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maya bishopmarinadanielle savrejack gibsongrey damonstefania spampinatojaina lee ortizmayabishopandy herrera


station19 marina maya bishop carina deluca spring is here

- I finished my setup after many many hours of experimenting!

meredith grey

station19 andy herrera you got this you can do this i believe in you

- I cleaned up my area and added a strip being the desk :)

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station19 carina and maya marina cuddling cuddle

- My Sanctuary. Powerful, Efficient, Usable... And RGB too!

stefania spampinato

- Added the lights to my set up finally. Just need to handle the cables and upgrade the lights again.

Wallpaper Jo Wilson

amelia shepherd

station19 maya bishop got out of the shower shower done showering

- Ultrawide + 144hz combo

vic hughes icons


andy herrera station19 robert sullivan surrera

- Need some inspiration for my setup

g r e y s a n a t o m y

drama excited station19 19 station

- Some simple LEDs can really make a difference, my current setup

station19 andy herrera shock shocked surprised

- My work/gaming/relaxation space


station19 maya bishop i stand by every call i made i stand by it i stand by that

- The Two Corners of Comfort

station 19 mayabishop carina deluca

- Ready for some monsters

Stefania Spampinato

jaina lee ortiz grey damon barrett doss vic hughes victoria hughes

- My time has come. Finally finished with my monitors and desk. Hope you like it!

🥀Icon Maya Bishop🥀

station19 jack gibson yeah you know youre right youre right you are right

- Battlestation V 2.0

station19 travis montgomery youre my person and you always will be my person

- Shes there for me when Im tired and weary.

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station19 dean miller lets do this whoa lets do this lets do it

- Rgb all the things

Mariska Hargitay - Olivia Benson 20x24


station 19 mayabishop carina deluca

- Typical Reddit Colour Scheme. New Case and Monitor Mount

marina station19 hug carinadeluca mayabishop

- OP SEAT - Latest addition to my corner. I had been using the same chair for 15 years before finally getting a new one. So comfy! Highly recommend.


S T A T I O N 1 9

station19 dean smile cop police

- Its gone through many iterations, but its finally starting to feel like me.

station19 jack gibson its winter winter first day of winter

- Moved and added some posters to my battlestation. How does it look?

vic hughes icons

station19 jack gibson they sparkle even in the dark sparkle

- How do you guys like the new layout?

station19 jack gibson yeah you know youre right youre right you are right

- Easy PC

mayabishop carinadeluca station19 marina

- My PC Setup all Finished! (REUPLOAD)

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station19 marina mayabishop carinadeluca

- First Battlestation for Daddys corner

yeah sure thing station19 vic hughes victoria hughes shondaland

- Its Just a Color... But it Burns...

stefania spampinato

station19 maya bishop confused huh what

- Work and Play Battlestation

station19 travis montgomery false fake fake news

- Caved and bought the Nommo Chroma and lights to my previous setup. Houndour too.

station19 marina hugginh hugs carina deluca

- This is how I survive no nut november

station19 vic hughes finger wag no nope

- First complete battlestation

stefania spampinato

- Finally cleaned up my setup

station19 maya bishop carina deluca kissing kiss

- Space-Efficient College Chillstation

station19 andy herrera im20almost21 21 20

- Small update! Kinda gives me a Star Wars vibe.

station19 jack gibson yeah just be kind be kind just be kind

- Small room, small battlestation (first time)

station19 marina dancing dance couples dancing

- Boldly, to the stars...

station19 maya bishop marina i love you and i choose you

- Lighting really helps with the coziness

station19 robert sullivan can i help you with something how can i help you can i help you

- My College Apartment Gaming Smart Home Battlestation. You can never have too much RGB!

station19 maya bishop carina deluca dancing dance

- Shelter: in place

mayabishop carinadeluca marina station19

- My battlestation at college

station19 maya bishop flashing breast hot danielle savre

- My battlestation is now also a babystation

maya bishop station19

- Next up: Wireless peripherals

carina deluca maya bishop carina maya maya carina marina

- In my eyes, self-quarantine is a win, since I can do it here!

station19 travis montgomery okay i feel like a piece of meat piece of meat feeling like a piece of meat

- It is a bit more messy then others, but this is my battlestation

station19 maya bishop finally its about time about time

- My first every ultrawide, plus re-done led strips

station19 andy herrera crying sad tears

- Few upgrades to the 3m desk. Whats the verdict?

station19 andy herrera sad bye goodbye

- Cake Day Battlestation Update - New Chair + Painted Case + Wires under desk managed

station19 ben warren no nope no no nope

- My gaming and music Battlestation

station19 travis montgomery

- Shes not much...but she she sure is my favorite.

station19 raising glasses raise glass cheers drinking

- Were moving in a few days. Gotta pack first things first and LAST things LAST

station19 jack gibson thumbs up two thumbs up upset

- My battlestation

mayabishop carina deluca station19 marina

- My station in its final form

station19 jaina lee ortiz jay hayden barrett doss andyherrera

- We ditched our old janky his her corner arrangement for some ikea hardware and got ourselves a new station

gta global training aviation b737 likes heart

- Fully Operational

station19 jack gibson thumbs up approve nice

- Just wanted to share my joy.

- Never stop improving. I need new speakers now.

- My battlestation in 2007

- Neon Nights

- I was a bit reluctant to share after seeing the front page but we work with what we got. This is my battle station. Yes, I love the color red.

- Please Ignore the air filter under my desk trying to keep my computer as dust free as possible.

- 2019 Setup complete.

- It feels warm

- If I got a 2nd monitor, should it go above my current one or should I move stuff around? Also can someone link a good red and black small keyboard

- Did someone say “clean and minimal”?

- My beauty #2 - a few upgrades later

- I was told to post my set up here,thanks to everyone that has already checked it out, better pics to come

- Computer Setups

- Battlestation Update: New apartment, coz lil corner.

- Updated battle station

- It’s growing, slightly, but the clutter is too

- So is RGB still cool?

- New apartment, new station

- pink! :)

- I have made some recommended changes...

- For a hot summer night!

- My current setup with some cameras | Recently started getting into photography.

- My pink battle station

- Just waiting on my cyberp!nk cablecandy..

- Setup with the lights on

- Help, i need ideas on how to organize my new setup!

- Recently Redone My Setup, This will be the 6th time its changed in 2 years, Finally happy. I moved over from console gaming to mainly PC now, I also use it for editing. Let me know what you think.

- New house. Finally moved to good Internet.

- Added a top ultrawide

- I installed the monitor stand today. Im happy with it.

- Felt like adding a bit of colour into the mix for a little bit

Cleaned up 🔮 / \ #fortnite #battleroyale #controller #keyboard #aimassist #console #pc #aresuprise #arestfup #fazeup #soar #rc #follow #explore #esports #gaming #solo #duo #thinkxtra #xtragaming #divine #ares #clan #creative #warrior #search #explore #thinkxtra #xtragaming #divine #BH #devour - @xtrajake on Instagram

- My messy corner of happiness. Its been storming here the last 8 days.

Ive taken my destiny into my own hands and Im in a happy place ♥️ - @payal__gaming on Instagram

- My Two Favorite Colors. Always love the vibe these two give off.

- Getting tilted in Verdansk

- More screens. More lights. Less cables. Same amount of help needed.

- Still needs some work - but we’re getting there. Leave some suggestions on what to do next.

- Moved my dream setup to my new room in my dream house with all my friends. Life is good.

- Night Vibes

- Blue

- New home, new life, updated battlestation.

- This took me almost a month to complete, it aint much, but its whats getting me through this quarantine and Im proud of it!

- I know the vaporwave aesthetic is a bit overdone, but I just built a triple monitor stand and Im happy with how it all came together. (feat. /r/battlestations unofficial official desktop background)


- Salt and pepper station

- Graduated, got a job, upgraded stuff.

- My lockdown editing and gaming station.

- Im really leaning into that cozy vibe with the new setup

- My getaway from college stress

- My nice little setup

- My late night Battle Station. Nova Theme!

- Anyone else using TT Toughram? That RGB software is Garbo. *Wallpaper link in the comments, I know youll ask.

- My low budget A E S T H E T I C setup, enjoy.

- You look like a good Joe...

- #GamingMasterRace yes that is a GameCube loading screen :)

- b a t t l e s t a t i o n. She’s not bad for a dorm.

- new LED strip who dis?

- Finally got my cozy corner somewhat ready.

- Work-Home Balance

- Made some changes to my set up and really happy with how it turned out

- Where I slave away and write Verilog all night

- My little slice of heaven.

- my cozy college setup

- finally a good angle to hide my awful cable management

- Here is my gaming/work setup

- Finally happy with my student battlestation!

- Monochrome vs RGB + A Few Monitors

- And then there were two....(wires)

- My setup (late 2016)

- My paradise.. stress reliever.. all around smile creator. *new PC build*

- My wife & I always wanted to work next to each other. came true now. (guess which one is mine?)


- It just screams: Play Me! Every time I wallk by.

- November 2019

- Last upgrade, keycaps and light.

- This setup i just finished up!

- Mine and Hers. Moved house on Friday, had to get the priorities in order.

- back again. how do i make this more cozy/matching Im in the market for new peripherals i like where my tower is at i just want to focus on making this space more enjoyable and easy on the eyes.

- We spend a little too much time in here

- My music / gaming corner

- Battlestation without table legs

- My messy classroom

- Finally finished my dream battle station. Butcher block desk, custom speaker stands, built in hidden wireless charging.

- Moved out, made a proper station for myself

- Clean and simple

- Cozy color sceme.

- This is where hours feel like minutes.

- Dorm room is complete

- Not sure if this belongs here, but this is my first ever own built pc!

- Tried real hard to get my student room to be a little cozy!

- gamer girl cringe

- Synthwave Battlestation - Version 3.0

- Who’s looking forward to ghost of Tsushima?

- This is where i spend 50% of the day. My little Office at home.

- First post got taken down. Here’s my cable managed work / gaming station.

- the place i like to hangout when my social battery is drained.. which is quite often :)

- My goal was to make a place I never wanted to leave, I think Ive achieved that

- My RGB changes with my mood, tonight I’m feeling melancholy...

- My working corner.

- Still missing some stuff but got it almost ready in time for cake day, Ikea gang rise up!

- Maybe my Final Form? Two setups in one.

- Neon Vibes

- Last post of my setup but its finally complete and Im so proud of it i will share it one more time (also, crazy camera angle made it look even better imo).

- cool and mellow tones

- RGB makes any setup look better

- Bought this new desk for my wife and Im more in love with her set-up than I am with my own ... Gotta find excuses to use it more lol.

- a RGB kinda vibe

- Updated battlestation X. Thx, xphnctre. Last post removed for spam, i hope this one is not--been 33 days and significant changes vs previous.

- A small battlestation for a small room! (Any tips or suggestions on how I could improve the setup?) :)

- My battlestation’s 2nd birthday! Still goin strong!

- continuing to evolve it

- Did some changes to my setup. Any ideas on how to improve it or make it look better? Perhaps some more plants?

- Found /r/outrun so I updated my setup a bit

- Minimalistic battlestation

- Slowly upgrading the station.

Ive decided to take up Twitch live streaming! Finally finished setting everything up from the second monitor, new chair, led panel lighting and my camera! Super excited to dive into this new adventure. You guys can expect anything from live photo editing to of course gaming (alot of COD). If you guys wanna already start following me on Twitch my username is FireShot206 and Ill begin streaming on October 5th 9pm-12am! Hope to see you all there and to follow me on this adventure! . . . #gamingpc #gamingrig #gaming #gamingcommunity #losangelesphotography #videography #videographer #filmmaking #filmmaker #gaminglife #TNhype #losangelesphotographer #gamingsetups #gamingsetup #gamingstation #TNshadow #battlestations #battlestation #laphotography #gamingphotography  #laphotographer #gaminggear #gamingrig #gamingcomputer #portraitphotographer #photographerlife #photographer #portraitphotography #photography - @corey.saldana on Instagram

- Pretty happy with my recent upgrades!

- Getting comfier every day

- With great power, comes great responsibility.

- Clean Ultrawide Setup

- This new Dixie Mech 8008 mouse pad is pure fire. Quality is much better than expected! Cant wait to get my custom GMMK keyboard finished up with the 8008 caps to match... @DixieMech @GloriousPCGR

- Red.

- New Home-Office setup

- Definitely a challenge cable managing a sit stand desk. Rather pleased with the results

- The Great Escape

- Lock-down Makeover!

- Battle ready.

- Hopefully this isnt too Dark....

- I cant decide what color to paint my walls, so here is everything lit up blue.

- My setup.

If it isnt obvious yet, I moved my workstation. The previous spot has now been commandeered for other things. Now it really does feel more like an office than just a desk. A huge part of this credit goes to my wife for being such a tremendous inspiration and design consultant. There are still some kinks that need to be worked out, but Im happy in my little corner, which I shall now dub as the Bob Ross corner. Dont be afraid to take a leap of faith. Change begets change and new inspirations are born. Have a wonderful weekend everybody! #5ib #WFH #change #cozy #microsoftsurface #surfacebook #surfacestudio2 #surface #AnythingButOrdinary #creativespace #officespace #freelance #remotework #designer #graphicdesigner #desksetup #workfromhome #workdesk #workspace #worksetup #office #officedesk #windows #stayathome #deskinspiration #photoshop #illustrator @windows @microsoft @surface - @5.inbetween on Instagram

- With the new addition of the yeti caster, my desk set-up is now complete!

- My new clean Battlestation!

- EGPU setup.

- new room, new desk space

- Iceyyyy

- My neon machine ready for battle.

- Saying goodbye to this corner of the world

- Finally have my dream set up. So happy with the final outcome.

- YoUre sO InTrovErtEd 🤓

- My cozy battlestation for games and sometimes work

- Finally got a LED strip installed, now I feel like my setup is complete.

- First ever PC build. A lot of inspiration taken from here, so thank you!

- dual monitor

- why would i go outside?

- Finally settled into the new place. Now time for some more wall decor.

- 1440p is Life Changing

- New House = New Man Cave

- Me and my Girlfriend just moved in together. This is our setup together in a tight little room. Some Cables are visible so be gentle.

- The only thing I need in my corner

- Finally got my third monitor!

- My Neo-Tokyo / cyberpunk theme is starting to turn out! Also behind me is 30 nanoleaf panels.

- The man corner, I need for space before I can go full cave haha

- Loving my new sound diffusers 🔥🔥🔥

Hey guys ✌️ Been a min since ive posted. How are you all doing? Any new games? Any new additions to your setups recently or new plans for it? Recently my girl @sarahs_playground recommended me to setup wars and was later invited by @ed.techsource to be in his youtube show, really excited about it, thanj you so much guys💕 ill keep you all posted when i know the episode will be out 🤖 . . . Member of @royalty.rgb . . Partners @xwolfskin @otaku806 @gonwitharose @shadowzone187 🤖🤖Check out the amazing people tagged 🤖🤖 ⚠️🤭⚠️ #gamergirls #pc #setupwars #instagame #gamerforever #neonlights #desksetups #pccase #lianlihq #neontokyo #nanoleafaura #gamingfolk #setupinspiration #otaku #pixelnoisestudio #colorbomb #rgb #pcmr #gamer lifestyle #gamin #gamingpc #gamingmouse #gamingrig #gamingchair #battlestation #razer #rgblights #custompc #gamergirlsunite #dreamdesk - @jreneegames on Instagram

- My final form... (I guess) What you think??

- Rate my setup out of 10 and any tips?

- Just a Small Battlestation Update

- Getting revamped at the end of the month

- Swapped out my aging H440i for a H710i - Really happy with the result

- From Russia with love / My setup is codenamed DreamDesk v 4.0/ Intel i7 10700k GeForce 2060S

- Just finished re-organizing my setup

- Step 1: build computer. Step 2: convince fiancee she also needs computer. Step 3: fiancee realizes she loves PC gaming. Step 4: battlestations.

- new dog approved chair

- I know I recently posted here but I did some big updates and wanted to share...

- Groot morning.

- Always trying to improve my set up. Suggestions are always welcome!

- Call of duty warzone theme , y or nay

Very clean setup! Rate 1-10! . . . ————————————— Follow @optimizing for daily pc setup content! ————————————— *Pictures are not owned by me, credits will be given when they are available* - @optimizing on Instagram

- Ready to not leave your seat for the next 8 hours?

- My little corner of the world.

- Upgraded some stuff. New monitor and chair.

- Best Casino Games

- Anyone here enjoy music?

- Upgraded my set-up.

- My chill setup

- This is my battle station in it’s more or less final form. Any tips or advice would be good.

- Under the loft bed gaming set up

- Triple Reservoir, Thermaltake Core P3 final build and studio. More pictures in the links below.

- Wife is wanting to get into PC gaming so we made a his and hers station. Just rebuilt my system so we decided to make a project of it.

- Room style

- Fourth monitor added! Let’s have a chill Friday shall we!

- Just a little red

💡Lights, 📷camera, 🎙️#PoweredByBlue. @tejbz shows us what a pro streaming setup looks like, with a Blue Spark SL and a healthy dose of @logitechg gaming gear. Tag us in your setup for a chance to be featured!⁣ ⁣ #BlueMicrophones #Gamer #Streamer #StreamingSetup #BattleStation - @bluemicrophones on Instagram

- Battlestation update! 2nd monitor, hue strip, new chair, and some cable management. Such an improvement

- Finally finished my dual monitor setup!! Love it!

- Another home office update — desk and fiber

- My Battlestation, not even ready (new case comin soon)

- 16 year old from the UK. Have just finished my set up.

- Dont mind the evil chair on the right side.

- Coronavirus work from home station

- Upgraded my room! Still need to cable manage my soldering/printing station but not looking too bad!

- I Can Do Every Color

- Amaizing Setup

- I’m reposting my super budget a e s t h e t i c setup, just with a much better picture

- purp

- Making the most of my Attic Home Office. (WIP)

- Posted here a few months back. Monitor that enough reason to post an update?

- Had to set up in the basement after being sent home from college

- Mmmmm

- A very pink set up!

- My rig revision! Now with dancing LEDs and floating monitor stand

- Aurora Borealis

- Moved places so I got myself a new setup. What do you guys think?

- Cozy corner of the room

- Upgraded to a dual PC Battlestation.

- Finally pleased. Bigger flag maybe?

- All right you cable management whores....heres the repost you asked 400 times for.....Im not cleaning it up more than that. ;)

- Laptop Cases

- Pick your OS

- I will made some changes for future, add acoustic panel on the wall, etc. Give me tips! And no, i dont change the computer position ahaha

- Lights on

- My gaming and developing setup.

- updated battlestation X

Such a jaw dropping setup by Mekurukito from episode 211 of setup wars. Absolutely stunning use of lighting and design to create this futuristic look. Well done and congrats on winning the 29th seal of approval! . Seal winners 1) Ashish (EP17) 2) Jairo (EP30) 3) Julian (EP31) 4) Andy (EP38) 5) Marcus (EP49) 6) Colin (EP56) 7) David (EP57) 8) Sean (EP72) 9) Shahrukh (EP79) 10) Sarunas (EP107) 11) Nathan (EP114) 12) Zac (EP122) 13) John (EP139) 14) Epsy (EP141) 15) David (EP151) 16) Yudho (EP152) 17) Benjamin (EP166) 18) Pirate Gamer (EP177) 19) Adam (EP181) 20) Andrew (EP186) 21) Ricardo (EP186) 22) Paschalis (EP191) 23) Brittnay (EP192) 24) Cartier (EP193) 25) Kobe (EP 198) 26) Bruno (EP201) 27) Jonathan (EP201) 28) LOC (EP209) 29) Mekurukito (EP211) . #pcmasterrace #pc #pcgaming #gaming #GamingPc #custompc #MSI #corsair #intel #geforce #nvidia #Rtx #amd #Ryzen #Asus #desksetup #setup #battlestation #desktour #setups #workstation #Pcgaming #gaming #Computer #Windows #Productivity #Gamer #Custom #xbox #ps4 - @ed.techsource on Instagram

- Back in March

- Finally decided on a theme

- Not the cleanest, not the nicest, but Im proud of how it turned out

- Three 27 and a 24, 4790k, Maximus VII Ranger, 16GB ddr3 2400, 1080ti FE, 6x 1tb HDD, 512GB M.2 SSD, G510, G700, Z5500, Driving Force GT, multiple controllers and headsets.

- Rearranged my battlestation so I can game and watch Netflix in bed and I am very satisfied with the results

- My Corner Studio

- The happy spot

- My current battlestation should I change it ? ( suggestions welcome :D )

- Where i 360 noscope while listening to records

- I updated my pink battle station! Soon I’m gonna buy led lights for the desk and monitors.

- Shhhh, shes sleeping

- It’s not really cleaned up and kinda cramped, but I really love my bedroom.

- Heres my friend battlestation who is now too in the pcmr

- Finally tidied up the battlestation.

- Overdue Upgrade - Wooden / Dark theme

- New Apartment | New Battlestation

- Happiness = moving into a new house and setting your battle station back up!

- Nanoleaves or painting? Links please!

- Watercooled Battlestation on a Modded IKEA Desk

- Shutting down for the last time this year. Good night yall

- It’s not crazy like a lot of builds but it’s my favorite build ;)

- Built my first PC, updated look

- Leveled up my battle station with an Autonomous desk 2 premium XL and I rebuilt my computer. 🤯

- Updated for Autumn/Winter 2019. Going outside is overrated anyway. ( more pictures in first comment )

- 3 months ago this was my dream setup and slowly but surely Ive put it together. Now Im Almost done

- My setup:

- My icy blue work in progress with the bog standard Ikea desk and fake plant

- Something different

- Down to just 1 monitor. I think I’m ok with it 🤷🏻‍♂️

- Ultrawide RGB battlestation for work and leisure

- My fresh build battlestation.

- I’m 14 and I built this from the ground up. (Custom desk and pc). Hope you guys like it as much as I enjoy using it.

- His and Hers Battle Stations Complete

- Steampunk Battlestation. Ever evolving. Update post. Looks better in red but shows better in blue.