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MoÑo - Hi :) finally got some time to finish this mini...

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- Greys anatomy

Shine On Mary J Blige - 24X36 Poster SOG #SOG740092

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- Me irl


kill em all father hardin elijah hardin the forever purge end them all

- 🔥🔥🤣🤣

Disco Biscuits 2006 11 09 - Spraypaint - Cyclone - Voices Insane - Cyclone - Spraypaint

red | li-wri On Twitter!!


- Shed probably stay at home if its that contagious!

Amazon Driver Says Manager Asked Him To Finish His Route Before Heading To The ER, Goes Viral With 177K Views

blushing cat?? :^

thats gonna do it andrew baena that will finish it that should do it

- Growing up...


drunk robots drunk robots dr bots

- Mirror Hand Syndrome

uh we didnt do it eric cartman south park s7e4 im a little bit country

- Bago meme format?

Photo: Poster of Childrens TV Show : 10x8in


shang tsung meme mortal kombat soul your meme is mine

- Amazing!

4 is life

fatalfury kof king of fighters blue mary mary

- Why, Where, Wait (OC)

I Am Still Drawing The OCs Guys Chill Out Lmao

Raw Meat Rice Krispies


- organs in the body


mobile legends bang bang mlbb ml moba

@thewellblack_ as Scorpion!! Such a great job! Amazing! #mk11 #bgs2019 #mkkollective #mortalkombat #mk @mortalkombat - @mkkollective_brasil_ on Instagram

mortal kombat get out of my sight move that way ass kicked

- Cursed_Vibrator

Jun [FOLLOW] - Seoul 230721

“Not My Job”: 50 Funny Times People Didn’t Even Try (New Pics)

ritualsatanicogatuno memes battle cats battle cats megoblyn the battle cats battle cats

Successful orthodontic treatment of a cat 😸😱 Follow👉@dentistryfoundation for more #veneers #braces #extraction #surgery #dentistry #dental #dentist #cosmeticdentistry #odonto #odontologia #dentalclinic #gingivcectomy #laser #dental #doctor #odont #dentalhygiene #dentalhygienist #gums #gumsurgery #dentalstudent #teeth #animation #dentista #video #dr #surgery #orthodontics #orthodontist #smile #teeth #medical - @dentistryfoundation on Instagram


cute cat pfp couple - cute anime cat pfp

evangeline lilly knock out ko

Follow @rahul___gandhi . . . . #corona #coronamemes #coronavirusmemes😂😂😂 #jantacurfew #indianpoliceservice #indianpolice #narendramodi #modi #indianmemes #funnymemes #rahulgandhi #manojbajpayee #sonchiriya #instagram #stayhome #covıd19 #covid_19 #mask #lockdown #lockdown2020 #funny #funnymemes #funnyshit #pandemic - @rahul____gandhi on Instagram


i can%27t take it anymore om nom cut the rope end it please finish it please

- Dredd and the Dark Judges

=^._.^=♥ cat ♥

fatality finish him

- General G’s Double Hands


Rody Lamoree // Manon Vacher // Deadplate


- Henry Damon has taken body modification to the extreme in a bid to make himself look like comic book super villain Red Skull.

Cuz when it all comes crashing down I neeed uuuuu

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. Máscaras Oni Las tradicionales máscaras Japonesas datan del 10,000 a.C al 300 a.C., en el período conocido como Jomon. Eran usadas principalmente en juegos y rituales religiosos y estaban hechas de conchillas y cerámica. . El Kabuki Es una forma de arte teatral, no utiliza máscaras como tal, sino que los actores lo representan pintando sus rostros utilizando varias técnicas y colores, y como base reglamentaria es necesario que se utilice polvo de arroz. El teatro Kabuki es considerado Patrimonio de la Humanidad por la UNESCO. . Éstas máscaras son mucho más que un simple disfraz, cuentan historias y forman parte de tradiciones y festividades. . . #MáscaraOni #OniMask #KabukiMask #MáscaraKabuki #Barbijodecuero #Leathermask #Mask #Cosplay #Japanmask - @queen.bee.leatherworks on Instagram


DOBOER I Eat Kids Bertram Tapestry for College Dorm, Bedroom And Living Room Home Decor, Meme Funny Wall Tapestries Hanging for Men 30x40

lets finish this teela masters of the universe revelation the poisoned chalice lets end this

Science says juice cleanses dont do anything... But also, people who dont wear masks dont believe in science, so like.... Ya know. . . #hugsovermasks #antimask #scamdemic #faucifraud #wuhanvirus #wuhanflu #chinavirus #chinaflu #4moreyears🇺🇸 #trump2020 #maga2020 #maga #kag2020 #antifa #plandemic2020 #covidfakenews #freedom #scamdemic2020 #covidover #factsoverfear #fakepandemic #billgatesisevil #antivirus #exposebillgates #covidtantrum #tantrum #womenfortrump #juicecleanse - @masks_over_hugs on Instagram

Ermmm asistant noah real omg!!!?!?!!?!?!???!?!?!?!?!


d vorah mortal kombat

oml Halloween is coming i am so happy right noe #horror #scary #creepy #lookout #factorfake #scarystories - @_wherethehorrorlives_ on Instagram

mobile legends bang bang mlbb ml moba

- Best Hair Transplant Doctor in Turkey

danny (@stormzilla07) on X


@hollingshead89 would make the perfect Kratos in our opinion! •• #redcon1 #higheststateofreadiness #bodybuilding #fitness #powerlifting #strongman #crossfit #fitfam #supplements #workout #lift #workingout •• - @redcon1gaming on Instagram

Beginner Quilting Series- So You Wanna Make A Quilt... - The Sassy Quilter


wizard graffiti transparent sticker cholowizgraffiti wiz

- Electrical tape/ Drummer girl challenge P7

30 Screenshots Of Roommates From Hell Showing Their True Colors

shang tsung finish him mortal

- Karen mask: Will allow you to blend in with the Karens in their territory. The mask will speak for you so don’t worry about losing brain cells when you encounter them.

absolutely destroy them in the next round alana warnick canadas ultimate challenge 105 finish them in the next round

- Anatomy

finish him

- Before and after :)

no dance groove

- Morning People

gif finish him dallas cowboys

- Saturn Transit 2020

kill it toosii brs kash feel better song end it

- Blursed_assassins_creed

finish him mortal kombat

- Artes marciales.

doomnack doge shibe discord irony

- Beauty & Lash Memes

finish him

Elk find it hard to bugle with a hole in their lungs. - @dirtnapgear on Instagram


- Cat Wig #5

mortal kombat fatality finish him shang tsung dead

- Scorpio Taking No Chances

mortal kombat

- 2020 is Cancelled

finish him done winning got him got you

- Well youre not wrong.

lets just do it kyle broflovski south park s11e11 imaginationland episode ii

- its just a sphinx cat who lost his eyes because of a stroke, but this is one scary Mr bigglesworth...

subzero mortal kombat finish him fatality vote

- Ay lmao

mobile legends bang bang mlbb ml moba

- Doctors in an Israeli hospital are wearing a photo of themselves so that patients will know whos treating them

snek fight snek snek memecoin snekcoinada snek coin

- [self] THREE AGAINST DOOMSDAY! - a cosplay re-creation of John Byrnes cover art on Fantastic Four #259

do it professor lamont south park s16e3 faith hilling

- Milwaukee Brace

dance jam

- funny watch

its over blue i will kill you end ill finish it

- What Happens Next Might Shock You

fisto collector collecter collectxr

- inspiration

lsuper superman049 jmans jeremymansford jtm44

- Scoliosis surgery

mortal kombat kitana it will end quickly mortal kombat x

- Creeper

dbsbank dbszfw zfw finish foodwaste

- Liz Katz

finish him mortal kombat ninja mask wear a mask

Abby feeling a little monstrous today - @therealabysstna on Instagram

vaporize them metal amy sonic prime make them vanish get rid of them

- Max DeCosta, by Aaron Beck



i finally see you clash royale smirk hmm

Thats certainly a Bat-chair. . . . #batman #dcu #marvel #comic #avengers - @spaceboycantlol on Instagram

apereunion moonbird moonbirds aperesponsibly ar

- Were on it

toasty mortal kombat carl delinden forest of wires

- Penis Removal

mortal kombat finisher

💥𝐊𝐧𝐞𝐞 𝐀𝐫𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐢𝐬💥 .Follow @dr.kneepain for daily tips on how to get rid of knee pain . 📚Osteoarthritis (OA) is degenerative condition of the cartilage present in synovial joints and most commonly affects the knee and hip. Symptoms usually include pain, swelling, joint stiffness, limited range of motion and difficulty with many functional tasks. Severe pain or functional loss associated with OA of the knee or hip often leads to joint replacement surgery. . 🔎In a study by Deyle GD et al (citation below), investigators aimed to discover the difference between subjects with OA performing a home exercise program and another group of subjects performing a home exercise program with the addition of several visits of manual therapy. Outcomes were measured at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and one year. The results demonstrated that the addition of manual therapy provided greater symptom relief temporarily and that by 1 year, both groups had improved almost equally as compared to baseline. . 🧠Maybe the main takeaway from this research is that a simple home exercise program can have a dramatic impact of the life of an individual with OA of the knee. While manual therapy provided by in-person physical therapy helped in the short-term, it did not significantly alter long-term outcomes. . ✅Swipe left to see a few of the exercises that were included in this study. . 1️⃣Heel Slide with Strap - Slide as far as tolerable. 10 reps with a 3-second hold. 2️⃣Calf Stretch - Perform daily (3x30 secs). 3️⃣Hamstring Stretch - Raise as high as tolerable. Do not move the ankle as shown here. Perform daily (3x30 secs). 4️⃣Quad Set (hyperextension not necessary) - Perform daily (10x6 second hold. 5️⃣Partial Squat - Perform every other day. 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps. 6️⃣Step Up - Perform every other day. 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps. . . Great post by @rehabscience . . Follow @dr.kneepain for daily tips on how to get rid of knee pain . . 📢Find this helpful? Save for later and SHARE with a friend . . - @dr.kneepain on Instagram

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- Foot laceration before and after

mortal kombat finisher finish him

- political freedom

mobile legends bang bang mlbb ml moba

- This is adorable.

mortal kombat

- Hmmmm

its over abish mathew its done its finished no more

Han sido unos meses de espera , y falta alguna textura , pero el resultado es ... impresionante. Gracias @black.prada @muchacho.navaja por vuestro trabajo . Esto es arte , quien no lo entienda , es su problema . Gracias @evagonzalez4877 por apoyarme en mis ideas y aguantarme. Eres la mejor #blacktattoo #blacktattooart #fullblacktattoo #tattoo #abstractart #abstracttattoo - @conait1 on Instagram

finish him mortal kombat

- Man stabbed in the head

lsuper superman049 jmans jeremymansford jtm44

- Severe hand burn from high voltage cable.

finish her mortal kombat fatality fart

- Chemical Gloves

skirwesyn kotal kahn mortal kombat mk11 fire

- Blursed baby

cobra no mercy

- Fantasy Art

mario luigi go animate

- Now this is A facemask I can get behind 😏

mortal kombat mk pink shaolin mksm

- Gun Safety

knockout bear slap penguin dunk

- 3 idiots


- My Favorite ❤️

finish done its over emoji cut it

- Some things can’t be undone

gaming finish him scorpion mortal kombat ninja

- When you visit the construction of the temple for the twentieth time.

face your end devil south park its the end finish him

- Rubbing it in

wayne rooney mortal kombat finish him rooney scorpion

- Honestly, in this pandemic, why not?

mortal kombat mk scorpion arcade

- Comfort Zone


- Blowjob , cumswallow and she shows her titts .

finish it zamfir castlevania end it finish the job

- The fact that this is not satire is cringeworthy

fatality mortal kombat

- Bimba Barcelona in red

cut it out green dumpling ceddyornot stop it end it

- hmmm

mortal kombat mileena baraja video game

EDC Spring Assisted Knife Get Yours Today! Link in Bio! ⚔ - @knivesandbladeworks on Instagram

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- Rev Runt DMC

finish him fatality kick liu kang baraka

- (: :(

liu kang bicycle kick

- Roberto Arguelles The Salt Lake City Strangler having an outburst in court

hermonsters hmg

- Remember to wash your hands to stop the spread of coronavirus

punch boxing enough done finish

- Best mask ever

reptile mk1 mortal kombat green ninja ninja

- Face To Face, Me, Digital, 2020.

vote abpartners inflation election climate4theculture

- 2meirl4meirl

mortal kombat mileena baraja video game

- Blursed Darth Hogan

mortal kombat chameleon ninja color colorful

- Beavis and Butt-Head

fatality mortal kombat finish him smile

- Vampire shows

done finished over this

- this is justified!

mortalkombat finishhim finish him fatality

- hmmm

mortal kombat reptile dizzy fatality stand

- That Time (OC)

wayne rooney mortal kombat finish him rooney scorpion

- ☄𝛽ⴎ𝒴̗ ʍ𝒪Ꞅƾ⫏Ɩⵑ

finish him mk mortal kombat

- Cursed nails

finish him fatality

- Harley Quinn Straitjacket.

mortal kombat fatality fatality mortal kombat

- Makeup with a message


- Omae wa mou, shindeiru

mortal kombat finish him

Reposted from @doctormedicine_ - Nerve innervation of the hand: SWIPE NEXT ➡️➡️➡️ 👨‍💻Median nerve supplies skin over: Lateral 2/3rd of the palm by its palmar cutaneous branch. Palmar surface, nails and dorsal surface of distal phalanx of lateral 3 1/2 digits including thumb) by its digital branches. . 👨‍💻Ulnar nerve supplies skin over: Medial 1/3rd of palm by its palmar cutaneous branch. Medial 1/3rd of dorsum of hand by its dorsal branch. Palmar and dorsal surfaces of medial 1 1/2 digits by its superficial and dorsal branches. . 👨‍💻Radial nerve supplies skin over: Lateral 2/3rd of the dorsum of hand including dorsal surface of proximal and middle phalanges of lateral 3 1/2 digits Like ❤| Share♻️| Comment 💬 - #regrann - @perawat_indonesiaku on Instagram

silver silversqueeze wallstreetsilver money

- Beard Styling

tonto spin dizzy fatality scorpion

- Lucha Underground


- Alaska

- Gee Willikers!

- Veterans in College are unbearable.

- April Fools Day!

😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 - @brandon_auret on Instagram

- grim reaper quotes

- men hands

I might do a more serious one later when I get more caught up on work. #sixfanarts #dolemite #eddiemurphy #skeletor #motu #mastersoftheuniverse #therock #dwaynejohnson #blackadam #supermario #streetfighter #bobsaget #bojackhorseman - @quiblybrak on Instagram

Monster claws I sculpted a while back for @offworldpictures #sculpture #makeupeffects #spfxmakeup #moviemonsters - @carolynwilliamsmakeup on Instagram

- Blursed_mask

- Completely Cum Drunk

- Body paint limbs

- A degloving injury of the middle finger

- Coffee music

- That’s just out of order!

- En garde

- Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche: Art & Truth

Attention Rogue Agents! As Free Comic Book Day approaches we wanted to take a minute and let all of you know what we are doing to help keep you and all of us at Rogues safe during this event. *MASKS ARE MANDATORY we will not be allowing entry into the shop unless a mask is worn. There will be masks at the door if you require one and all fabric masks in the shop will be 50% off. *There will be hand sanitizer at the door and at the cash, with we encourage everyone to use these. *We will have designated standing areas marked out with chalk outside to help every physical distance. *There will be a tent set up in our parking lot with the kids comics and some kids toys available for purchase for those who are not comfortable waiting in line to go into the shop. *During the last 2 hours on sunday (4pm till 6pm) we will have bags of 3 FCBD comic available for curbside pickup. *We are only allowing 6 people in the store at one time and ask that everyone try to limit thier visit to 15-20 minutes to help avoid long wait time. With your help we hope to keep this years Free Comic Book Day weekend fun and safe for everyone! And as always Costumes are always welcome!!! #freecomicbookday #comics #comicshop #dccomics #imagecomics #collectibles #awesome #marvel #marvelcomics #staysafe #windsor #essexcounty #masks #sales #sale #birthday ##birthdaysale #precautions - @roguesgallerycomics on Instagram

It’s part of the blue collar lifestyle #bluecollarlifestyle #hardhatshardwork #nocubicles #callousedhandsandcoldbeers #makeamericabluecollaragain #bluecollar #ironworker #welding #weldporn #construction #pipefitter #redneck #yeeyee #boilermaker #carpenter #pipelayer #dirtyhandscleanmoney #hardhatlife #electrician #mechanic #plumber #welder #countrylife #american #oilfield #linelife #bucll #lineman Facebook: - @bucllcom on Instagram

- Thanks, I hate the Grim Reaper coming for Johnny Sins

- PsBattle: this person selling theirs eletronic iron

Some lovely memories, I miss both of these characters. There are some people whos Instagram I cant find, if you see this please let me know so I can tag you. °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Reposted from @prosthetics_magazine Issue 3 featured the macabre makeup FX in American Horror Story: Hotel courtesy of a major interview with multiple Emmy winner and the show’s key prosthetic makeup artist, Mike Mekash. Created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, American Horror Story’s disquieting and sometimes downright disturbing content has been a huge hit with critics and viewers, and the creation of the menacing characters in Hotel was led by department head @makeuphag, with @davidanderson55 s @afxstudio making all the excellent prosthetics. Shown here (first and last) are the Addiction Demon played by Alexander Ward. Application by @mikemekash , David Anderson and Dave Snyder , later application included @bartmixon, @jrmackinnon and Luis García. Alexander Ward as the Bed Man (as referred to by the crew). Prosthetic face appliances and blister prosthetics sculpted by @chavantsavant, applied and painted by Mike Mekash with David Snyder, teeth by @jack.firman at AFX Studios. Decapitated Lady Gaga head sculpted by Glen Eisner and painted by Rich Mayberry. The Televangelist played by Drew Snyder. Prosthetics applied by Mike Mekash and Scott Wheeler, sculpted by Glen Eisner, stomach sculpted by Maiko Chiba at AFX Studios. Find out how these and more of the show’s startling effects were created in issue 3, available to view online on our website - please follow the link in our bio... . #americanhorrorstory #ahs #ahshotel #makeupfx #fxmakeup #makeupeffects #prosthetics #prostheticmakeup #prostheticsmagazine #horror #disturbing #creepy - @alexanderward777 on Instagram

- It’s time to put the needle down. Lips are so huge.

- Colgate can really do wonders.

- Peter Brookes on the Chancellor’s new coronavirus measures

- illustrations style fashion

- bull bull

- funny

- #canadianproblems

- Heath ledger joker wallpaper

- Ab Workout

- About 2 weeks after falling in a fire - 3rd degree burns

- Guess her size!

- Halloween

Reposted from @the_real_subzer0 That one time I killed a predator @airpred #cosmigos #cosplay #cosplayer #fitness #cosplaying #joshmigo6 #predator #mk #mortalkombat #finishhim #vs #fight #nycc2019 #nycc #comiccon #vetswhoscosplay #veteran #subzero #subzerocosplayer #mortalkombatcosplayer - #regrann #mortalkosplay #mortal_kosplay - @mortal_kosplay on Instagram

- @whosunilgrover on Instagram

- Yes, please. 🤤

- Blursed_Counterpart

New video, link in bio 🖤 #scarystories #truecrime - @corpse_husband on Instagram

- Poop

- Mirror hand syndrome

- It’s funny cause the sound he makes

- Creepy Karen

- Mr Arnab!

- amimals

- Funny Hairstyles

- Hero, a Doctor in one of the Egyptian hospitals after spending a day taking care of COVID-19 patients

- Creepy Clowns

- Teach me senpai

- Literally me when the enemy team is breaking

- Funny Star Wars memes

- me irl

NEW MUSIC @thisistunng return with a beautiful new project: DEAD CLUB. The new album will come out on Nov 6th on CD, 2xLP and digital, but before then you can watch the video for the track “A Million Colours” via the link in our bio. The project looks at our culture’s relationship to death, dying and grief. Not only is there a new album, but Becky & Sam from the band have produced an 8 part podcast series featuring longform conversations with experts in this particular field, the first of which is out on Sept 1st. The trailer is currently up on all podcast services so be sure to subscribe. DEAD CLUB is an uplifting, incredible piece of work and has been put together with so much love and consideration for the subject matter. Made possible with the support of the Arts Council England. #tunng #newmusic FTH390. Magnificent art by @liliasbuchanan - @fulltimehobbyrecords on Instagram

- boy scouts/camping

- Man hit in face by large tree branch he was sawing off; Obliterated Maxilla.

- Ava Devine asian Bimbo

Another one of my wrestling idols as a kid has passed away. RIP Animal - @jsmithmma on Instagram

- HEY!

Can’t sleep. So I’m gonna flood ur tl 🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾 - @y0n.finsta on Instagram

THE CHAOS PROJECT.. Luther & Serpentico... 👉🤪.... 👑🐍 Get your very own AEW merch and the New CHAOS PROJECT... T - Shirts over at 📷 @shopaew @allelitewrestling #theoriginaldeathdealer #Serpentico #allelitewrestling #chaosproject - @dr.luther on Instagram


- Elon Mask...

- Natalia Polyakova

Realidade de quem tá no front... Parabéns @bina_bbm pelo trabalho e pela coragem!! Te amo e te admiro muito!!!❤️❤️👏🏻👏🏻 #medico #saude #coragem #respeito #RespeitoPelaVida #covid_19 #VamosVencer #pediatra #pediatria #utineonatal #vida - @robsonspersonal on Instagram

- Dicks out for corona

- A Nightmare On Elm Street

Medalha do DESAFIO FORÇAS DO HAWAII #99run . Conquista de @brunomichelferrazmargoni . Apoiadores da página: @decathlonlarcenter (artigos esportivos) @fabianafigueredo2011 (fotógrafa) @nutrimaripaiva (nutricionista) @99_run (corridas virtuais) @reflexoterapias (massoterapeuta) . #corredores_sp #corridas_sp #medalhas_sp #medalha #medal #running #run #corridaderua #corremais #corrida  #viciadosemcorridaderua #galeradocorrebr #Strava #brasilcorridas #correrecompartilhar #sairpracorrer #corredoresletsgo #imoveme #galeradocorrebr #corredoresdobem - @corridas_sp on Instagram

- Kid in peace

- Blursed_handwashing

Do you wear a cloth mask when out in the community? Read these tips from the CDC on how to properly clean them. Link: - @cambhealthalliance on Instagram

- Reattachment of hand sliced to pieces

- Health & Medicine

- Cool gadgets

- Masks

- defesa

- Message for more


- so pure

You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like heaven. #Jimi Hendrix Special thanks to Frank and MUA & Stylist @judy3005 . . . . . . . #niccoloratto #crazyeyes #fakeblood #sfxmakeup #kryolan #thehillshaveeyes #horrorzone #horrorclub #horrorfanatic #gore #ilovehorror #ilovehorrormovies #splatter #horrorphotography #instahorror #horrifyme #bloodandgore #demonic #crazy #quarantinelife - @niccolo21 on Instagram

- At this point nothing surprises me anymore

- Witches (OC)

Following a few questions I got in todays Q&A I said I would do a post about training grip... This is something that is way too broad to answer in a story. Most people overlook the intricacies of training grip (as well as many other aspects of training). Hanging - hangs are a great exercise, and you need very limited equipment, just grab hold of a pull up bar, and hold on until you cant, then rest for 30s-2mins (depending on goals) and repeat. You can add @fatgripz to make these harder, or use a revolving bar or hang off a single arm. Finger Curls - as you can see from the image, there isnt a vast amount of muscles in the hand itself, however you can train the flexors in the forearm, @latticetraining have some really good videos about correct form on this movement Finger Extensors - Grip responds really well to training antagonist muscles, the @godsofgrip finger bands are a great tool to add to training and can be done at any time Suitcase holds - these are a great exercise, and they will have a great carry over to loads of events as needing to balance a bar leads to strengthening the little fingers which can massively increase overall grip strength. Grippers - the @godsofgrip grippers are a great addition to any training program, and can be used in a vast number ways, reps, max holds, partial reps etc. These are just a very small selection of potential grip strengthening exercises and one of the keys is to look outside of strongman/powerlifting specifically, climbers train grip in a generally focused way (with loads of faults in my opinion) however hanging and finger strengthening exercises could be a great addition to any athletes training. #strongman #powerlifting #weightlifting #strengthandconditioning #coaching #technique #grip #griptraining #gripstrength #climbing #climbingtraining - @dan_hipkiss on Instagram

(Swipe for progress) Another #MakerMonday brings more updates to this #Mask . Despite being a birthday week last week, I was able to make some steady #progress with a lot sanding, filling, and priming. A base coat and more details will be coming up! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #MaskMonday #commission #WorkinProgress #scorpion #scorpioncosplay #scorpionmk11 #mortalkombatmask #mortalkombat #scorpionmask #gamerlife #getoverhere #3DPrinting #3DPrint #3DModel #3DPrinted #3DPrintedMask #3DPrintedProp #Cosplay3DPrinting #3DPrinter #CosplayWIP #WIP #prop #propmaker #maker #makerlife #makerspace - @pyroleon15 on Instagram

- My friend got an open fracture & crushed bone from tripping over a rock. You can see where his toenail starts!

- Elder Scrolls games

- Clash Of Clans Hack - Unlimited Gems,Elixirs and Gold(No Downloads)[Hack2Get]

- Crazy Things

- Angle Grinder Vrs Face (not me) left side injury right side reconstructed

- Isnt it illogical and logical at same time like your 6 Month old code?

- Cosplay

- Cursed Ricardo

The teams of “Saint Sava” National College, RoboTitans and Gamma, are asking for your help in order to manufacture face shields for doctors. For crafting them we use: a transparent material (PET-G), material for printing (PET-G or PLA) and elastics with buttonholes. Unfortunately, because of the lack of these materials our activity could end at any moment. #EverythingIsGoingToBeAlright if we stay united and that is why we are asking for your support. If you know providers of any of the aforementioned materials, please contact us by using the telephone numbers given! Additionally, any financial support will help with getting the materials we need. (account BCR:IBAN RO75 RNCB 0304 1657 5638 0001) Contact us at: Matei Ghincea - +40724902216 Sabina Luca - +40737 305 079 * * * Echipele Colegiului Național Sfântul Sava, RoboTitans şi Gamma, vă solicită ajutorul pentru a continua confecționarea vizierelor pentru medici. Pentru producerea acestora folosim: folie transparentă (Polietilenă Tereftalată - PET-G), material de printat (PLA si PET-G) şi elastice cu butoniere. Din păcate, din cauza lipsei acestora, activitatea noastră se poate încehia în orice moment. #TotulVaFiBine doar dacă suntem uniți, de aceea vă cerem sprijinul. Dacă cunoaşteți furnizori de folie transparentă, material de printat sau elastice, vă rugăm contactați-ne la numerele de mai jos! De asemenea, orice sprijin financiar va fi de folos în achiziționarea de materiale. (cont BCR:IBAN RO75 RNCB 0304 1657 5638 0001) Persoane de contact: Matei Ghincea - +40724902216 Sabina Luca - +40737 305 079 #stamacasa #ajutam #haisafacemunbine #ceremajutor #totulvafibine #materiale #viziere #totulpentrumedici #covid #19 #putemfaceasta #haisafacembine #situpotiajuta #sava #stayhome #help #faceshield #wecandoit - @robotitans_ro015 on Instagram

- Dude can’t even spell

- You shouldn’t try to catch a falling fryer...

- McCarthyism rises from the grave.

- New from my webcomic [OC]

- minimum effort

- Innocent look

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MEDICO ESPAÑOL RELATA LOS SINTOMAS DEL COVI19——-Vas a tener fiebre. Mucha fiebre. La fiebre mas alta que te haya dado en tu vida. No se va a parecer a las calenturas del catarro anual que nos da a todos. Vas a respirar cortito, como si te hubiesen puesto una tira de cinta en la nariz y despues le hubiesen hecho un huequito con un alfiler. Vas a tratar de llenar los pulmones. Vas a inhalar fuerte pero vas a sentir que todavia te falta el aire. Y eso te va a asustar. Vas a toser mucho. Tanto, que te vas a cansar hasta casi desmayarte. Vas a sentir como si hubieses corrido 10 kilometros. Y eso va a ser cada segundo que estes aqui. Cada vez que tosas, te va a doler el pecho, los brazos, los ojos, la espalda, los dedos de las manos, los pies. Vas a tratar de tomar aire por el huequito en la cinta que ya te conte, y no vas a poder. Vas a respirar cada vez mas rapido, y eso te va a llenar las venas de esa mierda que se llama dioxido de carbono, que es algo que te puede matar. Entonces, te voy a poner un tubito en la nariz para darte el oxigeno que tus pulmones no pueden fabricar. Ese tubito te va a pelar la entrada de los dos huequitos por donde respiras, y eso te va a doler aun mas. Y si no puedes superarlo, va a venir un doctor y va a ponerte par de tubos de media pulgada garganta abajo, hasta pasar los bronquios y llegar a los pulmones. Eso se llama respirador artificial o ventilador. Es molesto, y encima, no puedes hablar o comer. Vas a estar solo en una habitacion cerrada. No podras tener a alguien ahi, porque lo vas a enfermar de la misma maldicion que te esta matando a ti. Te vas a sentir tan mal, tan solo, que te va a dar ansiedad, y vas a sentir miedo de morir. Te vas a deprimir. Eso va a empeorar tus sintomas, tu tos, tu falta de aire. Me vas a llamar a mi y a mis companeros mil veces en la noche o en el dia. Y todo esto lo pudiste evitar *SI TE HUBIERAS QUEDADO EN CASA* POR AMOR #quedateencasa #covid-19 #covid #cuarentena - @goto.dr on Instagram

Happy Hump Day #wearthis #wearthat #carrythis #carrythat #justmindyourdamnbusiness #humpdaywednesday - @sie_totet on Instagram

📚🔬 Taping for Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome ℹ️ℹ️ BACKGROUND: Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is characterized by anterior knee pain and/or pain in the retro-patellar and/or peri-patellar region. ℹ️ Pain typically increases with activities such as: Squatting. Kneeling. Stair climbing. Prolonged sitting. ℹ️ The underlying causes of PFPS are multifactorial and may be associated with biomechanical and or neurophysiological changes at the pelvis, hip, knee or ankle regions. ℹ️ Taping is frequently used as part of the multi-modal management for PFPS, including: McConnell Patellofemoral Joint Taping (PFJT). Tibial Internal Rotation Limitation Taping (TIRLT). ℹ️ Clifford et al. (2020), investigated the effects of TIRLT, PFJT and no taping on perceived pain and lower limb kinematics during a lunge and single leg squat (SLS) in people with PFPS. 🔬🔬 METHODS: This cross-sectional study compared the effects of TIRLT, PFJT and no taping, on knee pain and lower limb kinematics during two pain-provoking movements in people with PFPS. 🔬 Participants with PFPS (n = 23) performed a lunge and SLS under three randomised conditions: TIRLT, PFJT and no taping. 🔬 The Codamotion system captured and analysed lower limb kinematic data in the sagittal, transverse and coronal planes. 🔬 Peak knee pain intensity during the movement was assessed using the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS). 📊📊 RESULTS: Participants reported significantly less pain with the TIRLT and PFJT techniques compared with no tape during the lunge and SLS. 📊 There was no evidence of altered lower limb kinematics accompanying pain reductions with either taping technique. ✅✅ CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Both forms of taping may be useful adjuncts as the short-term benefit of pain relief may enable participation in more active forms of rehabilitation. 🧠🧠 Thoughts? Questions? Comments? 👇🏽 Write them below. 📚📚📚 SOURCE: Clifford et al. 2020. The effects of McConnell patellofemoral joint and tibial internal rotation limitation taping techniques in people with Patellofemoral pain syndrome. Gait & Posture. 82, pp 266-272. - @physicaltherapyresearch on Instagram

- I need to get this one

- wayment

- MMA injury

- Asking for it


- My friend lost an argument with an angle grinder.

- Cyberpunk Characters

- Worked for me. 💦

- Military Medicine at it’s finest!

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- Made my own Butcher Roadhog mask when quarantine first started. I say it helps with social distancing!

- Pinecone crafts kids

- Música

- These lovely teeth

- Wow i mean wow!

- Know what Gillette? Fuck you...

- College would’ve been much more fun if I were a girl

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- Eager Slut

- Concert rock

- Oof

- Guess youre finished with being an adventurer... now that you took an arrow to the wrist

- me💃irl

- As we speak

- holding hands - Daniel Arsham + Hajime Sorayama

Southern Miss Golden Eagles Head Coach Jay Hopson watches the field during the game against the South Alabama Jaguars at M.M. Roberts Stadium in Hattiesburg, Miss., Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020. - @hattiesburgamerican on Instagram

- the arrival

- Funny Face Mask

- TN face mask

- Jim Rutherford

- In Contagion (2011), Gwyneth Paltrow plays a woman who dies after trying several Goop products

- Underwear gas mask. +50 poision resistance. -75 atraction

What do you think happened here? Via: @dentalovers 📷 Comment your thoughts and share with your friends. 📣 Dont forget to use the #dentistbyheart hashtag. ✔ Follow @dentistbyheart for more. 😷 #dentalschool #dentalstudent #dentist #dentistry #stomatology #medicine #medical #medstudent #studentlife #farmacy #endodontics #cosmeticdentistry #aestheticdentistry #rubberdam #orthodontics  #braces #invisalign #prosthodontics #dentallab #veneers #periodontics #implantology #omfsurgery #surgery #oralsurgery #pedodontics #dentalhygienist #dentalassistant #oralhealth - @dentistbyheart on Instagram

- Tied and scared

- Thank you Wiki

Nos envían👉🏻 : El odontólogo que te dice Cuida tu salud 👌 Ese mismo te diría cuida tu planeta🌍 TRISTE IMAGEN SEÑORES 💔🥺ACASO EXISTEN COLEGAS QUE HARÍAN ESTO ? DOBLE MORAL ??? Es deplorable que a la contaminación que ya generamos le agreguemos montañas y montañas de plástico, como en esta imagen de un personaje Totalmente egoísta. INICIAMOS DEBATE 💁‍♀️ Colegas, que ideas tienen uds para protegerse ante el covid sin ser egoístas con el mundo??? 🔹Opiniones ? - @odonto_logia on Instagram

- My friend was messing around with a knife, ended up with 10 stiches

- Thanks, I hate this joke

- carnavália

- When you meet somone who loves Rocket League but they play the car designed for degenerates

- Quite the grip you have there son.

- Not sure if it can be called ‘botched’ but like WHAT (it is done to reach one simple goal — not to eat). Thought you guys will like this..

- Armet

- Hästhälsa och skötsel

- Krieger, that is NOT what we meant when we asked you to wear a mask! (I drew this after a 12hr shift and I genuinely forgot to draw Lana and Cheryl (sorry))

- it seems that shes having a great time

- DickForLily Getting Railed

- Sexy ninja

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- Mortal kombat

- Cranioplasty

- Studying hard

- Face-hugger face mask

We are proud of you DR.Himani thakur❤ @healinghimalayas Hashtag ur photos /videos with #highhillshimachal or simply tag us @High.Hills.Himachal in ur photos to get featured on highhillshimachal ° For-more-update-for-update-post Follow-now ° ° ° #fun #instagramers #model #socialenvy #shopstemdesigns #food #smile #pretty #followme #nature #lol #dog #hair #sunset #hot #swag #throwbackthursday #instagood #beach #friend #funny #blue #life #art #photo #cool #ebookwormsclub #bestoftheday #cloud - @high.hills.himachal on Instagram

- Irony

- Miesha Tate had a nose surgery

- Im fully charged !

- Yogi Taj Visit by Manjul

- The New Switcheroo

- Tattoos on Men

- Coworker cut his Achilles’ tendon clean on some scrap metal at work

- Gif - Remove restrictive clothing if she’s in respiratory distress

- Invest now to free Hong Kong!

- Two degloved fingers (not my photo)

- Teeth fingernails

- Cosmetic Tattoo

- you are not the sus you are the entire imposer (sorry bot deleted the ost 2 time cuz tiny picture)

- epicheroes - Instagram Feed

- Halloweenie

- Arrow to the knee

- Wizard of Oz quotes

- Barbershop - Dark Legacy Comics #744

Chris Thorne is the proud owner of the 1st BIG cut I ever worked. I was working his corner alongside @parrumpaatt at #FightTime promotions vs Shaha Bobonis. It was a gritty fight, lots of dirty boxing & inside fighting. Late in the 1st round Chris caught a knee opening him up bad. We knew from the moment it started leaking the fight was over once the action stopped. To Chriss credit he fought his ass off doing the best he could to push the pace. When the round ended I got right to work cleaning him up. I stuck a huge self wrapped swab in his head (Thick as a pen) the cut took the whole swab & half thumb. Dr. Fields came over & pulled it open like a bag of chips. You could see Chriss skull, but Chris never conceeded. Told the ref & Dr. He was fine. That he delt with worse and was ready to go on. As the ref waived the fight off you could hear Chris plead with the ref to let him keep fighting. IM A MARINE! I CAN FIGHT! but the cut was too bad. You dont often see that kind of display anymore. - @benstarkhjj on Instagram

- Comic strips

- Gagged, Muzzled & In Bondage

Set everything about COVID aside--anything we can do to slow or hinder becoming a surveillance state like China or the UK is never a negative. #covid19 #NoFaceNoCase - @dave_fm on Instagram

CHAOS PROJECT . Tonight dont forget to catch AEW DARK, and watch the Chaos Project mess up some pretty faces... 👉🤪. . Also the new Chaos Project merch is available over at @shopaew @kingserpentico @allelitewrestling #theoriginaldeathdealer #serpentico #luther #chaosproject #allelitewrestling #wrestling - @dr.luther on Instagram

- Anatomy

- The Unsung Hero

- Straight to the #trashcan

- I got a tattoo of every token that has made me rich

- cursed_gooeyguy

- Funny Stuff

- scary facts

- Paid to kill, and ordered to die

- This is how you advertise on YouTube

- Kicked lil hard.

- Just saying

- Blursed mask

- Abramovic

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- [/r/BananaGobblers] Gianna Dior Dick Gobbling Like A Champ

- ah hhh moment

- Blursed Mask

- If she cant behave, let her spend the night on the floor next to your bed like this

- Blursed_Surgeon = Blurgeon

- Spartan smile