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- my brother leading a little Norwegian chandelier ice

Back gronds you will never see again

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Look into your future. #whatsyourbesttrail in @finaleoutdoorregion? Photo: ”inte med kanten ” @vicenbicis . . . #justridefinale @ibiscycles @oneupcomponents @4guimp @urgebike @fiveten_bike @evocsports @daineseofficial @finaleoutdoorregion #dainese #dainesebike #dainesecrew #mtbguide #enduro #mtbgirl #mtb #singletrack #mtber #vtt #finaleligure #mtbtrails #ripmoworkless - @justridefinale on Instagram


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Kaedehara Kazuha | Credit: @kyllooelo


Cochamo Collection || Food Man - Pt. 2 || On Clintons first trip to Cochamó, he found himself living alone at the high bivy in the Trinidad Valley. He would roll out from beneath the boulder every morning, scrape together a meagre portion of rice from his small and dwindling supply, and then set off into the forest, aiming for the gully between Trinidad Central and Sur. It was scrappy living, and simplicity at its best. The rumours spread around La Junta; Did you hear about crazy guy living alone up in Trinidad? I hear hes running out of food! What the hell is he doing up there? Little did they know, whenever he wasnt crouched beneath the bivy boulder, sorting sugar crystals from dirt grains one-by-one (the result of a mouse knocking over the precious container of his only remaining flavouring), he was busy establishing a truly beautiful line. And all of that jugging, cleaning, and scrappy living paid off this season, when he and Drew Marshall (@thedrewguy) managed to get the FFA of the 8 pitch Arrayan 5.12d, one of the proudest lines in Vallé Trinidad. Props to all who played a part in this, as I know it was a team effort. || Clinton Leung (@watchingstonesgrow) on the exposed 5.12d crux pitch of Arrayan. He is in the process of coaxing in a small RP, a key piece that only adds to the brilliance of this pitch. - @jaron.allan on Instagram

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I dont like rap but this songggg 🤞🏼🥹

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Wie die Zeit vergeht... schon 7 Jahre her. Schöne Erinnerungen! #bern2013 #mountainbike #mtb #europameisterschaft #bern #madeinbern #gurten #gurtenpark #gurtenbahn #crosscountry #trial #teamrelay #eliminator #swissbiketrophy #radsport #cycling #biken - @walki74 on Instagram

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Just a quick climbing lesson with some of my favourite Irish people!! ☘️ @awesomewallscork - @seanvillanuevaodriscoll on Instagram

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- A lot of people come here for advice on home walls. This is a great example of the perfect systems wall.

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Sommerpause Am Dienstag nutzen wir die letzte Woche vor dem Trainingsstart für eine Runde Bouldern. Nach Beachvolleyball und Paddeln kam nun die nächste kleine Einheit für den Oberkörper dazu. Wir mussten schnell feststellen, dass Bouldern den gesamten Körper beansprucht. Die Mädels hatten nach den zwei Stunden auch kleine Blasen an den Händen. Der Muskelkater war noch ein paar Tage spürbar. Wir werden wieder in die Boulderhalle gehen, so viel steht fest. Montag starten wir in die Vorbereitung und freuen uns schon riesig aufs Fußball spielen. Hoffentlich ist der Muskelkater bis dahin weg. Auf ein paar neue Gesichter würden wir uns sehr freuen ;) #frauenfussball #blauweiss90 #berlin #pictureoftheday #nopainnogain #wecandoit #impressionen #amateurfussball #fussballistunserleben #fussballverein #nichtohnemeinemädels #team #fussballliebe #gemeinsamfürdenmädchenfussball #einmalblauweissimmerblauweiss #bfv #adidas #11TS #aintnomountainhighenough - @blauweiss90berlin_frauen on Instagram

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When it rains, it pours. I have to be honest in saying that the last few months have been more difficult than I’ve wanted them to be. Stress is high and something has to give. My body hasn’t been working as well as I’d like it to be and it’s taking longer to be sorted out. I’m thankful for my physio, chiro and massage for helping me to work out what’s going on. Further to that, I need to be a responsible adult and take care of some other personal things and unfortunately, travel and competitions are not in the budget. Hard decisions to make. So, I’m sad to say that i won’t be competing this year. This includes this upcoming weekend in Colorado Springs. I miss all my crew down there that i met and cheered me on all last year. I’m sure I’ll be back.... @climbcityrock - @houston.lyndsay on Instagram

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- My buddy going for the hero clip on #1 super guy (5.11a), Shelf Road, CO

- BASS Guitar

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Time for an upgrade? Lester at @evocyclesnz upgraded his bike to the new Shimano Deore XT 12-Speed Groupset! Check out for their blog. #rideshimano #shimanomtb #shimanodeore #evocycles - @shimanonz on Instagram

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Over the 🌚to be back racing! Overall great weekend at the first National race and second CAT 1 u18 start this weekend! Didn’t end up with a good result but happy considering the circumstances. Stoked to keep building from here! • • @c3bikeshop @commencalusa #commencal #commencalbikes #c3bikeshop • • • #gettingsketchywithit #dhmtb #footoutflatout #mtblife #mtblifestyle #instadaily #instagood • • • 📸 @duane.robinson.142 - @bodieheflin on Instagram

- Robot pulling a lil roof in Oregon this fall.

- Climbing

- Bucket list

Some scorchers to go with the resurgence in temperatures this week! Fresh Cave set at West from a @andrewyorkieyork, @henrykinman and @jaylewinclimb. All uploaded to the @kayaclimbing app and waiting for you to tick them off. 🔥 - @vauxwall on Instagram

- Wooden Letters for nursery!

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- Voyage Punta Cana

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- Trying the high step at my comps finals last Saturday. I took 4th over all

- Disappointing climbing walls? I got one too! Quarry Park Adventure in Rocklin, CA. Outdoor auto-belays included.

- Brinquedoteca

Reaching back into the I street archives and found this gem. I still don’t know who took this photo of me🧐. #pinkbikepod #slcmtb #mtbjump backflips are a #croudpleaser trick. #mtbutah #specialized sx trail was a sick bike. - @parksmtb on Instagram

- Core Workout For Runners

- 5.14d

TBT to Freedom 🌍 & Sun ☀️ (PC @dancarter ) - @andkerri on Instagram

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- Best Top Bikes for Babies,Toddlers.

Mount Nebo State Park has something for everyone! Read more at (link in bio) #bikearmag #cycling #hotsprings #arkansas #mtb #mtblife #mountainbike #bike #freeride #mountainbiking #bikelife #bikelittlerock #explorearkansas #littlerock #arkansas #arkansasrivertrail #lovelittlerock #northlittlerock #rocktownriveroutfitters #rtrotours #sundayfunday - @bikearmag on Instagram

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Meet The Dirt Chix. A Kamloops, BC group co-founded by Dana Heyman that encourages women to prioritize themselves through mountain bikes. Read more about Dana and her work at the link in bio! #LivCOMMITTED @bicyclecafekamloops - @livcyclingcanada on Instagram

- This climbing wall looks like it was designed by Klimt


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- Be active. ... rock climbing. ...

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- Yoga pants are for all activities 🧗🏻‍♀️

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- PsBattle: Climber falling

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- Espejo Humeante 5.11c Cerro de Don Lauro, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

#mountainbiking #mtbshoutme #mtbnation - @mountain_biking_ on Instagram

- slimming Pills

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We are now in Phase 3 and open to members! We at Cliffs of Id are beyond stoked to be able to open our doors in a limited capacity via our online reservation system! All members are now able to come climb and work out. Reservations are for 2-hour time slots, can be made 2x/week, and up to 1 week in advance. We’ll expand access to non-members as soon as we are able. Please note that the gyms will be very different from pre-pandemic conditions. You can review our COVID-19 protocols here: Reserve your workout here: - @cliffsofid on Instagram

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- They forgot, So I can eat whatever the hell I want.

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- Thought some vintage might be appreciated. My older brother on my home gym, late 1980s/early 1990s

- Front Lever ³

Just completed a fun weekend project for @theclimbingdoctor had the opportunity to photograph the incredibly skilled, strong and fun @brookeclimbs Stay tuned for Jared’s new edition of Climb Injury Free. Special thanks to @mesarimsd for letting us use their awesome training center. #climbing#rockclimbing#rockclimber #climbing_pictures_of_instagram #girlswhoclimb #womenrockclimbing #climbing_worldwide #femaleclimbers #thecliffscommunity #bouldering #climbingrocks #climbing_is_my_passion! #climbinginspiration #bouldering #brooklynboulders #bkblove #stronggirls - @brooklyneditions on Instagram

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Première coupe de France à l’Alpe d’Huez avec une 3ème place en élite et une 4eme place au scratch 🔥 On se retrouve aux Deux Alpes pour la deuxième manche de la coupe de France ✊🏼 • 📸 @biker38 / @______remgap05_____ • • • #scottsportfrance #scottathlete #noshortcuts #icefast #renthalcycling #mtblparts #optisport #spaventouxprovence #bmxpernois #kmikaz #coachrbmx #bssproduct #compexfrance #teamscottbiofrais #michelinbicycle #rideonmichelin #tybikeproducts #fondationrelaisvert #bikeworkx - @mathildebernard216 on Instagram

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@sarah.nade and @seecarolyngo maximizing fun on ‘chutes + ladders’ 💥 📸: @w.ill.iams #cochransskiarea #chutesandladders #mountaintrailworx #ladyshred #MTB #vermontgoods - @richmondmountaintrails on Instagram

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Another throw back to the old school days at @windellscamp. Should we bring this back? Come ride with us #milepost35 and #livelearnride @wyeastacademy - @milepost35 on Instagram

Throwback with this @eliottlapotre pic, steezin the vosgian forest 🌲 _ #mtb #gtbikes #jevoislavieenvosges - @paulfisson on Instagram

- Application Passage (For Wedding)

- Sing the body electric

Over the next year, I will be using Instagram as an accountability tool. ⁣ ⁣ Ive done this in the past, posting Murph times every week because I said I would. Now, I am on to a new goal. ⁣ ⁣ I want to see how much I can back squat and how fast I can run a mile. The ultimate goal being a 500lb back squat and 5:00 mile, or less. Ill update you all periodically with my progress. ⁣ ⁣ Admittedly, I have no idea if I can achieve it. I havent achieved either independently, but heres my starting point as of today: ⁣ ⁣ 410lb back squat and a 5:45 mile. ⁣ ⁣ Thats not the heaviest I have ever squatted, nor the fastest mile I have ever run. But I am at that point simply following our programming @garagegymathlete on the H2K track, trying not to specialize in anything. ⁣ ⁣ Over the next year, I will get super focused and see what happens, and you can call me out if you see me slacking. 😜 - @eo3_fit on Instagram

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Keep or delete Just a pic of me jumping #bmx #life #bmxlife #photo #edit - @_coloradobmx_ on Instagram

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- Climb!

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- the ultimo belay.

- Climbing wall for 2 yo daughters room. Bottom kicks out 15 degrees.

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#tbt to getting after it at Santos. Florida has some great trails to send it on. . . . #ocala #santos #mtb #mountainbike #greatoutdoors #liveadventurously #adventure #sendit - @andrew_mccartan on Instagram

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The air bag is tomorrow we got lots of spaces available on the day 🤘🏼🙌 come and join 🙌 - @bulltrack_bikepark on Instagram

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- Now thats flexibility.

Corners like these.....🙇 📷 @chriskingpnw @evo @transitionbikes - @wererealrearwheels on Instagram

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- Try cyclocross, itll be fun.

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