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- Deborah foreman

Hallie Parker.

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- Rue McClanahan (1934-2010)

Iconic High-Maintenance Women from the 90’s/2000’s🎀 Which movie or show is your fave?!🫶🏾



- Elizabeth England

The Parent Trap Outfit Inspo

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- Grace kelly engagement



mon state flag mon

- Princess diana rare

Twinning Style Doesn’t Get Any Better Than 1998’s The Parent Trap

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- Sound of music movie

34 Reasons Why Parent Trap Dennis Quaid Is The Hottest Movie DILF Ever

Image about disney in Icons by Val on We Heart It

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- Actors.. Harrison Ford

Everything You Missed During The Parent Traps Surprise Reunion

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- Come September

Elaine Hendrix as Meredith Blake

meredith blake parent trap evil bitch

- Mrs. Bucket (“It’s ‘Bouquet!’”) - Keeping Up Appearances

The Parent Trap (1998)

Da Fuck

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- Allo allo

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- 50th Anniversary Sound of Music

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- J. Fox

6addie pins 💋

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- A still of Sharon and Susan from The Parent Trap , played by Hayley Mills in 1961.

34 Reasons Why Parent Trap Dennis Quaid Is The Hottest Movie DILF Ever


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- British Nobel Families

Behind the Scenes of The Parent Trap (1998)

The Parent Trap was Lindsay Lohan’s first film.

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- Susan Sarandon

parent trap aesthetic | parent trap | hallie parker

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- Gary Grant

in defense of meredith blake from the parent trap 🦎💋🍸

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This Is What The Cast Of The Parent Trap Looks Like Now

argen2m msc mutant shiba mutant shiba club argentum

- Brady Bunch

Rauw Alejandro 🦊❤️


parent trap lindsay lohan

- At the Movies

ameer lil meerkat pet ameer ameer pet

- Elegance

Photos from Stars Playing Onscreen Twins - E! Online

the parent trap comedy lindsay lohan judging what

- June lockhart


karkat vantas homestuck karkat homestuck karkat

- Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford onstage at the Kodak Theatre, on June 9th 2005.

34 Reasons Why Parent Trap Dennis Quaid Is The Hottest Movie DILF Ever

The Parent Trap (1998)

i have class and you dont high class fancy lindsay lohan parent trap

- Betty White - 1985 played Rose on TVs The Golden Girls. Today is her 97th Birthday!! Born 01-17-1922.

34 Reasons Why Parent Trap Dennis Quaid Is The Hottest Movie DILF Ever

swan swan samba samba

- /Grace Kelly

parent trap

- British Royal


- American presidents and families

the parent trap birthday october11

- ellen burstyn


Golden Girls: This Star Was Upset By Punchlines About Her Iconic Character⁠ ⁠ The Golden Girls was a groundbreaking sitcom in its time, focusing on a group of older women living together and navigating the stresses of work, family, and friendship. The show received significant critical acclaim during its run on television and even today, decades after when it first went off the air, it remains popular with fans all around the world. Although the show itself was mostly light and funny, one of the stars of The Golden Girls was often unhappy with one aspect of the script, according to a May 2020 report. ⁠ ⁠⁠ ⁠ #goldengirls #goldengirlsforever #goldengirlsnyc #goldengirlsclub #goldengirlsdrag #goldengirlsart #goldengirlsbarcrawl #goldengirlstanning #goldengirlstrivia #BeaArthur #TYFBAF #Ggnyc #ThankYouForBeingAFriend #AndrewGold⁠ #BeatriceArthur #BerniceFrankel #BeaAstralDame #DorothyZbornak #JasonBSchmidt #WorldsPremiereBea #BeaArthurImpersonator ⁠ #RueMcLanahan #BettyWhite #EstelleGetty #BlancheDevereaux #RoseNylund #SophiaPetrillo - @bea_astral_dame on Instagram

natasha richardson not mature enough parent trap

- Diane Keaton

human powered health kaia schmid schmid peace


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- Angela lansbury

human powered health kaia schmid schmid point up

- Star Wars Premiere 1977

lindsay lohan parent trap thank you very

- Duchess Kate...So Lovely!

verdrietig liefdesverdriet tranen emotie zakdoek

- Betsy Bloomingdale

fingers crossed hayley mills the parent trap

- Its Raining Men

kian hi kian

- Hollywood People

parent trap lindsay lohan twins

- Diane Burn

karsten zapatoskarsten

- Eye Candy

parent trap isolation isolation cabin cabin point

- Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

freezy trap freezytrap austro rap

- Bows and Ruffles

parent trap twins lindsay friends


julia maree benavies atitod att so what gurl

- The Original Avengers

lindsay lohan parent trap happy old picture

- Family Movies

gibi y%C4%B1lmaz ilkkan ersoy feyyaz yi%C4%9Fit

- Happy Birthday to Janet Fielding, who played Tegan Jovanka, companion of the Fourth and Fifth Doctor, from Logopolis (1981) until Resurrection of the Daleks (1984).

lindsay lohan sassy parent trap classy

Grace Kelly - Cary Grant // #currentmood - @momoochoo on Instagram

arcane valley arcane valley 404 404arcane valley

- Bronte sisters

natasha richardson smile parent trap lip bite elizabeth james

- Academy Awards

breb bread pat hand pat head pat

- Princess Diana Fashion

parent trap

- Bows and Ruffles

remnan remnan gnosia remnan pat remnan gnosia pat gnosia

- Lady Violet

parent trap lindsay lohan annie james hallie parker camping

- Cheryl Ladd on The Partridge Family 1973

jeffrey benne jeffy jeffrey memer benne

- Movies

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- maria teresa

sonymusicafrica presenter viacom mtv base shamiso

- A single man

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- audrey hepburn eyes

living color tribe edition ayia napa living color tribe edition kaz james

- Films / 2017

parent trap they them pronouns

- Alfred Hitchcock

living color tribe edition ayia napa living color tribe edition kaz james

- Vera Drake Movie

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geometry dash

- Broadway - Film

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- Michelle Pfeiffer

simple happy kitchen shk vegan go vegan veganism


the parent trap parent trap lindsay lohan twins

- Meredith Baxter

bugcat capoo bugcat capoo cool shiny

- Agatha Christies Marple

parent trap lindsay lohan twins disney

- miss marple


- Fried Green Tomatoes

lindsay lohan twins kid parent trap plan

- Judging Amy

jbas queen nakamoto jbas queennakamoto

Happy 85th Birthday to everybody’s favorite Dame, Julie Andrews! Aside from being a lifelong fan, I have had the privilege of interviewing her 8(!) times over the years on a variety of subjects and she is always a delight. Memorably, we had a tea party at her NYC residence. Did you know she always carries PG Tips teabags with her (her favorite brand)? In fact, one time I surprised her with a year’s supply! She is as gorgeous, gracious and good humored off screen as we have all come to know her ON screen. We both share a deep affection for the musical “The Boy Friend” (her Broadway debut and one of my first musical outings, too) and had a particularly great laugh over the fact that my sisters drilled her scores from “My Fair Lady” and “The Sound of Music” into my brain even before I was old enough to start school. “Oh, Nelson, I’m soooo sorry!” she laughed. I’m not sorry at all! She is a living legend and a wonderful woman. Happy Birthday, Julie! #happybirthday #julieandrews #damejulieandrews #myfairlady #theboyfriend #thesoundofmusic #marypoppins #victorvictoria #theamericanizationofemily #despicableme #theprincessdiaries #thoroughlymodernmillie #superstar #livinglegend - @nelsonaspen on Instagram

lets get together yeah parent trap oygente haley mills

- Teri Hatcher

cobra react ez

- Elizabethan Fashion

the parent trap lindsay lohan hallie parker annie james honey youve never looked better

- Der Denver Clan

tyrannical state pet v2

- Betty White

parent trap parenttrap lindsay lohan

- Claire Bloom


- Diana

natasha richardson panic parent trap scared woke up on the wrong side of the bed

- All in the Family

xajaz geometry dash mike youtube pet

- 70s TV Shows

parent trap meredith blake elaine hendrix lizard gross

- corgi

funny meme comedy laugh laughing

- Partridge Family


- Fashion Designers


- Elizabeth Hurley on an episode of Inspector Morse (1988)

ready parent trap grimace shrug gross

- Alan Rickman


- Audra and Victoria

parent trap playing guitar

- Diana Queen of Hearts

shut up sticker norumuyyi stop it dont talk

- British Royal Family

red redhead doubletrouble twins disney

- Caroline Bessette Kennedy

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Cuteness overload 💕 #robertmacnaughton #drewbarrymore #henrythomas #ettheextraterrestrial #80s #1980s #80smovies #the80s - on Instagram

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- The Lawrence Welk Show

ren%C3%A9e slater crossed arms

- @dustinhoffmanofficial on Instagram

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Can’t resist posting this photograph of Mum & Dad in the day.... The Hair, the Holden, the kiss 💋 Not to mention Navy & Lime is also my block colours of choice in the new SS20 collection. 1965 ~ 2020 💚🌎🌌 #retro #vintage #ragtrade #generation #bouffant #lime #navy #holden #love #leonardst #family #redhead - on Instagram

meredith parent trap elaine hendrix

- Sonas

freezy trap freezy trap austro rap

Oh how I miss my Richard, especially during these strange times. I’m finally back home in Nantucket from my visit with the girls, and everything feels at ease. • #theemilygilmore #emilygilmore #rorygilmore #lorelaigilmore #richardgilmore #gilmoregirls #gilmoregirlsedits #gilmoregirlsquotes #gilmoregirlsfanfest #gilmoregirlsedit #gilmoregirlshumor #gilmoregirldreams #gilmoregirlshumor #gilmoregirlsrevival #gilmoregirldreamsfulfilled - @theemilygilmore on Instagram

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and now for an 🍂autumnal moodboard🍂 - @annetdonahue on Instagram

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- Andy Griffith

butler parent trap lindsay lohan

- Norwegian actor/director Liv Ullman. 1980s.

gibi y%C4%B1lmaz ilkkan ersoy feyyaz yi%C4%9Fit


parent trap

- Movie Tickets

the drip dreamteammovers dtm

- Bewitched. I liked both Darrins.

the parent trap twins picture realisation realization

- Carolyn bessette kennedy

- Addicted to Downton Abbey

- Château

- Shirley McClain

- Natasha Richardson

- Movies

Diana Rigg & Patrick Macnee #dianarigg #patrickmacnee #60s #theavengers - @diana.rigg on Instagram

- 80s Movies

- Princess Diana & Family

- 1960’s movies

- Harry Meyen


- Adventures of Superman (1952–1958)

- Acting In The Blood

- 1940s real vintage weddings

- Torn Curtain

- silvia plath

- Audrey hepburn

- Black Girls Rock

- Bond James Bond

Nailed it?⁠ ⁠ Mountbatten, Thatcher, the Buckingham Palace break-in… ⁠ ⁠ Peter Morgan’s royal saga heads into the Eighties with all sorts of intrigue and Gillian Anderson plays Margaret Thatcher, but let’s face it, this series is going to be all about one person – Diana. ⁠ -- ⁠ Our ‘In Other News’ newsletter is dedicated to the top stories with no mention of the coronavirus, including food, culture, interviews and more. Click on the link in bio to sign up now 💌⁠ #thecrown #margaretthatcher #thatcher #thatcherism #diana #princessdiana #royals #royalfamily⁠ - @telegraph on Instagram

- Princess Stephanie

- Downton Abbey

- Harry Potter World


- 7TH Heaven

- 3

- 1 + 1

- Anne of Green Gables

- All In the Family

- Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester

- Casper 1995

💕💕Happy #NationalDaughtersDay 💕💕 . . #thedrapers #madmen #bettydraper #sallysdraper #daughtersday #60sparentingtips - @madmenqts on Instagram

- Steel magnolias 1989

- Anne of Green Gables

- Robin Williams & Shelley Duvall on the set of ‘Popeye’ in 1980.

- ACTRESS: Judy Garland★

- Princes diaries

- dallas tv

- Parker Stevenson

- Dallas

- Funny tv series.

- Bobby Kennedy

- Beauty and the Beast Obsessed!!!

- Photo cabine

- Michelle Pfeiffer

- Anna disney

To continue our homage to #MichelPiccoli, #CinéLumière presents a classic of 🇫🇷 cinema, #Bunuel’s 1972 #LeCharmeDiscretDeLaBourgeoisie. A caustic satire, turning the establishment into criminals. Not to be missed only on 4 & 6 Oct! Book online👉 Link in bio @cinema_museum @britishfilminstitute - @ifru_london on Instagram

- American Presidents and their Familes at Home and Work

- BBC drama

- Norman Wisdom

- All my Children

- cine


- Seven of Nine

- princesa Diana y sus sombreros

- beauty of age - autumn and winter in hair

- Bob Ross gets a lot of props, but how about Julia Child in her cooking shows on PBS

- When Harry Met Sally

- Duane Chase

- Divers

- American Horror Story

- Glynis Johns

- Chanel


- Elizabeth Montgomery


- Penelope Wilton

- Carolyn Bessette Kennedy

- Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill at The Empire Strikes Back London premiere (1980).

- Elisabeth Shue


- Gabor Sisters

- julie mccoy lauren tewes

- Award Shows

- Anne

- Dangerous Liaisons


- King Harald and Queen Sonja of Norway, early 70s

- Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill at the premiere of Star Wars in 1977.

- Prince Edward, Duke of Kent

- Beverly Dangelo

- Golden Globe Award Winners

- The 10th Kingdom

- Divers

- Duchess Of York

- real princess

- Paul and Linda McCartney.

- Lori Saunders

- John F. Kennedy

Avis aux élèves. Je vais tester votre mémoire Vous souvenez vous quand cela sest il passé avec Mr Weasley - @minerva_mcgonagall_officiel on Instagram

- Barbara Eden

- Agnetha


- Actors and their children

- Parent trap movie

- Long pictures

- Syracuse, New York

- DONNA!!!!! +t70’ss

- Diana 2

- magnum

- Robert Young

- Audra and Victoria


- President Ford dancing with Queen Elizabeth II in 1976 [4,131 × 2,659]

My one and only, Richard. I love you. #theemilygilmore #richardgilmore #emilygilmore #rorygilmore #lorelaigilmore #gilmoregirls #gilmoregirlsedits #gilmoregirlsquotes #gilmore #gilmoregirlsfan #gilmoregirlshumor #gilmoregirl #starshollow - @theemilygilmore on Instagram

- haley mills

- Princess Grace Kelly

- Beautiful Women

- Balmoral Castle

- Ruth Gordon

- Steve Martin Movies

- Diana

- t TV

- Beautiful People

- Anne of Green Gables

- Dr. Quinn Medicine Women

“Our Father, who art in Heaven hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory for ever and ever. Amen!” ~ God Bless and Protect our President @realdonaldtrump and @flotus . We are all praying for you! ✝️🙏🏻 #melaniatrump #firstlady #presidenttrump #Godblessandprotectourfirstfamily - @elegant_melania on Instagram

- Barbara Eden

- All In The Family

- 40s Favorite A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

- Twiggy

Titanic, 1997. - @bestofvintagestyle on Instagram

- Hitchcock Blondes


- Bill and Hillary Clinton

- A part of me

- Thorn birds

- Celebs


- Father and daughter


- BBC comic series

- Demotix in the Press

- Angela Lansbury

- By her own admission, would she be the perfect fuck?

- Darcy pride and prejudice

- Stella Stevens

- Maiddy

- Lorrie Morgan looks good in that picture William SI

- British family

- Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams

- Anne of Green Gables


- A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 1945

- Annie lebowitz

- Beautiful Movie Costumes

- An Affair to Remember 1957 and related

- Troy Donahue

- Far From Heaven

- Diana 3


- Air Bud

- A Godly Man

- David Lean

- ROYAL Bedroom

- Angie Dickinson

- Alice of Battenberg

- Anne of Green Gables

- 27 Dresses

- Clothes

- The Horse Whisperer

- Darcy pride and prejudice

- Anne Heche

- English rose

- Private Benjamin

- 007

- Anne of Green Gables

#ThrowbackThursday: Twenty years ago, we opened our doors with an ambitious mission in mind: to lead the charge toward a world without Parkinson’s. And we won’t stop until the job is done. Get cozy this fall and save your spot by joining MJFF Founders, Michael J. Fox and Debi Brooks, for a special (virtual) conversation hosted by Fortune Editor-in-Chief Clifton Leaf. Learn about the earliest days of the Foundation and how you, members of the PD community, play a critical role in ushering our work forward to cure Parkinson’s. Link in bio to register – spots are limited. Photo Credit 📸: @markseliger #CelebrateScienceHERE #tbt - @michaeljfoxorg on Instagram

- Hollywood couples

Another successful bornday! Yo everyone! My life partner has completed a successful round around the sun! More life!! - @thatspaghettibrand on Instagram

- Royal Engagement


- Aristocratie Luxembourgeoise

- Howard Duff

- Caroline kennedy

- Brigitte Macron style

- Anne and Gilbert

- My Fair Lady

- Margaret Thatcher


- The Parent Trap 1961

- Cary Grant and His Leading Ladies

- Anne Green Gables

- White house christmas tree

- angel & co

Back when you could actually go to the #Emmys 📸: Alan Light - @realmikejfox on Instagram

- Helen hunt

- Hayley Mills loved her when I was a young girl!

- JFK Jr.

- Alfred Hitchcock

- Geraldine Page

- Sea video

- Awesomely Random Things

- TV moms

- Cabot cove

- Cagney & Lacey

- Albert Nobbs

Un samedi avec Piccoli ❣️ Michel Piccoli chez Luis Buñuel, Nanni Moretti et Claude Sautet c’est ce samedi 19/09 sur nos écrans avec la projection (sur pellicule !) de Belle de jour (15h), Habemus Papam (18h30) et Max et les Ferrailleurs (21h) 🎞 - @cinemathequesuisse on Instagram


- Favorite TV Moms