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- This fortune I got with my Lo Mein

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Keep slayy

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- Lmao spidey in the Nikes

Prince Tu Nan (what an angel!)

yuh, ohkay

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- Funny Cards

NS on Twitter

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- After 20 years of bad teeth and not smiling, Im 4 days into a new me!


sylkiesly bdh collective slynoire women black women

- /r/funny delivers again


Anime girl

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- blursed_graffiti

𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐓𝐈𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐒 𝐏𝐎𝐒𝐒𝐄𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍 - Yandere ! Titan Eren Yeager x Reader - general ackerman vol. 2

[Видео] «Notice how they are all fine #edit #raidenshogun |Credit to:@daretyu6 on Tiktok» | Музыкальные рисунки, Музыкальные картины, 3d анимация

sylkiesly bdh collective slynoire women black women

- I need my heartbeat checked, STAT

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- She definitely makes me smile

𝟕/𝟏𝟎 ➼ 𝐤.𝐬𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐬𝐚

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- Me_irl

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- on Instagram

Hilarious Aussie Recreates Peoples Tinder Profile Pics

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- Sums up my love life pretty well

drippy kitty

5 Steps To Easily Make Bank On NFTs (If Youre A Celebrity)


Perfectly perfect for me 😎 Tag A Girl Who Needs This! ❤️ Credit @ourlaiqa . . . . . . #girlslifestories #womenempowerment #women #womensupportingwomen #woman #womenempoweringwomen #girlspower #respect #respectwomen #memes #meme #memesdaily #memes😂 #comics #comic #dailycomics - on Instagram


ahh kanye west otis song screaming hey

- Do you like?

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- Cursed_countryroads

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- Love thyself

sobbing reaction pic

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- Daily Odd Compliment

𝟕/𝟏𝟎 ➼ 𝐤.𝐬𝐚𝐤𝐮𝐬𝐚 - [07] THE OBVIOUSLY NOT SMART ONE

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- You Don’t Matter Give Up.

• anime pfp •

31 july

notice me exist sad stitch

- Coffee good



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- Small and petite

What if i we kissed on accident hahaC) - )


- Bruh


amorcito and beb%C3%A9 pig holi hi hello

- Playing CAH got little too real

laincord please notice me laincord mods

- its for you!!

argh adrian young no doubt hey baby song screaming

- @djmichaelwatts on Instagram

75hrtz 75 75hz notice me nl

- :p

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Shes ok! #bottomless #bottomlessbrunch #bottomlessbruncher #bottomlessbrunchers #bottomlessbrunchclub #brunchclub #bottomlessbrunchleeds #brunchsquad #brunch #brunchin #daydrinking #leeds #bottomlessbrunchyorkshire #boozybrunch #bottomlessbubbles #bottomlessprosecco #brunchvibes - @bottomlessbruncher on Instagram

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- Cmon, how them to me.

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- Feminist Bake Sale...

hey you cute dog attention notice me

- But why…

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- Attention students you are allowed not to take our to help trollies you move

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- Allways get burger king foot lettuce

ice spirit jumping smiling haha santa hat

- Jealousy quotes

toast notice me

- hmmm

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- I have several questions


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- Really stupid jokes

persona5 yusuke kitagawa yusuke dance look at him go

- My job in education calls for silly pics. Same glasses, different face shape. Left: Halloween 2019 (Before) Right: February 2020 (9 weeks IF/OMAD and 18 pounds down!)

sylkiesly bdh collective slynoire women black women

- Blursed N.U.T.

titan attack on titans eren yeager eren running

- To keep people safe from Covid-19

peachcat cat cute hug back hug

- Don’t .

annoying pay attention to me love me sloth corgi

- Youarebeautifuljustthewayyouare

portal senpai core notice me hey

- Why are people like that?

you there notice me jim carrey

- Nice, free coffee

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- This is boomer AF

hey im over here ronnie engvid im here look at me

- Everything was ¢25. I didnt think there was something nice left. I entered anyway. Sorry for the meme, I couldnt help it.

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- Cursed_ticket

notice me senpai pog

- For us ladies on budget

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- So inspirational ✨💝❤️💅🦋

hello cat wave hi notice me

- Uhm thank you?

cool down pls sorry angry friends please forgive me

- May you all get what you want this year, bros!

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- meirl

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- Ha!!!

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- Hi I’d like everyone to look at my hot friend. Thanks.

muffin malaysian corliss cupcake perasan

@ ex lovers and impulse purchases 🖤 - @eatdeux on Instagram

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- New Year...same you...

its me pick me right here attention notice me

Anyone else ?😫#me #diet #sotrue #bookbyme #sorrybutnotsorry #supervalu #irish #meme #funnymemes #food #lovefood #foodie - @supervalurathgar on Instagram

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- Amazin Quotes

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i hope you notice me lil skies red wine and jodeci song i hope you regard me notice me please

Everyone wish Sam a happy birthday - @isthatsamlerner on Instagram

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- blursed warning

look at me alma fillcot why women kill notice me pay attention to me

- I’m 25. Feel free to get creative.

amorcito and beb%C3%A9 pig flirt seductive wink

#snowflake #triggered #fortunecookies #onpoint - @thatheiskell on Instagram


- These just arrived! Wish me luck, its gonna be interesting to see what grows.

hey piggy waving hi hello

- happy kitty

love cute poke attention notice me

- Sorry, I had to post this.

happy international womans day fixing hair smile cute stare

- When youre a Fat Kid growing up in the Hood

conan o brien tina fey dont exist dont ignore me im here

- A card I made for Valentine’s

angry notice me sorry my bad talk to me

Sex? No thanks. - @good_vietnam_shirts on Instagram

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- 👊DIRT👊

ehem trixie tang a wish too far fairly odd parents excuse me

- Flat White Beauty

andrew bowser notice me senpai weird satanist guy

- Be that girl quotes

throw money pnb rock notice me money counting

- Corona

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- A : Notes Chibird

waving hi there hello greetings hi


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- This broke my heart

hey nicola foti soundlyawake hey there look at me


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- Aai...Ammi..Mom..Mother...All r same...Mom is never been different

shy blush notice notice me senpai

- Crappy design, or is it?

koputus knock sad notice me

- Billie Elish

hair flip sharzad kiadeh hey handsome how are you doing notice me

- Short quotes tumblr

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- Students Non-violent Coordination Committee against the criminal war in Vietnam [Herman, Robert][1920x1080][Circa 1967]

hey there notice me

- Hmmmm philosophy

pay attention to me hey you notice me birds

- 🤣

notice me look at me im here attention seeker vlog squad

- 2hangry4meirl

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- Mmmmm extra flavor

listen please notice attention megaphone

- A bad day

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- Dumb bitch anyone?

imagination hi hello gey notice me

‼️Dont forget to register for CLOSING THE ORGASM GAP: PART 2 = COMMUNICATE. Its tonight‼️ Even if you cant make it live, registering will give you access to the class recording (as well as CLASS 1: EXPLORE in case ya missed it!) Tonight is led by @jimanekia Shes a trauma specialist AND a sex educator. Plus, she loves wrestling. So yeah, shes dope. Hosted by @pendajai whos work centers self-pleasure as a means of social equity and Allbodies co-founder @laurenbille Youll learn new ways to communicate (verbal AND non-verbal), get a grasp of your communication + love styles, as well as your erotic blueprint (Whaaa?!?!) Yes! You can have one of those to help you navigate!!! See you tonight! Well break the internet again tonight with thousands of people talking about ORGASMS! (Much needed distraction after last nights debates...) LINK IN PROFILE TO JOIN US Class is FREE and OPEN TO ALL! T-shirt by @nataloople #debates #playboy #pleasures #communicationiskey #communicationskills #communicate #communityhealth #communityhealing #trustyourself #buildingtrust #knowyourself #learnyourself #selfcaredaily #desires - @allbodieshealth on Instagram

give me attention notice me milk and mocha reading busy

This is a sign! ✨ - @successresourcesaustralia on Instagram

hopeless romance101 notice me balloons hi hello

- Ahhhh, Use my mouth ♡

answer me hey you notice me pay attention

- Pro-bejing Newspaper wenweipo print Ad: Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back (Picture from LiHKG)

missing you sad lonely waiting

- Never has the word LOVE make me hate it so much

notice me mochi mochi cat cute adorable pet

- For your -N- please our safety wait outside

hi waving mimi and neko notice me

- The names Brian damnit!!!!

sam green notice me

@xaxamagazine - @alcohollycigarette on Instagram

hello hello there bunny spoiled rabbit cute couple

The first entry in our October campaign for #Bullying Prevention Month! Like if you agree with Myven: Bullying has an effect: the effect of a lifetime! #YHTP - @yhtp1 on Instagram

nathantriska ana mrstriska hottest guy influencer

- blursed_thunder

bunny cute kawaii attention to me notice me

- Brain science # shanu

notice me loki notice me loki

- A good way to bring attention to animal rights? Or just to annoy omnivores?

cute notice me cuddles attention clingy

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attention notice me please notice me need attention notice me senpai

- The Only Reason I Get Coffee Here

- Finally found out

- Hafu

- kdrama madness

- I find this funny...

- Open this when letters

- Friendship

#tbt to a sweet little #vegfest in #yvr 💕💞💓💗💖🐶 #puppylove #dogsofinstagram #bethepersonyourdogthinksyouare #veganlife #vegansofinstagram - @rhiannonthevegan on Instagram

- Coercive sex is hilarious!!!

Tal vez - @geoitoz on Instagram

- Spicy meme

- Fake it till you make it.

- A friend from way back when. Lots of people know hes an ex Marine. Not to many people know he didnt even make it through boot camp.

- Interesting

- Those stripper clothes costed $100%

- Stomach and legs

- Blursed_writing

- Coffeeology

- The caption is the worst part

That smile could move mountains. It could also break hearts 🙃 • @loungeunderwear always has the cutest coziest sets 🥰 - @amanisummers on Instagram


- Yikes

- This cat food brand a sprouts (im so confused)

- Most demoralizing fortune cookie ever

- I just cant

- blursed_sauce

- Super skill

- Sound advice

- @hawasimemer on Instagram

- What a bargain!!!!

- An interesting title

- Is the cucumber bitter? A Stoic square

🤦‍♀️ - @worms.mag on Instagram

- @thisisisi on Instagram

- Take what you need.

- Seen on r/funny

- was good agw ♡

- Blursed description and instructions.

- English is Weird

- (redo) Im a little OCD, so heres another verification photo u__u sorry. luv **redditors

- Onur is an Uber driver

- im usually very shy.. but here we go.. full nude on reddit

- Mirror selfie

- Blursed cat

- so my fortune cookie decided to be a smartass today

- I’m a day late but still

Y’all I’m so sorry about how inactive I’ve been lately 💀😔 I’ll try to post some more tomorrow but I’ve just been super busy lately - @haikyutrsh on Instagram

- Daddy💦💦

- @noname__.dr on Instagram

- I’m louder AAA

- This line of clothing has a rather different way of telling the buyers how to wash their clothing

- First time Ive ever posted feet!

- mood

- You are enough quote


- Blursed_cookie

To everyone dealing with something. Please there’s more to life than taking your life. I will listen to you, I’m sure that you can get the help that you need, all you’ve to do is reach out to anyone you’re comfortable with. We are all dealing with something, we all are constantly fighting our demons but we will get through this together. There is light at the end of the tunnel, don’t give up now, you’ve come a long way to just give up. What happens to those who genuinely care about you when you take your life? Do you have any idea how traumatizing that will be for them? You want to take your life because you think you aren’t worth it?? Those who love you see how amazing you are. #mentalhealthmatters#mentalhealthawareness#staypositive#stayhome#staysafe#bestrong#suicide#suicideprevention#suicideawarness#mentalhealthawarenessmonth💚#anxietyawareness#depressionawareness#struggleisreal - on Instagram

- One smart cookie

- Blursed_warningMaybe?

- Hey there!

- Mask Q reality

- Me and my bf (who looks kinda like Joker)

- NPC Energy

I love cooking new recipe and having a glass of red wine. So relaxing! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #cooking #skills #redwine #ralphlauren #vegan #fun #naturalhair #veganrecipes - @rockkkyy on Instagram

- why do only straight cis men hit on me when i post on here!!!! you are not who im posting for! 🥵

- The heart doesn’t fit into the pit..

- We all have that day at Starbucks

- These elevator buttons

- Have a good night sleep

- Why does this always happen to me?

- cursed_exit

- Greatest fortune ever

- Stronk butt

🔳 - @touchmysense_ on Instagram

- Clear enough..

- technically the truth

- in need of someone to pull my thong down and call me a good girl 😇

- Hot

- Blursed_salads

- Liebe memes

- I love this

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- Saw this and knew immediately I had to post it here. Wear your kicks people.

- Stimmungszitate

- Why write the ‘S’ like that? The more I read it, the more it mildly infuriates me.

- My nana-in-laws toes.

- Hope this chart is helpful here

- The rain made it look like I reverse peed myself.

- Forbidden tea party.

- The flattest.

- Blursed_List

- All the feels

- Blursed_sansthreat

- garden posts

- Everyone, reading the latest patch notes

- selfie

- What up parents

- Bon mot

- A word is dead when its been said, some say. I say it just begins to live that day.- Emily Dickinson

- The swimming pool aboard the Titanic is still full.

- me🥃irl

- 2

- Hi; Im 17, transgender, and planning to present as female at the next homecoming dance! Could I have some makeup advice please? Im going for a simple and innocent look and dont have any idea what Im doing. One of my friends will be doing my makeup for me and Id like to know what to ask for.

- Happy to see me or is that a Twinkie?

- Charties


- Souris !

Via @arts.senses - @psychoorcute on Instagram

- Got this fortune almost exactly a week after being bitten by a flying squirrel I was coaxing out of a kitchen cabinet with a chestnut

- Hope you have a good one!

- on Instagram

- accounting humor

- The more you know

- Treat for your eyes

Austinites know 👁🍪 - @practiceyogaaustin on Instagram

- Did she lie? did she liiiiieeee?!

- What an asshole (sorry for bad quality picture)

- I can relate to this

- Ive been trying to keep my body in shape for daddy.... I want to be.... daddys little sex doll... The only affection my sissy body understands is being ravaged by a man and as such its my only real motivation. A sissy works to keep in shape because thats what daddy wants.

- S shirt

- PsBattle: Jennifer Lawrence holding a piece of paper

- am bored.

- *presses x for doubt*

- MRW I finally have the apartment to myself and everything starts breaking

- blursed_snap

- Not a meme but still

- [F] Master told me to take a picture and Post It I think I might has misunderstood

- What is this thing I found online? No answer in the comments but the clue pointed to being a horse but I can’t see it

- so are we going to make out?

Eat my dust, tryhards. - @owenbiddle on Instagram

- Cursed_toilets

- My fortune cookie today was scarily accurate

Ok now BACK IT UP....put your hands in your pocket...RUN 😂😂 Stay Strong ...stay fit....Stay positive...stay healthy...stay busy...STAY THE f%€& AT there for one-another and WE WILL all get through this ASAP and definitely be back at the Gym, the stage and on the Dance floor 💃🕺 #stayhome #stayfit #staypositive #stayhealthy #dance #supportoneanother #wewillbeatthis #ifbb #ifbbaustralia #internationalifbbjudge #ifbbelite #ifbbelitepro #ifbbjudgenadtersalib #happy #compprep #gym #aesthetics #competition #nutrition #bikini #bodybuilding #ifbbbikini #figure #fitness #physique #girlswholift #motivation #personaltraining #dedication #covid_19 - @ifbbjudgenadersalib on Instagram

- 156 Bathroom Boards

- i’m here i’ll take at your the heat service for you

- Yes

- 2meirl4meirl

Tag that awesome person! Follow us @successowner for more --- #successowner - @successowner on Instagram

- Cursed tits

- Oh yes it is...[F][58]

- An explanation of the historical origin of the Japanese cultivation of eggs

- Natural ahegao

- Me irl

- Drooling For Cock~💖

- what if you fly?

- Blursed_signal

- 2meir4meirl

Thrilled to be part of the largest presentation of a Felix Gonzales-Torres piece ‘Untitled’(fortune cookie corner) 1990. Initiated by Andrea Rosen Gallery and David Zwirner Gallery we are proud to be one of 1000 places in the world for this official launch today May 25th until July 5th 2020. The location I chose is the entrance of the gallery which used to be Ghislaine Hussenot Gallery who represented Felix in Paris for a few exhibitions. Not part of our current show, it stands in the entrance of the venue as a remembrance of so many great artists Ghislaine has shown in this gallery from the eighties until 2006 when I took over. Because of this it feels even more special for me to be part of this global presentation. As we welcome visitors back to the gallery, we gladly invite people to get closer to the art by also cracking open the cookie and read its message. Touch the piece and why not swallow it... #FGT🥠exhibition - @galerie_hussenot on Instagram

I miss burning my feet in the sand already - @alexosminnn on Instagram

- Quoting

- Who else deserves this badge?

- @mamootyofficial on Instagram

- It’s late, but I wanted to get verified so I can’t post the good shit 😈

- This was the entirety of my fortune from my fortune cookie.

- I really had to doublecheck the sub this was posted in.

- She be one too

- Snuck off to the bathrooms for a quick selfie, what do you think 😉

- Blursed sanitization

- I’m baby

- Seems pretty relaxed all things considered

- 2meirl4meirl

- My fortune cookie from lunch today

- Emily Ratajkowski lives in warm places 😛

- Yearbook messages

- come and meet me in the bathroom stall 😈

- Hastate

- Some titty thats just enough to squeeze ;)

- A relative is going to die.

- Mask Label Distancing From Child Labor

- Anyone is up for a hike with a small girl?😇

- My fortune was cut in half. Now I’ll never know...

- Annie Bevills beutiful pussy

- Makes Me Laugh

- Im here Ill take at your the heat service for you.

- Wouldn’t we love to on her face.

- With glasses

. Do you cry easily? - @psychedelalune on Instagram

- all might aesthetic

- In the fitting room

- After bath

- Just because your kids cant read yet doesnt make it classy.

- My nipples prefer to not be hidden behind my dress

- Daddys boy

Best present 💝 ever! Yes, those are tears in my eyes. Thank you Morey’s. A gift that means so very much. My heart just bursts! #morethanastory #ourredemption #mytestimony - @christenkolb_ on Instagram

- tits are out again

- 2meirl4meirl

Lady left this in Debenhams Exeter. Passed on to staff and will be in lost property. - @littleheartsofcare on Instagram

- Felt cute, might [f]uck someone later ❤️

- Blursed Letter

- We dont even get fortunes any more....... *Smh

- me🍆irl

- She has an amazing smile

- Too good to keep for myself

This poem has been used in Iran by Iranian women for protest. It has been used in Sudan by Sudanese women for protests. I maybe a lot of things but powerless isn’t one of them. (📷: @featuringdallas) - @theijeoma on Instagram

🖤 @fashionnova - @adotthegreatt on Instagram

- Play with me, daddy. I want your attention. :

- She’s so fucking pretty

Great quote! - @clint_jacops on Instagram

- Who wants to cum on them?

- Buy

- Do you like them?