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The End Coaster


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- My local Sally Ann’s mountains of gospel records never disappoints

[CAPS] JISOO x 1st Look Vol.118 x REEBOK

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- A nice 70’s Columbia Sampler!

┊↻ ❝ 𝙏𝙤𝙟𝙞 ❞ ҂

Cher * Take Me Home [Vinyl Record LP 1979]

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parents 😫😫

The Best Lookin Man In Comedy LP by Fancy Ray McCloney Vinyl Record

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- Complete and in color, finally!

PartyNextDoor Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wiki [Updated 2022 December ]

Purple Rain Poster

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- Currently spinning The Concert for Bangladesh any fans of this concert?

Bjork - Post Vinyl Record

Choi San

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- Happy Canada Day ya hosers!



- When CDs used to come in longboxes.

Vinyl Record Print Round Floor Mat - Classical vinyl / 120

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New arrival bin is stuffed! #shadydogrecords #vinyl #lps - @shadydogrecords on Instagram

The End Coaster

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- Cmon, boys, get me to the weekend!

Miley Cyrus - Slide Away [MP3 DOWNLOAD]

im your pentagon: Photo

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- Merry Christmas to me

Comedown Machine by The Strokes

Its Me ❤️

litecoin flashtrader1 ltc

- Got some early electronic music at the local goodwill

Music Cover Hip Hop Rapper Retro Poster Art Painting for Home/ Room/Bar Decor Wall Stickers - 42X30CM no frame-10 / E192

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- Broke the seal on a 45 year old record - hated to do it, but wanted to hear it!

toji icon.ೃ࿐

Mac Miller Tribute Poster

forze record wanna play dj team

- 1-Hit Wonder

N.W.A. - 100 Miles And Runnin (Explicit) (EXPLICIT LYRICS) (CD)

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- Todays purchases from Armageddon in Providence

Look at Me!: The Xxxtentacion Story - Paperback

limited supply bitshares bts dash hex

- Cool Sounds

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

You Dont Own Me

ribet fifin liefang starhits rumit susah

- The Texas Cannonball - my man Freddie

Happier Than Ever [Limited Brown]

michael jackson music record player record fan art

- Thousand Knives of Ryuichi Sakamoto: 1978 Japanese electronica


The Drug in Me Is You by Falling In Reverse

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- Is it just me?

Queen - Greatest Hits lV (2003)

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- Finally found an original pressing of one of my favorite records of all time

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- Pasadena Swap Meet find

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- Found the Record Store Day version of my favorite soundtrack - only paid $35 new!

Maxell Miffy MD80 Music

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- Mail time! Been waiting for these two reissues for many months.

Queen - Greatest Hits ll (1991)

rosé pics on Twitter

tds trippysteve

- Rare Vinyl Records

2002 - Axia IMb MD80 Green

Queen - Greatest Hits ll (1991)

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- My first record big record haul. I love all these

Personalised Twelve Inch Vinyl Record

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- Just got this chocolatey Primus & The Chocolate Factory album.

kesal ziva magnolya sebal emosi geram

- At the top of an otherwise totally nondescript stack of records. In great condition too!

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- Released on this Day: A Saucerful of Secrets - Pink Floyd

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- Board Up The House

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- Getting into the holiday spirit with a green record.

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- Childhood Memories

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- American Stars ‘n Bars - Neil Young

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- A good afternoon spin

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- Today (10/10) is my 29th. This is how I, the gf, a couple of friends and some beer spent the night

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- Bitches Brew -- Miles Davis

explosions central ec

- Best 2 dollar goodwill finds yet!

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- 👏good👏vibes👏only

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- $5 - 100 album mystery box listen: Uriah Heep - Demons and Wizards

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- Sublime

animals as leaders aal sumerian sumerianrecords sumerian record

- Jamaican & Reggae Album Art

bebby shanjuu dance

- Sunday Spinning

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- It’s so easy shopping for me for Christmas 😁

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- Listening to one of my favorite albums on vinyl for the first time.

dvd objects joypixels cd compact disc

- Frankie Valli

makin susah adit gurnawijaya makin sulit makin ribet starhits

- My humble collection so far. I have a thing for limited editions and pressings as you can see.

loki cute record of ragnarok loki record of ragnarok chibi

- Radiohead- OK computer

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- Things I learned from finding Synchronicity for 9€

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- My copy is a bit beat up, but I couldnt not spin this soundtrack LP today.

hit the breaks imagine dragons cutthroat song stop right here stop the car

- An assortment of new and old I picked up in the last week

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- Now spinning: Miles Davis - Bitches Brew


- Finally own one of my favourite Jazz records ever! Snarky Puppy - We Like It Here

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- Tower Records

movies videos text spinning show

- My Thrift Store find today. $1.99. Booklet is still there and in pretty decent shape! Vinyl itself has some slight scratches, but very playable. I love this Film/Album.

gampang nindy sanyoto mudah gak sulit starhits

- This weeks haul

scared x ambassadors my own monster oh no stop

- Public Enemy’s second single. Random dollar bin find.

wow jryan karsten starhits kagum takjub

- Mm..Food

frustrated ybn cordae cordae super song annoyed

- Found these on my weekly search!

penat danang giri sadewa capek lelah letih

- Spinning a record by my favourite modern rock band - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

spinning records logo promotion advertisement spinnin records

- Laserdisc Goodwill find

gerah ayuenstar starhits sumuk panas

- An Education In Riff: [Psych Rock] Earthless - From The Ages

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- My Grateful Dead collection so far. Still lacking a few but Im well on my way.

sebenarnya gritte agatha sebetulnya kenyataanya starhits

- I didnt get the RSD drop I wanted, but I did get the records I really wanted on RSD.

lalomarecords la loma llr record studio

- Literally my favorite album from when i was a kid of around 10. Listened to the cassette until it wore out.

ribet jryan karsten starhits rumit susah banget

- Trickys MAXINQUAYE turned 25 today.


- Happy Autumnal Equinox /r/vinyl!

berpikir robby purba hits records starhits merenungkan

- Hot Cakes - The Darkness (cream marble vinyl)

recording linda belcher the bobs burgers movie using video camera record

- Motown records

cengeng anwar bab starhits gampang nangis sentimental

- Rock N Roll, Icelandic Style

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- The camera on my current phone sucks, but wanted to share my $25 vinyl haul from today

sebenarnya faiz n habibie sebetulnya kenyataannya starhits

- Picked up this blues album with a questionable cover for only fifty cents!

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- One of the most unique voices to emerge from the 60s Greenwich Village scene

ribet banget mahalini raharja hits records starhits ruwet

- RSD single haul today. Quality over quantity? 1971 2nd Japanese pressing.

cine mars we are cinemars film produktion film film klappe

- Today’s Score: Dave, Dead, Allmans, and Kimagaku

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- An unexpected evening get.

glitch renforshort virtual reality music video interscope records

In the Brandy vs Monica sing off, let me flash 2 of the 23 gold and platinum record awards I have received!!! Got a few pics of me & Brandy, going back to when she was 14 years old (I’ll post them later). #brandy #monica - @benjimersonphillips on Instagram

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- My most recent purchase

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- Vinyl records for sale

spesial alif rizky starhits khusus istimewa

- Prettiest splatter Ive gotten - Gender Roles Lazer Rush

timpoulton turntable technics1200 record player vinyl records

- Look what I got today - Temple Of The Dog finally reissued on vinyl!

lanjut ade koerniawa starhits teruskan lanjutkan

- I Liked Portugal. The Man Before They Sold Out. My Record Collection.

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- beacons

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- Ever bought a record having never heard it before?

kstr kochstrasse disco party vintage


ribet clavania kho riwet rempong starhits

- Yesterday’s mini-haul...

frkst records

- Fatboy Slim while doing dishes tonight

akhirnya xaviera putri alhasil walhasil starhits

- Finally opening my first pressing of Temple of the Dog. The friend who gave it to me passed away this morning. It means too much to me to sell, so I might as well enjoy it. Love you Randy

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- Friday New Arrival! The Sword - Conquest of Kingdoms

sulit kevin hendrawan starhits susah ribet

- What is old is new again

radiofm4 fm4 dj vinyl record

- Matt Monro

kesel keisya hits records starhits sebal

- Finally bit the bullet...

ryzim ryzim records records vinyl spin

- The artwork reflected from this DVD looks more realistic than the DVD itself.

gampang adit gurnawijaya mudah simpel starhits

- My friend just sent me this photo of the record shes bringing with her for me

the very best of the beach boys the beach boys greatest hits compilation album

- One of my White Whales came in the mail today. The Mars Volta - De Loused in the Comatorium.

akhirnya nindy sanyoto walhasil alhasil starhits

- Got my Frankie And The Witch Fingers album early!

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- It’s that time of year again!

menunggu nunggu adit gurnawijaya menantikan starhits hits records


clavee clavee official claveemusic official spin

- Allman Brothers Band Album covers

susah xaviera putri sulit rumit belibet

- Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth (2019 Definitive Edition)

record the songs brynn elliott make a record make a song lets record the song

- The Triumvirate

repot carysha sumau carysha ribet rempong

- The Strokes collection so far.

- My Friend was moving and knew I was a Deadhead!

- Been Doin the Humpty Hump for 25 Years :: My Copy from 89

- 55 years old and still sounds great

- Beast Coast: Escape from New York and Kids See Ghosts. The rap collection grows.

- Urban Dance

- CD Case Crafts

- They cost me a dollar each! Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here, Animals, Meddle, Dark Side Of The Moon.

- Electric Warrior... fantastic album

- Earthling.

- The setup is a work in progress but I think Im doing alright so far

- (Almost) Original Copy of One of My Favorites

- My custom CD from when I was eleven years old

- Sometimes the best stuff is just sitting in the used new arrivals bin

- Pluck Yer Magic Twanger, Froggy!

- Billy Mize

- Thundecat! On wax! Albums Drunk box set of 7 45rpm & it is what it is both by BRAINFEEDER

- Last one out of Liberty City, BURN IT TO THE GROUND.

More beautiful #coverartwork #musicart #reggae #reggaemusic - @ramrockrecords on Instagram

- YE Collection ⛷

- I’m ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ (VMP edition) - finally acquired one of my vinyl must-have albums

- The Flaming Lips Onboard the International Space Station Concert for Peace: Now Spinning

- Billy Fury

- Best dollar Ive ever spent. Original 1973 pressing of Dark Side of the Moon in very good condition.

- Two Islands, Three Trojans and Four Pamas.

- Discogs kicking my butt and wallet

- One of my favorite albums of all time by one of my favorite bands of all time

- My 45s

- Anyone here a fan of this album? First pressing Australian edition. Such a steal.

- Tower Records

- 23 minutes of pure joy!

- been looking for this one for a long time, today is a great day

- Got this in the post today. Heavy Psych Sounds does it again.

- Cant get my head round this new age stuff

- Been looking for this!!

- Beach Rats - punk super-group (members of Minor Threat/Bad Religion/Bouncing Souls, etc.)

- Beggars Banquet...ladies and gentlemen.....

- Dont usually pick up vinyl, but for a 1973 Darkside of the Moon with the original posters and stickers, I had to make an exception. $.75 for this guy!

- It happened again! My friend sold me this album FOR $10!

- My case for why Mass Romantic by The New Pornographers is one of the greatest albums ever.

- I connect records and original pressing Blue Notes are a holy grail to me. Ive only find two while thrifting. Near mint ten cents!

- John Mayall and the Blues Breakers

- Johnny Tillotson

- Got my first soundtrack album

- betcha cant name another album that goes brrrbrbrbrrrbrrrbrrr thats better than this one.

- Fugees - The Score (1996)

- love gun

- Goodwill Suprise! (Dont get too excited)

- Rest in peace, Florian.

- One of the very best albums from the 60’s San Francisco scene!

- Cant wait to gives these a spin. $26 from a thrift store in Seattle

- I went hunting this weekend, met a hippie, and got a whole mess of amazing vinyl I am very excited about...but this

- tv // hanging out, down the street

- Picked these up today at an antique store...

- Ive broken into the double digits after just twenty days of my first purchase. Thats half an album a day. What have you guys done to me?

- Found some pretty good funk and soul records, Including some James Brown and the Amen Break, at the flea market for $1 a piece this weekend.

- Bought Abby Road from Goodwill a while ago and it came with a bonus copy of Meet The Beatles. It makes me want With the Beatles so much more though.

- Finally got the twins together

- Over-Night Sensation by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention

- Where are my SRV fans at?

- Today’s arrivals

- Aural Pleasure Records deluxe 45rpm pressings of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s “Polygondwanaland” are officially IN and shipping now! Best Poly? Best Poly.

- King gizzard and the lizard wizard - Oddments

- Finally found this today!

- Its so beautiful

Released 20 years ago today. Where did the time go?! #audra #20yearanniversary #arizona #projektrecords #projekt #postpunk #gothrock #goth #cd #cassette - @audramusic on Instagram

- Found this at local Goodwill today!

- Move it, football head!

- Green Day... You know, when they were awesome

- The Red Tree 10th Anniversary Box Set!

- Pickups from my local store :3 King Gizz ending my long work weekend

- Elder-Reflections of a Floating World

- Pop Market mystery vinyl package #1 revealed

- A few of my favorite things

- fantasy band

- ”The band of the nineties, if you wanna call it a band, because it’s a one man name!”

- The sugarhill gang

- Some reissues on colour vinyl i picked up today

- Waiting for the Internet Guy

- Glaser

- Figured Id give it a try...

VINYL BACK IN STOCK A limited number of Burn My Eyes (Live-In-The-Studio 2019) are back in stock at Ten Ton Trading Co. in the U.S. and EU Online Store.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ This will be the last U.S. online vinyl batch for some time unless demand is high enough.  This the 4th vinyl run, collector edition, numbered #1501-2500.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Link in bio @tentontradingco - @tentontradingco on Instagram

- An unexpected day off and new arrivals to spin!

- A Holy Trinity

- Hot take: This is even better than the debut album

- Time to go to the Sunken Place...

- The name is Yoshimi, shes a black belt in karate.

- Maybe this doesnt belong in /r/vinyl... but Im sure the history buffs will appreciate it anyway?


- Never thought Id need a slipmat until I found this one

- Billy Idol greatest hits at Thrift Shop...found his autograph inside SCORE!!! Pretty sure its legit

- Analog audio is great but you really can’t beat the sound of digital vinyl.

- Quicksand - Slip on clear (milky clear?). Easily one of my favorites of all time.

- Put together this setup for the girlfriend after she told me she wished she could be cool like me and listen to records

- If this doesnt scream Goodwill in wisconsin then i dont know what does

- Now Spinning: The Beatles - Rock N Roll Music / Pressed by EMI, Lower Hutt, New Zealand in 1976

- This just came into the record store I work at. My question is, is it worth the 175$ asking price?

- Super wavy yard-sale

- 100 songs

- A lot of cratedigging later...

- Another One Rides The Bus

- A Tribe Called Quests I Left My Wallet in El Segundo on Green Vinyl (1990)

- Whats your best garage sale/thrift store find?

- Kaaaa-roo-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo... Kaaaa-roo-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-koo-kooo... Hey Hosers, finally found a mint copy of this Holy Grail with swag order form still inside. Take off eh!!!

- Man...or Astro-Man? Collection

- things got a little out of hand in chicago today...

- The world is going to hell, and Im just chillin with the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic.

- Rush 2112 Japan Press

- Some recent pickups, most from the dollar bin

- A&M Records

- Best Hardcore Album of All-Time?

- Buddy Miles

- my mom was cleaning out her place and found my old tapes...here is a sampling

- I don’t ever really see this album in people’s collection, figured I’d share since it’s a wonderful color!

- Wife and I went on a record store spree on a weekend trip to Asheville, NC and grabbed some new records. Thought Id share. Details inside if interested.

- THESE BOYS AVE GOT IT! - If you have this record, you know what Im talking about.

- DAngelo - Brown Sugar (1995)

- The Music - The Music

- Boss Sounds

- Gloria Gaynor - Love Tracks (1978)

- Always check the records section. $1 each.

- Ok Vinyl Voyeurs. I need recommendations based on these $1 finds that I’ve fallen in love with:

- Record Labels - Please Do More of This

- Got a bad case of the punks. (Does Pavement count?)

- Not bad for £1.99 from Barnardo’s.

New #vinyl on #freakin909 some huge mixes #bigtunes #house #limitededition to 300 units only - @freakin_909 on Instagram

- Crystal Castles III came today, sounds great.

- Record of the Week #10: Cactus - Cactus

- The Mondo reissue of the 80’s classic, “Big Trouble, Little China” just arrived!

- Did someone say Ye Vinyl!

- comptons most wanted

- Best Debut Ever?

- Capitol Records

- I spent the past 2 years driving around Europe in my old van to record an album with only street musicians. I ran totally out of money three times, but glad I didn’t quit. The universe provides. Proud to show you the finished product.

- Please tell me who I am...

- I was able to pick up a great record thanks to the help of /r/vinyl and one particularly rad redditor

- got a denon dl100 cartridge today for my technics sl1500. thought id test it out with a new addition that id been saving for the occasion.

- Is this rare?

- the only thing i found for my ps1 and to bring back some peoples memory

- Vinyl records for sale

- Can anyone help me figure what which pressing I have? (Led Zepplin IV)

- ~$25 at a couple antique mall booths today

- First MoFi album. Do I get a seat at the big boy table?

- Went to Door County for vacation with my family, I got myself a treat.

- $5 Haul at my local thrift store!

- Is Anyone as Excited for This as I Am?

- An old classic and something I didn’t even know existed!

- Didnt have rat tokens, my buddy reminded me that I own a booster box of YO! MTV Raps cards. I give you, YO! MTV Rats

- House Music

- Vinyl Records

- Im not going to say I found my holy grail, but Im pretty excited about the newest edition to my collection.

- Going through my friends grandpas Laserdisc collection when...

- Forget how good this sounded on vinyl. (Description in comments)

- Album covers

- Loretta Lynns Van Lear Rose


- The Rifleman

- I just received my Tomorrows Harvest copy. Heres my updated Boards of Canada collection. Feel free to share yours.

- Business Supplies

- Got to see A Flock Of Seagulls live last weekend. Decided to persevere & stay around out back near the buses after the show, it paid off.

- Budgie

- Human Head records, NYC

- So many song gaps! *chef kiss* to the cutting engineer

- After years of searching...I finally found a VG+ copy of Penicillin on Wax by Tim Dog.

Check out this killer exclusive “sticky icky” Floor It!!! Vinyl from @vinylmeplease !!!!!! Only 750 copies of these babies and they are numbered and stamped. Those folks at VMP are the coolest and we’re thrilled to be working with them. Go check out their subscription service where you can get an exclusive vinyl every month... dang, that’s cool. You know where the link is. (our bio) - @texasgentlemen on Instagram

- flash back anos 90s

- Definitely worth the wait.

- Goodwill today, for a buck. Pristine.

- Cat Stevens

- Sorry for the horrid quality, still freaking out. KMFDM, Frankie Stein, and The Residents original pressings at Goodwill. NINE BUCKS for everything.

- This is why payday is the best day :D

- 45 rpm Single Records

- Needle and Groove Records - Lynbrook, NY

- Thursday pick up

- Rolling Stones 7” from 1967

- Miles Davis & Friends

- Any Jimmy Eat World fans here?

- Sorry just had to show this off. Even better than I imagined!

- An Education In Riff: [Metal] The Sword - Apocryphon

- Snagged this bad boy, sealed for $20!

- My King Gizzard Polygondwanaland collection

- IVERSEN - Arcade (Hot pink vinyl pressing)

- Happy 56th birthday Chris!

💥Holnap Record Store Day, második felvonás! A résztvevő lemezboltokban a nemzetközi kiadványokon kívül elérhető lesz a holnap megjelenő DueL ambient album, a Caprice, természetesen bakeliten, és az első RSD napon már megjelent Sallai Laci Bestof is. Vár titeket Budapesten a musicland.hu, a Wave, a Neon Music és a Deep Record Store, Dorogon a Kvantum Records, Dunaújvárosban pedig a 777Zenebolt @777zenebolt A vírushelyzetre való tekintettel sajnos koncertek, DJ-k nem lesznek, de böngészni továbbra is tudtok, jó válogatást, támogassuk a hazai lemezboltokat! További infók a honlapunkon, link@bio! #recordstoreday #rsd2020 #rsdhungary fotó: Wave - @recordstoredayhu on Instagram

- Recent find. Nice relaxing Thursday off.

Just amazing. Prince - Sign O The Times. Its RSD today but dont forget we are open as usual for all other sales/browsing with our systems in place for safe and happy shopping #signothetimes #Prince #bridport - @clocktower_music_bridport on Instagram

- Since i didnt get to experience Record Store Day this year, i got this from RSD 2019. It doesnt get more 90s than this album, folks.

- Allan Holdsworth

- Salvation Army score

- Vinyl records for sale

- Steely Dan- Cant Buy a Thrill

- Emperor Yes - An Island Called Earth (the famous meteorite-infused record)

- Smif-N-Wessun - Dah Shinin (1995)

- My Completed Collection of New Riders of the Purple Sage

- Led Zeppelin III original mono pressing from Argentina

Still have the first record I ever bought with my own money. (Or at least money my parents gave me and said I could spend on whatever I wanted.) I got the bug early. #JohnWilliams #filmmusic - @chknight on Instagram

- New Lips

- Fulfilled a middle school dream the other day

- Blue Jays

- Spinning A Classic Tonight

- music