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im sickdyingcoldillfeeling sicksadvomitsleepytired

,, ❀

sick ill in bed sad fever

- hmmm

scooby doo sick colds im sick

- The seniors at my old high school did this as their senior prank. Its an english teachers car.

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- Weird science?

I Have Low Esteem For Everyone Else

makes us sick disgusting throw up feeling sick the medicine show

- Dirt Bikes

ღ⁺彡 kai and rio | hazl.x

pencil pack sick flu ill not well

Broadway - @djsoulnyc on Instagram

𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘱𝘧𝘱𝘴

getwellsoon sick teddybear

- CT scan reveals face with scars and stitches of 1700-year-old Tashtyk man behind his gypsum death mask


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- Angle grinder causes severe face trauma (explanation in comments)

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sick e coli

@dylan_harbour76 with his Duster and his buddies Charger. Thanks for the pics! #moparlife #duster #charger #musclecar #moparfam #dodgeofficial #plymouth #pentastar #mopar #like #moparornocar #follow @mopar.state.of.mind - @mopar.state.of.mind on Instagram

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%E8%AA%BF%E5%AD%90%E3%81%8C%E8%89%AF%E3%81%8F%E7%84%A1%E3%81%84 %E6%B0%97%E5%88%86%E3%81%8C%E5%84%AA%E3%82%8C%E3%81%AA%E3%81%84 %E8%AA%BF%E5%AD%90%E6%82%AA%E3%81%84 %E4%BD%93%E8%AA%BF%E4%B8%8D%E8%89%AF %E3%81%84%E3%81%AC

- Pizzabagning i dk xxxpost


sick sick and tired sick and tired of being sick and tired blm black lives matter

- Fast and Furious: Fast10 your seatbelts

Nemesis by MulberryArt on DeviantArt



- Blursed flasher

‎VSCO: Photo & Video Editor


thatd be pretty sick crazy insane mad awesome

- Repairing a skull fracture


throw up puke sick to the stomach sick full

- Hopelessly devoted to youuu

MI (1:2)

feeling sick

- When you half to protect your baby from a hail storm

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jagyasini jagyasini singh jag singhoriginal humor

- Tetrology of fallot

scarah screams

%E9%A2%A8%E9%82%AA %E7%9C%8B%E7%97%85 %E3%81%8A%E5%A4%A7%E4%BA%8B%E3%81%AB cold take care

A look by me (@bloodyglamorousfx) from awhile ago! 😊💖 - @prettygoryfeatures_ on Instagram


sick ill fever

- cursed_6ix9ine


mim boy sick

- Is that a subi

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i am sick butters stotch south park butters very own episode s5e14

- This hurt to look at, will someone come over and take care of me? 😢



sick spongebob rotting spongebob squarepants falling eye

- Ready for war.

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Some sick KSI fan art done by @yalocaloffgod on Instagram, hes only 15 too!

adarsh world sleepy eyes ice pack thermometer not well

1x speed 〰️ 0.2x speed - @lazy.thirteen on Instagram

ღ⁺彡 rio and ichika | hazl.x

boy anime blush blanket sad

- HTML is my favorite programming language

best boulders climbing bouldering climb climber

- I was in a terrible accident just before Christmas in 2014. One of my injuries was a shattered patella. I had to wait two weeks for the swelling to go down and to have some fluid drained before I could have surgery. Here’s what it looked like!

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Morality Dictates - @wildcat88 on Instagram

𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘱𝘧𝘱𝘴

sick kyle broflovski south park butt out s7e13

- dumb quotes

dying sick cold ferris bueller cameron frye

- Blursed_Surgeon = Blurgeon

super sick andrew baena super cool super awesome super nice

- Cursed_couch

milkmocha milk and mocha milkmocha ill milk and mocha ill

- Late stage in breast cancer neglected NSFL

machiko rabbit cute bunny animated

- A little closer pic of my hand. A month after the initial injury i developed a blood clot due to drainage issues. Ill never forget the way the Doctor described removing the clot. He said it was like releasing the air out of a balloon lol

team america vomit

- [Before&After] Finally happy with my skin

white rabbit couple sick worrying

- @fordcrownd on Instagram

phineasandferb disney candace ashleytisdale sick

- The face of an alcoholic woman with severe liver damage after 5 bottles of wine a day habit

im sick not feeling good ill

- Taking the Aussie commodore to even shittier levels

cat light head light headed skip work

- Are forklifts allowed here?

nauseated face cat joypixels im sick unwell

- @fordcrownd on Instagram

bebedancando sleepy so tired good night im done

- Foot laceration before and after

wontae chicken sick head scratch

- This is supposed to be an Ad for candy

sick i feel sick emoji

- Honda Parts

i think im gonna be sick i dont feel so well i dont feel good i feel sick im going to puke

#bonefrog #bonefrogchallenge #getafterit #mudrun #runners #ocr #obstaclecourserace #obstaclecourse #bonefrog2020 - @bonefrog_ on Instagram

bubbles sleepy tired power puff girls sick

- A rare look into a pediatric heart transplant procedure. The recipient in this case is a 13 month-old patient with congenital heart disease.

bt21 get some rest sleeping sick rj

2000. #mdn20years @aperfectcircle - @billyhowerdel on Instagram

sick anime loli girl

- Thigh skin grafted over full thickness graft(2 months post op)

sneezing face joypixels runny nose sniffles head cold

- Wild Night

sad tantrum angry cry dont want to be sick

Either adhere now to programming we prescribe or end up like me in this picture. @nashvillehipinstitute #tbt - @lgp_inc on Instagram

loof bread bap bun loof and timmy

- Top Down / Aerial / Crotch Shot WAYWT

home sick

- Happy Easter from Myspace 2005

kawaii gatitos uwu

- Haunted house makeup

sorry sad crying tears bunny

- My friends and I got separated for 4 hours at a festival in Germany. When I finally got a hold of them and asked what had happened, they sent me this.

don fell well

Vasketid 💦 Bilen skal jo være fin til i morgen, hvor turen går til Odense, for at filme til DR programmet Versus! 🤩 - @tinnariis on Instagram

mean girls im sick fake cough karen smith amanda seyfried

- Social Moral

cat girl adorable cute sick

- blursed ruth

ill scooby doo im sick sneeze

- They Live Meets Distracted Boyfriend Meme. Artwork By Me.

dm4uz3 foekoe foekoe gaming the greenscreen room emoji

- Untreated Diabetes Makes Slop Of Foot

enferma zatanna dc super hero girls sacar la lengua sentirse mal

The Electric Metal Tee🤘🏻 - @afflictionclothing on Instagram

rainbow puke sweet n sassy joypixels vomit puke

- [WDYWT] Casual sunday fit

good morning funny animals insomnia cat tired crazy cute

- At Summernats 23 (2010) in Australia the burnout contest gave birth to the most appropriate custom licence plate ever. Blown LS2 VK Commodore.

peachcat cat cute tired sad

- Whoop whoop

sloth man down faint pass out not feeling well

- Chem Trails

havent you noticed everyone getting sick kyle broflovski south park s5e2 it hits the fan


alf sick day home sick sneeze cold

- blood and bruises

face with thermometer joypixels fever sick ill

- Before it started to peel and after. I wanna say it was 3 days to a week apart

cold sleep flue night sick

- cursed_blueberryjam

cat life daily act happy

- Second session on my zombie skin rip. Mike Fairman, Infinite Art, Toledo, OH.

charlie sick sick feeling sick always sunny wheelchair

- Judas betrays Jesus (33 AD)

cute sweet weird funny girl

🍅Tornarem!! A la Tomatina i tantes i tantes festes que hem trobat a faltar enguany. - @joanbaldovi on Instagram

gross vomit sick sickening jim carrey

#ThrowbackThursday vibes coming at you with this Ozzfest 2000 shirt... Thanks to @matthavvk for sharing this! #staticx - @staticxofficial on Instagram

turkish ahmet iv fluids hospital temperature

- Boiling water burns

sick tired medicine cartoon sad

#mybodyismine - @andreariseborough on Instagram

cat sick taking care blow soup

- Amanda peterson

wednesday sad love sick love sick

- My favorite WTF Halloween costume

sick dude stan marsh south park s2e16 merry christmas charlie manson

Will DJ some hot Libary/Prog/Space-Age tunes tonight at Keith Bar. Starts at 21:00. Would love to have a chat and cheer to some 2020 anecdotes. Countdowns on! Photo by Avner Eisenstein - @cvvision on Instagram

organize organizer i got the power organizing democracy

- caracterização

sick hospital ill sad unwell

#37 Nissan Silvia s14 Proprietario: @borghi_niks14 Dati rilevanti: 370 cavalli a 1.2 bar e 480nm di coppia! T28 turbo su cuscinetti con girante maggiorata scarico completo japspeed, iniettori nismo 555, intercooler high monitor japspeed e altre decide e decide di modifiche #japanesecars #jdm #jdmcar #jdmitaliane #turbo #aspirato #japan #car #nissan #nissans14 #14 #rb26det #2jzgte #13brew #silvia #silvias14 #silvias15 - @jdm_italiane on Instagram

sick im so

- blursed_GetWellSoon

budding pop sick bed

- A pretty bad motorcycle accident

milk bottle baby bottle cute cartoon sick

- Cannibal Corpse

kawai cute sneeze leaf

- Came back from the beach with a bit of a sunburn.

baby groot vomit guardians of the galaxy gotg gotg2

- Hardly Lost, Hardly Looking. To the Grave Tattoos in Lexington, KY.

emoji smiley feeling green sick ill

- McFuckface

sleepy cat how i feel today bad morning

- Caleb Payne

sad tears cry cold sick

- Cursed_blunt

joey batey feeling sick ill

Remember to only wash out your eyes with water!! Not milk, not baking soda, not anything but water!! - @bostonfoodnotbombs on Instagram

sick heart pain unwell

- I’m shooketh

mr bean rowan atkinson bean bean movie working title films

- Spotted in a local gas station parking lot today...

kawanimals sick sick day sickness whoozy

Thank y’all for last night this new method is gonna let us have a lot more fun.. ‼️👿🧛🏻‍♂️ What’d y’all think?👀 - @militaryyymadness on Instagram

bbt sheldon dying sick not feeling well

- No bake oatmeal

organize organizer i got the power organizing democracy

- Character Board

bubbles sleepy tired power puff girls sick

- Alright maths people how does with move

sickness sick colorful

- Maybe red velvet wasnt the best choice.

sleepy so tired good night im done

- Anatomía del Cuerpo

ill cold unwell sick sneeze

Le @festival_transfer_lyon annonce le line-up de lédition 2021 avec @iambillynomates dont le premier album No vient de sortir chez @invadarecords ! Billy Nomates jouera également le 12 mars 2021 à Paris au @supersonicclub. - #billynomates #festivaltransfer2021 #supersonicparis #MFKF #myfavoritebooking - @myfavoritethgs on Instagram

milk mocha milk mocha sick

- Ducati hypermotard

im sick not feeling well unwell sick ill

- These officers stopped to help a young boy who needed help putting together his bicycle

dying monkey dying

- hmmm

%E9%A2%A8%E9%82%AA %E7%9C%8B%E7%97%85 %E3%81%8A%E5%A4%A7%E4%BA%8B%E3%81%AB cold take care

- cursed_BeanMan

illness got me

- Remember to unplug your paper shredder before you clean it!

covid sick not feeling well feeling bad feel sick

Pics from last nites meet #modifiedcars #cars #car #carlifestyle #carlife #carlovers #carmeets #carmeet #carenthusiast #static #convoy #event #carscene #ford #mitsubishi - @official_m65convoys on Instagram

im sick sickness sick enferma enfermedad

- Girlhood, Oliver Pocsik, mixed media, 2020

love hug sick sickness fever

- Bad Ass Drivers...


- Ten years ago and Ive Still got that t- shirt

- Band aid

- Hit by a truck riding my motorbike to work (10 years ago)

- 1700s

- So, I met this guy in London a while ago.

- [Meme] Low effort but high yield

I’ve been debating in my head whether or not to share this for a while. However, seeing how this world has become, and seeing more and more people live their lives in fear in each moment has made me realize maybe sharing this experience could help others see life in a new perspective. Just a little while ago, I was hit by an 18 wheeler going way above the speed limit. It was only by the shear grace of God that I was able to walk away from this accident with hardly anything but a scratch. Each moment I continue to be alive I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this precious gift we call life, and at the same time I have lost all fear of the possibility of death. For tomorrow is not promised to any of us and all we have now is the present. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but power love and a sound mind”- 2 Timothy 1:7 To live in fear of death is to not truly live. “Can any one by worrying add a single hour to his life?”- Mathew 6:27 Be encouraged fam... this world is not our home. - @tredfast1011 on Instagram

- My face after 3rd degree burns

- Razor wire flys fast and strikes deep in stormy weather

Corvette just smashed the curb on 41st. #ocpdrollcall \ #ocmd \ #makeocmdgreatagain \ #makeh2oigreatagain \ #h2oi2017 \ #h2oiprep - @ocpdrollcall_ on Instagram

- Awesome

- The human eye during severe stress/drugs.

- Avenged Sevenfold

- Cabover... cab?

- nautical star tattoos

- Approx 10M, struck by a drunk driver, who drug the kid over 100 yards under the car. What you are seeing is the child’s back and right flank (head up towards left and you can see his right arm at the top). Towards the lower part of the picture, you can actually see some of his spine exposed.

- Regrets

- TooL BanD

- Corps gras

- I just...I just dont know.

- Cursed_suffocation

Blubb. Blubb. 🐟🐠 Die Kiemen sind da. Ein 2er-Set. Für links und rechts. Ob im Gesicht, am Hals oder an den Seiten des Oberkörpers. Ob Meerjungfrau, -mann oder ein Alien. Diese Prothesen lassen dich tief durchatmen. Jetzt im Shop erhältlich 😍 #meerjungfrau #mermaid #mermaidmakeup #meerjungmann #merman #tigerfx #teamtigerfx #sfxmua #sfxartist #sfxgore #sfxart #sfxprosthetics #specialeffectsmakeup #ftcinemamakeup #specialeffectsartist #undiscovered_muas #udmpictoral #discovervideos @undiscovered_muas #horror_sketches @horror_sketches @the.horror.hub #5fingerssfx @5fingerssfx #thebloodybay @thebloodybay #horrorhags @horrorhags - @tigerfxde on Instagram

My friends are probably cooler than your friends 😂 Great times with even better ppl! From friends to family these are my people I could get used to this lifestyle! #bbqstuntjam#summerofsessions #upstatestuntin#stunterx #stuntfam#goodtimesrollin#whatsnext🤔 - @mike_freestyle_ on Instagram

- It took me a moment to notice that was his tongue

- My roommates nephew just lost his virginity to a werewolf...

- Blursed_hospital

tat2 - @sashavulling on Instagram

- midwife

- {salt and vinegar} - talgo ran

- Facial degloving due to a car accident.

- 3D Tattoos

- This is epidermoid carcinoma (report in comments)

- This car covered in duct tape

- La Tomatina

- Man gives thumbs up after surviving truck flattening his car.

- Hair Transplant

- Shotgun vs face😬 (patient survived) don’t ask me how...

- cursed_he_who_watches

- Dystopie

- another hotwife receiving her protein

- A suddenly aborted 17-week fetus. (TW)

- Severe case of metaplastic breast carcinoma with upper limb gangrene (Case in comments)

Pearls for injecting single-piece IOLs - @ascrsofficial on Instagram

- Health and Fitness

- Indian Society

- hmmm

Pulse Films are in production on a feature documentary inspired by Lizzy Goodman’s critically acclaimed book ‘Meet Me In the Bathroom.’ The film tells the story of the transformation of New York City in the early 2000s, through the prism of The Strokes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, LCD Soundsystem, Interpol and more. ⁣⁣ ⁣ Want your old school EB photos or videos featured in the doc (with credit, of course)? Email your submission to If your submission is chosen, Pulse Films will contact you with more information.⁣⁣ ⁣ 📸: @yarrhanna - @emptybottle on Instagram

- Daddy issues

- Pimp my pizza delivery


Meat grinder injury - on Instagram

- The fast and the economic


- What was the person who did this trying to do?

- hmmm

- Taylor Morris, Navy EOD Tech recovering from the blast that took his limbs

- Me at 16 after getting hit in the head with a discus..and this was POST clean up

- Facebook friend got stabbed and sliced by some guy. Pretty gross huh. I’ll post more in comments soon!

- What is your diagnosis??

- I see your final destination shit, and raise you my buddys.

- My friend does tree planting, this is what black flies will do to ya.

The first boy who shackled me with sweet words and thoughtful but measured gestures knew exactly why not to. Treating that solid why like a mirage, I often wonder if they were fearless or just too strong. I leave them, for them. Gifting them abandonment as if its a consolation prize, a participation medal in some game of hearts I dont remember participating. I dont know why I stick around watching as they swallow a piece of my void that I unintentionally left behind. The paint me as heartless, retelling about the pieces of love they worshipped me with whose absence they now carry around as callous souvenirs of resentment. I would have nodded in a sad understanding, had I not been so empty and they, not so fulfilled with their hate. One too many souls walks away, heartbroken, sorrowful and messed up, and I dont erase their mumbles or outright shouts claiming how big of a monster I am. Some promise to help me, to fix me, some tell me that I am afraid of what I feel and I want to give in on mornings my pain walks over my emptiness, I want to coddle myself in their ignorance but my head spins a memory of the times I ruined people who I failed to love. If only I registered as pain and not bliss. If only I had been the monster in the shadows, fated to remain unloved. Because souls I damaged now yearn to hold my obliterated being, and crush me in even more pieces. — Karthika B. Surendran //why do I fail at easy love?// - @wordyvilla on Instagram

- Flames

New warren paint wofficla warrenpaint paint cover of debwarren paint wobile - @warrenpaint on Instagram

- Blursed_tatoo

- Hunter that got his thigh ripped apart by a boar

- 2021 police cruiser

Reminder: You can overdose on ALCOHOL and alcohol ALONE. Grateful to be SOBER 💪🏼✨ #recoveryawarenessmonth #samhsa #alcoholism #soberaf #strongertogether - @jessicalandon12 on Instagram

- Blood

- When flipping your friend goes wrong...

Sauce It Up 🍇 #drank#igotmud#par#lean#score#quali#drank#wheresthedrank#igotmud#straightdrank#staybent710#highwoe#cantsipwitus#mixindesinger#qualitytime#newpage#topshelf#moxie#fatdabs#ediblesnyc#leanteamnyc - @straightdrank on Instagram

- The Achilles’ tendon

- Penetrating globe injury from a taser

- Pick at it a little more.

- Hands

- My wrist opened so the tendons that snapped and retracted could be reattached

- thats how Shark bite look like!

- Ill take things that get you pulled over for a busted taillight for $200, Alex.

BOM DIAAAAAA .. BORA SER FELIZ MINHA GENTE .... 😂😂🙈🙈🙈🙈 - @rbraz on Instagram

- Looks safe

- Wear your seatbelt. Young male involved in an MVC, ejected through the windshield. Comminuted skull fracture.

- Found on fb market plce

- This queloid scar

- c: baby boy, whered ya go? follow mama down to where the wind blows stone cold

- hmmm

- All Too Sad

MS is unpredictable. Today this is treatment for MS. Ocrevus. 4 hour infusion followed by 1 hour observation. Treatment is not a-cure. Research is key. The Rampy MS Research Foundation directly financially supports accredited Research to end MS. We want researchers to succeed! #MSisBS (Beautiful Struggle) #ms #msresearch #rampymsresearchfoundation #trifestforms #run #swim #bike #tri #fundracingforms #whatisyourwhy #nonprofit #nocure #nwarkansas #bentonville #rogersar #fayettevillearkansas #littlerockarkansas #uams - @trifest4ms on Instagram

- Here’s an Australian Ka-Chow

- Spotted an old school, custom F-150

- Doctors are on the floor after a 32-hour surgery to remove a group of brain tumors in one patient.

- How dare they besmirch the name Grave Digger!

- Plastic surgery

- A stung Bear Grylls is the image of Benedict Cumberbatch

- Dancing Barefoot

- I gave blood for the first time today, after wanting to do it for over 7 years!

- Wife thought she had a sty. Woke up like this and discovered it was MRSA. It turned septic and she spent 9 days in the ICU.

- In shape for beach 2012

- Spotted this piece of..

Here is Mondays DAT Question of the Day:⠀ ⠀ #DATBootcamp #DATprep #DATstudying #anatomybootcamp #futuredentists #dentalstudentgrind #grindlife #workhardplayhard #biologyiscool - @datbootcamp on Instagram

- Y

Have you heard #Fulminology (LIGHTNING) with @chrisgiesige? Here are some #LichtenbergFigures from lightning strikes. (Sources: unknown origin, Winston Kemp, Reddit post about a lighting fire & resulting keloid scarring, unknown.) - @ologies on Instagram

- A leg cut in half but still connected by the major arteries

When modified_chicks celebrates #Halloween member @tc.emzz ____________ Want a feature? *Shout us out and tag us 🏍🚘💋 *Subscribe to our YouTube *Website coming soon *Email for merchandise *interested in becoming an amabassador email for more details!!🏆🔰 *Love our movement/Page and want to see more tag your friends help us reach 1K🎉 ________________________________________ @jdmsweetheart ________________________________________ #Modified_Chicks #modifiedsociety #cargirl #carchick #femaledriven #shelovescars #jdmchicks #Femaleowned #importgirl #importchicks #domesticchicks #DomesticGirls #BikerChick #bikergirl #carenthusiast #GirlsWhoDrift #sittingpretty #girlwhoshift #stickchicks #CarGirlsDoItBetter #LadyDriven - @modifiedchicksva on Instagram

- hmmm

- Open arm fracture

- Again, wear your seatbelt

- Doea this count as shitty? Found in Kokomo Indiana oh and the hood says f*ck Carole Baskin

- Cute Bestfriend Pictures

- Not a face tattoo, but close, and pretty terrible. Apparently she dated my GFs brother a while back (pre-neck tattoo)

- Aftermath of head on bus collision in the Philippines

- What

- Infection spread from meth injection

- Guy cut by a motor boat

- Zombies

- Electrical burn

Bdg Audax 300km pake Bromie bener2 ujian mental dan nyali - @wkasep19 on Instagram

- La Tomatina

- Ford Parts

- isis iraq

- restrained passenger who was involved in a rollover motor vehicle crash. A metal road sign pole was impaled through and through his right lower extremity.

- A tip about mountain biking

- Hello, I love you, wont you tell me your name?

🚨Trauma Thursday🚨 Which of the following do you think caused this hand trauma? . 1. Hand became caught in a Pinsetter (The automated machine that returns bowling balls to the front of the alley) 2. Fireworks accident 3. Used his hand to try and stop a ceiling fan that was on high speed 4. Hand caught in farming equipment 5. Patient tried to pull his hand free after getting it stuck between malfunctioning subway doors 6. Chainsaw accident . Tell us your guess👇 - @savageparamedics on Instagram

- Back from 2007. High School was hard.

- Laboratory humor

- They missed my vien with the IV and turned me into Popeye overnight.

- Intestine extrusion in lower leg (explanation in comments)

- cursed_jars

- Total Orbital Exenteration (For Cancer)

- Cut

🦈 SHARK ATTACK 🦈 Would you swim in a beach that had this happen? Post and Let us know below ⬇️⬇️⬇️. A picture showing gruesome wounds after a shark attack! A 22-year-old woman was out tubing with her friends in Fort Lauderdale when a shark sunk its teeth into her right leg. The fish – thought to be a bull shark – also whacked her on the head with its fin before she had any idea what was even happening to her. She was rushed to shore where she was taken to the hospital and had a two-hour operation to repair the damage to her leg. Incredibly, she survived the terrifying incident and despite the nature of her injuries, is expected to make a full recovery. Credit: Andy Wells - @plasticsurgerypictures on Instagram

Repost - some of my brain tumour is still in my spinal cord and brain stem. I have polycytic astrocytoma grade 1. How cool are the stiches though??? I must have a really cool scar lol 😲😍 for your reference XX #medicine #tumour #operation #scar #throwback - @forensic.fx on Instagram

- Princess Dianas car after the accident

- Pre-reconstruction picture of a patient with a skull crush injury caused whilst examining a pressing machine.

- Woops

- The reason we ride with gear!

- Fascial Tumor surgically removed “En Bloc” pt2

- why is there a small alien child trying to get out of your chest?

- Suturing scar after scoliosis surgery!

- ‌Lichtenberg figures - scars from being struck by lightning

- Call of Duty, bro!!!!!!

- Low uric acid diet

- This is what happens when you get shot in your feet/Step on a lego

- This is gonna look weird

- Blursed_ tattoo

- My buddy just had a layer of skin taken from his face in order to remove scar tissue from high school acne. I never even noticed he had scars...

- moto trial

- Huge chain collision in Belgium today. The woman driving this car escaped just in time!

- Frankenstein makeup

- I guess this counts as hi-viz.

- This used to be a nice estate car..

In the beginning of my book I visit southern university medical center. where I met Theresa and Yvonne Theresa prepares the body’s while Yvonne cuts the heads off. - @mary.__roach on Instagram

- My buddy cut his nipple right off

- Triviums drummer Nick Augusto shows off his hands after a set

- Cool tattoos, bro!

So heres the breakdown. Im almost 16(in grade 11), I want to be an sfx makeup artist and Ive been practicing for a while now. I was thinking ab making an ig account for it so I finally did, here I will post all of my creations, may not be the best but I love it. If u want to see what I make please follow👹 - @s.k.sfx on Instagram

- so this happened a couple blocks from my house. honk if parts fall off

- I’m the monstrosity with the white bandana.

- Photo 2: Sever Facial Trauma from an Automobile Accident with no Installed Airbags (description in comments of Photo 1)

- Man got hit by a rock while riding with an open helmet.

- Dont Forget THIS Happened in August 11, 2019

- Half Of Face Gone

- Bad Girl Aesthetic

- Incredible that no one died in this accident, and one of the children in the car was not even injured

- Its for sale in my area...

- My Friends Neighbors Woke Up To This July 5th. Some Kids Lit Fireworks Beneath It.


- Tavarish’s new car looks familiar...

- Blursed masturbation

- *Alien Predator* tattoos

- Bad Honda, Bad!

- hmmm

- Neglected basal cell carcinoma as the face; medical journal describes the tumor as “horrifying.”

- I bet he has tribal tattoos

- hmmm

- Scars? No, just earned strips.

- Ford F-150 Raptor

- Liver injury after patient sustained gunshot wound to RUQ

- Merry Christmas

- His face must be real sticky

- Alex

- Anatomy

- Hand was attached for nerve regeneration and proper blood flow

I Haven’t posted in a while but this is what happened to my 96 s10 a few months ago - @chevys10projects on Instagram

- Friend got hit by another car while changing his tire ... after surgery pic of his leg!

Another old piece of work from around 10 years ago. Heart removal prosthetic for a dream sequence in one of the Misfits series. #makeup #prosthetics #fxmakeup #gore #medical #heartsurgery #blastfromthepast #misfits #channel4 - @kmeffectsltd on Instagram

- cursed_lambo

- Blursed_head tattoo

- Car door art

- Heres what Rihanna looked like after being assaulted by Chris Brown.

- hav u had seggs😲😲😲😲🤢🤢🤢😂😂😂😝😭😭😝😞😐👺🤕😬🤕😁🤕💀😟😵😵😵😵😵😈😈😈😈😈👺

- Wine Smash!

- Best Memes Ever

- Paddle boarding incident

- Costumes & Halloween

- The mugshot of a man who was caught molesting an 11 year-old boy. The boys father did not go easy on him. (Story in comments)

- hmmm

- A temporary burn pattern on the back of a lucky lightning-strike survivor

- Monster Accord

- I dont know whats happening but it needs to stop

- Latest Science News