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『˗ˏˋ 𝘗𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘵 ~ 𝘒𝘦𝘯𝘯𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘦𝘭𝘦𝘰𝘯𝘢𝘳𝘥 ˎˊ˗』

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alright everyone listen south park pay attention listen listen to me

- New speaker day - Ohm Model G2’s

Spirits - Seventh Angelo Slowed


listen listen family feud canada listen listen up please listen

- Audio System



heaven hear me cryin maroon5 listen to me crying hear my cry give heed to my cry

🚭 Good luck to anyone trying to give up or thinking about giving up smoking today. I’m on my 8th year as a non-smoker! I loved smoking...I LOVE NOT smoking more! 🚭 Some good advice: #Stoptober #StopSmoking #nhs - @rowetta on Instagram

ummm Bootyful


listen man rudy ayoub listen to me listen up hear me up

Fuck the “woke” shit. Keep your ass awake. Now is neither the time for complacency nor for giving up. Freedom has never been for free. Stay vigilant. #BlackLivesStillMatter #BlackIsStillBeautiful - @malcolmjamalwar on Instagram

Hear the world’s sounds

listen fabolous myfabolouslife hear me listen to me

Adrenalin Fix Music in Danger ! You can give a support here: Fundraiser: Available on our website too : Thank you xo - @adrenalinfixmusic on Instagram

lemme be emo

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• Si gen yon bagay m’aprann se ke linivè,sitou latè renmen jwe. Li toujou kenbe frechè timoun piti’l. E si’w pa deside jwe avè’l anpil fwa ou ka twouve lavi on ti jan difisi’l. Anpil nan sa kap rive nou la se paske nou pran tout bagay twòp o serye. Mka di ke sa se youn nan leson lavi. Jwe avè’l. Men yon lòt leson se pa eseye kontwole lavi’w,men pito viv lavi’w. Mrenmen di lavi se yon dlo,map fè laplanch sou li. Erè anpil moun fè se lè yon ane ap komanse yo panse yo ka planifyel nan tout rekwen’l. Yo gentan diw tèl ou tèl lè map fè sa. Tèt ou tèl peryòd nan ane an ankò map fè sa. Men yon ane,lavi tou se yon avanti. E yon avanti fèt pou li siprann ou. Si’w apwoche yon ane konsa,anpil chans ke ou jwenn desepsyon. Linivè ap montrew ankò yon fwa ke non,ou paka kontwole’l. Se yon timoun tet du li ye tou lol e fòk li jwe. Men si’w entilijan ou jwe jwèt la ak li. Ou fè yon sòt ou planifye’l on fason nenpot jan linivè vire plan’w se ou kap genyen. Lè konsa ou fèl ri e ou menm tou ou jwenn plezi. Sa evite ke lavi’w raz. Pa exanp yon ane pral komanse. Ou di you’n nan plan prensipal mwen se pou’m grandi. Nenpot jan ane a vire kò’l ou paka pa grandi. Ou fè an sòt an menm tan ou gen kontwòl men se an menm tan ou lache priz. • - @_dyx._ on Instagram


U Know What It Do (glumboy)(*ALL PLATS*)

dont listen to me cristine raquel rotenberg simply nailogical nailogical dont pay attention to me



Spotify playlist covers

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- Some evenings it all just... works.

24/7 🎧 | Little Miss


let me speak vanderpump rules let me talk let me explain listen up

- It will doom us all

Mood pics. Mood pics funny. Mood pics with bae. Mood pics crying. Funny pics. Mood pics aesthetic.

okay listen up hear me out listen lend an ear

- One of the greatest Hip Hop records from 1984.

Full version of Uzis new profile pic on Instagram

hear ye kanye west jesus walks song listen up pay attention

- Good Old Movies

cult leader - lana del rey

listen up listen to me everybody listen let me explain announcement

- begone thot

BloodySita (p.kuniu)

shut up kamala vp pence debates

- Black Sabbath


Hear the world’s sounds

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- Uh oh

sekolah offline

Mood pics. Mood pics funny. Mood pics with bae. Mood pics crying. Funny pics. Mood pics aesthetic.

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...RAAAAAAAAAWK! 11am PT @thesessiononair IG Live. Let’s do this shit. Lou’s vocals?!? Amazing. See u there. #fckthebot 🤘🏼 - @thesessiononair on Instagram


demon slayer kimetsu no yaiba anime iqiyi entertainment district arc

- New solid maple audio stand arrived today. Definitely a big improvement over the cheap MDF piece it is replacing.

13 oct 2020...

𝐦𝐞𝐥𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐧𝐞 𝐮𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐢𝐭𝐲 | chaelisa

carefree i dont think so hmmm listen up say what

- Made my Ruby Red iMac G3 a music hub for my girlfriends room

elena of avalor princess elena sing listen up disney

- they don’t know...i’d never do you any good...

Cute wallpapers

My Mel!^^

carefree i dont think so hmmm listen up say what

- Audio Machine

this side of paradise - coyote theory (slowed)

listen to me willy rothbart hoops pay attention listen up

- bob Marley

one for shmnrgrs

one fish two fish (prod. blip x deadboyadan x cyfal)

carefree i dont think so hmmm listen up say what

- African American Movies

Toxic Love

listen you dirty karxi listen up listen to me upset listen here

- John the Music of Williams

Pretty Fly for a White Guy x Pony (Tiktok Edit)

shut up

carefree i dont think so hmmm listen up say what

- Current Listening Setup

monsther high era

station19 andy herrera listen up attention everyone alert

- Top 50 Albums


Hear the world’s sounds

carefree i dont think so hmmm listen up say what

- Bob Ross happy trees

listen to me listen up pay attention to me hear me out millie malone

- Its out on the killer bean channel btw

carefree i dont think so hmmm listen up say what

- Current System (done for awhile i guess)

listen up horse ready horse listening im listening

- Album Art

listen danny mullen listen to me pay attention please focus

- what a good dad :)

aunty donna broden broden kelly listen guys listen

- Im a millennial who loves them both. Shocking I know.

guys brad mondo excuse me hello listen up

- Mr B.I.N

let me tell you something mr mackey kyle broflovski south park s15e3

- Suede by Suede

listen up frustrated annoyed listen dont be stubborn

- Long time lurker, first time poster. Finally have my set up dialed in and thought I would share.

listen to me harris south park s20e9 not funny

- Whats in a NAIM...everything!

okay girl anifa mvuemba bustle alright sure

- My new speakers arent as pretty as my previous Sonus fabers, but boy do they sound better. These things are true giant killers. Goldenear Triton 1.

listen up samus paulicelli 66samus listen pay attention

- Freestyle Music

pay attention cristine raquel rotenberg simply nailogical listen up focus

- Cecil Taylor

listen rosie f is for family yell listen up


tony talks iamtonytalks respect disrespect i have never

- Having a rearrange of my humble setup :)

listen up guys stefanie langer nitro nights listen to me all ears on me now

Our Sunday Property For LIVE Sundown Sessions From Terrace 😎 Love & Share The Word 😊 #degreesofsound #degreesofsoundhyd #dos #hyderabad #sundaysundown #sundowner #livestreaming #livestream #sundaysunset - @dj.daman.sardar on Instagram

whats that sound do you hear that what is that listen sound on

- # m t m

could i have your attention please kyle broflovski south park listen up pay attention

- Jimi Hendrix - Album Covers

focus justin bieber confident song listen up pay attention remain focused

- Crue

hunchojt notes hunchojt

- High Humour

carefree i dont think so hmmm listen up say what

Happy Fathers Day to @blacksabbath and all dads today! - @heavyconsequence on Instagram

soni4d slap you listen up pointing

- Friday night listening/ organizing.

pay attention ashni christ ashni listen up listen to me

- !!!

shark tank listen to me when no ones listening listen up notice me

- Reggae Style

listen to me man lamar freeman tales renee s3e2

- I put this system together for a demonstration later on today.

molesta tinker bell mad listen up evil stare

- @words_that_capture_smile on Instagram

hey ladies listen algernod lanier washington plies pay attention listen to me

- Jamaican Festival

listen up idgaf really angry

- Microphones for YouTube

listen please notice attention megaphone

#acdc makin records using the #SoundWorkshopSeries34 #analogconsole cause it sounds so good!!! If it’s good enough for them I’ll take it! #recordingstudio #echopark #losangeles #la - @portiastreetstudios on Instagram

dewey duck ducktales ducktales2017 disney sky pirates in the sky

- Another Legend Gone. RIP Malcolm Young

listen hearing sound noise focus

- Jeffrey Dahmer aka Milwaukee Cannibal - r/SBTcommunity

may i have your attention please jeenie weenie can i have everyones attention listen up i have an announcement

- My little corner of fun

ahem stuart minions the rise of gru minions2 excuse me

दुनिया की सबसे बड़ी उपलब्धि तो माँ बाप की खुशी होती है. जब वो टीवी मे लाइव देख के कॉल करे और बोले कि बेटा बहुत अच्छे दिख रहे 😻😻 और आप सबको भी बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद हमेशा सपोर्ट बनाए रखने के लिए 😻 Thank you @ddbihar_channel AND @schoolchale team for this opportunity. 😻 . . #meowstudio #sauravanuraj #schoolchale #Photography #learnphotography #ddbihar #thankyou #nevergiveup #livetv #TVinterview - @sauravanuraj on Instagram

listen pay attention listen to me focus listen up

- Added room treatment below speaker - only added more noise to system.

they dont make mistakes tamara kalinic they seldom make mistakes theyre almost perfect they dont mess up

- Dave chappelle

listen to me marcella quintanilla selena the series my love hear me out

- Bob has a stern message for someone

order in the court judge gavel judging listen to me

- Ouch

cnn cnn election donald trump i cant hear you speak up

- High End Speakers

you must listen to me leonard maltin south park mecha streisand s1e12

- Keeping it simple in 2020:

listen up listen attention please brody jt neal

- My little reading room is cluttered, but its comfy.

announcement kids choice awards attention listen up megaphone

- Billy Talent

hey everybody listen up eric cartman south park fat butt and pancake head s7e5

- High End Speakers

cute baby girl rabbit listen to me

- Vinyl Storage

rhony bravo real housewives ramona ramona singer

Cat Mama, I May Destroy You • what do you do when your song gets featured on a show that is pulling you apart and putting you back together? What do you do when a song you worked on during some of the most painful parts of your life suddenly is also the catalyst for so much good in your life? • I honestly don’t even know what to say, 2020 has been many things for me, but this? This right here? Fuck. It feels good. I produced this song MYSELF, mixed and mastered it MYSELF, it almost didn’t get put out, now look! It’s made it onto the soundtrack of a show that means so much to me right now • huge thank you to #MichaelaCoel and her team, music supervisor of #IMayDestroyYou Ciara Elwis • Catch the “Bornday Intro” from my BORNDAY EP on Episode 7 of #IMayDestroyYou playing softly as Terry and Kwame talk in the tub • my dreams are real, everyday. • I love you 💚 (special shoutout to @ladyjaylives for making the connection between us all) 💚 - @theriaboss on Instagram

hear me out rich rebuilds listen listen to me listen up

- Bob Marley sayings

hey ladies listen up algernod lanier washington plies listen up yall listen up girls

This also includes pretty much ALL pop music on NMF, the radio, etc. We white folks need to do the work, it’s on us. - @myles_avery on Instagram

listen to me tweek tweak south park s6e9 free hat

- This website for song lyrics autoplayed a video with sound... while I was listening to music

listen motherfucker listen up pay attention frustrated detective grace rasmussen

- News

why wont anybody listen to me kyle broflovski south park s8e13 cartmans incredible gift

- Miles movie

angry birds mom listen mad

- Hang Mandela propaganda made by the student organisation of the British Conservative Party during the 1980s

never no pretendin ybn cordae cordae dream in color song no fronting

- This is my little slice of heaven. Technics SL-D2 Turntable, grado red stylus, Martin Gamma 310 Speakers, Marantz 2238B Receiver, and my dads collection of records, might as well keep adding to this treasure.

ok people listen up officer barbrady south park volcano s1e3

@complexfusion my personal favorite duo outta NY specifically L.E.S just dropped a new project Excomnunicado 💥💥Peep the snippet I produced which is also apart of my upcoming compilation L.N.F (Local Neighborhood Finesser) Out Now Avaialable on All Platforms - @seyesfinest on Instagram

let me tell you ybn cordae cordae the parables song let me say something to you

- Jenga game

30rock listen up fives ten is speaking

- Listening room accoutrements. What do you have close at hand while listening to music?

you gotta listen to me butters stotch south park s12e14 the ungroundable

- Self isolation = watching LOTR and making memes

listen up will smith big ears listen up

- Know ths diffwnr *diffenk *difference

doctor were all ears ears listen up listen closely

- A-list Black & White

so listen up ttthefineprinttt please listen all ears on here attention please

- My set up

are you listening pay attention listen tome listen up listen here

This was the move back then if you were lucky enough to get it on your tv. 📺🔊🔊 . . . . . . . #TheBox #VideoRequest #OldSchool #Throwback #Music - @deejaymtwo on Instagram

listen to you shirley jordan sistas pay attention listen up

Who remembers this piece of wax? @punksmusic - @stantonwarriors on Instagram

all right listen jared dines listen up okay let me tell you something ok hear this

- Country Music Meme

okay listen up leroy brown assisted living listen to me hear me out

- My first Post-grad apartment is finally coming along - Vitsœ 606 Shelving system

listen randy marsh south park you got fd in the a s8e5

- Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me by Angelo Badalamenti

listen up listening listen up listening up

- Chicago Soul Radio Nostalgia

listen brah listen to me all ear on me hear me out hear me

- Políticos

listen up honky saturday night live pay attention hear me out colin jost

- our love is rice and beans and horses lard...

listen up ttthefineprinttt pay attention you need to hear this hear me out

- Someone at the Washington Post accidentally hit send

listen listen up alright you primitive screwheads

- Vinyl record cabinet

so listen up ttthefineprinttt please listen all ears here attention please

- Grand Funk Railroad

butt holes listen up rude sassy listen

Out now on all streaming platforms. - @leongtheprofessional on Instagram

listen up everyone samus paulicelli 66samus listen up yall lend me your ears

- Otis Rush

listen up listen listen listen listen listen linda listen to me

- Great figures

hey everybody listen up eric cartman south park fat butt and pancake head s7e5

- Lib right knows my pain

attention everyone alert attention listen up listen to me

- Just cool for no reason at all !

listen up stan marsh south park season4e03 s4e3

- Finally have my own apartment and place for my setup

listen up listen shout attention megaphone

- New speakers Focal 906

- Welding gear

- High End Audio

- Bob Marley


@realdonaldtrump @joebiden I’ll put you both on a treadmill and watch you sweat. I didn’t watch your debate yet. I saw some clips. I’m gonna watch it tonight for entertainment. Biden, why’d you yell at trump like my dad yells at me? R u an alcoholic as well. And trump, I can see why you act like that to women. You should hear the shit I’ve been getting here in Ohio. Women these days, well, that’s all I’m gonna say. I don’t wanna make the same mistake u did. Actually, I think that’s why all these women hate me. because ya made em think ever man is a misogynist. Listen, I’ll play ya in a game of golf. Who wants another dem in the house. Listen Biden, your senile, but your retarded. Hey at least your in cognitive decline tho. Lol listen u even know what the fuck lol means. Who r u talking to up there? - @leonardodavincionlsdxdmtx42069 on Instagram


- I wish I had the words to describe this, so Ill just let the image speak for itself. 2010, 12 years old. I made this my Facebook profile picture for a while.

- YouTube on Bob Marley

- @siwiandthefoursides on Instagram

- Which celebrity will be hired to sing the Wuhan virus song?

- Album Covers

- I am finally happy with my equipment. What would you change or add?

- John Mayall and the Blues Breakers



- Anniversary Songs

Which Capleton song did you download @ITunes ? - @capletonmusic on Instagram

- TurnTable setup

- Reggie Watts

- COTN Vinnie era

- CoHEn

- I dont think Ive ever heard of a happy Stormtrooper

Mosh pits bring us together 🤘 #incite #heavymetal #unite #moshpits - @inciteband on Instagram

- My shot at debate memes, beep boop

- An article from 1974 talking about a local writer named Stephen King on getting his first book “Carrie” published

- My setup is complete!

- Anita Baker

- Inspirational Quotes For Singers + Sayings About Music

- Junior Wells

- !!!!READ THIS FIRST!!!!!

- Electro Music

- Bob Marley

- Blue Note

- yo yo

- Buy a rug they said

- Thats cute

- Did someone on the bread wallet team rip off the logo from the 70s music band Bread? Hmmm with a slight adjustment lol

- Olive living rooms

- Music

- For all of my prog rock lovers out there: if you ever see this, do yourself a favor and pick it up! “Illusions On A Double Dimple” by Triumvirat

- Moved all my records and gear cross-country, you wont believe what happened next!

- Car Electronics

- Speaker upgrade on parade - Dynaudio Excite

- Speaker System

- Barrack Obama’s

- Alexa!

- My backup setup

- @abilash542003 on Instagram

- Audio installation

- Juneteenth

Love to all from DR Congo 🇨🇩 Love to all from Cuba 🇨🇺 - @chakabars on Instagram

- lmao it’s happening

- best tv ever.

- Ayo and teo

- We live a few feet from a lake and usually get plague level insects in the house. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the living room bug zapper

Moral of the story: people may shit on your goals in life and you may come from a tough background but you can do literally ANYTHING if you want it bad enough - you don’t need a trust fund or rich parents to make it happen. - @iamdnmo on Instagram

- Bob Marley

Harmaaane😝😂❤️ #fun . . . #erfanpaydar #erfan_paydar #dara #darapaydar #paydar #degaran #rapfarsi #persianrap #taham #sinataham #gdaal #imanemun #payapaydar #paya #rap #hiphopfamily - @paydar_army on Instagram

The second part of our chat with @icreature is live now and we tackle some of the biggest art designs of their career including @foofighters #echossilencepatienceandgrace - Hear how Grohl offered them popcorn and how the art came together — LINK IN BIO — - @undercovers_podcast on Instagram

- my humble setup

- Eventually my collection of everything music will fall on me and be my final resting place but until then, im gonna listen to New Order

- A little cake day listening with dog tax.

- Stephen Rea

- Beat Generation

- Shmexi Single Emo, Interested?

- DIY Vinyl Storage

- Best of Homesteading Bloggers - GROUP BOARD

- Doc

- Change Starts Here

- They fucking did it. They now have their own creation myths.

- Record Cabinet

- Seasonal Events

- Bye bye battle breakers :(

- 1 Gone in 2018

- Black history

- Why would Pedos want to watch a film entirely catered to them but in the legal format of a movie on Netflix?

- @neptunemusicagency on Instagram

- BLUE Microphones

- My little corner of the house (more pics and info in comments)

- Pink Floyd Album covers

- Cambridge Audio

- And on sabbath no less

Beautiful. Follow us @vinyllibrary - @vinyllibrary on Instagram

📰 Have your heard, @ziggymarleys live performance in tribute to @bobmarley is now number 1 on Facebook Live Videos Chart! Check out the live Virtual Reality experience now (link in our bio) but first read more about this incredible #BobMarley75 tribute (link in stories). #ZiggyMarley #VR #LiveMusic - @bobmarleyfoundation on Instagram

- funny stuff

- No cell phone, no problem

- Spotify brought a glock to a pencil fight

📽️ Cuando Tom Curren pasó por la Escuela Cántabra de Surf *** 📲 Mira el vídeo en el enlace de nuestra bio @escuelacantabradesurf @curfuffle #surf #tomcurren #somo #cantabria #surfcantabria - @surfcantabria on Instagram

- All in the Family

- Tape Recorder


My good buddy@Russel Wong, legendary photographer recently interviewed me for his inaugural Facebook live show. Check us out using the link provided in the bio page. - @greg_phillinganes_live on Instagram

This Music Hall advertisement appeared in the Tarrytown Daily News on August 4, 1916. Our historic theater has been central to our community for over a century, please make a donation today to help save our stage. - @tarrytownmusichall on Instagram

- first time poster in this sub...

This month marks the 25th anniversary of ’Sunn Amps and Smashed Guitars’ (1995, Blast First). earth’s fourth record (first live one) recorded at our first ever show in London at the Garage. (Later re-released in 2001 with tracks from ‘Extra-Capsular Extraction’ via @noquarterrex) - @earthseattle on Instagram

- Enjoying my day off with Norma

- 70s Ads

- 80-89

- Aaliyah albums

- My father past away in 95. I recently went through my attic to find some awesome records from him back in the day. So I decided to piece together a vinyl setup. Since we didnt get to meet for very long, at least we can connect through your music. #shineonyoucrazydiamond

- My quarantine setup.

- Music on Songdew Live

- Wise words

- Science Activities

Album Cover #Therevolutionwillnotbetelevised - @gscottheron on Instagram

- Hi-fi (cables more specifically) and cats. Need advice. + Bonus pic of Potato.

- Music on Vinyl

- Look who I found I my old yearbook.

- [Image] Always chase your dreams!

- Morgan Freeman as a DJ - 1971

- Back To Bedlam - album (2004)

- me irl

- TurnTable setup

- Hip Hop Lounge

- Record Display

- Strange Music

- @assata.shakur_freeme_ on Instagram

- 60s Fun

- Bad album covers

- My girlfriends cat is a major fan of the new amp

- Dj stand

Watch out for this crazy song - @jjgonami on Instagram

- Buddy Miles

- Audiophile Fam

- Coryxkenshin

- Constant reader

- Do I have my sound proof panels correct?

- Record Storage

- Back in the Day

- Morgan Freeman, aged 34, (1971)

- Id watch this multiple times.

DC’s venues are at stake! Please visit the link in our bio to learn more about the Music Venue Relief Act, and how you can support ❤️❤️ - @unionstage on Instagram

- We love you Terence 👽💜👾

- Jesus Christ 2: Double Crossed.

En la primera edición de #NRMAL en CDMX en 2014, tuvimos el honor de contar con #SilverApples como uno de nuestros headliners y la grandeza de #SimeonCoxe nos alucinó 🤯🙌 Pionero de la música electrónica y los sintetizadores desde finales de los 60. Descanse en paz, gracias por tanto 🖤🤍 - @nrmal on Instagram

- Everyting Vinyl

- The truth is the truth...

- Listening with a friend on my day off

- Afro Centric

- It’s crazy what a difference a year makes

- Aint Allowed 2 Do

- Little speakers

- Audio Vintage

Congratulations to my brother @mansurbrown on the new release. Always a joy and pleasure working with you and your beautiful music. Shout out to my @playlistretreat fam @joekay for supporting good music. ⠀ Words from @mansurbrown⠀ ・・・⠀ Tesuto EP Out now all praise to god,⠀ God bless you all ❤❤ Link in Bio⠀ ⠀ Big up my brother and manager @jamalrahman_⠀ ⠀ Artwork: ⠀ Animation: @mfbvisuals ⠀ Mix: @ericlaumusic⠀ ⠀ and @soulection @sashabibi @joekay - @ericlaumusic on Instagram


- Audio


- Hifi stand

- My $50 Craigslist find (Pioneer FS51)

Niks meer aan doen ❤️#verzameldrang#deltainc#boristellegen #phineas#waynehorse #jannevanhoutum #peterock&CL#osso#snotneusje - @elmarkrynen on Instagram

Basically every DJ here who has me on mute 🤣 🤣 🤣 - @altered_natives on Instagram

- Alto-falantes e caicha de som

- New plants. Pots too close to speakers?

- How Technology Makes Ease

- Really feeling my room vibes today....

- What HiFi

- Where we decompress (Melbourne, Australia)

- The record section of my shed (some say man cave, but I do not care for that term).

- Dyns + Vintage Tubes

- Metal Memes

- the Doors

- Headlines

- Album Cover Art - Vinyl

Surely worth a free copy of Love ReGenerators, Live Without Your Love 😁 @defectedrecords @defectedstore #defectedrecords #inthehouse #inmyhouse #houseisafeeling #fortheloveofhouse #housemusicalllifelong #housenation #housemusic #soulfulhouse #deephouse #tribalhouse #techhouse #classichouse #discohouse #vocalhouse #afrohouse #techno #london #miami #ibiza #music #musicistheanswer #dj #djs #vibes #pioneerdj #vinyl #spreadlove - @kojak_uk on Instagram

- 2014-04-26- 10th Annual Spring Tea

- band names

- 🅱️ash that MF Fash😎😏🖤❤️

- Bought a bunch of new furniture this week and I am super happy with how everything looks, especially my massive wall of rekkids.

- found on a vinyl lover page

- Open Baffle Speakers

- famous legends

We’ll say it again....#justiceforbreonnataylor - @1199seiu on Instagram

- Vegan Nutrition Facts

- Mother fuckin birds

Not posted in a week! Heres a flashback of the time @shedsevenofficial & @supergrasshq both stopped here. What a time to be alive ⚡ #shedseven #supergrass #southampton #thejoiners #livemusic - @joinerslive on Instagram

- Violin quotes

- Using quarantine time productively to finally get my whole collection on Discogs. I’m about halfway through I think!

- Jaco Pastorius

- Finally got the setup I want! Just waiting on some nice wall art to pull it all together!

- Looking for some good headphones.

- Morgan Freeman sporting an afro in one of his first television roles as DJ Mel Mounds on PBSs Electric Company. 1974 [652 x 796]

- Streetcar named desire

- It is finally confurmd

Gun Room Neon Sign #gunroom #gun #gunsforsale #pawnshop #vikingpawn #neonsign #neon #signage - @jantecneonproducts on Instagram

- Yamaha

- Summer of Analog - Technics SL-1200 MKII project update


- Albums

- bob marley

- Woodstock music


- Classic Album Covers

- Classic Albums Covers

- Top Punk Bands of 2012

- Home decor

- Jimi Hendrix - Album Covers

- i dont know how to dance

- Rearranged to accommodate my new setup

- I’m really missing live shows, feeling inspired by Phoebe Bridgers to write some music again while the world is on fire. Thankful for my collection right now. And not having neighbors all day to play this shit loud!

- A 1969 poster for “The Days of Rage”, a series of direct actions taken in October 1969 in Chicago, organized by the Weatherman faction of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society). The extreme contrast can be interpreted as a visualization of a hyperpolarized society.