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truetruthfactsyesits the truththats truetrue storythats rightits true tho


Call me crazy but I think were soulmates and meant to be✨😍😍💖🥺

diegodrawsart photojournalism facts headlines news outlet

- (music plays)

Goofy movie pfp

my whisper

hacks wallhacks meme true facts

Sometimes you just gotta celebrate the small victories 🏆 We thank everyone for remaining patient with us while we navigate these tricky times. You can grab to-go cocktails from us today from 5pm to midnight! #memedrinas352 - @madrinas352 on Instagram

HUNTED // Jungkook 18+ - || HOLIDAY ||

𝑀𝑒, 𝑀𝑦𝑠𝑒𝑙𝑓, 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝐼

facts true correct

- First post. Thx for sorting in new

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you can tell its genuine chloe ferry all star shore s1e4 you can tell its true

- But shes on her phone all day

Butterfly baby🦋

noah beck photo

fax facts facts are facts facts meme

- havent you all watched it yet?

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•True Beauty• Behind the camera💫

true kramer thats true true dat seinfeld

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facts eddie brock tom hardy venom let there be carnage its true

- Why is this so true though

matching pfp 😳🕶🤏

true its thinking so true

- I dont understand reddit trends

edvin ryding

its unbelievable stan marsh south park cartmanland s5e6

- like we have anything better to do

: Photo

𝘱𝘪𝘯 - (𝘢𝘮𝘢𝘺𝘢.𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦)

the whole thing feels like a dream come true organizm players its a dream come true feels like im dreaming

- This subreddit has hard rules

thats not true derek muller veritasium thats a lie thats inaccurate

- Swear jar

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its true the office dwight true

- You’re forgetting the OGs

Honey Nut Memes (@honeynutmemes) / Twitter

you know thats true stan south park dont lie you know it

- Time well spent


itstrue allofit harrisonford starwars hansolo

this meme is brought to you by Sai Dev Restaurant . . . #chakalamemes #chakala #andheri - @chakala_memes on Instagram

so true arcueid brunestud tsukihime manga arcueid

- People with social anxiety will understand

PeanutPaws - Your Pets Diet, Nutrition, Health Care & Training

sad but its true yes yeah nods

- Very unusual sequence of events

𝙒𝙧𝙤𝙣𝙜 𝙣𝙪𝙢𝙗𝙚𝙧 ~ 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙨𝙚 𝙝𝙪𝙙𝙨𝙤𝙣 || on hold ||

may not be even true gucci mane all dz chainz song may be false may be a farce

- meirl

frog test

Avatar cp💜

camila cabello its true serious

- Frog death ceremonies be like

Funny profile pic matching


its true eric cartman south park s11e10 season11ep10imaginationland episode i

- Sharing is caring right?



its true eric cartman south park s24e2 vaccination special

- Made with Dysgraphia

CAİN on Twitter

truth facts true story

- It be like that sometimes

wandavision events but yes do you

- Dwarf problems 😤

Aesthetic cartoon dp

So, your comfort streamer is quackity🦆💙

covid social media truth covid19 conspiracy

- Day 13 of roasting different subreddits

1D memes for when you can hardly walk and your hair is falling out - Hahaha no one will read this

im afraid thats true its the truth facts its true dj tanner

- Why does he do that

☁️s n o o p y☁️

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its right sam johnson thats correct its true its not wrong

Only few people would know who is Doraemon 😛 - @sarcasticwadikars on Instagram

sad but true

- One of, if not the greatest game I’ve ever played

its valid joey kidney its acceptable thats authentic its true

- Its not that history is boring, but most of the classes are

im saying it because its true dr clara hannon doogie kamealoha md what im saying is real im telling you the truth

- Dear Felix

i know thats not true tolkien black south park south park the streaming wars south park s25e8

- Inspired by another WW2 Post

true truth wrestling wwe

- The truth

true facts thats right

- They can’t help it

sml junior its true it is true truth

- Seriously tho

its true kay kay lynn syrin thats true thats the truth

- Its sad but true

oh its true its damn true kurt angle cameo its the truth

- Its true tho...

i promise you its true its real its the truth reassuring

My marketing manager made this yesterday and I lost it 🤣 I hope this meme template is still around because its a classic! . Anyway, theres some good news: Your LinkedIn headline can now be 220 characters instead of 120! Heres what this means for you, job seekers: ✅ You can add more keywords to optimize your profile for searches! Your headline is one of many places to include the keywords that recruiters will use to search for candidates like you. . ❌ You DONT have an excuse to be wordy or overdo it with keywords. Remember that your headline is still a CRUCIAL first impression for recruiters — along with your headshot, its the first thing people see on your profile (even before they click!) . ✅ Its easier to target your profile for more than one job! If youre searching for more than one job title in your industry, you can include keywords for both of them. Just remember to keep your search targeted and not spread your net *too* wide 😉 . ❌ You STILL shouldnt include seeking new opportunities. (See the episode from yesterdays post!) . #jobseekers #linkedin #jobsearch #podcast #meme #funny - @careerwarriorpodcast on Instagram

station19 andy herrera its only funny cause its true its funny cuz its true its funny because its true

- When you complete the whole game and go for the side missions.

thats true happily its fact its reality

- Hahahahaha

its true tho janet jackson

- Ok Boomer...

yes its true hannah fawcett correct thats right its a fact

- Im hungry

you know its true allan the oval checkmate s3e10

- It really isnt

thats true south park s15e11 broadway bro down its true

- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

yup and its all true towelie south park s10e5 a million little fibers

- No! I only have 173!!!

true wil dasovich word yeah you have a point

- Someone call Netflix

100true 100right 100percent true so true caryanne

- 2meirl4meirl

its true jack farlis south park terrance and philip behind the blow s5e05

- It do be like that sometimes

so true its

- Being a GFD domme be like

truth yellow squiggly lines below truth in blue bubble letters true facts correct

- But hes distracted!

word right truth true facts

- Kakyoin never changes

its true marissa rachel its a fact its correct

- IQ 1000

its true dj dime all the queens men s1e9 its correct

I don’t know how to say no to this 😰😋 ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #glutenfree #glutenfreefollowme #gfree #gf #celiac #coeliac #allergy #glutenfreememes #memes #invisibleillness #guthealth #ibs - @gf_memes_for_celiac_teens on Instagram

your happy workplace wendy conrad thats so true so true true

- “Dad is that you?”

its true truth facts squidward

- We know that everyone has done this

a hundred percent real niko pueringer corridor crew its authentic its absolutely real

- Piew piew he do the shoot shoot

he aintlyin preach truth facts tho

- Dead boy bath water

thats true rudy ayoub its a fact its the truth

- Sucks for me

funny true homer simpson homer the simpsons

- To think it looks clean before seeing this...

im not kidding aishwarya buzzfeed india im serious im not joking

- Gardi during covid

chris jericho its true aew dynamite wrestling

- cursed_iq

yep rich benoit rich rebuilds yes its true

- Wow so spooky and hilarious

it is wild but it is true gregory brown shut it off asap youtube its true

- They also have the iPhone 25 XSRCI Max Pro Ultra Mega


- Unexpected socialism

nods yes not wrong its true story valid point

- Tbt Plankton’s Army

its true eric cartman kyle broflovski stan marsh kenny

- My friend just turned 18, can you show him some love?

well its true hehe smile

- The real OG

thats right alan jackson chattahoochee song correct yup

- 2meirl4meirl

well its true chef south park s3e3 the succubus

- Activate Instant Kill

thats right seth clash royale correct right answer

- i put wayyyy too much effort into this

longbeachgriffy griffy true its true its very true

- Boring time back then

its true eric cartman south park season8ep10 s8e10

- Duterte in a nutshell

its true i mean its true our flag means death ofmd not a lie

- They call me the bearded dragon

definitely true expert south park s14e1 pulling a tiger


this is all true pete davidson saturday night live facts its true

- Look mommy, Im stong

but its true kyle broflovski south park s2e11 roger ebert should eat less fatty foods

- Something a little different from a sports fan.

its true gif kurt angle wwe

- Knock knock!

its true seriously the truth not lying seeker

- Stupid Michael

star wars force awakens its true all of it

- You know, Im something of a politician myself.

its true dude stan marsh south park s7e15 christmas in canada

- What idiots lol 💉🚫

its true fatima sistas thats correct thats right

- DDT my dudes

truth facts true story

- The Epstein for 80s and 90s kids

lip sync lip lip syncs millie vanilli

- Truly profound

its true jared dines for real its the truth really

- Overusing a meme template kills the meme

britney britney spears yes cry crying

- That one blue cheese tho

its true butters stotch south park s13e1 the ring

- Four horsemen of dispawn

its true though daniel greene daniel greene

- Why are we still posting anime girls on here

its true hannah fawcett correct thats right its a fact

- I have the big iq

scientific scientific fact speech

- [image] if you really want it, go for it.

its true baby scooter muppet babies thats correct thats right

- Just one more


- Comics und Cartoons

its true eric cartman south park s13e10 wtf

- Roses are red, violets are blue, I can’t rhyme, Ive lost the will to live

vince staples fax it do be facts tho its the truth

- But we move...

well its true tammy warner south park s13e1 the ring

- Big brain

its funny its true explain eating big bang theory

- A new HOT template dont miss out on the profits! INVEST!

true facts thats right

- We all know em

trump you know it i know it everybody knows it its true

- Dunno if this has been posted here before.

ts all true towelie south park s10e5 e1005

- Dunkirk be like

true its true the office dwight

- Meme *clap* review *clap*

true blue line below true in green bubble letters thats right correct facts

- Debatably the best

true its true tho its true truth

- internet slang

word right truth true facts

- So which is it?

true correct dwight schrute rainn wilson right

- Uncle 2-0

- Spooky and easy to edit template! Invest!

- Calendars

- PC gamers in the workforce will understand...

- An interesting fact

- Almost as effective as changing the gun emoji

- Siri, play Shots by LMFAO ft. Lil Jon

- Makes sense

- *nervous laughter*

- This is the future, boys

- Anxious in Black and White

- I’m the last person I would’ve suspected, but it was me the whole time!

- Bing strikes again

- we love making fun of history dont we

- It was always the damn monkeys

- FoR ThE ReCoRd

- Grammar is important.

- Join the war!

- Its never ok

- So true

- I see potential in this format

- 30 days left, stay strong boys

- Say thank you to the saviors

- Being an Indian is tough, especially when you have chosen science in high school

- Yeah this is big brain time

- This is what happens right?

- What is time?

- A moment of fame.

- Its a decent game but poor community

- Reasons I watch Ghost Adventures.

- ¿Son necesarios los títulos?

- Bet me, I feel very confident about this.

- Trump look out! Oh no hes got airpods he cant hear us!

- Get it

- Listened to the WoW soundtrack on my way home from work, and resubbed once I got home. I need to stop falling for this old trick.

- Passive Aggressive


- Behold my meme

- Time to make it legal for all

- F in the chat for Nikola

- Facts or not?

- All I want is water

- Perspective

- Template?

- It really do be like that

- I mean....

- It ain’t much, but it’s honest work

- SONY!!!

- Obvious victory

- Be a shame if people knew the FBIs full involvement in the Epstein case. Wouldnt want that getting out.

- My ball landed over here

- Me irl

- The entire Greek mythology

- Deep in our heart we know its the Platypus!

- He-Man!

- Literally speaking..

- Im not even mad, thats amazing...

- Vote no for gods sake #Neverforget

- [Free Release] You asked for it, so I made it – simple tweak to bring the Apollo feature to official Reddit app | RedditUndoScrollUp

- *snap snap snap*

- Meine Nuss ist weg -Adolf Hitler

- Based 😳🙏

- Im gonna pretend I didnt see that.

- Blursed Not actually blursed just wanted to put this out

- Found on r/memes

- “This game is not yet available in your county”

- You and I are not so different.

- No funny weed number

- Relatable? Anyone?

- ...

- We got the next best thing

- Jan Karski met with officials from Britain and the U.S.

- Oh boy here we go political meme for ya

- This post goes for yall legends out there.

- So True!

- They have yellow poop

- They spat them right out

- Invest invest go go

- [Olympics] Fml

- Gay dads adopt 6 siblings to stop them being separated

- *ROOOOOOOLL The Intro*

- It do be like that

- Somebodys gonna die tonight

- Lookin at you, Karen

- the eagle has landed ....houston, we have a problem..

- I always help my friends rub one out

- It do be like that

- It’s all coming together

- Those damn Magikarp

- Ninja Kyles Assemble

- i gotta admit i do this too

The deadline to register to vote is now only 24 days away. Make sure that you and your loved ones are registered. Friends don’t let friends skip elections. Register in our bio. #registertovote #vote #vote2020 #democracy #biden #trump #politics #america #usa #politicalmemes #blm #newyork #nyc #ny #genz #dankmemes #genzmemes #politicalmemes #nonpartisan #liberal #animalmemes #conservative #progressive #voterregistration #memes 🗳🗽🇺🇸 - @vot33newyork on Instagram

- These are just facts.

- Cause that’s what heros do

- Time to break out the old manuals


- Anarcho-Boomerism

- So true.

- School gives me the big sad

- One of the reasons he’s the best🌊🌊🌊

- Just pick one and buy it

Basically how it went down. - @perfect.since1992 on Instagram

- Inspiring historical revisionism since 1945

- Pour la prochaine fois ou vous prendrez un hurr durr french cowards white flag sur un autre sous

- Words to live by...

- I don’t know what higher quality title to use :/

- What about the 9/10

- Picture creator: unknown


- They are not funny!!

- Round and round we go

- Controversial

SHOCKING NEWS: Fasting is NOT ANABOLIC 😱 File this one under the ‘no fucking shit’ category for those of us who’ve had basic physiology and don’t use mental gymnastics to try to justify why a particular dietary approach is superior to everyone else’s. 🤦🏼‍♂️ When intermittent fasting (IF) became a thing circa ~10 ish years ago, it developed a cult following quickly, like most diets. When I was asked about it I said I thought it was fine for fat loss but probably not optimal for muscle mass given that protein has no storage mechanism & you cannot make up for low protein at one time of the day by overeating at another time of the day. My PhD research actually directly examined this & found multiple protein rich feedings per day were superior for anabolism compared to a single feeding. Still, IF zealots tried to run mental gymnastics about how fasting could actually be anabolic due to increased GH secretion. First off, GH is not anabolic to skeletal muscle. We have quite a bit of evidence to show this. It increases lean body mass (LBM) but that is because of an increase in total body water & connective tissue. The increase in GH is a fuel mobilization response, not anabolic. It makes zero sense from an evolutionary perspective to increase anabolism when energy is low. That would just make you starve faster (also the same reason that fasting does NOT increase your metabolic rate)🙄. That said, several shorter studies had observed no difference in LBM in people who did IF vs those who ate in a normal frequency. However, a recent year long control trial by Weiss et al. examined IF vs a balanced approach & found no difference in fat loss but did see more LBM loss than the balanced approach. Is it enough to say IF will make you shrivel into nothing? No. Can you build muscle on IF? Yes. Is it optimal if you want to be as jacked as possible, probably not. Is it ok to do IF if being as jacked as possible isn’t your priority? Sure. Is IF superior to other non-fasting methods? No. And there’s no real hard evidence in humans it’s superior for longevity either, despite what ‘experts’ and ‘biohackers’ on social media will tell you. You do you boo. Share & save - @biolayne on Instagram

😂😂😂 P.S. We’re planning photowalks/photomeets for as soon as next month! Stay tuned 📸📸 #soflomuses #miashooters . . #repost @photomemegod #miami #miamiphotographer #miamimodel #photography #photographymeme #meme #lol - @miashooters on Instagram

- Hey, as long as it works...

- Reddit can be confusing sometimes

- Based on a true story

- Suffering from success

- Change my mind

- Me_irl

- This is very true

- Sponsored by Milwaukee

- Me irl

- Any love for Cornwall on this sub?

- L is for lovers...

- And thats the wayyyyy the news goes. [NOC]

- My spidey sense is tingling

- My life is basically over

- Not all of them tho

- He was magical

- Oopsie

- “Wait. That’s illegal”-Germany

- 3 Armor operators deserve ACOG

- Hard work pays off

- I hope other people have done this

- Personally I wish Lucas and Kurtz had persisted with VII VIII and IX in the eighties but we got the next best thing

- Best navy ever

- Everybody has one.

- do you have what it takes?

- I hide my cannabis in my hat and my erection in my pants

- Try again

- I like my lungs how I like my ribs..smoked

- Almost payday, you know what that means...

- Poor friendly meme

- We now serve the soviet union

- I plead the 13th

- There was always that one kid

- Seems right

- Sometimes we’re on the same team (OC)

- Value Of E

- Uh oh 🤭

- It makes you crazy

- Throwback Thursday, Yay!

- Friendly reminder

No truer image than this one - @iheart_pt on Instagram

- *snort*

- me👿irl

- I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you

- Respec wamen

- Khrushchev also hated jazz

- oh no my fragile heterosexuality

- It be like this

- 2meirl4meirl

- Ah yes three

- Home cooked meme

- Gotta love the extremely easy mode.

- stop blowing up my citizens

- We are number one!

Thoughts ? @thelionlaw - @charlesbukowski.official on Instagram

- Where y’all at tho?

- Alright boys, after this benching session we jog to the poles to vote for Trump!

- education

- Ah Scheibe, hier gehen wir wieder

- Paganism? Nonsense Jesus loves you

- haha bad mental health gang rise up

- Switzerland: Go to war because dont

- Do it

😅😅 . . . . . #memes #funny #funnymemes #backchodi #comedy #comedymemes #boycottnepotism #bollywoodmemes #bollywood #adult #adultmemes #chutiyapa #kanganaranaut #kanganaranautfanclub #pkmkb #ckmkb #bbkivines #carryminati #triggeredinsaan #harshbeniwal #amitbhadana #ashishchanchalani #naughtymemes #naughtyworld - @indianhumor0087 on Instagram

- Me irl


- Hell no bro

- favorite animu of 1939

- The Pride and Sorrow of Chess slaughters the Duke of Brunswick and some French aristocrat

- America isn’t the only country to lose terribly to a bunch of peasants

- SAD: Have 22% of the worlds prisoners

Lmfao hoping the sub didn’t include your name in that note 👉🏾(via: Buxtonszn/twitter) Follow @DaquansCuzin - @daquanscuzin on Instagram

- Twitter normie format, any investments?

- You violated Rule 9.1(a)(ii), subsection 4 (rev. 12)

- You are a communist!!

- Starbucks is the root of all evil

- Haha nice

- When you were also assassinated for being a socialist.

- [Meme] Perfect expression

- So does that make him your grand-agent?

- Spreddit

- *concentration intensifies*

- rrrrrrrrrrrrrrule Britannia

- Water sheep a national hero

- Get Bill Nye on this shit

- The tiger prevails over the elephant

- I come back to you now at the turn of the tide