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- Kathy Griffin

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- PsBattle: Bill Murray on the golf course

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- Today is Jonathan Nolan Birthday!!


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- Juicy pork tenderloin recipe

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- These are their stories - Christopher Meloni from Law and Order SVU among others, looking fierce

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The Sweetest Oblivion

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My old faithfuls on tour If theres one thing that I could design it would be a good waterproof jacket –  you should never have two or three layers as you don’t need to be warmer. I’ll generally wear trousers a lot but rarely a jacket. I think I’ve had the same Galvin Green trousers for the last five years as I’ve never found anything better. I’ll let my sweater get wet first and the jacket will only come out if that gets soaked. It’s the little details like the collars and cuffs that bother me – you have to fold a lot of collars down as they keep hitting you in the face. I’ve just received a really nice Kjus jacket and I can’t wait to give that a go. Shoes wise I’ll always be in a pair of FootJoy Icons. The trainer-looking golf shoes are so comfortable but they just don’t go with my feeling of getting dressed to go to work. We’re out there for five hours and we’re not running round so give me a pair of Icons and I’m happy. I must have had over a hundred pairs of FJs over the years. I was a huge fan of the Classics and the Icons are so comfy and smart and I just love dealing with FootJoy as a company. As long as I’ve been involved in the game they and Titleist and Ping have been really consistent about what they do. In my early days I wouldn’t wear a glove as I couldn’t afford one. I was hitting a lot of balls and going through a lot of gloves and I then got used to practising in between giving lessons when I wouldn’t have one with me. And after a while I quite liked the feel of it and it was only when I played in really hot countries on the European Tour that I started wearing one again. I get asked about the lack of a baseball cap all the time. Its pretty simple, I wore one as part of a deal with one manufacturer and hated it and a hat deal has never interested me since. I like being self-employed and to not be told what I should be wearing every day. The other reason is I’ve got a big shaped head and they don’t tend to fit or suit me. My hair’s thick so it would be like wearing a woolly hat. I get the visor, I’ll occasionally wear a flat cap and I even get a straw hat but baseball caps have never made sense. Thoughts by me/Words by Mark Townsend - @robertrockgolf on Instagram

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- People I Want To Fire

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- CAN WE TALK about how this is how I wanted to dress when I was 10 years old because of The Sims 2 Nightlife? LMAO

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- Arnold Palmer

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When someone tells you theyve never watched #Castle... - @abccastle on Instagram


- Audio crossover

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- Amish

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- Hes the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now

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- TOMORROW is another day

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- Brian Baumgartner finished in 30th place at the Celebrity Golf Championship this week. Rumor is he made a killing betting Acey-Duecy

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- Body by Nothing Burgers. Believe me

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- Adorable Animal Pics & Cutest Kids Too !!!

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- Gatcombe Horse Trials sponsered by Whatley

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- Matching Couples.

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- I have a soft spot for Cory Chalmers from Hoarders

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Golfing Girls - @joyfraser2 on Instagram

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- Dr. Who Tom Baker

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- Best Life Quotes

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- Friends - Season 8

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- A girl can dream, cant she???

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- Flipped

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- Happy Birthday to Christopher Eccleston!

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- I had forgotten how much I loved this movie.

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- PsBattle: Gandalf and Saruman in a golf buggy.

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- John Favreau during filming of The Replacements in Baltimore, Maryland. Photo by me, 1999.

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- Elon Musk (right) and Grimes (left) meeting for the first time at Coachella, circa 2006.

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- Dennis Rader with his daughter in 1993 (Picture taken 2 years after he had killed his last victim)

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- Before he was a detective in the NYPD, he was a Park Ranger in Pawnee, Indiana. Watch out, ladies! ;]

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- Midway through shooting for Daredevil (2003), Ben Affleck chose to actually blind himself so he wouldnt have to see anymore of the movie.

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- Koepka is correct.

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THEN & NOW. Today marks 17 years with my #1. I love you, @james_frystak ❤️ And yes, we go back to an ancient time before dating apps. - @alisonwandzura on Instagram


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- 2015 Masters Golf Tournament

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- Luis suarez stopped to play football with my cousin (age 7, with Down syndrome) in a park, all because he had a liverpool ball.

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ROYAL NEWS: Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan just made a stirring political statement in a video filmed from the garden of their new Santa Barbara home, and it marks a huge first for the royals. TAP the link in our bio to hear what they had to say 👏🏼 - @womensweeklymag on Instagram

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