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year of the pig happy chinese new year happy new year2019

- Hama: Minecraft

Akudama Drive


- Minecraft beads


thats cute cute text

- Hama Beads Kawaii

riisa naka j drama glasses cute girl

- Pearl beads pattern

Mon étrange vie de Chat

gong xi fa cai happy chinese new year cute

- Lego Food


🌿˚ ༘ : 𝗜𝗰𝗼𝗻!⚡︎ ◡̈

aragaki yui glare j drama japanese drama high school student

- Crafts ,crochet,scarfs


aaa meme junlemon cry sad

Find tripping Louise on my website! ▪️www.KristynsKandi.com▪️ - @kristynskandi on Instagram

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hamin lee hamin hama bz boys %ED%95%98%EB%AF%BC

- Bead projects

takagi san karakai jouzu no takagi san3 anime

- Biggie perler beads

suzu hirose japanese drama natsu tears eye

- Kräftis

Muffin flower again


- bead ideas



ketchup arma3 reply meme

- Fabulous Fandom Crafts

me when

chinese new year cny signature kitchen

- Marvel cross stitch

Someone could make a matching pfp out of this

hueningkai txt heukangz unfazed

- Art Fund

Who am I | Horror Anime/Manga Amino

Muffin flower again

kasumi nakasu love live

- homemade coasters

makan lapar menyicipi mencoba enak

- hama beads


chinese new year cny signature kitchen

- Perler beads - Mario


hama chan hamada takahiro

- beading

m u f f i n


johnny nct127 nct lost where

- beading


Tyler x hello kitty

drama txt beomgyu

- Light Covers

Le facce

hmm %E1%83%B0%E1%83%9B%E1%83%9B %E1%83%B0%E1%83%9B hm

- Animal Hama Beads

a s p a r a g u s

kurd muhammed rashid hama kurdish

- Bead Art

tyunliker taehyun txt

- Arte 8 bits

all jokes aside I want that cake

The Flying Pig Of Minecraft

rosa lee asl texting sigh language

- Dragon Quest

rilakkuma san x cute

- Perle and co

hamada takahiro hama chan

- hama beads pokemon

limbless hajime moment hajime hinata danganronpa adimo text

- aqua pearls

hankook trendz texting hmm pretending

- Plastic Canvas Tissue Boxes

%E3%82%AC%E3%83%93%E3%83%BC%E3%83%B3 %E3%82%AC%E3%83%BC%E3%83%B3 %E8%90%BD%E3%81%A1%E8%BE%BC%E3%82%80 %E6%82%B2%E3%81%97%E3%81%84 sad

- Beading fun

lee hamin hamin hama bz boys %EC%B2%AD%EA%B3%B5%EC%86%8C%EB%85%84

- All the worlds metro line colors, by hue angle [OC]

kiiroitori rilakkuma crowded train friends

- Crafts : cross stitch

hama smoking sad

- Bead Sprites

happy new year menhera chan

- anime charts

nash metropolitan on the road masatoshi nagase mike hama wana

- hama beads pokemon

tea time twitch emote twitch tea

- Minecraft DIY

hamada takahiro hama chan

- Fuse Bead Patterns


- Hama Bead Inspiration

hama chan hamada takahiro

- character beads 3

kat eyez tv

- Angry birds

ahlam alshamsi ahlam a7lam clapping

- Perler Bead Designs

rilakkuma cute kawaii

- Fathersday crafts

rage masatoshi nagase mike hama wana kaizo hayashi

- johnny bravo

yagoo hi ari motoaki tanigo hololive

- 4H

bogixenha idksunoo bogi bogesz

- Nerd Crafts

tet2022 tet viet nam ch%C3%BAc t%E1%BA%BFt2022 t%C3%A2m ch%C3%BAc t%E1%BA%BFt duy t%C3%A2m ch%C3%BAc t%E1%BA%BFt

- DIY - Perler Bead - Fuse Bead

true beauty moon gayoung gayoung cha eunwoo lee su ho

- Hama beads patterns

mystic messenger video game cute jaehee tilt head

- Pyssla pokemon

hama chan hamada takahiro

- Bead Art

bored mafumafu line sticker cat cute

- cross stitch n perler bead

thinking shana lapillus silent dots

- Marvel cross stitch

shourimajo bubble kittea nonchallant uninterested unamused

- Happy 7th Birthday

shin megami tensei v shin megami tensei5 persona4 adachi mitama

Sunday PUNDAY! 🙌🏻✨🍵 - @drinkmobys on Instagram

goblin qiri cute kawaii anime

- C2C crochet

flowers rose flower masatoshi nagase mike hama wana

- Perler beads - Mario


- For my Kimmy

heiitse cfc chelseafc callum hudson odoi ruben loftus cheek

- Childrens Characters

jooe momoland kitty cute kawaii

- Carabistouille

laughing lol haha funny hilarious

- Coaster design

%E3%82%93%E3%83%BC %E6%82%A9%E3%82%80 %E8%BF%B7%E3%81%86 %E8%80%83%E3%81%88%E4%B8%AD %E3%82%AD%E3%83%A2%E3%82%AB%E3%83%AF

- pixel art harry potter

hama rebwar hama malika mohammed rebwar

- Hey pokemasters, check out the magnets I made

idk mafumafu line sticker cat cute

cuties and more cuties 💁‍♀️ #lovestitch #livehearts #butterflies🦋 #shapesandcolors follow us so our community grows 🙏💓😉 - @the_pixel_flowers on Instagram

rain umbrella furniture

- Anniversaire : Pokémon


- Les pokemon

hama sayuna hamachan akb48

- Superhero girl

ong ech pepe

- Lego flag map of Europe I made


- diseny movies

vyakthigatha dooshanalu vadhu sticker no personnel no scoldings tittodhu

- Blue jurassic world

easy plus foodie delicious homemade foodiegram

- hamma beads ideas

rilakkuma kiiroitori kawaii

- A mosaic of Mr Beast made out of ~720 Rubiks Cubes by Giovanni Contardi.

diego costa buteur attaquant footballer joeur de football

- Beading crafts

blablaismi animation text vintage

- Evan

hweseung nflying nfia andyoo yoohweseung

- Childrens Characters


- Miyuki beads

bosar burjaka hama jalal

- I made this a few years ago with Toho beads and square stitch.

rilakkuma kawaii cute bear san x

- 1-2015 Geography

eblis shaytan akar hamaviner sharmazar

- Beading

wiggly ririmiaou vtuber vtuber fr ririwiggly

- Fathersday crafts

i just wanna be a beautiful salad bowl alison brie lakeith stansfield diane nguyen guy

- 90’s

rilakkuma kawaii

- Harry potter cross stitch pattern

hama atla bloodbending

#onigiri #perlerbeads #strijkparels #perler #hama #kawaii #cute - @fight_to_the_sky on Instagram

rilakkuma sleep cute kawaii

- crochet

water bending hama atla plant

- Emmas board

twewy the world end with you neku

- Crafts

get real kirby dedede kirby fighters

- Pokemon blanket


- crafts

george clooney you home

- Christmas&Holidays


- BEadinG

heiitse cfc chelsea fc frank lampard

- bead figurines

univen text orgulh de ser univen proud of being univen hashtag

- I made a good beta boy out of Perler beads

hana hana bbb hama khalil bbb hana khalil bbb

- Crafts for Kids

rilakkuma cute aesthetic kawaii

- Grumpy Lego

biy%C3%ADn bjean biyin

- 20180422

felicia wiggle dance blush text dance text back

Pixel Bluetooth Speakers! Available soon at www.thepixelsmonsters.com - @the_pixel_monsters on Instagram

tama dane manalad tama ka totoo sangayon

- Animal bead Patterns

oscar trash small hi hey there

- Mario crafts

blue flame ice powers

- Hama Beads Kawaii

ariatari flower

- My little brothers map of the pacific using lego

jama mohamedjama mojama pepass hama

- Kadootjes maken

love emoticons smile smiley happy

- Perler beads were always fun.


中文读者和翻译联手、协助将我的第一本书《永久记录》之中经审查被删除的章节还原,现在我们将中文完整版免费提供全世界读者,请下载并分享。https://a.temporaryrecord.com 🔹 🔹 Ordinary Chinese readers and translators united to help me remove all censorship from the mainland edition of my first book, entitled《永久记录》. Now were making it available to the world for free. Please download and share it everywhere. Link: https://a.temporaryrecord.com - @that_snowden on Instagram

Throwback to this custom piece from years ago! ▪️www.KristynsKandi.com▪️ - @kristynskandi on Instagram

- Birthday Party Ideas

Finished! Just needs to be hung on the wall, ironically the most difficult step. My thoughts? The final product is amazing, but for the price I’d encourage you to buy literally anything else. The build experience is quite boring and for this price I’d much rather have a 3-D set rather than a 2-D image I’m going to hang on the wall. For example the Piano I expect will be much more exciting for the price. All that being said, the final product does look amazing. #legomania #legos #legophotography #legostagram #instalego #legostarwars #Lego minifigures #minifigures #legogram #legocreator #legophoto #legofun #legoarchitecture #legocity #legoart #legocollection #legominifigs #brickcentral #bricknetwork #legoideas #legocollector #legolife #legolove #legotime #toyslagram_lego #legomoc #afol - @rarest_lego_minifigures on Instagram

- [NOT A MAP IDEA] Space Ranger Brock

- character beads 3

- Crafts/foods I want to make someday

- Kandi cuff

- Fathersday crafts

- Disney Characters

Mario mashup pins from my show! by myself and @ltdphotoninja 🍄 #🍄 #🕹 #mashup #mario #1up #kirby #pikachu #deadpool #rainbow #pride #mariomushroom #mariopini #pokemonpins #pokemon #pins #handmadepin #perler #perlerbeads #fusebeads #perlerbeadart #8bitart #8bit #retroart #perlerart #hama #christmascrafts #nerdstagram #instageek #nintendolife #nintendo - @perler_magic on Instagram

- A Tattoo For My Mother.

- Plus plus construction

- hama beads pokemon

- bead patterns

- Beaded Beads,!!

- Hama beads mario

- DIY Bügelperlen Ideen

- Disney beads

- Pug Scream, Sailor Smith, beads, 2020

- 20180422

Frito Pie coming in hot in the next week.🔥 #fritopie - @wipstitchneedleworks on Instagram

- 3D Perler Beads

- Eeveelution butthole coasters found on r/gaming


- Pixel cat

- lego portrait

I built my alma mater logo out of LEGO! Swipe to see my reference. #afol #legoart #stingersup🐝 #lego #legomosaic - @saclego on Instagram

- Perler Beads

- Hama art

- Bead Pattems

- Amethyst

- Funghetti

- Ponobiom, Handwoven Beads, Me, 2020

- 3D Perler Beads

- 8 bit Video game art

- Perler Beads


- Busy Kids

- Rave candy

- Crafts

- Disney-Pixar

While in Paris some years ago with @invaderwashere “Astroboy” sold for a smashing 1.22M$ at Sotheby’s last weekend. - @romrom on Instagram

- Hama beads patterns

- A little spiderman I made out of perler beads

Eye of the tiger. Eye on the prize. 🐯@perlerbrand #perlercontest2020large - @perler_queent on Instagram

- beading

- Geek Perler

- Magnets! (I didnt make the pig one)

- Crafty Inspirations

- Bead Craze

- melt the bead

- Aquabeads

- Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends

- Plastic Canvas Patterns

- character beads 4

- Pixel art (Hama bead) light up Wraith 14 high 💀

- Board Games

- Perler Beads

- A few festivals I was going to got cancelled this year so I couldn’t give out these bad boys. Here’s some Kandi of a few of my favorite villagers I made.

- Baby Love

- Crafts

These little guys were a surprise present for their real-life counterparts. 🙂 The designs were done by @gamerashley (theyre her friends) and pic 2 shows one of the models/recipients with his little fuzzy doppelganger 😉. Also, Im going to be singing sea shanties on @gamerashley s stream tonight for her birthday stream! Check it out her stream at twitch.tv/professor_ashley to tune in at 6 PT/7 MT #needlepoint #pixelstitch #pixelart #pixelportrait #gamergirl #twitch #size10mesh #randomgifts #customart - @pixelstitch on Instagram

- I present for your viewing pleasure; my Star Wars mosaic, inspired by the new line of Sith mosaics.

- This perler bead windfish

- Minecraft hama

A while sonic set! These bad boys will be going in an epoxy mug 🖤 they’d also make awesome magnets, hair clips, and book mark toppers. Dm for customs and orders . . . . . . . . . . . . . #sonic #tails #knucles #rings #sega #sonicthehedgehog #genesis #nerdlove #nerdgirl #mug #hedgehog #perler #perlerbeadart #etsysellersofinstagram - @playfulpixelparlour on Instagram

- Cross stitch

- Minecraft Pixel Art

- Starwars DIY

- Hama Mini

- Another Totoro, the blue one (made by me)

- Star Trek Christmas

- melty beads ideas

- bottle caps

- Disney Perler Beads

- My friend made me a pom friend.

- kissa


- 8-Bit Art

- My first attempt at Perler art!

Our new Perler Caps create the most VIVID projects! Love this butterfly by @toytinyblog 🦋 #perler #perlerbeads #perlercrafts #fusebeads #crafts #crafting #pixelart #beadart #pixelartist #artsandcrafts #perlermoms #perlerdads #perlerfamily - @perlerbrand on Instagram

- beads

- Disney Characters

- Bead crafts

- Hama

- Avec des perles à repasser

- Diy perler bead crafts

- Hama Mario

- Bead Pattems

- bastoncillos

- I made a corgi! But messed up the tail

- Disney Perler Beads

- crafting: CROSS STITCH

- Adult Crafts

- Бисер

- Ashley & Rob

- nija Turtles

Invader at MaMo Marseille Modulor, 2020 From 28 August, MaMo will expand into Marseille, presenting INVADER WAS HERE, a landmark exhibition that will extend throughout the urban landscape. Artist INVADER has selected MaMo as the strategic base — workshop and focal point — for a large-scale exhibition-invasion, and as the hub for disseminating unique mosaics in the city. Each year, Ora Ito, founder of MaMo, invites a major artist to create a site-specific installation. Invader is the 8th artist invited by MaMo — after Xavier Veilhan, Daniel Buren, Dan Graham, Felice Varini, Jean Pierre Raynaud, Olivier Mosset, Alex Israel. « INVADER WAS HERE », Exhibition-invasion, August 28 — November 11, 2020 @oraito @invaderwashere #oraito #mamo #marseillemodulor #invaderwashere #marseille #contemporaryart #contemporaryartist Artwork © Invader - @marseillemodulor on Instagram

- Avec des perles à repasser

- Basteln bügelperlen

- apple pie bites

- Got these for my DC exchange. He / she likes Green Lantern. How did i do?

- Creatief met Hama

- Marvel cross stitch

- The Minish Cap

- Perler Gengar I just finished.

- hama

- beaded animals

- hama beads animals

- Customers Creations!

- animals charts

- Basteln bügelperlen

- Perler Beads

- minecraft room

- Perles à repasser

Наша вторая картина с #VLADIVOSTOKSPRING2020 - @speedcubing_dv on Instagram

- Disney-Pixar

- Alexa

- Beads


I made this myself ❤️ Took 8,5 hours #avicii #aviciifamily #timbergling #memery #legendary #legend #brysh @avicii - @avicii_foreverr89 on Instagram

- Made some pride themed Butterfree, and I loved the way this one turned out! Gotta catch ‘em all!

- long island city, ny

This is so cool! Personalized couple portraits from @akboredhousewife. Everyone go check them out! #etsy #etsysales #etsyseller #etsyfinds #etsyshop #etsyofinstagram - @etsyfeatures_ on Instagram

- Star Trek Cross Stitch

- Little Yoda I made out of Qixels.

- Beading Fabric

- Minecraft perler

- DIY - Perler Bead - Fuse Bead

- Bag Clips

- Our wedding cake toppers came in!

- In honor of PMD: Rescue Team DX, I made my original Blue Rescue Team pokemon in keychain form. (Havent received the actual chains yet)

- Crafts

- Rave candy

- Bead Patterns

- crafts

- Boy stuff

- Christmas

- chef kitchen decor

- character beads 3

- Dr Who Christmas ornaments

- big design

- Adventure Time

- Bead weaving

- Just some 8bit beer cap art

- Mario bros 3

- A Flygon bead sprite I made yesterday vs one that I made in 2012

- Art hama

- zelda pixel

- Be like water my friend.

- Mario Brothers

- Bead lizard

- Pixel Art Manga

FREE PATTERN TIME!!! In celebration of Stitch People Day, weve created a sweet new collection for you! Its called Sentiments and is a group of patterns that you can quickly stitch up for the people you love for their birthday, when theyre feeling rough, to say thank you or just because . We hope this helps carry on the sharing and giving long past Stitch People Day! . To download your patterns, head to the link in our bio or: https://stitchpeople.com/products/stitch-people-day-free-pattern . #stitchpeople #crossstitchpatternfree #crossstitchpattern #xstitch #crossstitch #freepattern #thankyoucard #handmadecard #handmadegifts #crossstitchpeople - @stitchpeople on Instagram

- Hama Beads Minecraft

- Harry potter cross stitch pattern

- Crafts

- Assorted Humour

- Pixel Art Templates

- This Kermit the frog is made of beads but they were short by one so they improvised

- Perler bead emoji

- Branding & Logos

- DIY Disney


- I work extremely hard at creating a space where my students feel safe to express their emotions. My classroom is a place to feel loved and supported. Today, I received this card and gift.

- bracelet style pandora

- bastoncillos

- hama beads jewelry

- hama pokemon

- easy 7 year old crafts

- Ryu And Chun Li

I STARTED SOMETHING CUTE 💖 ⒷⒶⒹⒶⓉⓂⒶⓉⒽ Just Adorable Handmade Beaded Bag 𝙲𝚄𝚂𝚃𝙾𝙼 𝙼𝙰𝙳𝙴 𝙰𝙽𝙳 𝙼𝙰𝙳𝙴 𝚃𝙾 𝙾𝚁𝙳𝙴𝚁 💪🏻 - @surabajajohnny on Instagram

- The coaster I made for the husbands desk..

- Happy Community Day! I make magnets for community day and hide at my local park for fellow trainers to find.

- Bügelperlen kreativ gestalten

- Pikachu hama perler

- Kids

- Christmas

- Kid activities

- Marvel cross stitch

- LEGO is too expens... ( saw this at novi, mi )

- Remember those iron together beads you used to play with as a kid? I stole some from my kid to make something for myself.

- This portrait is literally only made from crayons

- Hama art

There is an imposter among us. - @thomas_van_wely on Instagram

- bedroom

- Bulbasaur

- pixel beads

- Lord Frieza

- I love the Gold/Silver beta design for Octillery so I made it out of Perler beads

- Build in minecraft

- Minecraft perler

- perler

- Snoopy cross-stitch patterns

- Art Class Plastic

- Trauma Center

- bead coasters

- Having fun with Hama beads! I will make a Harry Potter mobile in the end. Rainbow is to put in the window.

- my fav things

- Rave candy