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- Wedding Ceremony Signs

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- Michigan

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- pretty teen dresses

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- christmas gifts for 2014-2015

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- No pool for you. Period.

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- DIY Gifts for Girlfriends

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- Birthday Beer Cake

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- Girl gift baskets

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- Alexs 1st birthday!

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- Angels in Heaven

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All the single ladies, all the single ladies 😍 Always the best vibes going down at Ice Bar #Kavos! #icebarkavos #thekavosbible #circvisuals #kavos #kavos2019 - @icebar.kavos on Instagram

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- Bridal Shower

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- Minecraft Birthday ideas

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- Minion baby!!

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- arreglos con tazas!!!

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- Friend valentine gifts

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- Cheering Section!

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- funny boyfriend texts

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- Blue & Orange Theme

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- New Parents and Newlyweds

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- Everyday of my 32 year old life [OC]

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- Parenting

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- Graduation

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- Candy Buffet

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- Breaking Bad Party!

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- camellia bridal shower ideas

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Don’t know where I would be w/o the gOrls ❤️or my little Arthur hand - @sarah_falloon on Instagram


- Cadeaux à réaliser soi-même

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- Wedding ceiling decorations

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- Celebrations: Fathers Day

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Senior Night, under the Friday Night Lights! ❤️❤️#senior2k19 #snrszn #seniornight - @mohr2001 on Instagram

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- Cards Ideas

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- Graduation book ideas

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- Cheer - Competition Gifts

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- Little Peach

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- 80s party decor

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This gorgeous birthday girl is getting married in 2 DAYS!!! Love u @lindahadfield 💕 #brandnewbrannon - @robynhadfield on Instagram

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- Anniversaire theme friends

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- Director of Nursing

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- Aarons 40th birthday

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- Checkin her out...

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- 60th Birthday Party Ideas

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- Keto Breads, Crusts n Wraps

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- Stephanie & Cole

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- Gang Cat

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one degree hotter🥵🌡 - @ilona._k on Instagram

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- Perfect for school

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- Alpha Sigma Alpha

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- Senior year scrapbook

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- The Durrells in Corfu

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- Graduation Ideas

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- Caleb


- Heart photo collage

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🥶 - @kis.florentina on Instagram

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- bacherolette party

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- 3/3/14

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- First Birthday

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Since Westfield’s Homecoming got pushed back a couple of weeks, we thought we’d share some of “our girls” pictures from last year’s homecoming.😍 #sharingelegance #sherrihill #homecoming #memories #beautiful #love - @sharingelegance on Instagram

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Sábado com S de Saudade, eu sei! Era pra gente tá no aquece pro Pico, depois de passar o dia todo no Rosa Norte com as melhores companhias e muito sol, mar, surf, altinha, amor e sorrisos! Essa é a rotina que a gente ama 🙏🏻 Em breve voltamos ❤️🌹 e volta logo tudo isso!! #praia #sol #picodatribo #picodatribopraiadorosa #mar #verao2020 #festa #shows #amigos #rolê #vibes #praiadorosa #praiadorosa_oficial #praiadorosasc #sabtacatarina #sc - @picodatribo on Instagram

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Birthday balloons on the hoop.. Go with the trend and deliver this happiness to your loved ones. DM for any enquiries or bookings 💌 #balloonstylists #balloonartist #loveballoons #balloonsbouquet #balloondecor #balloons🎈 #balloonsurprise #balloondecoration #birthdaydecoration #birthdaywishes #birthdaysurprise #birthdayballoons #birthdaygift #birthdaygiftideas #birthdaygiftsforher #birthdaygiftsforhim #surprisebirthday #surprisedelivery #surprise #deliverhappiness #giftideas - on Instagram


- 2017

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- long distance best friend

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- Cumpleaños

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PODCAST TAKE OVER! 🚨 I have never been on a podcast let alone hosted a podcast before but OH MY GOODNESS this was so much fun. Head over to to check it out! Episode 23 🤗 I had the opportunity to interview one of my best friends from PT School @samcovie and hear her wild journey through 4 different job opportunities in 4 different settings since graduating! How many clinicians can talk about going through having their dream job in acute care at the tips of their fingers to working in a SNF, nearly moving across the country for an outpatient ortho job, only to end up in a completely different setting!? (Check out the podcast to see where!) WOAH. So much wisdom dropped by Sam, and someone we can all learn from! What I’ve learned from my limited podcasting experience: ✨Hosting is so much harder than people think ✨Podcasting is definitely addicting and a ton of fun ✨There is so much value in people simply sharing their journey and finding out you are not alone | Check it out. Big shout out and thank you to Mark for this awesome opportunity. #dpt#ptstudent#physicaltherapy#nachoaveragephysicaltherapist#physicaltherapy#spt#studentphysicaltherapist#shewantsthedpt#tensorfasciaelatae#dptlife#goni#goniometer#physio#physiotherapist#maxassist#ptfe#npte#npteprep#physicaltherapist#newgradpt - @dptbree on Instagram

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- Teen party favors

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- All things ZEBRA!

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searching for the thaitanic - @jaimsblond on Instagram

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- Best Friend Birthday Ideas


tonight !! learn more about the station and how to join it at our info session :) meet management members and get tips on applications 7 pm dm for the zoom link - @wnyu on Instagram

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- Diy gifts

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- Photo booth

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- There’s no attention on them

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Me: I need a caption mom Kim: girls love the D(etroit) - @katelyn.sandy on Instagram

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- mmm yum Bea but trauma

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- Graduation Attire

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- Christmas gifts

chuckle green goblin spidey and his amazing friends lmao thats funny

- Stacked grad

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- Bachlorette Party


- Long Distance

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- kit cookies

- 18th Birthday Gifts

- Boyfranddddd❤️

- Gift Ideas

- Blogging

A little celebration with a whole lotta love!! A great night w/my birfday buddy @philipchristian12 and some of my favorite people 😚😚 - @maggiewalker_17 on Instagram

- Accessories

- F/23/4’11 [185lbs138lbs= 47lbs lost] My progress from nearly two years of being on this journey. Sorry I post so often I just need to see it to believe it sometimes

- 80th Birthday Ideas

- Bachelorette

- Nutrilite

- CHEERios...

- 50

- Charlies Party Shop

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- Class of 2019

- Breakfast

HOCO proposal 💙 🧇 Who is ready for homecoming season to start!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 💙 Follow @promideas1 for more 💙 .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #prom #promposal #proposal #hc #goals #classof2021 #classof2022 #prom2020 #prom #promproposal #seniors #semiformal #sadies20 #vsco #tiktok #seniorszn #hoco2k20 #hc20 #sadies #hoco2020 #promideas1 #tiktokprom #backtoschool #firstday #homecoming - @promideas1 on Instagram

- Birthday boxes

- Classroom Organization/Handy Tricks

- Cheer - Competition Gifts

We are loving our new Mary Me Brides and their perfect bridal gown picks! #MaryMeBride #Perfect #ISaidYes! - @marymebridaltx on Instagram

- Alex graduation

- diy halloween costumes

- Guestbooks

- bridal photography

- Amazing Ideas I MUST try atleast once

- Drinking games for parties

What’s sorority recruitment without cookies?! 🍪 - @insomniacookies_umass on Instagram

- Beachy IRTR

- Bridal shower

- Caution: Mom Enduring Deployment


- candy bouquets

Happy Father’s Day @scottg9358 🥰 - @kellylynnrussell on Instagram

- gift diy birthday

- Minecraft/ YouTube

- Distance gifts

- Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

- Presents for women

- 40th birthday

🛑I’m ANGRY & you should be TOO.🛑 . Netflix recently came out with a documentary talking about different ways of healing in today’s world. At first I was SO excited because I saw they had recognized Chronic Lyme as a condition as I was like “OMG SOMEONE IS FINALLY TALKING ABOUT IT”... but I was SO wrong. 😡 . Yes, they mentioned chronic illness and a lot of the ways we heal naturally but then they BASHED these methods. Claiming there is a lack of education and safety precautions.. and no proof?! NO! PROOF! . My question for them is “Where is my education on the safety of my prescription medications? On the aggressive use of antibiotics as the only paid for treatment method for my condition? The education over drug interactions and side effects? Or the education to prevent more conditions due to these medications or how to protect my body?” . There is NONE. . Natural methods have made me feel alive again. They’ve treated my neurological symptoms easier & quicker than any medications.. without causing me harm. They do not pose dangerous drug interactions or the possibility of addiction. They help me HEAL. . So why is there NO education on the harmful effects of antibiotics or prescriptions... but NO ONE is talking about this?! . No insurance gets reimbursed for natural treatments. More Lyme patients are choosing out of pocket treatment due to the effectiveness and healing properties of natural & holistic methods. . Don’t let them take away your treatment. Don’t let them bash what gives you back your life. I will always support natural & holistic treatments. They made me want to live again & I will NEVER stop FIGHTING. The more we talk & spread our stories.. the more we can be heard. #choosenatural . . . #netflix #netflixdocumentary #chronicillness #lymedisease #chroniclymedisease #natural #holistichealth #holistichealing #chooseyou #standupforyourself #standupforwhatsright - @_chronically_fit on Instagram

Great time at prom with great people⭐️⭐️ - @kadenbeard on Instagram

- Guy finds out a special needs girl has a crush on him

- 21st birthday

- Best Selling Decorations

- high school graduation

- 13 or 30?

- Which one ya got??

happy bday megan ✨ - @ninaantonetta on Instagram

- Antique Glaze

Biggie moments 🥳🥳 #leoseason - @laura_hannah18 on Instagram

2020 🥳🥳🥳🥳 Thanks to @jovannadelapena for taking all the photos and staying up late to edit them 😍😍 • • • • • #sabrinandkarl #dallas #newyears #dfw #newyearsparty #dec31 #jan1 #newyearscelebration #texas #newyearseve #dallastx #downtowndallas #instadfw #mydtd #dallascowboys #dallasblogger #dtx #cowboysnation #newyearsday #dallasfoodie #newyear #tx #dtown #celebrate #2020 #2020goals - @sayybrin on Instagram

- More than a kiss ...

🧸 @milomanheim - @averymsmith on Instagram

- Business Gifts Ideas

- friend trying not to look at them

- Airforce Wife

- Baby shower

- birthday gifts

- 60th Birthday Party Ideas

- 21st

😍Happy Anniversary😍 #3years #Jamaica #montegobay #jamaicanbriasandiford @bri_levy @jrager425 thanks for getting married in Jamaica #coupleswhotravel #couplestravel #couplestravelgoals #carribean #travel #beach #montegobayjamaica #anniversary - @whitsundaymonday on Instagram

- Cute gifts

- Anniversary surprise

- F/23/4’11” [185lbs137lbs= 48lbs lost] I’m so proud of myself! It’s taken about a month of being stagnant but I finally dropped another pound! I know it’s not a lot but I’ve been really pushing! Not sure what my goal weight is maybe around 125/130? I’ve went from a size 14 to a size 6😊😊

✨Prom 2020✨ Even though us seniors weren’t able to have a traditional prom, it was still a very magical night. Thanks to Aidan and my friends, we were able to make the best of it. It was a night I’ll never forget❤️ • • #promdresses #prom #2020 - @sue._.ah on Instagram

- 70th birthday

hbd @johnnythompsonn_ !! - @_jessicakiesling on Instagram

- sister moving away

- Care Package Ideas

- One Month Anniversary

- kits pour cadeaux fait maison ! Gift diy

- DIY Gifts for College Students

- Birthday ideas

- Cute best friend gifts

- Arts and crafts


- Baby Shower

- Candy Bouquets

- Crafty

These are the nights that never die🌙❤️🥂 - @bulgootki on Instagram

- date

- Graduation ideas

The best is yet to come👩🏼‍🎓✨ #co2020 - @_juliavilaca on Instagram

- Birthday ideas

- Decorative plants

- Timeline

Manija? Decis? 2️⃣9️⃣ #Losroencaixpa #xxvi - @tulipanbb on Instagram

- Football & Cheer

- Bachelor | Bachelorette Party

- 21st birthday

- Chonky kitty, what are they feeding you?

- lit: drink, slay, love

- Bridal Shower

- 5 de mayo

- Drakes songs

- Bread

- tumblr crafts

- @petrapaunonen on Instagram

- Austin High School

- Senior Portraits

- Birthday surprise for girlfriend

- crafts

- Exploding box template

- Bridal Showers

Happiest Birthday Tessa! So happy to call you family and to have you as such an amazing person in my life. Love you more than anything - @caylahende on Instagram

- Surprise for girlfriend

I think I WILL take karate in the garage😉 - @italian__stallion__20 on Instagram

- 21 Day Fix Dressings

- bride shower

- Diy Gifts For Birthday

- Aphi crafts

- army sayings

Goals 🥺 Tag your baby 💕 ⁣⁣ Follow @coupleblogger for more ❤️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣Follow @coupleblogger for more ❤️ ⁣⁣ ⁣ #relationship #love #relationshipgoals #couple #relationships #couplegoals #couples #lovequotes #relationshipquotes #marriage #life #quotes #boyfriend #goals #girlfriend #dating #romance #together #cute #happy #forever #like #follow #kiss #heart #motivation #instagram #family #happiness #bhfyp - @coupleblogger on Instagram

- Boozy baskets

- 40th Birthday Ideas

- High school class reunion

- @eve_ceplenski24 on Instagram

- Sorority Banner

- Camp Kesem

- Care packages ❤️

- Adult fun

- 21 birthday cakes

- Baby Shower Stars

- Team Bride!

- Pregnancy bump

- A party Im definitely sad I missed

We love Melanie Werners epic giant postcard to the President, using five full sheets of postage stamps AND sent priority mail. What are you doing to help the USPS? - @dissentpins on Instagram

- 75th Birthday Ideas

To the boy who looked at me like this ten years ago, and hasn’t stopped since 💕 I owe so much of my happiness to you. Thanks for dealing with me for a decade, A DECADE. Here’s to true love, and hoping everyone can find a love like ours 💍 - @raeschelle_leigh on Instagram

- cute homecoming ideas

- Delta Gamma

- Birthday party for teens

ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝕔𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕞𝕖𝕣 🤍 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #photocards#people#instagood#instax#frames#prints#photocards#message#love#india#giftingideas - @happiness_project___ on Instagram

- 2018 bday party fornite/mermaids

- Costume I wore to work for Halloween years ago. Yep, I wore the bra the whole time.

- Love surprise

- Gender reveal party

- birthday ideas for men

- Bff

My #1 Supporter ❤️ #mybooboo - @_ss_reaper on Instagram

- Gifts for Best Friends

- Anniversary and Marriage Ideas

- Military Care Packages

- Couples Goals

- Dear Elder

- Grown up Birthday Parties

- Funny husband birthday cards

Celebrate your especial occasion with us ☺️🎈🎉 - @roostercafefirenze on Instagram

- Homemade anniversary gifts

- Care Package Ideas

- Art Journal & Writing Journal Prompts

- Prom

- boyfriend gift diy

rbc takes on a new tradition #doneright - @georgiacliffordd on Instagram

- Mickey mouse birthday decorations

Some of the gift baskets we make 😎 #PikaCreations415 #PC415 - @pikacreations415 on Instagram

- homecoming dance

- Baby Mine

🎉21 21 21 🎉 - @alikyser on Instagram

- Hotties kiss during a party [via /r/slutsbedrunk]

Amazing weekend for a beautiful couple, inside and out 💞 From babies to kids to awkward teenagers to slightly less awkward adults, we’ve stood by each other through it all @leemichelle9 and it was an honor stand by your side as you said “I do” to the Irishman you were always meant for 🥂🍀love you more than imaginable & wishing you and hopper a lifetime of happiness❤️ #finaLEEamcgrath - @csarno20 on Instagram

- Parent Volunteer GIft Ideas

- Birthday party photography

- Twisted disney princesses

- Baby shower

- Birthday gifts for teens

- Make idea

- Baby reveal Photo booths

- Spotted on Instagram.

- Irtr wow

- Best Friend

- Cute

- 2020 Graduation Party Ideas

- 25th HS reunion ideas

- [2] I say both. What do you think?

cheers to 21 babyyy 😝 happy birthday to my built in bff !!! you are so loved!!! you’re one of a kind izzy ! 💗🦋 love you forever & always !! - @josfacella on Instagram

- 21st birthday ♥

- gift diy birthday

- sports, football

- Christmas DYI Gifts


- arts and crafts

- diy anniversary gifts for him boyfriends

- cute camera pictures

- cap decorating

- Bridal Party

- Greek Letters

- Asking to Prom

- Prison wife


- Slit dress for sluts[XPOST - /r/tightdresses

- Birthday gifts for boyfriend

- Halloween costumes

- My Best Friends Birthday

- Error detected.

- Boyfriend care package

- Got the best Christmas gift from my SO :)

21 baby. - @neeve_marie on Instagram

- 18th bday