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moma !!

:: fentiichanel🧚🏽‍♂️

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#captain #kgf #prashanthneel - @prashanthneelfc on Instagram

Momo Yaoyorozu Pfp

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- aircon repair


Bella Poarch Dolls

we the people les mis protest march rally

- blursed grocery

One Piece Quotes | QTA

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- Camera Helmet worn by Sports Photographer in GSW vs. CAVS game



poder para la gente power to the people womensmarch womens march2020 women power

- panneau solaire

Bk x Tana x Benny

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- buggy plans

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- ITAP of a chef in Shinjuku, Tokyo

@𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐤𝐳𝐳𝐳𝐳 †

Y2k buttercup

dnd fireball fire flame level evocation

- ¿Qué vende señor? - Lentes de realidad virtual. Se los dejo baratos.

kat !

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- [ ...lol... ]



do your thing run the damn world run the world lizzo feeling good

- Behind The Scenes

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- Just a quick peck my precious

Waiting for my friend to do her side😒

152 Space Facts About Planets, Black Holes, And Everything In Between

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pfp for tiktok

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Colorful smiles in Jerusalem Old City! #israel #photography #צילום #מצלמה - @camera.co.il on Instagram

sᴏsᴀsᴍᴜɢsʜᴏᴛ 3

Sadie Aldis

stand up for trans lives at the polls stand up speak out trans lives trans

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New Chrisean

Cute Candy girl Art

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- Can Am Spyder

its time we took away lobbyist power in washington rope lobbyists the people or the people act

- blursed_footballer

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- Amish country pictures


heysp mahatma gandhi quote there is not path to peace peace is the path

- Who left this up here



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- The way these cables are managed!

power girls women feminism feminist

- cursed_pee pee

“AITA For Firing My Vet After The Way The Nurse Spoke To Me?”

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- camping ideas


zora zora neale hurston author feminist feminism

- Cable wire


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- cursed_hitchhiker

Mexican aizawa

biden joe biden2020 biden harris biden quote quotes

- Heroes

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- Computers

i wont be silent raised fist fist power blm

- Homemade trailer

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Look at the contrast between these two photos. In the first, taken at the anti-lockdown protest in Trafalgar Square yesterday, a woman is violently punched in her stomach and sent flying by cops who were absolutely determined to shut the protest down. In the second, taken in London a few months ago, police officers cravenly “take the knee” to Black Lives Matter protesters. They allowed BLM protests to take place, just as they also allowed Extinction Rebellion to occupy parts of London. We now live under a completely politicised police force. If you share the liberal elite’s political worldview — you support BLM, you love XR, you are woke — the police will leave you be. If you deviate from the liberal elite’s political worldview — you hate lockdown, you think statues should be protected from attack, you are unwoke — the police will assault and silence you. It’s outrageous. The police are meant to uphold the law, not violently impose correct-think on the populace. - @burntoakboy on Instagram

happy womens history month womxn celebrate women women empowerment women

- Eco Friendly Products

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- Take a minute to absorb this in.

mhae lurking mhae de witt twitch amhaezing

- Who needs a trailer?

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- Radio channels

sidney sidney poitier rest in power i am the me i choose to be

- Automotive

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- Skoda Fabia

our power democracy fight justice vote

- bull bar

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- Blursed_Extinction

now is the time gotv vote for change now is your chance get out the vote

- Planting Tools

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- Artists and Illustrators

influencer peoople people cintiacasb jefas

- Female racing drivers

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- Automotive Basics

say her name black lives matter blacks in power black is beautiful love

- Video - drone

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- fusca minha paixão

activist environmentalist climate change fire drill fridays actress

- PsBattle: This monk and his cat

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- Interesante...

happiness is power happiness power smiley face raise fist

- The original street photographer

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- In the middle of Londons Hedgefund center I did this

black black lives matter black people black lives blm

December 11-12, there will be the Vuzpromexpo national exhibition for the sixth time in Moscow. The guests will get acquainted with the developments of universities and scientific organizations and learn about how the national projects “Education” and “Science” were implemented in 2019. https://kudago.com/msk/event/vyistavka-vuzpromekspo/ - @moscow_online_survival_tips on Instagram

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- Marriage proposal VIDEOS!!

rbg ruth bader ginsburg lizzo aoc serena williams

- electric blueprints

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- Amazon FBA Videos

election season ballot election alannaflowers become a poll worker

- Biker Pupper

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- Poor girl running away from tear gas in Hong Kong

blm blm asl asl black lives matter black asl

- Survival Gear

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- #SolderSmarter

inspirational peace historicvoices be the change be the change you wish to see in this world

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- F the signs

black votes matter equality black voter day black vote black voter

- Getting the red ring of death on your Xbox 360.

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- Waterproof Gear

rbg ruth bader ginsburg lizzo aoc serena williams

- Something we’re probably not going to experience this generation

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- Sailors assigned to the “Black Knights” of Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron (HSC) 4 perform maintenance on an MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter on the flight deck of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70), 26 March 2018 [2000x1180]

black voter day black vote african american vote black power blm

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- Direct Action

black african american poc person of color people of color

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- Cool Electronics

blm black lives matter blacks in power unite black is beautiful

- Persian football

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- Truck interior

lgbt lgbtq glbt gay trans

- Put the kids to work!

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- Dress bra

inspirational heysp peace historicvoices be the change

- Seniors

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- Ready for lift off

abiera girl power girl power quotes

- Its that time of the build where I ask you to give criticism on my electrical system.

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- My local public transportation company have decorated their buses for Christmas.

young gifted and black gifted black african american youth power

Virtual Worlds 4d experience proves a game changer! #oculus #4d #futuristic #highquality #tech - @bkumagazine on Instagram

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womens history month womens history international womens day womens day equal rights

- Blursed haircut

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- I’ve played enough GTA to know that Vehicle 2 gets to go first in this case, the NPCs do it all the time so it must be true!

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- Cursed_inflation

sidney sidney poitier rest in power if i am remembered for having done a few good things and if my presence here has sparked some good energies

- my buddy saw this on i5 today

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((IN STOCK))((متوفر حاليا )) The Driveshaft Shop Half-Shaft Axle Upgrade - 800 HP Rated (pairs L+R) Price : 5500/- AED Order Now : +971553563292 - @muscles_v8 on Instagram

union power support unions heysp middle class boycott

- Side boob

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- Invest in this Belarusian Template

blackhistorymonth celebrate black history africanamerican blm black lives matter

- Autos

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- Energy Sources

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- Animal: Heros

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- Blursed_ Blastoise

union power good union jobs protest unions power to the people

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- Blursed_Impostor

our power march for our lives stop gun violence gun violence power to the people

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- @nickcrew on Instagram

blm black lives matter black lives justice ahmaud arbery

- Albania flag

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co bac people power cobac workspace cobac workspace

- best music

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- For those that remember...

writer poet activist feminist feminism

- The elder scrolls

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black lives matter blm black black lives black boy

- 19th Century Russia-Paul I through Nicholas I

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- Curious

nothing can stop the power make a difference in our society john lewis good trouble get in good trouble

- I asked the University for a repairstation over a year ago... today I was finally greeted by this :-)

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- car phone mount

- Engines

- Anarcho-syndicalist flag spotted at Brasílias protests yesterday

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- Save some for the rest of us...

- Salvadoran civil war

- Affection Connection

- Yitzhak Rabin and Yasser Arafat on their way to the Oslo Accords Talks on 13 September 1993

- 1931 Flag of India

- hmmm

- Italian people

- Drive Bay Caddies 158816

- Slower Traffic Keep Right

- hmmm

- Building A Computer

- exploded view

- The most cyberpunk way to disinfect an apartment complex.

Our German representative helped Jazz, a Spanish Greyhound, get a wheelchair sent to France! She’s clearly figured it out incredibly quickly! Her dogmom, Kylee, sent this great testimonial this week: “I just wanted to send you some pictures of Jazz flying 😅😅. She has a new lease of life and after a couple of days adjusting to her new wheels, there is no stopping her, although she hasnt quite found the brakes yet or understands the rules of traffic 🤣.” We love working with customers all over the world and are so pleased with our European reps and their dedication to disabled pets! #eddieswheels #dogwheelchair #greyhound #spanishgreyhound #internationalbusiness #madeinamerica #familybusiness #happydog #flyingdog - @eddieswheels on Instagram

- Meanwhile in Russia:

- Lance Armstrong is stripped of his medals (August 24, 2012)

- Cars

- More protesters in Hong Kong

- Auto and Car Stuff

- Van roof racks

- Green Bean Casserole

- Running a see through engine

- real robots

- The Great Scooter Gang war(2019) - Lime, Lyft and Jump vs Bird.

- Amateur radio

- Blursed_Fortnite

- on a motorcycle

- 2 Alstom train

- hmmm

- #Veterans Day #Gifts

- Blursed soldier

- wii

- Paul Film and Documentaries

- Hong Kong police use water cannons on protesters | Protesters scared that police will use tear gas

- Hayward Pumps

- Black boxes

- Sometimes the truth stings a little

- hmmm

- hmmm

- Postal workers on scooters in 1918

- blursed_knight

- hmmm

- hmmm

- hmmm

- Blursed taunting

- Glow Party Supplies

- Call The Midwife

- iPad Stand for Bed

- Cool Cab

- Camcorder

- Police nationale

- Forge Motorsport

- hmmm

- electric generator

- Mace windu lightsaber

- Dubai Police are now training on flying motorbikes

- The ole Jib-on-the-dolly trick! Also our wedges were made out of folded paper plates.

- + 30% to luck (X-post from /r/metaldetecting)

- bill cunningham & NY

- Ghostbusters

- I don’t even know what’s happening

- blursed_mower


- Cosplay

- Auto repair

- Humor

- Blursed_Segways

- Just a casual stroll down the street

- Invention AND Innovation!

- Diseño electronico

Primera copa del mundo en Pisa, Italia para Hugo Alderete, representante de la selección adaptada argentina. Finalizó 19 ° en el máximo nivel #esgrimaadaptada #fencing - @esgrima.adaptada.arg on Instagram

‘I first came across the book an old sea faring friend of mine from Cornwall lent it to me, it was written in 1890 and they were describing this crazy breaking wave. As a navigational hazard it was a terrifying thing but through surfers eyes I’m going that sounds like an amazing surfing wave to me. It’s in the middle of nowhere in a wild place in the middle of the Atlantic we got to go and look for it’ Captan @matthewnuit . How the mission began 🙌🏽⛵️🌊 . 🎥 @mikeycorker // @whippedsea . .⁣ @savagewaters_ A crew of modern day surf adventures seek their fortune in some of the worlds most savage waters. A film by @mikeycorker produced by @whippedsea .⁣ .⁣ @matthewnuit @suzannejhobbs @taz_knight @peonyyknight @hugovau @alex_botelho @andrew_cotty @edsmithyy @oli__adams .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #savagewaters #surfing #bigwavesurfing #sailing #hecate #bigwavediscovery #modernadventurers #seekadventure #documentary #filmmaking #indiefilm #adventure #edgeoftheworld #ocean #filmphotography #film #cinema #environment #storytelling #documentaryfilm #journey #adventurers #voyage - @savagewaters_ on Instagram

One thing I love about living in Plymouth is that I’m always discovering new places and new things that are right on my doorstep and I never even knew existed. For example, today I went to a pub called The White Thorn Inn which was hosting my friend @juniour_mcilhiney fundraiser for an epic charity challenge he’s involved in with three other Royal Marines called @rm_cockleshell_atlantic As I walked into the beer garden there was A GOAT sleeping on a table! A local band was rocking out in the sunshine, the scenery was amazing and as part of the day I got to shave off Juniors beard to help raise money towards the event, it was an epic day in an epic location and I’ll definitely be going back with the family again. Just as a side note I wanna say a massive well done to Junior. I know it took him 6 years to get that pony tail and beard combo on point and I know his beard meant a lot to him. I’ve shared hotels with him and seen him shampoo it, condition it, hair dryer it, infuse it with coconut oil and sometime even sing it a lullaby to help it get off to sleep (I made that part up) but I know it wasn’t easy for him to do but it was for Charity so he stepped up. All the lads on this challenge are in for an epic ride and I wish them all the best of luck. If you’d like to follow them as they head across the Atlantic Ocean you can find them here @rm_cockleshell_atlantic and if you have a spare pound or two I’m sure they’d appreciate it. Good luck Gents 🚣‍♀️ 🏴‍☠️ 🌊 - @markormrod on Instagram

- derrick photos

- Hong Kong Protestors Giving Way To Ambulance like Crossing The Red Sea

- Blursed_man with car door lol

- auto lighting

- hmmm

- The revolution rages on!

- ejection seat

- hmmm

- Bike Art



- Blursed IceCream Cone

- Always wear your helmet while riding your motorcycle safety first

- Aquarium UV Sterilizer

- Torino

- Plane landed on I-640 in Knoxville, TN

- Cuba--un lugar especial

- Coffee, wine, and other drinks subscription services

- Original Xbox Halo: Combat Evolved Banner from E3 2001!

- hmmm

- From the straight pride parade

- Cursed image

- Bearing Witness

Njir couple . . . @e.erpan1140 @xrickolim @jakarta.keras @minang.kocak @tawaviral @dagelan @alinggatiraputra @ipul.subur . . . #asupanmemeuseless#asupanmeme#memecomicindonesia#shitposh#ngakakonlen#memeindo#memefresh#memeindonesia#awreceh#memereceh#memelucuindonesia#nendank#dankmeme#dankmemeindo#dankmemeindonesia#dagelanlucu#dagelanvidio#hitzeedsamlekom#dagelanlucungakak#recehajg#kepad#ngakakonlen#aswshitpostid#vidiolucu#memeupinipin#memekocak#asupanmemeuseless#memereview#recehbanget#1vidiokocak#dagelanmeme#LucuAbis - @meme.exe.onlinee on Instagram

- a 12 year boy tries to stop 11,000 anti-gay marriage protesters, Mexico, 2016

- This is how we park in The Netherlands

- Mother begged for mercy after her son was arrested unreasonably by Hong Long Police

- apps

- Providence, Rhode Island

- Pull my hair

- Stop your violent protesting!

- Flashed

- Magnetic motor

- How not to board a train

- Lego Mindstorms

- E28 BMW

- Vespa helmet

- bici-profil

- Google Maps Street View Trekker to record and map 360-degree view

- ß̵̢̜͇̱̟̯͙͆̌̍̍ê̶̬̄̅̄¥ðñ̷͚̞̭͋̏̿͊Ð̶̰͚̮̊̓̒̾͘̚ ̴̡̛̼͓͚̫͉͆͂̀̍̊͘†hê̸̘̒͝ ̶̻͖̖̰̹̪͋̆̅§̵̨̲͔̝͋͂͝ï̵̢̨̥͕̬̞͓͛́͒́̉ḡ̴̢̗͍̈́̅ñ̸̢̬̥͚̋̒́ͅ

- This FUPA thinks the parade is for him!

- A policeman in India wearing Corona Virus costume to warn people during lockdown.

- Cursed wiggles

- car technical

- Culture

- This shower puts live cables in the water to heat the water when you shower thats why like to name it the suicide shower Disclaimer this image belongs to diodegonewild

- hmmm

- Claudio Roberto

- Enable passive mode

- Blursed_Facemask

- Golf Carts

- Please respect my safe-zone.

- Blursed_russian_gun

- hmmm

- John Deere 3350 [2848x2136]

- Manchester police

- The HDR on my phone camera thought these soldiers red coats were too bright and greyed out the area around them

- Blursed Fibonacci

Little beast unleashed! 👻🔋🚀   Photo from @fugazo #tattulipos #tattu#fpvaddiction #fpvrace #cinematicfpv #cinematicquad #fpvlife #fpvpilot #fpvracing #tattu #fpvaddict #fpvlover #fpvdrone #fpvquad #fpvfreestyle #fpvracing #drone #dronephotography #dronestagram #fpvpilot #quadcopter#droneoftheday #fpvfreestyle #cinewhoop #fpvbuild #cinewhoop - @genstattu on Instagram

- Bike Storage Ideas - Inspiration

- cursed_uber

- I would love to take a shit here

Clean shot of our JL Dual ARB Compressor and Auxiliary Battery Bracket going into the @advjeep JL. This is now available on our website for the gas and diesel models. We also offer our remote kit for easy access to all of the functions of the compressor, plus it relocates the filters to keep the compressor running as cool as possible. Cool/clean air in is the most effective way to keep your compressor working efficiently for the long haul. ... #InnovationForExploration ... Learn more about our Dual ARB Compressor Bracket at https://americanadventurelab.com/product/jeep-jl-dual-arb-compressor-mount/ ... More info on our remote kit at https://americanadventurelab.com/product/jeep-jl-arb-compressor-remote-kit/. ... #Repost @advjeep • • • • • • Huntington Beach, California The #advjeep is getting what I think is one of the smartest auxiliary battery setups on the market. @americanadventurelab makes this killer bracket that holds an @arb4x4usa #ckmta12 double pumper compressor, an @odysseybattery #pc1100 and a @redarc_electronics dual input battery charger. This setup allows you to run the compressor, fridge, and more off the aux battery and not the starting battery. The #redarc can take a charge from the alternator or a solar input and requires no splicing into the sensitive factory electronics. It’s a “dual battery” system without the packaging and electronic integration issues of an under hood system. Can’t wait to complete the install. #advjeep #aev #aevconversions #aevequipped #jl370 #jeep #wrangler #jl #jeepwrangler #wranglerjl #oiiiiiiio #arbusa #odysseybattery #americanadventurelab #onboardair #onboardpower #dualbattery #auxbattery #doitsmarter #ipreview via @preview.app - @americanadventurelab on Instagram

- hmmm

How to move on a tmax😎 #amsterdambikelife #desmodromers #ducatipanigale #bikelife #tmax530 #tmax560 #cbr1000rrr #superbikegram #europeanbikers #agvhelmets #rstmoto #bridgestonemoto #romania #moto_wetness #motoask #1000rrgram #kneedraggers #elbowdown #bikersfromeurope - @true_riderz on Instagram

- Hes actually standing up straight, Daytona International Speedways track is just steep

- Absurd new toilets installed in Surfers Paradise, QLD Australia

- Took a Uber in Shanghai today...

Voi gridavate cose orrende e violentissime e voi siete imbruttiti. Io gridavo cose giuste e ora sono uno splendido quarantenne! #carodiario #nannimoretti - @nannimorettifilm on Instagram

- Alternative Energy Resources

- Wait! I need a better angle!

- It’s happening...


- The People vs. The State II

Well it’s not every day you see a PT6 powered Cessna 206. Head on over to @aerialtransport and check out their work. Thank you for joining the @cessnation community and tagging us in your photos and videos for a chance to be featured. If I have to jump out of it to get a ride up in it, sign me up! - @cessnation on Instagram

- 641/2 - F190 Ferrari

- Autonomous Vehicles

- blursed chariot

- alternative energy

- hmmm

- Walk Behind Trimmers Attachment Plate with 5 caster swivel wheel

- Car Chargers

- hmmm

- hmmm

- Water from a glacier in Alaska

- hmmm

📸 @davidegouldphotography 🎞#35mm #35mmfilm #speedphotomilano #filmdeveloping #filmscan #filmcommunity #filmisnotdead #filmphotography #analogphotography #analog #c41 - @speed_photo_bovisa on Instagram

- Telescopes for two eyes, aka: Binoculars

- hmmm

- [Self] Doctor Octopus at ECCC

- Amazing Robots

- ITAP of a girl laughing at her boyfriend (Galway, Ireland)

- Cefalu

- Robots for Kids

- The moscow metro has large explosion-resistant metal containers which are you used whenever something that could be a bomb is found. If this happens, the threat is placed into the container until it is safe to remove it.

- Brasileiros preparados para matar o vírus de rir

- The opening to the 2020 Mexican military parade [700x300]

- Me_irl

- Why wear a boring old mask when you can wear the NEW terrarium bubble helmet?

#EsNoticia🚨 Policía Nacional en el ojo del huracán por agresiones físicas y violaciones sexuales, en Bogotá🟢🇨🇴 “Según Medicina Legal y la Cívica de Mayores de la Mebog, en Bogotá la Policía entre 2019 y 2020 ha perpetrado 45 violaciones sexuales y 10.071 agresiones físicas”, aseguraron en el Concejo de la ciudad. La división entre el Gobierno Municipal y la Policía Nacional, continúa en Bogotá, esta vez en la continuidad del debate de control político sobre los hechos ocurridos en la capital del país, los días 9 y 10 del presente mes, donde 10 personas resultaron muertas. Fue así, como este martes, concejales de Bogotá tomaron la palabra y pidieron a la Policía Nacional dar claridad, frente a las muertes y los actos violentos ejecutados por sus mismos uniformados, donde además participaron los secretarios de Seguridad, Hugo Acero, y de Gobierno, Luis Ernesto Gómez. Entre otras intervenciones, se resaltó la del concejal de la Alianza Verde, Diego Cancino, quien se pronunció con base a los informes de Medicina Legal y la Policía Cívica de Mayores de la Mebo, manifestando su preocupación frente a los hechos de violación sexual y agresiones físicas ejecutadas por la Policía Nacional, cerrando su participación con el cuestionamiento, “¿No es esta una policía paramilitarizada?”. Finalmente, el debate tuvo que ser suspendido por la salida de los secretarios Municipales hacia la Casa de Nariño. Sin embargo, la sesión culminó con la intervención, de la concejal del Partido Liberal, Luz Marina Gordillo, que expresó “se debe invertir en educación de derechos humanos a la Policía, y también se deben fortalecer las normas sobre el irrespeto a la autoridad”. • • • Para más información ingresa a: 🖥️📱noticias.canaltro.com 👈 📸 Suministrada - @canaltro on Instagram

- Updating google maps on foot

- hmmm

- bike

- Accidents

- 2014 Columbus Day


- the way this MIT professor draws dotted lines

Am on YouTube agen,, mad Mark 5,, sortin champignones oot,, - @magicmadmark on Instagram

- hmmm

- Everything Investing

- Vespa Scooter

- Blursed Madlad rider

- Mass detentions in Belarus now

- Photo taken 1 week after Epstein killed himself.

- Invention AND Innovation!

- Day three of Oregonians pumping their own gas.

- blursed bicycle


- Honda XR stuff

- Fire breathing pony that is controlled by Wii remotes.

- Last Mile

- Automobili

- Whatre you looking at