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chile anyways..

oh no you dont fred pye nice try i dont think so not on my watch

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Clever captions for your IG ❤️‍🔥 | follow my IG : @ yvngkb_

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not ever sugar mama proud the proud family over my dead body not at all

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abbott elementary but thats none of my business minding my business none of my business thats none of my business

- The Departed

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adri🛸 on Twitter

im not gonna fight it mark ronson just let it be meant to happen thats the way it is


idgaf meme video

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youre not sonic the hedgehog courtlan gordon laugh over life you dont

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Sound and audio waves chalk icons set. Voice recording, radio signal waveforms. Digital soundwaves. Melody amplitudes level. Dj equalizer, soundtrack frequency. Isolated vector chalkboard illustration

its not because im older sharon marsh south park s15e7 you are getting old

- Coincidence?

love of my life

but thats none of my business sip drink

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shoop, morry ♠

sacrifice for my people meek mill on my soul song ill offer myself for my people i can sacrifice for my people

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sports sportsmanias emoji soccer football

На сайте завершился международный конкурс пейзажной фотографии посвященный туманам. В конкурсе приняло участие 4,5 тысячи фотографов со всего мира. Я смог войти в десятку лучших фотографов мира с фотографией Всехсвятского собора Тулы. Сейчас я расскажу почему для меня эта награда так важна. Вообще съёмка туманов в Тульской области очень непростая вещь. Согласно метеорологическим данным, количество дней с туманом в нашей области - примерно 2 в месяц. Это ооочень мало. Это, примерно, как снимать ясную, солнечную погоду в Петербурге. Или снег в Сочи. Во вторых туман вообще весьма трудно спрогнозировать. Ты можешь заранее посмотреть погоду, убедиться, что в выбранной точке будет достаточная влажность, и не будет ветра,  пол ночи не спать, а ехать в в нужное место, чтобы снять рассвет своей мечты, всю дорогу будет туман - хоть глаз коли. Ты приезжаешь на место - а вот там, тумана как раз нет.. И ты понимаешь, что переехать в другое место уже не успеваешь - туман скоротечен, пока туда-сюда - он рассеется. Охота за туманами - стала для меня своеобразным спортом, с элементами случайности и угадайки. Но, все эти бессонные ночи того стоят. Туман делает любой пейзаж красивым и загадочным. Он скрывает лишние детали, в нём преломляется и играет тенями и бликами свет. Без тумана и с туманом один и тот же пейзаж смотрится как два совершенно разных места. Вообщем, я прям очень доволен, что Тула опять стала в один ряд с самыми красивыми местами мира. На этот раз вместе с туманными альбионами - Словенией, Канадой, Альпами )) - @ilyagarbuzov on Instagram

shin hari

10+ Jokes From Friends That Completely Went Over Our Heads

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- craft ideas- Check!

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nothing neyo jadakiss by my side song none

- AW 2018-19 Macro Trend - Fascination

i swear it’s laced with something 😩


business kermit sipping tea none of my business

- Beacons & Proximity Marketing

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not this time mr snake the bad guys not again not happening

- Beach and beach houses

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Tashy Bells Wedding Ceremonies

not on my eyes scared nervous oh no ahh

- Carol and Larrys Lake Travis Condo

Girl getting aggressive meme

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- 2016 fashion

Follow @wavessscoCo has a bracelet on the profile pic #boost her business 🤎 🤍 🤎 🤍

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say her name #BreonnaTaylor •B R E O N N A T A Y L O R• . . . . . #BlackLivesMatter - @untltd_dsgn on Instagram

people these days


none of my business

Breaking Bad - @filmandcolor on Instagram

Tupac said it best

none of us are safe fight for vaccine equity vaccine equity vaccine vaccinated

- favourite films

𝐖𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐃 → 𝗴𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗽𝗰𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗺𝘂𝘁𝗹𝗶

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side eye wtf is going

- Color palette ideas

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womenshealth feminism parenting reproductive rights reproductive justice

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- Abbinamento colori

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- @homedeloapp on Instagram

im not gonna do well nicola foti soundlyawake im not faring well im not in my best condition

- Insulting and nonsensical venn diagram

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- Color

zero fucks zero fs dont care oh well over it

- Look after yourself!

not my business judging you secretly judging you

- autumn makeup

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abbott elementary minding my business hiding not my business none of my business

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im not alone simone magill northern ireland im not on my own im not by myself

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mind your business danny mullen mia gibbs keep off keep out of this

- Auction Ideas

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- Wooden Toy Garage

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- September 8

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- Free 8X10 at Walgreens thru 5/11. Code : GET8X10

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- Wes Anderson Color Palette

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- Colors

no no no nobody is intimidated eric cartman south park s13ep12 the f word

- Apple Additions

not my circus not my monkey benjamin engvid its your problem not mine thats none of my business

- My colour

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- Colour palettes

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- It looks like poo poo

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- Beach Pictures

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- collage pic gallery

nothing is actually comprehensible presence the tragedy ive become i cant comprehend anything none of this is really understandable

- Summer fashion modest

look its none of my business not my concern not my place doesnt involve me none of my business

- Baby Educational Flash Cards

none of us are free until our government is free of corruption pass the for the people act for the people act representus constitution

- 3d ART

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- Script fonts free

none of my friends spread misinformation disinfo disinformation information misinformation

- Luv to Wear

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- Light Spring Palette

its none of her business heather dubrow real housewives of orange county it doesnt concern her that has nothing to do with her

- Patron

whatever youre doing its none of my business jake stewart wentworth bernard curry i dont care about what you did

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%E5%B0%8F%E6%89%8B%E4%B8%80%E6%92%91%E4%B8%8E%E4%B8%96%E6%97%A0%E4%BA%89 peach cat and goma quan %E4%B8%8D%E8%B7%9F%E4%BD%A0%E4%BA%89 %E4%B8%8E%E6%88%91%E6%97%A0%E5%85%B3

- Color Analysis /Style Guide

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- Value studies I did over 10 days, no sketching except for the first one, would love criticisms!

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- Coral Wedding

awkward none of my business yikes rhoa real housewives of atlanta

- Colour Combos

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- Bedroom decor ideas

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- My Little Brothers Algebra teacher gives homework in powerpoints. This has to be the worst one Ive seen.

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- Color Palettes

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- Color

being nosey nosey ass none of my business

- How to Mix Colors

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- Growing up in rural New England in the 2000s starter pack [OC]

almost there confused dead excuse me fired

- Hair Color Chart Wheel


- Handheld Mixers

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- Business startup

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- beauty and makeup

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- Color Schemes

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- AW2014 2015

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- Colors

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- Bridal Jewellery Online

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- Color Combos

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- Free collage templates

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- Playful Playrooms!

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- Light cinema

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- *AllSeated Features & FAQ*

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love eyes cat you are in my eyes

- Website Color Schemes

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- Spring Family Pictures

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- Colors & Contrasts

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- A:going natural

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- Cyber Monday 2017

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- colorido

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- otoño invierno

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- 2017 Fall Winter Trends

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- Fall Fashion Trends

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- Color card

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- colors

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- Color schemes

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- The fact that the 2 soaps option is the first one making the buyer think its 14 bucks for 1 soap.

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- Color palette

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- Flag of Latvia, but the colors are replaced with what they represent

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- Bubble. Adjacency matrix

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I’ve been wanting to make this for a while now. Part of my upcoming show with @rhodescontemporaryart #Simpsons #nicksmith #nicksmithart #collageonpaper #psycolourgy #pioneers - @nicksmith_art on Instagram

- BEST blog tips 101

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#VisualVocabWithCPB When you look at a colour, do you think about how light or dark it is? Do you use the word “shade”? Like, “oh, the sea is a dark shade of blue today!” Then you’ve already started to understand value. Essentially, value is the lightness or darkness of a colour. While we commonly say light and dark shade, the correct terminology for a “light shade” is actually a tint and a “dark shade” is a shade. When white is added to a colour, it is a tint, and when black is added to a colour, it is a shade. Here’s a cute poem for you to remember this formula from ‘School of Yule’ (YouTube): “Tints, are light Like mints - add white Shades, Men in Black Are dark - add black…” Nicolas Roerich’s painting of the Himalayas captures several tints and shades of blue. Notice the darkest blue at the bottom and the lightest (whitest) blue in the snowy mountains 🏔️ Read more on our blog! This series is done in collaboration with @artstudentthoughts. Image credits: @patternobserver @wikicommons #value #tints #shades #tintsandshades #colourtheory #arthistory #arteducation #arted #arttheory #modernart #indianart #color #poem #artstudentthoughts #roerich #mountains #himalayas #landscapephotography - @cpbprism on Instagram

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- I left Guild Wars 2 during ..., what changed? — a comprehensive chart of feature & content updates in GW2 (v. 2.90, pre-PoF)

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- Mother Earth really takes my breath away Starter Pack

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- [OC] Similarity in colors between California fires (top) and largest nuclear detonation ever (bottom).

Cert IV Classroom Course // Mood boarding is an incredibly effective way to position colours together digitally to help evoke certain memories or feelings. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We loved this combination that conjured up some rich leather, open-fire, country cabin feelings for us! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Design School Cert IV Classroom Course Graduate - Lyndell Oxley @lustre_by_iso ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Design School–Certificate IV in Interior Decoration #MSF40118 #RTO91454 - @designschool_ on Instagram

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So stoked to have my work featured by @colorpalette.cinema again for @iamnotokaywiththis on @netflix. Its awesome to be up there with the best colour work in cinema. DOP @mrjustinbrown made sure I didnt have to do much and director @jonathan_entwistle made everything inside the frame movie magic. Also HUGE SHOUTOUT to production designer @msigel and costume designer @bexcroftonatkins for nailing all the colours in production! 🙏🙏🙏 . We wanted to create something timeless, something not tied to an era or specific period. We wanted to create a world of its own, not replicate a time in the real world, but we certainly borrowed palettes from certain eras and adapted them for each scene and emotion depending on what we were going for. . Our inspiration was that in the past stuff was shot on film and it was printed, and you had very limited controls in how you could correct for the changes. So, there is a little bit of variety throughout, and there are different amounts of grain, slight variations in skin tones, lighting, and it wasn’t corrected to a perfect level. We wanted to keep some of the imperfections in there. . For me personally, I took inspiration from things like #TenThingsIHateAboutYou, and #ShesAllThat - teen films that were shot beautifully on film, minimally processed, and then printed to film. We wanted to have that feel to it as opposed to the polish of #Sabrina and #StrangerThings. . It definitely needed to be graphic. So that’s why we’ve got quite bold contrast and inky blacks and a really colourful image in parts. It’s not meant to look like a graphic novel, but it’s of a world, of a place and a time, that is not reality. We really wanted to cement it as its own universe. ​​​​​​• ​Director: @jonathan_entwistle DoP: @mrjustinbrown Developed by: Jonathan Entwistle and @christyjanaehall Colourist: @tobytomkins / @cheat_it Production: @21lapsentertainment Production Design: @msigel Costumes: @bexcroftonatkins Based on a graphic novel by: @charlesforesman Starring: @sophialillis, @wyattoleff @sofiabryantofficial​​​​​​ . #cinematography #colorgrade #gameoftones #colorpalette #colorpalettecinema #iamnotokaywiththis #filmic ​​​​ - @tobytomkins on Instagram

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Now in stock send me your lovely autumn hair to share. 🧡💛🧡 #matrix #matrixcolor #matrixcolorsync #matrixsocolor #autumnvibes #matrixtotalresults #tradehairsupplies - @joanne_halfpenny_ths on Instagram

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- Graphic music notation: Hey Jude reimagined in color

- Color Schemes | Palettes for Your Photoshoot

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- Non-fruit bearing trees that you can confidently name starterpack

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- Your color choices near that shade are burgundy, red or DRAK RED

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