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ᴛᴏᴋʏᴏ ʀᴇᴠᴇɴɢᴇrs x ʙʟᴀᴄᴋ ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ /ᴏɴᴇꜱʜᴏᴛꜱ\ - You saying I love you for the first time ♥︎

mwah flying kiss kisses for you sending my love sml

- Such grace...such beauty...

ziacarmelita barbaradurso pomeriggio5 pomeriggiocinque carmelita

- This is pepper. He’s incredibly bad at catching flies but does his best to help around the house

thats very good so good applause you did well great

- Spotted this adorable fluffy tabby prowling during my walk

judging you kpop music video

- My best friend.


mwah kisses sending my love sml kisses for you

- King Cat surveying his land.

توم وجيري

fran healy travis fran judging judging you

- Side running

cake monster emonji monsta emonji what judge

- woof_irl

head shake honey honey1902 judging

- Walter, just relaxing

judgingyou sipping tea yoda

- Oh lawd she chillin’

@justkaylaaaa ✨

berleezy meme

fachal gif judging you antia judging you sassy

No, Ive never had a job because Im too shy #catsandsmithslyrics - @pb_squared on Instagram

Late Night Specials | Chocolate Edition (2) - 126) Out Of Love (7) 2/2

happy judge lawyer ticket dismissed

- I was going to get on the computer but the chair was taken

🥭 Dubu manguito 🥭

k pop judging you sips tea

- My new puppy Pumpkin for my fellow Redditors


happy judge lawyer ticket dismissed

- Hey, girl.

grumpy dog viralhog serious dog judging you

Will you play something for me? #memory #whenwecouldmeetwithfriends #confinement #nebelung #cat #cutecat #music #tbs #goodcat - @minou_walter on Instagram

digitec blue community online shop

Tom - @gatoazulrusso on Instagram

You got cheese I can eat? - Funny

deborah vance hacks hacks hbo obcrack hacks jean smart

- Cheese!

Judging Fish GIF - Judging Fish Angry - Discover & Share GIFs

thats pretty goddamned impressive south park not bad impressive cool

- Magnificent asshole

ThugLov3r on Twitter

judging you gossip girl im judging you

- This is Charlie. I wish I could get him to wear a bow tie.

Miguel R. on Twitter

sinema voting rights protect the right to vote freedom to vote john lewis

- Fave bird watching spot (IG @pennybritishblue)

judging rpdr judge diva

- He makes everyone smile

the bird in my pfp is judging you

Miguel R. on Twitter

love cute mega happy 2020

- I keep telling her she should be a model

judging you

- Golden hour Maximus


sinema manchin filibuster voting rights protect the right to vote

Fetch me my whiskey and cigar #newfurniture - @tuxedomelvin on Instagram

bts judging you judging judge

- Whatever you’re doing, Little Debbie is concerned about it.


wink youre right correct point gotcha

- His name is Lennox, but we call him Daniel Tiger. He is such a lover.

judging bianca del rio

Repost @blue_and_koko 😻😻😻 _________________________ Follow us @persiancats_of_ig #persiancats_of_ig - @persiancats_of_ig on Instagram

judge lawyer ticket court fyt

- “Yes? What do you want human?”

judging judging you judgy judge ape

- Golden eyes

serious face stare glare judging assessing

- Rocky meowboa

me judging you i am judging you judging you judgement owl

- Pussy on a pedestal

suspicious massimo marcovaldo luca judging what are you doing

- Sleepy boye

oprah serious own judging you disapointed

- Little cutie 💜

tony talks iamtonytalks well hello hi there how you doing

- Since you all loved her so much, I thought I’d share a better picture of Jill. She’s starting to come out of her shell!

nacho nick annie cats judging

- 16lbs of unstoppable cuteness

staring louis the child bea miller hate u cuz i dont song eyeing

- Added a new cutie to the family (:

judging you breason treason no bro no

- Caption this look by Gordo 😂

uood5 mod oil probably judging

- Went to the animal shelter for a kitten, ended up with this seven year old, goofy, fluffy toed lady. I couldn’t leave without her!

im juding you judging taylorswift ew

- Today we had to let go of our beloved little guy. I’m never going to be the same. Baby Pepper 2/14/11-4/17/19

departure klm pilot copilot captain

- This is my Corgi. There are many like her but this one’s mine. Her name is Twig.

jimmy car the fix dont judge me judgement i am judging you

- Mimi yawning looks very worried!!

i dont judge hunter engel agufish i am not judgmental i will not judge you

My favorite position 😻😙 • • • • • #pet #igerscat #moodygrams #sweetness #pets #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #cats_of_world #cat_features #cats_of_instagram #catloversclub #catsuit #catstagram #catscatscats #catstuff #lazy #lazytime #lazycat #goodtime #happyness #catisfactions #catsclub #catsofday #pixoftheday - @mokaslifeandco on Instagram

whatever judgingyou judging

- My cat has the face of someone who is often internally screaming

tony talks iamtonytalks mm hm yeah sure

- Thought it fit in! Future Chonker in the making!!

judge judging you drwho david tennant disappoint

- Got my first cat! Meet Elvis

you dont go around accusing innocent people jerry orbach jake houseman dirty dancing dont accuse innocent people

- 🥰

judging judging you star trek spock mc coy

- Teddys judging me for not keeping my floor tidy

youre the judge you decide you tell me what do you think opinion

- My maine-coon (Kingo) chilling on the floor.


- Just sitting there staring and being cute

suspicious luca judging you looking closely examining

- So you all like Rue?

judgements rupaul

- The newest member of our family, Luna Doodlepants

emoji see looking judging you

- S M A L L B O Y E does a camouflage!

judging bianca del rio

- This little derp just had 3 teeth pulled. Pupper’s gettin’ old 😭

crayoned18 hot stuff couples couple friends

Теперь о деньгах. Операция нам вышла в 22996 ₽. Сумма приличная, но в экстренных моментах ты не думаешь о цифрах, а делаешь всё, чтобы спасти любимца. Но нам повезло. МЫ ЗАСТРАХОВАЛИ СОБАКУ. Да, в 2020 году существуют такие сервисы. @mangotechcare вернул нам деньги за операцию, через день. Так что, если вы хотите обезопасить свой кошелёк и сохранить свой семейный бюджет, я вам советую данный сервис. Кому станет интересно, пишите, скину ссылку со скидкой - @timashk0v on Instagram

judging you devil wears prada

- They used most of the crayons on the box when they made LeeLoo.

sos mamis pray te estoy juzgando judging you


judging you really

- Was recommended to post her here....

stare sarunas jackson marques king games people play judging you

- Caturday Vibes

judging judging you disgusted

- o h l a w w w d

judging you jenevieve midnight charm song looking staring

- To glory

the grinch how the grinch stole christmas christmas side eye seriously

- Winston likes his strategic vantage point

judging you hmm crossing arms umm okay i dont know about that

- He may have spent all night at the emergency vet, but that doesn’t stop him from being dapper.

gifu ni eian gifueian

- Indoor feral, skeptical about people, but handsome as can be.

judging you irene redfield tessa thompson passing movie staring

- Whut? Im cleaning over here....

what really ugh janet jackson judging

- i booped Carl on the nosey and this was his reaction

unamused emoji judging you frown endless

- Sorry, I can’t make it. My cat said no...

are you judging me dont judge judging you sea lion

The confinement is extended to May 15th?! #crap #covid-19 #Idontlikeitinside #Imissmyfriends #ineedatreat @lelaandfriends #bluecat #nebelung #cat - @minou_walter on Instagram

errr ew disgust wtf sassy

- Hello, my baby. Hello, my honey...

ew cringe judging you sassy

- Meet our new lil guy, Apollo! He is fearless and goofy and loves belly rubs.

serious face monti washington terrence wilkins games people play stare

- Nebi finally stood still for 5 seconds for a proper photo

judge judy side eye judging stare angry

- Eyes of sauron

gem fake laugh awkward laugh awkward judging you

- My 13 year old guy is aging well

chloe judging you meh

Seriously? #ladypurrl #growingup #alaskaskaaats #catsofalaska #twistedlegsyndrome #handicancats #seriously #camoflauge #thatface #comfort #kindness #gratefulheart #twilightzone #purrl #miraclepurrs #fierce #dontmesswithher - @alaskaskaaats on Instagram

judging you michael tick tick boom side eye how dare you

- My old girl just turned 19

ryan gosling judging you stare

- Say Hello Artemis

staring lauren london vanessa king games people play stare

- In awe at the size of these lads. Absolute units (xpost /r/reptiles)

emma stone not judging you

- Its not a phase, mom!

got my eyes on you pusha t jadakiss huntin season song im looking at you

- Capone the monster.

judging you im eyes looking searching

- Lenny waiting patiently to be let outside

judging you the pet collective dog sitting on the couch what did you say

- I think the cats broken!

tommy boy ray zalinsky elevator squint look

- My good girl

thinking lauren london vanessa king games people play stare

- I accidentally woke up my cat and she gave me this look.....

justin timberlake snl saturday night live omg blank stare

- I finally got a good picture of Pepper

staring cardi b press song judging you speechless

- From this angle, my cat looks like she has no midsection

judging you ryan gosling

- Oh hey there cool cats and kittens.

tumblr gaud cursed creepy hmph

- Black Cats

judging really huh judgingyou

- He jumped up the second we mentioned it was nation dog day. Speaking of which, happy Dog Day!

what lauren london vanessa king games people play stare

- Judging...

judging you cringe rolling eyes annoyed fed up

- Ahem, may I ask you a question?

tony talks iamtonytalks liar lying side eye

- Little teeths

judgeyou judge judging jugging you in a sweet way

- Growing into a handsome boy

glare amanda muirhead the great canadian baking show judging look judging you

- My cat’s really shy and this is the first time she decided to come with us

hmm judging judge you

- Cheeky cat ❤️

judging judging you tsk tsk disappointed disapprove

- My new pupper standing like a person

hearties florence blakeley loretta walsh wcth when calls the heart

- He looks cute here, but it’s because he’s spotted a spider on the wall.


Sunday with Mr. Serious - @robertson__abbey on Instagram

look moira moira rose schitts creek ep301

- Meet Rio, my newest coworker. He isnt very respectful during conference calls and sleeps on the job way too much.

loveisland loveislanditalia discoveryplus discoveryplusit discoveryplusitalia

- Mischievous Loki

judge you judgingyou bianca del rio drag race

- Tobias is not thrilled that I snuck a pic

funny meme what comedy show

- Chomnk day 20

tell me more salem cat waiting

Did someone say kittens? All these cuties are looking for homes to call their own! Their adoption fee includes spay/neuter, microchip, deworming, and have they age-appropriate vaccinations. Visit them in person at 4242 S 300 W in Murray. - @utahhumane on Instagram

- House Kittys

- Say Hi to our COVID Pup - Luna!

- He smiled for the camera😼

- Smushy the cat looks like hes having an existential crisis.

- She’s a healthy adult cat, but forgot to grow. I’m not complaining though!

- My cat is a fine lady!

- I need a caption for this

- Wholesome derpy doggo

- That leg...

- I have a very fuzzy alarm clock

- squishy face

- Bought today a new shower curtain. It was approved by my girl Goa.

- He gets his bedtime treat at 9:30pm. It is now 9:35pm and he is worried that I have forgotten.

- My pretty girl, Mae. I love her so much.

- six weeks

- The baddest cat in town

- I accidentally woke my cat up and now Im scared for my life

- Bumble has just come home from a stay at the vet due to suspected pancreatitis. We’re so happy to have her home!

- Staring contest champion 2019

- She thinks I’ve abandoned her after leaving her outside for about two minutes

- Okapi of House Hallisey, First of Her Name, the Unelevated, Queen of the Corgwyn, Corgleesi of the Land, Destroyer of Phone Chargers, and Thief of Hearts. 🐉

- Brownie passed away today after her battle with kidney disease. I’ll always love her 😿

- Hero #2

- Hi Reddit. Meet Cookie!

- Winston showing off the majestic side of Corgis... in return for the rest of my banana.

- Doin a pose

- Meet Rayne. The floofiest and angriest of all cats.

- Happy world snake day! Did you know that theres a huge variety of ratsnakes all over the world, like Hanna the Taiwanese beauty ratsnake? Ratsnakes can be extremely beneficial as generalist predators for a wide variety of pest species!

- Dumb and dummy thick

Just out for a nice swim. This blue eyed Whites Tree Frog really seems to be enjoying the water feature in its new home! #joshsfrogs #frogsofinstagram #treefrogs #whitestreefrogs #whitestreefrog #whitestreefrogsofinstagram #blueeyedfrog - @joshs_frogs on Instagram

- Hope was a feral cat when she was really young. My girlfriend found her in her backyard with severe infections. Now she is 8 years old, healthy, happy, and always wants to cuddle.

- My chonky boi

- my loves!!

- Adopted this handsome guy today!

- For some reason my dog just likes to let his tongue hang out the side of his mouth from time to time

- This is Figaro, we adopted him 2 months ago at the shelter.

- Does anyone know why one of my Pristella tetras is larger and more yellow than the rest?

- My boy, Ashes!

- It’s criminal how easily Pippin bosses me around, given that she can fit inside my shoes...

- Gruesome twosome

- This old girl turns 19 today.

- pls lock ur doors :( he is dangerously tiny and very soft

- He who guards the rice and beans

- Every morning I wake up to this pose ...

- My lil’ one eyed man is FELV+, so he can’t go outside. He sure makes coming home after a long day easier, though!

- A translucent frog

- I rescued her and found her a nice new home about a mile away. Within an hour she had escaped and made it back to my house. I guess I own a cat now.

- Reddit meet my new baby skink, Gargamel!

- PsBattle: This suave cat (Roxie)

- My cat, Lily. She is almost my age and she loves this family. We got her 11 years ago when she was an adult. Have a nice day!!

- Working on her penmanship

- Puppy dog ears or bat wings?

- Yet another pic of Tobi

- Mr. Tom

- When youre trying out a new Yoga pose and you get stuck.

- Lord Gandalf

- Just said our goodbyes to this nugget. Bob, my shadow and cuddle monster for 8 lovely years. Bright eyed and bushy tailed on Friday, taken by kidney failure at 5am today. Good night, little one xxx

- Our Corgi likes to be photographed

- Dude! Are you seeing this!

- Is it Caturday yet..?

Credit to @jack_n_diane Maine Coon Pic for today! Use #mainecoonhouse in your pics to be featured📸! Follow @mainecoonhouse for pawsome mainecoon pics! - @mainecoon_lovers_club on Instagram

- Sweet Lady Steven

sit down 😸 おすわり 😸 . #変な座り方 #体育座り #happycaturday #ig_bengals #bengalsofinstagram #Catsofinstagram #bengalcatworld #bengalworld #Bengal_feature #bengal_cats_love #bengal_cats #bengalcute_insta #cats_of_world #bestcats_oftheworld #bengal4ever #igcutest_animals #INSTACAT_MEOWS #featurecatmeows #Instacat_paws #bengal #silverbengal #bengalcat #pawproject #stopdeclawing #eclatcat #cat #neko #ねこ - @snowbond on Instagram

- This is Ouijas new favorite spot

- Hoppy Sunday

Is it dinner time already? - @kyon.manuel on Instagram

- Our handsome Russian Blue

- woof_irl

- This fluffy little fellow

- He looks like a pancake

- Oh dear. Someone can get up on the furniture now

- HEY- do I have to scream for attention?

- Mustard showing us his yoga skills

- She is my Moon

- My beautiful tortoise shell, Morticia (yeah, like morticia Addams)

Big Bean • • • • - [ ] #cats #catsofinstagram #cat #catstagram #instagram #catlover #catlovers #instacat #meow #catlife #pets #kittens #kitten #kitty #catoftheday #kittensofinstagram #catlove #cutecat #animal #petstagram #catsofig #ilovemycat #kittycat #likeandsavefuriends #pupsaves - @leonard.to.the.rescue on Instagram

- Sweet old girl

- Gigabyte is so ready to go on a hike. Hes been yelling at me since I told him we were going.

- This is my cat’s face when she saw her new hamster friend for the first time. After initially considering eating her new neighbour, she has since calmed down and understood they’re friends (not food)

- Adopted this cutie two months ago

- He wants to eat my bird 🐦

- Slightly shell shocked from her bath (xposted to r/cats)

- I legitimately got the new iPhone so I could get better quality photos of my cats

- Not my boy’s happiest face

- Finally a decent picture!

- My blue eyed beauty, Blue.

- Hello hoooman, nice to meet ya!

- Our little kittyloaf

- My floofy good boy

- Ravioli (Featuring Majestic Chest Floof)

- My friends dog is so cute she looks fake. This is JJ.

- My adopted baby Cleo

- *breathes heavily* hey neighbor, can I use your pool?

- C H O N K

- catsitting for my room mates. She likes it when we put the chair next to the window whenever shes in the kitchen

- Snake with a beard made from human hair... Oh Im sorry...i meant...art.

- “Girl with a Flipped Ear Thing” by Johannes Vermeer. Oil on canvas, 1665.

- My girlfriends chonker

My new chill spot 😎😻 . . . . #bengal #cat #kitten #kitty #bengalcat #catsofinstagram #cats #explore #adverture #play #toronto #cute #adorable #pet #petsofinstagram #igdaily #catstagram #houseleopard #coolcatsfeature #bengalkitten #bengalcatsclub #bengalkitty #babycat #adventurecat #catsofig #weeklyfluff #kittensofig #potd #chill - @nalathebengal_2 on Instagram

- sassy little girl

- George casually pretending to be a plant, blends in perfectly doesnt he?

- His ginger goatee 😄

- My cat bawi relaxing behind the blinds :)

- This handsome girl turns 20 this year.

- A very classy, fluffy, chonky girl.

- He owns the house, I just live here.

- Out of the many, many toys weve bought Leo, the plastic piece at the end of a blind string will forever be his favorite. He carries it with him everywhere

- My cat is disabled and he sometimes likes to sit like that

- She was 6 months old on the left, the right one is 2 years later :) Somehow she has gotten even prettier!

- Bronze Wing Pionus in full trust

- Oh lawd, she comin’

- How she sits waiting for food

- Shine bright like a diamond

- Reddit, meet Lucifur

- This is Champ. He’s very photogenic but this one I like to call his school picture.

Look how damn pretty @rosiethedoggofficial is! She got groomed today so she is extra fluffy! Also, if you want an official ROSIE T-SHIRT then hit the link on my page. If ya message me, I may give you 50% off 🐶 #rosiethedogg - @danfonce on Instagram

- This was labelled as a bristle nose, I wanted confirmation on if it is cause I’d love one for my 46 gallon tank. Any help would be appreciated

- Hi! I wanted to let everyone see Luna. Hope she made your day a little bit better.

- PsBattle: A cat doing her best impression of a cheerleader.

- Queen of the laundry pile.

- Someone just woke up from a nap

- my friends cat always looks scared

- dis mi babey and she is sweet

- woofles

- Cutest study buddy ever

- Lets sit inside they said, its a bit wet they said. Nah mate.

- Lost my fur baby. Gizmo got out of our house through a screen window last night. I spotted her this morning for a second but she took off. Someone recommended putting an article of clothing outside. Should it smell like her or us?

- I wonder where all the cat nip went

- Lucky waiting for his dinner. He’s such a wonderful boy.

- Meet Duke everybody!

Why am I growing so fast 😩😩😩😩 Puppy love to brighten your day! - @ellendoeshair on Instagram

- Getting decent photos of her is a rare treat

- He meets me there every morning while I brush my teeth

- 5 minutes into foot-licks and chill and he gives you this look

- Took me about 5 min to find him

- PsBattle: This cat stretching

- Just got my first Maine Coon! Meet Jill, who seems to be a very serious young lady.

- I’m a trapeze artist.

- Just thought I’d let everyone know that baby Ridley is 8 WEEKS OLD TODAY!!! 🎉🥳

- I swear hes judging me

- My good boi with bed beard. He just woke up and I love him.

- Boogie sits in the tub in the mornings waiting for me to come and pee. Then he yells at me to turn the water on!

- Shes got a figure like a seal

- Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!!

- My green eyed beauty.

- Dos portrait

- My boy ❤️

- “Inherited” a cat from my landlord - Reddit, meet Obama!

Il y a tant de délicatesse dans le regard de ce petit être ! - @chilzic on Instagram

- Sir Oliver was very photogenic today.

- This is my tri color his name is Richard

- Give me attention!!!!


I have no idea how I got myself up here but I need help getting down hooman! . . . #corgi #corgilife #corgis_of_instagram #corgipup #puppy #puppies #corgipuppy #cute #adorable #pembrokewelshcorgi #fluffycorgi #dogs #corgigram #corgicommunity #corgifeed #dailycorgi #corgo #instapet #corgisonstairs #コーギー #코기 #柯基犬 #dogstagram #the6ix #toronto #doggo #babycorgi #corgisofig #corgiofficial #puppyofthedayph - @corgi_inthe6ix on Instagram

Throwback to the moment when I was staring at my mom for at least 10 minutes and then she got so shocked and terrified when she eventually realized I was there 👽😂😂 Happy weekend, everyone🦋 - - - 🐾👽⚡️•••••🐾👽⚡️•••••🐾👽⚡️ #ghost #funnycorgi #seriousdog #derpface #derpdog #derpydog #watchingyou - @makitheblackcorgi on Instagram

- My new rescue girl looks like a black cat wearing a tabby jacket. ❤️

- Lol why does my cat look SO WORRIED when Im trying to cook something??!

- Laredo just won class president. He’s going to try his best to get crickets for everyone!

- How my corgi uses a chair

- I want my breakfast. Now.

- I didnt touched the weed...

- We had been searching for the remote for twenty minutes.

Shy Pie (SPC226) is getting used to the changes in her life after losing her only home and trusted human recently. Fortunately, we have a beautiful sunny room for Pie to settle into in Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center until her next family discovers her. This lovely 10 year old lady, is healthy, content, and enjoys the company of her feline friends. She’d be overjoyed to be part of a calm family who’ll provide her cozy beds and comfort as she adjusts to a new home. You’re going to want extra servings of Pie once she claims you as hers! #BiancasFurryFriends #GetYourRescueOn - @animalleague on Instagram

- Shower time

- PsBattle: Cat with tongue sticking out

- why you on the floor?

- Handsome feller

- my giant in the making. anyone else love pleco eyes?

- Sheldon Thunderpaws, this special needs kitten, has hydrocephalus (a build-up of fluid in the brain), mild cerebellar hypoplasia, a grade-2 heart murmur, and a cleft lip/nose has found his forever home. His humans have other special need kitties and ramps all over their home, just for the cats.

- My baby ♥️

- Minina enjoying the weekend sunbathe.

- Pickle face

- Such a diva with the camera

- My kids

- Little pea puff checking out a snail

- My derpy boi, Inigo the Brave!

- My handsome guy

- Tucker in his winter coat. It can get cold in San Diego. Really!

- My handsome boy, Wiz.

- My sad boy Steve chillin

- I just really like my friend’s cat Oliver. It has been 6 months since we adopted him and rehabilitated his broke little leg.

- Just picked up this little guy!

- Mr. I-Have-Rice-On-My-Nose Bowser

- After 2 years of having him, my fiv+ buddy has caught an upper respiratory infection. We thought we’d lose him today but after seeing a different vet he has a chance if he gets through the weekend. Just looking for some good vibes to be sent his way.

- My African Dwarf Frog is happy to see me!

- My rescue boy Oscar giving his best blue steel

- Feeling cute. Might puke on the carpet later.

- Mum get up & give me treats plz

- My boy looking majestic

- Shes pretty special.

- My sweet boy... I’ve never had a cat I’ve loved so much in my whole life.

- Just wanted to show y’all the most perfect photo I’ve ever taken! This is my new baby Merle.

- Dexter and his happy hips staring me down.

- Water tiger

- My sisters cat Meeko. Hes an asshole but he is also a good kitty

- Meet Dos, aka Schnookie

- My first corgi, Louie. Any tips from experienced corgi parents? He’s a handful but we love him.

- My cat Rosie🐈

- I’m looking for a little sister

- One of my favorite tank inhabitants, Carlos.