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- Boss Time


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Na semana passada tive a oportunidade de ministrar a aula Fatores e Critérios de Seleção de Áreas para Aterros Sanitários no Curso de Aterros Sanitários da ABLP - Associação Brasileira de Resíduos Sólidos e Limpeza Pública. Sempre é um grande prazer! Last week I had the opportunity to teach the lesson Factors and Criteria for Selecting Areas for Sanitary Landfills in the Sanitary Landfill Course of ABLP - Brazilian Association of Solid Waste. Always a great pleasure! @residuos @gestaoderesiduos @aterrossanitarios - @thiago_zanon_waste_engineering on Instagram

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- Baby stuff

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❗️Les compartimos detalles sobre lo que está prohibido y permitido durante la cuarentena❗️ Les recordamos que: 📍 Quienes requieran realizar un trámite impostergable, deben solicitar un salvoconducto a través del sitio web 📍Los negocios, farmacias, servicios de salud y bancos pueden seguir funcionando por ser considerados de primera necesidad 📍Pueden ir a trabajar quienes se desempeñen en los denomiandos servicios esenciales, para lo cual lo empleadores deberán solicitar un permiso colectivo. Más información, en las láminas 👆👆👆👆👆👆 - @municoihueco on Instagram



Eu não aguento mais sentir coisas por esse garoto! #WeAreWhoWeAre: hoje, às 23h, na #HBOBR. - @hbobr on Instagram

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Во часть 2

Niall Horan Dirty imagines (COMPLETED)

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- Knitting - prjón. / crochet - hekl.

𝗚𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗽 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝗵𝗲𝗹𝗹 | 𝐡𝐚𝐢𝐤𝐲𝐮𝐮 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐭𝐟𝐢𝐜 - [𝗼𝗻𝗲]

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Des astuces pour gagner du temps ✅✅et vous ? Quelles sont vos astuces ?? . . #bulletjournal #bujo #bullet #healthyhabits #objectif #minimalisme #lecture #ecriture #simplicité #simplylife #motivation #blogmaman #astuces #inspiration #tips #organisationaddict #mamande2 #liste #todolist #maman #famille #family #smile #happy #instamood #life #mamansorganise #mamanorganisée #mamanorganisee - @unechouettemaman on Instagram



- Frise chrono


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charitralo dhaagina %7C virataparvam %7C virata parvam latest text love

- @epdesnavigateurs on Instagram

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N⃨i⃨a⃨l⃨l⃨ H⃨o⃨r⃨a⃨n⃨ | 𝗅𝗈𝖼𝗄𝗌𝖼𝗋𝖾𝖾𝗇𝗌 & 𝗐𝖺𝗅𝗅𝗉𝖺𝗉𝖾𝗋𝗌 🎸🎄

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- @rosihualas on Instagram

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Irish princess

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- Ergonomic Chair

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25years for srikanth taj mahal movie 1995 2020 tajmahal movie

- Sustainable Facts

Halloween kitten profile picture for tiktok

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- Accessories for Baby


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- @sanvitoromano on Instagram


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- Handwriting Analysis

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- Armadi

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- Snowboarder Mag Ad Concepts Future


- Art Teacher Motivatation

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- Travel Hack

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¿Tu vehículo no arranca o te quedaste botado? Comunícate con nosotros al 📱951552606 . . . . . #motortek #tallerautomotriz #mecanica #planchadoypintura #multimarca - @motortek.automotriz on Instagram

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- Law School Study Notes and Legal References

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Looks Like Colton is a real life stalker 👀👁 YOU season 3 lol ??? #coltonunderwood #cassierandolph #restrainingorder #thebachelor #bachelornation #thebachelorette #bachelorinparadise #bachelornation🌹 #finalrose #clarecrawley - @abcbachh on Instagram

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⭐️ ¡ EL 20 DE JULIO FINALIZA NUESTRA CAMPAÑA ! ⭐️ Desliza la imagen 👉🏽 ••• - @sustentalca on Instagram

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- A Printable Acoustic Song


@asobares.colombia le pide al gobierno nacional y a los gobiernos territoriales congelar los arriendos, bajen el iva del 19 al 5% y bajar el impuesto predial en un 50% para los dueños de locales. - @asobaresctg on Instagram

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Our schedules are live!! Register now for your spots in swim lessons and youth sports! LINK IN OUR BIO!! #ymcaswimlessons #ymcayouthsports #charlestownymca - @ymca_charlestown on Instagram

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- Joga kundalini

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- French school


- wellness

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- I stopped biting my fingernails and photographed them everyday for a month... [huge pic]

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- Cabbage Patches and BABear

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Boum. C’est peut être un détail pour vous, mais pour nous ça veut dire bcp. Nous allons donc pouvoir passer à l’étape suivante... #staytuned #BRO powered by @expainrience et @thierrydelabre #formation #reconnue #transmission #savoirfaire #bread #sourdough #bakerlife - @bro.bread on Instagram

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- An ambulance driver harassed at Peter Paul Medical Center of Candelaria Inc.

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Comunidad estudiantil: Les dejamos el comunicado respecto a las votaciones de paralización para este viernes 31 de julio. - @feucncqbo on Instagram

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- Italian Verbs

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- U.S. Government patent for a Craft Using An Inertial Mass Reduction Device (6/6 Photos)

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- All Facts

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- Joga kundalini

%EB%B9%84%EC%B1%A4 viichan %E3%82%94%E3%81%83%E3%81%A1%E3%82%83%E3%82%93 %EC%9D%B4%EC%84%B8%EB%8F%8C %EC%9D%B4%EC%84%B8%EA%B3%84%EC%95%84%EC%9D%B4%EB%8F%8C

- Dicas de estudos


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- Observações Inesquecíveis


- Process Flow


- Preliminary Entry List released for NXS Virginia is for Racing Lovers 250


അക്രമരഹിത കലാലയം സമരഭരിത യൗവനം സർഗാത്മക രാഷ്ട്രീയം..... #aisf #cpi #university #college #uc - @aisfuniversitycollegeunit on Instagram

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- Best exercises

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- Casi 200,000 alumnos de la UNAM entran en paro. Lista de escuelas

%E3%82%94%E3%81%83%E3%81%A1%E3%82%83%E3%82%93 %EB%B9%84%EC%B1%A4 viichan %EC%9D%B4%EC%84%B8%EB%8F%8C %EC%9D%B4%EC%84%B8%EA%B3%84%EC%95%84%EC%9D%B4%EB%8F%8C

- French Nouns

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- I made a blue and yellow duct tape wallet with 5 pockets total.

%E3%82%94%E3%81%83%E3%81%A1%E3%82%83%E3%82%93 %EB%B9%84%EC%B1%A4 viichan %EC%9D%B4%EC%84%B8%EB%8F%8C %EC%9D%B4%EC%84%B8%EA%B3%84%EC%95%84%EC%9D%B4%EB%8F%8C

- moccasins

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Well, it took a month and a half, but it’s finally official. The BOE has certified the results and we won by almost 13,000 votes! See y’all in Albany 🤗 - @jabariforstatesenate on Instagram

%E3%82%94%E3%81%83%E3%81%A1%E3%82%83%E3%82%93 %EB%B9%84%EC%B1%A4 viichan %EC%9D%B4%EC%84%B8%EB%8F%8C %EC%9D%B4%EC%84%B8%EA%B3%84%EC%95%84%EC%9D%B4%EB%8F%8C

NEW Super Paper issue is OUT NOW! #graphicdesign #artdirection #typeface #superpaper #mirkoborsche #bureauborsche #munich @superpapermuenchen - @mirkoborsche on Instagram

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باطلاع دوستداران و علاقمندان مهربانم ميرسانم امروز ششم اسفندماه ١٣٩٤ پزشك معالجم موردي را در ام آر آي اخيرم مشاهده كرد كه قاطعانه ازمن خواست سفرم را لغو كرده تا براي ٦ تا ٨ هفته زير نظر ايشان بمعالجه و درمان مورد ديده شده بپردازيم من هم با اكراه مجبور بپذيرفتن آن شدم . لذا با همه تمهيدات و برنامه ريزيهائي كه براي كنسرت دوازدهم فروردين ماه ٩٥ شهر ايروان ارمنستان انجام داده بوديم و همچنان با استقبال گرمتان روبرو هستيم ، با پوزش خواهي از شما دوستداران عزيزم يادآور شوم بخاطر وضع پيش آمدۀ نابهنگام ، در تاريخ مقرر از ديدار با شما مهربانانم محروم خواهم بود . اميد است پوزش مرا بپذيريد تا در آينده اي هرچه نزديكتر توفيق خدمت گزاري هميشگي نصيبم گردد و از شرمندگيتان برون آيم . ديگر اطلاعات و تصميمات بعدي در اين مورد نيز از طريق سايت رسمي ام بآگاهيتان خواهد رسيد . خدمتگزارتان محمدرضا شجريان - @officialshajarian on Instagram

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Super grateful that I got to conduct the interview for office magazine’s digital cover. I’m even more grateful that the digital cover is of a young black creative excelling in the creative world as well as the medical field. Oluwole Olosunde is a 22 year old New York native currently fighting this on going pandemic and lended his voice to tell his story from inside the hospital through handwritten diary entries. Besides this, he also shows us that you can have duality and design clothes at the same time! This is probably the most important piece I’ve worked on so far, and would mean a lot if you lended your time to read! Link in bio Intro by @americanidolseason7 Interview by me 🏅 Photos by: @solaeclipse - @sade.stan on Instagram

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- الاكل

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- machine embroidery

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- Future jobs

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- Drawing: Comic and Illustration Style

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- Details

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- Leather - Bracers

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- Motivation questionnaire

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Ayo Ponorogo, :D Poin 2 menarik dan merupakan salah satu agenda dari Komunitas Sepeda Ponorogo walaupun belum menjadi agenda rutin. . . KSP Gowes to School KSP Gowes to School adalah kampanye dan gerakan bersepeda ke Sekolah yang ditujukan untuk pelajar yang ada di Ponorogo. Sering terjadinya laka lantas yang melibatkan anak sekolah atau pelajar yang melatarbelakangi kampanye dan gerakan ini, diharapkan melalui gerakan dan kampaye Gowes to School bisa ditumbuhkan kesadaran tentang pentingnya pengetahuan berlalu lintas serta kesadaran batas minimal seseorang boleh mengendarai sepeda motor atau kendaraaan bermotor. KSP Gowes to School saat ini masih dijadwalkan pada event-event tertentu belum secara rutin diadakan, harapanya bisa bersinergi dengan fihak-fihak terkait untuk mengagendakan Gowes to School pada Sekolah-sekolah yang ada di Ponorogo. Bike to Work (setiap Selasa dan Kamis) Gerakan dan kampaye menggunakan transpotasi sepeda untuk bekerja, Bike to Work artinya kerja dengan menggunakan sepeda, work kerja disini bukan berarti menuju kantor tempat kerja saja, tetapi memiliki arti yang luas work yang artinya beraktifitas, segala aktifitas yang menggunakan sepeda untuk transportasi maka itu disebut dengan bike to work, agenda ini ikut mengkampayekan gerakan dari Komunitas b2w Indonesia. #komunitassepedaponorogo #goweserponorogo #bike2workponorogo #b2w_indonesia - @komunitassepedaponorogo on Instagram

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- Aprenda mais!

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CARDIOMYOPATHY:- (i) DILATED CARDIOMYOPATHY @medical_notestepup . #medlife #notes #mbbsgoals💉💊🎓📚 #mbbslife #pathology #medstudent #medicine #medical #mbbslife #medicalstudent #medlife #medstudent #medicalnotestepup #medicos #surgery #anatomy #who #pharmacology - @medical_notestepup on Instagram

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- Cucito: consigli e segreti

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NONE of these people deserved to have their life taken. - @pluvl0 on Instagram

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- Camping, hiking, outdoor living

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- Art curriculum planning

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- Aliexpress

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- Beading Loom

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- clase de castellano

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- Simple Resume Template

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- chinese book

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- Arc flash

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- goodyear shoes construction

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- CNA, Nursing, & Medical stuff. Etc.

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- Cosplay: Tomb Raider

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- Counting on fingers in Ancient Rome (x-post r/LearnUselessTalents)

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- 4H

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Una noticia merecida @gruponicheoficial #jairovarela #latingrammynominee #bestsalsaalbum - @rommelcaycedo on Instagram

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- chemistry

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- Funny

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- Proposal Template


Une mauvaise signature, et même les baskets les plus au top font un flop. #lamobiliere #baskets - @lamobiliere on Instagram

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- Ultrasound / Sonography

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- Civil service reviewer

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- Carnalitos, no hay que caer en pánico. Aquí están algunas recomendaciones para evitar la transmisión.

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- Variation of Asian Abugidas

- Crochet novelties

- broderie

The grooviest mailbox in the neighborhood for a wonderful @surreal_ion_art fan who contacted us for a custom designed mailbox!!! How cool is that?!?! 🌵🌼📬 … #IonArtATX #customfabrication #ion #art #atx #custombuild #metalfabrication #madeinaustin #onestopshop #design #customdesign #build #custombuild #architecturalinstall #artinstallation #austin #texas #cactus #mailbox #steel #cnc #cnclaser #lasercutsteel #stainedglass #usps #stainedglassflower #steelsculpture #tyburhamatx - @ion_art_atx on Instagram

- Science Worksheets

- Waiting for U

- Neosporin is good for first aid, chapped skin, and fire starting.

Segundas e sextas-feiras. - @rodoviariaborborema on Instagram

- crochet decoration

- Apprendre

NCERT Economics Notes 📝 Follow @upscallabout Follow @upscallabout Follow @upscallabout . . . . #upsc #ias #ips #irs #ifs #upscexam #upsc2020 #motivation #inspiration #upscaspirants #dream #uppsc #gpsc #mpsc #bpsc #gk #currentaffairs #generalknowledge #india #instagood #picoftheday #photography #hardwork #success - @upscallabout on Instagram

- Estudos bíblicos

- Wooden slingshot

Stills from the @sad13 Oops Music Video🩸Link in bio 🧛🏻‍♀️ Swipe to the end for a BTS video of me and my housemate prototyping one of my favorite shots. Fun fact: I went to grad school for technical entrepreneurship. That’s where I picked up rapidly prototyping things with paper mock ups and quick cell footage ❗️ - @kimathearte on Instagram

- What a lovely day for some epidemiology

- Alterations

- Crochet rugs

- Mismo infierno, diferente diablo


- Executive summary template

#textilimpex #przetarg #marzenin #gmina #września #nieruchomości - @textilimpex on Instagram

Vuelo el formación con @floan_1ciaposeidon en un #c130herculesaircraft Para la gala de @goe_milsim_ps4 #españa #patrullaguila #gtav - @official_patrullaaguilagtav on Instagram

- Yoga stick figures

SWAPNAPURTI described in Couple of Words by KKWAGH College Magazine- “Beyond the HORIZON 2020” #swapnapurti #swapnapurtifoundation #swapnapurtingo #nashik #horizon #kkwieer #college_magazine - @swapnapurti_foundation on Instagram

Non poteva esserci sorpresa più bella: la seguitissima pagina @labruzzesefuorisede ha omaggiato Caldari e la sua bellezza, sospesa tra storia, realtà, tradizioni e memoria. Caro Abruzzese fuori sede, tutta Caldari ti aspetta per ringraziarti, brindando con il buon vino di casa nostra!🍷 #abruzzesefuorisede #caldariweb #ginounodinoi - @caldariweb on Instagram

✅Favor Difundir Hoy martes 21 de Julio, se conmemoran 9 meses desde el asesinato de Manuel Rebolledo Navarrete, joven de nuestro sector que perdió la vida en manos de un Agente del Estado. Cómo pobladorxs seguimos exigiendo justicia, no olvidamos ni olvidaremos nunca este horrible crimen. Justicia para Manuel Rebolledo ‼️ #intagram #asecinos #justicia #instachile #TalcahuanoAprueba #poblacionlibertad #yutamaldita - @ct.libertadgaete on Instagram

- FOG december 17th store list

- climbing

- The ratings for cyberpunk 2077 seem pretty crazy

- Designing Educational Experiences

Bonjour. En cette période de coronavirus, les gestes essentiels sont importants pour éviter dêtre malade ou de contaminer les autres. Cela passe par le lavage des mains, très difficile pour certains. Ainsi je vous place dans ce poste, la technique efficace pour ce laver les mains. - @organisation_mondiale_de_sante on Instagram

#ChileDesperto ¡Llegó octubre! A 25 días del #Plebiscito2020, debemos votar informad✸s 🔍⠀ —/— #Apruebo⠀ —/— #ConvenciónConstitucional⠀ #QueChileDecida: #AprueboCC no sean no l✸s mismos de siempre l✸s que escriban la #NuevaConstitución ✊🏿 - @revoluciondemocratica on Instagram

- Receitas para bebês

- Barque

- Family Genes

Cuaderno de Religión. 1992. Para Lara😻 @bteampictures @inicia_films #LasNiñas - @pilar_palomero on Instagram

Tools Bruno Munari, Compasso d’Oro a ignoti, 1972 (tribute to) #brunomunari #compassodoro #compassodoroaignoti #tools #lucchetto #attrezzovetrinista #attrezzi #anonimousdesign #designanonimo - @domitilladardi on Instagram

- How do i use pattern rules, i’m so confused how do i know when to use which, pls send help.

- Aula

- human nervous system

- Receitas para bebês

- Crockpot

- 6th Grade-Art Projects

- Crochet baby poncho

Apsos! 😔🖤 - @taguhi_oganyan on Instagram

- Fabric Shoes

Saw this on twitter and thought it was worth sharing! Pls repost and share on your stories! #raleigh #northcarolina #blacklivesmatter - @blacklivesmatterapex on Instagram

Nike SB Air Trainer One Coming s🎾🎾n #BonkersFrankfurt #SupportYourLocalSkateshop @nikesb - #NikeSB @tinkerhavenhatfieldjr - #TinkerHatfield - @bonkers_frankfurt on Instagram


- Calligraphy

- Med

- Geography Puzzles

- bordadeira

- Organic

- Barbie sewing patterns


- Pants Fashion Spring/Summer 2019

- Church

- Biochemistry

Comunicado de prensa: Industria gastronómica se declara en riesgo y lanza campaña en redes sociales para pedir al gobierno que implemente plan especial de 7 medidas. . . . @fedetur_chile @sernaturchile @achet_chile @hotelerosdechile @lestoquesblanches @fegachcl @asociaciondechef @achigachef @economiafomentoyturismo @cet_turismo @ceturunab @gobiernodechile @voceriadegobierno - @achigachile on Instagram

- homemade workout equipment

Kisaan Majdoor Ekta Zindabaad... - @babbumaaninsta on Instagram

- Baby diy

- Baraja Española

- FAMILIA.....

- Guide to Phyrexian - version 0.α (2020-06-25)

- target metal bench outdoor

My editorial for the International Journal of Oral Implantology on “Instagram Based Dentistry” - a commentary on the impact of social media on the dental profession - @mischimplantdentistry on Instagram

- Baby Dicas....

Recebi ontem à noite carta dos secretários e gestores do @governosc contra a tentativa de virada de mesa. ⠀ Eles manifestam que não aceitarão fazer parte de um eventual governo que nasça da impunidade e do desrespeito ao voto dos catarinenses. ⠀ Acesse e saiba mais: ⠀ @leandroasl @eduardoacmachado @cristianosocas @lucasesmeraldino @alisson.pgesc @andremottaribeiro @nai_ag @ricardodegouvea @peritogeralgiovani @thiago_vieira_sie_sc @ricardomiter @fabio_zabot_holthausen @siqueira.rl @robertamaas @edilenesteinwandter @del_sandra_mara @dilmarbaretta2 @taniahames @mproncalio @cbmsc.comando @ruigodinhodamota @aldobapneto @koerichpaulo @vitorscorrea @ricardostodieck @bugsgilson @sergioandremaliceski @enioalbertoparmeggiani @hanacoutinho @angelodifoggi @willianlehmkuhl @valdez_venancio @dioneitonet @juliano_chiodelli - @governadormoises on Instagram

Carta muy importante sobre el tema de flores y Covid - @taller_deflores on Instagram

- Preliminary Entry List released for NGROTS ToyotaCare 250

- Allergies


- Forearm muscles

- Psychiatric Nursing

Um dia @lauanaprado sentou na minha frente e eu perguntei: Você realmente está disposta a mudar sua imagem e até mesmo de nome, em prol da sua carreira? E ela me responde, perguntando: Que horas eu começo? O resultado? Chegamos aqui ao Grammy! Sua primeira indicação ao Grammy Latino, como melhor álbum sertanejo por “Livre - Vol.I. E o melhor é que estamos apenas no começo, tem ainda muito mais por vir. Que Deus continue abençoando esse projeto e toda a equipe que faz tudo acontecer. Apenas nós sabemos a grande batalha que lutamos para chegar até aqui, né? @mikelly @naotenhovip @rafabrahma @paulolimacasa @miguelcariello , todo time @umusicbrasil e @gtstalentbr @agenciaescala1. Parabéns @lauanaprado e time, vocês merecem! Um projeto feito com verdade, honestidade, determinação. “Deus não une pessoas ele une propósitos”!🙏🏼✨ - @paulapaescoach on Instagram

- autism

- Direito

- DIY: Making shoes

- 2nd birthday

- Preliminary Entry List released for NGROTS World of Westgate 200

- Details

- #LearningSwidish

- Chinese pinyin

- Learn russian alphabet

- violin bow

- Art Dolls

- Homemade Shoes

- Suzuki cafe racer

- BJD dolls and instructions

- Airplane craft

- Learning websites

Lettre ouverte et robe de la discorde - @jeavnne on Instagram

This Thursday! UCLA DMA MFA Thesis show An Unreal Unity Participating artists are Hye Min Cho, Kit Kirby, Sara Drake, Isabelle Chen, Lena NW, Phazero, Maru Garcia, Carlos “L05” Garcia, Sam Congdon, Julian Stein, and Paul Carlo Esposito. - @ucla_dma on Instagram

- Ukulele Lessons And Songs For Beginners

Your legacy lives on! - @aryasukku on Instagram

POETRY COMPETITION 🖌📄 . ⚛ CONTESTANT NO : 7 . ⚛ POEM NAME : KANAL(MALAYALAM). ⚛ If you like this poem please like, comment and share 🏆 .⭕ Any doubt DM @civilionz_of_sngce ⭕ . #sngcediaries😍 😍 #sngce #beyondengineering #quarantinelife #poem#poemwriter #coronad - @civilionz_of_sngce on Instagram

- Arapça


- bagsewing coinpurse

GRITOS Y SUSURROS 2016 en su producción. Recordando los tiempos de movimientos entre talleres. Graz, Austria. - @victorpiverno on Instagram

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- Armor

- Design - Fashion

◆ 本日の空席情報 ◆  ◇カウンター◇  19:45まで  又は20:30からご案内可  ◆個室◆  18:45まで  又は21:00からご案内可  ご予約お待ち申し上げます🙇‍♂️  #恵比寿#エビス#ebisu#えびす#japan #喜鈴#KIRIN#きりん#キリン #焼鳥#焼き鳥#yakitori #ワイン#日本酒#焼酎 #コピーライター#コピーライト #小説#小説家#ノベル #目指せ芥川賞 #東京ヤキトリストーリー #インスタ係長小石 - @kirin.ebisu on Instagram

- cabin

- Bandhavya

כי שירי הוא בת קול ברוח 22.9.80 - @shalomhanoch on Instagram

Estimados/as apoderados/as y estudiantes: a continuación informaremos la nómina con los 304 beneficiarios de canastas de alimentos que entrega JUNAEB. Entregaremos en único día en los horarios señalados en la parte inferior del comunicado. Como comunidad comprendan que el listado de entrega de canastas viene predeterminado por JUNAEB y no por nosotros. También se les recuerda que el número de canastas asignadas por la institución se basa técnicamente en los alumnos que van a los servicios de alimentación regularmente (colación fría, almuerzo, desayuno), ya que estas canastas se entregan en reemplazo de los servicios de alimentación que se mencionan anteriormente, por lo que el número de canastas entregadas se basa en este grupo de estudiantes y no en el total de estudiantes de nuestra comunidad. En caso de que no retire la canasta en el día indicado, debemos reasignar a otro apoderado o familia, considerando criterios técnicos establecidos por JUNAEB, puesto que el grupo de alimentos contiene perecibles. IMPORTANTE: Fecha de entrega 01 de Octubre desde las 09:00 hasta las 12:00 horas. Se les solicita tomar los resguardos necesarios, concurriendo cada uno con su mascarilla y traer bolsa reutilizable grande. De igual forma solicitar el respectivo permiso en comisaria virtual La entrega de la canasta se realizará en el mismo liceo, por la entrada que está en avenida O´´Higgins Desde el número 1 al 100 asistir de 9:00 a 10:00 Desde el número 101 al 200 asistir de 10:00 a 11:00 Desde el número 201 al 304 asistir de 11:00 a 12:00 1 ADA LAGOS PINTO 2 ADRIANA ROA LAGOS 3 AGATA FERNANDEZ 4 ALEJANDRO NEIRA 5 ALEJANDRO VELASQUEZ 6 ALEX FIGUEROA 7 ALEX JARA MUÑOZ 8 ALEX MONTUPIL 9 ALEXANDER JARA PEÑA 10 ALEXANDER JIMENEZ TORRES 11 ALEZ QUEZADA VASQUEZ 12 ALICIA RODRIGUEZ 13 ALMENDRA HERNANDEZ 14 ALVARO SOTO NAVARRO 15 ALYSON OPAZO MORALES 16 AMANDA OCAMPOS 17 AMY VARGAS MORA 18 ANAHI MAUREIRA 19 ANAIS FERRADA RUMINOT 20 ANAIS YEVENES VALENZUELA 21 ANAYARA CARCAMO 22 ANAYKA BAEZA 23 ANDRES OPAZO ORMEÑO 24 ANGEL HERNANDEZ 25 ANGEL VENEGAS TORRES 26 ANTONELLA HERRERA VILLAGRA 27 ANTONIA GUERRA REINOSO 28 ANYEL MUÑOZCONSTANZO 29 AYLEEN PEREZ 30 AYLINNE SALDIAS 31 BARBARA CHAVE - @insucochillan on Instagram

- shear force

- patterns Two different languages. :D

- Letter to judge

- aerodynamics

Balbec Bowl plan mk.II: Now to find a reliable bender in Leeds.. (Steve: ‘pole polisher’, from Armley isn’t the right kind apparently 😐)... answers on a postcard! - @thrashm0re on Instagram

Bharat electronics limited,Pune released a notification for Trainee engineers and Project engineers,officers, on contract basis. One year completed apprenticeship training will be considered as a experience for apply this posts. #govtjobs #psujobs #bharatelectronicslimitedrecruitment #bharatelectronicslimited #freejobalert #indgovtjobs #contractjobs - @national_recruitment_agenc on Instagram

- Architects + Designers hand rendering visuals

- Make up


Some sleeves drafting! #swipetothelast ⏩ #drafting #draftingtable #pattern #sleevepattern #bishopsleeve #sleeves #circularsleeve #puff #puffsleeves #legofmuttonsleeves #basic #garmentconstruction #fashion #fashionstudent #vogue #bell #bellsleeves #designing #designers #patternmakers #sewing #drafters Follow @farheensgallery for more! - @farheensgallery on Instagram

Resultados de la votación a Paro! - @fotoarcosescuela on Instagram

- Fashion information

- Aural Rehab

- Wood carving set

Our team is badass 🤘 The guys have been killing it this year! The Top Performing Carrier in the Western Region. Going toe to toe with some heavy hitters in that category right there. #fullpull #fullpulltransport #readylogistics #bigbody #keepthehammerdown - @fullpull_transport on Instagram

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- Foot chart

DAHOD Coronavirus Update: 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠 ▶️ Date:- 30/09/2020. ▶️ RT-PCR Test:- 278, ▶️ Positive:- 5. ▶️ Rapid Test:- 319, ▶️ Positive:- 1. 🛑 Total Test:- 597. 🛑 Total Positive:- 6. #coronavirus #covid_19 #dtvnewsdahod #dahodcity #stayhomestaysafe - @dtvnewsdahod on Instagram

The poem by a batchmate of My Brother Santo ... .. . A Fauji knows Fauj can Take Care of Borders but identifying and slaying the Internal Enemies, that burden rests on us... As Nana Patekar said in A movie... हमें बार्डर के दुश्मन मारना तो सिखाया जाता है पर घर के अंदर का क्या? 👣🌼❤️ Do watch Prahaar:The Final Attack .... Directed,Written By Nana Patekar ( also Starring Him, Madhuri Dixit,Dimple Kapadia, Habib Tanvir, Gautam Joglekar) Produced by - Sudhakar Bokade... You will ❤️ it... For Sure .... ... .. . #lacerated_mortal #मूक_ऱफूगर - @deeprajmartoliya on Instagram

- Standard Japanese compared side-by-side with three dialects (Akita, Kyoto, Kumamoto) (translated text from Aesops Fables - the Frog and the Ox)


- Driving Safety Tips

El uso de post-it también es importante para resaltar procedimientos o definiciones especiales🙊 #studygramchile #transcripciones #resumenes #emprendimiento - @transcription.resume on Instagram

- Hot Knitwear trends in the interior

- Preliminary Entry List released for NGROTS Talladega 250

Hemos ingresado Denuncia a la SMA por Incumplimientos Ambientales y Sanitarios de la empresa STRABAG de Alto Maipo #CajonDelMaipo - @cac.sjm on Instagram

- Week end pas cher

- Rn programs

- Bowie starman

#LosAbusosDelAgenteDuque por @danielsamperospina #LosDanieles - @losdanielesfans on Instagram


- Salsa de habaneros

- A crochet

🖤😔 - @taguhi_oganyan on Instagram

- Keyboard notes for songs

- Indian constitution

- Enric Miralles

- Hindu vedas

- Indian constitution

My latest editorial for the International Journal of Oral Implantology on “Dental Tourism”. I have had a number of patients travel abroad for dental implant treatment. Most sought local consults first and then went to another country to save money. However, many of these patients had problems and required additional care and some needed complete retreatment. I am sure there are clinics that deliver a quality service at a lower price but I have not seen many examples in my office. What is everyone’s perspective on this topic? - @mischimplantdentistry on Instagram

- How an aluminum can body is sealed to the can top cut in half [2896x2896]

- College subjects

- broderie vêtements

- Math Teachers really be like “How don’t you get it Shannon??? Didn’t you do your homework???”

- Cactus Dolls

- Aerospace Education

- Apparently these are popping out at the printers in my school. My only question is “Well, did ya sub!?”

- Preliminary Entry List released for NXS Ag-Pro 300

- Preliminary Entry List released for NCS Bank of America ROVAL 400

- Preliminary Entry List released for NCS Federated Auto Parts 400

- Asahi Original Botanical Item

- Puzzle Games

Es un orgullo que VIÑA DEL MAR esté entre las 8 ciudades con DESARROLLO COMUNAL ALTO de Chile. Y VIÑA es la N1 de Regiones. Un Estudio detallado de la Universidad Autónoma de Chile. Seguiremos avanzando. Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo de todos. Virginia Reginato #CHILE #VIÑA - @vinadelmarchile on Instagram

- Preliminary Entry List released for NCS South Point 400

Back in stock 9degree thruster sets and 5degree sets of 2 - @xtrafoam on Instagram

- Jobs in Pakistan

- Preliminary Entry List released for NCS YellaWood 500

- awesome tools

- Fabric Shoes

- Lautorisation du port des divers types de vêtements féminins pour les filles dans les lycées publics

- Serious post. Did everyone see the recall on the Nano-Lok? This should affect a lot of folks.

- Educación Sexual / Sexualidad

- Antiques

- Carving

- Magic loop

- Alimentos Legais

- Rabbit hide

- Preliminary Entry List released for NXS Alsco 300

- Accessoires au crochet

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- Preliminary Entry List released for NXS Go Bowling 250

- Proportion math

- Lightsaber

- Homemade Shoes

- Vêtements et accessoires

- Afișe motivaționale pentru cei mici...

- Preliminary Entry List released for NXS Drive for the Cure 250

- Calligraphy

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- Lace beading

DAHOD Coronavirus Update: 🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠 ▶️ Date:- 29/09/2020. ▶️ Rtpcr result:- 226, ▶️ Positive:- 0. ▶️ Rapid test:- 150. ▶️ Positive:- 1. 🛑 Total test:- 376. 🛑 Positive:- 1. #coronavirus #covid_19 #dtvnewsdahod #dahodcity #stayhomestaysafe - @dtvnewsdahod on Instagram

- CSA Czech Airlines

- Cooperativo

- A simple way to treat a hypothermic individual with common camping supplies — the Thermal Burrito


- Suit Drawing

- Acupuncture

- Sharp Music Jokes

- COVID19 Sp.5 ideas

- Faire un patron

- Ventana al pasado... En España