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Divine Corner

serious face tina turner american soul on bet gabrielle dennis smoking

- kinda looks like the human incarnation of meep

كم سنه لكم وانتو تحايلونه ؟ 💔💔

Ahe’ey - Sky Falling (An Original Novel - Part 1) — Steemit

echoberyl dark girl dark side seriously serious face

- MUA knows the truth...the very obvious truth.


Im not a fan of Reality

bitch please kelsey this is happening looking staring

- Beautiful Girls


اي والله احبه واعشقه 🥺❤️❤️.

im serious im dead serious im not joking serious face sincere

- Shes constantly sharing these things

تشويا ؟

وتجدد احزاني🚶🏻‍♂️💔💤.

mamabro edgaralanbro staring serious face

- Beauty Photography

foto compartida :v

Moda operandi

mean staring mug meme serious

- Flight Etiquette

𝒎𝒂𝒕𝒄𝒉𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒘𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒑𝒂𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒔🎭 𝑩𝑱 𝑨𝒍𝒆𝒙

Newstalgia Face Canvas Prints

vinayak serious face fierce selfie




resting bitch face unimpressed not interested poker face straight face

- Eyes

Samba Hoop Earrings

stare clint jones corridor crew glare serious face

- Eyelid Lift

For all of your meme needs

hidden face video....

travis dog laughing lol no seriously

- Absolute madlad 😩


walking a boogie wit da hoodie serious face serious stare

- Extreme lips

lovey peaches

ولا ودي أن النـــَاس يـدرون عنہ🫀🫀. تصميمي 💤

not funny didnt laugh straight face serious face happy face

- Eye reveal lol

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Superfast Jellyfish♥

serious face blank stare glare what say something

- People


Sofia Pearl Necklace

sarcastic laugh serious

- a vintage photo


01 - Fine & Delicate

serious face a boogie wit da hoodie say a song game face on bring it on

Boy beautiful @molloy_makeup #mac #mua #macfacechart #facechart #facechartart #ilovemacboys #ilovemacgirls #art #motd #makeup #makeupartist - @mac_facechart on Instagram

Dark anime girl🖤🖤


dechartgames amelia rose blaire hype rubs knuckles serious face

- This is just really unsettling

EVAN | Buff


serious face danny keogh tremors sigh eyeroll

- Makeup gone wrong

Samba Hoop Earrings

Medusa Earrings / Chartreuse - chartreuse

lying yup really

- I have Alopecia Areata and am sans one of my eyebrows. I need some advice on how to match them! (Sorry about the horrible cell phone picture)

01 - Fine & Delicate

ORBIT² earrings - pair of earrings / sterling silver

confused teyana taylor london scott hit the floor look

- Botched lips

ORBIT² earrings - pair of earrings / sterling silver

Fluffmatte - Bday


- oNlY REaL NeRdS GeT iT

Medusa Earrings / Chartreuse - chartreuse

EVAN | Buff

crossed arms george ezra staring look look at me

🌾 Our sweet Katharina 🌾 Representing female models on #lebaccantimagament #femalemodel #models #lebaccanti #girl #beauty #fashionbeauty - @lebaccantimanagement on Instagram

Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint - Hint Of Honey

Uzi Hoop Earrings - OS

focus concentrate concentrating game face serious

- Felt it needed some colour.

Uzi Hoop Earrings - OS

Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint - Hint Of Honey

pose serious face serious im serious straight face

- After one of my friends said I looked like Captain Spaulding we decided to give it a go.

Fluffmatte - Bday


white guy what blinking shocked shook

- Norwex

Fluffmatte - Bday

walking john wick john wick stickers walk walking alone

- beutifull girls

the sidemen tbjzl serious face face serious

- “Before” photo I found on a plastic surgeon’s page, girl breathes in and this happens to her nose.

is this guy serious seriously serious face focus youre kidding right

- Ready to please, every day of the month. (Worst OkCupid profile pic)

serious face seriously

- rooster costume

looking mysterion south park s14e12 mysterion rises

- John Cenas portrait, pencil colors , A3.

side eye seriously serious face are you kidding me are you sure

- Social photography

deepak ravi selfie serious face

Angell who was the victim of a home invasion around commercial drive. Last week. She is traumatized after being attacked in her sleep and will need many surgeries Her home was broken into and she was viciously attacked and robbed by a group of people. She has been left with permanent damage and requires surgery to regain her life again. This incident has left Angell without work and income mentally and physically scared. Angell’s is a beautiful lady inside and out known for being a empathetic caring person. Please donate if you can and share!!! ❤️ I Posted Angell go fund me link in my Bio Angell go fund me link #vancouver #eastvan #commercialdrive #help #violenceagainstwomen #robbery #hospital #trauma #help #community #hairdresser #truecrime - @vancouver_true_crime on Instagram

serious face

- Eyes that POP

wtf what wow lillee jean huh

Working on #workingfromhome in my new “home studio” ⁣ ⁣ Very grateful for my softboxes and the patience of @chalanire ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ #modelmonday #modelfromhome #remoteshoot #remotemodel #virtualshoot #curvemodel #selfportrait #homestudio #hiremeicanworkfromhome - @georgiajenkinsdotcom on Instagram

stare serious face straight face mad angry

- Beauty hacks

staring tx2 serious face sad face poker face

- Wish, stop it, get some help

angry mad upset serious face fake smile

- He doesnt need to warn us

staring glaive all dogs go to heaven gazing serious face

- Arm exercises

kimpossible ronstoppable seriously

- Blursed smile

fierce top war battle game eyepatch game face on serious look

- Beauty Tips - How to Look Less Tired!

excuse me serious face straight face no comment that was rude

- Oh honey

sjup tobi photo serious face stare

- blursed supreme leader

serious face game on stare serious hmm

MISHA T Ready for booking Direct, WhatsApp +79153079299 - @open_up_models on Instagram

starring phoebe bridgers bustle look serious face

- My mom, 13 minutes after I asked her to stop trying to encourage my 78yr old grandmother to go out without a mask.

frazley the of stare the office the office jim

- Anya Chalotra

serious face stare look cristine cristine raquel rotenberg

Time for a break from the makeup session 😃 #makeup #makeupfx #prosthetics #application #scar #burn #victim #verger #halloween #sfx #specialeffects #nimba #nimbacreations - @nimbafx on Instagram

serious face dennis 60days in listening look

- Bridal Makeup General

stare calum hood gaze look intense look

- Smoky eye black

fry not sure serious

- Oh... dear god.

making faces john lennon look at me song stern look serious face

- What if Doom guy were Asian

dont play with me cassi davis ella payne tyler perrys house of payne stop fooling around

- Yikes is all I can say to this post I saw on Facebook

thinking 2chainz grey area alone serious face

- Arrogance

bernie mac staring straightface

- Avant Guarde

side eye afraid scared nervous worried

- Amazing ‌Face transplant - before & after

furrow brows serious face are you serious frustrated angry

- Beautiful children

serious face look up blink eyeroll what

- Incredibly well performed facial transplant


- I was told to post this here...

shades on wearing glasses serious face game face cool

- Best facial products

serious face eve lydia wilson flack you look serious

- ugly

pose serious focused in the zone concetrate

- gorgeous women

ice cube what

- Facial cosmetic surgery

serious face game face lucas luke stranger things

- okay mystery solved - it’s all tattooed makeup

kanye west blank stare straight face unimpressed unamazed

- cursed_awakening

stare kevin jerome gilyard kevin gates grandmotha grave looking

- huiles essentielles

adele serious face winking

- Reposted omitting personal info

looking timoth%C3%A9e chalamet saturday night live serious face zooming in

- M/31/63 [220lbs 160lbs = 60lbs] (12 months) lost weight, grow beard and started doing modeling in my 30s.Not much success but is nice to be skinny and relatively fit 🤞

mighty duck desmond baby side eye annoyed

- Cat Eye Contacts

shaving wolverine shave claws serious face

Twiggy! Recreando fotos icónicas con @mariana_zaragoza Algo que no podía vivir sin compartir en mi feed son los remakes increíbles que hicimos para el canal de YouTube de Mariana Zaragoza (link en primer comentario) para que vean como lo realizamos! ✨ El Makeup fue recreado por @adrianruga Gracias Dieguito por recibirnos en tu set! @diegorenteriarc . . #remake #twiggy #photography #fashion #model #mxmodels #mxphotographers #makeup #retoucher #artdirection #recreate #beauty #sonya7riii #sonyalpha #vintage #oldphotography - @hosseck on Instagram

cute baby serious cheeks

- Blue eyed Kaya

nervous billie holiday the united states vs billy holiday andra day performing

- فوائد

serious face dennis 60days in listening stare

- beauty products and guides

stare emma stone mia la la land glare

- Gorgeous

oh no you didnt no way pout upset are you serious

- angelina jolie

ami fat cat youre dead hotdog serious face

- No-makeup selfies

hi im merna cat nail

- floral crowns

stare luke hemmings gaze looking serious face

- Child Safety

reaction straight face serious seriously annoyed

- Contour for round face

face serious face

- Facial Esthetics

straight face the office stanley umhmm

- CO2 Laser Resurfacing

bloco central m74 poker face serious face

- [FOTD] I love neutrals and light contouring for spring days. CCW.

over it straight face

- @overcalmx on Instagram

stare x ambassadors torture song serious face looking

- Short hair style for mens

no baby serious face angry

Comment your age backwards - @chicksinstyle on Instagram

cow pick nose serious face

- Bad Botox used as their advertisement

kristen bell smh no nope not pleased

- When you get sweaty from drying your hair 2 mins after a shower

staring sarunas jackson marques king game people play what are you looking at

- A Models Life

john cena serious face smile

- Silicone dermal fillers on Carol Bryan completely disfigured her

serious face monti washington terrence wilkins games people play stare

- My friends heroin junkie ex-girlfriend, 5 days after giving birth (not his, thankfully)

annoyed kzl straight face zoom in the office

- Blursed_Girl

hitopotato peeking looking looking seriously serious face


kanye laugh thinking serious mean

- Im telling you folks, 3am water hits something special.

disgusting duncan delish eww taste not good

- {facial fillers}

funny fa serious face meme funny

- random stuff

wondering george ezra turning head thinking bothered

- Before and after photo of a boy who beat cancer

the boss baby serious

- All girls from a UK beauty group showing off their fillers in a facebook post

whats that jessica alba elle serious face really

- Well well well

blank stare really i dont believe you side eye looking

- Despite our differences there is much we have in common

mikasa mikasa ackerman serious serious face attack on titan

- asthetic

anger annoyed dwight schrute

- B&A

pepelaugh serious serious face pepeserious pepe

- Does it even matter what he got arrested for

anthony mackie straight face bored

- Halloween coloring pages printable

- DIY Make-up

@robertbeczarski #portret #bravopost #modelka #theworldofportraits #peopleportraits #moodyports #photohunted #portraitsshotz #portraits_vision #rsa_portraits #igpodium_portraits #portraits_today #kdpeoplegallery #yourvisiongallery #makeportrait #top_portraits #portraitstream #pursuitofportaits #portraitvision_ #portraitgames #portrait_vision #creativeportraits #endlessfaces #portraitfestival #portraitvision #globe_portraits #portraittalents #make_portraits - @aleksandra_dudzik on Instagram

- Balti

- Avon Anew Skin Care

- This definitely belongs here.

- Queen videos

- barbara palvin

- Two different colored eyes

- Blursed face app

- He’s gone too far...

- Victim of a botched blepharoplasty by a scammer of a “doctor”. She can’t close her eyes fully.

- For those who wish to be left alone, but dont have the energy to say it....

- Grandma just had surgery on her eyelids....frightening... [update a few days later]

- One of these things is not like the others. Fuck you too Karen.

- Bawal ang tamang sagot.

- Before/After

- Excuse me whilst eyebrows the internet

- Fitness tools

- Berber tattoo

- age maps

- they look like bad renaissance paintings

- Female Faces

✖️❌💸❌✖️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ - @skimsafe on Instagram

- Adriana Lima

- Michael Turney’s Mugshot, 2020

- baddie

- adriana lima

- Coops

- A truck drivers face after 28 years of driving. Note the difference between the left side, which was exposed to UV rays, and the right side.

- face reading

- Acne Scar Removal

- True memes

- What do you call this?

- Cheek implants?

- Too much lip filler 😙

- My wrinkles spell IT

- The eyes are the mirror of the soul.

- Im tired of being the good guy Future neckbeard in the making here..

....pues que #labogue ya ni se parece de tanto “halloween” y #labogue contesta: Bendito Dios 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 muchas gracias @jonathan_miranda84 por la #photo - @laboguebo5 on Instagram

- People like this disgust me

- This all natural, genetically gifted model tried to respond to @exposingcelebsurgery claiming that shes had work done

- This face haunts me

El sol daña y seca tu piel. En Keval tenemos tratamientos para recuperar e hidratar tu piel después de los efectos del verano ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . #nutricion #madrid #wellness #healthy #eatclean #fit #fitfood #nutrition #summer #igoftheday #instagood #foodie #morning #summer #hot #morning #motivation #fitnessmotivation #instafood #design #fit #girl #salud #morning #fitfam #valencia #estetica - @keval.estetica on Instagram

- Jocelyn Wildenstein - the QUEEN of botched

- This is terrifying

- cursed_mugshot

- Completely airbrushed. 🙄

- Asian beauty

- Mia kalifa

- Stephanie Corneliussen

- bad plastic surgery

- makeup transformation

- Milf

- Art

- Character inspiration

Green Peel 🌿 Spider bites scars before and after Green Peel 🌿 @greenpeel @greenpeelnz #beautytherapistsnz #beautytherapynz #greenpeeling - @k.cosmeticsnz on Instagram

- Why do guys like this?

- Check out the texture of her face vs that of her hands

- eyebrows

- Bloody hell

- Rodan and Fields

- Human league

- Hair Transplant in Norway

Complete! These Facial Trauma Prosthetics are available from NOW! #makeup #makeupfx #prosthetics #halloween #horror #burn #scar #application #verger #nimba #nimbacreations - @nimbafx on Instagram

- When khabib and Tony actually fight...

- Look deep

- uncanny valley

We always get asked about @roxanarosuu lips, and we can’t blame you! 😍 They are absolutely stunning, and compliment Roxy’s facial features and proportions. Roxy has Juvederm Volift, which is a premium dermal filler. Juvederm Volift creates volume, enhances shape and looks very natural. Roxy started off with having 1ml each treatment, and now has 0.5ml to keep them topped up. Roxy has only ever had treatment with us, which adds to the beauty of the results - perfection ❤️ - @numberoneaesthetics on Instagram

- Jesus Christ.

- She always posts unedited videos and photos. Even Oscar nominated actresses have pores!

- Reformed. If this gets enough upvotes, it will be the first result when people search for Reformed

- Maquillaje niñ@s

These photos show a woman in her early 50s before and four weeks after upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery. She is still very early in the healing process and still has some redness and swelling. The surgery has already made a dramatic improvement in her appearance and the results will continue to improve over the next few months.⠀ ⠀ Prior to surgery, the patient had hooding of her upper eyelids and puffiness of her lower eyelids. After surgery, she has a more youthful, less tired look but doesn’t look fake or overcorrected. ⠀ ⠀ Notice how different you read her mood even though her facial expression is the same. Her eyelids make her look sad and angry in the before photo. Even though her facial expression is the same in the after photo she looks happier and more approachable.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ Appointments:⠀ Wellesley Private Practice 978-393-5437⠀⠀ Boston at Tufts Medical Center 617-636-7771⠀ Website:⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ Procedure: upper blepharoplasty surgery, lower blepharoplasty surgery with skin pinch and canthopexy⠀ Goal: reduce hooding of upper eyelids, reduce puffiness of lower eyelids ⠀ Costs: approx $11,000 including anesthesia⠀ Lasts: 10-15 years⠀ Downtime: two weeks⠀ Anesthesia: general or iv sedation⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ Photos used with patient permission and copyrighted. Do not redistribute or repost without permission. Individual results may vary. Prices subject to change. All surgical and non-surgical procedures involve some risk. A consultation is required to determine if a treatment is right for you.⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ #oculoplastics #oculoplasticsurgery #oculoplasticsurgeon #blepharoplasty #boston #wellesley #plasticsurgery #antiaging #beforeandafter #eyelidsurgery #eyelift #eyelidlift #cosmeticsurgery #cosmeticsurgeon #eyelidplasticsurgery #eyeplasticsurgery #fillers #teartrough #undereyebags #eyebags #lookingtired #lookingold #plasticsurgeon #eyelidsurgeon #asoprs #surgeon #darkcircles #eyelidexpert #beautifuleyes - @bostoneyelids on Instagram

- it’s like looking into the sun

- ugly

- Rodan and Fields - Reverse

- don’t flatter yourself

- Foundation for oily skin

- Been looks like the bully from sharkboy and lavagirl. That is all, you may carry on with your day

- Emotional abundance

- #blackpeoplefacebook

- Struggled with alcoholism for a couple years. Lost people I loved more than anything because of it. Learning to love myself again and trying to forgive myself. Heres me three months sober.

- 40 patients use plastic surgeon for disfiguring their faces after using illegal amounts of filler. Link in comments

- @goalsdope on Instagram

- Uncanny valley

- Funny Eyebrows

- [Fluff] My first Art Mask, Pure Simples Will You Be A Cat?

- Face Yoga exercises

- hi doctor id like my jaw to cut glass

- death

- color guard

- Fractional Laser Therapy (1540 Laser)

- Beautiful girls

- I guess were FaceTuning our Children now

- I really cant believe the difference. AB progress photo & special thank you 3

- light eyes

- Beautiful women

- siMple luk

- My Niece reacts to news that her baby brother was born.

- Extreme Makeover


- A Beautiful Face

- 3 pictures (from left to right) retouched, not retouched and the last one where she enhanced everything on her face just to show her followers that not everything on social media is as it seems


- I love local sale pages

- Can’t even imagine how much cheek filler is in there

- AMP roller

- portrait photography

- If Im gonna get a lecture from a Brit, John Oliver is my top choice.

- DIY Zombie

- Lana Rhodes best Duckface moments

Esta nueva sección la hacemos con mucho cariño y respeto para todos ustedes, no es que sean idénticos, pero lo que no podemos negar es que si tienen mucho parecido todos ellos, tan es así que podrían pasar como familia. #gentedetabasco #quedateencasa #rasgos #estrellastabasqueñas #simeparesco @sergiosibilla @lupisszagal @antoniomuradas @diegomarianorr @paulinagutierrezt @ivanacarrillo @reginaiduartee - @diariodetabasco on Instagram

- hi guys, look at these lovely big lips 👄

- Skin Undertones

- Lips

- I swear every girl on IG is turning into the same person. I think we all know who this looks like... and no it’s not actually her.

- Snatched

- A Skincare Routine

- Mathematically impossible

- People who over edit their make up like this make it so hard for working make up artists. :(

- Thats a lot lip filler

- How do these kind of people exist

- looks

- Cute things girls do

- 5 minute crafts people be like

- Crime

- I think she forgot to blur some pores on her forehead, because apparently 51 year olds don’t have any.


- The process of aging Matt Smith for the Christmas special

- الكونتور

- thanos😠

- Posted Vs. Tagged

- [FOTD] Channeling my inner Barbara Palvin.

- Bad Eyebrows

- 6 day water fast results- Lost 15 pounds

- Teach me senpai

- A white guy living in Korea who is obsessed with unrealistic East Asian beauty standards

- Yeah, sure, it’s a “glow up”

- Charlotte D’Alessio

- Andgelina Joli

- Adriana lima

Ya dako ab 😝😂 #gamervfx #ragnarlivegaming - @farrukh.3031 on Instagram

- 13or30

حدثوني عن جمالها في صغرها .. 😍💙 - @starsofmorocco on Instagram

- Oops, someone forgot insta stories share the filter name 😬

- So this guy supposedly creates this look with make up ONLY

- A stung Bear Grylls is the image of Benedict Cumberbatch

- Black Sapphire

@classyfaces - @classyfaces on Instagram

- These kinds of befores and afters of using a mild cream kill me

- Supermodel Sanity Sunday

- Lamore delle donne non dubita

- 43 or 43?

These photos show a woman in her mid-50s before and one year after upper blepharoplasty surgery.⠀ ⠀ Prior to surgery, the excess skin on her upper eyelids gave her a tired, sad look. After surgery she looks younger and more refreshed without looking overdone or fake.⠀ ⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ Appointments:⠀ Wellesley Private Practice 978-393-5437⠀⠀ Boston at Tufts Medical Center 617-636-7771⠀ Website:⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ Procedure: upper blepharoplasty surgery ⠀ Goal: reduce upper eyelid hooding⠀ Costs: $3500⠀ Lasts: 10-15 years⠀ Downtime: two weeks⠀ Anesthesia: local⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ Photos used with patient permission and copyrighted. Do not redistribute or repost without permission. Individual results may vary. Prices subject to change. All surgical and non-surgical procedures involve some risk. A consultation is required to determine if a treatment is right for you.⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ #oculoplastics #oculoplasticsurgery #oculoplasticsurgeon #blepharoplasty #boston #wellesley #plasticsurgery #antiaging #beforeandafter #eyelidsurgery #eyelift #eyelidlift #cosmeticsurgery #cosmeticsurgeon #eyelidplasticsurgery #eyeplasticsurgery #droopingeyelids #ptosis #undereyebags #hoodedeyes #lookingtired #lookingold #plasticsurgeon #eyelidsurgeon #asoprs #surgeon #darkcircles #eyelidexpert #beautifuleyes - @bostoneyelids on Instagram

- Im not sure where to start.

So here it is. My first project of 2020 with the amazing @changingfacesuk charity. It has been an absolute pleasure working on a story with the team. I hope this can help so many other people who struggle with their difference. Make sure to check out my full story linked below and in my bio and also check out the amazing help and support changing faces has to offer. 👇👇👇 #birthmark #birthmarkbeauty #birthmarkgang #birthmarks #birthmarksarebeautiful #birthmarkawareness #sturgewebersyndrome #sturgeweber #sturgeweberawareness #sturgeweberstrong #sturgeweberwarrior #sturgewebersyndromeawareness #sturgeweberfoundation #portwinestain #portwinestainbirthmark #portwinestainawareness #portwinestain #portwinestainbeauty #cutismarmoratatelangiectaticacongenita #cutismarmoratatelangiectasia #cutismarmorata #changingfaces #charity #makeup #makeuplooks #beauty #beautybloggers #makeupblogger #blogger - @_amba_smith_ on Instagram

- Im done with Grindr already and I just opened it.

- Feeling Crazy

i’m only asking for a clear mind and a happy heart - @wantedream on Instagram

- Pores? Never heard of her

- Face

- Male pattern baldness

- Humpty Dumpty come get yo wife

These photos show a man in his early 40s before and five months after lower blepharoplasty surgery. One vial of filler was used to blend the eyelid-cheek junction.⠀ ⠀ This patient had prominent under eye bags causing him to have a tired appearance even when he was well rested. After surgery he looks less tired and more refreshed but still looks natural. Notice how he still looks like himself and doesn’t look “surgical” or fake.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ Appointments:⠀ Wellesley Private Practice 978-393-5437⠀⠀ Boston at Tufts Medical Center 617-636-7771⠀ Website:⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ Procedure: lower blepharoplasty surgery⠀ Goal: reduce appearance of under eye bags⠀ Costs: currently $5225 including hospital fees⠀ Lasts: 10-15 years⠀ Downtime: two weeks⠀ Anesthesia: general or iv sedation⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ Photos used with patient permission and copyrighted. Do not redistribute or repost without permission. Individual results may vary. Prices subject to change. All surgical and non-surgical procedures involve some risk. A consultation is required to determine if a treatment is right for you.⠀ 🔹🔹🔹🔹⠀ #oculoplastics #oculoplasticsurgery #oculoplasticsurgeon #blepharoplasty #boston #wellesley #plasticsurgery #antiaging #beforeandafter #eyelidsurgery #eyelift #eyelidlift #cosmeticsurgery #cosmeticsurgeon #eyelidplasticsurgery #eyeplasticsurgery #fillers #teartrough #undereyebags #eyebags #lookingtired #lookingold #plasticsurgeon #eyelidsurgeon #asoprs #surgeon #darkcircles #eyelidexpert #beautifuleyes - @bostoneyelids on Instagram

- Grandma just had surgery on her eyelids.... Frightening...

- Var ju tvungen att swipa för den bion

- aww she has a cute baby fac-

- hmmm

- How to look attractive


- Posted completely unironically.

- TikToker’s Questionable Upper Lip

- Gorgeous Eyes

- Repost without the name (im an idiot). Someone mentioned how she was one of two sisters that had no work done but this shows she did.

- Bad brows

- Hair Transplant İstanbul

- saw this on r/pics. transformed ladyboner. ladies, lets give him a round of applause.

- I feel this belongs here

- These two went to the same doctor. He used an illegal subtance on their faces. There are more victims. People call him Fear Surgeon (roughly translated from portugese)

What if female celebs were men? 🧐 - @billiondollarwishes on Instagram

- Dental veneers

- Alisha Nesvat

- On fleek

- My dad posts things like this to my facebook wall

- The new luxury mask brand Karen

- Astrology

- A rogue plastic surgeon allowed his nurse to inject this woman with silicone and left her lips unable to close. Throughout the years her lips kept swelling and made it even more painful to close her mouth. She developed granulomas and was fixed by Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif.

- Haha. Seriously though, show us the results.

- Face off, without Nicolas Cage!

- I think shes really pretty

- Hair,Eye,Skin Color&Type

- I don’t even know anymore.

- instagram is full of smart folks

- Granny costume

- She used to be so gorgeous.

- Something is not right about this

- Too much lip work

- Bratz dolls dont translate well to real life

- Oh no that nose, those lips

- Elon Mask...