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Joel Miller

heure playstation compte %C3%A0 rebours

- Got myself one of those trendy IKEA desks... (link with more photos in the comments)


NYC metro// 🚋

tv movie opening animation sony

- This pinball machine I played the other night

custom pfp made by me! feel free to use!

⌜⟡﹒kuro on tv﹕★⌟

playstation5 ps5 gaming gamer gaming console

- Rate my room at my moms

Joel Miller

The last of us 2

jackjarvis jack and victor still

- Gaming and Gaming Devices

We all live in a yellow submarine - Awesome


mo zone mo mozone ps5 for the

- New poster

btcc jake hill mb motorsport

- High and FIFA


playstation sony ps5 playstation5 trendizisst

- Just wanted to share my lazy setup

shy look sweet cute nervous

- [startup sound intensifies]

Working to Build Multiplication Fact Fluency

nice view for gamers

anotnio banderas oh play station4 ps4 shoot

- Upgrade

nice view for gamers

bored smile silly waiting patient

- My precious little corner of the world...

Steve’s Guitar Dream

sony ps1 playstation classic francais

- iphone 7

Which Kim Possible Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Higoromo Hibiki

wow smile shocked john ambrose jordan fisher

- My gaming station!

xbox playstation mrnotthatfamous mntf console

- Been upgrading my peripherals! What do y’all think?

Saw this gem at the gas station the other week - WTF

Joel by @itsdanyl on TWT

shocked gasp wow surprised jaw drop

- Algorithms that serve up shit content are crappy design


ps5 playstation5 next gen consoles playstation video games

- check out the new alienware switch

smile happy excited laugh kitty

Did you get your copy of #crashbandicoot4itsabouttime? 🎮🤔 . Ill probably wait for a sale and Ill get it with the trilogy (YEAH I STILL HAVE TO GET IT) 🙌🙌 Have fun playing the new crash or whatever are you playing at the moment 🙌🤣 . @crashbandicoot #crashbandicoot #crash #playstation #playstation4 #ps5 #playstation5 #ps4 #gaming #instagaming #gamergram #gamerlife #gamersofinstagram #playstationgamer #geek #geeky #nerd #masseffect #thelastofus #GhostofTsushima #godofwar #thewitcher #reddeadredemption2 #kingdomhearts #assassinscreed #starwars #Wasteland3 #detroitbecomehuman #horizonzerodawn #dragonage - @itssimplyal on Instagram

xbox playstation beavis butthead slap

- While searching for Dance Dance Revolution on eBay...

Credits to artist

woah no way smh no eyeroll

- My battle corner. Small and efficient.

Happy Funny Senior Man Playing Electric Stock Photo (Edit Now) 644090251 | Shutterstock

playstation controllers sony

- Just your average Friday night playing PlayStation naked 😬

Elden Ring, Shyguyz _

umm nervous suspicious stare blank

Im blue da ba dee da ba daa 💙 #gaming #gamingcommunity #pcmr #gamingsetup #gamers #esport #csgo #feelingblue #pcmr #pcmasterrace #gamingkeyboard #gamingmouse #gamingmousepad #rgblights #gamingdesk #gamersdesk - on Instagram

(1) Me gusta | Tumblr on We Heart It

Yakuza Zero - Weltenraum

playstation ps ps5 playstation5 smashed

- New desk who dis

smile shy sweet aww nice

- Theres a Mario Kart arcade machine at the skating rink Im at

Ils s’amusent à refaire de vrais morceaux de guitare dans The Last of Us Part 2 |

54 Intercontinental Cuties - Print and Play! - post

ps2 rsod game error red

- Red orange and black themed setup.

Bluetooth MP3 Player Radio Stereo

Mark Rosen: The purpose of pre-practice

pointing lil uzi vert ps and qs its you you

- Addams Family Pinball

Pandas Profile Pic | We Bare Bears | Cartoon Network

valorant matching pfp

gamer playstation

- The coolest/dumbest station I’ve ever had.

vindictus ap capsule capsules a ps

- Who needs outside anyways?

baby dancing ps5 playstation5 cant wait to get a ps5

- Goosebumps!!!! Youtube:ZakBabyTV for unboxings, giveaways and much more!

penny pennysaviour ps best coupons coupons

- Bought a RGB strip, now the whole setup looks a thousand times cooler. (And also my first go at watercooling) 🥳

next gen play station xbox series poster

- My battlestation!

joke drums smack gag slapstick

- Arcade console

fan club playstation dualsense ps5

- I have Ascended!

football player playmobil everdreamerz game

- Current Battlestation setup: Hospital, twins.

play station dance moves

- My modest, little setup

rawr ps quote supposedly presumably

- Space Commander

ps5 big ps5 playstation5 play has no limits fake ps5

- My battle room is ready for action 😉

gta gtaturk gtamulti gtamulti com forum

- Added a monitor but I failed...

playstation gaming

- Work in progress, but very happy so far

ps psycho

The best girl - @arcitys9 @gunlessan - @battlebeavercustoms on Instagram

play station evolution controllers

🎮 THE LAST OF US - PART II. 🐝🍃 . Boa noite Ellienes e Joelsons do mundo gamer. 😬🌜 . E aí, preparados pra sentir muitas emoções com os protagonistas?💓❤ . Confesso que não estou...🙆‍♂️🙈 . Hoje iniciei a segunda parte dessa jornada apocalíptica, originada em 2013 no PS3, mas estou no tutorial ainda. Estudo o game antes de jogar.🤣🕹 . História deslumbrante! Jogabilidade absurdamente suave, cenários contemplativos, roteiros impecáveis que fritam o processador do PS4! 😍🔥 . Nada mais será dito a vocês pra não pecar por spoilers.🚫👊🏻 . Desejo a todos um excelente fim de semana e ótima jogatina!🙋🏻‍♂️🙏 . Título: The Last of Us 2 Lançamento: 19/6/2020 Gênero: Aventura/Ação Plataformas: PS4 Produtora: Naughty Dog Nota Baer: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 . 🌠 Perfis indicados: ⭐ @ana_playgames ⭐ @geekzilian ⭐ @niu.gamer ⭐ @raksmcfrost ⭐ @gamesdomeujeito ⭐ @claudio_gamers ⭐ @brgeeky ⭐ @games_colen ⭐ @andreribeiroff ⭐ @hell.gamers_br ⭐ @ogomezmichel . ✔ #TheLastofUs #TLOU2 #TLOUII #TheLastofUs2 #Ellie #Joel #Setup #EstadoPlay #GamePlay #GamerLife #Nerd #Geek #Videogames #Game #Gamer #Gamegirl #InstaGamer #Gaming #Dualshock #Sony #Playstation #Playstation4 #PS4 #PS4Share #PSBlog #Share #IGN #Naughtydog #Brasil #BaerGames - @baergames on Instagram

max payne payne3 rockstar games gaming blinking

- Boy Games

ps4 xbox one video games ps4vs xbox one sony

- Ryzen up to a new battlestation

moose manitoba szn lg psn

- Game Room Decor

yudi playstation felipe castanhari clap cheer

- Doing “online school”

i need you in my life pues asi que tu digas no ps no well so you say no ps no

- Like father, like son! Got him a setup for xmas. He had the choice of an LG ultrawide 34inch or that AOC 24inch and said he wanted the one that was small like him!

skate ps3 playstation

- Cool ps4 controllers

paola slaviero ps loma agencia lomagencia ps s2

- A bit of nostalgia

ps3 casser col%C3%A8re

- Dynamite Cop for Dreamcast - found for $2 in with the CD’s at GoodWill !! (Pre-isolation)

pizka la pizka sour pisco sour esto es vida

- Made a war room on my freighter. I don’t know, I think I need more screens?

horusultra vhs vaporwave playstation

- Geek Gear

ps sw

- New apartment, upgraded battle station

ps5 playstation playstation5 gaming console sony ps5

- Arcade Game Machines For Home

pscpc giu mieng sach khuan giu minh sach khoe

- Busy train to London this morning. Whilst the business people around me are working Im playing my favourite game!

ps2 playstation2 gaming consoles video games playstation

When you hear the weekend calling you #nanoleaf 📸: @nolexspams (IG) #ledlights #rgblights #lighting #lights #gamer #gaming #leds #rgb #desksetup #gamingsetup #setup #setupgoals #setupwars #battlestation #game #monitor - @nanoleaf on Instagram

love beb day cuddly beans

🇬🇧 What are you best memories on a Playstation? * Ive been playing on these devices for 23 years, and I can proudly say that I cant choose. Whether it is my Wednesday afternoons, playing Tomb Raider on the first playstation, or the hundreds, thousands of hours Ive sunk into the various Final Fantasy games, either PS1, PS2, or PSP, as well as more recent consoles, or what should I say about Gran Turismo that had me obsessed over sports cars... * The PS3 years, with all these awesome Assassins Creed games. Spending hours running across the roofs of medieval Italy, the deafening roar of planetary conflicts in Killzone, and the extreme leap forward Naughty dog gave us in this era, both in terms of graphics and story with the Uncharted and The Last of us franchises. * People also hated a lot on hand-held Playstations, especially the Vita, but damn was it a cool console with stellar graphics and a few great games like Gravity rush and Danganrompa! I still can hear Monokuma telling me that trespassers will be shit to death, and thats common sense. * And for the last 7 years, the PS4 has been the best gaming experience in my opinion. The Souls franchise, that I mostly experienced on this platform. New amazing IPs such as Horizon and Ghost of Tsushima, as well as some more well know, that went for a fresh start like God of a War or Resident Evil. Some of those game floored me. Im thinking about the masterpieces that are Persona 5 and Nier : Automata. * Its been a journey. And I feel blissed I got to spend so many moments living the best life a gamer can live. Now were onto a new generation, and I cannot wait to see what Sony and the developers in the Playstation studios have to offer... * My partners : @chibi_moon_x @toadely_nerdy @aaronmgaming @the_pancakess @oddmysticwolf @erinyeen @intothehaniverse * #Playstation #SonyPlaystation #ForGamers #PS1 #PS2 #PS3 #PSP #PSVITA #PS4 #PS5 #playstationgames #videogames #games #gamingmemories #retrogamingcommunity #finalfantasy7 #FinalFantasy9 #uncharted4 #uncharted1 #uncharted2 #nierautomata #Persona5 #godofwar2018 #thelastofus #HorizonZeroDawn #ps4controller - @cywolf.p1 on Instagram

jade sura playstation ps1 playstation1 playstation console

- Xbox

remember only you can enact bold legislation for climate enact bold legislation for climate smokey the bear bear environment

- Complete setup including planted fish tank!!

xbox is better than playstation ricky berwick comparing playstation sucks superior

- Work / Gaming station for me and the housemate

support the civilian climate corps civilian climate corps green new deal alexandria ocasio cortez aoc

- Im a space marine about to go into surgery. Thank God for the Nintendo Switch.

offenbachcorona offenbach chill stopcovid playstation

- Joined r/buildapc 3 weeks ago! Now i have my own 1500$ battlestation! (album in comments)

kawaii cute cuteness japanese japan

- On a trip I took my 3 sons to the nickel-arcade to play this. Still stands as their best gaming experience to date.

pony playstation ps5

- Teach em young to appreciate a good Battlestation

tlou ellie the last of us fireflies joel

- Playing an Xbox game on a PC with a PS4 controller, what a time to be alive

ps4 ps5 dualsense controller playstation5 playstation4

- arcade street fighter

%C3%B6zelt fabio fabio%C3%B6zelt fc red bull salzburg esports

- USB adapter + carpenters tape + elliptical = Smashercise!

playstation playstationgang playstationonly

- Now I can play Xbox Kinect, Gamecube, and Nintendo Switch on one console...

ghost of tsushima sucker punch games playstation

- If the game was released now-My CGI render project in imagining the release day!

madden baby babymadden mikefernandez baltimore

- My Pilot Training Simulator

gaming games drinking overwatch fortnite

- Got a new mic I happy to say imma stop upgrading for a while. Haha

faris ahmed is gaming playstation game face

- After 2 years and some change, it’s finally done

crash bandicoot run playstation naughtydog

- New monitors and computer. Not much “work” happening during my work at home time.

mattia rage quit playstation

- Best purchase or worst purchase of all-time?

klonoa namco door to phantomile rabbit playstation

- I think my local target forgot its not 2003

ps4 video games play station sony gaming consoles

- Are we excited for the avengers game? I think I am ☺️

klonoa rabbit playstation

- First Battlestation. And yes, it’s in my garage and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

videojuegos ps4 playstation jugando amigos

- Bartop Arcade

playmobil gamer gaming game figures

- Got a new control surface.. thought I’d share an updated pic 👍🏽

dualsense ps5 playstation playstation5 joecoolxbox

- My cousins battlestation.

gof od war boy kratos god opf war2018 playstation

❄Thème spécial de la semaine❄ @louraccoon et ça super collection de manettes 😍 Et vous vous avez combien de manettes ? ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Le staff @_geekette14 @k4t3x_onlin3 @kyashitsune @ellzafrost @rubyforacowboy @kely4crofttmz @johanna_bcm ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ #frenchgamergirl #frenchgamer #gamersetup #gameuse #gamerofinstagram #gamingforlife #gamercommunity #geekinside #geekofinstagram #geekette #geekgirl #frenchgirl #parisienne #ambilight #bioshock #dualshock4 #berryblue #alpinegreen - @les_girls_du_gaming on Instagram

ps plays sation taiga circle ex

- Just found this pic of my old setup.

alados5 playstation ratchet and clank rac ratchet

- Do you like my battlestation? [F]

video game gamer kid

Découvrez la nouvelle #XboxSeriesX, plus rapide, plus puissante pour une nouvelle génération de jeux qui place le joueur directement au centre du jeu ! 🔥 #sibienensemble #xbox #xboxseriesx #xboxgamer #xboxgames #xboxgame #microsoft #microsoftxbox #microsoftxboxonex - @boulanger on Instagram

playing games kenny mccormick south park best friends forever s9e4

- Area 51 Alienware I got for $80 started all this 2 months ago. Camera sux btw

sony computer entertainment sony playstation playstation2 playstation3

- Playing a game of my childhood on the PS3

rotating psp psp playstation portable rotating

- Friends came over for a lan party (looks a little weird cause I couldnt get far enough back so had to use panorama)

codes play station

- Needs some cable management, but its finally back together!


- It’s not crazy like a lot of builds but it’s my favorite build ;)

playstation5 ps5 playstation sony future of gaming

- I love how everyone’s battlestation has various unique items that signify it’s theirs and matches who they are

playstation ps5

- So living Together with Wife and Child wont stop you realising your gaming Setup. Only missing a few small things :D


- my cozy college setup

playing player playstation

- A work in progress...

love sony playstation amour ps5

- Steampunk Battlestation. Ever evolving. Update post. Looks better in red but shows better in blue.


- Arcade center

the fairly odd parents timmy video game pissed mad

- My first real setup, opinions?

playstation controler gamer game player

- My very first apartment and my new setup

playstation video games

- Revamped my setup!

Cleaned up 🔮 / \ #fortnite #battleroyale #controller #keyboard #aimassist #console #pc #aresuprise #arestfup #fazeup #soar #rc #follow #explore #esports #gaming #solo #duo #thinkxtra #xtragaming #divine #ares #clan #creative #warrior #search #explore #thinkxtra #xtragaming #divine #BH #devour - @xtrajake on Instagram

- For the Home

- Fliperamas

- Temporary station

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game.

- Lock-down Makeover!

It’s Friday and it’s ON!! Call of Duty BO Cold War is ready to go! Are you playing it? ⠀ PARTNERSHIPS & SPONSORS: @play_it_again_fl ⠀ Instagram Partners: @xsquad19 @gamingbeacon @blackbirdrizing @mikhail_repp @gameboykilla @nelle_yelpir @captaindangerous @cosmokiddy @martinsgaming @kind_of_retro @danishgamerguy @valravne_ @steve_rw @sgttrapp @rimm.diaries @thebodaciousquiff - @rctwelve on Instagram

- The Simpsons Arcade Machine

- Me and the boys playing Xbox 360 4-player splitscreen Minecraft again after too long

- Setup with the lights on

Ragnarok is coming🔥 Whos excited for the new God Of War? _____________________________________ Quem esta ansioso/a pelo novo GOW? _____________________________________ Gamer store @geekstoredotcom Game Mount @hideitgaming Best HDMI RGB cable 4k @vivifycable @best energy drink @therogueenergy Headset Holder @tiltednationgaming Best gameroom lights @novostella_lighting Custom controller @aimcontrollers Best gameroom speaker @gravastar_zoeao ___________________________________ Parceiros/follow @ps5go @charles_ricardo__ @michelduarteyoh @hey_wellington @brgeeky @quartodegameplay @_playstation_noticias @juu_melissa @javigeek . . . . . @playstation @ps_gamingworld @xrockernation @paladone @playstation_br @meups_oficial . . . . #playstation4 #playstation5 #estadoplay #games #gamrtalk #godofwar #maccagames #gameroomdecor #ps4pro #gamerlife #meucantogamer #meuplaystation #gameroomsetup #gameroom  #gow4 #gamergeek #playstationgamer #ps4gaming #gamingsetups #ragnarok #ps4share #gamestagram #pcgamer #gamingcommunity #gaming - @maccagames on Instagram

- Upgrading Battlestation Plz Halp - Specs Below!

The global print industry is estimated to be eight times bigger than the video game industry and even rivals the auto industry! #print #printing #commercialprinting #printisnotdead - @spcprint on Instagram

- Console players say we cant play from the couch. I beg to differ.

- Its not much but its mine.

- Official

- arcade games

- @nintendoswitchusa on Instagram

- I’m 14 and I built this from the ground up. (Custom desk and pc). Hope you guys like it as much as I enjoy using it.

- The Journey arcade game - came out in 1983

- I revamped my childhood bedroom so it can be a “forever” setup as I move around a lot as I’m still a student so usually only have a skeleton setup! Now I know I have an awesome haven to retreat to if I have a bad week at school!

- had to cancel my switch pre-order because of ankle surgery.... my wife surprised me when I came home from my Physical Therapy appointment!

- borne arcade

- Pinballz Arcade - from r/Austin

- Going on a 15 hour train ride. I aint alone though. I have the King with me.

Happy Birthday 🥳 so many memories of games played on this system. Still own one to this day. #ps2 #playstation #sony #fortheplayers - @playstationfans80 on Instagram

- Wanna play?

- A NEW CHALLENGER HAS APPEARED! Sons first game system. No console here.

- Water Room, ‪m_o_g_m_o_g_555, Digital, 2019


- My third set up on my timeline

- My new PS4 controller got an upgrade.

- Arcade Machines

- Battlestation V 2.0

- Making the most out of a student dorm and student budget

- Not Quite done but...

- My homemade coffee table for all the book lovers out there!

- My train was over 90 minutes late, but who cares?

- I posted here years ago when I found this desk in the trash, getting rid of it soon. :(

- Current battle station and my personal weeb corner

- Race choice - check // Class choice - check // Guild choice - check. [Building HYPE]

- Boy bedroom design

- Yea, i really enjoy to stare at rgb light and pc components instead of looking at the monitor

- NMS display at my local GameStop! (This is getting real)

- Current Battlestation!

- Was a PITA to get an Ikea pickup time but was worth it

- Nintendo Switch Subreddit Ad Spotted.

- 80s video games

WHATS UP BOOM NATION OFFICIAL BDAY STREAM SO WE GOING LIVE ON SOME CALL OF DUTY SO YOU KNOW THE GOD OF COD IS GOING TO GO NUTS SO LETS GOOOOO HIT THE LINK or or JUMBO_GO_BOOM TV on Facebook Gaming @razeenergy @Amazon @bloodpackgaming @callofduty @watchmixer @astrogaming @elgatogaming @technisport @mixerstreamersunite @supportallstreamers @amazon @supportsmallstreamers ................................................ @julz_bpg @dulce2sweet_bpg @xxmizzprincezxx_bpg @snowangel_bpg @edgeworthian_bpg @keke_bpg @reaper_bpg @bronx_kidd_bpg @jahswervox_bpg @realkahmeelo @miggz_bpg @lady_blkmst - @jumbo_go_boom on Instagram

- Girlfriend experiencing the glory of the PC Master Race!

- Figured Maple/Wenge/American Elm 🇺🇸

- Nintendo: We have an elegant solution for voice chat on the Nintendo Switch

- An update to my battle station (That cable management tho)

- With great power.

- Theres a lot going on here and it brings me joy

- All cleaned up and ready for a weekend of gaming :)

- Gotta come out of the lurk hole every now and then!

- Nuke them from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

- New house, New battlestation

- It was a good night.

- generic

- My game console

- Cokesbury G-Force VBS

- Took a trip to the largest arcade in the world, Funspot in Laconia, NH

- Ever evolving station

- My cozy closet battlestation

- My happy place

- Upvote if you would be my teammate😜😘

- Leveled up my battle station with an Autonomous desk 2 premium XL and I rebuilt my computer. 🤯

- Halo, the way it was meant to be played

- do i wanna play AC or play with myself? 🤔

- Finished Budget

- His and Hers Battle Stations Complete

- I posted on here a few weeks ago about planning to get a PC just for this game, basically. $2200AUD later and I’m finally here with my brand-spanking new setup. All thanks to the content you all post which I lurk subtly in the corner enjoying.

- Remote Play has changed my life, The grind is real.

- My Gaming Corner ft. Cherry Blossoms

- Pinball

- My Battlestation

- Best Gaming Chairs

- My post finals nook

- Sexc New Pc Setup!

- The Gaming Room

- Accesorios para Celular*plugs*usbs y mas

- Maze design

- TMNT Arcade

- When you quarantine with your homegirl and you both wanna play video games

- Home Decor

- Where I come too get away from it all

- Living room home theater/PC setup

- Home ideas

- War room Update

- Doberman rescue

- Came across a gaming lounge at the airport

- Blursed Gaming Setup

- Atari VCS Promo Image

- Mobile Battle station, love it! Sorry about the low quality iphone pic.

- A little crammed in the new apartment but I made it work!

- Artwork of Videogames and Illustration

- Bedroom designs

- My battle station is coming together

🇫🇷 AC ORIGIN OU ODYSSEY ? Cette question au moins il y a que 2 choix. Le nouveau arrive bientôt je compte les jours. Etre un viking ! Elles sont belles mes chaussettes aussi tu as vu. Je suis fan de la choucroute. Seuls les personnes qui liront jusquau bout auront le droit à cette info. Si tu as lu, répond choucroute time en commentaire. __ 🇬🇧 AC ORIGIN OR ODYSSEY? This question at least there are only 2 choices. The new one arrives soon I count the days. Being a viking! They are beautiful my socks too you saw. Im a fan of sauerkraut. Only people who read all the way through will get this info. If you have read it, answer sauerkraut time as a comment. __ Ambassadeur/Fondateur @cololeed __ #assassinscreed #gamingposts #gamerguy #rgblights #royaltyrgb #setupgamer #gamrtalk #supergamerludo #gamertalk #assassinscreedodyssey #ps4games #dasterrgb #gamingsetups #desksetup #assassinscreedunity #gamingsetup #gamingroom #setupinspiration #dreamsetup #drumsetup #gaminglife #gamingroomsetup #setupwars #setup #assassinscreedorigins #setupgaming #assassinscreedvalhalla #gamingphotography #minimalsetups #assassinscreedsyndicate - @supergamerludo on Instagram

- All In One Video Game Console

- Just got dual monitor arm

- Bomb Games

- First time on in 8 Months

Did you play #GhostofTshushima in Japanese or English? —— #gamersofinstagram #gamerlife #girlswhogame #playstationgirl #playstationexclusive #playstationexclusives #gamersofinstagram #gamer #gaming #ps4 #ps5 #gamecollector #gameoftheyear #goty #pax #gamergirl #gamingsetups #gameroom #gamingroom #gamrtalk #gamecollection - @itsvalkerie on Instagram

- Just in case anyone here is interested by thjs

- Call of duty warzone theme , y or nay

- I like old stuff

- Left side from the room. Right side is white from my wife

- My battlestation is my Stand ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- Like Carterx.. mounted my ps4 on my wall

- Fandom - Games

- Im not at all excited.

- 2 of 2 battle stations completed for Christmas. Thanks again to /r/buildapc & /r/techsupport for the help. Son is YouTubing for help with his Rubiks Cube.

- Game place

- Game streaming

- Another Perspective of my “minimal” dream room! Thanks for all the love and comments guys ❤️ let me know if you want me to post different shots. Studio tour on

- L E G E N D A R Y - Sennheiser HE 1 Orpheus Impressions

- Nintendo Wii U

- The results of a Father and Son, building his first PC together.

- I get my daughter back on Tuesdays after work, it’s like our team is coming back together, and it’s an awesome, fuzzy feeling.

LG te invita a ser parte de la feria #IFA2020 con este recorrido virtual donde vas a conocer cómo se ve el futuro en tus juegos, tu casa y mucho más. Ingresá ahora en e imaginá más. Lifes Good. #LifesGood #ImagináMás. - @lg_arg on Instagram

- My Megaman/Rockman themed area.

- Hey guys, my family recently died cause I killed them but I got the Mario 3D Collection to get that nostalgia moment, wish me luck guys

- BallBurner_3

- Arcade console

- Game organization

- Bar Ideas

- I added a mural above my battlestation... now my battlestation is too small...

- I want to get two linnmon desks for a l shape. What color should I get?

- Rolyat as D.Va

- Our family’s living room HTPC setup

- Cyberpunk...

- You look like a good Joe...

- Retro meets modern in my 1927 homes basement

- I found this Ronan dynamic theme on Wallpaper engine and it looks amazing with my purple setup. Dm for specs or questions. Yes I have legs... but minimal legroom. Small house build 😂💜

- Meanwhile Im using my 5 year old gaming mouse that still works great....

- Guy turned his living room into a Nintendo sanctuary

- Home theater design

- Updated setup for the end of 2018; still got my waffle towel. :D

Neue Ecke Jz gleich kommt ein geiler bo4 stream wieder kommt vorbei link in der bio #twitch #twitchgermany #twitchstreamer #callofduty #cod #bo4 #ps4 - @therealavero on Instagram

- Even blues

- aesthetic

- Rare day shot of my console/pc setup

- Arcade Cabinets DIY

- Replaying Deus Ex Mankind Divided with a Cyberpunk controller... that’s like playing 2077... right!?

Apex Legends Season 6 has landed! And the new Volt sub machine guns absolutely melts people. ⚡️💜 - @geekhaven on Instagram


- Basement

- My space where I game, edit and ‘waste time’(according to my bf)

- Lap board Battlestation

- Some people have a his and hers set up, she left but my son and I do it right.

Have you played any Dragon Age games? 🐉I’m late to the party with DAI but I love it!!! Controller is from @aimcontrollers but then covered with a @skinit skin! Also the PS4 is covered with a @skinit skin! The controllers on the left are in a wooden holder from @geekmadedesigns 🔥 - @blueeyed_gaming on Instagram

- got the cutest little acer lcd for 10 bucks at goodwill (yam quality)

- Still working on the demo release, the demo of Mistia will Be available on july 10, 2020! 🧙🏻‍♂️

- Is 8k farming what these fancy rigs are for?

- Just hit a 200 physical game milestone in my collection

- Console works as intended. Unbelievable!

- bedroom

- Been quiet hesitant to show my setup since I got it all but today I’m happy to share it. I’d be happy to answer any questions and hoping to receive tips to improve

- My last post you guys rightfully teased me about the tiny TV, wanted to update

- Updated Streaming Setup. Improving all the time

- Maze design

- tv stand set ups

- X-Men vs Street Fighter! Who remembers this arcade game?

- [Update] I’ve moved some stuff around and got a new monitor!

- I Love Technology

- Putting the G in RGB

- Gaming Cabinet

- Fliperamas

- Upgrades to the setup are coming along smoothly

- My PC / retro game collection

- A blue phantom.

- My battle/creation station where I do my gaming and run my small Etsy shop!

Do you play Red Dead Online? RDR2 Controller from @undeadgaminguk 🔥 - @blueeyed_gaming on Instagram


- Greatest responsibility!!!

- added some stuff to my station

- Felt like a lot of work! But so worth it to have my first bedroom setup!

- Guys, Im an essential employee

- Thought stationed looked cute today. Might delete later idk 😛

- Development of my Pink / Blue setup!

- Home theater

- Bedroom setup

- I got to play ARMS at Genesis 4!

- I’m a fake gamer.

- My Gaming setup, great place to relax :)

- Gaming Desk

- Not done yet!!!

- Nerd Living

- Custom painted Ghost Of Tsushima controller!

- Boy bedroom

- 3D Pong Arcade Machine in Japan (Namco)

- While in Moscow there is no snow, I ride on a virtual

- Wife commandeered my computer desk to setup a work from home office. This is my new setup

- Cool Gaming Set-ups

- Calligraphy for Beginners

- My boyfriend mounted a TV on his wall just so I could game with him at the same time in the same room

- I’ve posted mine and the older kids PC battlestations are console areas allowed here?

- Chair Design Ideas

- My very red happy place!

- My mid life crisis Battlestation.

- My “Office”. Panoramic pictures are hard, m’kay

- First time gaming with the gf. We had a blast!