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- 24 English words that all trace back, through Latin, French & Porto-Germanic, to the same original word spoken in the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) language c6000 yrs ago

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The Royal Series | H.S [Instagram] - [119] Names & Hormonal

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Photoshop Troll Who Takes Photo Requests Too Literally Strikes Again, And The Result Is Hilarious (21 New Pics)

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Articles are the words we use before nouns and adjectives. ✍🏼 People learning Greek usually struggle with Greek modern articles because they are multiple. 📃 So even though in English we use “the” for every noun/adj, in Greek we have to use the right one between 18 articles! 🔎 This is a board that might help you understand which articles we use in every gender, case and singular/plural form! 🧗🏼‍♂️ - source: foundalis.com ------------------------------------------------ #learngreek #apprendregrecques #learnlanguages #apprendrelangues #ellinika #greek #greece #greekcases #greekgender #greeksingular #greekplural #greekforms #πτώσεισχρόνοιγένη #greeklanguage #ελληνικά #greektranslation #πτώσεις #γένος #ταάρθρα #greekdaily #greekarticles #greekpronunciation #translategreek #greeklanguageandculture #greekbloggerscommunity #LGFAG #learngreekfromhome #learngreekfromagreek ------------------------------------------------ - @learngreekfromagreek on Instagram

POV: your on a call with Wilbur 🙃

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Anxiety AB

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. Strong Ayurvedic herbs for the Respiratory System. These are great herbs for wildfire smoke inhalation. A follow up to the last post. Always talk to your NMD, Integrative or Functional Medicine Doctor before beginning any of these herbs or supplements as they can cause harm when taken without supervision. - @singh.holistic.healing on Instagram

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How to Reset Your Hormones - Simple Roots

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One of batyrs main purposes is to reduce the stigma around mental health but sometimes its important to know what it looks like and sounds like! ⁠ ⁠ Be conscious of the ways you speak about mental-ill health. 💙⁠ ⁠ #smashthestigma - @batyraus on Instagram

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You’re heard the words insulin resistance a ton of times. You may not know EXACTLY what it means … just it’s not a good thing. 😩⠀ ⠀ In a nutshell, when you eat a meal (that includes carbs and protein to some degree), your blood sugar rises. In attempts to lower the blood sugar and get it into your cells, your pancreas makes insulin. The insulin is able to “open” the door to the cell and let the insulin in … so your blood sugar is low and normal. But with PCOS, there’s believed to be a genetic defect in the cell “door” . It doesn’t open, so your body has to crank a ton of insulin to open the door. The sugar finally gets in, so your blood sugar goes back to normal. But that high level of insulin wreaks havoc with PCOS and can cause:⠀ ⠀ ➡️Carb cravings⠀ ➡️Weight gain⠀ ➡️Inflammation ➡️Increased ovarian production of androgens (hello testosterone)⠀ ➡️Increased risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes ➡️Decreased SHBG (so this leaves more free testosterone available to cause symptoms) ⠀ ➡️Increased LH from pituitary gland in brain ⠀ ➡️Increased risk of miscarriage ⠀ ➡️Increased mood disorders and more!⠀ ⠀ Most women with PCOS have degree of IR - but it range can vary from mild to severe. And the answer to improve insulin resistance is not to cut out all carbs! More about this on an upcoming post.⠀ ⠀ ✳️ If you really want to learn how to manage your PCOS ...stay tuned! My 7 module online course The PCOS Nutrition & Lifestyle Blueprint is launching again in one week! See LINK IN BIO for more info & get on waiting list ✳️ ⠀ Have you been told you were resistant?👇 - @the.pcos.dietitian on Instagram

Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone secretion (SIADH) is a condition in which the body makes too much antidiuretic hormone (ADH). This hormone helps the kidneys control the amount of water your body loses through the urine. SIADH causes the body to retain too much water. ADH is a substance produced naturally in an area of the brain called the hypothalamus. It is then released by the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. - @medicalwellness_ on Instagram

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Carry these with you and remember, youve got this. - @move.withmm on Instagram

- Hopefully my bio notes on Synaptic Transmission will fit here :3

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Fresh IBCC chapter & cast on parenteral anticoagulants in critical care⁣ 🤓 ⁣ 🩸Lots of pharmacology here but I think the most interesting bits are about heparin resistance (when it’s impossible or difficult to achieve anticoagulation with a heparin infusion). We are rarely taught about this, but it’s reasonably common in ICU (especially in COVID pts). ⁣ ⁣ 🩸Heparin pseudo-resistance: this is a lab artefact when the PTT is artificially low due to excessive levels of fibrinogen and factor VIII. This is *dangerous* if not recognized, because the heparin drip may be cranked way too high, causing hemorrhage. Diagnostic key is to check the anti-Xa level (will be therapeutic or supra-therapeutic).⁣ ⁣ 🩸True heparin resistance may be due to pharmacologic changes in heparin metabolism or anti-thrombin deficiency. If impossible to achieve therapeutic anticoagulation with heparin, switching to an IV direct thrombin inhibitor may be the safest way to deal with this (e.g. IV argatroban).⁣ ⁣ For full chapter & podcast, follow link in the bio.⁣👆 ⁣ #pulmcrit #intensivecareunit #intensivecare #icu #criticalcare #criticalcaremedicine #emergencymedicine #meded #medicaleducation #foamed ⁣#hematology #pharmacology #zentensivist - @pulmcrit on Instagram

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Different areas for colostomy . Kolostomi adalah salah satu prosedur bedah yang mmbawa satu ujung usus besar keluar melalui ujung dinding perut. Selama prosedur ini, salah satu ujung usus di alihkan melalui sayatan di dinding perut untuk menciptakan stoma. Stoma adalah pembukaan pada kulit sbg tempat kluarnya feses. Bbrpa alasan yang menyebabkan dilakukanya prosedur in adalah kanker usus, penyakit infalamasi pada usus (Crohns Disease or Ulcerative Colitis), obstruksi usus. Stoma dapat bersifat sementara maupun permanen trgantung dr pnyebabnya. . . Mau foto/video  kamu di share juga? Tag @kulon.kulners di setiap moment kamu yaaaa Follow ig partner kami : @kulon.kuliahonline @kulon.kuldok @kulon.kulbid @kulon.kuldent @kulevent.kulon . . . #kulonkuliahonline #belajarmudahdimanasaja #kuliahonline #nerskita #nerskitasemua #nurselife #thenurselink #nurse #nurses #studentnurses #nursingstudent #nursingschool #nursingnotes #scrubslife #nursesofinstagram #nurselife  #nurseproblems  #perawatindonesia #nursing #perawathebat #perawat #nursehumor #mahasiswaners #mahasiswaperawat #calonperawat #calonners Reposted from @medical.doctors .@infoperawat - @kulon.kulners on Instagram


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- TIL women in India are all dwarves

all these variables can change psychophysical performance tutte queste variabili possono cambiare la performance psicofisica #biotekna #performance #psychophysical #sport #sportperformance #sportlife #human #eliteathletes #lifestyle #health #inspiration #motivation - @biotekna on Instagram

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- does this count as mildly infuriating? my test has reached new accomplishments


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We’re back to train our core & pelvic floor during pregnancy just breathing 🤰🏻! . Some years ago, when my dear friend @anabelengomezmora was pregnant of Aitor 🍼 we decided to record some videos of how to adapt #coretraining for #pregnancy ! . In order to keep the #coremuscles & #pelvicfloor as healthy as possible the #breathtrainer is the best of the best! . Check the videos 👉 & observe how by only exhaling through the #breath training device the deep core musculature progressively engages! It’s like a hug to the belly! The bellyhug! . It seems as if she is contracting her belly voluntarily but it’s completely the opposite! . The diaphragm rises up during the exhalation & at the same time the #transverseabdominis & #obliques engage to help in the exhalation through the breathing device! . In the videos Ana was 40 weeks! 🤘 . How to use breathing devices during pregnancy & #postpartum is part of the content we teach in our courses for professionals ! . What are your thoughts? Were you aware of the use of breath trainers for core training? Comment below & tag a friend👇 . #hypopressives #pregnancyworkouts #postpartumfitness #pregnancyyoga #prenatalworkout #prenatalfitness #diastasisrecti #diastasisrectiexercises #diastase #gravidez #embarazo - @dr.tamararial on Instagram

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Full loaded 1064nm 755nm 532nm 2015 laser for sale. For all ink and skintypes. # Focus handpiece for skin rejuvenation # Perfect condition with low shot and full service bye CynoSure. # Training and know how available in Aarhus, Denmark. # Price and more info in private message. # #picosure #picosurelaser #picosuretattooremoval #makesureitsapicosure #tattoo #tattooremoval #removaltattoo #inkremoval #astectics #medical #medicallaser #lasermedical - @picosure_for_sale on Instagram

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People who are right handed have left hemisphere as dominant and people who are left handed have right hemisphere as there dominant hemisphere.... . SO ARE YOU RIGHT OR LEFT HANDED??? #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #brainfunction - @dr_reemmm29 on Instagram

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Follow @medpert for more... - @medpert on Instagram

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This soyabean has all the nutrients your body needs, the best of it is no need for sugar, just try us and be happy you did. Pls we are waiting for your orders - @feedwell_foods on Instagram

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Nephron structure 😍 Great visualization Follow @ednurselifenz for more!! . . . #kidneytransplant #kidney #kidneydisease #kidneyhealth #kidneydonor #kidneyfailure #kidneystrong #kidneywarrior #kidneyinfection #kidneystonessuck #kidneydiseaseawareness #kidneys #kidneyfiltration #kidneycare #kidneyawareness #renal #renalfailure #renaldietitian #renaldisease #kidneyfunction #medicalinfo #medicalindustry #medicalillustration #medicalpedia #medicaldoctor #medicalterminology #medicalvisualisation #medicalimages #healthillustration #medicaldrawing - @ednurselifenz on Instagram

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For more details u can Dm. #jackgyllenhaal #admission21 #admission21 #admissions #counsellor #connselling - @rabia_prizm786 on Instagram


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What steps are you taking to benefit your immune system? We hear horrible statistics about COVID19 every day, but very little about prevention. Prevention is so essential. 〰️ By now we have pandemic exhaustion, reaching for alcohol and sugar to quell the intense emotions. These are maybe the worst thing for your precious immunity. The truth we have to face is that winter is coming, and it’s likely to be a shit show. Here’s some support to protect you 👇🏽 〰️ @zandrapalma_md and I have created an immunity supplement regimen based on Chinese Medicine & Functional Medicine to support you through this time. We’ve covered all the bases so you can be protected without having to overthink it. 〰️ Link in bio ❤️ tag a friend who needs immune support. 〰️ This is a project born out of the fact that so many people were asking us what they can do. As we reach a point of complacency as cases decline, there could not be a better time to start supporting your health 🙏🏽 - @acuintuit on Instagram

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Posted this on my FB. Completely ignored. So posting here for my white counterpart: Id really recommend for you to read the following from a psychotherapist: @seerutkchawlas very powerful deconstruction on White Fragility, Weaponised White Fragility, Performative Allyship and Authentic Allyship . . . Also Ive realised and discovered that way too many people I know havent said a damn thing surrounding all these injustices. All because theyre too scared to offend the racists they harbour and keep active in their lives. I dont care how long Ive known you, but when the time is right Im gonna be deleting you off my socials. Im gonna look at every single one of your social media and lemme tell you, a single black square wont save you. . . . Being compliant to the silence makes you complicit. And if you can be quiet on injustices that doesnt affect me, then youll definitely be quiet on injustices that do. - @omarraza on Instagram

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Swipe for more info about mood disorders ⬅️ Reminder : People living with any mental illness written here can experience symptoms that are not described here. These mental illnesses are briefly described and the definitions are coming from the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). These mental illnesses are way more complicated than what you see here. I probably forgot some depressive disorders and I’m sorry in advance for that. Those kind of post are really hard and complicated to do, it took me so much time so I hope you’II enjoy. 🤍 Please, do not self-diagnoses. Source : - Verywellmind - DSM-5 - American Psychiatric Association - Mayoclinic Follow @what.is.mental.illness for more mental health tools & resources 🤍 _________________ - @what.is.mental.illness on Instagram

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