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amorcito and beb%C3%A9 i miss you sad crying tears flowing

- Hell meme template


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- Types of Headaches


lazy vishal buzzfeed india dull lifeless

- Types of headaches

aaron tveit join in the fight les miserables lesmis enjolras

- Secret


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- Maybe Alaska

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be careful😔😔😔

les miserables sing highnotes

- The Artic

50+ Quotes about the Bible

zZz . . MATCHiNg iCONz

dissatisfied :( unpleasant sigh crumples

- 5th happiest birthday

samantha barks staring eponine les miserables musicals

- En la madre wey

Life Messes or People Messes


uninterested unwilling tedious not interesting unwillingess

- The largest telescope in the world


anne hathaway les miserables crying

- Modern History of the Republic of San Marino summarized, part 2: the Risorgimento

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- Car Trouble

idk man i just like how it feels :33

les miserables russell crowe javert peek policeman

- Subversion

. ⇢𝐍𝐚𝐧𝐦𝐮 ˎˊ˗ ꒰

bfb object shows bfdi flower disoriented

- A Fruity New God

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- Today is national holiday in Hungary!

Im a match to Eponine from Les Miserables

The Miserable Mill

playmobil ritter knights novelmore playmobil knights

- Derivative Civilization

50 Parents Having A Pretty Miserable Day

Unleash Your Creativity: Express Yourself with Bold and Colorful Hairstyles

les miserables enjrolas gay les mis

- More cursed unity (V2)

Allah said And those who turn away from my remembrance


hot summer weekend ice hannover

- Hong Kong teaching English to China

Your Facebook Profile Pic Is About to Get a Bedazzled Upgrade

my ss 🙏💯

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- Linguistic Woes

Best of Barbie


honestly candid sincere genuinely truthfully

- Signal of Fluency. This is so true!

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wait one pizza what is this les mis dan levy david david rose schitts creek

- Damn it, Russia!

★ hwαng

this is us chrissy metz kate pearson

- Banana


eddie redmayne les mis les mis premiere

- littering

Simplemente Mala Suerte ⟨Completa⟩

applause clap clapping uninterested bored

- The Peruvian presidential elections 2016 in a nutshell

[]𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓷𝔂 𝓑𝓪𝓾𝓭𝓮𝓵𝓪𝓲𝓻𝓮[]

stop javert les miserables les mis

- Let’s go to the r/movies

amoung us

- Political Roller Coaster

happy bastille day bastille day bastill day gi fs les mis les miserables

- Accidental Insensitivity

breakup stress antha food meeda chupisthunattu sticker breakup stress food

- True Love

les miserable doyouhearthepeoplesing lesmis revolution barricade

- How the mods brainstorm

lol ha haha jaja lol what

- New Year Shenanigans

samantha barks stare les miserables eponine thenardier

- The UAE goes for a walk

angry om nelle om nom and cut the rope upset mad

- How the Tables Have Turned [Disqualified from Contest]

les miserables marius marius pontmercy mad angry

- Arthritis

okay ok okkurrr yes sure

- Countries if they were Pokemon Types

thenardier master of the house les miserables les miz les mis

- The Union is stronger than the parts

liefde rose leven zonder liefde

- Knock Knock

fantine les miserables bounds crying sad

- Tea.

laugh laughing haha ha lol

- Pre-censor

fantine les miserables

- bad business

freemw quebec band

- Polands decision

aaron tveit les miserables les mis

- polan is kill [Resubmission]

mute chat brb

- Treaty Review

les miserable enjolras aaron tveit fuck your hopes and feelings

- Polandball Map of the UK

sheffield azur lane despise sheffy hms sheffield

- The Clay that Knew too Much

fantine les miserables anne hathaway

- somethings, somethings never changes(ish)

enti sir message sticker message what enti

- Geek humour

agog aghast shock grantaire lesmis

- Transnistria also have Currency!

habitat mijn habitat wukn skwon us kikt wukn skwon us

- Canadian Accent

black bear les miserables sing observation

- Americas Election Troubles

among us pensive tram

- Rebalancing the Trade

fantine les miserables pizza hungry food

- Poland can into Heartless Iconoclast

solame lame bbd bigbilliondays flipkart

- When someone cancels plans on me I know what theyre really doing...

les miserables one more chant


i just wanna cry wendy testaburger south park s14e10 insheeption

- Vodka Consequences [Restaurated]

fantine les miserables anne hathaway

- So close

serious roleplay

- Counter Invasion Plan

javert lesmiserables

- effective British foreign policy

no rekening lahap

- On American Purchases (of land)

les miserable gavroche daniel huttlestone equality

- Seeking Professional Help

sobbing sympathy dissatisfied sympathies unhappy

- Polandball Advent Calendar 2019 - Day 1 - Roasting Chestnuts with the Canucks!

fantine les miserables anne hathaway sad upset

- Its Ramadan!

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- Every year

les miserables les mis marius enjorlas omg

- Took a Turn for the Douche

ajr oko ajroko ajrokorchestra okorchestra

- Eesti can’t into religion

javier look window lesmis miserable

- Russia wants Netherlands to Teach Boat

cheers happy glad joy joyful

- Shetland can never into large map of United Kingdom

who am i

- Balls

honestly noel the pokemon evolutionaries truthfully tbh

- Dikes

les miserables les mis

- Infiltration information

angry irate annoyed cross vexed

- Joliday

les miserables lol laughing out loud russell crowe

- All in all, youre just another prick with a wall

salam salute sup whats up cool

- Wife swap!

bastille day happy bastille day bastille day gi fs les les miserables

- The Dreamcrusher

extremely sad crying tears

- Stronk Balkan Culture

les mis les miserable javert russell crowe window

- Ant Story 3 [OC] - read more on my Instagram @kinglouieslab!

keuze kiezen uitnodiging drinken break

- March 28th: the history of a common date

anne hathaway crying les miserables

- A Visit to Cuba


- French is Weird

javert les miserables russell crowe angry

- Germanys Christmas

ajr ajr brothers oko ok orchestra way less sad

- April Eldritch Horrors

lesmis lookdown

- the worst nightmare

kh%C3%B3c c%C6%A1m ngu%E1%BB%99i bu%E1%BB%93n %C4%91au kh%E1%BB%95 huhu

- Russian Roulette

fantine les miserables anne hathaway crying tears

- Great Britain: original linguistic combo breaker

ajr ajr brothers oko ok orchestra way less sad

- Bulgaria is in bad mood

anne hathaway lesmis miserable

- Sorry romansh speakers, but theres no romansh at google translator

ajr ajr brothers oko ok orchestra way less sad

- Ideological Struggle

new girl schmidt les mis leamos les miserables

- free beer

ajr ajr brothers oko ok orchestra way less sad

- Szeklerlands fight for autonomy - conflicting perspectives

les miserables one day more amanda seyfried

- An Icy fate

ajr ajr brothers oko ok orchestra way less sad

- Occams razor

lesmis people sing les mis

- Coal is cool!

moveon love over hate hope over fear love protest

- True Korea plays it on hardcore

reverse les miserables

- the support rate around the world

sad bricci unhappy sorrowful dejected

- Czech history - Part 1: The begining

les miserables les miserable resistance la resistance song of angry men

- Inspiration

oscar amanada amanda seyfried seyfried letters to juliet

- The bucket war

fantine les miserables anne hathaway life has killed the dream i dreamed reality

- Gender Neutral Toys

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- India

les miserables les miserable hear the people sing

- New Zealands decision

we the people les mis protest march rally

- Question Of The Day

les mis les miserable flag

- Alcohol

- Schnell-fen Plan

- Dangerous Traditions

- Ahead of its time

- Germanys Axis Origin

- Apply sunscreen regularly

- Best Friends Forever!

- Mis-thunder-standing

- Drinking Problem

- Bangla

- spherical nations

- Italitron III: Split in the Middle

- Chi nations

- Rølling Cøal

- Re-added Spanish Republican Flag

- Hubris! An Exploration Of The Sciences And A Modern Apologue For Preparatory Caution

- Chile is High

- Polandbottle

- Domestication of the Horse

- UK gives Canada advice

- Color Blind

- Ukraine is fast!

- Retrospect on the Second World War

- Hello pastry

- T... error... ism

- The vex of man

- Ottoman Empire learns Science and Technology

- partnership

- World Class Education

- Poland is not a fan

- Russia Visits Some Friends

- What atrocities? Pt. 2 (Belgium)

- Your islands are belong to us

- North Korea Orders

- The reason behind Ukraines pork obsession

- Poland Chokes on Dutch

- A Usual Day In The Mediterranean

- The Lovely Sun

- Immigration Problem

- Enjoy my shittily drawn Civ6Balls

- Father, I have sinned

- Getting SEA

- Loss

- Even children can use.

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- Tack för alla goda tankar 3

- Ukraine vs Krasnodar

- Ich bin ein Lützelburger

- how to sign

- Familial Ties

- Germanys Clay Problems

- Dreamcatchers

- One Flew Over the Kebabs Nest

- Sochi, Day 1

- Aliens Slaves?

- National Ambitions

- An arm and leg

- Natural Defense

- Intellectual Rivalry

- Pobre CDMX

- Fuckin Africa, Man

- What is taking Germany so long?

- Puppets.

- elderly empire Austria-Hungary

- An Existential Crisis

- The true reason of the white flag

- Alien attack

- Yuo havings two options

- Central Asian Union

- Get your priorities straight

- Beverage of choice

- The good side of national tragedies

- Remember the last time

- Flappy Polska

- Sidestream Offense

- Countryballs

- Half Time!

- Harmless fun

- French Fries

- The Great Game

- Sweden: The Austria of the North

- Monaco: Whats Gold is Mine

- Finnish Weather

- Sweden cannot into Water

- Bad Day for Danmark

- Poland starts tailoring business

- Why Burkina Faso Changed his Flag

- Germanys conscience

- A peaceful breakup

- The Adventures of Norn Iron Prologue: The Custody Dispute

- Fake Friendships

- China never gives up!

- Focusing on what matters

- Breaking Records

- Englandballs friends and family

- Turkey wants to be cool

- Kalaallisut

- Poland starts tailoring business

- Round Two

- Russia is blind

- Love can be confusing.

- Gender Confusion

- History of Norway [tl;dr version] (Repost)

- Switzerlands Interview

- Music to my ears

- Netherlands mood

- Linguistical weapon

- Switzerland cant into neutral

- A cool visitor

- name confusion

- Antiques

- Similarities

- Science Experiment

- Reclaimed land is famous in Holland

- Learning Japanese Vocabulary [contest entry]

- Potato Mine

- The French Intervention in Mexico (resubmitted to fit the rules)

- Skandinavien idag 3

- Fshht!

- Russian Winter

- The Dole

- 1054 was Not a Good Year

- Russia and Finland into War

- Pour with Rain

- Who can into Eurovision Song Contest [redditormade]

- Poland was never safe

- Renewable Energy Tales: Geothermal Gimmicks

- Safety First

- Japan and South Korea do the funnies

- Its a Wonderful Life

- Disqualification

- Switzerlands significant other

- Burning Passion

- Simpler Alternatives

- Good as new

- In Memory of the Deceased

- A common mistake

- The real reason for Swazilands name change

- The Dutch Republic

- Monte-Carlo city-States-only casino

- Laos moves to Canada

- Ghost of Poland Future

- curds

- Best Koreas nuclear program

- You are my WHAT???

- The Mulatto

- No Deal

- Faroe News

- Cash Only

- Baltic Lookalike

- Russia Hates Dogs - Pt 2: The Revival of Organs

- Czech-Mex

- The Dangers of False Friends

- Misled Zeppelin

- Don Quioski

- Aprendamos Mapudungun

- Positive Self Image

- The Sound of Polish

- Straight and Narrow

- Fishing

- Pirates of the Baltic III: At Wits End

- Gingerbread Contest

- Luxembourgs helpful help in the Korean War

- Judgement Day

- The Pen Is Mightier Than The Wand

- Polands first and most severe mistake

- The War of the Former Soviet Union

- What adorable dog!

- National food day

- Turkeys Prank

- Invasion of Misunderstanding

- Maintaining an Userbase

- the battle for Hans Island

- Pinocchitalia

- England vs. The Celts

- Happy Greenland Day!

- A new king for Netherlands!

- Fatherless

- Make the Sorry Turkey

- A shocking lesson

- The final push

- Invasion of Misunderstanding

- Sabah and the Phillipines

- The Christianization of Wales

- Slimming down on Bureaucracy


- High Spirits

- A Tasteless Roast

- The Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire Part 3: Austria to the Rescue!

- Necro-Niemcy

- Naught but a shade of my former self.

- Why Czechia hates the kebabs

- Food is discust

- A Royal Wedding


- Englands relationship with football

- A proper host of the contest

- At the theater

- Balkan Wars, Chapter IV: A new Greece.

- Swedish Goat

- Nice Try Croatia