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Awesome Illinois buck from @whitetail_legacy_podcast using Moultrie Mobile in one of his honey holes #moultrieproducts #bowseason2018 #monster - @moultrieoutdoors on Instagram

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Which one are you grabbing? 📸: @shooterschoicesc - @uberti_usa on Instagram

Christmas deer


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Taking remote work to a whole new level - @mack.stannard on Instagram

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Allegra. Gelegenheiten muss man wahrnehmen, sonst beleidigt man das Glück. Wünschen allen Bündner Jägern erfolgreiche letzte Tage #menco#mencosvizra #graubünden #gamsjagd #phantom #camouflagejacket #camouflage #jagen #chasse#bündnerjäger - @mencosvizra on Instagram

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@wyatte_grace5 with a bad ass Ram out of New Mexico! She was using the #highwestoutfitters edition rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC. awesome Ram WG! I bet @jimbreckbean is a little jealous! #hwostyle #bighornsheep #newmexico #hunting #guns #shooting #hunting #sheephunt #altitudestock #summitti #mesaprecisionarms #swarovskihunting #kuiu_official - @mesa_precision_arms on Instagram

Happy Birthday, Bennett!

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I see a lot of guys here on social media, the #mustbenice guys, who want to hunt the best areas but most of them don’t want to grind it out at the bottom to earn their way up. They cry about money, opportunities, they have a regular job, kids, etc...yeah, yeah yeah. Me too. — 1989, my first year of bowhunting, I killed this bull, a spike, after 18 straight days of elk hunting. I quit college because I was obsessed with bowhunting success. Was that smart? No. Would you do that? Probably not. People said I got lucky. My second year I killed a rag horn 5-point and people said they heard I shot it with a crossbow or a rifle. My first taste of hater envy. I didn’t like it but couldn’t do anything about it. My third year I killed a nice 5x5 and the big mule deer. This really stirred up hate. My photo of the bull at @thebowrack got messed with as someone poked my eyes out with a tack. Didn’t care...weak people hate, I just kept hammering. — Got so obsessed with elk hunting I used all my vacation and my job at the time said I couldn’t miss another day of work and I said well looks like we have a decision to make. They let me go hunting and I made up my time when I got back. Would you risk your job for bowhunting. Probably not. — I had no money, had a family and we only had one car until my wife’s sister gave us a car so the only state I could afford to hunt was Oregon for elk and I did that from 1989 to 2003 killing a bull virtually every year on public land. In 2004 I went on my first out-of-state elk hunt, Wyoming, and killed a 6x7 on public land. Did that again a couple years later. Since then my obsession that started on day one with bow in hand has led me to the best elk hunting in the world as that’s what I’ve geared my life towards for over 30 years. — So, before you talk shit, remember there’s been sacrifice and struggle for decades. I’ve learned that the people who talk the most won’t sacrifice what I have and those that will, don’t talk shit. Because they get it. Keep hammering! You don’t need anyone to believe in your dream...with tunnel-visioned focus you can be whatever you want to be. 🙏🏹 - @cameronrhanes on Instagram


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TOMORROW, Friday March 15 is the application deadline for elk and deer in Montana. Call us at 406-932-5687 or use the contact form on our website (link in bio). . Heres a memorable bull from our 2018 late season hunts. Hunting the rut in September is popular, and for good reason. But late season hunts offer a chance to hunt big bulls when they are isolated or in bachelor groups. Its the ultimate mountain spot-and-stalk hunt. . . . #lazyjbaro #huntlazyj #hunting #elkhunting #elkseason #mountainhunting #backcountryhunting #bullelk - @lazyjbaro on Instagram

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Dad and the team got it done on the speed goats this week with a couple of beauty’s, dad made a 409 yard shot with his new browning Xbolt 300WSM That we got him for Christmas, safe to say my home loaded ammo and his new gun are off to a great start this season 🦌 🏆 #hunting #albertahunting #speedgoat #antelope #iambrowning #browning #300wsm #baierhunting - @baier_built on Instagram

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Opening day of dove season 2020 #halowaterfowl #realtree #retay #blueotter #halocountry🇺🇸 thanks to our good buddies Mac, Cynthia & Thomas!! - @gregcamp1 on Instagram


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Sometimes it works out despite the odds stacked against you. Keep grinding. @az_jake - @don_roach on Instagram

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What’s your game plan this weekend? Share your experiences with us. Be the Wolf! • #canisathlete #canisalpha #bethewolf #cordura #camo #worldwidehunter #huntinglifestyle #hunter #huntingappareal #elk #elkhunting #elkseason2020 #instahunt - @canis_athlete on Instagram

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To say I am a daddy‘s girl, is an understatement. My father is kind, gentle, loving, warm, and at the same time strict, respectful, with high expectations. He has always taught me to stand up for myself regardless of being well liked because of it. He taught me to always do the right thing, even if it’s not the popular thing. He taught me never to be intimidated. He remains one of the smartest people I’ve ever met, not because of what he knows, but because of how he uses the information he knows. My dad has not had the easiest life growing up and knowing what he went through, makes me appreciate the person he is even more. Love you dad, thanks for being my best friend. . . .#Father’sDay #HappyFathersDay #Daddy‘sLittleGirl #FatherDaughter #BestFriend #BFF #BestDadEver #MyDadIsMyBestFriend #Hunting #BirdHunting #Honda #ATV #ATVRiding #SportingClay #Automotive - @misslividoll on Instagram

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Real American Vintage #RPGCoffee #mvoutdoorshunting #veteranip #basspatrolnation #hhasports #hhausa #BMAC #ezkuts #CooksDeerScent #cajununicorn #elitearchery #scentblocker #wsidports #BucksofAmericaPodcast - @bucksofamericapodcast on Instagram

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400 yards with the 6.5 Creedmoor and he’s lights out! 💥💨 What’s your favorite caliber for hunting in wide open country like New Mexico??! #coyotehunting #predatorcontrol #sightmark #makeyourmark #65creedmoor #livetohunt #justshutupandhunt #joyofthehunt #pronghornhunt #antelopehunt #huntnewmexico - @highroadhunting on Instagram

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Thanksgiving done the right way🦌 - @nick_arena on Instagram

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Hunting season is right around the corner! Make sure to stock up on your Southern Racks products this season! . . . #southernracks #scentlesshuntress #scentelimination #forsensitiveskin #huntingseason #hunting #bearhunting #elkhunting #elk #moosehunting #moose #whitetaildeer #deerhunting #muledeer #ladyhunter #womenhunttoo #bowhunting #whatgetsyououtdoors #mossyoak #mossyoakbottomland #hunter - @southernracksproducts on Instagram


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19 years I have been guiding on Catalina Island and this awesome place every once in a while surprises me. J.T. took this incredible buck on the West End. Where this old 8x9 buck stayed hidden for years is a mystery to me. One for the books. @cmyhre013 @abrylski11 @mosback27 @nontypicaloutfitters_taxidermy @epittman08 @kuiu_official #kuiu #kuiunation #kuiustrong #deer #muledeer #hunting #californiahunting #californiahuntingguide #guidelife @kenetrekboots @leicahuntingusa @primos_hunting @garminfishhunt @corningford #californiahunting #islandhunting #muledeerhunting - @wildlifewestben on Instagram

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Our guys have been hard at work pounding the hills for Archery OTC bucks here in AZ and are itching to share what we’ve been up to with you all! This last week we had an INCREDIBLE group of hunters come through BCO. Our good friends from @sorinex and @blackriflecoffee showed up to get after the Muley’s and GET AFTER IT...THEY DID!!! @jameyshirah was able to put on a spot and stalking CLINIC and anchor this old wise STUD at just 7 yards with his @mathewsinc 🏹 CONGRATS AGAIN JAMEY!!! See you on the next one brother🤘🏼 📸 PC: @r2lane #RideForTheBrand #ForDeeOh - @big_chino_outfitters on Instagram

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Beaters day #beating #beatersday #lastdayoftheseason #gameshooting #pheasnt #partridge #browning #20bore #20gauge #grade6 #wood #engraving #shooting #shotgun #gamebore #countryside #browningshotguns @browning_europe @gameboreofficial - @nickwatts91 on Instagram

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And then... as a bonus, I got to spend my last day in Utah hunting antelope with 2 of my best buddies. This has been a magical trip. And we are already off to building an AWESOME 6th season or NWR!! .. .. .. @federalpremium @official_sci @franchi_usa @vortexoptics @huntworth @westernlandsoutfitters - @nickswildride on Instagram

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#MonsterDeer @buckgro 🦌🌿 One of the most advanced foliar fertilizers on the Planet packing your food plot with nutrition and flavor. Buy yours now. Link in bio. #whitetail #BoneCollector #HuntingSeason #BuckGro #Georgia #Hunt #Deerseason - @buckgro on Instagram

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Congratulations to @b3archery Brian Jones on a great New Mexico bull! #gasbowstrings #fuelyoursuccess #ghostxv #archery #bowstrings #bcyfibers #custombowstrings #bestbowstrings #bowhunting - @gasbowstrings on Instagram

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Had a crazy fun last couple of days. Check out the stud set @desertantler found! . . . #browngold #milesforpiles #biggamenation #biggbulls #giantset - @biggameutshane on Instagram

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That is wrap. What a week. Thanks crew. Fast ride home. #SweersIsland #QLD - @stevebaxter on Instagram

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Great weather, great hunting. - @ram_aviation_ak on Instagram

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@jake_d_downs pulled of the three state hat trick on speed goats today. He’s hell on them with a stick and string. Guess that would make him a goat roper of sorts??? 😂😂😂😂 Congrats buddy, you earned it! #daysixgear #daysixarrows #daysixbroadheads #stickbow #goatroper - @daysixgear on Instagram

- 🔥 Chinese water deer (vampire deer) are excellent swimmers and grow tusks instead of antlers which can grow up to more than two inches long.

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Had a ton of fun chasing speed goats for a few days last week and sorted through a lot of bucks. Played the public land game with @onxhunt in my hand. This buck was sparring with another which made for an easy approach and harvest without spooking the herd. Hes going to taste good. It was a great warmup for elk season coming up in a couple days! #bowhunting #archery #antelope #pronghorn #hunting #freerange @mathewsinc @eberlestock @savagearms @sigsauerhunting @sitkagear @zamberlanusa_hunting @sportsmans_warehouse @eastmanshuntingjournals @eastmans_elevated - @beyondthegridtv on Instagram

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Another beautiful CR2 install by MA Rainback, This time on a schultz and larsen. - @kalixteknik on Instagram

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- @elos_diablo on Instagram

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WY Antelope 2018 - @jim_carr12 on Instagram

PHEASANT & WOODCOCK SEASON officially open 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 . 📸 @rmrayner . #pheasantseason #shooting #thattimeoftheyearagain #octoberfirst #fieldsports #countrysports #guns #shotguns #hunting #thegunroomlondon - @thegunroomlondon on Instagram

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Springfield Armory’s Model 2020 marks the company’s entrance into the bolt-action rifle market, and the first time an all-new bolt gun has worn the brand’s moniker in a century. Guns & Ammo’s rifles and optics editor Tom Beckstrand had the opportunity to get hands on with the first offering in the new rifle family, the Springfield Armory Model 2020 Waypoint. Click the link in our bio to read more, and watch our video! - #springfield #rifles #guns #firearms #waypoint - @gunsandammomag on Instagram

Soir de passée ! Petite passée de lundi. Très beau coucher de soleil, quelques oiseaux à la pose mais sinon plutôt calme... 🦆 📸 : @jourdechasse #hunting #hunt #hunter #jagd #chasse #chasseurs #chassepassion #instachasse #huntingpassion #unlimited #country #naturephotographer #likeforlikes #likeforfollow #huntingforlikes #canard #colvert #ouverture #gibierdeau #passioncanard #passée #migrateurs #marais #migration - @jourdechasse on Instagram

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Pretty proud of this man! I’ve always been inspired and looked up to my Father in life. Today we celebrated his retirement from working. The last 19 years he’s commuted to Corvallis for his job as a Professional Mechanical Engineer. It was pretty amazing to see all the people he’s worked with over the years and how much he will be missed. I’m excited to have him back home and spend some more time with him in the field. Love ya Padre! - @kodykellom on Instagram

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🐗 - @medill_mat on Instagram

TBT: The year was 1950 and the hunter was Grand Slammer # 2, Herb Klein (Left) and guide Paddy Jim with one of the most beautiful Dall rams ever taken. The ram’s right horn was 47” long. The 13” bases kept the ram from scoring more than its official B&C total of 174 6/8” which is still very impressive. Along on this hunt was Jack O’Connor. This ram was taken on Prospector Mountain in the Yukon’s Sifton Range. Although Klein had taken record-book sheep as far bask as 1934, this was the ram that got him hooked on trophy sheep hunting and he made many more northern hunts with big rams as his main priority. #gsco #grandslamclubovis #bandtogether #sheephunting #dallsheep #huntingrecords - @grandslamclubovis on Instagram

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Fresh off over a week of antelope hunting, starting in WY with this buck taken with the @gunwerks smokepole! Then almost a week in Raton, NM with clients on our annual Long Range University & antelope hunt. Then a doe last evening in the hay field to fill the freezer. On to deer/elk and then some NM exotics later in the fall. Hunting season is here! #Gunwerked #smokepole #muzzleloader #blackpowder #longrangemuzzleloader - @landonmichaels on Instagram

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One of the best in the game in his element. Not only is @jordan_d_keil a monster on a call, but he kills geese as consistently as anyone in the country. If you haven’t checked him out or seen his outfit @reactionwaterfowl you’re missing out. We’re blessed to call him a friend, and also to have him doing as much as he does for TGCC. #goosecalls #goosecall #duckcall #duckcalls #goosecalling #timgrounds #timgroundschampionshipcalls #waterfowl #waterfowlhunting #waterfowling #goose #canadagoose #duck #mallardduck #goosehunting #duckhunting #supermagmania #supermag #gforce #weownthehistory #goverhauler #doverhauler - @timgroundschampionshipcalls on Instagram

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Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the one and only @theloulambert. I truly could not be more grateful for all this man has done for me. He’s busted my ass and kept me on the right track since day one. If you see him around town please buy him a hot black coffee and a can of Copenhagen long cut, none of that pansy pouch shit. Happy bday boyyyy, your assless chaps should be arriving any day. #bday #happybirthday #birthdayboy - @therealechristopher on Instagram

Ævintýri - @steinarrlar on Instagram

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A huge Wyoming sky and the search for sage grouse with the CZ Bobwhite G2. Life is good! #CZusafieldsports #CZUSA #CZshotgun #CZbobwhiteg2 #BobwhiteG2 #sagegrouse #uplandhunting #wingshooting #wyoming #huntwyoming #wyominghunting #grouse #grousehunting #huntgrouse #uplandbirdhunting #sidebyside #shotgun #whatgetsyououtdoors - @czusafieldsports on Instagram

Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet Mama! Always up for an adventure; she loves to travel, has a great sense of humor and adores her family 💕 She loves to play her piano and LOVES a full Dining Room table. Nothing make her happier than to be surrounded by her five children and ten grandchildren - I’m thankful she is 1/5 mine 💕🌸 - @colleenbashaw on Instagram


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Curious buggers. Always keeping an eye on the activities. - @padhriprivate on Instagram

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Elk hunting with Hank - @officialhankjr on Instagram

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- Photo from the last qualification range I ran before I got out

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- Girlfriend wants a shotgun, and for $450, how could I go wrong?

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The legend still continues. This is the DT11. It has a Wide Receiver for Durability, Stability and Improved Grip and Operations for smooth shooting. - @beretta_firearms on Instagram

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Hello, I’m Danielle Prewett and that little guy behind me is Z, my bird dog. While I do plan to exercise my social distancing rights by pheasant hunting, I do not plan on running for office. Because if I were governor, every Friday would be a holiday, and I would make sure that if your birthday falls on April 15th, you would not have to pay taxes. #iapprovethismessage - @danielleprewett on Instagram


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- Spain: Submachine guns of the Spanish armed forces 1945 - 1990

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Our friend @mikemiller1072 just let us know he has this left handed rifle with hand forged lock available for sale right now. You can contact him through his website at Miller #flintlock #muzzleloader #handmade #handforged #longrifle #kentuckyrifle #blackpowder - @muzzleloadermagazine on Instagram

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Tom Netschert of Soldotna, AK, took this Boone & Crockett ram during a DIY hunt in 2019. · · · · #huntalaska #alaskahunting #huntinglife #biggamehunting #alaskadallsheep #dallsheephunting #dallsheepram - @huntalaskamagazine on Instagram

- Service Rifles of Italy [399x550]

- Four Roses and a Nording Cherry Bomb...

Field Report- Russell Gardner of #badtothebonemuzzleloaders. Taken at 270 yards with the #parkerbullets Match Hunter . . . Questions about: Muzzleloading Bullets, Rifles,Custom Builds, High BC Bullets for the Bushmaster- Click the link in the bio to visit our website and give us a call! . . #hunting #muzzleloaderhunting #longrangeshooting #accuracy #bullets #muzzleloaderhunting #muzzleloader - @parkerproductionsinc on Instagram

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‘A Classic Webley’ Review from Tim Finley and see how the Webley Raider Classic lives up to its name. Order from your local gun shop now! #webleyandscott #webley #shooting #airgun #airrifle #classic #raider #topvalve - @webleyandscott on Instagram

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Shooters in the market for an over/under won’t hesitate to dig deep into their wallets for a new double, so to those readers I present this trio as good options to blow your kids inheritance. The @browningfirearms Citori Gran Lightning (middle) is the latest in the seemingly endless line of Citori shotguns. Fans of these Brownings are deeply loyal to the platform, and they’ll have good reason to be excited for this newest iteration. Ours was a 28-gauge with 28-inch barrels and a rounded grip, a great combo for both targets and birds. Other gauges and barrel lengths, as well as a pistol-grip stock, are also available. At just under 7 lbs, the shotgun is easy to carry across the uplands, and you can shoot multiple rounds of skeet or clays without getting beat up. The gun swings and tracks very well. @gueriniusa knows how to engrave production shotguns like no other company, and that skill is on full display with the ­Invictus III Sporting (top). The beautifully sculpted receiver is deeply engraved with flowing scrollwork and figures of eagle heads, a griffin, and grotesques, which are inlaid with gold. Couple this with the silky luster of the hand-oiled walnut blank and fine borderless checkering complete with a traditional teardrop, and you have an absolute stunner of a shotgun to admire. It shoots well too. @benelli_usa has added the 828U Sport (bottom) to its over/under line this year. In keeping with Benelli’s aesthetic, its a modern-looking gun, with a carbon-fiber rib, matte black metalwork, no side ribs, laser-cut fish-scale checkering, and a skeletonized recoil pad that also accepts small weighted inserts to tune its balance. Like other guns meant for competition, it also allows the user to move the trigger along its base to adjust for reach. It tips the scales at 7 lbs 15 oz, putting it in the sweet spot for a lighter clays gun, but the progressive dampening recoil pad helps with felt recoil. This is a very capable sporting clays gun that can do double duty for hunting birds. - Hit the link in profile to read the full reviews, and the rest of @john_b_snows evaluations from the 2020 Gun Test. 📸: @billbuckleyphoto #shotguns #guntest #overunder - @outdoor_life on Instagram

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Product of Excellence - The Herculean. This striking 4-bore double-barrel hammerless ejector shotgun depicts scenes from the life of Hercules, a Roman hero and god who endured many trials and completed numerous daunting tasks. The reward for his adventures, or ‘Twelve Labours’, was a promise by Apollo that he would live forever among the gods at Mount Olympus. The engraving illustrates scenes of Hercules carrying out some of his instructions such as slaying the Nemean Lion with his bare hands, a vicious monster with claws sharper than mortals’ swords; decapitating each of the nine heads of the Lernaean Hydra, a poisonous, fire-breathing snake-like creature who lived underwater guarding the entrance to the Underworld; capturing the Erymanthean Boar, a monstrous, terrifying man-eating wild boar from Mount Erymanthus. The grip of this spectacular gun portrays Hercules’s weapons and a Hercules beetle (a beetle known for its tremendous strength named after the mythological Hercules) functions as a foresight. The Herculean was completed in 1988. #shotguns #shotgunaction #hollandandholland #pigeon #claypigeon #shootinggrounds #guns #countrysports #history #historical #clays #shooting #sport #rifle #london #innovation #time #development #countrypursuits #roman #hero - @hollandandholland1835 on Instagram

Every hunt has the capacity to be epic, and there’s a Tenzing pack ready to get you there. So push forward, hunters. Because this is your season to be legendary. #GoFurther #HuntLonger - @tenzingoutdoors on Instagram

Side by Side Shotgun Which One? #shotguns #12gaugeshotgun #sidebyside #quality #turkishwalnut #guns #hunting #tactical #army #huntinggroups #girlguns #military - @huntgrouparms on Instagram

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[NEW ON THE WING PODCAST] @meateaters Danielle Prewett joins the podcast for a discussion on bird hunting & wild game cooking. In this episode, host Bob St. Pierre takes a back seat as co-host Marissa Jensen drives the conversation with @danielleprewett, centering around the first ever Women on the Wing VIRTUAL event coming up on August 20th. Danielle also talked about some tips for easily preparing pheasant meat, but you’ll hear some stories of her first hunts, first birds, beloved bird dogs, and wine pairings for other wild upland game meats [link in bio]. . While youre checking out the links in our bio, be sure to sign up for this cant miss virtual event and spend the evening cooking alongside Danielle as she prepares one of her favorite upland recipes - Pheasant Coq au Vin, all from the comfort of your own home! This Women on the Wing event is presented by @wildandwhole, @prettyhunterusa, @macfarlanepheasantfarm, and @waltonsinc. . . #pheasantsforever #quailforever #wildgamecooking #womenonthewing - @pheasants_forever on Instagram

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I took the 27 Nosler afield last fall, shooting an antelope and mule deer with the new cartridge. It’s an updated .270 Win built along the principles of modern cartridge design. With my handloaded ammo I was driving 150-grain Accubonds at 3129 fps. It’s going to be a great option for hunters looking for that Goldilocks caliber that’s good for everything short of dangerous game. #hunting #antelope #utah #wildmeat #shooting #longrange #truewest - @john_b_snow on Instagram

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24 gauge type G trade gun fowler by Ken Netting. Request info... . . . #fowlinggun #flintlock #muzzleloader #blackpowder #fowler #hunting #shooting #shotgun #gunsofinstagram #history #maker #art #fineart #gunmaker #smallgamehunting #deerhunting #historicalarms - @forest_and_fowl on Instagram

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The 1873 Cattleman El Patrón Cowboy Mounted Shooter (CMS) is a customized, full-size, single-action revolver designed to make mounted shooting easier. It’s available in traditional .45 Colt or powerhouse .357 Magnum. 📸: @giuseppe.marino - @uberti_usa on Instagram


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- A British Soldier armed with a Bren Gun attempts to keep sentry while a cat plays with the trigger well. Date unknown, possibly Normandy 1944 [347X260]

#saltonseaoutdoors getting it done for this happy customer bagging a nice large #coyote 15 minutes into shoot time! #gopro #hunting #fishing #ducksunlimited #varmint #predator #sandiego #california #shooting #guns #rifle - @saltonseaoutdoors on Instagram

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Thinking back to a simpler time. If you want to check out our COVID update, its on our website. Coles notes is no one knows for certain what is going on but if you can be flexible and are keen on hunting the Yukon with us, let us know. Also, if you are a guide living in the Yukon or BC looking for work, give us a shout. Like everyone else right now, we cant guarantee guiding work but we have plenty to do out in camp so you can still earn a few bucks and spend more time talking to horses than people. Were going to trail in in a couple weeks so we will be ready if and when things open up. If youre serious about either send us an email at or better yet give us a shout at 867-335-2257 - @coscosyukonoutfitting on Instagram

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We love seeing women in the outdoors.. Congratulations @waddysarah. ・・・ Y’all, I’m super sad right now. Wyoming antelope draw results came out today, and the doe/fawn tags have always been pretty much a guarantee in the unit we hunt. Apparently lots more people put in this year, and neither John or I were drawn. This is one of our favorite hunts. It’s so fun and the meat is amazing. So I’m just sitting here, bummed out, reminiscing on this doe I took a couple years ago. #huntressview #huntmoreworryless #pronghorn #antelope #antelopehunting #pronghornantelope #pronghornhunting #throwbackthursday #tbt #drawresults #wyominghunting #womenhunters #didntdraw #needthemeat - @atacs_camo_outdoors on Instagram

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