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- Anger issues!

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i dont need flirt i shall seduce awkwardness

- Birthday greetings


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- I got married today, I’m so happy to be with this beautiful woman!

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I need a mans like this 🙃 - @women on Instagram

I ❤️ Your Mom


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- Creepday



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- Hold you

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There’s a price to pay to keep your heart open. There’s an even bigger price to pay to close it off and that comes in the form of pain and disease and heart ache. An open heart requires courage to strip away the past perceived hurts and open it to something new, to leg go of what hurt your heart and open it new each time. At times it’ll feel like you’re going to die, but it’s worth it and you’re heart is worth it too, because it’s what it truly wants. # heart #Jesus #god #healing #love #mind #body #pain# #breathe - @mind_body_healer on Instagram

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I fucking hate you for not making out with me rn even tho ily

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- To sound intellectual

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- A Yankee whos Southern at Heart

Im a girl asking you out. Youre lucky

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- George strait quotes

Icon Ulquiorra Cifer -

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- @monyaoosthuizen on Instagram


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- cute quotes for him

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- 2meirl4meirl


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- oh nooo, im so scared...


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- I recommend 20ccs of Cute Shit™

ONEUS on Twitter

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- Quick, lets smooch!

Make Him Chase You Spell

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- beautimus curves

mine 3


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- Asshole quotes


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- {Middle School} Riddles for Middle School

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- whats this fetish called?

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- Busy Moms Quotes

40 Texts and Posts About Boyfriends That Are Both Funny and...

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- Let you down

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#me - @chapter_one_friseur on Instagram

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- Anti aging cream

hello sugar

- Agreed.

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- Seems a lot of tumble stories end in I cried the whole day.

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sorry, vernon.... - @sussexcountymemes on Instagram

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- Cool girl

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- A creepy dad joke

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- Spud loves posing for pictures!! Happiest rescue dog ever.

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- Funny Cards

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- love everyone

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- Scorpio Signs

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- Ashley Harris Design

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Yeah, life sure can try to put love through it, but We built this right, so nothings ever gonna move it. • • • • #love #us #her #happy #lesbians #lgbt #fightforlove #bones #goodtimes #florida #beach #you #pride #pridemonth #lovewins #loveislove #instagay #tattedlesbians #gaycouple #dimples - @sanna108 on Instagram

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- From ImGoingToHellForThis

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- Disability-friendly wedding planning

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- Gender Memes

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- Mom is wise to the grift

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- Alexis Rose

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- Biracial Couples

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- Teenage crush quotes

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- Hate it when this happens...

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- And then everybody clapped

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- They just china have pun.

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- bitch please

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- Star Wars movie

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Madre ❤️ - @valefeula on Instagram

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- Crispy Creme

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- I think she doesn’t get it

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- aquarius

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- carly

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- me irl

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- Quotes About Me (Girl Quotes)

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- please talk to me

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- Maybe the best one liner I’ve ever come up with.

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- Kissing in the Rain

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- ginger quotes

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- About Me #2

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- Celebrities

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- That time ae the year

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- no thanks ... got n uber 🚗

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- I Love You...

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- Hilarioso!

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- Friends

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- Hot

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- This... this is the one bois

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- hahaha

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- Blursed picture

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- Sympathetic killers are everywhere


- Best friends quotes

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- BFFs

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- me irl

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- Flonks

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- Tumblr Child

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- Bob

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- Best fails

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- Blursed time

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- Blagues !!

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- Life changing quotes

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- Graveyard shift

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- But he donated his salary...

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- Made me smile and tear up a bit.

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- Drarry

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- This literally Made Me Smile!❤️

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- All About ME!

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- Tumblr user embarrasses herself at the library

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- Anime

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- Funny Sister

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- Id never see the Sun

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- #Makeup quotes funny

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- Thats so me

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- **...Julias World..**

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- fangirl

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- Marines girlfriend

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- William Wilberforce

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- My little brother always writes random facts in the notepad on our computer. Thought this one was kind of interesting to know.

- Percy jackson wallpaper

- Asymmetrical short hairstyles, modern hairstyles, asymmetrical bangs

- Angels

- Relatable quotes

- Technically he is right

- bad bitches

- Career Inspo

- Definitions

- Scottish maws

- Audience: is annoyed because of noise. Also audience: makes more noise

- Teens don’t get laid, I do

- asian groups

One year ago today I flew to Hawaii to marry my soulmate. Today I’m 3800 kms away for @supercarschampionship and haven’t seen her for 26 days. Covid sure has been tough - @hiiammichael on Instagram

- Short natural hairstyles

- Helping a hangover the next morning.

Arraste pro lado pra ver de pertinho esse trio lindíssimo com pingente fotogravado que eternizou a imagem da Clarinha 😍😍😍! Quer garantir o seu trio e um pingente com fotogravação também? Venha até a @ea_pocosdecaldas e confira os diversos modelos em correntarias e pingentes! . . . . . . . #emporiodoaco #shoppingpocosdecaldas #pocosdecaldas #poçosdecaldas #joias #estilo #moda #triocorrente #açohipoalergenico #look #correntes #pingente #fotogravação - @ea_pocosdecaldas on Instagram

- This is not sexual harassment

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- [Image] You are beautiful.

- Grounding your parents

- ࿔Sophie Giraldo ༉‧

- still a better love story than twilight

pockyunit is recruiting for the first time !!! ♡ rules : • mbf : @erie.lva & @irenic.luv & @pockyunit ♡ • share this post and tag @pockyunit ♡ • tag 3-6383833883 editors that might be interested !! 🤩 • post the photo is the next slide under #pockyunitrct1 ✨ Other info : • anime based •multifandom group ♡ • discord is optional !! 💩 • some meps and monthlies are optional 🦖 • be nice or ull get kicked out 😔 • pls dont take jokes seriously :3 🤩 • be active !! 3 • dm us at @pockyunit if you have any questions hun 😻 • WE NEED FRIENDS SO PLS JOIN LUVS :) WE DONT BITE. RAWR/QUACK HAHAHA🦆 Deadline : 8th August 3 GOODLUCK AND HAVE FUN🕊️🕊️🕊️ - @pockyunit on Instagram

- Short hair styles pixie

- Siblings funny

Stopping by @latunella for our favourite ribolla gialla on the way to the wedding.. @sergiosantambrogio #winelovers #cantina #sundayadventures #priorities - @jacqui_vrolyk on Instagram

- Oof

Hot summer☀️🔥⛱auch bei diesem Wetter wird natürlich trainiert 💪 Und nun genieße ich einfach diesen tollen Sommer 🌸👙Ihr lieben habt eine fantastische Zeit 🥰🥵🥰 . .#staypositive #xtrafitkrefeld #xtrafit #teamxtrafit #gymmotivation #gymselfie💪 #fitnessforever #fitover50women #fitüber50 #lifestyle - @tinebiene62 on Instagram

- Who finds these funny????

- Interesting Things

- Quotes About Me (Girl Quotes)

- Motivational Quotes for Health

- Hispanics be like....

- Letter to my ex

- Horse puns

- Dopeless AF

Just saying, if its free to a good home, weve got good homes 😂 - @stoutsstilettos on Instagram

- TIL refusing to have sex with a fat woman = committing rape

- *promises*

- Student shuts teacher up!

Megan Lewis (@urbanhipsta ) work, titled Protect Blk Women Period, was one of 18 featured as part of the Black Lives to the Front exhibition during the tennis competition. Check it out; link in bio! - @baltcountychamber on Instagram

- evening quotes.


- True quotes

- Momma quotes

- Loving Someone

- Being a Gemini

- My New Haircut

- Cute messages

- HolUp, HolUp again, that’s it.. I’m done

- Not OC

Photographed a while ago for the current issue of Departures Magazines. From soft pastels and masculine cuts to jungle prints, 1960s geometric patterns and sexy three-pieces. It’s the comeback of the suit. Photographed by @merinodiego72. Styled by me. Model: @louisedechevigny. Hair:@khairstudio. Make-up: cdupuys_mua • • • #departuresmagazine #americanexpress #amexplatinum #fasion #womanswear #suits #womensuits #luxury #luxurylifestyle #wardrobeessentials #fashionphotography #editorial - @elisavallata on Instagram

- mini guitar


#dedicatedtosomeonespecial #closetomyheart ️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ - @iam_anikkk on Instagram

Haha Rg @iluminas_enlamiel - @uppynewman on Instagram

- This is should be taken way more seriously than a shitpost

- pls it makes me laugH SO HARD EVERY TIME 🤣🤣🤣🤣

- The Infernal Devices

- Harry Otter

- Rules of a Lady

- Family Quotes & Sayings

- 2meirl4meirl

@rachel.poetry ———————- I Support poets and rappers from all over the United States and world. 🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙 My name is @The_locdpoet Founder of @mic_drop_poetry Click 👆🏼Follow DM me your material I’ll tag & feature you 🌎🎙🌎🎙🌎 #poetrycommunity #poetsofIG #poetsofinstagram #music #rappers #poemsporn #Musical #poetstribe #spokenword #lyrical #rappersofIG #poetish #rapbattles #inspire - @mic_drop_poetry on Instagram

- Drunk Friends

- Damaged quotes

- Funny

Any guy who used this on me id probably like marry him later that day #funny#tumblr#harrypotter#pickuplines#like - @hamburger.buns on Instagram

- Neurotransmitters

- instagram caption ideas

- Every girl needs a little black dress, right?

- Uwu

- Elopement Inspo

- Boss Babe

Being alone and loving dark nights is sign of meturity. . . . . . . #labordayweekend #latenights #remember #unique #unsignedartist - @alone_thinkerr on Instagram

- Photo album book

- art of seduction

- Future husband quotes

- @resist_depression on Instagram

Sorrisi e scatti rubati. 🌷 __ #barbers #barberlady #englishgirl #spanishgirl #swedishgirl #braziliangirl #russiangirl #frenchgirl #dutchgirl #americangirl #texasgirl #turkishgirl #hungariangirl #japangirl #asiangirl #germangirl #danishgirl #finnishgirl #polishgirl #europeangirl #africangirl  #girl #style #ledonne_follow #loveislove13  #post4us #instafriendz9 #followandlikefriends #123biglikes #amicheblog1 - @andrea_g_db on Instagram

- aquarius

- Real quotes

- *Beer Judging

- dialogue prompts

- Astrology n stuff

- The Titans Curse

- This guy REALLY doesnt want people test riding his bike for sale...

- text message fails

- news quotes

- Piper chapman

- childhood friends

- @nattyy2977 on Instagram

Turned 28 yesterday and feeling extra blessed to have so many beautiful people in my life 😍💗 love you all! - @missvanna on Instagram

- Emo (me) Memes

- First love poem

- Me_irl

- nosey people

- Cute things couples do

- equal rights for all

- @positivityposy on Instagram

- cupple goals

- Its just an expression, please dont do this.

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- Bitch

- Hades x Persephone

- Aria et Ezra

- Hiatus hernia

- I mean...

- One Direction

- Female led relationship

- Can Liv Make an Aesthetic Board?

- Such a beautiful metaphor

- Love Couples Display Profile Pictures

With an f-bomb here and an f-bomb there.. here a f*ck, there and f*ck, everywhere a f*ck f*ck. #SHE #NotForEveryone #SHEcannabis #uncensored #ladylike #confidentwoman #shemeansbusiness - @she_cannabis on Instagram

- All I have to say is “gross”

- Caleo!

- charles boyle



#gainz #keeponkeepingon #motivation #determination #goals #lgbt #girlswithtattoos #girlswholikegirls - @brosnanator on Instagram

- Blog Posts

- Wait a minute...


- Abuse

- That weird feeling that all of us have been having lately

One of our Favorite posts from this years awards! Already working on a huge surprise for next year! Amazing photo by @itsashleylynn - @bestoftheseacoast on Instagram

- Dan and Phill

- I must confess... I am a water slut..

- Am I good enough

- No way sherlock

- ooft

- friend ship

My eyes are sunburnt but my eyebrow pencil still works :) - @lucys__eyebrows on Instagram

- Astrology Signs

- 🤷

Together were big timin @bellagemanails #BADBIRDY - @bad_birdy on Instagram

- What a madlad

- laughing

- Red T.

- Guess the country

- Ex girl

- In the words of Miss Katy Perry, Make em go Oh, oh, oh!

- Lolrenaynay Bikini 2

- growth + balance

- Aquarius!

- Congratulations on the pregna- oh, oh god

- Teri Polo

- How did I do?

For 5 years my quote has been going viral... posted by countless celebs.. feeds with millions of followers. No one knows where it came from. That’s my fault for not showing up enough. I get it. And I’m overcoming what I need to overcome to show up in my life with more Muchness. In the meantime, maybe you will comment and credit me. Thank you 🏴‍☠️🖤 PADHiA - @unfukyourself on Instagram

Caption this: - @celia_oh on Instagram

- Engagement & Wedding Photo Ideas

- Dos idiomas

- Song status

- Cute names for boyfriend

- funny texts

- drunk

My wife having her 1st cup of coffee in 24 years of me knowing her. She is read to close a deal. She is coming for you Slat. - @markabuckner on Instagram

- Mum took her own life a year ago today. This is one her last and best pics. Raise a glass to my a better place now.

- #RespectThePuff

- Group Health Insurance

- me_irl

- Love will tear us apart again :(

- Demi moore striptease

- People love to gossip but hate being gossiped about

Amazing... beautiful... and natural girl, #naturalwoman #sexywomanphotography #naturalgirl #stillbeautiful #sexyarmpits #femalearmpits #armpitsexy #ketiak #axilas #ascelle. - @naturalandbeautifulwomen on Instagram

- funny hard life.

- Best Friends

Happy Valentine’s Day to my one true. I love you so much. From LA, to the bay to New Orleans and back again. In all the places on this planet, I’m so lucky to share life with you. You’re my Valentine everyday! I think we need chickens and a goat.. #pinkisthenewred #nickandloladolyfe 💗🖤💗🖤 - @lola__valentine on Instagram

- Cursed_text

- My favorite position shows off my tattoo really well

- busty friend

- Harry Styles pictures

- Yeah just deal with it

- Milf might be 50 but her tits are early 20s

- Florence

- Here’s to sucking more cock and getting my ass fucked in 2020 🥰

- Soulmate love quotes

- such a gentleman

- Funniest Quotes

I love this!! :D •@poopdings •artist: nowhere to be found-👀 • • • #karasuno#sugawaraxdaichi#daichi#sugawara#haikyuu#kagehina#kageyama#hinata#tanaka#kiyoko##kiyokoxtanaka#ennoshita#youshouldhavecometoshiratorizawa#shiratorizawa#tendousatori#oyaoya#bokuto#heyheyhey#akaashi#bokutoxakaashi#kuroo#tendouxushijima #ushijimawakatoshi#meatgod #nishinoyayuu#tsukishimakei #kenmaxkuroo - @daboytanaka on Instagram

- boundaries

- Boys are stupid

- 13 or 70?

- The Old Switcharoo

- Boyfriend girlfriend quotes

- @gpereira1967 on Instagram

- Funny comebacks

- Construccionismo social

- Anais Nin

- a2

- s.

- oc. felt cute wont delete later 💚

✨~ the big last post 2019 ~✨ If any of y’all have known me up close this year, you’ll know it’s been quite a journey in so many ways. Thank you to all of the lovely important humans who have stayed in my life, come into my life, those who have encouraged me to be my authentic self, and those who have shown me so much love! Until 2019, I didn’t know it was possible to feel genuinely, consistently happy, despite all the growth left ahead. • Special appreciations to v cute boyfriend @derryqueenhaha and v cute friends @tender.queer @themalellawala @planty_princess @crisp_joy to rockstar @s0phieschoice for convincing me to post photos of myself on the and to anyone who’s shared a lil good energy with me this year 💫 • Here’s to 2020 being even more queer! • 📸 @ethan_jollie_photography - @wandering___human on Instagram

- [29/29][MF4MF/F][VA] Experienced couple in Virginia Beach looking for some play tonight! Send us a message 😊

- Anything you think I can improve on? 31 MTF, 7mo on hormones, still working on makeup

- I’ve been having an identity crisis with my haircut, but I liked how it looked this day!

- DAMN! What a naturally curvy phone and table.

- LGBT Wedding

- [47/45][MF4MF][Kansas] hope everyone is doing good. Glad things are getting hack to normal with our kinky lives. Love to chat. Check out our podcast also Kinky Frame of mind

- Husband day