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Jenni on Instagram: “Jesus is my everything! ❤️”

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Who want robux


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- Bearded Lady


- Cleansing of the Temple


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- Anti-semitic art. Jesus Brought Before Caiaphas — from Salvin Hours, England, 1275


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- Easter... I just dont get it

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- All My Rowdy Friends


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Thank you Father Brown for giving your life in service for our community. May your soul rest in eternal peace. - @barriologanmad on Instagram



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- Dandelion wallpaper


Life goals!!

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Minha gente! Estou finalizando o meu show virtual junto com meus amigos @carlo_abreu e @luizfernandopereiramartins Em setembro vou fazer o lançamento nas redes sociais. Estamos trabalhando! E para quem puder ajudar, segue abaixo a minha conta bancária, qualquer valor é muito bem vindo! A sua ajuda é muito importante.(o show não pode parar) *Banco do Brasil Ag:3185-2 Conta corrente 10721-2 CPF: 564.913.109-06 Luis Uiraquitan Lopes Ramires Muito obrigado! - @guinharamires on Instagram


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- Dio

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- @goo_fotography on Instagram

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- Assumption of Mary


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- A Child Is Born

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- Mark Ryder


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- Angels


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- Easter Ideas


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- Marriage scripture

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- art II

SHREK MY LORD AND SAVIOR in 2021 | Funny profile pictures, Funny iphone wallpaper, Funny wallpape… in 2022 | Profile picture, Funny profile pictures, Funny iphone wallpaper


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Les gusta el altar de mi cuarto? Fuerza, fortaleza y paz. Salmo 31 Besos Lilita - @elisalilitacarrio on Instagram

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- Last Supper Indeed



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- El hará Maravillosas


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lest we forget happy veterans day poppy thank you troops thank you veterans

- Adam Goodine Photography

SHREK MY LORD AND SAVIOR in 2021 | Funny profile pictures, Funny iphone wallpaper, Funny wallpape… in 2022 | Profile picture, Funny profile pictures, Funny iphone wallpaper

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Battigol . Poster by David Dhiel. Few had an easy in putting the ball in the net Sunday after Sunday in Serie A. He truly scared the opposing defenders. @acffiorentina . . . . . . . . . . #gabrielbattistuta #calcio #seriaA #caffe #colazionepaninoaperitivo #bar #anni90 - @caffettieracaffebar on Instagram

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Que Jesus cuide de ti! - @nayanehoras on Instagram

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- Pastor

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- Awh

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. . . 🔴... جبل الصبر ...🔴 خلفية من تنفيدي الى احد المواكب . . . . . 🔴من باب التعاون استخدمت صور من تصوير الفنانين . السيد حسين ابو الرحي . عبد الله عبدرب الرسول . ندير المطرود . ومن تصويري شكرا لكم على الصور الجميلة ((العمل دمج صور مو رسم، في لمسه رسم فقط) - @alalawi164 on Instagram

hey listen im a hero andrew leeds david zoeys extraordinary playlist listen to me

- Arthurian Legend

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St. Thérèse of Lisieux, the Little Flower, pray for us! (Artwork by @raulberzosa.) - @bishopbarron on Instagram

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- Christmas

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- Biblical Based

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- 000 may 13th our Lady of fatima

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- El Evangelio del Reino de los Cielos

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- Indigenous shenanigans

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- Good Night(*ˊᵕˋ*)੭ ੈ

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- Nikon, Andrey Shishkin, Oils, 2000

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- King David

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- Hosanna in Excelsis

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- St John Paul II

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- Bible - Coloring Pages

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- atheist beliefs

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- This seemed appropriate here:

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- Deicide

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- Cordelia/Fool

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- Polands Llama

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- Saint Joseph

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“The tendency to see Christ as merely human likely stems from the same worldview that informed the findings of last year’s Pew Report on transubstantiation, wherein only 31% of responding Catholics expressed belief in the Real Presence.”⁠ ⁠ There is a gap between the Churchs teaching and the beliefs of those in the pews, according to the Ligonier Ministries “State of Theology” survey. How can we connect catechesis and right teaching? Robert Mixa reflects on the Word on Fire Blog: link in bio. - @wordonfire_catholicministries on Instagram

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- Christianity

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- A Virgin Mary

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- Bergen to Barcelona 2017 (Viking Star Ocean)

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- Jesus in the Temple

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- Advent & Christmas Oh My!

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- Saint Jean Paul II

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- Art: AKIANE KRAMARIK child prot

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- Jesus images

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- Trust issues

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- Christ is risen!

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- Angels

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- Christianity

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- A Pure Heart

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- Adam and eve

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- #2 Art Expressions of Faith

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- Still waiting for his comeback. . . Invest in religious iconography paintings un-banable

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- Astur-Leonese Dynasty

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- If you love only those who love you... - Jesus Christ [600x701]

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- Christianity

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- Alchemy&sacrament

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- Annunciation and the Archangel Gabriël

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- Catholic answers

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- Twin Souls

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Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me MT 16:21-27 . . . #thoughfortheweek #diocese #lord #godfirst #followme #guidance #catholic #togetherinmission #blessed - @diocesemontreal on Instagram

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- Jesus is Just Alright

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- Christian Artwork

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Mythique et immortelle, la cité de Pompéï dévoilera quelques-uns de ses secrets au Musée à l’automne 2021! En l’an 79, la riche cité romaine de Pompéi est abruptement ensevelie sous la lave et les cendres éjectées par le Vésuve, redoutable volcan. Cristallisée pour l’éternité, cette fin tragique pour les habitants n’a cessé de fasciner les esprits au fil des siècles. À l’automne 2021, le Musée aura le privilège de faire vivre à ses visiteurs le quotidien des habitants de l’inoubliable ville antique juste avant la fatidique éruption du Vésuve avec l’exposition Pompéi. Cité immortelle, présentée grâce à la contribution de 700 000 $ octroyée par le @mccquebec pour la tenue d’expositions internationales majeures. Conçue par le @museogalileogalilei et le @museoarcheologiconapoli , en collaboration avec @civita_social , réalisée par @tempora_expo et adaptée par le Musée de la civilisation, cette présentation magistrale s’appuie sur les recherches archéologiques et scientifiques les plus récentes mettant en valeur plus de 120 objets (artefacts provenant du site même de Pompéi et reproductions 3D). Plus de détails à venir : #pompei #italie #italy #vesuve #volcan #volcano #mythique #riche #cite #histoire #exposition #civilisation #exhibition #quebecorginal #quebeccite #quebeccity #museedelacivilisation #automne2021 #serpent #bijoux #elephant #fresque #corps - @mcqorg on Instagram

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- juan preciado

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- ** He has Risen**

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- Alabama football quotes

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- Jesus Sites

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- Jesus

our hero crash eddie the ice age adventures of buck wild our savior

“I have so many questions. Will I ever learn my lesson? Do You simply pull the strings in Heaven? Or do You truly care for Your children?” Grace has been out for about a week now! So proud of this one. Hope y’all love it as much as we do! Love to @autumnboyx & my team always👹🍂🖤 LINK IN BIO Prod. @lav_kai Artwork: @gr8fuldad_ Photo 1: @_juan_zavala - @xhandsxfeetx on Instagram

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- Maria Auxiliadora

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- Chiaroscuro

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- Latin American City Planning

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- Almighty God

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- Mount Olympus

- Judas needs to learn about personal space

“Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of Lord! Hosanna in the Highest Heaven!” - Matthew 21:9 Sha3nini Emborki to you all! God Bless 🙏🏾🙏🏾 - @vocaustraliaofficial1 on Instagram

- Bible Readings

- [OC] Jesus...

- Dante Alighieri

- An Unexpected Party, by Alan Lee

- Christmas decorating


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- Jesus Christ Superstar

- Song for my Father (Gospel)


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- The Great I AM

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- Our Father who Art in Heaven

“It is impossible to get infected or acquire any disease from Holy Communion, the holy icons, kissing of the hands of the priests, or by our presence in the sacred temples. If we so believe with all our hearts, we shall receive abundantly the grace of our God in our lives. If we deny or doubt this, we suffer the heresy of Barlaam and the iconoclasts; we deny God, and we commit a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit....There is health in the temple, not disease. You can get the virus outside, not inside the church...” + Metropolitan Joel of Edessa - @orthodoxyforyou on Instagram

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- Oleg Shuplyak

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- *Bride of Christ/Warrior Christ

Mourning ... . #love #instagood #photooftheday #shotoniphone #beautiful #happy #cute #tbt #like4like #followme #picoftheday #follow #me #girl #summer #art #instadaily #friends #repost #nature #girl #fun #style #smile #food #photography #Moshta#bestfriends#hormozgan #iran#mother - @mehdi_nazeri on Instagram

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- Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

- Arthur Meyerson

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SantAntonio Abate è uno dei più illustri eremiti della storia della Chiesa. Nato a Coma in Egitto, a ventanni (intorno al 250) abbandonò ogni cosa per vivere in solitudine e dedicarsi alla contemplazione e alle pratiche ascetiche per più di 80 anni: morì ultracentenario nel 356. Lopera nella foto, un gonfalone processionale con leffige del santo, realizzato nel 1457 circa da Niccolò di Liberatore detto l’Alunno, veniva portato in processione, e per questo è dipinto su entrambi i lati. Anche dopo il suo ingresso nella pinacoteca di #Deruta, e fino al 1953, è stato impiegato nella processione del 17 gennaio per la festa del santo dedicatario. L’opera è commissionata dalla Compagnia di Sant’Antonio Abate, che ha sede nell’omonima chiesa derutese. @museoceramicaderuta . . . #iorestoacasa #laculturanonsiferma #sistemamuseo #umbriaterremusei #scoprendolumbria #umbriatourism #umbrialovers #museumlovers #artlovers #museumgram #museitaliani #visitumbria #yallersumbria #umbria_illife #artoftheday #picoftheday #masterpieces #be_one_sacro #umbriatiamo #best_italiansites #finestresullarte - @umbriaterremusei on Instagram

- 100% handmade oil painting reproductions

- Carrying of the cross

- 1 ♡Father Isaac Relyea Is back ..!!!

Thank you all for your support #2kcommunity Mother Mary pray for us Take away the fear, anxiety, and feelings of isolation from people receiving treatment or under quarantine. Give them a sense of purpose in pursuing health and protecting others from exposure to the disease. Protect their families and friends and bring peace to all who love them.  away the fear, anxiety, and feelings of isolation from people receiving treatment or under quarantine. Give them a sense of purpose in pursuing health and protecting others from exposure to the disease. Protect their families and friends and bring peace to all who love them.  #Amen - @catholics__ on Instagram

Dia de São Miguel 🙏🏼 São Miguel Arcanjo, defendei-nos no combate, contra as maldades e as ciladas do demônio. Ordene-lhe Deus, instantemente O pedimos, e Vós, príncipe da milícia Celeste, precipitai no inferno a satanás e a todos os espíritos malignos, que andam pelo mundo para perderem as almas. Assim seja, Amém 🙏🏼 #diadesaomiguelarcanjo #saomiguelarcanjo #meteuaporradanolucifer #mandouodiaboproinferno #saomiguelomaiscascagrossa - @montanhaoficial on Instagram

- Pics of Heaven

- Creation

- The portal to eternity [OC]

#Repost karya dari @monotheism.e • • • • • • Malam Mencekam nan Syahdu Ruang ini jadi sarang penghabisan dijamuan malam. Ia yang diurapi kan menjengkau ajal di antara malam dan pagi. Kau basuh kakiku dengan selembar kain lenan? Mengapa Guru? Sudahkah aku masuk dalam bagian-Mu? Sesungguhnya seorang di antara kamu akan menyerahkan Aku. kan mendampar tanya: aku kah? Di Getsemani, tempat dimana segala iman yang hampir goyah berakhir pada Jadilah kehendak-Mu! Peluh-Nya menjadi seperti titik-titik darah yang bertetesan ke tanah. Lihat Guru, orang yang duduk bersama-sama dengan kita pada jamuan malam tadi menciumi Kamu di antara para imam. Ia membikin Kamu tak berdaya-kuasa laksana anak domba yang masuk dalam jerat. Sekalipun aku harus mati bersama-sama Engkau, aku takkan menyangkal Engkau. Ah! Aku meratapi penyangkalan sesudah ayam berkokok itu terhadap Anak Manusia yang diserahkan pada tangan orang berdosa. Itu Darah nan merah ranum seperti anggur mewarnai jalanan. Dipersimpangan jalan wanita-wanita itu memberi sedikit air, menangisi dan meratapi. Juga termasuk perawan Maria. Yerusalem yang kemarin menyambut-Mu dengan daun palma dan dengan seekor keledai muda, berpaling daripada-Mu. Sekarang yang ada hanya ranting berduri dan salib kayu cemara yang membawa-Mu ke pangkuan Golgota. Pada-Mu ditempatkan ditengah-tengah penjahat dan penyamun, seolah Kau terhitung di antara orang berdosa yang layak meneguk cawan penghinaan. Pembantaian-Nya dilangsungkan, Pakaian-Nya diundi dan dibagi-bagikan, Tubuh-Nya yang haus akan minum dari Darah-Nya sendiri. Ya Bapa, sudah selesai? Jumat, 18/09/20 . #batasajak #poetsofinstagram #musikalisasipuisi #puisi #poetry #sastra #karyasastra #karyapuisi #poems #aksimenulis - @batasajak on Instagram

- Bible Art

- David Popiashvili

- @arthurwyates on Instagram

- Holy Trinity

Happy Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary! Celebrate by stretching those creative muscles and working this palette into your day!⁠ #inspiredpalette⁠ Icon: The Nativity of the Mother of God (Theotokos)⁠ #C49F5B⁠ #BC3D36⁠ #51859B⁠ #B2A982⁠ #766A40⁠ ⁠ #catholiccreatives - @catholiccreatives on Instagram

- Holy water

Andrew Weatherall, a true icon of the scene that will be missed by many. Rest in peace sir. 📸 @perry_gibson at @gottwood - @khromacollective on Instagram

- falling and rising empires

- Classic Artwork

- Burst out Laughing

“There is no ‘do it yourself’ in the Church, no ‘free agents’. How many times did Pope Benedict describe the Church as an ecclesial ‘us’! Sometimes one can hear people say, ‘I believe in God, I believe in Jesus, but I do not care for the Church...‘ How many times have we heard that? And that is no good.” Pope Francis General Audience June 25, 2014 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , #catholicyouth #catholicconnect #catholiclife #catholicmass #catholichumor #catholicchurch #romancatholicchurch #catholicwedding #catholicschoolgirls #catholicgifts - @catholic_ins.gram on Instagram

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- Heres the Dalai Lama tugging on Russell Brands beard

- Bible art


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- Ouvrages Dart

- Minerva Teichert

- Jesus, Son of God

- A Child Is Born

- St josaphat

- San Jose

Demoness by @acidbask 👹 - @tiranband on Instagram

- Thanksgiving prayer

- Angels from Heaven

- Oil Painting on canvas


- Advento

- You got blood on your feet

- Almighty God

- Art History

- Worry prayer

- Almighty

noted antisemite, racist, misogynist, & occasional filmmaker #MelGibson put a lot of work into getting the details of his theological snuff film #ThePassionOfTheChrist just right  but Gibson left off the *most* important detail: Jesus #DeathBoner  Because Gibson is a coward . . . . #queersatanic #satanicmemes #christianmemes #memes #satanic #jesus #jesuschrist #god #crucifixion #areyawinningson #crucifix - @queersatanic on Instagram

- Happy Feast of Pentecost

- Bible verses

- Christmas

- Quotes, Sayings and Affirmations

- Art 12

- Excalibur

- John the Baptist

The Big Jebowski SWIPE⬅️ • • #thedude #thebiglebowski #suckertom - @suckertom on Instagram

- angeles muestramelo

- Bible Verses & Art

- Christian religions

- PsBattle: Priests using fire extinguisher

- @a_peaceful_dove on Instagram

- Inferno, Canto 5: Minos, Judge of the Damned, oil on AlumaComp, 48 x 60

- knowing your Worth

Thanks to Ghost Cult Magazine for premiering our fresh music video! Surface’s Echoes is one of our favourite songs to play off of ‘Algorythm’ so we simply had to make a clip in a live setting with the track. Once again shot in our hometown of Montreal with Ismael Mossadeq as a director, we knew it would capture the highly powerful vibe that our city is notable for among touring metal bands. Watch it on Season of Mists YouTube channel! Enjoy, share, like and subscribe! Peace✌️ - @beyondcreationofficial on Instagram

- The Fellowship camping in Hollin, oil painting by me

- Carrying of the cross

- ninja gear

- Hes Alive!!!!

- Heavenly Script

- Bible Heroes

Sometimes I impart valuable wisdom, and other times I just crush pints in alleyways🍻🌱#jesus - @steveormsby on Instagram

- Lord jesus christ

- The Hobbit

Phil is turning 31 today! Go wish him a happy birthday! 📷 @sombrevisionphotographie - @incandescenceband on Instagram

- Jesus time

- Art

- Bible verses & Quotes

Stay close to God, no matter what! 🙏🏻 #beliebers #Jesus #faith #God #goodnight - @jesusdaily on Instagram

- 17th Century Painting

Saint Sofia, Martyr, pray for us! She is the #PatronSaint of #Albanella, #PianoVetrale, #Pisciotta, & #Poderia (Provincia di #Salerno); #Tertenia (Provincia di #Nuoro); & #GioiaDelColle (Provincia di #Bari). #FeastDay #AtTheTableWithTony - @tonymangia on Instagram

- Passion of christ images

TY ZADDDDDDY - @arabmonaaay on Instagram

- A moment from Divine Liturgy in a very old altar, Skete of Saint Demetrios, Mount Athos [OC]

- Home and Family




- Christ....

- Morning prayer catholic

- catecismo

- A Pure Heart

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- A walk with Jesus

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- It seems my journey of daily dnd memes posts is at an end. Thank you all for your kind words and funny stories, it has been my honor to bring some small amount of joy to so many people’s lives. My humblest thanks, - The-Master-Dwarf

- 5 Simple Steps to Happiness

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- that cross is not there for no reason(colored amai by cringe king)

وقتِ رخصت جو کیا شاہ نے اکبر کو سوار پر نہیں آتا تھا شبیر کے اس دل کو قرار جونہی رہوار چلا پیچھے شاہِ دیں بھی چلے تیز رہوار ہوا شہ کے قدم تیز بڑھے آہٹیں باپ کے قدموں کی جو محسوس ہوئیں پلٹے اکبر یہ کہا آئے جو بابا کے قریب بابا ازن لے کر ہی تو میداں کی طرف جاتے ہیں آپ کیوں پیچھے میرے روتے ہوئے آتے ہیں؟ شہ لے اکبر کے لیا سینے پہ پھر سے بوسہ اور دل تھام لیا رو کے یہ اکبر سے کہا درد تو میرا سمجھتا اگر ایسا ہوتا کاش اکبر تیرے جیسا تیرا بیٹا ہوتا درد اک باپ کا اک باپ سمجھ سکتا ہے کیوں پدر پیچھے تیرے روتے ہوئے چلتا ہے بیٹا اٹھارہ برس تو نے بھی پالا ہوتا کاش اکبر تیرے جیسا تیرا بیٹا ہوتا مسکراتے ہوئے تم رن کو چلے ہو اکبر سوچ تو یہ تھے کہ نازوں کے پلے ہو اکبر مرنے جاتے ہوئے ماں باپ کا سوچا ہوتا کاش اکبر تیرے جیسا تیرا بیٹا ہوتا تو جو گھوڑے سے گرا میں نہ سنبھل پایا ہوں ٹھوکریں کھاتے ہوئے پاس تیرے آیا ہوں تیرا راہوار نہ لاتا تو نہ پہنچا ہوتا کاش اکبر تیرے جیسا تیرا بیٹا ہوتا وقت ہے کتنا کڑا باپ کے دل سے پوچھو مجھ سے کہتے ہو میرے سینے سے برچھی کھینچو ہائے مر جاتا میں یہ وقت نہ دیکھا ہوتا کاش اکبر تیرے جیسا تیرا بیٹا ہوتا دیکھ کر سینہ تیرادل یہ پھٹا جاتا ہے اور رہ رہ کے مجھے بس یہ خیال آتا ہے تیرے بدلے میرے سینے میں یہ نیزہ ہوتا کاش اکبر تیرے جیسا تیرا بیٹا ہوتا لاش اکبر کی اٹھاتے ہوئے بولے سرور کاش منظر یہ بدل جاتا کچھ ایسے اکبر ہوتی میت یہ میری اور تیرا کاندھا ہوتا کاش اکبر تیرے جیسا تیرا بیٹا ہوتا کتنی غربت کا تھا وہ وقت اے ظلِ ثقلین رو کے فرحان یہ بولے علی اکبر سے حسین ہم کو بھی ساتھ لئے جاتے تو اچھا ہوتا کاش اکبر تیرے جیسا تیرا بیٹا ہوتا تیرا بیٹا ہوتا #karbala #shia #iraq #imamzaman #imammehdi #imamali #imamhussain #کربلا #امام_حسین #امام_علی #alimuarif #yaalimadad - @ahle_tashifam on Instagram

- Novena to St. Jude

- Amazing Grace

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- This was painted in 1595, in the Church of Saint Peter near Florence, Italy. The painter Ventura Salimbeni called the object the Creation Globe.

- 3rd Punic War


- Jesus and Mary Pictures.


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- Sticky fingers punching Jesus is the precursor to part 7

God uses a wand... . ... So, should you too. Learn how! Link in bio 🌠 - @mystic_archives on Instagram

- Jesús

Had the divine pleasure of playing your main dawg JC on the @dcdoompatrol S2 finale at the direction of Chris Manley @manley_asc & stunt coordinator Thom Williams @reactionstunts (at center). Pictured here is my stunt dub John Gilbert whose piéce de resistánce was a beaut of a roundhouse kick into an indestructible Jordan Malone (Robotman Stunty) & @rileyshenanigan (Robotman). Cheers to Thom’s amazing stunt team & the whole DP squad on a blessed experience, & thx as ever to @chase68 & @tarafeldsteinbennett for the nod. Catch both seasons now on @hbomax (if ya have an HBO subscription ya have it!) 📸 1&2: @reactionstunts 3: 🤔 thank you, stranger 4: AC extraordinaries @kylie_denner #doompatrol #dcuniverse - @joshuamikel on Instagram

Amen! #faith #Jesus #spiritualjourney #God - @jesusdaily on Instagram

- (OC) The Ecce Homo (Behold the Man) in the Sanctuary of Mercy church in Borja, Spain, the fresco painted circa 1930 by the Spanish painter Elías García Martínez depicting Jesus crowned with thorns restored properly. [1453 x 1071]

- Worship Jesus

Ապա տարաւ զանոնք մինչեւ Բեթանիա եւ ձեռքերը վեր բարձրացնելով ՝ օրհնեց զանոնք։ Եւ մինչ կօրհնէր, բաժնուեցաւ անոնցմէ, դէպի երկինք բարձրանալով։ Ղուկ. 24:50-51 When he had led them out to the vicinity of Bethany, he lifted up his hands and blessed them. While he was blessing them, he left them and was taken up into heaven. Luke 24:50-51 - @sourpkevork___ on Instagram

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- 10 Questions That You Don’t Want The Answer to

Today’s Gospel At that time, the Pharisees came to JESUS and one of them, a doctor of the Law, putting Him to the test, asked Him, Master, which is the great commandment in the Law? JESUS said to him, You shall love the Lord your God with your whole heart, and with your whole soul, and with your whole mind. This is the greatest and first commandment. And the second is like it, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets. Now while the Pharisees were gathered together, JESUS questioned them, saying, What do you think of the Christ? Whose son is He? They said to Him, David’s. He said to them, How then does David in the spirit call Him Lord, saying, The Lord said to my Lord: Sit at My right hand, till I make Your enemies Your footstool?’ If David, therefore, calls Him ‘Lord,’ how is He his son? And no one could answer Him a word; neither did anyone dare from that day forth to ask Him any more questions. ♰Matthew 22:34-46 Praise be to You, JESUS Christ... #Scripture #Verse #Meditation - @mysticalrose379 on Instagram

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- Art by Del Parson

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Christ is an example to his people, in the exercise of grace, of meekness, humility, love, patience, and the like. Have a blessed Sunday! - @nathanielsph on Instagram

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Alef △ Mem ◇ Shin ○ 🜐 🜔 🜎 - @mystic_archives on Instagram

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- Christliche Kunst / Ikonographie

- WSBgod returning to reveal to his disciples that he doubled, not lost his portfolio

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27).⁣ ⁣ Artwork by J. Kirk Richards - @churchofjesuschrist on Instagram

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@artistjasonjones loves him some Jesus...paintings. These are a few of Jason’s thrift store glowups. If you haven’t seen our post yesterday with some of his murals, you might be the only one. We’ve had a huge response to @artistjasonjones. Make sure you follow him and leave some love on his page. Each like, share, and save helps increase the reach of your favorite #arkansascreative. ⁣ ⁣ ⁣ ——————————————————-⁣ ⚡️JOIN OUR PATREON COMMUNITY!⚡️⁣ ⁣ Patreon Community Members: ⁣ - are eligible for exclusive monthly giveaways⁣ - support local creatives⁣ - foster a growing community of artists, makers, and artisans⁣ ⁣ Become a part of our community by clicking the link in our bio!!⁣ ———————————————————-#artistjasonjones #arkansas #arkansascreative #arkansasbeautiful #arkansasfiberarts #arkansasmade #arkansasflorists #arkansasphotographers #arkansasmodels #arkansasartists #arkansastattooartists #arkansasbloggers #explorearkansas #nwaarkansas #littlerockarkansas #wonderfularkansas #arkansaslife #igersarkansas #thenaturalstate #arkansaslife #visitarkansas #arkansasonly - @arkansascreative on Instagram

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Every one of us has times when we need to know things will get better. For emotional health and spiritual stamina, everyone needs to be able to look forward to some respite, to something pleasant and renewing and hopeful, whether that blessing be near at hand or still some distance ahead. My declaration is that this is precisely what the gospel of Jesus Christ offers us, especially in times of need. There is help. There is happiness. There really is light at the end of the tunnel. It is the Light of the World, the Bright and Morning Star, the “light that is endless, that can never be darkened” (Mosiah 16:9). It is the very Son of God Himself. To any who may be struggling to see that light and find that hope, I say, hold on. Keep trying. God loves you. Things will improve. Even if you cannot always see that silver lining on your clouds, God can, for He is the very source of the light you seek. He does love you, and He knows your fears. He hears your prayers. Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don’t come until heaven, but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. Of that I personally attest. - @jeffreyrholland on Instagram

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When I #THINK of His #GOODNESS and ALL that He has done for me, my #SOUL Screams #Hallelujah, Thank you GOD, for Saving me!! REAL FACTS #AndIDontCareWhatYouThinkAboutMeImABeliever ——————— #4EVAMOBN #IAmADoor #IHonorGOD #NotPerfectButAllIn #PauseAndPray #DemonKiller🥰 #JESUSdidITagain #HeartOfFire #Wisdom #GetABarr #JesusWalksWithMe #IamTheVoiceInTheWilderness #UnderCoverSoldier #LambInAWolfSkin #GODgetsALLtheGlory #EveryDrop #DontJugeMe #A1TheAnointedOne • • • • • • #JESUS #OpenDoorMinistries #WESTSidersMinistries #HogMobMinistries - @a1theanointedone on Instagram