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Elon Musk noemt kind X Æ A-12 - Check hier de beste memes

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- Bernie Sanders is the candidate who’s been fighting for the working class of this country his whole life!

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- This speaks for itself

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Proud to announce that Alex Elegudin will now be the Chief Disability Officer for the entire state of New York. Alex will be Governor Cuomos top disability adviser after working the last few years for the MTA and prior to that he was a major force when he worked for the TLC. Congratulations Mr.Elegudin and you will continue to make great things happen for the disability community in the great state of New York. LINK IN BIO - @yannickbenjamin on Instagram

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New episode! Matt Yglesias joined Tyler to discuss his new book, “One Billion Americans: The Case for Thinking Bigger” as well as his predictions for the future of American politics, what will happen to cities like NYC post-COVID-19, & more. Link to the conversation on Medium and YouTube in our bio! - @cowenconvos on Instagram

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- All of this could be yours...

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- The 170 lb Baddest Motherfucker Champion

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- The Dana White transformation

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This year’s new FPP MONSTER release is a panchromatic BW film with the same great look of our 16mm movie film, named after the most ferocious, hair-raising monster of all time: the Wolfman! Sashay on over to to check out the howling new stuff! #wolfman35 #wolfman120 #35mmbwfilm - @filmphotographyproject on Instagram

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- Mike, Ive got a job for you.

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Were excited to announce Xero On Air is coming to a screen near you! In Xero’s biggest online content series, you’ll be inspired and connected with your community in a brand new way. Join accountants, bookkeepers and small business owners from around the world. Tune in to a range of topics from your office, your living room or wherever you happen to be. Everything from advice, insight and actionable tips for managing right now, to what’s next.  Sign up for #XeroOnAir (Link in bio) - @xero on Instagram

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- Do they not realize this is very obviously edited

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Hello Mr. Anderson. My name is Agent Smith. Ill enter the matrix on this dude if we ever meet in the cage. Please believe it. That is not a joke. 😎😎😎 #supernecessary #champshitonly #futureworldchamp - @christianangeledwards on Instagram

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- You know that the update is bad When you see a big clash royale Youtuber like ash reacting to memes instead of enjoying the update content himself... btw shout out to cwa for his transparency and honesty!

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- You good Elon?

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- Absolute madlad!

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- Till I collapse - Jeremys cornea

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- True

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- Blursed dr phil

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- Bastardry

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- b ruh

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- Ambiguous video thumbnail that makes it look like Netflix cheated John Mulaney out of money.

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- TIL Mike Huckabee has a personal Joke Coach.

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- He did it...

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THE WORLD CHAMPION OF 3 OUT OF 8 DIVISIONS! 🥊——————————————————————— Boxing’s first three-division champion, Englishman Bob Fitzsimmons also holds the world record as the lightest heavyweight champion in history at 165 pounds! . Ranked by the Ring Magazine as the eighth greatest puncher of all time, Fitzsimmons competed between 1885 and 1914. . Most famous for stopping America’s James J. Corbett (the only man to beat the legendary John L. Sullivan), ‘Ruby Robert’ began adult life as a blacksmith in the family business. . Fighting off drunk and aggressive customers, the warrior within Fitzsimmons first began to emerge when dealing with difficulties at work. The business would boom with people flocking in the hope of watching a tussle. . Competing as an amateur, it was in New Zealand where ‘The Fighting Blacksmith’ first tasted success. Bare-knuckle legend Jem Mace hosted a boxing championship and Fitzsimmons won it! . The record books show that ‘The Freckled Wonder’ then moved and began professionally fighting in Australia – the location of his first 28 bouts. Developing his unique style, Fitzsimmons threw short, accurate, and even conclusive punches. The Englishman once famously won by knockout from the canvas. Opponent Edward Starlight Robins broke his hand and was deemed unable to continue by the referee, who subsequently handed ‘Ruby Robert’ the victory. . A man of the world, it was across the Pond in America where Fitzsimons won his first world title. Moving to the States after his stint in Australia, the former blacksmith became the middleweight champion in January 1891. Knocking out Irishman Jack Dempsey in New Orleans, the title was won following a dominant display in the 13th round – Dempsey in a pitiable condition... ——————————————————————— Full @NoahAbsMedia article - link in bio ——————————————————————— #BobFitzsimmons #BoxingBlog #BoxingArticle #WorldChampion #BoxingHistory #BoxingHeads #BOXINGGURU - @boxingguru on Instagram

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Y con ustedes #PangeaRevisitado, ya esta disponible en todas las plataformas digitales . . Re-versionamos Te Lo Adverti” y “Pangea” con la participación de @mayetogo, una persona que admiramos muchísimo . . Gracias a nuestros amigos de @roland_mexico por darle sonido a este viaje. . . Link en la bio - @losmesoneros on Instagram

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- Wealth is r e l a t i v e

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An inspiration ☕🤝 - @thisisransomnote on Instagram

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- He will regret that

wait a minute wait what waiting for an answer

- An artist among us

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- Cr1tikal can’t be stopped

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Hi we’re a podcast now. @davetotheross is the host, @mattingebretson will be popping in a lot. Obviously a podcast is very different from a live standup show, but we’re hoping to bring the same comedy and community to it as we did to @storiesbooksandcafe every week. We’re a straight-up comedy show, with interviews and riffing and bits and segments, and also with standup clips every week from the comedians you came to know at the live show. First episode is up now with in-studio guest @charpiecomedy, along with clips and segments from @stephtolev, @sammyarechar, @kevincamia, @hannaheinbinder and @alexedelman. Art, as always, from the absolutely incredible @sjogrenjack. Hope you dig it and we’ll see you every Friday. :) - @goodheroinshow on Instagram

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- blursed_John Oliver

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- Me when anyone tells me that no one could be portrayed Heisenberg better than Cranston

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- Mobsters

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FINALLY, it’s LIVE!! After much persistence, I was finally able to get this baby posted!! (Lol it’s a long story) link in bio :)⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Anyways, I am so excited to share this with you all. This was hands down the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, both mentally and emotionally.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The story I tell in this TED talk is not one I have shared with many people. However, I have come to realize that stories are not meant to be kept as secrets, but instead to be told and learned from.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I hope you all like it!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Also, behind the scenes documentary coming soon!! 👀⁣ ⁣ ⁣ P.S. I definitely am not wearing a linen shirt again... those things are way to wrinkly lmao⁣ ⁣⁣ #ted #tedx #tedtalk #vulnerability #lookmomma - @dave_mucci on Instagram

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- Album Metallica


- me_irl

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- #0/I4G (sort, clear & move to my account)



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- This fucking disrespectful asshole clickbait headline

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- It wouldn’t go well for Nate, but if no one else is available I’d be down to see it

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- Boomers are out of control.

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Well this is awesome - @fullofpaint on Instagram

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2+ years later and we’re still fighting for the same cause. Don’t let up ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 - @maxxforman on Instagram

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- Marines funny

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DAD TALK 15th - 19th June on BBC Radio Manchester Me and my dad (@smugrobertscomedian) will be popping up on BBC Radio Manchester all week interviewing this bloody brilliant line up! We’ve also got a one hour Father’s Day special for you on Sunday too! . . . . . . . . #bbcradiomanchester @bbcradiomanchester #dadtalk #smugroberts #chattin #bobbyball #cannonandball #theharperbrothers #janeygodley #janeygodleyvoiceover #radio #manchester #MCR #roywalker #philwalker #reecewilliams @reeceiw @janeygodley @theharperbros @philwalkercomic #johnthompson - @joshuawilky on Instagram

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- blursed_ad

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- Tell me Im wrong...

flamingo beer

- Blursed_Vsauce

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- 50 cent quotes

- Hey Vsauce, Michael here

- I mustache you a question.... But Ill shave it for later 🥁

Łona #hot16challenge2 na DobrzewieszTV #hot16challenge2 - @dobrzewiesz_nagrania on Instagram

- me_irl

- Dana White

- @fansdekiko on Instagram

. Randy Orton ambushes some legends! 🐍☠️ The Viper aint jokin around, He takes his revenge in less than a day after Clash of Champions 🔥 .. RAW Sept. 28, 2020 🔴 - . راندي اورتن الغامض يهاجم بعض من الأساطير! 🐍☠️ ما يمزح الأفعى ياخذ حقه بعد اقل من يوم 🔥 .. راو ٢٠٢٠/٩/٢٨ 🔴 • Follow @randyort0n for more 🔥 = = = = = = ============== #randyorton #orton #rko #sethrollins #romanreigns #cmpunk #deanambrose #undertaker #sting #tripleH #johncena #batista #edge #shawnmichaels #brocklesnar #therock #danielbryan #thefiend #themiz #ajstyles #finnbalor #kane #dolphziggler #wwe #nxt #aew #ufc #raw #smackdown  #wrestlemania ============== - @randyort0n on Instagram

- Saw this comment on a video regarding Titos commentating skills. Made me chuckly

- My dad has been drawing caricatures since college and just recently got an iPad to start learning digital stuff, I think hes getting the hang of it

- Joe the Patriot

- Stupeur dans l’émission Masked Singer sur TF1 : Jean-Paul Delevoye se cachait sous le costume du lion !

- TIL theres a popular Polish leftist meme group called The four people in Dublin as many right wing Poles believe social media is being censored by leftists based in Dublin, as thats where the tech companies are

- We need Alex back on!

Time flies! Such an amazing adventure to be apart of such a historical event! #conormcgregor #tysonfury #badoujack #gggboxing #jellyroll #lockhartandleith #nutrition #imitatedbutneverduplicated #bestinthebusiness #goals #family - @lockloadedmma on Instagram

“In that Matrix movie the illusion was all a computer program, so the people who were trying to set everybody free were computer hackers. Spiritualists are hackers also. What are they doing? Theyre giving maha-mantra, theyre giving prayers, they are giving scriptures and they say: ‘Just go into this and youll come out of the material illusion and youll become happy.’ That’s real life and spirituality.” 🔸Hiatus of live streams till 30 September! 🔸Watch previous sessions and more upcoming videos on #staysafe #keepupthespirit #nectar #bliss #medicineforthesoul #kirtan #bhakti #meditation #HareKrishna #mantra #yoga #guru #vedic #monk #personalgrowth #spiritual #realisation #chanting #HolyNames #heart #soul #transcendental #bbgovindaswami #govinda #swami #govindaswami - @govinda_swami on Instagram

- Makes perfect sense

- Bloodsport was one of my favorite movie growing up, so 80’s.

- Tom Hiddleston 2017

- *Sheds tear*

- Chris Jericho visits his AEW billboard in Times Square

- Close enough?

- Funny - Love to laugh... Nothing meant to offend... just things I find Humor in...

- The Legion Of CCC strikes again

He may be smiling, but Vishal Vasishth is as serious as it gets when he says Inspiring, purpose-driven companies reimagining trillion-dollar economies are going to outperform their peers. Thanks for the conversation @bloombergtv @riggsreport! - @obviousvc on Instagram

𝗝𝗼𝗲 𝗥𝗼𝗴𝗮𝗻 𝗖𝗲𝗻𝘀𝗼𝗿𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗽!?⁣ ⁣ UPDATE 2 and we’re back!!! Episode is up. However there are still episodes missing. So I guess we’ll see what that’s about? Okay. Getting demonetized from @youtube is one thing. At least they didn’t shut down my channel. However this is COMPLETELY different. ⁣ ⁣ @spotify is NOT uploading select @joerogan episodes including my episode.⁣ ⁣ It’s number #1164 and it along with other select episodes are nowhere to be seen on Spotify. What’s going on? @chrisdelia @heytommychong @joelistcomedy @sargonofakkad100 @kurtmetzgercomedy @nickkroll @michaelshermer1 So exciting! Was it censorship? Was it Joe’s decision? Was it Spotify being sneaky? Or am I just an impatient mofo and Spotify is slow at uploading? Dun dun dunnnn UPDATE: Alex Jones says episodes will be uploaded at a later date. - @mikhailapeterson on Instagram

If any of the other lucky owners see this, Let Christian know you love your Miami Hot Tub! - @thechristianoconnellshow on Instagram

- FACE THE PAIN...of being called a pussy by your boss!

- @claysfightquestions on Instagram

#Repost @fromfatlollito6packlolli • • • • • • New York Last week @fromfatlollito6packlolli was invited to join Dave Palumbo on @official_rxmuscle 1 on 1 interview talk show. Discussing the dramatic weight loss transformation which shed over 120 lbs. The full video is linked in the @fromfatlollito6packlolli bios @huge285 #weightloss #transformation #fitness #personaltrainer #inspiration #motivation #fitfam #fit #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #bodytransformation #bodybuildingmotivation #fitnessjourney #fitnesslife #gymmotivation #exercisemotivation #bodygoals #bodyfit #beforeandafter #benew #rbtlife - @jameshergott on Instagram

- Is Joe Rogan biased I mean I have never felt that way though I think DC Cruz are very biased?

New #FitzdogRadio. @seguratom and I talk about when I tortured @jimmyfallon in Las Vegas and where Tom ranks farts in the scope of life (hint: very high). LINK IN BIO.⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ #gregfitzsimmons #comedy #podcast #comedypodcast #comediansofinstagram #lacomedy #podcastersofinstagram #standupcomedy #newpodcast #newepisode @thecomedystore #tomsegura #ymh #yourmomshouse #2bears #2bears1cave #jimmyfallon #yourmomshousepodcast #ymhlive #thecomedystore - @gregfitzsimmons on Instagram

Never give up!! From 28 stone and on the brink of suicide to the heavyweight champion of the world. Tyson Fury completes incredible comeback story by beating Deontay Wilder. Avit!! 👊🏼 #wbcboxing #heavyweightchamp #tysonfury #gypsyking #nevergiveup #comebackking #avit - @avitfighter on Instagram

- Phillipe Cunningham tho 🥰😍

- Looks like some of the media are starting to pick up on all the new accounts of social media lavishing praise of Fine Gael posts any time they go up

Thats the rule of the game. #hustle #hustleison - on Instagram

- One short line but it cuts deep.

Ayer estuvo en #LaJungla ¡Carlos Tarque! Disfruta de la entrevista completa en nuestro canal de Youtube 🌎 #LaJunglaRadio - @lajunglaradio on Instagram

⤵️ Keep Following ⤵️ - THE ONLY GUIDE YOU NEED TO BUILD A WORDPRESS BLOG 👈 Swipe 👈⁣ WordPress is indeed a strong CMS (Content Management System) available to start you blogging career. It is user and seo friendly at the same time, with the advantage of being a free platform. 💻 These are the 6 steps to build a WordPress blog: 🙌 1️⃣ Buy your awesome domain 2️⃣ Pick your hosting 3️⃣ Swap the nameservers 4️⃣ Install WordPress 5️⃣ Make the important changes 6️⃣ Important Plugin Checklist Let us know whats the favorite thing you love about WordPress? 👇 WordPress is indeed a strong CMS (Content Management System) available to start you blogging career. It is user and SEO friendly at the same time, with the advantage of being a free platform. 💻 SINGLE TAP TO SHARE 📨 DOUBLE TAP & SPREAD THE ❤️⁣⁣ SINGLE TAP TO FOLLOW 🙋‍♂️⁣⁣ MULTI TAPS TO COMMENT 👇⁣⁣ ----------------------------------------------- Get hooked with value bombs --------------------------⁣--------------------- 👉 @webpressbros⁣⁣ 👉 @webpressbros⁣⁣ 👉 @webpressbros⁣⁣ --------------------------⁣-------------------------- ⁣⁣Smash Follow - 4 Digital Learning --------------------------⁣-------------------------- ⁣⁣ ____#️⃣ HELLO HASHTAGS #️⃣ __⁣⁣ #wordpressblog #webdesigners #webdesigncompany #webdesignagency #responsivewebdesign #websiteservices #wordpressdeveloper #wordpressdesigner #websitetraffic #websitehosting #wordpresswebsite #wordpresstheme #wordpressdesign #wordpressdevelopment #websitebuilder #websitecontent #businesswebsite #websitedesigners #websiteredesign #websitebuilding #wordpresswebsites #websiteoptimization #artistwebsite #websitesecurity #websiteranking #websitesale #websitetips #websitedesigning #websitedeveloper - @webpressbros on Instagram

- complaining the names of new Pokemon teams

- Blursed Spectator

- You know what to do.

- I don’t think I’ll ever understand you Michael

- I don’t even know what to say

- I miss seeing him at the home games, especially the playoffs.

Vemmm que a vibe é essa! 🙌🏻 Ouça em atlâ ou ouça em yt: lives atlântida. - @pretinhobasico on Instagram

- Im so disappointed.


- The face you make when you google your side of the argument and youre right

- Bammy DeVito

- When A Person Tells You That You Hurt Them, You Dont Get To Decide That You Didnt. - C.K. Louis [1080x1080]

Hoje vai rolar! @clubebigbeatlesoficial - @dadi16 on Instagram

- “Khabib lays on people the whole fight and they call him a champion”

- This is so sad


- Scot Manley at ESA

- Not exactly what The Proclaimers had in mind.

- The most feared convict of all

Interview mit Wigald Boning: Freut euch auf das Video! @elisabeth_haering sprach mit dem Weltmeister im #Langsamschwimmen nach seinem Auftritt in #Mayen. Wir sind noch etwas verunsichert, ob wir den außergewöhnlichen sportlichen Leistungen dieser Persönlichkeit nacheifern wollen, oder doch lieber weiterhin chipsessend zuhören, wie er von seinen Abenteuern berichtet... 📸@axellivepictures - @blickaktuell on Instagram

- This MLM ad isn’t just deceptive, it’s also trying to trick users into thinking they’re reading a USA Today article...

- [BREAKING NEWS] GSP announces UFC return to challenge Stephen Wonderboy Thompson for NMF title in the organizations first ever Compliment-Off

- Dana looking at Khamzat like

My Tune ‘The Isles feat @trimtali is out. Visuals from @cieroncieron. Waited a long time for today. B x - @barneylister on Instagram

- Go check Johnny Dees premiere out .Its starting in 93 minutes from now. he only has 3 people waiting so if one person sees this I hope you go check it out.

Tak wczoraj Maken rozdawał Tribute to Alibabki w @czworka_polskieradio . Przypominamy, że płytę można zdobyć na antenie codziennie do piątku w Muzycznym Lunchu od 13:00. Dzisiaj w audycji dodatkowo gościem Maćka Szajkowskiego jest Yasman, więc słuchajcie po 13:00 na 💥 #tributetoalibabki #czwórka #alibabki #ska #reggae - @tributetoalibabki on Instagram

- Wow i hope the owner didnt call police or anything.

- Its ok Conor

- My heart 😭

- Get The Guy Wow! I certainly appreciate the tremendous feedback from the interview. Greatly appreciate @biglozwsm Laurence Shahlaei direct from England inviting me on as his guest for my interview on the Talking Strongman show on YouTube. #strongman #strength #power #powerlifting #gymmotivation #gymlife #fitnessmotivation #gym #fitness #bodybuilding #crossfit #gymlife #fitfam #nutrition #diet #food #foodie #nfl #instagram @joerogan @joeb_ad @projectadofficial - @probodycoach on Instagram

- #3D Scanning

Teddy tells a funny story of a young Mike Tyson at the dinner table during his days with Cus DAmato. 1️⃣Hit the link in our bio 2️⃣ Listen/watch the show wherever you get your podcasts - @thefightwta on Instagram

- When you don’t study for the test

- Yellow money symbol

- Sacramento

@michaeljlindell has spent years writing his new memoir and it is finally done! This book is dedicated to anyone looking for hope, and right now we could all use a little hope. Available now at or go to! - @mypillow on Instagram

Looks like I’ll be screaming into a new @bluemicrophones #Yeti mic for podcast interview! Which is awesome! This thing rules. Full stop. . . . Powered by Blue 🎙I like the sound of that! Good to be part of @thedeanblundellshow #podcast network! #bluemicrophones #podernfamily #van #radio #marketing #friends #contentcreator 📡 - @toddcastpodcast on Instagram

Amazing podcast about to be released!!! @howmenthinkpodcast - @rikkast on Instagram

- No Dhar, please no

Jason Stewart is the CEO and Founder of Epic Fighting and he has been in Real Estate for many years. His passion for MMA Fighting and the love for his family was his biggest inspiration to take action. Jason had a rough start in life but he managed to turn it around. Presented by Attorney King Studio with Brett Davis UnLeashed on IQ Podcasts. @jasonostewart @epicfighting #iqpodcasts #sandiego #california #attorneykingstudios #ceo #founder #epicfighting #realestate #takeaction - @iqpodcasts on Instagram

- Wholesome 100

- the man is spitting facts

- TBT to this Colby Covington post on Instagram

- Instructional Strategies

Hard to believe it’s already been a year. 💔 I can only imagine all of the things you’d have to say about the current state of things down here. Missing you today, my friend. @remembering.sid.haig - @adam_fn_green on Instagram

- [New Meme Alert]

Some people are robots who derive pleasure from doing the same thing over and over again because it presents the opportunity to improve with each iteration. I am one of those robots. Comedian and bread obsessive Tom Papa is another. This is why we’ve been pals for the last few years and why it was great, as it always is, to speak with him on his new podcast Breaking Bread with Tom Papa. The episode is available via however you listen to podcasts and/or in video form on YouTube and other episodes include such comedy and bread icons as @wilfredburr, @kenforkish and @kevinnealon. The YT link is in our bio. Have a listen and support robots like us. - @bubandgrandmasbread on Instagram

- Upcoming San Holo & RL Grime collab !!

#Repost @behaviorhack with @get_repost ・・・ Don’t spend your entire life feeling ‘like a failure’ because you failed once. . Learn from it. . Use that lesson. . Move forward. ➡️ . @joerogan . YOU ARE YOUR GREATEST OPPONENT. . . #joerogan #joeroganexperience #jre  #joeroganmemes #spotify #joeroganpodcast  #disciplineequalsfreedom #conqueryourinnerbitch  #madness#embracethesuck#thegrind#keephammering#wintheday# #conquer #grit #personaldevelopment #uvsu #uvsuapparel #uvsuathlete #youvsyou #bethebestyou #projectyou #2020 - @uvsu_youvsyou on Instagram

Covid 19 radiodays REALFM 97,8 teddyboydes @ManosNiflis - @akispavlopoulos on Instagram

🔈📣NEW MIX ONLINE! 📣🔈 Another month another mix, and this time a longtime friend of The Groove Collection Anthony Pappa from down under (Melbourne) did a pre-recorded video dj-set specially for Burning Mac 2020 The Multiverse and we got this special mix to put on the podcast feed. Tracklist: 01. Spooky - Bells Of Fury (Part 1) 02. Espen - Say Something (Original Mix) 03. Robert Babicz - Galactic Tardigrade (Jamie Stevens Remix) 04. Artche - One Who Knows 05. Joseph Ashworth - Kira 06. Freefall - Skydive (Kiz Pattison’s Another Dub As Well) 07. Kiz Pattison - So Get Up 08. Juan MacLean - Manthony 09. Nick Curly - Squib 10. Pako & Frederick - Don’t U Know 11. Pako & Frederick - Reserve Ride 12. Mani - Pyre 13. Artche - Split Open 14. Elliot Moriarty - Find Your Truth (Extended Mix) 15. Howling - Bind (Butch Remix) 16. Howling - Bind (Butch Dub) 17. Stefan Z & Gabriell - Fanzine (Jamie Stevens Remix) 18. Daniel Avery - Dream Distortion 19. Camelphat X Yannis (Foals) - Hypercolour (Patrice Baumel Remix) 20. Joseph Ashworth - Rasputin (Extended Mix) 21. Rokkas - Life Good 22. Guy J - Beast Of Sea Listen and subscribe here 👇 - @pappa.anthony on Instagram

- Poor meat industry, they kill billions of animals per year and seriously damage the planet and vegans have the courage to tell them this is not OK! 😠 damned vegans!!

Great to go take some shots of @themoodsmanc as they were finishing a track for their new album featuring @scorzayzee Its sounding amazing keep an eye out on the socials for the release #newmusic #recordingstudio #band #music #musicphoto #musicphotography #inthestudio #candid #nikon #nikonlove #nikonz6 #picoftheday #album #musicproduction #musicians - @malcburkephotography on Instagram

- ~Just release more albums~

The trailer for ‘Wolfman’s Got Nards’ is here! Head over to @entertainmentweekly to watch. Link in bio.⁠ - @gravitasventures on Instagram

SHATNER. - @jeebz_flatt on Instagram

- Media Videos

- Logo I did for my friends’ podcast. First time doing caricatures!

Bells palsy⁣ ⁣ ⁣ What is Bells palsy?⁣ ⁣ According to the NHS, Bells palsy is a “temporary weakness or lack of movement affecting 1 side of the face. Most people get better within 9 months.”⁣ ⁣ ·         Last for “9 months” for a full recovery for most people but can be permanent.⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Symptoms⁣ ⁣ The symptoms of Bells palsy are:⁣ weakness or total paralysis on 1 side of your face that develops within 2 days⁣ a drooping eyelid or corner of the mouth⁣ drooling⁣ a dry mouth⁣ a loss of taste⁣ eye irritation, such as dryness or more tears⁣  ⁣ ⁣ Treatment⁣ ⁣ ·         Treatment is “most effective within 72 hours of the symptoms showing”. The treatments are:⁣ ⁣ o   a 10-day course of steroid medicine (prednisolone)⁣ ⁣ o   eyedrops and eye ointment to stop the affected eye drying out⁣ ⁣ o   surgical tape to keep the eye closed at bedtime⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Reference⁣ ⁣ ·⁣ ⁣. . . #discoverphysiotherapy #physiostudent #physiotherapist #physiotherapy #bell #bells #bellspalsy #bellspalsyrecovery #weakness #symptoms #paralysis #eye #dry #mouth #loss #taste #irritated #tear #treatment #medicine #surgical #neuroanatomy #neuro #neuroscience #neurology #neuropathy #neurociencia #biologynotes #biologyteacher #biology - @discover_physio on Instagram

- It’s not even funny. There’s no joke.

New blog post on Recovery Podcastland section of @thesobercurator - @daxshepard we ❤️ you big time buddy! We all have just #odaat Thank you for your bravery and your honesty. #linkinbio • • • #daxshepard #relapseisapartofrecovery #wedorecover #nationalrecoverymonth #bettertogether #armchairexpert #sobrietyisworthit #sobrietyishard #sobrietyisthenewdrunk #youcandohardthings #wecandohardthings #recoverycommunity #honestyisthebestpolicy #gettingreal - @thesobercurator on Instagram

- Love when Dana just says “Alright John go ahead”

- Its not an OC but I think it belongs here.

- So are we gonna talk about this (Doctor Phil on TikTok)

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Haven’t been to LA in some day, so we’ll catch up with @dr.kreiswirth on IG Live Wednesday evening here, afternoon there. - @chweingroff on Instagram

- I’m feeling a light 6

- Anime is retar ed🙁😭💩

- Ariel “Yung Chop” Helwani

- Bill Belichick

- He gained 80 subscribers in a day! He’s going to go insane, thank you so much Reddit and keep going!

#sirdavidattenborough has joined Instagram, because ‘saving our planet is now a communications challenge’. Let’s help him get to 1 million followers 🙌 @davidattenborough - @whatcanwedoblog on Instagram

- YouTube displays video titles in two lines, but cuts off the first line

Thank you to Jack Pelling and Robin Allender @personalbeatles for inviting me on to talk about The Beatles. Episode available now on Apple / Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts 🎙🎵🎛 - @guyachambers on Instagram

Hey! Thanks! Honored for The Ataris to be part of this list with Descendents, Jawbreaker and plenty of other great company. ❤️ (LINK IN BIO) - @theataris on Instagram

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@podmagazine studios! Home of @loucappettashow ! Getting ready to record with Stacey &Angela of @theprussmanhour ! #podcast #podcasts #podcaster #podcasters #podcastersofinstagram #podcasting #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #comedy #humor - @podmagazine on Instagram

Live look at Team BOL after the Chiefs/Ravens under somehow someway survives - @betonline_ag on Instagram

- Burger King

- There is so much going on here. (Credits to u/dj_ordje)

@miguel_rellan esta mañana en #LaJungla. ¡Increíble! Disfruta de la entrevista completa en nuestro canal de youtube 🌎 #LaJunglaRadio - @lajunglaradio on Instagram

- Which is more life changing?

Think my mix just ate my leftovers . . . . . . Y’all know what I’m talking bout @urmacademy @izotopeinc @bandmemes666 . . . . . . #mixing #analogrecording #protools #studioflow #musicproduction #studiolife #musicproducer #producerlife #musicstudio #homestudio m #beats #studiotime #studios #studiosession #recording #mixing #gearporn #studioporn #audioengineer #recordingstudio #mixengineer #audioengineer #studiogear #audioengineer #recordingengineer #mixengineer #studiovibes #studioflow #analogrecording #gooddannys #dannyreisch - @gooddannys on Instagram

- Chuck norris funny

Join me and the @thecannabossbabes on Wednesday the 23rd of September at 9:00am. I will be speaking about the #hemp industrial expansion in #consumer #footwear and #hempfashion - @peter_cannabis on Instagram

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- oui

Hope we all ordered atleast one of my @globals_make_some_noise tote bags. Be part of the #GroovyGang #lbclondon #happyfriday - @steveallenlbc on Instagram

What we know about @sethrogen’s cannabis brand @Houseplant 🌿💨 — Hopefully, it can live up to the expectation of the dopest dope we’ve ever smoked — For the full story, follow the link in the bio. #cannabis #weed #sethrogen #evangoldberg #canopygrowth #houseplant - @straightcannabis on Instagram

Welcome to the team... #Miro is #AllElite - @wrestlingnewssource on Instagram

- Rooliani

- VSauce! Ethan here with me.

- So some lad tweeted his delight that the home of James McClean was burgled, McCleans response was epic!

- Blursed_drawing

Warmin up the pipes! Tune into the Ds performance and live Q&A from #HasbroPulseCon (US/CAN only) at around 1:25pm EST today! Link to watch in bio! #HasbroPulseConPerformer @HasbroPulse - @tenaciousd on Instagram

- I would give anything to see Joey Diaz on commentary with Joe Hogan.

@fortitude_training @scottmcnally1 Muscle Minds 79 out now! Grinding out lunges. Carbs, insulin and HGH. Plus more. Links in bio #bodybuildingpodcast - @advicesradionetwork on Instagram

- Nate Diaz’ new financial endeavor.

- Hitchcock and Scully are so pure IRL

#Repost @happymondaysofficial @download.ins --- #Repost @shaunryderx TONIGHT!!! 9pm on Channel 4 - Happy Mondays mean Happy Fridays!! ⭐️ Shaun and @bezmondays on Celebrity Gogglebox!! 🤓 📺. . . #CELEBRITYGOGGLEBOX @C4gogglebox @channel4 #Gogglebox #HappyMondays #Channel4 #TV #ShaunRyder #Bez - @bezmondays on Instagram

My thank you to @draw.wizard for this wonderful drawing of @eavoss and I on a family vacation. Posted @withregram • @eavoss Thanks to @draw.wizard for perfectly capturing me and @tommybechtold on our drives to every Ricksplained taping, including our scowling child in the backseat and the old drunks of Burbank trying to booze us up through the window. - @tommybechtold on Instagram

- I still can’t believe how small his unedited face is

El DIA DEL TRABAJADOR RADIAL Antes era una jornada de descanso, de paseos en familia, pero hoy se labora. De cualquier forma vaya mi homenaje y reconocimiento a todos los trabajadores y trabajadoras de las radios de Chile por su enorme labor, vocación y compromiso, atributos que siguen distinguiendo a este medio de comunicación como el más cercano y creíble. Un abrazo cariñoso a mis colegas de @adnchile por poner al aire una propuesta sincera y ciudadana, y por permitirme entrar semanalmente en sus mundos para ocupar con humildad un espacio que adoro y aprecio. Saludos especiales a @sandrazeballos @arschiappacasse @caitovenegas @diegoool28 y @rodrigohernandezrojas - @mariocavalla on Instagram

- Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio looks like Teddy from Bobs Burgers.

- Mr President will watch Khabib vs Gaethje before election

- law & order

- Blursed Rob Halford

And still to this day, whenever he buys a sled from a dealer he demands a free hat too 😂 . . 📸 #SnowMob . #snowmobiles #sledjunkies #sledusa #snowfun #snowrider #backcountryaccess #snowmobiling #sledding #snowmobilelife #sledlife #polaris #skidoo #arcticcat #snowmobile #boondocking #sleddersrus #sledtheeast #axys #sendit #boondocknation #freeride #freerider #sledheadz #sledheadzzz #artofthedeal #bnmemes #snowmobilememes #lpotl #lastpodcastontheleft - @snowmob_ on Instagram

Doing a bit of a podcast talking about the struggles the success the losses and the gains...... its important to know where your going in life but also not to forget where you come from. #wjmcclurephotography #motivation #striveforgreatness #behumble #workhard #befearless #success #selfbelief - @wjmphotography__ on Instagram

- Bill Bailey, Simon Pegg & Nick Frost

- Hes looking for the fast track to a speedy metabolism

- Desculpa mas eu tive que fazer isso

Do you like screenplays or want to read screenplays of movies based on Stephen Kings work? Well, the website scriptslugs has quite a few. Including ( @flanaganfilms ) Mike Flanagans Doctor Sleep, or Carrie (1976), Misery (1990), Pet Sematary (2019) and many more. Including the unused Cary Fukanaga 2017 version of It ! ----------. [FR] Vous parlez anglais et avez envie de lire des scénarios des adaptations de Stephen King? Ça tombe bien, on vous en a trouvé 😉 Cest sur le site : lien en bio ou = . . . . #stephenking #stephenkingmovies #screenplays #scenario - @clubstephenking on Instagram

- Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you premature tomato Dana

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- Yes?

- Vince McMahon

- Whether the Netflix shows remain canon or Feige decides to reboot Daredevil, I hope Vincent DOnofrio is kept as Kingpin much like J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson.

- Bernie Sanders appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast has over 10 million views now!

- Dana’s face when he heard Khabib say that Conor doesn’t deserve a rematch.

- Blursed Re-telling

- Hank and steve 3

- blursed_papajohns

The guy on the Google home page looks a lot like @mikehsurock.. #waaf #thepike #google #radio - @breakingtheicepodcast on Instagram

- thats crazy man, have you tried being competent?

Tem vídeo CLIP de CLAREIA com @carica_sensacao no canal da nossa querida @gravadoraatracao #AtraçãoDivulga já deu essa moral pra gente? Segue link na BIO ! HOJE ⭐️🌟 lançamento da MÚSICA “CLAREIA” do SÓ 3, com participação especial do nosso querido mestre CARICA @carica_sensacao em todas as PLATAFORMAS DIGITAIS Não perca! E tem Vídeo CLIP Tb para abrilhantar esse momento e essa canção! Conto com vcs! Vamos juntos @didaassis pela parceria e a nossa @gravadoraatracao gratidão! #gravadoraatracao #gravadora #producaomusica #spotify #youtube #deezer #applemusic #itunes #single #musicanova #lancamento #lançamento #videoclipe #clareia #so3 #caricasensacao #carica #youtube - @rogerio_paixao on Instagram

Magia pa mi vida, luz para mi muerte. 📷@heywillipistolas - @jotavalderrama on Instagram

- Smesh!

- Vote for boomer of the decade

- What I expected to see when I got the notification that David Wallace was going live with with Joe Rogan.

Pretty sure this is the closest I’ll ever come to being in a boy band - @sseiver on Instagram

- That’s just a couple weeks away. Gonna be rad

- 😂😂😂😂

Happy fathers day ya prick 🇮🇹 just kidding love you dad ❤️ - @nick_merlino on Instagram

Swimming with sharks today. 😎 . Just wrapped an amazing interview with former Shark Tank host, Kevin Harrington @realkevinharrington . Episode drops on Monday. 🔥 . #365driven #entrepreneurs #sidehustlemillionaire #sharktank #podcast - @365driven on Instagram

After Colby Covingtons last fight, Dana White is in favor of Colby vs Jorge as opposed to Jorge vs Nate. Is that the fight to make? 👀 Source, MMAFighting: - @mmaonpoint on Instagram

@benaskren 😂😂😂 . . 👉🏼 @hypeworldmedia 👈🏼 👉🏼 @hypeworldmedia 👈🏼 . . #benaskren #benaskrenufc #ufcmemes #mmamemes #mmatraining #mma #mmafights #welterweight #ufc #danawhite #joerogan - @hypeworldmedia on Instagram

- This was suddenly in my suggested box on Youtube

- We should have listened

- I’m surprised Ben can still type after that slam he endured by the Ruthless one.

- Jeff Bezos

Those bloody millennials with their avocado toast - @philytaggart on Instagram

- All of us watching Shoenice take the spotlight. What a legend.

- The Onion calling out fat logic

- When Marshall decides its time to run

Just released! @bvibber has gone WILD 😜 Check out the latest podcast hosted by @iamthedelo Produced by @local480 @local480media Please share Brett’s story ! Link is in bio. - @bar_restaurant_insurance on Instagram

Hey folks. I have recently launched my new podcast @boozebreakpodcast 🤘🏻 I would love you to head over and give the insta account a follow and also click the link in the bio to listen and subscribe. The first 3 episodes are live with new episodes coming every fortnight. Id love to hear your thoughts in the comments ❤️ - @bib_and_tucker_weddings on Instagram

- *explodes*

Robert F Kennedy Jr. in this podcast states: “It is illegal to sue a vaccine company in this country.” I don’t care if you want to get a vaccine and support them. That’s your call. But please know that if you have adverse reactions to vaccines the Vaccine Manufacturer is not liable. If you by chance do get a payout, the max payout is $250,000 and it is paid by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program set up by the U.S. Government, not by the Pharmaceutical company that made the vaccine. #facts - @purelivingfamily on Instagram

Go ask some questions on my live feed in the question sticker. - @nateharvey2600 on Instagram

- Oh my gosh I can’t believe this, this is really heartbreaking RIP!

Every story has a beginning and Louis Neglia’s ROC is proud to have been there from the start for @mattserra @frankieedgar @chrisweidman and over 130 other UfC Fighters! Tune in LIVE TO UFC FIGHTPASS on May 31st to witness future UFC fighters at ROC68 #ufcfighter #ufcfightpass #mmafighter #mmatraining #fightnight #atlanticcity #tropicanaac #fridaynightfights @louneglia @ringofcombat #mma #mmafights - @louneglia on Instagram



- Come on, CNN !!! Chimpanzees are not monkeys

- Happy Fathers Day peeps 💙😉

Yesterday we were visited by death/grind royalty for a secret project. More news soon 😏. . . . #projectzerostudio #Svencho #aborted - @projectzerostudio on Instagram

Bouncing Slovenian balls...what a race! The Breakaway now up on and GCN Race Pass 😯 - @brismithy on Instagram

Happy #NationalRadioDay ! 📻 On Air 🎙/ Video Production 🎥 @wrhuradio , @1061bli / @1023wbab , @955plj , @nycountry947 (for a hot minute) & @party105 ! - @zachlfeldman on Instagram

Got to video chat with @tenaciousd today for their #postapocalypto virtual book tour! I surprised them with a filter and told KG I was coming for him LOL! @jackblack @theactualkylegass #tenaciousd #festivalsupreme - @alexdrumming on Instagram

- Joe

- the only funny instagrammer

- In The live action part of Chowder John DiMaggio had a hammer and sickle on his shirt

- Dana White: No More UFC Fights for BJ Penn • MMA News

Today we had the honor of working with Flemish actor Herbert Flack. He brought the story to life on Lemuria’s upcoming concept album. The pieces of the puzzle are starting to come together! #herbertflack #flemish #actor #studio #storytelling #symphonicmetal #deepestvoiceever 📷: @projectzerostudio - @y_productions on Instagram

- The French MMA community celebrates Joe Rogan on his 18th Year as a UFC commentator!

- DanaOffers dustin 100 bucks to fight tony -Dustin refuses- DanaHe didnt want to fight ...

- This could get interesting...

- Artie Lange

- Audio / Sound

#mystery toy unboxing now on youtube. Link in bio to watch. Find out if we got anything good. #toy #toys #fallout #fallout76 #fallout4 #nerd #geek #gamer #blacknerds #nerdy #toycollector #toycollection #toycommunity #youtuber #youtubers #subscribetomyyoutubechannel #lootcrate #unboxing - @thenerdsnextdoor on Instagram

- Any of you remember this episode JRE?

😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 Damn @danawhite You Better Start Paying Your Fighters Then Bro. Pretty Soon All @ufc Fighters Are Going To Be Wanting BOXING Fights. Oh Hold Up.. Wait A Minute..... ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ Edit Via : @finoboxing FOLLOW : @finoboxing @boxingreloaded777 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #bellator#mma#ufc#canelo#caneloalvarez#teamcanelo#beastmode#radicalnutrition#ggg#gennadygolovkin#mexicanstyle#fightnight#lasvegas#mexico#kazakhstan#mgmgrand#wbc#showtime#abelsanchez#eddyreynoso#jalisco#dazn#guadalajara#everlast#cletoreyes#rumblebrothersboxing#viral#viralpost#watchondazn - @boxingreloaded777 on Instagram

Afgelopen vrijdag fotos gemaakt tijdens de Eindbazen podcast met niemand minder dan André Kuipers. Erg bijzonder om daarbij aanwezig te mogen zijn. Want wat kan die man mooie verhalen vertellen! Benieuwd naar de podcast? Hij gaat zondag 28 juni live op en de gebruikelijke podcast kanalen. 👨‍🚀🚀🌍🛰️ - @joostwageman on Instagram

- The problem is that it is coming out of your mouth.

- The Shiny Reflection On The 3 Looks Like Marilyn Monroe

It happens... @theovon - @thispastweekend_ on Instagram

- Who’s this guy?

- Keeper

- TFW you and your buddy are ready to ditch Intel on 7/7

Hermoso día para escuchar #CodigoSily hasta las 16 hs. con @cocosilyok , @delfi_sciannamea y @martinpuglieseok 🌞 📲 Mensajes al 11-6404-1015 MANDA PARA HABLAR CON COCO EN VIVO!! - @popradio1015 on Instagram


Fresh off a win in his @bellatormma debut, @gentlemanjhill joined us on #TheJustinBruckmannAdventure for episode 63! 📸: @_snapitmatt - @aftermoses on Instagram

- I need answers !!!

- During times like this, this is a wonderful and unexpected but welcome treat. Thank you Tolkien estate and Andy Serkis! 😘👌

5700 views on my Bad Ben 8: Pandemic review and rising!! Overwhelmed and shocked with all the support and cannot thank you all enough. @nigelbach @badbenmovie #moviereview #filmreviews #paranormalmovies #ghostmovies #paranormal #horrormovies #youtube #overwhelmed #thankyou #thankful #moviefans #filmfans #shocked #supporters #youtubevideos #funnyyoutuber #funnycomedy #comedymovies - @jamiesfilmreviews on Instagram

Can I eat an 8 ounce @tacobell burrito in just one bite? Linknon profile page or go to #onebitechallenge #onebite #NotoriousBOB #bob - @notorious_bob on Instagram

- BBC Radio 1

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TONIGHT! From the #LSCC Snapchat! 1/11/18 #stephencolbert #lscc #thelateshowwithstephencolbert - @thelateshowwithstephencolbert on Instagram

- When I saw Ethans studio for his podcasts

#RoachMotel Episode 1 is here! Get it now where you get all of your other YMH pods. 💛 - @josh_potter on Instagram

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- When guests say something funny

- While were on the topic of GOAT rankings

Ron White and Joe Rogan! It looks like a bottle of Number JUAN Extra Anejo on the desk!!! #numberjuantequila #ronwhite #espevegas1 #alexreymundo #joerogan #talkshow #tequila - @numberjuantequilaofficial on Instagram

Melanie - @whichjoeexoticareyou on Instagram

- TIL Joe has 4 pairs of identical looking glasses

Want an inside look at the rest of 2020? Next Tuesday, Join Associated President Marc B. Terrill on The Upside as he talks about COVID-19’s community impact, antisemitism and more. @jmoreliving . . . . . #JewishBaltimore #Associated100 #TheUpside #AssociatedStories #Podcast #Radio #GuestSpeaker - @jewishbaltimore on Instagram

- Fuck it

- The way Joe Rogan wears a headset

Gracias por las emociones, #OsvaldoWehbe. #qepd - @garrascaeta_ on Instagram

Short summery: Dear Spotify, don’t fuck this up. . Podcasts in the Texas spaceship have been among my favorites. @joerogan is more vocal, less filtered, there’s more logic, and people enjoy the show more than they have in the past. I’ve been a patron of Joe’s very informative podcast for years as I enjoy hearing different views from many extremely intelligent people and today the podcast is better than ever. Spotify, please stop trying to change the product. An agreement was made based on how rad the show is, unfortunately in light of a very small group of people, facts and logic based conversations have hurt peoples feelings. Spotify, please stop trying to influence the show. Don’t fuck this up. Censorship needs to stop. . Stay rad brother. @joerogan . . Repost and tag @joerogan to show your support. 💯 - @bjbaldwin on Instagram

Our tech overlords are making a serious mistake in their censorship and curation of information, particularly science and medicine. It will not end well. Yes, they are private companies, no, it’s still not a good idea. Posted @withregram • @awakenwithjp This is the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. And also, @spotify please don’t do anything stupid with this. #FreedomOfSpeech @timkennedymma: This is the new book burning. Everything you read and see is being curated. Employees demanding direct “editorial” oversight of the biggest podcast in the world should scare you. It has been happening for years on every social media outlet and it has to stop. Social media censorship needs to be addressed. - @dasrobbwolf on Instagram

- Joe Brogan pod :(

- This persons comment on the new Joe Rogan studio.

@natediaz209 wasnt too impressed with @dustinpoirier ’s withdrawal from UFC 230. . The Stockton native took to social media to fire off at Poirier, writing “If u can’t make it to war u lose the war. Check Dustins response! 😂 . . #themaclife #official #conormcgregor #thenotoriousmma #irishmma #properbread #warriorsonly #sbgireland #thegreenback #gorilla #fightking #faceofthefightgame #mcgregorfans #thenotorious - @themaclifesport on Instagram

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