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hallo nathan nathan hallo nathan name name

- Elaine Benes


fortnite kill la kill mako battlebus turret

😂 . Follow➡️ @friends_.bestmoments @friends_.bestmoments @friends_.bestmoments @friends_.bestmoments @friends_.bestmoments for more fun💞 - @friends_.bestmoments on Instagram

Has anybody noticed this!

Zenitsu pfp

kiss kissing love you you are awesome my heart

- Me irl

⁺‹𝟹﹒🌸 𝚂𝚝𝚘𝚕𝚊𝚜 Helluva Boss Icon | creators: Vivziepop!ᶻz

Luz pfp #37

demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba tengen uzui

- Nardwuar Interviews


Marinette de la película

fix collar kontinuum two moons song season of mist getting ready

- John Partridge.


sanditon sanditon season2 charlotte heywood charlotte alexander colbourne

- 90s

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check the time kontinuum two moons song season of mist what time is it

- Cast of “Empire Records” (1995)

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mp100 mob psycho100 shigeo kageyama kageyama mob ritsu kageyama

Dem guls 👯‍♀️ styled by @alealimay + myself 🪐for @travisscott 🌵Franchise Hair: @lilstunty Face: @johncotter Shout @tanyakim1217 + TKSTUDIOLA on the impeccable alterations 🙏🏾✨ - @iammontechristo on Instagram

𝙎𝙪𝙣 𝙍𝙤𝙣𝙜

omar rudberg

stare kontinuum season of mist two moons song leer

- im here in Kuwait, meet cast of our game ! THEY ARE AMAZING! Roger was so happy!

Gallery:Kick Season 2

Kuina Hikari Alice in borderland | matching pfp 2/2

made in abyss season2 made in abyss season2 turbinid dragon reg

- Michonne in 2x13 - Michonne in 10x13

Gallery:Kick Season 2


walking around kontinuum season of mist two moons song strolling

- Big Bang Theory

🎸.I c o n g i r l


chizuru chizuru mizuhara rent a girlfriend blushed kiss

- I just remembered this meme I made awhile back. Still holds up.


⋮ ⌦ 𝘐𝘯𝘶𝘪⤭

derek kiss me a kiss kiss love you

- a little bit of luke love :)

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- soap shows

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season 2 Eleven

faculdade curso enem centro universitario femm

- love everyone



tanjiro tanjiro kamado zenitsu zenitsu agatsuma inosuke

- Agents of Mayhem

When she fears no one to protect her husband !! #HalimeSultan

Fortnite Chapter 4: Season 2

drinking thirsty slurpee sip oh really

- ALL Things One Tree Hill

Eren Yeager art


lady mania seasn2 youtube

- Carpool Karaoke

Mira /alice in borderland



- I will follow, where you lead


Jesus holding Hunter aka The Golden Guard from The Owl House Season 2 meme

friday morning blessings and prayers

- Kate Mansi

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Mr. J | NoMin

okay alright understanding nodding oh really

- inspiring...videos

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iruma mairimashita iruma kun ameri azazel ameri romance

- Classic TV

wylan van eck | “I kinda like your face”

screaming scared shocked panic afraid

- Oh how far theyve come ❤

صورة 🔥🤎

Blue Lily

langa hasegawa sk8 reki kyan renga

- black aesthetic.

Stranger Things Cast

annie january

smiling laughing cheerful dustin stranger things

- Who else got their Avengers End Game tickets today?

dorohedoro season2 wait hunter x hunter kurapika

- Rachel Joy Scott

goku gif greetings howdy bonjour good day

- Gilmore girls episodes

inosuke my husband

- Robert Lindsay

smile strike a pose sassy silly pout lips

- Get someone who looks at you the way Pam looks at Jim.

bloom the winx saga season2

I loved making this! And I’m excited (and nervous) to share it with the world! You can watch the entire series @newfest from October 16-27. Link in bio for tix. #newfest2020 #brictv - @shainafeinberg on Instagram

millie bobby brown hi hello look back smile

- Constantine TV Show (14/15)

taco bell anime hataraku maousama

- martha kent

eyebrow raise yeah sure whatever whatever you say

- TWICE group photo for Acmé De La Vie ADLV X TWICE S/S20 COLLABORATION #2

komi komi shouko komi san komi cant communicate komi cant communicate season2

- In Hot Fuzz, you can see Angels scar from where he was stabbed by a man in a Santa costume who was played by Peter Jackson

omg wow shocked impressed surprised

Looking for something to do while #flatteningthecurve other than stare into the abyss? Great, me too. Luckily I wrote tonight’s @kimsconvenience (with a ton of help from a smart, funny team of people) and it’s on at 8pm on @cbc - what a reason to #staythefuckhome ! Love and quarantine to you all. - @altimasc on Instagram

love live love live superstar shiki wakana kinako sakurakoji liella

- The Goldbergs


- Christmas Movies

inosuke kimetsu no yaiba demon slayer

- Silver Lining Playbook

foodpanda delivery stranger thing starving jelly

- On my Block

clenase cleanse cleanse beam cleansesim cleanse bedwars

- ABCs TGIF Lineup on Friday Nights. I looked forward to this every week!!

planet over profit pollution climate action epa arielnwilson

- first cast

yennefer the witcher season2 yennefer season2

- 11 years since the Community pilot aired!

demogorgon stranger things

- #FavoriteSeries

alus ramus devil is a part timer dumb

- blackpink #playing with fire

pet pet demon slayer zenitsu anime cute

- MRW someone mentions deep state

that doesnt make you special penelope featherington nicola coughlan bridgerton capital r rake

- Divorce Court !!!

youre all gonna die you have no chance at survival youre all done youre all done for done for hopeless

Style icon Kim Parker played by @countessdvaughn on an episode of “Moesha” circa 1999 🤠📺 - @theyeehawagenda on Instagram

berturtle doctor strange fortnite floss

- Rosa is not Rosa’s real name

stranger things cute

- Its hot in so-cal today. Day dreaming of the White room

buddha ro r

Laurens chanelling that #MondayMood. Honestley-ey-ey! 😫 BUT the world seems brighter SIX INCHES off the ground so SASHAY away from Monday & STRUT into selected UK cinemas for Kinky Boots The Musical Encore screenings! 👠💃 Visit: #KinkyBootsCinema - @kinkybootsuk on Instagram

winx winx club flora winx flora winx club flora

- big brother contestants

chizuru mizuhara rent a girlfriend anime kanojo okarishimasu blush

- As I prefer to play as an NPC (hunter) I love little places like this (Angis camp). I dream of a life like this sometimes

love wife husband yes kiss

- #Clueless #Fancy

kiyotaka ayanokoji

- 13 Reasons Why

dustin henderson ok okay 8bit

- MORE SIDEMEN IDEA: Sidemen measure their heights professionally

moon knight arthur harrow clash kick knee

- Sandra Bullock: THE BLIND SIDE

fnaf4 fnaf plushtrap

These are the faces of those who have found out that Dino Dana The Movie is now available in the US and Canada! 🇨🇦🇺🇲 Click the link in our bio to find out where you can watch Danas latest adventure 🦖💚 #dinodanathemovie #dinodana #dinodanamovie - @thedinodana on Instagram

dbz rule rule708 baloney

- GFriend - Parallel (Group Photo)

dont boo spooky season vote early early vote vote now

- Which I presume is warm and also moist. But hopefully not flakey.

creepz ble lagmi overlord the overlord

- Single Dads

dont boo spooky season vote early early vote vote now

- gilmore girls

super faputa

- 8 Simple rules

dont boo spooky season vote early early vote election2020

“First things first, rest in peace Uncle Phil”. The amazingly talented James Avery on The Fresh Prince of Belair wearing a Sergio Tacchini tracksuit. Who’s excited for the reboot? - @sergiotacchini on Instagram


- Twice clothing

lolol shout yell angry mad

- Paula Marshall


- Jerry Seinfeld

cool superheros champions squad pose

- Gilmore Girls

sumi sumi sakurasawa rent a girlfriend smile

- Screencap from semi-annoying cult flop Empire Records (1995)

smirk the real world home away from home staring unconvinced

- Interesting Movie Facts and Trivia

this is the season two season2 next season new season new patch

- Books As Decor

batwoman dc fandome warner bros tv title logo

- Happy 7th Anniversary to FIESTAR !

u turn

- The family that eats together

yeah clash royale oh nice great yes

- Krystal jung

tank helicopter

- Barry chuckle. Tattoos Yes

family people joypixels mother father

- 13 Reasons Why

standoff2 season2 revival m4 rgb

- Bernie Mac

family people joypixels mother father

- 90s Aesthetic

erhal esra bilgi%C3%A7 ertugrul gazi

- BLACKSWAN (prev. RANIA) - New Group Picture

camillex d

COULD WE BE ANYMORE EXCITED? If you plan to do the quiz this evening, please purchase tickets by 5pm because sales will then be closed. Ticket numbers are limited to ensure all links are emailed before 7pm so get yours now to avoid disappointment - *REMEMBER, ONLY THOSE WITH TICKETS WILL BE EMAILED THE LINK. DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINKS POSTED ON FACEBOOK, THEY ARE SCAMS!* Then, once all links for this evening’s quiz are sent, ticket sales will reopen for those who would like to purchase a link for another time. The link will be issued as and when tickets are purchased. If you love FRIENDS as much as I do, you don’t want to miss this! #friends #lockdown #lockdown2020 #virtualquiz @friendsxphoebe @friends @comedycentraluk - @ukeventures on Instagram


- Santa Clause

superman and lois warner bros tv dc fandome title logo

- Charlie rowe


Jump Larry! - @curbyourenthusiasmcaps on Instagram

not the real seinfeld seinfeld

- festival international du film : cannes

yennefer the witcher season2 yennefer season2 isabelle_j

- Surviving Temari: A Nara Clan Documentary

rb battles

- Buffy the vampire slayer


- 4 years ago today “Spend”

baldi fortnite emote take the l fortnite dance

- The Quiet Ones

seal pog echo arena vr scrim org

- Screenplays


- Stuck in Love

fart channel season2 azumanga daioh

- Buzzfeed friends quiz

real housewives intro opening logo real housewives logo

- Gilmore Girls

stranger things stranger things season4

- Drake and josh

locked sticker locked title aha sathyadev

- Dicas de Moda

piss party cuphead piss party season2

- Ncis new York

mirzapur title sticker mirzapur title text

- All the bright places

sanditon waiting fields season patiently waiting

- The Karate Kid

homer simpson

- Big Bang Theory

season2is coming bridgerton upcoming season new season 2nd season

- Relationship Articles

team ghost super heroes

- not another teen movie!!!!!

dakota laden chelsea laden tanner wiseman destination fear season2



- Greek (TV show)

- Fatal Frame

- Watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier when I noticed a familiar face. Cool Cool Cool!

FOR REASONS UNKNOWN @kodak_shootfilm @arri_rental @arrimitte #tesla #genre #hfbk #idontknowman #tuna #maddelscameras #electricsun #short #thegoodthebadtheugly #kittys #stankyou - @otte_tom on Instagram

- Just noticed G.O.B.s Carrier Express outfit

- (Dc brought to life)

- Then and now!

- Charmed season 1

Caption? ‘Us’ - Sundays at 9pm on BBC1 or all episodes available now on iPlayer! - @thaddeagraham on Instagram

- Films

- -Kingdom of Fandom-

- Janice mean girls

VIDEO on Profile Link: “ X-Men vs Sentinels ” @ 6:00pm PST #xmen#xmencosplay#vs#cosplayfight#fightvideos#marvel#cablecosplay#wolverinecosplay#jublieecosplay#mrsinistercosplay#juggernautcosplay#maryjanecosplay#jeangreycosplay#shortfilms - @what_dafunko on Instagram

. End of the F***ing World @netflix DIRECTOR @jonathan_entwistle @lucytcherniak CINEMATOGRAPHER @mrjustinbrown @fordesman COLORIST @tobytomkins @cheat_it . Graded on BMD’s DaVinci Resolve - @davinciresolvecolor on Instagram

- Close enough ig

- bobby coleman

- David Gordon Green

- When youre obviously smarter than all your friends and have to use smaller words so they understand

best poutine in montreal is out now on @foodinsider !!!🍟🧀 - @spriinkles on Instagram

The movie adaption of @boysbandbway (out on Netflix today) offers a fascinating, at times terrifying, perspective on both the changing nature of gay representation and the changing attitudes of the LGBTQ2 community and society at large. Will you watch Ryan Murphy’s @theboysinthebandnetflix? Link in bio to read how the new film adaptation of Mart Crowley’s revered and reviled play encapsulates a half century of change.🌈✨ . . . . . #theboysintheband #ryanmurphy #netflix #netflixseries #lgbtmovie #lgbtfilm #lgbtqmovie #lgbtqfilm #queermovies #queermovie #queerfilm #queerfilms #gaymovie #gaymovies #gayfilm #gayfilms #lgbt #lgbtq🌈 #lgbtq - @xtramagazine on Instagram

- Henry Danger

- I love Martha Plimpton’s skirt here. I have an idea how to make a maxi-skirt but how would I make that band around her waist? It doesn’t look like elastic and the way it fits her waist is prominent and beautiful. Anyone have any ideas?

- Sonny with a chance


- blackpink concert

- This show is too butch for me.

- Hang Time

- Hello! Project

- Classic 90s sitcoms

- Funny

- alias

- “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” with Ty Pennington. My family and I used to watch this on ABC Family right after AFV every Sunday night back in the early/mid 2000’s.

- Sunshine 2007 Science Fiction, Thriller

- hailee steinfeld

- Alex Pettyfer

kids these days don’t know how to dress in puffer jackets like these two - @howtoselldrugsonlinefast on Instagram

Today marks what would have been the 78th birthday of the late, great MADELINE KAHN. Think about all the brilliant performances we never got to see from this comic genius. - @syndicatedbk on Instagram

- Fergie at the Arsenal-QPR game today.

- Chief Kim

- The entire Casting team signs off with a group photo at the All Star Weekend!

- Atypical

- 90’s

- mila kunis 70s show

- Bring It On

it’s time to give carrie from john tucker must die some love!!!✨👸🏼 - @2002princesss on Instagram

- Perfume Live

- Happy 10th anniversary to 9Muses!

- agree

- My favorite cast.

- Anybody else watching the new Roseanne? I gotta say I’m digging how they’re dealing with Mark being different...

- MAMAMOO 1st Win with HIP on Mnet M Countdown (191121)

In case you missed it, here is @People’s First Look at @HappiestSeason, in theaters this Thanksgiving. - @mary_steenburgen on Instagram

- 7th Heaven

- roseanne show

- I envy Andys innovation

Hubie Halloween is coming to @netflix on October 7! Filmed and set in #SalemMA the movie stars Adam Sandler as local Halloween enthusiast who finds himself wrapped up in a comedic Halloween mystery. (Do you know where Julie Bowen and Adam Sandler are in this scene?)⠀ 📸: @netflix - @hauntdhappnings on Instagram

- JW Library

- Jessica Paré

תתקין מפסק, תציל את העולם. ⚡ היום צפיתי (לראשונה) בסרט האגדי קראטה קיד, וכבר בתחילת הסרט קיבלתי מסר נהדר. כאשר פונים למיסטר האן, הלא הוא גקי צאן הנהדר, בבקשה לסדר את המים החמים, הוא מסביר שהמים החמים בסדר, צריך בעצם להדליק את הדוד. בתגובה עונה לו דריי שבאמריקה אין להם מתג, אז הוא אומר לו תתקין מפסק, תציל את העולם. לא יודעת עד כמה המטרה היה לתת ביקורת בסרט או רק להעלות גיחוך בקהל, אבל אני אהבתי את המסר. לדעת הרבה אנשים המדד היחיד להאם אפשר משהו הוא כמה כסף הוא עולה, אם יש כסף אז אין בעיה. אנשים שוכחים לכסף הוא לא הדבר היחיד שנגזל בכל מני פעולות שאנחנו עושים. להדליק את הדוד על פי כמות המים שנצטרך למקלחת היא גישת חיים שלמה שבה אנחנו לוקחים בחשבון גם את הנזק הסביבתי שבפעולות שלנו ולא רק את הנזק הכלכלי. מקווה שהחשיבה הזו תלך ותתחזק בכל אחד מאיתנו 🌴 . . . #zerowasteliving #zerowaste #karatekid #plasticfree #jekichan #savetheplanet🌍 #zerowasteisrael #claimetchange #אפספסולתישראל #ידידותילסביבה #מתחיליםבקטן #קראטהקיד #מציליםאתהעולם #ללאפלסטיק - @zerowaste.israel on Instagram

- BBC America

- Big Little Lies Houses

- dd4l dancing dolls

- Brooklyn Nine Nine

- Fashion Nostalgia

- Jorge Masvidals documentary series will continue on 9/24


- Baby Driver (2017), Joseph, a deaf character, is in fact deaf.

- Donna that 70s show

- Westworld Season 1

- reality tv

- Kung Fury

- Supernatural quotes

- Gfriend

- walton family

- [SPOILERS] The Greene family

Surf to Snow 🙌 Some @goproanz snaps from Winter Missions Ep. 8 featuring young phenom @valentinoguseli & Aussie rock band @hockeydadband We scored waves on the NSW south coast before smashing a few bakery favourites and whipping up to the mountains for some spring action ⚡️ Stay tuned for the full episode, dropping Sunday night! @australia @fordaustralia @yeti_au @piratelifebeer @volcom_oznz - @transfersnow on Instagram

- screen - film

- LOOK TO THE LEFT: Ive never noticed this before...

- CUP Entertainment Pre-Debut Girl Group - Second Image

- besoso estudio

- New C9 Wallpaper

- Power Rangers (DE Edition)

- 50 to 1 the movie screen caps & fan made art

- Miranda (BBC)

- Rose park

- Olivia Cooke

- April and Andy

- Sam and cat

- 6 Colin Baker

- Duck Dynasty Beards

#TheGoldbergs are back in one month! Ready for more schmoopie-filled Wednesdays! 😍 - @thegoldbergsabc on Instagram

- This scene made me laugh!

- A Knights Tale

- F.R.I.E.N.D.S ❤️

- Heartland cbc

- 80s music

- Back to the future

- People are suggesting that Steve Carrel was back on the Office disguise.

- Anzac Day/ Remembrance Day

- beverley mitchell

- SNL Skits

- Texas Killing Fields

- Victon 1st Win with Nostalgic Night on SBS MTV The Show (191112)

- Twice - Sana Giving it from Behind

- 90 Movies

- Whats up with this one kid in Homecoming dressed in a full Army getup?

- B99

- K2

- GWSN The 4th EP The Keys Online Premiere Showcase (with Twitter Blueroom)

- Congrats to Faze Dubs, Megga and Bizzle for winning the Quarters cup trio tournament 🥳 (2500$)

- Piper clothing

- Gilmore Girls Fashion

- Alisha Newton

- a series of unfortunate events

- Happy 1st Anniversary to ITZY!

- Hancock movie

- Big & Small Screen

- Sally Draper

just thinking about how much i miss dave and lane ✨🥺 - @2002princesss on Instagram

- Dropping their fresh new disstrack on Daenerys: Queen of Ashes

- Meanwhile at TRAI office

- TWICE TT M/V has reached 500 Million views on Youtube!

- Park bo gum reply 1988

- Cant Believe The Whole Season Has Been Right Before Our Eyes

- Alexa and Katie

- Film

- Seven Film

- Indianapolis Events

- Natalia sanchez

- MOMOLAND have taken first win for Im So Hot on SBS MTV The Show (190326)

- Tower of Terror - 1997

- 90210

- big bang theory

Ready for some more Media Markt & Saturn battles? ⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣Agency: Zum Roten Hirschen⁣ ⁣Client: @mediamarkt_deutschland / @saturn ⁣ ⁣Director: Niels Münter⁣ ⁣DoP: Armin Franzen @armin_bln ⁣ ⁣Executive Producer: Dagmar Garber @dagipagi ⁣ ⁣Line Producer: Gesche Carstens ⁣ ⁣Editor: Dominik Falk @airandstyle101 & Tom Seil ⁣ ⁣Grading: Nadir Mansouri @nadir_mansouri_seniorcolourist ⁣ ⁣Sound Recording, Mix & Composition: EXIT Studios ⁣ ⁣Post Production: Candy Mountain GmbH - @bigfishfilmproduktion on Instagram

- Happy 11th anniversary to After School!

- Cameos and one-offs get upvoted tremendously. But how much love do we have for our wounded soldiers?

- Extra! Extra!

- Raymond Cruz

- pete campbell

- Baby Daddy Tv Show

(👆🔗) Merlot Wine Is Delicious And Miles From “Sideways” Is Wrong @laurajanefaulds “Merlot is the most good-natured of grapes, a keen and gracious sidekick, the Rhoda Morgenstern of wine. It’s always happy to play second fiddle—to Cabernet Sauvignon, to literally any cut of meat, and, most adorably, to the warm, cozy, and red-cheeked evenings its enjoyment elicits. I like pairing low-rent New World Merlot with gooey, trashy chain pizza; I love a glass of cakey Right Bank Bordeaux with a cheeky handful of red Lindt truffles at Christmastime. When it comes to Bordeaux, I’ll always go Right Bank over Left; I could spend the rest of my life nosing a dusty old glass of Pomerol: the way it makes me think of old books and candlewax, spiderwebs and spiral staircases. No matter how old it gets, no matter how complex and serious, it always tastes delicious.” - @sprudgewine on Instagram

- Boy meets world

- Cracked Videos

It’s been a whole week of throwbacks & this is still one of my favorites! Here’s a couple stills of me playing “Edwin” from season 1 of “2 Broke Girls” 😁 Does anyone remember these episodes?? ...also, do you spot the magic that are Capri Suns? Lol - @timchiou on Instagram

- CLC Yeeun Shows Her Support At Dreamcatcher “Dystopia: The Tree of Language” Comeback Stage @ M Countdown

- The show ended before it got weird

- Stats is for nerds

- From our family to yours, Merry Christmas r/NASCAR!

- Lindsay gets stoned for the first time [Freaks and Geeks]

- Books, Movies, TV

- Brooklyn film

- Seek & Destroy your taste buds.

- In Midsommar (2019), most of the Swedish dialogue spoken by the natives is deliberately not subtitled in order to create the sense of isolation for the audience and especially for the foreign visitors.

- Apink

- The Day After Tomorrow

- WJSN/Cosmic Girls have taken first win for Boogie Up on SBS MTV The Show (190611)

- American Idol - The Voice - The X Factor

- Friends - Season 6

Season 1 part 3 - @promqueen2004 on Instagram

- Monica and Chandler

- Annabelle: Creation Movie

- Emma Gilbert

- British TV shows

- Kpop♡

- r/moviedetails, región 4: en la sexta temporada de Community, el bar donde trabaja Britta tiene una piñata del Chavo del 8 en una esquina.

- Ozark netflix

- Pitch Perfect 2

- Gilmore Girls

- 90s

- Ghostwriter

Good news! ALREADY TOMORROW IN HONG KONG is now streaming for free on @hulu! If you didn’t catch it for free before on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Tubi, or Youtube, here’s another chance (and you’re seriously out of excuses now)! Happy streaming! #alreadytomorrowinhongkong #hulu #jamiechung #bryangreenberg - @alreadytomorrowfilm on Instagram

- How did I never catch this before?!

- Better Off Dead

🎄Another Christmas in the trenches. 🎅❄️ • • • • • • • #homealone#homealone2#merrychristmas#christmas#snow#christmasmovies - @home_alone_christmas on Instagram


9 Emmy nominations!!!! Congratulations to all of our wonderful nominees 🎉🍾 #popbottles #jaxmedia #emmys - @jax_media on Instagram

- team banners

- Coffee Love

We have arrived. . Hey! Just wanted to dedicate a page to my second favorite game of all time! So, here it is! . #finalfantasy #finalfantasytype0 #squareenix #class0 - @theclasszero on Instagram

- Happy 1st Anniversary to EVERGLOW!

- Stray Kids - Coming Soon (Teaser Image)


- Someday...

- Asian Drama Meme

- TWICE - TWICE UNIVERSITY Rugby Team (Seasons Greetings Image Teaser)

- luke and lorelai

- Gilmore Girls ( Funny scenes)

- Heartland Season 10

- 3 PSYCH 3

- AB6IX 1st Win with BREATHE on SBS MTV The Show (190604)

For our latest #crosstalk, our staffers debate the quality of #SNLs noteworthy 21st season—and they have some pretty significant disagreements. See the link in bio for the full discussion. - @theavc on Instagram

You vs. the girl she told you not to worry about - @most on Instagram

- Andi mack

Как развидеть Паттинсона в этом костюме 🙈⁣ ⁣ «Сумерки» — сегодня 17:00 - @fridaytv on Instagram


Look at this cute face🥺🤩 #rorygilmore #gilmoregirls - @gilmoregirls_fans on Instagram

- When people ask me what my type is, I point at the cast of The Good Place

- twice mvs can get 190000 upvotes how many for cathy falling off stage

- Happy 13th Anniversary to Wonder Girls (Yeeun (HA:TFELT), Ahn Sohee, Sunye, HyunA, and Sunmi)!