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Some great unexpected and unforgettable things happened yesterday in our House. . The performers just started their marathon of eight hours again. Come by, bring all your friends and enjoy freedom, noiseless time and live through these moments with the performers. . Eight hours, never the same thing twice. Lets see what happens today. - @needcompanyarts on Instagram

Pop up! a manual of paper mechanisms - duncan birmingham (tarquin boo…

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Are you just a little curious? The buzz is out there and people are talking! We are coming to Leawood this Fall! We will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! We offer 10 different no impact, HOT Infrared Workouts that are 15 or 30 minutes long! We have a FX (Functional Fitness) Zone for strength training that you can do ANYTIME of the day. PLUS we are a very safe, clean and socially distanced studio. We cover all the bases.... no excuses here! Contact us today to get more info and grab the low pre-opening rates! 913-585-0000 - @hotworxleawood on Instagram

How to Make a Simple DIY Pop-Up Book

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- Packaging

Tutorial - Double Popup Card

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Introducing the Finalists for Hobart New Restaurant of the Year 2020! First row (L to R): @15stamford, @bbrbyalainducasse, @preludio.sg Second row (L to R): @vianneymassotsg, @vuesingapore —————————————————— WASH WITHOUT WATER This vision is our continuous incentive to walk new paths in order to constantly reduce the water, energy and chemical consumption. We continue pursuing this goal with innovative high-end engineering. Whenever the first machine will be capable of washing dishes without water – it will be a HOBART. “Made in Germany“ is and has been for a long time a mark of quality and reliability in the premium quality segment. HOBART has been awarded international design awards and prizes in innovation and environmental engineering. BEST IN WAREWASHING! At our manufacturing plant in Offenburg, Germany, HOBART develops, produces, and distributes warewashing technology worldwide. All over the world, the hotel and catering trade, cafeterias, bakeries and butcher shops, supermarkets, airlines and cruise ships swear by our innovative products, which are considered to be economical and ecological market leaders. - @worldgourmetsummit on Instagram

24 Useful Ways To Actually Organize Your RV/Camper

Image in Comics/ Pop Art collection by $$ on We Heart It

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- zara moda

Large Hadron Collider Pop-up Book Coming in August

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Video of my play on my vimeo or AIR’s vimeo or both or neither 💋love you😳 in bio - @georgica on Instagram

Free Templates Kagisippo Popup Cards Pop Up Cards Birthday in Popup Card Template Free – 10+ Professional Templates Ideas

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IRI - The board that deconstructs the classroom and open the minds Designed by @antoinefoucault_id and me @jonathtordjman #industrialdesign #id #productdesign #product #rendershot #renders #renderoftheday #rhino3d #design #stratedesign #designideas #designlife #gsgdaily #render #keyshot #keyshotrender #digitalrender - @jonathtordjman on Instagram

The Best Air Conditioners for Pop Up Campers (& Pop Up Tent Air Conditioner Installation) | WellTraveledNebraskan.com



- Debenhams

$500 Pop Up Camper Makeover

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This weekend we should have been serving an array of treats @folkeast From ice creams to waffles, milk shakes, smoothies and hot chocolates with cookies; we serve from 9.00am to late each day. We look forward to seeing you next year at this lovely family folk festival in the beautiful grounds of @glemhamhall - @hadleysicecream on Instagram

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- Book Binding

How to Repair Torn Canvas on a Pop Up Camper

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How is your model skills? Comment and tell us . It will be fun . . Wonderful Model by Meent Estudio Photos by @margaritagorbea Follow @archi.voice for more amazing work . ------------------------------------------------ .#architecture #design #architecturemodel #architecturedaily #architecturedesign #3d #architecture_magazine #architectureporn #axo #archdaily #arquitectura #maquette #instarchitecture #artanddesign #rendering #archi #architecturemodels #architecturemapping #architecturethesis #wooden #architecturesolutions #axo_madness #architecturestudent #illustrarch #architecturethesis #actofmapping #archisource #mistrallartt #wood #architecturelovers #archivoice - @archi.voice on Instagram

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Happy #FreshlyBakedFridays! Check out this weeks batch of new releases straight out of the @bakerymastering oven. LAS MANOS by @cartalkmusic Produced & Engineered by @tudznsudz Mixed by @collinpastore THAT TREE by @drewdolan_ Engineered & mixed by @hausmusicproduction HEAL by #HEALSEAArtists @rinni_w, @yurayunita 🇮🇩 @dolla.official, @shalmaeliana 🇲🇾 @theonlyhaven, @itshaneri 🇸🇬 @valentinaploy 🇹🇭 @jayda, @,jona, kylaalvarez, @kztandingan, @leshaliton, @moirarachelle, & @alexgodinez 🇵🇭 Co-written by @jonathanmanalo, @alexgodinez, & @moophs Released under @starmusicph TEENAGE DREAM by @jennyowenyoungs Produced & mixed by @johnmarknelson, HIBANG by @lasantos27 Produced by Von Vee & @sanchopapa Engineered & mixed by Von Vee Released under @7ksounds CANOGA MADNESS by @mestizobeat Produced by @therealaquilesmagana, @amsoul27 Engineered by @therealaquilesmagana Mixed by Sergio Rios Released under @californiasoulmusic SHE A HO by @mickeyshiloh x @subzylla Released under @tarsierrecords & @bdrmrecords BEYOND THE RAINBOW BRIDGE by @trinabelamide Mixed by @angelorozul LIFEVEST by @theweirdyears Mixed by @chriskuffner #MasteredAtTheBakery - @bakerymastering on Instagram

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Today!! #Repost @cityofbell ・・・ Join us this Thursday on IG & Facebook Live at 9:30 AM for the Virtual Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the new beautiful library mural! We would like to thank Los Angeles County Supervisor @hildasolis for sponsoring this mural and to the mural artist, @tetriswai   El jueves tendremos una ceremonia virtual de corte de cinta! Únete con nosotros en vivo en Instagram o Facebook a las 9:30 a.m. para ver nuestro nuevo y hermoso mural de la biblioteca. Nos gustaria agradecer a la supervisora del condado del Los Angeles, Hilda L. Solis, por patrocinar este mural y al artista del mural @tetriswai - @cultivartestudios on Instagram

Spiral Heart Burst (Master Unique design) Popup card - DIY Tutorial - 924


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- DIY Paper: Box

Livro pop-up com cadeiras 3D

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Les travaux continuent au Restaurant Le Block Gourmand à Bruz. Lagencement sur mesure avance en atelier #agencement #architectureinterieure #décoration #bruz #rennesmaville #instabreizh #instadeco - @contrasteinterieur on Instagram

Can Pop Up Camper Canvas Be Painted?

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Were looking forward to the launch of Westerly 65.1 on 30 July, but you can order your copy now! 📚 Because were launching online, were opening orders early to give your copy time to arrive ahead of the launch. Then you can read along on the night! 📚 A print order = digital access too. Order here: https://bit.ly/Westerly65-1 📚 And register to attend the online launch of Westerly 65.1 here: https://bit.ly/Westerly651 📚 We hope to see you there! - @westerly.mag on Instagram


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Spent the last few weeks designing a pop-up shop for a ‘small’ client. - Ned’s Bayou: Fine Pool Equipment & Pop-Up Shop June 28-30 2019 - Store Design @brandonrike of @tnsndvsn Carpentry: @elmwood_custom_goods Lighting @glow_motion Animations: @joeyjudkins Signage printing: @westcamppress - #nedsbayou #nedbayou #ned #storedesign #popup - @brandonrike on Instagram

i finessed my motha into getting me fake piercings 😛

Pop Up Page - Tutorial | Scrapbook Ideas | DIY Photo Album

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- DESIGN tips

Begotten: Cursed Emoji

How to Replace the Roof Gasket Seal on a Coleman Popup Trailer

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KHAITE Spring Summer 2021 collection in a box. The elements of a fashion show broken down and reconverted into an experience fusing hi-tech with analogue. A collection book, shot by @hannatveite collages with fabric swatches and utilizing AR technology to put the season’s accessories in your living room. A limited edition candle by @regimedesfleurs and a bootleg vinyl record round out the world. Best team on this one - @eileeneast @dwightla @quincybanks @racoonhat @chandeliercreative @khaite_ny - @michael_scanlon_ on Instagram

Futaba yoshioka

Simple DIY Hanging Shelf for a Pop-Up or RV Trailer

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- tokan

Pop Up Camper Replacement Parts ⋆ Exploring Domesticity

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VOTE NOW! Alessandro Rupilli with his graduation project at Global Digital Graduate Show, in collatboration with Arts Thread, Gucci and i-D. Deadline for voting: September 14th! https://www.artsthread.com/events/gdgs2020/fashion-textile-accessories/#/project/dynamicsynth-gear . Dynamicsynth Gear™ by Alessandro Rupilli . In Italy we have a deep culture regarding crafts, concerning the manufacture, you can easily lose yourself in the nostalgia of the past, and in nostalgia you cannot evolve, especially in a country like this with a deep manufacturing tradition. Destroy the past to rebuild it with a contemporary arrangement. It is exactly what I do in tailoring every day. My name is Alessandro Rupilli and I am the creator of Dynamicsynth Gear™: Dynamicsynth Gear ™ is a laboratory of ideas, inspired by culture, because culture brings knowledge and knowledge opens the road to technical awareness. Creating is poetry and the manufacturing process is the intellectual management that inglobe materials, technique, practice and innovation. You can compress everything into fabric pieces united between them and that have the taste of your passion. - @unqualified_milano on Instagram


Pop Up Camper Replacement Parts ⋆ Exploring Domesticity

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- Counter design

Raise The Roof / Popup Camper / Pop Up Camper Pillow / Pillow Cover / Camping Pillow Cover / Pop Up Decor / Camper Pillow Cover

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- Party Tents

23 Pop ups card Techniques | DIY Popup Scrapbook | JK Arts 1389 #MothersDayCraft

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Inspirational Words from Bruce McLaren!! #Life | #Achievement | #Years | #50 | #Car | #Cars | #Supercars | #Goodwood | #FoS | #FoS2013 | #Porsche | #Ferrari | #Lamborghini | #F1 | #HillClimb | #Classic | #Mclaren | #Bugatti | - @goodwoodfestivalofspeed on Instagram

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En un esfuerzo sin precedentes, las promotoras independientes más grandes de México nos unimos a la distancia para presentar #FarAwayFest ⁠ Un festival en línea con causa, todos los días a las 8PM en www.farawaytogether.tv⁠ ⁠ Dona en: https://donadora.org/faraway - @hellowfestival on Instagram

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#santanderbgafashionweek2020 evoluciona con su misma esencia y una nueva consciencia, a la semana de la moda digital. Revolucionar para evolucionar es la invitación que tenemos desde #santander para vivir nuestra feria, que gracias al nuevo formato nos permitirá explorar diversas posibilidades, a través de los canales digitales. Conservando el espíritu que nos ha caracterizado, exploraremos de manera colectiva los caminos y las oportunidades que nos brinda la tecnología y que nos unen más que nunca. #modacolombiana #moda #fashionweek #fashion - @santanderbgafw on Instagram

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Selatan x Bengkel Akting Kuma presents: Internalisasi Karakter Bedah karakter untuk membangun manusia sesungguhnya dalam tubuh Aktor. With Khiva Iskak Co-Founder dan Mentor BAK Sabtu, 18 July 2020 Pukul 14:00-17:00 Pertemuan via zoom. Biaya: IDR 300k/pax Info link registrasi ada di poster For more info, DM @ruangselatan . #bengkelaktingkuma - @bengkelactingkuma on Instagram

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Think Boxabl is the future of housing? Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor. Invest now and buy shares in Boxabl wefunder.com/boxabl - @_boxabl on Instagram

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- research institute

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Want more opportunities to work on that manual dexterity?! 👋 Join ASDA Wellness in making an Origami Tooth with D22 Mehak Baig on Zoom this Friday at 5pm! You’ll just need a piece of paper and some scissors AND you’ll be entered for a chance to win a Rambler 14oz Yeti mug! Zoom meeting link in bio, Meeting ID: 928 8757 5678, Passcode: 879116 - @tuftsasda on Instagram

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COOKING UP THIS EVENING WITH @paddingtonworksproduction Thank you @nwavemagazine - @dangerlov3 on Instagram

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- @irenegillopez on Instagram

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- Jewelry Packaging, Display and Storage

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- 2020/2021 Katalog

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- Exhibition / booth design

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- Car Wash Design

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12/8 - flyer by @n69696t - @compilatory on Instagram

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- Junior

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Just a few below deck interior concepts that we’ve been working on for a few customers. Not often do you see a fisharound style catamaran with 6’8” of headroom below deck. All below deck options are custom to your needs and come with a full 3D layout by one of our design partners @yachtdesignworks for your custom build approvals. #smithcustomboats #scb53 #sportfishcatamaran #catamaransportfish #customboats #customsportfish #customboatbuilding #outboards #steppedhull #pilothouse #expressboats #enclosedexpress #flybridge #walkaroundsportfish #fisharound #sportfisher #sailfish #marlin #bluemarlin #blackmarlin #whitemarlin #wahoo #swordfish #yellowfintuna #bluefintuna #tuna #offshorefishing - @smithcustomboats on Instagram

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Regular dance classes has been started. So come and join us! For more details you may contact on the no. mentioned. - @rank1_studio on Instagram

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- Box

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Hotdog.de wünscht allen Gästen und Hotdog-Freunden ein tolles Jahr 2016! 🌭🍦🍺🍽🚀 #hotdog #catering #event #imbiss #food #vegan #vegetarisch #vegetarian #getränke #drinks #bier #beer #fritzkola #menu #bio #fresh #vital #premium #BBQ #curry #fritz #eis #saucen #nachos #magdeburg #leipzig #hausgemacht #Jalapeños - @hotdog.de on Instagram

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- eco architecture

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- Activities - Fort Friday

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- CTN Expo

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Oi, vc já ouviu EU NÃO SOU AFROFUTURISTA? link na bio 😛🙈 também veja/ouça pelo PC! 💻🌟 em exibição na @pivoartepesquisa satélite 🛰️🛰️🛰️ curadorya de @dianelima 🙈🙈🙈🍃 #biarritzzz #soundart #videoart #gifart #webart #contemporaryart #brazilianmusic #brazilianartist #descolonizar #descolonizate #decolonialartist - @biarritzzz on Instagram

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We are so excited! Food Pantry services are re-opening at UMD! Thanks to our partners at the @foodbankcenc in Durham and @sankofafarms , starting in August, contactless food pick-up will be available on Tuesdays from 10am-12pm. We can serve up to 150 households, just make sure to wear a mask. Services are both drive-in and walk-up. Distribution is at County Parking Lot #13 (next door to UMD on Queen and Liberty Streets). If you are interested in volunteering to help with distribution, please contact Viki Baker at (919) 682-0538 x125 or vbaker@umdurham.org. You can also support operations by donating food and bottled water on weekdays, 9am-5pm or sign up for helping with meal service in the Community Cafe using Sign Up: https://signup.com/client/invitation2/secure/99839417804/false#/invitation - @umdurham on Instagram

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Get your skin looking tanned and gorgeous with W7 Honolulu.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Shop @Takealotcom and @Superbalist R139 - @w7cosmeticssa on Instagram

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Please Mister Postman, look and see Is there a letter, a letter for me?! 💌 . We need 1000 notes of encouragement for #FLOWVEMBER! This is a great activity for volunteers of ALL ages 📃 link in bio! . Please sign up on our website so we know how many notes to count on! 📫 . Please don’t rush! This is a quality, not quantity thing 💕 We love thoughtful, handwritten notes... See the next 2 slides for guidelines and inspiration for writing your notes! - @resisterhoodla on Instagram

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That’s right. Now you can get the bar. Near and far. - @lowkeybar on Instagram

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- Trade show booth design

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- Bathroom Design

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- Boutique

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In the beningging. Happy birthday @arielnayaka! - @emirhermono on Instagram

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- booth setup

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So happy, our project Endangered animals made it to the Top 5 finalists for the @dezeen x @samsungtv Out of the Box Competition 🥰🎉 The jury will convene later this month to determine the overall winner. • • • 📷by @benjaminswansonstill with set design by @jamstudio.london and retouching by @thewizardretouch #samsung #dezeen #dezeenxsamsungoutoftheboxcompetition #ecopackage #cardboard #design #studentdesign #productdesign #animals #cute #playful #diy #furniture #children #craft - @studio_fantasio on Instagram

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- Cluster House

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Stamping seed envelopes. Very excited about this custom label I ordered on Etsy and supporting a small canadian maker @stampcampco . . Inspired by “slightly unreliable seeds” packaging to get a stamp. Super smart! @gatheringniagara if you are looking to purchase seeds as well. . . . #fiberart #handmadehome #handmade #punchneedleart #capricorn #fiber #needlefelting #weaving #willowweaving #maker #shopsmall #shoplocal #willow #weavingwillow #basketweaving #punchneedle #textileart #farming #mentalhealthawareness #cultivatekindness #farmlife #canadianfarm #homesteading - @cul.ti.vate.niagara on Instagram

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- Camping plus!!!

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Lesley Dills installation RISE included in The F Word: We Mean Female, an exhibition of works by female artists in the collection of the Hunter Museum. ... ... ... #lesleydill #huntermuseum #museumcollection #collection #installation #sculpture #art #contemporaryart - @nohrahaimegallery on Instagram

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- Books/Brochures/Reports/Leaflets

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If you’ve ordered these green beauties…they are now on their way to you! If you’d like a pair ... we still have a bit of green and orange deerskin leather left to make you some too! Send us your size and addy via info@hidesinhand.com $125 #custommade #limitededition #madeforyou #madebyus #sounique #oneofakind #greenleather #orangeleather #hidesinhand - @hidesinhand on Instagram

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- Feng Shui For all Home

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- Brochure

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- boxes, baskets and bags

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. Haii haiiiii.... 👋🏻 @dagocliff mau kasih promo menarik nihhhh... . . Untuk kalian yang mau nikah tapi terhalang COVID19 dan jadi tertunda, kita lagi punya promo untuk #halalinajadulu di @dagocliff dengan minimum pemesanan 50 Pax.. . . . Buruan langsung chat admin untuk tanya-tanya tanggal dan menu paketnya yaa.. Jangan sampei tanggal inceran kamu udah keburu di pesen orang lain.. . . Stay safe, stay healthy, stay happy.. ❤️ . . For Reservation : Dago Cliff Resto & Dine Jl. Ligar Melati No. 60 Awiligar - Bandung ☎️ 0813-1200-8393 - @dagocliff on Instagram

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- Architecture

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It’s difficult enough to stay in tune with what your menstrual cycle might be trying to tell you in normal times, and 2020 has been far from normal. In such a time of uncertainty, it’s a significant moment to consider the cycle. Your body is a physical record of every emotion and experience you’ve ever had, which is why it’s important to stay conscious of our bodies, listening to what they want and need in every moment, and doing what we can to honor that. Join us for a conversation with our founder @mollyrosehayward next week around the cycle — it’s completely free, just make sure to register through the link in our bio! - @corawomen on Instagram

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From the God’s Pantry Team we want to say THANK YOU! . We want to give a huge “Thank You!” to @inlandhills for purchasing a new truck for us and to everyone who donated and participated in our Annual Golf Tournament. . The money raised at our Annual Golf Tournament provided the financial means to add the new lift onto our new truck. . Our trucks are a vital source of our day to day operations. Our trucks allow us to pick up food from our local partners and provide the transportation needed for our off site distributions. . Thank you to everyone who continues to support us. - @godspantry_org on Instagram

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- albums scrapbooking

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- Box

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- jehovah paradise

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In quel di Colonia. Stand Miloox fino a poco fa. 🤞🏻 IMM 2020 Koelnmesse 🤟🏻 . . . #miloox #koelnmesse2020 #koelnmesse #lighting #colonia2020 #light #decor #imm #imm2020 - @davidenegristudio on Instagram

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In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist. – Angela Davis @wayvrunkollektiv + @berlinasianfilm invite Black, brown and queer people to reclaim the streets of Berlin and to join our #AntiRacismRun 2020. Following the steps and movements of Anton Wilhelm Amo, Amadeu Antonio, May Ayim, Audre Lorde, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Oluwa Toyin Salau and many more, we are standing up against racism. We are raising our voices against racism. We are fighting against racism. The right-wing protests during Covid have once again showed us that it is a white privilege to move safely through urban spaces. With our #AntiRacismRun, however, we want to bring people from the BIPOC* communities together and run under the protection of the group to stand up and move against structural racism. As activists, students and teachers, artists and entrepreneurs, citizens moving through spaces in and outside of running, in and beyond Germany, we are taking a stand against racism. With the cancellation of this years Berlin Marathon, the run gives us an opportunity to raise funds for SANKOFA Kita and GLADT e.V. as we push for progress every single day. When: Saturday, September 26th, 10am Start: Wilhelmstreet 49, 10117 Berlin End: Volkspark Friedrichshain How long: 5KM run / walk Please register with the QR code. By joining our 5KM run in person, doing your own virtual run and/or donating here you can support existing anti-racist organisations focusing on BIPOC* queer youth and children: @sankofakita + @gladt_e.v Learn more about our campaign and the organizations at the link in bio: https://www.gofundme.com/f/anti-racism-run #community #running #werunberlin #notoracism - @berlinasianfilm on Instagram

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- Portfolio Samples

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- Australia itinerary

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#Repost @youarethecity with @get_repost ・・・ Awesome Newburgh @awesomenewburgh will exhibit its past awardees @betweenspacesllc (105 Ann Street) this weekend during Newburgh Open Studios. Saturday, Sept 26th and Sunday, Sept 27th from 12-6pm. There will be an after party beer and wine celebration on Saturday from 6-8pm!! (Cocktails can be purchased @thespiritslab ). Please join us. Image: April 2019 Recipient “Consider Me” by Lori Grinker #awesomenewburgh #newburghopenstudios #newburghny #newburgharts #newburghculture - @awesomenewburgh on Instagram

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 호미화방 2층 입구에는 취급하는 종이의 종류를 알기 쉽게 정리한 표가 있어요 🧾 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 종이는 다양한 사이즈를 구비하고 있으니 자세한 상담은 2층 매장 직원에게 문의하시면 자세한 상담을 도와드려요~🧑🏻‍🎨 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #호미화방 #homiartshop #홍대화방 #호미화방2층 #종이차트 #종이많아요 - @homi_artshop on Instagram

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📬 BLUELESS가 어느덧 전시 중반을 지나고 있습니다. 이번 주말 갤러리요호에서 안전한 전시 관람 어떠세요?😷😊 갤러리요호는 코로나19 방역지침을 준수하며 정상 운영되고 있습니다. - - BLUELESS Kim tae joong Solo Exhibition 2020. 7. 30 Thu - 9. 13 Sun - @gallery_yoho on Instagram

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Artist Motoyuki Shitamichi invites Japan Society members to virtually visit the unparalleled art destination Naoshima island on Thursday 9/19 as the next installment in our Spotlight series. Shitamichi, a leading artist in his emerging generation, will lead a tour at the site of his ongoing project Setouchi “Hundred Years’ Tourism” Museum, which takes on the format of an open-archive, compiling a survey of ephemera the artist has gathered from local communities, bearing witness to the island’s residents and their collective personal history. More info & instructions to RSVP can be found on our website—link in bio.⁣ ⁣ Not a member yet? Head to our website to join!⁣ ⁣ [Image: Motoyuki Shitamichi, Setouchi Hundred Years Tourism Museum, 2020. Photo by Motoyuki Shitamichi. Courtesy of Fukutake Foundation]⁣ ⁣ #JSFromHome #naoshima #setouchi #setouchitriennale #motoyukishitamichi - @japansociety on Instagram

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Its alive! Taikurit ei paljasta temppuja, mutta minä paljastan että olen soitellut Billyn äänet bassolla 🎸🎧 #freebilly #killer #killerwhale #sculpture #wood #arduino #annapekkala #taidekeskusmältinranta #basisti #keskittyminen #mökkitierecords ▶️ Oikeesti kiitos Kiventuijottajat Ry tilasta 🙌 - @annapekkala.art on Instagram

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Thank you @somemag_fhp for featuring my work in your fire issue #10. 🔥 It was a pleasure to talk to you about my exhibition when we open we open every window @gr_und, in your in intimacy column. @somemag_fhp is a magazine between Art and Design. Photo by: @ana.muna - @vanna_juanita on Instagram

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Jpstudio Virtual Booth - e(X)ternity of view --------------------------------------------------------- Jalan-jalan online di @indobuildtech Digital Fair 2020, yuk! Tahun ini indobuildtech menghadirkan pameran online building material dan interior pertama di Indonesia, yang dikemas dalam bentuk web platform dengan tampilan 3D serta dilengkapi dengan fitur-fitur interaktif, dan dapat diakses secara fleksibel melalui smart phone. Temukan booth virtual JP studio di hall 5-11 dari tanggal 30 September - 11 Oktober 2020. Daftar segera di www.indobuildtech.com dan dapatkan experience baru dalam menjelajahi pameran online. See you there! #ExhibitionBeyondBoundaries #IndoBuildTech #DigitalFair - @judypranata on Instagram

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- Box & Pack Layout

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FINALLY ⚡⚡⚡ Polysème #4 Sexualités / Sexualities #polysememag #mook #feminism #filmisnotdead #filmphotography #femalephotographer #femaleartists #transartists - @polysememag on Instagram

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Alongside her recipes, Shannon shares her essential kitchen larder, a did-you-know guide to ingredients that are not actually vegan (but that many cooks think are, and vice versa), plus advice on leftovers and cutting back on waste.⁠ ⁠ Vegan with Bite is launching on the 7th of October! Pre-order now via the link in bio! - @smithanddaughters on Instagram

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Applying my crafts in the fight against COVID-19. . . Enhanced Intubation boxes designed collectively with Carnegie Mellon University for hospitals nationwide. . . Production rate : I can no longer feel my fingers. . #covid #corona #intubationbox - @j.leun on Instagram

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- Stampin up foxy friends cards

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Production Is Almost Complete 💕🤙🏽🍍🍦 ------------- We Finally Whipped Up A New Whip🚚🚚 🍍🍦🤙🏽 ------------- #watchmewhip #pineappleWHIPS #makingmoves #gottakeepup #husbandandwifeteam #husbandandwife #businesspartners #hustletogetherstaytogether #ingodshands #ourfirsttrailer #covid2020 #pandemic #pinchmeimustbedreaming - @pineapplewhips on Instagram

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Treed binnen in de zeer diverse, wondere werelden van de extravagante fotograaf Tim Walker. Nu op C-mine! Alle info op www.c-mine.be 📷 @renaatnijs #expotimwalker #timwalkerphotographer #timwalker #visitgenk #expo #cmine #cultuur #coronaproofuitje - @cminegenk on Instagram

- Architecture Model

- 1st year Architecture students University of the Free State Bloemfontein South Africa

先日の企画会議の外部デザイナーさんの企画をご紹介! さぁ、今回はどんな面白いものを持ってきてくださるかな~と思ったら、こちらは「猫がゴリゴリ気持ちよくなって通り抜けるゲート」だそうです! . アイデアがいつも斜め上をいっています!!!! さすが、人生経験豊富です!!!!(笑) 洗車のゲートみたいで面白いですよね😊💗 試したことがないので猫ちゃんがどんな反応をするのか未知数ですが、こういったちょっと変わった(ひねった)アイデアってすごく大事で、これをそのまま商品にすることは難しいですが、さらに考えて考えて、商品化できるように頑張っています!✊ . ちょっとディズニーのトイストーリー感があって私は好き!(笑) . #段ボール #猫用品 #企画 #ゲート #扉 #洗車 #おもちゃ #すりすり #cat #ペット用品 #クラフト - @nekoto_bando on Instagram

T R I O E L É T R I C O 🤩 Um trio de arquitetas e um desafio 👉 projetar um carrinho para levar livros, jogos e brinquedos para as crianças internadas nos hospitais ❤️ .:. Com o apoio da DU99, QTMOV e Grupo DCA será possível executar o Trio Elétrico a preço de custo! .:. Tem interesse em patrocinar um carrinho e colaborar conosco para multiplicar o Trio Elétrico e distribuir para vários hospitais? Nos contata! Ou colabora com a nossa Vakinha! Link na bio! .:. Vem fazer parte desse time que está de alguma forma fazendo os carrinhos se tornarem realidade! - @popstudioarq on Instagram

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Done! @chiculturcenter⁠ #woodworking #artists #design #diy #madeinenglewood #englewood #chicago #plywood #carpentry #southside #wood #maker #englewooddesign #furnituredesign #productdesign #chicagodesign #chicagomade #southsidechicago #repurposed #homemade #tools #foldingtable #mobile #tables #chicagoculturalcenter - @made_in_englewood on Instagram

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#Festival #stagedesign in the #woods #tent from @sonnensegelei #grandma2onpc #grandma3d #blender3d #outdoor #rave #sharpy #macquantumprofile #mirrorballs - @mike_erwin_klose on Instagram

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- Paper Craft Templates

#manricocashmere #showroom #MCshowroom #milano - @manricocashmere on Instagram

Soooo we’ve been working on our independent manufacturing/retail space in a new development on the Southwest side of Atlanta #swatl in @pittsburghyards. Slow coming, but let’s blame it on #covid. This Saturday September 26 from 10am-1pm, there will be an outdoor showcase/expo held with some of the businesses that will build out on the property. Mokipops will be gifting our sweet potato pie and pumpkin pie pops. Come take a look at the new property and taste our fall pops. #minimokipops @godaddy @iwifresh @theprofitcnbc @dekalbchamber @cityofatlantaga @keishabottoms @tassilisraw #covidguidelines #maskon ... #sixfootdistance - @mokipops on Instagram

New website! Nouveau website! #pgmap @parisgallerymap #paris Link in bio 🔝 - @parisgallerymap on Instagram

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The perverse delusion of grandeur of heterosexual male romance. Is heterosexual male romantic love ever a selfless deed? Is it possible for a man to add to a relationship or is he compelled to continually take and take, some by conditioning, some ignorance and some, by apathy. I dont think Ive ever actively added to a single one of my friendships, relationships or dalliances even. It was quite possibly always some self serving, egotistical, emotional car crash. A wreck by the side of the highway of time now... hopefully everyone involved ended up fin- Is that blood on the chassis? Its hard to imagine any survivors- A man was probably driving- He probably survived- What true horror, the entanglement of fates, as such. Dil To Pagal Hai, 1997 Leaving a Mark on Films That Left A Mark On Me - @terenceharifernandes on Instagram

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Our collective remote work experience has been an experiment for all of us, providing insight into what we need to work most effectively. Now were asking: what have we learned?⁠ ⁠ Link in bio to read In A Remote World, We Are Still Designing For Social Creatures⁠ ⁠ #Futureofwork #remotework #returntowork #workfromhome - @workdesignmag on Instagram

- DIYPackaging&cards

- 15 inch subwoofer box

Today is the Day.... No not for the pandemic to be over (we wish), it is time for our Advanced Neuro Course VIRTUALLY with @megkoppeleduffy. Over the quarantine Meghann has expanded the Advance Course to add another day and is excited to open up her playbook to you all. This course is also special because Meghann will be joined by Dr. Evan Rubin, @evansrubindo to lecture on some exciting new topics that enhance the work we do at The Neuro Studio. * * So, are you ready to take all your knowledge you learned in our Pilates for Neurological Conditions Course and your experience in the clinic and level up all your sessions and assessment skills. * * During this intensive 3-day training you will: ➡️ Learn how to implement The Neuro Studio’s 4-quadrant stability model in every session. Get ready to get more done in less time with less stress. This model is a GAME-CHANGER. ➡️ Learn how to take your talents to the zoom room. This course will help you increase income by giving clients BETTER results than in the clinic (seriously). ➡️ Discuss how to work with the bodys reflexive system to decrease spasticity and create new movement pattern.ms ➡️ Expand your assessment skills. No more static assessments, learn how to constantly assess and adapt movements on the fly. ➡️ Find out how to create an effective home exercise program to build success. ➡️ And so much more... * * Course Details: 1️⃣Course Dates Are: October 24th, November 14th, and December 12th. 2️⃣ Morning Sessions are 10-1 pm, Break 1–2pm, & Afternoon Session 2-5 pm. All Eastern Time Zone 3️⃣ All recordings will be available to everyone who signs up, considering the times are not ideal for all time zones. * * Want to learn more and get a BIG discount code and major FREEBIES? SIGN UP NOW ▶️ Click the FIRST link in our Bio. - @theneurostudio on Instagram

#UPDATECHARITYPROJECT Thanks To Mr Benn & @sasyaveruzka . Charity Project Covid-19 Chapter #10 @bali_creativeevent Present _____________________________________________________ Update donasi dari tanggal 1 April s/d 21 September 2020 dengan total dana yg terkumpul sebesar Rp. 18.650.000 dan telah di distribusikan . Terimakasih kepada seluruh Donatur _____________________________________________________ untuk bantuan uang tunai dapat di transfer ke rek BCA No ‭537 0283437‬ an H. Samara (seluruh rekap detail alokasi dana bantuan akan dikirim ke WA para donatur) _____________________________________________________ Info & Donasi WA +62812 1941 4748 @bali_creativeevent @indocreative.id _____________________________________________________ Terimakasih kepada : @ssfcbali dan kepada seluruh relawan . “ all the big thinks start from small beginnings “ _____________________________________________________ #staysafe #opendonation #donation #corona #covid19 #balicreativeevent #indocreative #dirumahaja #charityproject #donasinali #balidonation - @indocreative.id on Instagram

- Paint tubes

- How to speed up herd immunity

We are back and ready to go!! From the 1st of October, every Wednesday and Thursday new ballroom classes from one of our talented teachers. Book your spot now. Link for registration is in the BIO #Ballroomclasses #voguefem #voguefemclass #lgbtq #ballroomscene #rotterdamisburning #queerrotterdam #vogue #voguedance #voguedance #posefx #itsadipnotadeathdrop #typhoonangels #handsperformance #catwalk #duckwalk #spinanddip #floorperformance #voguesoftandcunt #voguedramatics #5elementsofvoguefem - @typhoonangels on Instagram

Last weekend was a pleasure! Thank you to all who came down to our first event back in over 4 months!! Also thank you very much to the team @merakiliverpool for looking after us and working hard to make sure events like this can safely go ahead! We’re busy planning the next one so keep your eyes peeled👀 Updates to come...😏 - @pinnaclesofgarage on Instagram

Spilling ingredients of our premium ube jam!! 🤫✨ ——————————————————————- UBE JAM ( 300gr) - IDR 85k / Jar PO dikirim setiap selasa dgn JNE YES/gojek/grab. tutup PO hari senin jam 23.59 ya 😉 - 안영 친구 ! Introducing our newly launched product, Ube Jam💜 made from purple sweet potato & other premium ingredients. NO PRESERVATIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL COLOR 💜 Cocok bgt utk stock dirumah karena bisa dipakai utk apa aja! Bisa dijadiin spread roti, minuman, isian roti sobek, dan lainnya sesuai dgn kreativitas dan preferensi kalian✨ penasaran dgn rasanya? Yuk buruan diorder dengan klik link di bio utk pemesanan via tokopedia & WA💜 Label design & Product photoshoot by @designbyyes ✨ - @shopwithyes on Instagram

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- Restaurants

Spiritualized Live USA 2019 - @officialspzd on Instagram

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Dear friends, As some of you already know I have been working on a new personal project that I am more than excited to share with you. My need of “saving” beautiful garments from questionable fate over the years and my habit of buying strictly second-hand inevitably led me to the idea of building a personal archive that celebrates timeless design, quality fabrics and aesthetics that last for more than a season. This weekend (12 - 13.09.2020) I invite you to join me at my first ever pop-up event at Bridges & Brows, 112 Columbia Road, E2 7RG, London. The “Power Jacket” edition. P.S I will be there both days from 12 PM to 6 PM. There will be loads of Jil Sander, Mui Miu, Max Mara and what not! Please swing by! - @certainlook.archive on Instagram

- 3D Details (Section Model)

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- new years eve hats

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MA Industrial Design Degree Show 2016 / 1 Granary Square, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AA #organicdictatorship #maindustrialdesign #csm #ual #maid #industrialdesign - @csm_ma_industrialdesign on Instagram

- Direct Mail Advertising

- Bus house

- Print Design

A House on Four Rocks - Sometimes you draw something, just to understand why it isn’t worthwhile. - @camesgibson on Instagram

- Tropical homes

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- Bakery kitchen

Le Muse Inquiete, Giardini della Biennale Room 2 - La Biennale during Fascism (1928-1945). The Cold War and the new world order (1947-1964) On 1 March 1927 La Biennale di Venezia appointed a new secretary general, the Florentine sculptor and art critic Antonio Maraini. In 1928 Maraini inaugurated the Biennale’s archives at the Palazzo Ducale, transforming La Biennale di Venezia from a straightforward exhibition organiser to a cultural institution with many functions. This was part of a wider Fascist government plan for creating major cultural institutions showed the Fascist propensity to view the arts as a political propaganda tool. Maraini’s ambition was to make Venice an international art centre, a “Geneva of the arts”. To this end he invited new nations to build national pavilions in the Giardini, as the United States did in 1930. - The International Art Exhibition reopened in 1948 with an edition focusing on reconstruction; this was Europe’s first major international exhibition after World War Two and came seven years before Documenta, the famous German contemporary art exhibition in Kassel. 1948 was the year of the first solo exhibition by then 67-year-old Pablo Picasso, an artist who had never previously exhibited at the Biennale. Peggy Guggenheim came to Venice and brought her collection to the Greek pavilion, showing not only exceptional modern art from Europe but also new American abstract artists. - The displays are designed based on a few materials and elements: unpainted frames and tables in plywood composed together with colored textile and out of scale black and white prints of photos and documents sourced from the archives of La Biennale. The modular system allows to create different compositions and to adapt to the various spaces of the Giardinis Central Pavilion. photo: @_marcocappelletti #formafantasma #labiennaledivenezia @labiennale #museinquiete #TheDisquietedMuses #biennalevenezia #archivio #asac @ceciliaalemani @marta_papini - @formafantasma on Instagram

🎶take a look, it’s in a book, a reading raaaainbooowww🎶🎶 (if you don’t get the reference, please leave... Just kidding! But you need to respect book enthusiast @levar.burton!!). So, the guidebook. She’s THICK. 🎂 To be quite honest, she almost killed me a year and a half ago when I was finishing the manuscript. I re-researched all the women in the deck that I’d written about before, and then conducted entirely new investigations of the ladies who are more recently included. I pushed myself to my limits in terms how much research I could do plus how many words I could type per day. Sleeping? Didn’t know her. Whenever I hear/read harrowing tales of other authors walking through the proverbial valley of the shadow of death for their books, I’m just like, “Yes. YES. That. Exactly that. I hear you.” All that said, I’m really excited for y’all to use this book for the dual purpose of 1) understanding tarot and 2) learning about historical women and the contexts in which they lived. My life—and my brain—are so much better for having had the opportunity to connect those two realms of knowledge. Seriously. I can’t wait to find out what happens for you. Oh and link in bio as always it you wanna know more and/or order! . . . . . . . . #feministart #feministquotes #tarot #tarotcards #witchyvibes #witchnbitch #bitchcraft #authorsofinstagram #cottagecore #bookstagram #booklover #intersectionalfeminism - @ourtarot on Instagram

Holiday home inspired by Y Hutte, Kengo Kuma. Architectural sketch model @tobiastytgat #ArchiSketcher - @archisketcher on Instagram

- DIY Accordion Folders

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- Planning to Vandwell in 3 years. Just loosely drawing layout, Please share critiques and advice.

- 3D Art Sculpture/Mixed Media Portfolio

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SPACE - #installations #installationart #tpmloves #artinspo - @thepostmodernists_bridal on Instagram

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Estou pensando em fazer assim, será que é o ideal ? . . #doblohome #doblohomer #motorhome #doblo #viagem #familia #followme - @abrazileiradoblohome on Instagram

Oh hello. In place of IFIAAR hosting a bird house making workshop this spring, I finally made a classic YouTube instructional video. It follows a pdf found online for which there is a link on the YouTube page or on the IFIAAR site. Link in bio! No one has moved into mine yet but I’ll keep y’all updated. (Don’t worry I’m not kicking the birds out, this is for their wild kin) - @ifiaar on Instagram

- Architectural Drawing Video Lessons

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הצצה לפרויקט הגמר שלי ״גן עירוני רחב ידיים״ - - - מרחב נסיוני המשלב בין פעולת הקריאה לפעולת המשחק, ומבוסס על המחזה ״הכלה וצייד הפרפרים״ שכתב וביים נסים אלוני. @vc_bezalel ליווי @ayalzakin 💚 צילום @danielhanoch - @noee_zahavy on Instagram

- A Work of Art

- 3 Picture Layout

Widlaser C500 - Turning MDF sheets into flexible materials with absolute ease 👀 🔵 We are incredibly impressed by the detail and capabilities that we are exploring with the C500 currently. 🔵 Link In Bio ⬆️⬆️⬆️ 🔵 #widinovations #widlaser #lasercutting #laser #laserengraving #producttesting #preproduction #sample #manufacturing #inhouse #design #laser #plottingthefuture #c500 #widlaserc500 #mdf #producttesting #c02laser #graphtecgb #graphtecgbdemroom #machinery #technology #equipment - @graphtec_gb on Instagram

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Simulaçã de macuete Casa Paralelo Wonderful Work by @ideiaurb Follow @archi.voice for more amazing work . ------------------------------------------------ .#architecture #design #architecturemodel #architecturedaily #architecturedesign #3d #architecture_magazine #architectureporn #axo #archdaily #arquitectura #maquette #instarchitecture #artanddesign #rendering #archi #architecturemodels #architecturemapping #architecturethesis #wooden #architecturesolutions #axo_madness #architecturestudent #illustrarch #architecturethesis #actofmapping #archisource #mistrallartt #wood #architecturelovers #archivoice - @archi.voice on Instagram

- Fashion Trade Shows

girls can talk brochures💓 . . . #empowerment #positivity #feminism #feminist #girlscantalk #equality #genderequality #organization #highschool #university #inspiration #brochuredesign - @girlscantalksociety on Instagram

- Pop up valentine cards

Last week an absolutely forward-thinking public initiative titled ‘The Tokyo Toilet’ was unveiled, presenting 5 of the total 17 new public toilet designs by leading architects, designers and creatives around Shibuya-ku that include designs by Wonderwall, Tadao Ando, Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito, Fumihiko Maki, and even Marc Newson and NIGO, to name a few of the total 17. 👁 🚽 Pictured, architect #ShigeruBan’s design at 代々木深町小公園. I love this transparent shell, which turns opaque when someone enters and turns the lock. Architect Shigeru Ban explained his concept as; “Public toilets, especially in parks, usually have two concerns — whether the inside is clean, and whether or not someone is hiding inside, and here you can eliminate both worries. At night, it also lights up like a beautiful lantern.” 提灯に似てる。🏮 (Love the kids reactions, it’s great that they feel safe here at night too. Great design.) (📸: the Ricoh) #坂茂 #坂茂建築設計 - @joannakawecki on Instagram

- creer un ancien journal

- DIY and Crafts

- Concept Models

- book art

Last JH Zoom is tonight! We are moving to Wednesday mornings @ 10am - We will be diving into the book of Mark! - @gcardent.jh on Instagram


POET MEETS DUBWISE NEW ARRIVALS! 新作第三弾のオンラインストアでの販売が本日10/2の20時よりスタートします。皆様どうぞよろしくお願い致します。 #poetmeetsdubwise - @poet_meets_dubwise on Instagram

- 展会图片

Aankomende zaterdag 30 mei is het dan eindelijk zo ver! Jammer genoeg niet zoals elk jaar met iedereen in het Roel Langerakpark. Toffler Festival is geen Toffler Festival als we er niet toch een klein feestje van maken, dus we hebben een line-up die bestaat uit toppers van eigen bodem. Schakel via www.tofflerfestival.nl in vanaf 14:00 voor onze radioshow vanaf het @zalmhuis - @tofflerrotterdam on Instagram

- Ceramic tile floor bathroom

Retail store and coffee shop design analysis for the brand Paris 312 located in Chicago , Illinois . Some years ago. #interiordesign #coffeeshop #boutique #chicago #illinois . #jeandelessarddesignerscreatifs #yul #villeray - @jeandelessarddesignerscreatifs on Instagram

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ REELのアトリエの名前が決まりました。 TOR(トーア) ドイツ語で門=ゲート ここの場所を窓口に、様々な人がつくっているものを発信していきたいという意味を込めて。 この壁一面の棚は高さと厚みのバランスを何度も木工作家のにしむーと話して出来上がったもの。 彼が作るものもそのうちTORに並ぶ予定です。 これから少しずつですが展示を行っていけたらと思っています。 営業時間などまた改めてお知らせしますのでよろしくお願いします。 9月オープン予定です。 - @reelneedle on Instagram

Ahhh como adoramos parcerias que só aumenta o nosso nível de amor ! @gabicria.scrap você arrasa sempre! Gratidão 🤩 - @gaiahomespa on Instagram

- arkitek


- Book Design

Flashback to @fashionpositions where we showcased our fashion - art cooperation with @franziskastuenkel in the context of @positions.artfair during @berlinartweek - the first art fair after the lockdown . Photo @posh_foto . We presented works by Franziska side by side with our new collection A/W 2020 and fashion collages. We have cooperatively designed the Gallery with the intention in mind to visualize our shared aesthetical design principles which we realize differently in the different media of 3D fashion and 2D photography. respectively. . Our participation has been made possible by the finanvial support of the Berlin Senat for economy #projektzukunft #senatsverwaltung . Credits Collage: @guineverebrachmann & #franziskastuenkel . . . #fashionpositions #collectfashionwearart #fashionart #fashionmeetsart #berlinartweek #positionsartfair #paperpositions #photobasel #berlindesigners #fashioncollectors #brachmann #architecturalfashion #playfulminimalism #joyfulminimalism #fashionillustration #fashioncollage #scribble #designprinciples #layering #reflections . - @brachmannofficial on Instagram

Pattern Making is the first step to any garment, it’s the building block to create your shape. From beginner to advanced we can help you hone your skills to create the designs of your dreams! ✨ link in bio for more information - @thecutfashionacademy on Instagram

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- christmas - cards

- @unisba_blitar on Instagram

A model of Villa Vals in Switzerland, commissioned by @clickclickjim. If like me you had never seen a picture of this building, look it up, its stunning. 🕳️🏞️🏔️ . Architects: SeARCH & CMA . #modelmaking #paperart #architecture #switzerland #villavals - @elliejsampson on Instagram

- metal screen

- Card folds

- Box Frames

Mock Up of a section of a wall for a project. The design is for an office in downtown Brooklyn. Thinking of how a dividing wall can function on both sides for seating, storage, display, etc. The wooden slats allow a porousness for light and bodies to slip through visually sonically and physically. Built by @pierre_ypres #architecture #carpentry #architecturaldesign #design #designbuild #office #nyc #brooklyn #providence - @tyler_mills23 on Instagram

- museums in los angeles

- Book Arts

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@porscheclubla PCA LA Ojai canyons drive w @porschewomenglobal @flatnhappy Thanks @brucebrown964 for driving @stn.steve for coordinating @scottkelly911tt @rod928 @ladismantler @jeanyqzhao @jennabertocci @80s.grl @miss.430 @b.bet @rachelfoto1 @tinanicoledesign @eranditill @housegh118 @clubblau @cs_3.4l @jaxdroproll @theekaiser @khai.mai @nathan_maii_ @the_black_993 @polsche_ and more! Like/Share/Add2Story ~ Tag & we’ll add to our story: # or @LADismantler # or @PorscheWomenGlobal Join Our Network Owners Mechanics Dealers Shops Racers Outlaw Builders Suppliers: ~ IG FaceBook LinkedIn YouTube WhatsApp Keeping Porsches on the Road Globally 22+ years! What does yours need? Share with your community! We Buy/Consign, Finders/Referral Fee, Hiring Event/Media: magazine show/event video blog/vlog podcast to feature us? We’ll promote in return! +1 818-767-7243 Phone Text WhatsApp Fax Sales@ladismantler.com LADismantler.com Chat #porsche #911 #porsche911 #porscheclub #porschelife #porschedesign #porscheclassic #porschelove #porschecarrera #porschefans #porscheracing #PorschePix #porscheporn #porschegram #porscheartdaily #porsches #porschelovers #porschemoment #porschesociety #porschefan #porschecars #porschelover #porsche911carrera #porschenewsroom #porschepassion #porschelifestyle #porschenews #porschedaily #loveporsche - @ladismantler_porsche_parts on Instagram

The exhibition is still open for visitors Wednesday- Thursday, 2 - 6 pm. Find inspiration in this moment captured by @maartennauwphotography showing @romyyedidia coming in an out of The Finger Rub Rug installation, assisted by my nurse on duty @goodlu.ckcharm Inside the installation visitors are free to explore the artwork however they want without anybody looking or judging! . . . #thefingerrubrug #lauraadima #installationart #interactiveart #reactivity #sensibility #connectivity #tactile #tactileart #love #horror #freedom #intimacy #multisensory #sensual #contemporaryart - @lauraadima on Instagram

【日本上陸1周年キャンペーン】 いつもメルローズヘルスをご愛顧頂きありがとうございます。 おかげ様をもちまして日本に上陸して1周年を迎えることができました。 日頃の感謝の気持ちを込めて本日9月25日(金)~10月11日(日)の期間 日本上陸1周年キャンペーンを開催いたします。  ◆期間 9月25日(金)~10月11日(日) ◆内容 ① 数量限定!エッセンシャルグリーンパウダー +VitaminC 3個セット販売 メルローズヘルス1周年キャンペーンとしまして、メルローズヘルスのベストセラーでもあるエッセンシャルグリーンパウダー+ビタミンの3個セットを、約33%offの価格で販売致します。 通常価格:10,692円 → 割引価格:7,128円 ※数量限定のため、なくなり次第終了となります。 ※おひとり様につき、1セットまでの購入とさせていただきます。 ②先着250名様!5,400円以上のお買上げのお客様にトートバッグプレゼント 期間中にオフィシャルオンラインショップ税込5,400円以上をお買い上げいただいたお客様、先着250名様にマチが広くて使いやすいメルローズヘルスのトートバックをプレゼントいたします。 ③期間内に購入した全てのお客様に年内に使える15%OFFクーポンプレゼント! 期間中にオフィシャルオンラインショップで購入頂いた全てのお客様に年内に使える15%OFFクーポンをプレゼントいたします。 ※クーポンは10月12日(月)にメールにてお送りいたします。 ④日替わりで素敵なをプレゼントをお贈りします! 期間中、スペシャルプレゼントについてのインスタグラムを投稿いたします。 メルローズヘルスのアカウントをフォロー、そしてその投稿にコメント頂いた方の中から抽選でスペシャルプレゼントをプレゼントいたします。 プレゼント内容は投稿を見てのお楽しみ!ぜひ毎日チェックしてください!  #メルローズヘルス #melrosehealth #amazon  #オーストラリア #メルボルン #健康志向 #fitness #食べることで健康に #wellnessfood #organic  #innerbeauty  #wellness #ヘルシーフード #オーガニック - @melrosehealth_jp on Instagram


Cant leave my house without a copy of Science of the Secondary. As a curious being that i am, I deeply enjoy observing the so-called “boring” things in life and these mundane things can actually become “secondary science” if one is willing to dedicate the effort to investigate. The Singaporean duo Alvin and Clara from Atelier HOKO are the brains behind these magazine. They are particularly interested in understanding the hidden emotion that can be observed in human behavior. Science of the Secondary is the extension of such curiosity. Co-Ninety carries different themed magazine from Science of the Secondary. DM us for more info! ================================= 🤟🏻 We take orders through instagram DM us! 💛 Check out our site for more products: coninety.com 💸 FPS / PAYME / CREDIT CARD / BANK TRANSFER 🚚 Next working day shipping 💞 . . . . . . #magazines #zines #singapore #hongkong #hongkongscienceofsecondary #science #scienceofsecondary #books #hkbooks #home #cosy #hkwfh #coninety #hkgoods #hkgoodbooks #hkphotography #hkproductshoots - @coninety on Instagram

El café y restaurante @macocafebistrot implementó el uso de mamparas con un diseño creativo e innovador para hacer frente a la nueva normalidad sin que sus clientes se sientan aislados del lugar. 👏🏼☕🥞 📷: Selene Ugalde #qrolove #querétaro #nuevanormalidad #restaurantes - @amdequeretaro on Instagram

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Black Wall by Global Location de cloisons autoportante Available in black & white Plus de détails sur notre site internet #global #rentals #new #bts #regie #separation - @globalproductionsupply on Instagram

Another week done!! Thank you to our hair family for all the love and support during this time. Lots of love, the Xpression Hair team 💗 - @xpressionhair on Instagram

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Great start to the weekend with building approval for Cabin Bærøy🥳 - @vardehaugen_arkitekter on Instagram

- DZomes

this spring, life threw us all a pretty big curveball. when everything hit, we were just a few weeks away from opening our new taproom in central square. but hustling and making things work is part of the Artifact way . . . so after alot of careful consideration and conversation as a team, were excited to share were going for it—and working towards opening our outpost in the city in the coming weeks. we all could use a little bit of fun this year and thats what this taproom will be about. keep following us for updates on our progress—well be sharing them here and you’ll be the first to know. see you soon, central square! - @artifactcider on Instagram

- cardboard box ideas

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- Award design

Tears of joy in my eyes while reading @boomkatonline review of SOMA. Jay Glass Dubs’ metamorphosis into avant-dub-noise songwriting sloshes to new high water marks in ’Soma’, following a pair of ace twelves with a full 2LP of all-over-the-place brilliance for Berceuse Heroique, somewhere between @mbient pop, gnashing junglist drums and squashed trip hop - often all at once. Keening between trampling, wrenched roots abstractions and sanguine dream-pop featuring vocals by Young Echo’s Jasmine Butt (Jabu), Athens-based Georgia Karidi, and newcomer Spivak, ’Soma’ continues the direction of JGD’s last few years into forms of alter-pop that come to resemble modernists such as Arca, but still with that primitive-futurist appeal rooted in dub and Greek myth. The label cannily beckon you to think of the LP in terms of a “palimpsest”, or eternally overwritten work, where the scars and DNA of life, the voices of Bristol, Detroit electro and the amen break are overlaid in a complex, pagan-sacred geometry - everything at once - with hazy forms emerging from the ’Soma’, which translates from Greek as “Body”. But to put conceptual baggage aside, the results hit heavy and direct on the soul and locked down limbs.  Highlights such as ‘Your Raps’ balance a rude looseness with puckered melodies and almost gospel-like harmonies, and ‘Our Reversed Uniforms’ forges a trance arp-wrought trip hop featuring Spivak, smudged up against what sounds like Arca’s alien pop ballads in ‘The Wrong Frame’, and gnashing high velocity dance music in ‘Wagon Prophet’ that betrays influence from deep central and Eastern Africa in the modern day, while ‘Now Set Up’ is a wickedly dramatic, innovative spin on UK D&B rolige Thank u for always supporting and understanding me BK. I love you. Link in bio - @jayglassdubs on Instagram

Jesko journey begins @koenigsegg.registry #Koenigsegg #koenigseggjesko #jesko #hypercars - @eddielee.168 on Instagram

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While passion and drive are at the centre of it all, many of my business concepts are inspired from travel, observation and copious amounts of research. Admittedly, the conception of Afterwit Mexican Taqueria was somewhat different. L’esprit de l’escalier refers to the fact that a witty retort often comes to mind after the opportunity to express it has passed, an afterthought. Afterwit was born from exactly that, the product of a serendipitous takeover, a coincidental realisation and the tenacity to make things work despite the unfavourable odds. Half a decade flew by and it was a hell of a good run. With 5 years of brand building, a thought provoking pandemic and a brilliant management team at The Black Hole Group, another afterwit presents itself. That’s what I’ve been keeping myself busy with these few weeks - Afterwit 2.0. I can’t hold my excitement so you better hold your breath. 😷 - @musinboots on Instagram

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Un nuovo straordinario look per l’ HOTEL STELLAMARE di Caorle (VE) Una bolla spazio-temprale al di fuori della convenzione, di cui l’uomo è il centro. Un’opera dedicata all’ospitalità vincente perché, per uscire da ogni crisi è necessario investire nella creatività e guardare al futuro. An extraordinary new look for the STELLAMARE HOTEL in Caorle (VE) A space-temporal bubble outside the everyday life, of which humans are at the center. A winning work dedicated to hospitality because, to get out of every crisis, it is necessary to invest in creativity and look to the future. #workinprogress #hotel #worldwide #prize #eurasianprize #sense #designcategory #luxury #ideas #precious #design #matera #italy #bello #bestdesign #amazing #charming #mindpower #interiordesign #people #designprojects #creativity #architecturelovers #designmagazine #memory #workofart #interiordesign #bestarchitect #sharingideas #hospitality - @simonemicheliarchitect on Instagram

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昨日9月18日に、新しくなったテレビ塔のある公園「Hisaya-Odomi Park」でトラック型店舗の「SOCIAL TRUCK & PARK」 @socialtower.jp がデビュー! 公園や周辺エリアを楽しんでもらうための案内所や情報発信拠点としての機能を持たせるほか、飲食の提供や名古屋のおみやげとなるグッズ類も販売。公園で気持ちよく笑顔で過ごせる空間や、いろいろな人・文化が集まる社交場を作っていきます。(SOCIAL TOWER MARKET webサイトより) そんな「SOCIAL TRUCK & PARK」の内装などをSTORE IN FACTORYでお手伝いさせて頂きました! ここ最近、夜な夜な進行していた「SOCIAL TRUCK & PARK」の製作。 そんなトラックもついにお披露目! お披露目イベントとして、9月19日〜22日の4連休の間、トラックを日替わりでジャックして1日間限りのお店を営業! 19日(土) KUOZAN LARDER @kakuozan_larder 20日(日)YANGGAO @yanggao_ngy 21日(祝月)unlike. @unlike.official 22日(祝火)STORE IN FACTORY 9月22日(祝火)はSTORE IN FACTORYが担当! STORE IN FACTORYのアンティーク雑貨、それにプラス姉妹店、 @store_in_history 、 @uncle_bee_antique_collectibles 、 @theapartmentstore.jp から古着を販売する予定です! 目の前の芝生エリアはレジャーシートなども持ち込みでき、風通しもよく気持ちいい! ピクニック気分でぜひお越し下さい! 鷲尾友公さんの特大の絵が目印のトラックです! STORE IN FACTORYは定休日無し、毎日11-19時で営業しています。 来店の際にはマスクの着用と、手指の消毒のご協力を頂いています。 . 本日もよろしくお願いいたします。 . 山本 . 《 STORE IN FACTORY 》  【住所】 〒460-0008 愛知県名古屋市中区栄5-23-9 【電話番号】 052-212-7664 【公共交通機関アクセス】 地下鉄 矢場町駅 3番出口より徒歩6分 【駐車場】 敷地内に1台有り ( 満車の場合は近隣のコインパーキングをご利用くださいますようよろしくお願いいたします。) . 営業時間 11-19 定休日 無し #theapartmentstore#storeinfactory#antique#vintage#industrial#renovation#diy#salvage #studiotruss#furniture #yoshi47 #アンティーク#骨董#インダストリアル#名古屋#ストアーインファクトリー#スタジオトラス#リノベーション#ヴィンテージ#家具 #丸田町 #socialtruckandparks #socialtowermarket - @storeinfactory on Instagram

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Zapraszamy na Custom Festival w @elektrownia_powisle, który odbędzie się już 11 i 12 września. 📆 Podczas eventu będziecie mogli spersonalizować swoje ubrania i dodatki zupełnie za darmo! Swoje strefy będą mieć takie marki jak @levis_poland, @converse.polska, @weekdayofficial. Poza tym możecie się spodziewać pokazów BMX na rampie, strefy flipperów, DJ-a, pokazów filmów oraz Silent Disco. Partnerzy wydarzenia: @converse.polska, @levis_poland, @hennessy, @teamhypetalk, @newonce_net, no i oczywiście @butik_optique. 😎 Zapiszcie sobie te daty w kalendarzu i koniecznie dołączcie do wydarzenia na Facebooku! 🧡 #elektrowniapowisle #powisle #butikoptique #optique #optykwarszawa #powiśle #warszawa #warsaw #customclothing #customshoes #okulary #okularyprzeciwsloneczne #rayban #raybans #okularykorekcyjne #dziejesiewwarszawie #customfestival #wrzesien #wrzesien2020 #levis #converse #newonce #piątek - @butik_optique on Instagram

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Who wants the drip??? #popup #worlddriporder #drip #hypebeast #sneakerhead #vintage #vtg - @2ndstopthrift on Instagram

تضم #كتارا دكان #بداية مقابل مطعم #أرض_كنعان، وهي مظلة لدعم جميع المشاريع الصغيرة والمتوسطة لرواد الأعمال من الشباب للمزيد من المعلومات: 44080268 #ادعم_المشاريع_القطرية #سلامتك_هي_سلامتي #قطر #الوعد2022 #كتارا_ملتقى_الثقافات #كتارا_وجهة_ثقافية_سياحية - @kataraqatar on Instagram

“Houses for Sale” a book by @mmmosarchitects that we helped design, is available for sale @canadiancentreforarchitecture’s new online bookstore! published by cca and @corrainiedizioni. Your kids might like it, but I know you will! 🤓 - @studiolin on Instagram

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#metal_lamp #hanging_lamp #weddings #decorprops #decoration #mdf #wpc #pvc #acrylic #ACP #poinwood #interiordesign #woodenartwork #design #wooden #plywooddesign #cncrouter #cnc #furniture #decor #homedecor #eventdecor #wedding cutting available Contact:- five star, Pune +919373923033 - @fivestar_pune on Instagram

Bakery drive through, 10am-6pm daily. - @brickfieldsbakery on Instagram

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- 1/4 Section Model from Final review

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Between the office side and the workshop side. The blue house is made out of old shower doors from a former campus in Paris. - @maximum_officiel on Instagram

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- @thebarbicancentre on Instagram

Waste Sorting Shed, Pune. (Almost) Under Construction Detail section model. Complete model. #swachpune #urbanwaste #notforprofit #romi_khosla_design_studios - @martandkhosla on Instagram

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Windsor Residence - Concept Model by @forma.ny / - - - Send your drawings/models/projects @critday ----- #critday #itscritday ----- - @critday on Instagram

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These models, originally made in the 1990s for the Chapel of St. Ignatius, were repaired for the “Steven Holl: Making Architecture” exhibition’s new, more biographical section titled “Pacific Northwest” that celebrates Steven Holl Architects’ work in the region. Over the exhibition’s almost two years of travel, it has expanded from the three main sections - Thinking, Building, Reflecting - to include two additional sections. The first is titled “City in a City” and highlights large scale projects done in Asia. For this seventh stop, at the Bellevue Arts Museum, the exhibition now includes the new “Pacific Northwest” section, featuring the Bellevue Arts Museum itself, and the upcoming Quincy Square in Bremerton (Steven Holl’s hometown), among others. Join Steven Holl and Benedict Heywood, Executive Director and Chief Curator at Bellevue Arts Museum, discuss this exhibition and models such as these, on Thursday, August 20. Follow the link in our bio to register for the virtual event. #makingarchitecture #fabrication #models #architecture #architecturemodels #stevenholl #stevenhollarchitects #sha #exhibition #bellevue #museum @bellevueartsmuseum @66benedict - @stevenhollarchitects on Instagram

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Ajustements et travail sur notre prochain court-métrage MANIFESTO 💀w/ @velauxcity & Sasha Bernede . #manifesto #marnieproduction #film #shortmovie #movie #cinema #production #frenchproducer #filmmaker #workinprogress #montpellier #frenchdirector #work - @marnieproduction on Instagram

Felicitaciones por gran semestre realizado . Selección exámenes de @taller_1_uct : Bruno Tapia, Diego Alarcón, Débora Malio , Varinia Chavarría, Valentina Millar, Sebastián Quidequeo, , Catalina Sarmiento , Fernanda Alonso , Sebastián Sandoval #architecture #designer #maqueta #archilovers #architecturephotography #architectureporn #arch_only #handmade #landscape #thinkingarchitecture #archinerds #minimalarchitecture #archimodel #contemporaryarchitecture #architecturaldesign #architecturelife #archihunter #archidesign #instarchitecture #architecturefactor #archlife #archigram #lovearchitecture #architecturedose #architecturaldesign #craft #steel #arch_only #handcrafted - @arquitectura_uct on Instagram

- @fluenciacasahiphop on Instagram

- [misc] My model of an elevated single room living space! (more in comments)

On sale now: “nervous electricity” by @mhambouz Michael Hambouz. Click over to see the whole piece, the link is in my bio- pickup is available along with shipping in the CONUSA. - @havenpress on Instagram

- Blank Game Board

- design

Thanks to everyone who watched @keplerx47 on @amazonprimevideo with me last night! I also geeked out about participating in my first Twitter watch party. 🎉 Tomorrow, Ill be hosting my first live IG chat with the lead actor in Kepler X-47, @belladayne. Sat. Aug. 22 at 11am PT. Come join us!🎈 You can catch Bella on @cursed as The Red Spear. She also starred as Helen of Troy in @troytvofficial on @netflix and was a series regular as Astrid on @humansamc. Well be talking about all things creative, her journey as an actor, and how shes coping with covid-19. Ill be taking questions from live viewers as well. See you tomorrow! 👽🛸🖖 *** Kepler X-47 (season 1, episode 4) is live on Amazon Prime. Search Etheria. - @mserinli on Instagram

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⁣Building a brand is a bit like growing up - you go through phases where you think you know who you are, and it turns out that she’s not the person you want to be. The essence remains the same, but soul searching and self-reflection is necessary from time to time. It is not much different with Afterwit. As the third baby of The Black Hole Group (believe it or not, we’ve been churning out burritos and tacos since 2015!), we’ve morphed through different eras and stages. They’re both measured on two completely different dimensions, however in our case both intertwining inexorably towards the same direction, upwards.⠀ ⠀ As we emerge out into the post-pandemic world, Afterwit reinvents itself to keep up. Not to be different but to be a much better version from the folly of her youth. We’re excited to announce what the good folks of The Black Hole Group have in store for you, and we can hardly wait for September. - @afterwitsg on Instagram

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- Mr. Pleater Board 1/2(12W x 16L)

We believe that you should have the opportunity to celebrate your love – no matter the circumstances – because your love is limitless. Micro-Weddings at the Huntington Bay Club allow you to be surrounded by your closest loved ones for an intimate ceremony in a beautiful setting. Our impeccable planning and outstanding signature service offer you peace of mind and a remarkable experience on your special day. Elevate your ceremony with a stunning prix fixe brunch or dinner, by @24carrotscatering, for a day as breathtaking as you are. Because big or small, the most important day of your life is ours, too. Contact us for Micro-Weddings details and a tour of The Huntington Bay Club! - @huntingtonbayclub on Instagram

Engl_Loeffler Arch 3500 _004 (process) - @arch3500_004 on Instagram

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Custom designed display fixtures and panel system for Lex and Ani. Designed to be erected, dismantled and shipped with relative ease yet maintaining the brand look. Big round of applause to the Alex and Ani store construction and visual merchandising teams who worked tirelessly to bring it to life… photos by Brittany Stenovitch #tradeshowbooth #retaildesign #displaydesign #storedesign #jewelrydisplay #jewelrydisplaydesign #retailarchitecture #temporaryarchitecture #alexandani #jckvegas2019 #design #architecture - @sbarzin_architect on Instagram

New finance packages now available. Link in bio. - @smartfixuk on Instagram