せっしゅう)生誕600年に当たることから、雪舟にゆかりの深い山口市ではさまざまなイベントが行われます。音楽家・坂本龍一(さかもと りゅういち)さんと山口芸術情報センター[YCAM]のYCAM InterLab(インターラボ)による作品「Forest Symphony(フォレスト・シンフォニー)」が、10月3日(土曜日)から常栄寺(じょうえいじ)庭園(雪舟庭)で展示されるほか、たくさんの関連イベントを楽しむことができます。 詳しくは、山口市観光情報サイト西の京やまぐちのページをご覧ください。 #山口県 #山口県広報広聴課 #yamaguchi #山口県魅力発信サイト #きらりんく #山口市 #雪舟 #四季山水図 #雪舟生誕600年 #山口芸術情報センター #ForestSymphony #常栄寺庭園 - @yamaguchi_kouhou on Instagram

- Current areas of development on Bitcoin

- Architectural models

- Installation

- Light architecture

- Albert Hadley

- Infographic

- Architectural Association

- San Paulo

- 2020 Pj Market

- Optimism, me, pen on paper, 2019

- art references

- Information Design

- #Bunker

- All Things NKU

- Philip Larkin

S/S Sunset bar on level 2. - @hiscock_design on Instagram

- The yellow is how much I love you guys

- building design

- My 3-step process for designing :)

- “No limits” drawing i made back when i got more free time... sigh

- Mind Mapping Tools

- Aesop

- circle

- Wall Street Stock Market



- office hub

- Sink Drawing

- Clouds

- Dennis Nilsen British Serial Killer

- Fashion that Influences Us

- Architecture/Perspective

- One of my favorite skull drawings

- Analysis Chart

- Diagrams

A finished one - “keysole” - @lynnestant on Instagram

It’s the details of their work that impact me the most. The intimacies of shaving and washing Covid positive patients, sitting holding their hands as they die, buying I-pads to connect isolated patients with family; these moments go beyond their work. Whilst the last thing I’d ever want to do is contradict the staff I’ve met, and I do agree that just doing your job does not make you a hero, the manner in which you do it can. Make no mistake, many of the staff were terrified while working during the first days of the crisis, some cried when they heard their wards were being switched to Red Zones ; yet despite this they still treated the sick with dignity and compassion. As one nurse told me, despite the risks of working with Covid positive patients  “I did the job exactly the way I always have, I will care for my patients the way Ive always cared for them”. - extract from my article in this month’s @britishgq During May and June I documented the response to Covid-19 by Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in three hospitals: Charing Cross, St Mary’s and Hammersmith. From A&E to the laboratories, admin staff to ICU nurses, the first ward to be switched to a Covid-19 cohort and heart surgery, I saw the complex, multidiscipline response to this crisis by the NHS. You can read the full story in @britishgq The project was supported by @pulitzercenter @instituteartist . #photography #documentaryphotography #ilfordhp5 #nhs #covid19 #healthcareworkers #nhsstaff #imperialnhs #photojournalism #documentingcovid19 - @gilesduley on Instagram

- @joan_bennassar on Instagram

- Concept

- Corridor

- Wooden skyscraper

- Assembled

- Ballroom

Skull study - @og_monts on Instagram

- Hotel - Belgian Design

- Richard Artschwager

- plan

- Alberto Giacomettis Drawings

- Static Hold, Me, Digital, 2020

- Drew an airplane tea cup, micron & brush pen

- Collage

- Nmap Flow Chart

- Little doodle I did a while back

- Eltham Palace, 1933

- Classic Print Design

- Serie suits

- “Pro-9898” digital drawing, my new work.

- Design Guru

- ggg

- In The News Gcse art-year 11 2018

- Bauhaus - Marcel Breuer

- My AirPods

- [OC] Pixel fonts made by u/cwearly1 (x-post from r/typography)

- LGA 1155

- architecture

- Mission control centre during Apollo 8 [371x241]

- Childrens play area and interactive space for people situated above a public basement. Designer- self, academic design.

- Descale, Nihaaao, Ink on paper, 2020

- Music Visualisation

Vault structures have been the inspiration for our Arkade pendant light system to imply a feeling of protection. For the new Austrian lighting brand LOUM by @moltoluce . . Available at . . #sketchbookdrawing #ideation #designprocess #designsketch #skribble #lightingdesign #skribble #rainermutsch #arkade #pencildrawing #designdrawing #designsketching #markerdrawing #lightandbuilding2020 #moltoluce #loum #pendantlight #architecturallightingdesign - @rainermutsch on Instagram

- Barcelona

Georgetown World Heritage Site Gateway Hub by @weihao_chong / - - - Send your drawings/models/projects @critday ----- #critday #itscritday ----- - @critday on Instagram

- A meat bowling ball, Me, Digital, 2019

- Architectural Drawings

- Art Direction

- Architecture

- Social Distancing, me, graphite on illustration board, 2020

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be releasing my new album Burnout on October 30th! - @danielmarkham on Instagram

- Aldo van Eyck

- Stavros Niarchos

- Barnes Foundation

- Hotel Okura, Tokyo [1680x1048]

- Illustrate!


- Abstract Machines [In-Vitro]

- Ancient Nibiru

- Spoon

- 1 000 000 followers in Pinterest

- picasso light painting

by @lukas_virketis _⁠ tag us @av_platform #av_platform or email( to get featured on our page!⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #architecture #architectural #architect #architecturalvisualization #visualization #architecturaldesign #design #architecturestudent #graphicdesign #computergraphic #rendering #render #cg #cgi #interior #exterior #illust #diagram #illustration #drawing #architecturaldrawing - @av_platform on Instagram

- Rollhouse [Olympus XA2, Ultrafine Extreme 400 @ 800]

- Programming patterns

- light art

- Hostels

- hunger games party ideas

- collage

- Paint inspiration.

- watched a tutorial on perspective and this is my shot, aspiring architect, 17 years old

WIE KLINGT DIE APOKALYPSE? // Studierende der Hochschulen für Musik und Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW verwandeln dreizehn Tage lang die Kleine Bühne in eine begehbare Installation. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ @hgk_fhnw ⁠ #masterstudiodesign #basel #hgkbasel #fhnw #scenography #stagedesigner #theatredesign #setdesign #scenicdesign #theatreworks #setdesigner #stagemanagement #theatre #art #scenographyprojects #artdirection #architecture⁠ - @masterstudiodesign on Instagram

- Passengers in The Queen’s Room aboard the QE2 in the 1960s


- My notes for Calculus

- anthropo ergono

- 0

- 24.11.2018

- Minimalist Living rooms


- {lounge & club}

- chandelier

- We need a new, updated buying guide. I want to turn this into a Google Form, but would love feedback first!

- AZC-LA Residences

Still feeling it. Here is another one. See previous post for all the deets. ◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️◽️ #jeanpierreraynaud #blackandwhitephotography #artofinstagram #inspiration #interiordesign #setdesign #chic #durand #modern #20thcenturydesign #abstract #art #interiordecor #monochrome - @robertsumrell on Instagram

- Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

- Technical Illustrations.

- Nosh, Me, Charcoal, 2019

- Croquis robot

- Computation & Parametric

/ A X O / [unbuilt project] New congress center of Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina / Cosmos Architecture / @cosmosarchitecture . The project aspires to create a building that is adaptable, interactive, and accessible for everybody. The principal act is to elevate a substantial part of the program while lower the other part. By doing so a public void is created within and underneath the structure. As such the void fundamentally becomes part of the building, creating an informal cultural plaza within the formal boundary of the building which provides a new sense of dynamic interaction between the city and the cultural activities inside the building. . TAG @c_a_g_e in your work, the best will be published on the page And remember, follow #archicage . #architect #architecture #illustration #project #beautiful #drawing #picture #image #art #design #contemporaryart #nature #visual #graphic #digitalart #rendering #collage #render #perspective #architecturerender #architecturevisualization #architecturaldrawing #congress #facade #rendering3d #axonometric #axonometricdrawing - @c_a_g_e on Instagram

We excited to do a IG live chat with @graham_fink in the Uk on Wednesday At 10am LA 1pm NYC 6pm UK - Graham Fink is a multimedia artist working in the fields of photography, film, painting, drawing and technology. ******* His career over the years has been defined as never being entirely satisfied with the status quo. A constant challenger, questioner and conceptual thinker. He has long explored ideas of the subconscious and chance. Always looking for stories and ways to convey them using various media and processes. Having travelled extensively and lived and worked in Europe, Asia and the USA, he is interested in remnants of semiotic codes to collate in his work. In 2014 he designed a piece of software to enable him to draw with his eyes and create live performances in public places and art galleries. Just before lockdown in the UK he had a new exhibition ‘In Transition.’ A series of Monotypes depicting the adventures of the Pareidolian Army. The theme of Pareidolia is a constant theme running throughout his work. - @reservedmagazine on Instagram

- Catlabs X 320, Canon Ae1

- Medical Doctor

- Doodle & hand drawing

- I drew all over my hand, held it next to the light and took a photo. Hours later, Ive processed it and its pretty trippy. Hope you guys like it!

- Golf

- The House of Blood, Seat of the Magi Empire

- Hair color techniques

- Laszlo Moholy Nagy

- Ive had an idea for an illustrated childrens book for some time, The Pot and the Saucepan! Heres one of the first concepts! :D

- Sketch again

- Interior of S. C. Johnson Administration Building, USA (1936-1939) by Frank Lloyd Wright [Building]

- 1984 Decor

- Bauhaus

- Health Resources

- Cell project ideas

sketch for the next big painting 155 x 185cm - @christo_dagorov on Instagram

- So I ran the Mouse Tracker again, this time for 8.3 hours, resulting in a mildly interesting pattern.

- How To, Time To, MAKE IT

- Sister sent this to me, she just started playing. -don’t know who to give credit to

- medical drawings

- Shadows, me , digital, 2019

- arch. sketch

PROJECT- RESIDENCE CP 26 PARADISE. Bemused by the quest to create an intemporelle art of building, that ages like a fine red wine, a spatially apprehended will of epoch strives for simplicity, translating into a series of spatial effects. Blurring the boundaries between art, painting, sculpture and architecture, a home comes to life, like a well written poem or frozen music, leaving one entranced for the longest time. A flowing, dynamic, clear space of the free plan unwinds the aesthetic quality of the minimalist interiors transcending into the echoes of the outward projected frivolous and self-indulgent architecture through the glass skin and innumerable fenestrations. The core built-form is conceived through a clean stroke of lines, procured through a quality of sternotomy ,rigorous engineering and meticulous hours of detailing, portraying the passion and yearning for architecture. The Eloquent essence of the ethereal and lush greens, held together by vertical straight frames, along with the eternal sunshine all around, infiltrates the micro climate within the site yearlong satisfying the love for nature. Expressing much more than what meets the eye, the design expresses the beauty of being in an experience of being enclosed physically, yet spiritually teleported to a place beyond space and time. - @studio.minimalist on Instagram

- Manchester Airport

- Sketching hand + product

- art and digital art

- Book Shelter by serun 之安, digital, 2019

- Alcoholism, Me, Pencil, 2020


- [building] Meeting Dome inside the French Communist Party headquarters

- Heart and Mind

- 1920s

- cutting edges contemporary collage

- Biblioteca

- Beautiful Perspectives

- Restaurant layout

- Sankey Diagram

- Art

- Gouach/watercolor what you think

- Mockup from the Regional Planning Association of what Penn Station could look like if it expanded upward into the space where Madison Square Garden is currently.

- Tom Emerson

This installation by #jeanpierreraynaud is giving me all the feels today. Le Maison De La Celle-Sant-Cloud. Paris, 1974. 15x15 cm tiles. Not #superstudio #continuousmonument which was from 1969. #inspiration #architecture #interiordecorating #interiors #retrostyle #retroaesthetic #minimalism #70sfashion #70sstyle #artlovers - @robertsumrell on Instagram

- Inspo

- Hiccup costume

- Bauhaus

Arlington Arts Center’s galleries reopen to the public tomorrow, Saturday, September 26! View SOLOS 2020, with solo shows by Rebecca Rivas-Rogers, Tara Gupta, Kim Llerena, Anne Clare Rogers, Constance Simon, and Heidi Zenisek. ... Our galleries will be open to the public Wed-Sat, 12pm-5pm. Click the link in our profile for info about the show and our reopening plan! ... Images: Rebecca Rivas-Rogers, Working Drawing (Green Tape), 2018 ... Tara Gupta, Big Face, 2019 ... Kim Llerena, They Also Ran Gallery, Norton, Kansas (presidential candidates who ran and lost), 2017 ... Anne Clare Rogers, Strange Loop, 2019 ... Constance Simon, Grid Poem #7, 2017 ... Heidi Zenisek, Open Season, 2018 - @arlingtonartscenter on Instagram

- CC Fine Arts

- Branches of Science

- Young Bill Gates vs. old Bill Gates

- Architecture thesis 2020

- I used a ballpoint pen to draw this G&T when I was 18 - 10 years ago!!

Handmade azimuthal equidistant spherical perspective drawn from observation, using my rotating grid method as presented at the Bridges 2019 conference. #drawing #perspectivedrawing #fisheye #360 #sphere #graphite #usk #urbansketching #descriptivegeometry @uid_unione_italiana_disegno @bridgesmathart - @antonio.bandeira.araujo on Instagram

- Heres a quicky I drew right before class. Title: Sick Days

- Games

Concept Art for a pitch by @tomderwahn . . . . . #conceptart #conceptdesign #lifeisapitch #pitchblack #moviebratsstudios #animation #projectionmapping #commercial - @moviebratsstudios on Instagram

- The Marker Hotel

Pleasing interior via @sayhito_ of living room. - @ninaelli0tt on Instagram

- First time drawing from life. Posting this embarrassment as a measure for future progress. Thinking drawabox might be a necessity to better help visualize 3D space/perspective, etc.

Personal projects were always of great importance for us. Today, as a celebration of 3 years working together, we present a little behind the scenes from Piotr Rudkowski’s S.M.O.G. Enjoy & remember, there is no Planet B! #linkinbio #lunapark #motionarts #behance #behindthescenes #workinprogress #breakdown #creativework #smog #noplanetb #personalproject #cinema4d #c4d #octanerender #octane #3d #illustration #design #abstractart #xuxoe #art #render #cgi #zbrush #simulation #hud #ui #smog #smoke #wearethecollective - @lunaparkpl on Instagram

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